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Full text of "The encyclopedia of pure materia medica; a record of the positive effects of drugs upon the healthy human organism"

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,5 •>'-;',' "V'-, ,;>f,J' 




Stlomer 1§etennart| ICthrary 



for the use of the 

N. Y. State Veterinary College 



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Cornell University 

The original of this book is in 
the Cornell University Library. 

There are no known copyright restrictions in 
the United States on the use of the text. 



Pure Materia Medica. 








DE. C. HEEING, OF Philadelphia. DE. CAEROLL DUNHAM, of New York. 

DE. AD. LIPPE, OF Philadelphia, and others. 






187 6. 

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1876, 


In the OiBce of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C. 







Cundurango, . . 


Eryngium Maritimum, 


Cuprum, . . 


Eriodyotion Californicum, 


Cuprum Aoeticum, . 



. 219 

Cuprum Ammonio-sulphuricum, 

. 28 



Cuprum Arsenioosum, .... 

. 28 

Eucalyptus, . . 


Cuprum Muriatioum, 


Eugenia Jambos, 


Cuprum Nitricum, . 


Euonymus Europseus, . 


Cuprum Sulfuricum, . 


Eupatorium Perfoliatum, . 



. 37 

Eupatorium Purpureum, . 


Curare — Appendix, . 


Euphorbia Amygdaloides, 


Cyclamen, . . . 


Euphorbia Corollata, . 

. 244 

Daphne Indica, . 


Euphorbia Cyparissias, 

. 245 

Datura Arborea, . . 


Euphorbia Hypericifolia, 


Datura Ferox, 


Euphorbia Lathyris, . 


Datura Metel, 


Euphorbium, . 



. 70 

Euphrasia, . 


Delphinus, . 


Eupion, . . 


Deraatium Petrseum, . 




Derris Pinnata, . 


Pagus, . . 




Pel Tauri, : 








Perrum lodatum, . 


Digitoxinura, . 


Perrum Muriatioum, 


Dioscorea, . 

. 123 

Perrum Sulfuricum, 


Dirca Palustris, . 


Perula Glauca, . . 


Dolichos Pruriens, 


Pilix Mas, . . 


Doryphora, . 


Pluoricum Acidum, 


Drosera, . . 


Poeniculum, . 




Pormica, . . 

, 355 

Blaps, . . 


Pragaria, . . 

. 365 

Elaterium, . . 

. 200 

Pranzensbad, . 

. 365 

Elseis Guineensis, 


Praxinus, . 


Epilobium Palustre, 


Puous Vesiculosus, . 


Equisetum, . . 


Gadus Morrhua, . 


Erechthites, . 


Gallicum Acidum, 


Erigeron, . 

. 211 

Gambogia, . . 

. 373 

Eryngium Aquaticum, 


Gastein, . . . 







. . 384 


. . 523 


. 385 


. 625 

Genista,. . . . 


Hamamelis, . 

. 528 

Gentiana Cruciata, 

. 404 

Hedeoma, ... . . 


Geranium Maculatum, 

. 407 

Hedysarum Ildefonsianum, 

. 545 

Gentiana Lutea, . 

. 407 

Helianthus, ... 

. 545 


. 411 

Heliotropium, . . . 


Geum Kivale, 


Helleborus Fcetidus, . . 


Ginseng, . 


Helleborus Niger, . . . 

. 547 


. 425 

Helleborus Orientalis, . 

. 564 



Helleborus Viridis, . 


Gossypium, . . . 



. . 565 

Granatum, . . . . 


Hepar Sulfuris Galcareum, . 


Graphites, .... 



. 588 

Gratiola, . 


Heracleum, .... 

. 588 



Hippomanes, . 


Guarana, . . 


Hura Brasiliensis, . 

. 596 

Guarea, . . 

. 512 

Hydrastis, . . 


Guaiacum, . . . 


Hydrocotyle, . 

. 625 

Gymnocladus, . . . 





Gonolobus cunduraugo, Triana (Journ. de Pharm. et de Chem., 4 ser., 
V. 345). 

Natural order, Asclepiadacese. Native name (Spanish), Mata-perro. 

Preparation, Tincture and triturations of tlie bark of the stem (vine). 

Authorities. 1, Dr. J. C. Burnett, provings with tincture and infusions, 
B. J. of Horn., July, 1875; 2, Dr. J. P. Dinsmore, proving with 1 grain 
of the 3d trit., three times a day for five days, H. Month., 8, p. 65. 

JKind. — I feel miserable (eighth day),'. 

JTead. — Vertigo. Very slight vertigo, with a faint perception of 
headache across the top of forehead (ninth and tenth days),'. — Very great 
dizziness on stooping, or turning the head (fifth day),l — Getteral Head. 
Slight headache (thirty-second day),'. — In the morning I have a bad head- 
ache, principally in the upper part of the left half of my forehead ; it is 
just dull, and as it were bigger (twenty-second day),'. — Forehead. Dull 
feeling in the forehead (eleventh and twelfth days),'. — Almost constant 
dull sensation across the forehead (thirteenth day),'. — ^A long-lasting im- 
pression, as if my forehead were very broad and high (twelfth day),'. — A 
feeling as if the left half of my forehead were higher than the right half, 
i. e., in the left half there is a little heaviness, while the right is clear, and 
hence they feel different (fifteenth day),'. — [10.] Slight frontal headache 
(forty-seventh day),'. — Rather bad frontal headache all day (thirty-first 
day),'. — Slight headache at the top of my forehead, lasting eighteen hours 
(sixth and seventh days),'. — Have had a very bad dull headache all day 
along the top part of my brow auu hairy scalp, disappearing early in the 
evening (fifth day),'. — Temple. Violent pain in the left temple, which 
spread over the upper part of the brain to the right side of the head, feel- 
ing as if some one was pulling up the upper part of the skull, with one 
half of the brain, at 10 a.m.; pain increased up to 6 o'clock p.m., at which 
time it abated (fifth day),l — External Head. A large pimple on the 
scalp (eleventh day),'. 

JEye. — In the evening there were objects before my right eye resembling 
black serpents, jumping in all directions. On closing the left eye I found 
that I could not see ; it seemed as though I was looking through a dense 
fog. At 7.45 P.M. I had my eye examined by two physicians, who could 

VOL. IT. — 1 


not discover anything wrong. At this time the appearance before the eye 
was like two black horns, with large black balls on the upper ends, ana 
a mound of crystals between them, their tops tapering off, and tippea 
with black (fifth day). When I awoke in the morning the obstruction in 
front of the eye appeared of the shape of a pear, with the large end up. 
Looking towards the light it appeared red, and on looking from the light 
it appeared to be purple (eleventh day). Black spots have nearly disap- 
. peared ; had the appearance of curled hair in front of the right eye, and 
a blur before the left eve, which caused the letters to run together_(twelttli 
day). I had my eye examined by an oculist, who found the retina very 
much congested (thirteenth day). The ball before my eye continued to 
diminish in size from day to day until the ninety-ninth day, so that i could 
see tolerably clearly, up to which time I was not able to recognize anyone 
in the street with my left eye closed,^ _ 

Nose.— Objective. Discharge of a good deal of glairy mucus Irom 
the nostrils, alternating with a feeling of unusual dryness of the Schneide- 
rian membrane (second day),\— Subjective. The Schneiderian membrane 
is at times very dry, the nose stuffed up, and then a great discharge ot 
mucus comes on (thirteenth day),\— Within ten minutes after a dose the 
same old sensation in the nose ; I cannot well describe it, but on pronounc- 
ing the French nasal sounds on, en, in, oin, I seem to be able to do it with 
great perfection. It is a sort of " nasal " feeling ; I fancy those with ozsena 
must feel so (twenty-eighth day) ; nose slightly uncomfortable (twenty-ninth 
day),\— [20.] Peculiar stiffness in my nose for many weeks, six or seven 
week's,'.— Slight pressive or full feeling in the bridge of the nose (ninth 
da.y),\— Smell. The smell and taste of the drug are getting very dis- 
agreeable to me (tenth day),'. 

^ace.— Those around me tell me I do not look well (tenth day), .— 
Lips look unusually red (eleventh and twenty-ninth days) ; under one un- 
usually red (forty-seventh day),'.— *-4 painful crack in the right corner of 
the mouth, appeared about the third day ; it healed in two or three days,'. 

Mouth. — Tongue. Tongue unusually clear and red (twenty-ninth 
day),'.— Small, painful pustule on the right side of the tip of the tongue, 
on the upper surface towards the edge (twelfth day) ; the next day the 
right side of the tip of the tongue is slightly painful, but the wee pustule 
has broken and sfeeraingly discharged,'. — Very slight pain in left half of 
tongue (fifteenth day),'. — Taste. Very strong taste of drug in my mouth, 
making me draw a wry face (after first dose) ; very nasty taste (after 
second dose), (fifteenth day),'. 

Throat. — [30,] Aching in the throat, which extended to the stomach, 
with great burning in the stomach,^ — For weeks past I have had a sore 
throat, which gets no worse and no better, and medicine seems to do it no 
good ; the tonsils are slightly enlarged, but otherwise I can see nothing in 
the throat (seventy-first dayX'.f 

Stomach. — Appetite. Anorexia (thirteenth day),'. — A little nausea 
(sixth and eighth days),'. — Slight nausea arising from right hypochondrium 
(tenth day),'. 

Abdomen. — Hypochondria. Pain in the right hypochondrium 
(fifteenth day),'. — About 12, noon, several times quite severe pain in the 
right hypochondrium, lasting over several minutes (fifteenth day),'. — Geu- 

I I do not remember having had a sore throat since I was a lad. I have heen 
.attending diphtheria. 


eral AbdOinen. Emission of flatus (fifteenth day)/. — Painful foul- 
smelling flatus, in the afternoon (fourteenth day)/. 

Urinary Organs. — Urine scanty (fourth, thirteenth, and forty-sev- 
enth days),\ — [40.] Urine high-colored and loaded with phosphates (eigiith 

Sexual Organs. — Sexual appetite depressed (thirteenth day),\ 

Itesx>iratory Organs. — Snored very badly (seventh night),'. 

Heart. — Constrictive pain at the heart (tenth day),\ — On rising in 
the morning, slight, sharp, distinct pain in the heart, no anxious feeling 
with it ; it lasted only a minute or so, and shortly after there was a pas- 
sage of flatus (sixth day),\ 

Sack, — Pain in left scapula (twenty-ninth day),\ — Severe hut tran- 
sient pain in left scapula (fifteenth day),\ — Pain in left shoulder-blade, 
then a little in the right one, dull and continuous (tenth day),\ — Dull, 
heavy, continuous pain in the left shoulder-blade (eleventh day),\ — Dull 
pain across small of back (eighth day),'. 

Superior Extremities. — [50.] While driving my round this morn- 
ing I once or twice felt a sharp pain in my left shoulder posteriorly (twenty- 
ninth day),'. — While writing, a peculiar tingling in the fingers of my left 
hand, lasting ten minutes (twenty-ninth day),'. 

General Sgniptovns. — Do not feel well (eleventh day),'. — After 
the dose took a usual walk, during and after which I felt very poorly (forty- 
sixth day),'. — -A feeling of soreness all over the body, like rheumatism, and 
especially through the left shoulder and under the left scapula,^ — It seems 
to me that the spirit disturbs me more than the drug,'. 

Skin. — Objective. Some small, congenital, warty excrescences on 
my body seem unusually large ; they look red and fresh (thirty-second 
day),'. — Et^liptions, JOry, A few erythematous blotches in the face 
(eighth day),'. — A new blotch over clavicle (thirty-second day),'. — There 
are several blotches on the skin of the upper arms, more on the left (seven- 
teenth day) ; they still persist and are very bright (twenty-isecond day) ; 
still visible (thirty-second day) ; after growing nearly invisible they again 
become red, and there are two new blotches on the left arm, one just below 
the elbow and the other on the wrist (forty-seventh day); gradually getting 
pale, but are still visible (seventy-first day),'. — [60.] Good many pimples 
on the thighs (thirteenth day),'. — Two big pimples, like incipient boils, on 
the front surface of my left thigh (fourth night) ; withering next day,'. — 
Ertiptions, Ptistular, On rising in the morning, I noticed a very 
small pustule, size of a pin's head, between my eyebrows, and also one on 
the right side of my nose ; washing cleared them away, and a minute por- 
tion of blood appeared ; there was likewise a pimple on the tip of my nose 
(thirteenth day),'. — On rising, I perceive a minute pustule on the border 
of the tip of the tongue to the right of the mesial line, also a tiny pustule 
on the right cheek, and two similar pustules on the skin of the abdomen, 
just to the right of the mesian line, and here, still further to the right, a 
few tiny papules (fifteenth day),'. — The pustules persist, but are fading; 
one of the pustules near the acromion became as big as a large pea and 
filled with pus, but it did not ripen or break, notwithstanding rubbing it 
daily after my bath with a rough towel (twenty-eighth day); still visible 
(thirty-second day); have had a good many extremely indolent pimples, 
one or two on my chest, as large as peas ; there is one on the left side of 
my nose which seems likely to remain ; it has already been there more 


than a week; there is a large one on my chest, just on the manubrium 
sterni, which is nearly a month old, and is exfoliating (seventy-first dayj, . 

Sleei) and Dreams.— Sleepiness. Sound dreamy sleep (twenty- 
eio-hth nM-it),\— Sleeplessness. Sleep transient (twenty-ninth day), .-— 
Have had restless, dreamy sleep (fourth day),\— Had a poor night (seventh 
^ight)/.— Had a bad night, especially towards morning (eleventh nignw, • 
—[70.] Had a very bad night ; tossed about to and fro all night, and 
seemed, nevertheless, rested in the morning (tenth night),^— Uneasy in the 
night and slept badly (sixth B\ght),\— Dreams. Dreamy night (forty- 
sixth night),\— Very dreamy night (thirty-first night),\ 

Fever.— A feeling of warmth throughout the body, obviously from the 

imbibed spirit (3iij), (fifteenth day),^ -rnr , , 

Conditions.— AggiSLvation.— (Morning), Headache ; on rising, pain 
in heart— {Forenoon), At 10 o'clock, pain in temple ; pam in left shoulder. 
—{About noon), Pain in right hypochondrium.— (^/ternoon), Foul-snielling 
flatus.— (-Stooping), Bizzmess.—lT^irnmg hmd), Bizzmess.— {While walk- 
ing). Felt very poorly.— ( While writing). Tingling in fingers. 


Preparation, Triturations of the metal. 

Authorities.} 1, Hahnemann, Chr. Kr., 3, p. 212; 2, Franz, ibid.; 3, 
Fr. H-n, ibid.; 4, Herrmann, ibid.; 5, Eiickert, ibid.; 6, Casmier, Recueil 
period., 1775, III, 202 ("nothing about Cupr. here."— Hughes^ ; 7, Fal- 
coner, on Bath-waters, observed in workers with copper ; 8, Foudi, de 
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proving by Therese S., aged 9, with 1"", 10", and 44"", Hahn. Month., 2, 13 ; 
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(Gaz. Med., 1845) ; 27, T. W. Foster, poisoning of a child, aged 14 months, 
by percussion caps, Med. Times, 1847, p. 512 (B. J. of Horn., 33, 106) ; 28, 

f Symptoms from Hahnemann's provers are here included (as in the chronic 
diseases), with instructions to prepare the pure metal. Hahnemann, in his Frag- 
menta,1805, gives symptoms under the heading of " Cuprum vitriolatum," included 
here under C sulf., and in 1824 contributed to Franz's collection in the Archiv. f. 
Horn., where " Cuprum aceticum " is directed to be used. Franz's collection also 
includes symptoms by Franz, Fr. H-n, Herrmann, and Ruckert, as well as various 
poisoning cases contributed by Hahnemann. Whether or not there is any essential 
difterence in action between Cuprum metallicum and its ordinary salts, the coUec- 
ions here furnished will assist in determining. 


Tardieu, chronic effects on a copper founder, aged 45, Bull. d. 1. Soc. Med. 
Horn, de France, 2, 35, from Ann. d'Hyg., 1854 ; (29 to 35 Corrigao'.s cases 
of poisoning of workmen, Dublin Hosp. Gaz., 1854, from Dr. Berridge's 
collection of cases of Cup.) 29, a brass founder ; 30, engine-driver had to 
clean and file copper and brass ; 31, engineer's hands constantly immersed 
in a compound of oil and filings ; 32, shoemaker using brass pegs, which 
he constantly files and puts in his mouth ; 33, a brazier, constantly hand- 
ling old and new copper; 34, a man who bought copper, iron, and tin, and 
used to rub the dust ofi" with his hands; 35, Corregan, effects of chronic 
poisoning on the gums of workers in copper, from same; 36, Stanislas 
Martin, effects of working in copper for five months, Jouru. de Med. et de 
Chir., 1856 (from Dr. Berridge's collection); 37, Oppolzer, chronic poison- 
ing of workmen, Deut. Kl., 1859 (from Berridge); 38, Amyot, poisoning 
of a lady by water from a copper kettle (copper found in water), Med. 
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Med. Times and Gaz., 1861 ; 40, same, effects on a woman ("finisher"), 
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tion (from Berridge) ; 42, Harley, case of colic in a copper-plate printer, 
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Horn. KL, 1, 10 ; 49, Bing, a boy swallowed a copper coin, Eichorn. Med. 
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ing the one-fiftieth, from Hering's monograph on Cup. (Mat. Med., I); 51, 
Schnitzler, case of chronic poisoning, from Hering; 52, Falconer, London, 
1774, case of a man working at cleaning brass wire, compare No. 7 ; 53, 
Berridge, N. Am. J. of Horn., M. S., 3, 504, proving with Cm. (Fincke), 
one symptom ; 54, Cooper, effects on an engraver from wiping off copper- 
filings on his lips from the style. Month. Hom. Rev., 15, 392; 55, Preston, 
effects of working in copper, N. A. J., 5, 262. 

Wind. — JEmotional. Immoderate laughter in the evening,^ — Spas- 
modic laugh ter,^ — Very cheerful; at night especially full of fun and 
laughter (curative action),^'. — Crying like the croaking of frogs,". — Melan- 
choly ; she shuns the sight of people, seeks and loves to be alone, and 
becomes anxious about her death, which she supposes imminent and inevi- 
table,'. — Great depression of spirits,*^ — *Slight attacks of deathly anxiety, 
without heat,^. — Fearful ; want of courage,^'. — A kind of fearfulness ; it 
seems as though he must tread lightly, in order to avoid injuring himself 
or disturbing his companions in the room,^ — [10.] Feeling of general irri- 
tability,'^ — Fretful ; he does not know what he wishes ; he desires to be 
alone ; after some time this changes to cheerfulness, but the fretfulness soon 
.returns,*. — Aversion to everything,". — Irresolute ; satisfied with nothing ; 
this only lasts as long as he is fretful,*. — Apathetic and inert,*". — Irttel- 
lectual. Disinclination to work, yet idling is burdensome to him,*. — Loss 
of ideas, weakness of memory (after two hours),*. — Confusion of mind ; is 
fearful, and endeavors to escape,". — Senselessness ; it seems as though he 
were in a half-waking dream,^ 


Head.— Vertigo. Fer%o,* " ".—[20.] Vertigo immediately, accom- 
panying all the symptoms, as though it -were turning around in the head, 
and as though he would sink forward,*. — Vertigo, with weakness, the head 
sinks forward ; worse while moving, less while lying,*. — Vertigo on reading ; 
he was, obliged to remove the eyes from the book for some time,'. — * Vertigo 
on looking iip, with vanishing of vision, as though a veil were before the eyes,^. 
— Attacks of vertigo^. — Giddiness,". — All complained of giddiness and las- 
situde, and a disinclination,, when not at work, to take exercise,_or " to go 
about," as other workmen,''^ — General Head. Inflammation of the 
brain (phrenitis),l — Dulness of head; a sweetish Metallic taste, and saliva 
running together in mouth ; the throat gets dry, with a sensation as if con- 
stricted when swaUowing (while triturating the precipitated dust with sugar 
of milk, 2 grains to 98),^°. — Sensation of heaviness in the head,". — [30.] 
Heavy sensation in the head, with a fine stitching in the left shoulder, on 
moving it from side to side,^ — Most of them complain of pain in head,'". — 
Headache, with inclination to vomit,^". — Slight headache,^*. — Most violent 
headache,'. — Drawing pain in many places in the head, with a whirling 
vertigo, only relieved by lying down, with general sick feeling ; he does 
not himself know how he does feel,*. — A stitch through. whole head, from 
the forehead near the hair backwards (second day),^l — *Bruised pain in 
the brain, and also in the orbits, on turning the eye}. — Forehead. Weight 
in right forehead,''. — Pressing pain at forehead,*'. — [40.] Pain, as from 
pressure of the brain outward in the forehead, especially on stooping, with 
confusion of the head like a dulness,^ — Sharp burning stitches in the left 
side of the forehead (after sixty hours),'. — Tetnples. A hard pressure in 
the right temple, worse when touched,*. — A hard pressure in the temples, 
frontal eminences, occiput, and also within the brain, with vertigo ; aggra- 
vated by motion and touch,*. — A tearing pressure in both temples, worse 
when touched,*. — A pressive-drawing pain in the left temple, worse when 
touched,*. — Sharp burning stitches in the left temple and on the vertex 
(after fifty-four hours),*. — Vertex. * Crawling sensation in the vertex,^*'. — 
ParietaJs. Pressive pain, first on the right, and then on the left side of 
the head,^ — Stinging, as with a needle, in right side of head ever since 
morning (second day),". — [50.] A cutting jerk in the left side of the head 
(second day),\ — (Headache in the parietal bone, especially on taking hold 
of it even to crying out),'. — OccijJUt. Burning tearing in the occiput, at 
the attachment of the cervical muscles, on moving the head forward,^ — 
External Head. Hair colored green,''. — Hair changed from white to 

JEye. — Objective, Weary-looking eyes encircled with blue (after a 
few days),*'. — Dim eyes (inclined to close from weakness),*. — Blue margin 
around eyes,*^ — Protruding,- glistening eyes,". — Eyes sunken,*-. — [60.] Eyes 
hollow and glazed,". — Eyes wandering about," — Subjective. A sore 
burning pain, now in one, now in the other eye,\ — Pressive pain in both 
eyes, as from watching over night,'. — Burning pressive pain in the eyes,'. — 
Violent itching in the eyes towards evening,^. — Ol'bit. Headache restricted 
to the orbits,^'. — *Pain in the orbits as if bruised, on turning the eyes}. — 
Lids. Pressure in the lids, on closing the eyes as well as on opening them, 
worse on touch,'. — Conjunctiva. Conjunctiva injected,^'. — Ball. [70.] 
Itching in the eyeballs,'.— PM/>-i?. Dilated pupils,'.— Preternatural dila- 
tation of the pupils, not perceptibly lessened by exposure to a strong light,". 
— The pupils are insensible ; they contract very little in the light and dilate 
very little in the dark,'. 


JEJar.— External. Fine tearing in tlie cartilage of the left ear (after 
two hours)/. — Pressure in the right concha, as from something hard,*. — 
Internal. Boring pain in and behind the ear,'. — Sticking pain in the 
right ear,\ — Pain in the ears ; a pressive tearing within the right ear (after 
seven hours),*. — Frequent itching intheear,^ — Hearing, [80.] *Dlstant 
drumming in the ear upon which he is lying, in the morning, in bed, always 
disappearing on rising,^. — Fluttering in the left ear (after a quarter of an 

Wose. — Objective. Very frequent sneezing,^ — Coryza and stopped 
coryza, with sleepy yawning,\ — Profuse fluent coryza,''. — Sensation as of 
great rush of blood to the nose^. — Internal itching in the nose,'. — Smell. 
*Loss of smell,^^ 

Face. — Objective. Expression of suffering in .face,*'. — Expression 
anxious,^* *^. — [90,] Complexion haggard ; look miserable,'^ — Countenance 
rather wild,'". — ^Appearance unhealthy ; complexion dark and sallow,"^ — 
Aspect rather unhealthy and pale,''l — Most unhealthy-looking countenance ; 
complexion of a leaden hue,'™. — Appearance remarkably cachectic,"*. — ■ 
Peculiar cachectic appearance during convalescence from fever,'". — Paleness 
of theface^^ '*. — The color of the face becomes pale,'. — Pale cachectic color 
of the face,".f — [100.] Pale, dirty, shining color of face (after a few days),*". 
— Looked pallid (after three months),'*. — Face rather pallid and thin,**. — 
Peculiar sallow, almost clay-colored complexion,*'. — Complexion leaden 
(third day),**. — Pale-yellow coppery color of face,*^ — Greenish-yellow tinge 
of countenance,"'. — Icteric coloring of the face and surface generally,*". — 
Became jaundiced (sixth day),**. — Pale, puffy face,'". — [110.] Greenish- 
yellow color of face,**.— *£^MisA faee, with blue lips,^. — Redness of face, 
with heat, and sometimes cold, running over body (second day),'". — Face 
swollen and discolored,*'. — Face swelled and pasty,"". — ^Face sunken, ema- 
ciated, greenish-yellow color,**. — Subjective. Pressive pain in the face 
in front of the ear,*. — Stitches in the right side of the face,*. — Pain, as 
from a thrust in the left side of the face,*. — Cheeks. Blue tint over 
cheek-bones (denoting deficient hsematosis),*". — Lips. [120.] Pale lips 
(after a few daj's),*". — Lips livid,*'. — Soreness within the upper lip,*. — ■ 
Chin. Drawing beneath the chin from without inward, worse when 
touched,*. — Hard pressure in the left ramus of the lower jaw, worse when 
touched,*. — Drawing pressure on the right side of the lower jaw, worse 
when touched,*. — ^Dull stitches in the left lower jaw extending inward, and 
at the same time in the left tonsil, when swallowing and when not, aggra- 
vated by external touch,*. 

3Iouth. — Teeth. Teeth slate color, particularly on edges,**.' — ^Teeth 
colored more or less green, and almost bronzed,"'. — All of them had a 
green stain on their teeth, of different shades of color, varying from a light 
bright-green to a dark greenish-brown,**. — [130.] A dark greenish-blue line 
on the teeth,**. — Teeth coated with a crust of sulphuret of copper,'". — One 
tooth after another fell out in a row, particularly in the upper jaw, without 
salivation,**. — Gums. The tongue is tolerably clean, but round the gums 
there is the characteristic purple line of copper poisoning,*'. — An edging 
of rich purple on the margin of the gums of the incisor, canine, and bicus- 
pid teeth of both jaws. This purple color corresponds in situation pre- 
cisely with the coloring produced by lead, but the tint of color is so differ- 
ent as to decide at once whether it has proceeded from copper or from lead, 
for while the color produced by lead is of a pure blue, that from copper is 

■ f The effect of continued small doses. — Huqhks. 


a well-marked purple, and even sometimes a reddish-purple. The tint ot 
color produced on the gums remains a very long time/^ — Gums lax and 
spongy for about three-sixteenths of an inch from the teeth, through nearly 
their whole extent,^^— Gu ms soft, with patches of purplish-red at their 
juncture with the cheeks,**. — The black line on gums distinct in each case, 
and in one the gums were also swollen and ulcerated at their edges,*-'. — 
Retraction of the gums,'^ — Edges of gums withdrawn from the teeth 
through nearly their whole extent,'*.— Toiij/lte. [140.] Tongue furred,'". 
—Foul tongue (after three months),^*.— Foul, dry tongue (third day),*^— 
Pale tongue, with a thin, whitish coating (after a few days),*l— Tongue 
white in middle, red at edges,^l — Tongue coated with a light-brown or 
cream-colored fur, except the edges and tip, which were clean and of a 
pale-red color, the whole tongue being moist.'l — Dry tongue,*'. — General 
Mouth. Mucous membrane of mouth pale ; inside of lower lip and part 
of upper lip, mostly on places where the teeth had made an impression, 
dark-blue ; teeth slate color, particularly on edges,"'. — Occasional spitting 
of blood from mouth, especially in morning on rising from bed,**. — During 
recovery, acids of any sort, fruit, etc., gave the tingling sensation of a gal- 
vanic current to mouth and teeth.'l — [150,] Mouth sore, with little blisters 
on the mucous membrane,''. — Saliva. Saliva accumulates in mouth; 
throat dry (while triturating the precipitated dust with Sach. lac, 2 grains 
to 98),*°. — Great flow of saliva from mouth (almost immediately),''^ — Sali- 
vation, which increased to nearly one pound in twenty-four hours, and con- 
tinued at the rate of about a pint a day for four days ; it appeared to be 
pure saliva, attended with some swelling of tongue and salivary glands 
(second day),^\ — Abundant salivation (third day),*'. — Collection of water 
in the mouth (immediately),*. — Much mucus in the mouth, in the morn- 
ing,'. — Frothing from the mouth,'. — Taste. Peculiar sweetish taste in 
mouth,**. — Sweetish, metallic taste,*". — [160.] Disagreeable and nauseous 
taste in mouth,**. — Bitter taste in mouth,^^. — Bitter, nauseous taste (after a 
few days),*'. — Sourish taste in the mouth the whole afternoon, as though the 
tongue had been held against iron,'. — Salty, sour taste in the mouth, in the 
morning,'. — Coppery taste and troublesome burning in the throat,'*. — Food 
tastes like simple •water,".'— SpeecJl. Loss of speech,'. — The ability to 
speak returned later than consciousness ; she lay in a condition of con- 
sciousness, without being able to speak,'. 

Throat. — Throat dry,'". — ^[170.] Dryness of throat (while triturating 
the precipitated dust with sugar of milk, 2 grains to 98),*°. — Sensation of a 
foreign body at the anterior surface of the throat, by which the pharynx 
was being compressed,*'. — *Some have a feeling of constriction and an acute 
pain in throat,"^. — Fine sticking pain in the throat (after twenty-two hours),'. 
— Sore throat (second day),^'. — Slight sore throat,". — Fauces, JPhar- 
ynx, and (Esophagus. Slight constriction of fauces, attended by a 
slight sense of nausea,**. — * Audible gurgling of drink down the throat, while 
drinking^. — Constriction of pharynx (after a few days),**. — External 
Throat. Swelling of the glands of the right side of the neck, painful to 
touch,'. — [180.] Pain in the thyroid cartilage,'*. 

StOtnach. — Appetite. He eats very hastily,'. — Desire for cold rather 
than warm food,*. — Appetite bad,'". — Very little appetite,*". — Diminution 
of usual appetite, which at length entirely failed,**. — Loss of appetite,'-* '* *', 

etc. — Total loss of appetite,". — Total anorexia (after a few days),*'. His 

appetite left him ; then his strength became reduced, the whole body ema- 
ciated; then he became fearful, showing a waut of courage; bowels alter- 


nately costive or loose; and finally violent colic about fifth or sixth week,"- 
— [190.] No appetite in the evening, eight hours after dinner,'. — Thirst. 
Great thirst,"". — Great thirst ; no appetite,*". — Excessive thirst (third day),"- 
— Burning thirst (many cases),"". — Eructation and Hiccough. 
Eructations the whole afternoon and evening,^ — Eructation and rising up 
of mucus mixed with green lumps,''*. — Constant eructations, ^*.'f — Hiccough,'*. 
— Heartburn. Usually in the afternoon heartburn, followed by bitter 
mucus in the throat,'. — Ifausea and Vomitiiif/. [200.] Nausea,"; 
(immediately),", etc. — In all eases there is nausea," — Feels very sick (nau- 
seated),*^ — For several weeks he experienced nausea whenever he attempted 
to swallow animal food, although he chewed it abundantly,''^ — Nausea, 
almost in the whole abdomen, extending up into the throat, most violent in 
the pit of the stomach, togetber with a putrid taste in the mouth, and sen- 
sation as though he would immediately vomit,*. — Nausea, quickly succeeded 
by severe vomiting (soon),". — Suddenly seized with nausea, and instantly 
vomited a large quantity (more than a quart) of fluid arterial blood (twenty- 
eighth day). Bleeding again occurred to a considerable extent, and after 
throwing up a considerable quantity of dark fluid he became sensible of 
something passing in stomach, and thence into bowels (twenty-ninth day). 
Haemorrhage again recurred, and he suddenly sank in a state of complete 
collapse (thirtieth day),^^ — ^Excessive nausea,^\ — Qualmishness, as if asso- 
ciated with intoxication,'. — Constant retching,*'. — [210.] Violent retchings 
and nausea,"". — Much of the time troubled with vain retchings (after twenty- 
four hours),". — ^Repeated hut useless efforts at vomiting,*^. — Vomiting^'^ ; 
(many cases),"". — In some cases there is vomiting,**. — Frequent vomiting,*". 
— Frequent vomiting, with colic and diarrhoea, as in cholera,'". — Forcible 
vomiting,^. — Violent vomiting, with nausea and diarrhoea,". — Excessive 
vomiting, with colic and diarrhoea,'". — [220.] Vomiting, preceded by slight 
nausea, though only of water, therewith much lachrymation/. — Greenish, 
bitter vomiting of mucus, preceded by nausea in the upper part of the 
throat, and accompanied by pressive pain in the stomach (after a few 
hours),*. — Vomited every kind of food about twenty minutes after taking 
it,"'*. — Vomiting (within twenty-four hours) ; continued to vomit at inter- 
vals for eight days ; and sometimes it was almost incessant for hours, and 
in the highest degree distressing. Threw off his victuals and some bile,"l 
— Vomiting of bilious fluid/*. — Frequent and copious vomiting of green 
bile, as the nurse thought, colored by verdigris,*". — Blood in the matter 
vomited,*". — Vomiting of blood without cough, with deep stitches in the left 
side of the chest (after three hours),'. — * Vomiting is relieved by drinking 
cold water, ^-X — Stomach. Region of stomach puffed up, sore to touch,*". — 
[230.] Epigastric palpitation,**. — Weakness of the stomach,". — Epigastric 
sinking,**. — Disposition to remove some offending substances from his stom- 
ach (unaccompanied by nausea), for the ejection of which he would fre- 
quently irritate the fauces with his finger,**. — Sensation as of something bitter 
in the stomach,'. — -Pain in the stomach,'* ; (second day),''". — Most of them 
complain of pain in epigastrium,"". — Excessive tormenting pains in the stom- 
ach and epigastric region,^ ". — Cardialgia,*'. — Many suffer from indigestion,"". 
— [240.] Great heat in epigastric region,". — Cramp in the stomach, with 
colic, without stool,'". — Pressure in the pit of the stomach, as from some- 
thing hard, by itself, but more violent when touched,*. — *Violent pressure 
at stomach, with contractive pains at intervals (after a few days),*l — 

f Not found. — Hughes. t The authority corrected by Hering. 


Occasional sense of weight and uneasiness in epigastric region, and rather 
towards right side, with sense of distension after meals,^^ — Peculiar sense 
of weight, weakness, and oppression in epigastric region,^*. — Gnawing, line 
sticking pain in the stomach, as though he was pierced by needles (on re- 
turning to coasciousness),^— Dull stitches near the left side of the pit of 
the stomach, without affecting respiration,*.— Stomach sore to touch, . — 
Irritability of stomach, especially after meals,'".— [250.] Morbid sensibility 
of the epigastric and hypochondriac regioiis,''^— During recovery the stom- 
ach remained sensitive and impatient of any but the most bland and simple 

milk diet,'^ 

Abdomen.— Hj/pocJlondria. Swelling of the liver,*l— The hypo- 
chondria are painful,".— Drawing pain, extending from the left hypochon- 
drium to the hip,^— Griping pain, extending from the left hypochon- 
drium to the hip,'.— Stitches in hepatic region in axillary line, obliquely 
through to pit of stomach (second day),™.— Darting from hepatic region to 
pit of stomach (third daj),''\— Umbilical. Often complained of pain 
in the abdomen, which seemed to be in the umbilical region,''.— Pressive 
pain near the left side of the umbilicus,'.— [260.] Cutting pains around 
navel, as if she would get diarrhoea, which, however, did not come (third 
dny),'".— Cutting pains helow navel, with three stools like water, the abdomen 
being painful on touch ; recurring several times through the day (shortly after, 
and second day),".— Tearing around navel about 10 a.m. (fourth day),". — 
General Abdomen. Abdomen large,'*.— Distended abdomen," '^— 
Distended abdomen, painful to touch,*^— Tense abdomen,'*.— * Abdomen 
tense, hot, and tender to touch,''. — Abdomen stretched like a hoard *^. — 
* Abdomen drawn in, and sore to touch,^\ — [270.] Slight infiltration of the 
abdominal wal]s,'^— *Spasmodic motions of the abdominal muscles,'. — 
Inclination to waterbrash in the abdomen,'. — Constant rumbling in the 
abdomen during sleep,'. — A feeling in the left side of the abdomen, as if 
bubbles formed and broke, without pain,'. — Pains in abdomen,".— Pains in 
the abdomen, causing anxiety,". — Great pain in abdomen, which is swelled 
and hard (fifth day),". — Intense abdominal pain, with vomiting and purg- 
ing of green matter (at once),". — Cramplike pain in abdomen, as if drawn 
together with a fist, and urging to diarrhoea without effect, at 6 A.M. (sec- 
ond day),'". — [280.] Griping in -the left side of the abdomen,\ — Griping 
in the abdomen, after eating warm milk in the morning,'. — Griping pains 
in bowels,'". — Constant griping pains in abdomen,". — Coliclike griping 
in the abdomen, immediately after eating (green vegetables) ; relieved 
by rest and lying down, but followed by very great weakness,^ — Cries 
with bellyache,**. — Sharp drawing in the right side of the abdomen,'. — A 
pressing together of the intestines, with a feeling of severe pressure from 
the upper and posterior part downward towards the left lower pqrtion ; 
worse when walking or from pressing upon it ; not relieved after a stool, 
and returning every forenoon,^ — Pressive pain in the abdomen, as from 
something hard, worse on touch,*. — While sitting reading, was suddenly 
attacked with acute pain in abdomen ; felt "just as if some one had struck 
him violently in the belly ;" pain not relieved by pressure ; on the con- 
trary, it is increased by it,*'. — [290.] Cutting in abdomen,*^ — Cutting and 
tearing in the intestines,". — Frequent pains shooting across abdomen and 
under ensiform cartilages,". — Obscure and colicky pains shooting through 
abdomen,'*.— Colic (some cases),".— Colic, with remissions. The workman 
bends himself double to relieve it,'". — Colic, attended with slight constipa- 
tion,*'. — Acute colics (many cases),'". — *Violent intermittent colic,"' — 
Colicky pains,". — Two-thirds of the number stated that they had at one 


time or other suffered from pain seated at the upper and middle abdominal 
region. This painful sensation, which they termed colie, was increased by- 
pressure; in some cases it was limited to the pit of the stomach, in others 
it was seated a little lower down, between the epigastrium and umbilicus, 
somewhat about the position of the transverse colon,". — [300.] Unbearable 
soreness of whole abdomen, worse in paroxysms ; remissions, however, only 
for a few minutes; abdomen much distended, and sensitive to the slightest 
touch ; during this time one tooth after another fell out in a row, particu- 
larly in the upper jaw, without salivation. The next year the same colic 
and loss of teeth, and with it a trembling of limbs; after the third attack 
a perfect lameness ; paralysis of right hand,". — Abdominal tenderness on 
pressure (third day),". — Abdomen tender on pressure,^". — Abdomen slightly 
tender over its whole surface,''. — Many suffer from enteritis,^'. — All the symp- 
toms of most acute enteritis (after three days),*^ — St/pogastriutn and 
Iliac Region. Dulness of the hypogastrium on percussion,'''. — Violent 
cramps in the lower abdomen and upper and lower limbs, with piercing 
complaining cries,^ — Pressing downward in the lower abdomen, as from a 
stone,''. — A drawing pressure in the lower abdomen, as from something hard, 
aggravated by touch,*. — [310.] Pain in left iliac region increased by pres- 
sure (after three months),^*. 

Hectum and Anns. — -Tickling in the rectum, as from pin-worms,^ 
— Sharp sticking just above the anus,^ — Tenesmus,^". — Suffered greatly 
with tenesmus, with scanty, dark, pulpy motions,'''. 

Stool. — ZHarrlloea. Diarrhcea,'^'' ^'. — Many suffer from diarrhoea/'- 
— In a very few cases, diarrhoea,'". — A kind of diarrhoea, though the faeces 
were not very thin,*. — Violent diarrhcea,^. — [320.] Diarrhoea or constipa- 
tion,^". — Diarrhoea alternating with constipation,". — Bloody diarrhoea," — 
Eight or nine discharges from the bowels in an hour,''. — The first alvine 
evacuations are often of a green color,''". — (Castor oil produced several 
stools, some of them green), (second day),'''. — The bowels not having been 
relieved, Castor oil was given, which produced free evacuations containing 
traces of green matter,*^ — *Painful green stools, with violent cutting and 
tenesmus (after a few days),"". — Three very offensive and copious stools, 
which were uncommonly green. He derived some relief from these evacu- 
ations (fifth day),^''. — Quantities of bright blood passed from the bowels,'"' 
— ConstijMltion. [330.] Constipation,". — Constipation, which ulti- 
mately became very obstinate,^. — Obstinate costiveness, lasting from twenty- 
four to thirty-six hours (many cases),''. — Slow bowels,'*. — Bowels difficult 
to move,™.— -Stoppage of the bowels or excessive evacuations,". — Bowels 
alternately costive and loose,". — No stool for forty-eight hours (fifth day),'' 

Urinary Organs. — Urethra. Burning-sticking pain in the 
meatus urinarius, when urinating and when not,''. — Urging to urinate, with 
scanty discharge and burning stitches or cuttings, especially in the meatus 
urinarius,*. — [340.] Micturition more seldom and more scanty than usual,*. 
■ — Difficulty in passing urine, consisting in a painful inability, requiring 
considerable time and effort to relieve the bladder, ''^ — Urine scanty,". 

Seocual Organs. — The glans penis is inflamed, the penis swollen,*. 

Respiratory Organs. — Voice. Voice trembling, stammering,".— 
Hoarseness, immediately on breathing the dry air,'.— Constoii hoarseness, so 
that he cannot speak a word, with inclination to lie down,'. — Cougll and 
Expectoration. Cough,'"". — *Cough, with interrupted, almost sup- 
pressed, respiration,'*. — Occasional cough,*". — [350.] Occasional paroxysms 
of coughing, without any physical signs of 1 ung disease,^*. — Frequent cough,™. 


—Very violent cough at night, followed by great hoarseness and chilliness, 
from morning till evening,^^* Very fatiguing cough, with blowing of blood 
from the nose,^. — Short cough, ^*. — [Dry cough],'''.f — Dry cough, without in- 
terruption, on account of which he is unable to speak (immediately),". — 
Short, dry, straining cough,**. — Hard, dry cough, and night-sweats,™. — 
Cough, with expectoration of an offensive taste, in the morning,'. J — [360.] 
Slight cough and mucous expectoration,^^ — Frequent cough, with scanty 
expectoration, afterwards becoming obstinate and incessant, with purulent 
sputa," — Cough, accompanied by viscid expectoration, occasionally tinged 
with blood,'l — Cough, with bloody expectoration,^". — Expectoration 
slightly purulent,'^ — Dark-colored, purulent expectoratio^,^^ — Attacks of 
hsemoptysis,^l — Ilespii'ation. Vesicular murmur weak, absent, or re- 
placed by a subcrepitant rale,'°. — Subclavicular region comparatively dull 
on percussion ; in this region muco-crepitus is audible,''^. — Very rapid respi- 
ration," — [370.] Very rapid respiration, with rattling in the bronchi, as 
if they were full of mucus,^ — Shortness of breath,^l — *Difficult, labored 
respiration,^^. — -Oppression of breathing,'". — Great oppression of breathing,''. 
— Complained of being choked,*^ — Constant sense of suffocation, increased 
by walking and by fatigue, also worse in damp weather,^'. — Dyspnoea," 'I — 
* Spasmodic attach of dyspnoea; the chest feels constricted, respiration is diffi- 
cult, even to suffocation ; on remission of this spasm,, spas7nodic vomiting, fol- 
lowed by remission for half an hour,^. — Asthmatic difficulties,**. 

Chest. — [380.] Rattling in the chest while awake,\ — Rattling in the 
chpst, with discharge of bloody mucus from the nose and mouth (ceasing 
during the epileptic attack),'. — Constriction of the chest,". — Feeling as of 
excessive accumulation of blood in the chest, without palpitation,'. — Sharp 
drawing pain, not affected by touch, in the cartilage of the sixth rib (after 
eleven hours),*. — Pressure as from something hard on the cartilage of the 
third rib, worse when touched,*. — Sides. Diminished elasticity on both 
sides of the chest, posteriorly,^'. — ^Pinchiug pain in the left side of the chest, 
extending to the hip,'. — Pressive pain on the right side of the chest,'. — 
Stitches in the side, preceded and followed by screaming, which interrupted 
sleep,'. — [390.] Sharp stitches immediately beneath the heart, on the left 
side of the chest,'. 

Heart and Pulse. — Prmcordiutn. Considerable dulness on per- 
cussion of the prsecordial region,^'. — Anxiety about the heart,". — Boring 
pain in the prsecordial region,'. — Heart's Action. Interval between 
the first and second sounds of the heart shortened by one-half; " bruit de 
rappel,"^". — Very rapid action of the heart, lasting a quarter of an hour; 
soon after a light supper,'. — Palpitation of the heart," ™. — Contractions of 
heart weaker,".— l*«Zse. Pulse frequent,™.— Pulse frequent and weak,^. 
— [400.] Pulse small, frequent, and intermittent,"'. — Pulse quick and 
thready,™.— Pulse 90,™.— Pulse ranged from 58 to 62, rather slow, moder- 
ately full and regular, but weak,'^ — Weak and small pulse,'*. 

WecJe and Back.— Neck. Considerable enlargement, with indura- 
tion of right cervical glands,™.— Tensive pain in the nape of the neck,'.- 
A pain arises in the muscles at the point where the neck and back unite, 
on moving the head backward,^— Intermitting sticking-tearing in the cer- 
vical muscles,*.- ZJac/c. Sharp cutting drawings in the left side of the 
\),\— Dorsal. [410.] A violent pressive pain in the back beneath the 

t From inhaling the pulverizpd metal.— Hughes. 
X Authority corrected by Hering. 


right scapula, which on respiration changes to a sticking pain/. — Broad 
kuife-like stitches beneath the scapula, on the left side near the spine, not 
affecting respiration,''. — Lumbar. A stitch transversely across the small 
of the back,^. — Most of them complain of pain in region of kidneys,™. 

Extremities in General. — Objective. Weakness of the limhs,^^ ". 
— Difficulty of moving the limbs,*". — Subjective, Numbness in different 
parts of both the superior and inferior extremities, which, under certain 
circumstances, was attended by intense pricking pains in various parts of 
the body,*^ — Feels sick in all the limbs, as though a coryza would come 
on,\ — Great painfulness of the limbs,^ 

Superior Extremities. — Objective. Paralysis of upper limbs 
not distinguishable from that of lead (some cases),". — Subjective. [420.] 
Pains in joints of upper extremities,'"'. — Pain in the arms, especially the 
right, while at rest,l — Stitch through left arm, especially from elbow-joint 
to fingers' ends (fourth day),^^ — Shoulder. Pains in shoulders,''^ — Draw- 
ing pain in the shoulders,^ — Pains, as if swollen and sore in right axillary 
joint; afternoon (second day),''. — After rising in morning, pain as if beaten 
in right axillary joint, as if she had fallen upon it. Later, same sensation 
from right elbow-joint into fingers, lasting all day (fourth day),". — Arm. 
Pressive pain in the upper arm,^ — Pain in the upper arm, as if broken or 
bruised,^ — A thrust or jerk in the left upper arm,\ — [430.] A sensation 
in the upper arm as if bubbles of air were issuing forth,\ — Forearm. 
* Jerking in the amis and hands,^. — Drawing pain, first in the right, then in 
the left forearm, extending to the thumb,''. — Pain, as if something were 
broken in the left forearm,^ — Tearing in the ulna, especially in the wrist, 
aggravated by touch,*. — Jerking tearing in the ulna,''. — HantZ. The in- 
ternal or flexor muscles of the hand remained in a contracted state,"'. — 
Complete lameness of right hand ; right forearm in constant pronation, 
hand bent at right angle to arm, thumbs drawn into palm, fingers flexed; 
motion of elbow remains good, but in the hand, and especially the joints of 
fingers, extension is impossible, flexion only partial ; upper extremities 
much emaciated, right more than the left ; right hand nothing but skin 
and bone,*'. — Weakness and paralysis of the hands,'. — Peculiar sensation of 
right hand and forearm, consisting in a sense of constriction of the different 
parts, and of great increase of size, it seeming to him at times to he larger 
than his whole body, and its motions not fully under the control of his will,^^^ 
— Twitching in the hands, in the morning, after rising,'. — A hard pressure 
in both metacarpal bones, aggravated by touch,''. — [440.] Pain in the ball 
of the hand, as if something were thrust through it,'. — Fingers. Numb- 
ness and shrivelling of the fingers,'. — Tensive pains in the balls of both 
thumbs,'. — Fine tearing in the tips of the fingers,*. — Jerking tearing in the 
metacarpal bones and first joint of the thumb, worse when touched,*. — 
Pain as if dislocated in the joints of the thumb,'. — A shoot in palmar sur- 
face of ungual phalanx of right middle finger,*^ — Pain, as after a blow, 
beneath the joints of the thumb,'. 

Inferior Extremities. — Objective. CEdema of legs,'". — At 
noon, stitch along the whole left leg from hip down, but mostly in joints 
of knee and foot (second day),'". — Thif/h. [450.] Drawing pain in the 
right thigh,'. — Pressive drawing pain in the nates,'. — Pain, as if broken or 
bruised, in the thigh just above the knee,'. — Knee. * Weakness of the 
knees, with painful drawing ivhen walking and standing, ivhich is very difficult; 
the knees will give ivay,^. — The knee-joint pains as if broken,'. — Leg, The 
lower legs fall asleep, and are very heavy as far as the knee,'. — The calves 


are painful, especially when keeping them quiet/. — Burrowing pain in and 
below the calf',\ — * Oramp in the leg from the ankle up into the calf'. — Cramps 
in the calves,^ — [460.] Tensive-drawing cramplike pain in the calf/. — 
Drawing pain in the lower portion of the calf/. — Tearing pressure in the 
leg just below the knee/. — Pain, as from a jerk or thrust, in the lower 
portion of the calf,\ — Ankle, *Fainful heaviness in the ankle^. — Foot, 
Drawing pains in feet,''l — Drawing pain in the left sole, worse when walk- 
ing,*. — Severe pressive pain on the inner margin of the left sole,'. — Jerking 
tearings in the sole and on the back of the foot,*. — Pain in the left sole, as 
if sprained,^ — Toes. [470.] A blowing sensation in the toes, as if a wind 
were issuing from them,'. — Drawing pain in the metatarsal joints, at the 
root of the great toe, not affected by motion or touch/. — Pressive pain in 
the toes,'. 

General Symptom S. — Objective. Emaciation,'*. — Emaciation ; 
his flesh wastes away,''^ — Whole body emaciated,*'. — Slightly emaciated,". 
— Much emaciated (third day),*'. — Remarkable emaciation,*'. — Rapid ema- 
ciation,**. — [480.] Some of them were exceedingly thin and pallid,**. — Nu- 
trition is mostly impaired ; the muscles badly developed,™. — Very slow 
recovery ; physical development retarded ; remained small, weak, and 
poorly nourished,*'. — Slow convalescence from a simple fever,'"'. — Consump- 
tion,'lt — Apoplexy,'*. — Relaxation of the whole body,*. — Constant dorsal 
decubitus,*". — * Trembling, ^^. — General convulsions,^. — [490.] Convulsive 
paroxysms during sleep, twitching of the fingers, arms, and hands backward 
and inward towards the body, drawing back of the feet; at one time she 
opened the eyes and distorted them, at another closed them and distorted 
the mouth/. — -The child was lying upon its stomach, with spasmodic jerk- 
ing of the pelvis upVvard,'. — * Epileptiform convulsions; he trembled, stag- 
gered, and fell doivn unconscious, without crying,^. — Epileptic attacks, return- 
ing at short intervals,'". — Epileptiform attacks, with frothing from the mouth; 
the trunk was bent outward, the limbs were forcibly thrust outward, with 
open mouth,'. — -Tiredness all day (second day),'". — Great weariness after 
walking, so that all the limbs seem to tremble,'. — Lassitude,^^ — General 
languor and prostration,**. — Strength reduced,^*. — [500.] Loss of strength, 
with great increase of corpulence,*". — Great loss of strength,^". — Gradual 
loss of strength,''^ — ^Muscular strength greatly diminished,'^ — Great weak- 
ness of the body, especially of the knees, which will give out ; standing and 
walking were almost impossible, as after a long walk,*. — Extreme muscular 
weakness (third day),*'. — He is unable to keep about ; is obliged to remain 
lying for a day and a half without being able to rise,l — State of extreme ex- 
haustion,'*. — Took to her bed,''. — Complete prostration ; had to keep her bed,*". 
— [510.] Paralyses,". — Restlessness,'' *'. — Restless tossing about and constant 
uneasiness,^. — Uneasiness of the body, with jerking of the limbs,'. — Strug- 
gled violently, '^.—Subjective. Sensibility of paralyzed parts remains,*'. 
— Sense of fatigue,*". — Pains between the scapulse, in the knee and elbow- 
joints,l— Rheumatic pains,'*.— Neuralgic pains in various parts of his body, 
stomach, intestines, hips, and lower extremities,**. — [520.] Shooting pains 
through body,".— Painful jerks or thrusts in various parts,'.— Child 3 
years old swallowed copper coin ; a few days afterwards attacked : Belly- 
ache, crying, restless, great thirst, sleeps little and very restless ; face pale, 
yellowish, copper color ; region of stomach puffed up, sore to touch ; blue 
margins around eyes, dry tongue, abdomen stretched like a board : skin, 

t Not found. — HuQHEs. 


notwithstanding the heat of summer, dry, and, as it were, lifeless ; obstinate 
constipation ; very little appetite ; pulse small, hard, spasmodic ; expression 
of suffering on face,'"'. — The attack is generally of short duration, aud in 
most cases it is over by the next morning, rarely extending over two or 
three days. The workmen do not apply to a medical man, but treat them- 
selves by drinking large quantities of milk. They are not all affected in 
the same degree, and some escape entirely,"- 

Skin. — Objective. Yellow tinge of skin,". — Eruptions, Dry. 
Eruption similar to leprosy,"! — Red spots on the arms, not sharply defined, 
with burning itching, especially at night,^ — Right hand and arm covered 
with an eruption from the back of the hand to the elbow, beyond which 
it never extends, while that on the left hand is limited by the wrist. The 
irritation is very great, being worse at night in bed and near a fire. There 
is an occasional but insignificant oozing, which he does not complain of 
until asked about it,''*. — A tetter on the bend of the elbow, causing a yellow 
desquamation, itching violently, especially in the evening,^ — Eruptions, 
Maoist. Vesicles on the tips of the fingers, which exude water,\ — Sub- 
jective. Violent itching on the soles,^ 

Sleep and Dreams. — Sleej)iness. [530.] Much yawning in the 
eveniug,*. — Frequent yawning, without sleep,*. — ^Sleepiness and much weak- 
ness,*. — Deep sleep after the cessation of the colic,". — Deep sleep after 
weakness, lasting two to three hours,'".- — Deep sleep for many hours, with 
twitching of the lirabs,\ — Sleeplessness. Sleeplessness," — Difficult fall- 
ing asleep, followed by sleep full of dreams, with frequent waking,*. — 
Sleeps little,*". — Dreams. Merry dreams at night (curative action, the 
prover being somewhat inclined to melancholy), (first and third days),*^ 

Fever. — Chilliness. [540.] Chilliness (after four hours),^ — Chilli- 
ness, especially of the hands and feet,\ — Constant feeling of chilliness over 
him,''". — Complained of feeling cold in all seasons, although her skin was 
hot to touch, and at night fairly burning,*". — Shivering over the whole 
body, immediately,*. — Colduess of the extremities,". — Cold hands,*. — 
Fever. Skin hot,*". — Skin hot and dry,^l — Febrile heat for several days,*'. 
[550.] Febrile symptoms,^' '"'. — Fever,^'' ; (many cases),'". — Occasionally some 
fever,**. — Continuous fever, almost typhous,*". — Hectic fever,**. — Face hot, 
without sensation of heat (after two hours),*. — Sweat. Perspiration 
green,^". — Their perspiration had a bluish-green tinge. I examined the 
flannel waistcoats of several, and found them deeply stained, especially 
under the arms. One of the men stated that, even after a hot bath on 
Saturday night, his white shirt next day, if in hot weather, would be quickly 
discolored. I noticed too that the wooden handles of all the hammers were 
stained green from the perspiration of the hands,*^. — Night-sweats,''*. — Pro- 
fuse sweat at night,* ^l — [560.] Skin clammy, pale, and doughy-looking,''^ 
— Skin in summer dry, lifeless,*". 

Conditions. — Aggravation. — {Morning), In bed, drumming in ear; 
on rising from bed, spitting of blood from mouth ; mucus in mouth ; sour 
taste in mouth ; very early, cough. — {Forenoon'), About 10 o'clock, tearing 
around navel ; pressing together of the intestines, etc. — {Noon), Stitch along 
leg. — {Afternoon), Towards evening, itching in eyes. — (^wmng'), Laughter ; 
itching on bend of elbow. — {Night), Cough ; in bed, irritation on hand, 
etc. ; sweat. — {Damp weather), Sense of suffocation. — {After drinking), Con- 
striction of the chest. — {After eating), Immediately, griping in abdomen. — 

f Effect of continued small doses. — Hughes. 


(Fatigue), Sense of suffocation.— (iVear a fire), Irritation on hand, etc.— 
(On inspiration), Pain in hypochondriuni.— (Ow looJcing up), Vertigo, etc. 
—(After warm milk), Griping in ahdomen.— (Motion), Vertigo ; paios in 
temple.— (Pressure), Pressing together of intestines; pain in abdomen ; pain 
in iliac region.— (Beading), Yert\go.— (Stooping), Pain in forehead, etc.— 
(Touch), Pains in temple; pressure in lids ; drawing beneath chin ; pressure 
on jaw ; stitches in jaw ; pain in abdomen ; pressure in lower abdomen ; 
pressure on cartilage of rib ; tearing in ulna ; pressure in metacarpal bones. 
— ( Walking), Pressing together of intestines, etc. ; sense of suffocation ; pain 

in sole. 

Amelioration.— (Night), Cheerinl.— (Drinking cold water), Vomit- 
ing.— (Lyw^), Vertigo; griping in abdomen. — (iJesi), Griping in abdomen. 


Neutral Acetate of Copper, C2H3CUO2 + Aq. The symptoms here in- 
cluded, from various kinds of food cooked in copper vessels, belong to the 
acetate, subacetate, carbonate, and some organic salts of copper, the action 
of all of which is nearly or quite identical. 

Preparation, Triturations. 

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31ind. — JEmofional. Attacks of rage frequently returning; she 
tried to bite the bystanders,^ — Attacks of mania ; he fancies that he is a 
military officer; a fiincy that he is selling green vegetables; a fancy that 
he is repairing old chairs. Merry singing. He spies in the faces of the 
attendants, and laughs heartily at it,°. — * Attacks of mania, with full, rapid, 
hard pulse, inflamed eyes, wild look, and disconnected talking, ending with 
sweat,^. — Attacks of surly, ill-natured mania,'. — * Delirium,' ^^. — Delirium 
furious during the first day (in only one hoj)^'^. — Delirium (appeared iu 
seven of the worst cases) of a quiet kind, consisting of unintelligible mur- 
murings, at times interrupted by lamentations,'^^ — Delirium or constant 
sopor, in some amounting to complete coma, in others, on the contrary, to 
complete sleeplessness,^^ — Slight delirium,^^ — [10.] *Disconnected, delirious 

VOL. lY. — 2 


talking^— RaviDg during sleep (second Anj),"^.—* Talks all the time (third 
day)/l— Taciturnity (second day),**.— *Crying like a childA— Frequent 
crying out,".— Their look is confused, but they are in full possession of 
their mental faculties, and their speech is easy and perfectly rational. 
Nevertheless they are still liable to, these paroxysms of howling, which 
always come unexpectedly,'^ — Jiia^iei?/,'^ '*, etc. — *GVea< anxiety (soon 
after),*' ; (third day),*". — *Great anxiety, with unusual tossing about the 
bed,'".- [20.] That anxiety peculiar to pain in the stomach,*.— Appre- 
hensiveness,". — Loss of sensitiveness, and moping in a corner,^ — Intel- 
lectual. *Loud speaking aroused them from their fancies; they were 
obliged, however, to think a long time before they could answer,^l— -Loss of 
consciousness,™. — He fell down unconscious, with sudden convulsions,^ — 
Found stretched without sense upon the floor (after two hours and a 
half),**. — In thirty to sixty minutes, they sank into a semi-conscious state, 
voice very faint, eyes half open, fixed, glassy, insensible to light, pulse very 
weak, in some quick, in others slow, difiicult to arouse, and when aroused, 
complaining of a cold, and of violent pain in the abdomen,*". — Lethargic 

Head. — Confusion and Vertigo. *Great confusion of the 
head,''l — [30.] Great confusion of the head, with beating pains in it 
(second day),'l — Vertigo,^' '° '''. — Vertigo, even to falling down if she 
arose from bed ; this was especially distressing when she was obliged to 
rise on account of her bowels,^''.— Vertigo, a very marked and persistent 
symptom, mostly violent; it usually outlasted all the other symptoms, 
though it was generally relieved by the evacuations of the bowels ; it was 
always combined with a certain degree of stupefaction,''' — Vertigo, so 
violent that the patient is unable to sit up in bed,^. — Spinning vertigo,"*- 
— Reeling from side to side, increasing so that patients were obliged at 
last to go to bed,'l — General Head. The head is drawn obliquely,'. — 
The head is drawn backward,*. — Violent congestion to the head,'". — [40.] 
Dulness and headache,". — Heaviness of the headj'''; (third day),*', etc. — 
Head heavy and pained (second day),*'. — Feeling of heaviness in the 
head,'". — Pain in the head (after half an hour),*'. — Most violent pains in 
the head, chest, and abdomen,™. — Pains in the head, becoming more and 
more intolerable (two cases),*". — Compressive pain in diflferent parts of the 
head (third day),*'. — -Headache, ^^ ; (after twenty-five hours); (after forty- 
two hours),*^, etc. — Headache in nearly all cases; in severe cases very 
violent, especially in the forehead and vertex, becoming less after one or 
two days, sometimes, however, returning,". — [50.] Headache in the even- 
ing,'". — Much headache,". — Great headache,". — ^Severe headache, succeeded 
by vomiting and purging,'". — Violent headache,^" ^^ , etc. — Frightful head- 
ache,'*. — * Agonizing headache at distinct intervals like paroxysms, lancinating 
pains, sometimes in the forehead, sometimes in the top of the head, sometimes 
in the temples or occiput, aggravated by the slightest pressure (third day),*'. — 
Sensation of pressure and heaviness in the head,". — Very severe lancina- 
tions in the head, especially when turning it to either side; it felt as if 
fastened to the shoulders by a long peg (third day),*'. — Throbbing pain in 
the whole head,".— [60,] Beating hea.dache,''^— Forehead. Violent pain 
in the frontal region,". — Violent pains in the forehead,". — Temples. 
Temporal veins much swollen and hard (third day),*'. — Painful throbbing 
in the temporal arteries,". — Parietals. Unpleasant drawing in left side 
of head, extending to the face, the ear, behind the ear, and to the same side 
of the neck, as if all the parts were put on the stretch (second day),*'. — 


JExtemal Head. Hair sensitive, and as if sore when touched (third 
day)/". — Peculiar, indescribable sensation in the scalp of the upper part of 
the head, like a pricking tickling (third day),*". 

Eye. — Objective. Red inflamed eyes, with a wild look (during the 
deliriu^l),^ — Brilliant eyes (soon),*\ — [70.] Sparkling eyes (soon after),*". 
— Staring, sunken eyes,^ — Eyes prominent (second day),". — Eyes sunken,'"'. 
— Eyes sunken and dim,^l — ^Eyes sunken, deeply seated, surrounded by blue- 
rings,*. — Fixed eyes,^ — Eyes fixed upward,'^ — Brow. Severe pain over 
eyes (after half an hour),*^ — Z/ids. Eyelids very red and swollen, so that 
they could hardly be opened (third day),*'. — Conjunctiva. [80.] Con- 
junctiva yellow, of a greenish hue,™. — White of the eye somewhat red 
(second day),^'. — Conjunctiva of eyes bloodshot,*'. — Picpil. Pupils di- 
lated,''^ ; (second day),**. — ^Pupils always very much dilated, but sensitive 
to light, ^^ — Pupils contracted (second day),'^". — Pupils contracted in only 
three cases (out of thirty-one) in which there was much congestion of the 
head during the first days,^^ — Vision, Photophobia (second day),^'. — 
Eyes cannot tolerate the lamp-light,'^''. — Frequent blackness before the 
eyes, flickering and vision of sparks,'^^ 

-Ea*".— [90.] Difficult hearing,'^— Slight deafness,*.— Complete deaf- 
ness, in a girl of 22,"^ — Roaring and ringing in the ears (second day),"'. 
— Roaring and ringing in the ears, in some cases continuing a long time, 
and associated with difficult hearing, which only gradually disappeared 
during convalescence,'''^ 

Nose. — Nose red and swollen (third day),*'. — Very violent fluent coryza, 
with lachrymation and smarting in the eyes (third day),*'. — Epistaxis (fifth, 
day),*^. — Profuse epistaxis, with petechise, in a child, twenty-four hours be- 
fore death,''^ 

Face. — Objective. Countenance heavy (second day),*'. — [100,] Fea- 
tures sad, depressed,*. — He was a miserable-looking man,"'.— Face expressed 
the greatest anxiety,'*. — Countenance expressive of pain (soon),*'.- — Face ex- 
pressive of great pain,"*.— Paleness (second day),**. — Pale face,'""; (third 
day),*'. — -Face pale, collapsed,"". — Face pale, with expression of the greatest 
prostration, or even of complete stupidity,"". — Jaundice, with quiet expres- 
sion,*. — [110.] Jaundice appeared on the second day, was still worse on th.e 
third, with vomiting and eructations, sensation of heaviness in the head,, 
difficult hearing, grayish stools, great thirst, dark turbid urine, with yel- 
lowish sediment ; jaundice disappeared after about two weeks,"^ — Face audi 
eyelids red (second day),*'. — Face, in some cases, red and turgid, during the- 
first days,"". — Face in one case red, in the others pale,"^ — Face very red and 
swollen (third day),*'. — Face flushed (second day),*'.— Features altered, full 
of anxiety,*. — -Swelling of face (soon after),*'. — Face and eyelids swollen and. 
red (second day),*'. — Face puffy, red, hot,"'. — [120.] Sunken face,"". — Face 
sunken, yellow,". — -Features distorted (from larger quantities),*'. — Spas- 
modic distortion of the face,". — Face at times spasmodically distorted, when 
the eyes seemed staring and retracted in the orbits,"'. — Lips. Lips swollen, 
(third day),*'. — Chin. Spasmodic contraction of the jaws,*. — Could not 
speak on account of tetanic contraction of the jaws and spasm of the 
pharynx,'*. — Teeth firmly closed (after three hours),**- 

Mouth.—Chims. Gums ulcerated (third A&y),^'^.— Tongue. [130,] 
Tongue swollen and pale,*". — Tongue rather white (second day),*'. — White 
furred tongue,^ — -Tongue at first coated white or yellowish, moist; in worse 
cases the margins became red, after one or two days, while the back re- 
mained pale, or the whole tongue seemed red with enlarged papillse, but 


moist ; in the worst cases it became very red and dry, the papillse very promi- 
nent, giving the tongue a rough look; when the disease was at its height 
it was cracked and brownish ; in other cases the epithelium came off on the 
eighth dav, and the whole mucous membrane of the mouth was loosened in 
large flakes; in another case on the sixth day some roundish ulcers with a 
velTow base appeared at the tip and on the margms,^l— Tongue green, .— 
Tongue greenish,'".— Tongue, in several cases, red, in others moist, and cov- 
ered with a whitish or yellowish fur,'l-Tongue furred and clammy, .- 
Tongue moist and flabby,'^— Tongue, in mild cases, moist and pale, or only 
red on the margins, but in most cases, red, dry, rough, with enlarged pa- 
nillse '' — ri40 1 Tongue dry,®.— Tongue and throat affected, as well as tlie 
mucou^ membrane of the mouth (second A^j)^. -General Mmith.- 
Drvness of the mouth,^^— Dryness of the mouth and throat,^ .—Mouth dry 
(second day),*l-Dry mouth, without thirst (third day),;".— Pretty sharp 
pains in mouth and pharynx,*^-,Sa^/v«. Much viscid saliva (third 
5av^ " —Saliva accumulating, and flowing from mouth,''^— Accumulation 
of "water in the mouth,-. -T«S«e. [150.] Taste flat,^«^Foul, nauseous, 
bitter taste in mouth,".— Metallic taste in mouth (after half an hour), .— 
Copperlike taste in mouth,-'^— Taste of copper, for several days, —sweet- 
ish coppery taste in the mouth,".- Coppery taste in the oesophagus (third 
day),''l— No taste in the mouth,^°. . 

Throat Objective. Inflammation of the throat, preventing swal- 

lowing,*.- Swelling of throat (second day),".— [160.] Throat very much 
swollen (second day),".— Throat hard and swollen ; could not swallow ; in 
course of day, the difficulty of deglutition had increased so much that the 
patient did not wish to swallow any more (second day),".— Spasm_ of toe 
throat, which prevents speaking,".— Dryuess of the throat, with thirst, — 
Burning sensation in throat (after twelve hours), (one case),*^.— Burning 
heat in throat (soon),".— Sense of constriction in throat,'' *».— Pressive pain 
in the throat,®.— Pricking sensations in throat,'l— l/Vit/a. Diffuse red- 
ness of the velum, with croupous exudation on the tonsils,"'. — [170.] Velum 
palati and posterior wall of the pharynx dark brownish-red, dry, without 
a trace of mucus, with great difficulty iu swallowing, and rough voice,''.— 
Fauces and (Esophagas. Spotted redness of the fauces,''. — Con- 
striction of gullet (soon),". — * With ineffectual attempts at vomiting, they suf- 
fered from ft distressing feeling of constriction in the course of the oesophagus, 
and across the chest, in'the direction of the diaphragm,*^ — Swallowing. 
Swallowing difficult (third day),''.— Swallowing painful,"' ; (second day),"- 
Stomach. — Appetite. Disinclination to eat,°'. — Loss of appe- 
tite,'"'. — Loss of appetite, even aversion to food," — Appetite completely 
lost,". — [180.] No appetite; although stomach felt empty, as if wanting 
food (third day),*". — Anorexia,'". — A very great desire for acids ; they want 
nothing else," for several days,^° — thirst. Thirst,'" ", etc. — Great 
thirst," '" ^'.— Great thirst for cold water,'".- Thirst urgent," *'.— Intense 
thirst,*'. — Severe thirst (after twelve hours), (one case),''^ — Violent thirst,'*. 
— [190.] Very violent thirst,'" '". — Extremely violent thirst,*. — Unquench- 
able thirst,'^ — JEriictation and Hiccough, Eructations,'". — Con 

f Not found.— UuQHKS, 


hours)," — Hiccough, with spasmodic contractions of the pharynx,'^". — Vio- 
lent hiccough (after three hours),". — ^[200.] Frequent singultus, often loud 
enough to be heard all over the house, the patient being unconscious,™. — 
Nausea and Votnitinf/. Nausea,^'*; (soon),'". — Feeling of nausea 
(after twelve hours),*^ — Nausea and vonaiting," ''" ; (after twelve and 
twenty-six hours),*^ — Nausea and frequent vomiting,^". — Nausea and vom- 
iting of green substances,™. — *Nausea mid vomiting of greeninh liquid,^. 
— *Nausea, and in many cases, at times yelloiolsh-green vomiting^'''. — Became 
sick (two women ; after fifteen minutes),^''. — ^Desire to vomit,^". — [210.] In- 
clination to vomit (two cases),^°. — -Great inclination to vomit,™. — After the 
discharge of the contents of the stomacii, and small quantities of bile, 
dry retching commenced,'^ — Violent retching, vomiting,™. — Vomiting,^ ^^^^, 
etc. — ^Vomiting, with colic,'^ — -Vomiting of ingesta (soon after),'". — In one 
case, vomiting of what had been eaten for breakfast, though at no other 
time; for several days,"". — Vomiting of an offensive odor, tasting like cop- 
per, preceded by constant hiccough,^ — Vomiting of green fluid (after one 
hour),^l — [220.] Vomiting of frothy fluid, mixed with blood (second 
day),". — Vomiting of blood and mucus,^°. — Vomiting of porraceous and 
bloody matter,'l — Vomiting very frequent and violent, consisting of food 
and much greenish bitter fluid,^^ — Vomiting of green slimy substances of 
a bitter taste, at one time of clear, very tenacious saliva, of a sweetish 
taste,™. — Vomiting of viscid, glairy matter, of a greenish color, and tinged 
with blood (fourth day),". — Vomiting and diarrhoea became bloody (in 
three cases), excessively bloody in one instance, though these cases had but 
little pain in the bowels, and much more cramping in the limbs,^". — Vomit- 
ing attended, in each case, by a burning nausea arising from the stomach to 
the throat,^ .—\ Qvoitvag several times during the night,"^ — Frequent vom- 
iting of an almost brownish-yellow, in part blackish-green substance,'". — 
[230.] * Very frequent vomiting , usually after drinking (in a boy),''''. — Con- 
stant vomiting,' "" ^'. — Constant vomiting, with most frightful pains in the 
abdomen,'. — With the cramps, a constant vomiting of greenish and yellow- 
ish-green bile,'". — Constant vomiting and purging,™. — Forcible vomiting,'. 
— Violent vomiting, frequently,'**. — Violent vomiting and copious diarrhoea 
(after a quarter of an hour),™. — Violent vomiting of green bilious sub- 
stances, together with frequent liquid stools,''. — * Violent vomiting of green- 
ish water, coming on suddenly, and attended by copious greenish diarrhoea 
and violent pain in the bowels,^. — [240.] Excessive vomiting, with constant 
pains in the stomach and tenesmus,'*. — Greenish vomiting,™. — Vomited 
violently, and threw up all the poison (immediately),'"'. — About 2. pounds 
of a distinctly greenish fluid, with some blood, were ejected (second day),"- 
^Stomach. Epigastric region somewhat distended, and painful to 
touch,™. — Stomach weak,™. — Pain in the storaach,^ — ^Pain in region of 
stomach (after twelve hours),*l — Intensfe pains in the region of the stomach 
(after two hours),'^ — Violent pains in stomach and belly,'". — [250.] Vio- 
lent pains in digestive organs (almost immediately),*". — *Violeiit pains and 
cramps in stomach and bowels (after a few hours),'". — Violent cardialgia,". 
-T-Acute pains in stomach; in some cases very intense (soon),'". — Burning 
in stomach, rising into throat and mouth (third day),*". — A constant burn- 
ing pain, or a sensation of internal heat in the epigastric region,". — Stom- 
ach at times contracted,'*. — Cramp in the stomach,'. — ^*Violent griping 
and pressure in the stomach, followed by vomiting,™. — *Severe griping 
and colicky pains in stomach and bowels,^''. — [260.] A constant pinching pres- 
sure in the stomach, which at times extended up into the throat, and at 


times down into the intestines,^'.— Violent tearing pains in the stomach/^ 
— Violent tearing pain in the pit of the stoinach,^l — Violent colic in stom- 
ach and bowels (soon after),*'. — Coliclike pain in stomach (after half an 
hour),*'-— Stomach tender upon pressure (after three hours),". — Epigastric 
region sensitive (many cases),''. — Epigastric region exceedingly sensitive to 
touch,'*. — Vomiting aggravated the distress in the stomach and bowels,". 

Abdomen. — Hypochondria. Pains in the right hypochondrium, 
extending to the right shoulder, on the fifth day,'l— [270.] Left hypochon- 
drium tender to pressure,''; (after half an hour) *\— Umbilical. 
Dull pain in the umbilical region (after one hour),'l — Violent pain in the 
lumbilical region,*^. — Very violent pain in the umbilical region, less noticed 
in the epigastric region, not aggravated by pressure,''. — General Abdo- 
men. Distension of abdomen (soon),".— Distended abdomen (second 
day),'l— Abdomen distended, painful to touch,'^.— Abdomen distended, 
somewhat hard and painful to touch,".— Abdomen greatly distended,". — 
Eapid swelling of the abdomen,*. — [280.] Abdomen tympanitic and pain- 
ful on least pressure (second day),*'. — Tympanites ; in one case very dis- 
tressing ; her abdomen becoming tense as a drum, which, however, was not 
very long in subsiding,*'. — Abdomen meteoric, painful to pressure,™. — Ab- 
domen flattened, but sensitive (second day),*'. — Abdomen contracted, 
slightly painful to pressure,'". — Belly contracted, hard, and very sensitive 
all over to the slightest pressure (second day),**. — Retracted abdomen,*'. — 
Hardness of the abdomen, with great painfulness when touched,*. — Abdo- 
men hard, retracted (in a boy of ten years), drawn backward, almost to 
the spine, not sensitive to pressure,^'. — Violent spasmodic motions in the in- 
testines and in the stomach,'. — [290,] Chronic gastro-enteritis,''. — Pains in 
the abdomen,^ ' ", etc. — Pains in the abdomen during digestion,'". — Pains in 
the abdomen, with internal sensation of burning heat,". — Abdomen painful 
and distended (second day),*'. — Abdomen painful, hard, and distended,". — 
Pains in the intestines,'*. — Internal heat in abdomen,"'. — A feeling of ten- 
sion, although the abdomen was neiter distended nor retracted,". — Feeling 
as though all the intestines were constricted,". — [300.] Griping,". — Occa- 
sional griping pains in abdomen,'*. — Violent gripes (soon),*'. — Continuous 
dull pain, like a cramp, in the middle of the abdomen, and in one or the 
other side, most frequently the left (third day),*'. — Occasional cramp in the 
bowels, for several days,". — Violent spasmodic pains in the abdomen, which 
is distended,". — Bellyache and internal heat in abdomen,*'. — Drawing sen- 
sation in the left .side of the abdomen, from below the false ribs to the bend 
of the thigh (second day),*'. — From time to time very transient drawing 
pains in the abdomen," — A feeling as if the intestines were drawn into 
knots, in most cases continuous, in some paroxysmal, with inclination to 
draw the knees up, and press hard upon the bowels,*'. — [310.] Acute pains 
and swelling of abdomen (soon after),*'. — Pressure made with the palm of 
the hand over the diiferent parts of the abdomen, in the epigastric region, 
and over the transit of the arch of the colon, in general caused a pungent 
pain,*'. — Tearing-cutting pain in the abdomen,". — Corroding stitches and 
internal ulcers in the intestines,". — Colicky pains, with feeling of distension 
of abdomen (after half an hour),*'. — The symptoms began with coliclike 
pains extending transversely across the abdomen, remitting at times, but 
not intermitting, and not remarkably increased by pressure, with a hard 
and retracted abdomen,". — Colic," " ", etc. — Colic, with violent vomiting,". 
Colic, with almost constant urging to stool (third day),*'. — Colic, with 
diarrhoea, every ten minutes, together with retching,". — [320.] Pretty 


severe colic (two cases)/l — Violent colic," ", etc. — Violent colic, with vom- 
iting,". — -Very violent colic,". — Extremely violent, colicky, cutting pains, 
constricting the abdomen,^^ — Terrible colic (two cases),''^ — Cutting, con- 
strictive colic,^'''. — ^Abdomen so sensitive she could not bear any covering 
(second day),". — Pains iu the intestines were terribly aggravated by pres- 
sure of the hand,'"'. 

Mectum and Anus. — Rectum so inflamed and sensitive that an 
enema could not be administered (second day),". — [330.] Sensation of 
heaviness and uneasiness at the rectum, after stool (third day),*". — Smart- 
ing at the anus, after stool (third day),'l — Frequent urging to stool,^*. — 
Tenesmus, after stool (third day),*". — Constant tenesmus,". — Severe tenes- 
mus, and burning sensation felt within the rectum, and close to the sphincter 
ani (in all cases),*^ — Violent, painful tenesmus (third day),*". 

Stool. — Diarrhoea. Diarrhoea,^ ^'^ ; (after twelve hours),*^ etc. — Con- 
stant diarrhoea,". — Profuse diarrhoea; the stools continued for a long time, 
with tenesmus and prostration, only relieved after eight days,^". — [340.] 
Violent diarrhoea,^. — Diarrhoea, slimy, mucous, brown, afterwards greenish, 
mixed with streaks of blood,^". — Purging,"^. — Purging; stools copious, watery, 
and dark,". — Purging, with tenesmus,*^ — Stools very frequent (at first),^l — 
Very frequent liquid stools, with a great deal of bright-red blood, and shreds 
of membrane, sometimes very scanty, sometimes more abundant, sometimes 
containing fragments of solid fsecal matter (third day),*". — Frequent evacu- 
ations (one case),*^. — Frequent small bilious stools, with burning and tenes- 
mus,'". — Frequent calls to evacuate the bowels. Every half hour, or even 
less, sometimes in the course of twenty minutes, they were forced to go to 
the ship's chains ; but seldom, in the attempt to relieve the bowels, was fecu- 
lent matter discharged! Blood in small quantities, and slimy mucous stools 
tinged with blood, were passed from the rectum. Shreds of lymph and 
frothy ashen-colored secretions were forced from the bowels by dint of strain- 
ing. Without affording relief in a single case, these discharges from the 
bowels aggravated the sufferings of the patient,*'. — [350.] Stools involun- 
tary, liquid, not very copious, coming either at the commencement of the 
disease, or after two or three days,*'. — Profuse involuntary, liquid, green, 
and offensive stools (after three hours),^. — In two cases (children) the 
stools were involuntary during the collapse ; one bloody, the other not,^". — 
Copious stools (third day),*\ — Copious stool, containing a pretty large quan- 
tity of acetate of copper (third day),*^ — Liquid stools,'^"*". — Thin liquid 
stools,^^ — Awakened at 2 A.M., while lying on abdomen (an unusual position 
with him), by a copious liquid stool, so hurried that it escaped over a por- 
tion of the bed, with colic and headache (third day),*". — Grayish stools,*". — ■ 
Stools small, greenish, of slimy mucus ; one or two minutes before a stool 
there was always violent griping in the intestines, which continued after the 
stool, but only a short time ; the stool was always followed by great urging, 
like the tenesmus of dysentery,*". — [360,] Bloody discharges from the 
bowels,^". — Stools at times streaked with blood,^'. — Stool consisting of al- 
most clear bright-red blood (in a boy 6 years old), (third day),**. — Stools usu- 
ally preceded by increase of the colic,**. — Stool always followed by relief of 
the general symptoms,**. — Constipation. Constipation (later action)** ; 
(second day),^', etc. — Constipation for several days,''. — Constipation for four 
days,'\ — [Constipation, with great heat of the body],^f — Prolonged con- 
stipation, with slight drawing pains about the umbilicus and flanks from 

f " No unwonted thing with her," says the reporter. — Hughes. 


time to time, seldom lasting over one hour,".— [370.] Obstinate constipa- 
tion with persistent tenesmus,'".— Stools for the most part constipMed, .— 
Stools scanty, mucous, at first brownish, afterwards greenish, and on the 
next day streaked with blood,'l— No movement of the bowels (m any) lor 

1 "if) 

SIX or seven days, . . . ^ ■ -. ^i i,i i j 

Urinary Organs.— MicturtHon. Evacuations of the bladder 
and bowels on the fourth day, with relief of the symptoms,".— Micturition 
every five or ten minutes; she was, however, able to pass only a little urin|; 
the passage was attended with smarting, as from soreness in the urethra, - 
—Involuntary passage of urine,'".— Micturition, with burning, .— Urme 
scanty,".— Urine scanty and scalding (second day),".— [380.] Retention 
of urme,'"— *Suppression of urine (third day),"'.— Suppressioi\ of urme 
and f^cefe (fifth day),'\— Complete suppression of urme and fseces, .— 
Urine suppressed altogether (or retained in the bladder), —Vrine. 
Urine high-colored and tinged with blood,*'.— Urine dark-red, turbid, with 
yellowish sediment,*.— Urine usually brownish, turbid, depositing a sedi- 
ment (in many cases normal),''.— Urine turbid and jumentous,'l— Urine 
turbid, dark-red, with yellowish sediment,''' 

Mespiratory Organs.— Cough and Bxpectoratton. [390.j 
^Frequent, violent, dry cough, with tearing pain in the head ; the cough was 
folloived by violent pulsation of the heart, lasting several minutes; at this time 
the anxiety and pressure in the chest returned, especially while sitting ; cough 
came on at night between 11 and 1 (sixth day),'l— Much expectoration 
(one case),*'. — JRespiration. Respiration accelerated,'^ '*. — Respiration, 
though rapid, was free,"'. — Breathing short (after three hours),**. — *Diffi- 
cult respiration,*^ — Dyspnoea (second day),**. — ^Suffocative loss of breath,^. 
Chest. — *The chest was spasmodically constricted, ivhereby the respiration 
was impeded, increasing her already great anxiety,''^. — In one case the vomit- 
ing was followed immediately by a succession of sharp cramping spasms in 
the chest, causing the young lady to scream out,'"- 

Heart and Pulse.— Heart's Action. [400.] Violent palpita- 
tion of the heart,'^\ — Pulse. Pulse quick, and at the same time so small 
and weak and thready as scarcely to be felt,*'. — Rapid spasmodic pulse,'". — 
Pulse small, rapid, spasmodic,'*. — Pulse hard, full, and frequent (third 
day),*". — Pulse moderately accelerated, soft,". — Pulse moderately acceler- 
ated, small and soft,". — Pulse in many cases not altered in frequency ; in 
others, especially towards the termination of the disease accelerated, seldom 
above 90, soft, becoming small and weak,". — Small regular pulse, about 80 
a minute,'".— Pulse from 120 to 140; small and wiry,*'.— [410.] Slow 
pulse, 24 to the minute,*. f — Quick and irregular pulse,*". — Pulse small and 
irregular,". — Pulse small, irregular, at times convulsive,''. — Pulse large, 
slow, and intermitting (second day),**. — Pulse, in four cases small, contracted, 
and slow, in one case (a full-blooded boy) hard, full, and frequent, with 
red face and dry skin,'". — Pulse hard, small, and very slow (after three 
hours),**. — Pulse full and hard,". — Pulse hard (third day),*'. — Hard and 
contracted pulse (second day),**. — [420.] Pulse contracted,". — Pulse small, 
contracted,*". — Pulse small, contracted, but regular,". — Pulse small, weak, 
hard, contracted,". — Depressed pulse (soon),**; (second day),**. — Pulse op- 
pressed (second day),*\ — Laboring pulse (soon after),**. 

Week and Sach. — Lancinating pain at nape of neck, on bending 
head backwards (third day),*'. — Stitch in the left shoulder-blade, on mov- 

f Not found. — Hughes. 


ing the head (third day),". — Pain between the shoulders,™.— [430.] Pain 
in the loins,''^ — In the loins and sacrum, at the navel and in the iliac region, 
acute lancinating pains were complained of in each case,*'. 

Bxtremities in General.— Objective. Trembling of the 
limbs,* ^'', etc. — Convulsive movements of the limbs,* *l — Slight convulsions 
in limbs (second day),".— Spasms of the limbs,*. — Constant painful jerk- 
ings in the hands and feet, extending upward into the upper arm and into 
the legs, with cramps in the calves ; this jerking very plainly alternated 
between the flexor and extensor tendons,'". — * Periodic spasmodic contraction 
of the fingers and toes, frequently so severe that the fingers could scarcely be ex- 
tended by any force ; these contractions were pa.infulj''. — Unusual loss of power 
of the arms and limbs (after several days),™. — Weakness of the limbs,". — 
[440.] A gradually increasing weakness and prostration of the limbs,^l — 
Weakness and pain (aching) in the limbs for several days,'^". — Subjective. 
Extremities benumbed,***. — Pains and cramp in the extremities,^". — Pain in 
the limbs as from exbaustion (third day),^". — Pain at the elbows, in the 
bend of the knees, etc., with a feeling of languor in all the limbs,'*. — 
Cramps in the extremities,^'. — •*Oramps in the extremities, and convulsive 
movements of the limbs,^. — * Violent drawing and tension ixi the limbs, fre- 
quently associated with shuddering and chilliness, though the shin luas not 
cold,''^. — Braised sensation and feeling of paralysis in the extremities and 
small of the back, so that it was difficult to use the limbs, associated with 
tearing pains (fourth day),''. 

Superior Extremities. — Objective. [450.] No power to hold 
anything in the hand (fourth day),'*. — Subjective. Tearing pains in 
the upper extremities,'^ — Hands. Hands became numbed (after twelve 
hours), (one case),*'. — Fingers. Nails white (after twelve hours), (one 

Inferior JExtremities. — Objective. Great weakness of the 
legs,™. — Remarkable weakness of the legs,*.t — Subjective, *Cramps in 
the lower extremities, especially in the calves,''. — Thighs. Pains in 
the thighs,^\ — Dull pain in the muscles of the thighs on the anterior sur- 
face,*. — Legs. Lies constantly with the legs drawn up,™. — [460.] Cramps 
in the calves,* '\ — Violent cramps in the calves,'*. — As the pulse rose, and 
they became warm, violent cramping, paroxysmally, in the calves, appeared 
in two cases, drawing one limb sideways and backward, but always relieved 
by rubbing,™. — Toes. Both large toes were tetanically drawn downward, 
with most violent pains in the soles of the feet,'*. 

General Symptoms. — Objective. Emaciation,". — Emaciation of 
a greater or less degree, in all cases, lasting a long time, and only after 
several months did the natural weight and healthy color return,". — Great 
loss of flesh,^*.^ — On venesection, the blood showed an inflammatory crust 
(second day),*\ — Most of the patients lay still and apathetic, looking 
straight ahead, with dim, lustreless eyes and a stupid relaxed expression, ''- 
—Lying on the back, with the head bent backward," — [470.] The limbs 
and trunk were stiff, the jaws clenched,*. — Great trembling, especially of 
the hands, which incapacitated them from holding anything with safety ,^^ 
^-The whole frame seemed to writhe under the pain,**. — Frequent twitch- 
ings at night ("during sleep"),*. — Convulsions,'"; (fifth day),**. — * Convul- 
sions; his limbs and body were stiff, jaws denched,^^. — Convulsions, with con- 
stant vomiting and violent pains in the abdomen, which gradually passed 

t See S. 493. 


into a paralysis,'. — Convulsions (in only one case out of thirty-one, a ro- 
bust woman of 47) after violent pains in the last dorsal vertebrae, which 
were not sensitive to pressure; the pains extended suddenly into the left arm, 
as far as the wrist ; the arm was spasmodically flexed and extended for several 
minutes, followed by loss of power (with perfect sensibility), lasting several 
hours; these attacks returned on the two following days, gradually becom- 
ing weaker ; the paralytic weakness of the arm and pain in the back dis- 
appeared on the following day,^l — Convulsions that seemed to involve more 
particularly the abdomen and the upper and lower extremities ; when thus 
attacked, they uttered a horrible cry, a sort of howl, or croaking resembling 
the croaking of frogs. They rose in their beds with irresistible force, so that 
the strongest men were unable to keep them down. They were quite crazy, 
looked frightened and attempted to escape ; their eyes glistened and seemed 
to start from their sockets. They stared and looked wild. These paroxysms 
came so frequently that they seemed to continue without any interruption. 
If one was attacked, the other persons, upon hearing the cries of their com- 
panion, were likewise attacked with rage. Thus they kept up a sort of re- 
ciprocal howling. Two of these persons are even now in this sort of sympa- 
thetic state of suifering, although they occupy entirely separate rooms ; as 
soon as one feels the attack coming on, the other is likewise affected,''*. — 
Convulsions, followed by death in sixty hours,". — [480.] All the muscles 
agitated with violent convulsions ; the limbs remaining rigid in the inter- 
vals (after three hours),". — Convulsions so violent that six men had to 
hold him,". — Convulsions so violent that two men could scarcely hold the 
children,^ — Pressure upon stomach produced violent convulsions (after 
three hours),". — Several spasmodic fits (third day),*\ — Several members of 
the same family were at different times attacked with severe epileptic fits,^^ 
— Paralysis,'. — General depression,*^ — General lowness (second day),". — 
Lassitude,''^ — [490.] Great loss of strength,^*. — General weakness,^". — 
Great weakness,'^ — Remarkable weakness of the whole body,''.f — Exces- 
sive weakness ; the knees sink under her,^^ — Throughout the whole attack, 
with the exception of the lady who had spasms of the chest, there was not 
the least restlessness, they seeming too weak to move a finger ,"''. — Extreme 
debility of constitution (after partial recovery),". — Exhaustion," '" ^l — 
Great exhaustion, for several days,^°. — Great exhaustion, so that she was 
scarcely able to sit upright in bed ; on attempting to rise from bed, attacks 
of vertigo and faintness (second day),''. — [500.] Prostration,'^'. — Prostra- 
tion of strength,**. — Great prostration of strength,^'. — Faintness,". — [Re- 
peated fainting] ,*.|— Great restlessness,"""; (third day),*". — He is very un- 
easy and utters a piercing cry from time to time,*. — Extreme agitation 
(second da.jy\ — Subjective, Great sensitiveness to changes in the 
weather, for a long time,''^— General heaviness (two cases),*^— [510.] A 
sensation of inner restlessness and anxiety,''. — A sensation of absolute 
prostration and exhaustion, and in some the slightest motion caused a kind 
of faintness,'*.— Unwell and drowsy (after twenty-two hours), (one case),*^ 
—General distress and uneasiness (soon),™.- Pains shooting through the 
whole body, especially on the right side, causing a shuddering,^— Pains in 
the bones, in the morning, with headache and nausea,^ — Pains in the 
bones, with headache, during the remissions of delirium and convulsions,^ 
—All the symptoms of cholera morbus,"".— Copper causes enormous vomi't- 
mgs, profuse discharges of bile both upwards and downwards, inflamma- 

t See S. 455. J "When fatigued with much vomiting. 


tions and erosions of both stomach and bowels, delirium, convulsions, syn- 
cope, and death,'^ — Spinning vertigo, nausea, vomiting of mucus, saliva 
running together and flowing from mouth, coppery taste on tongue, cutting 
pain in abdomen, constriction of chest, violent palpitation of the heart, 
sensation of coldness along the sternum, coldness of the extremities, in- 
ternal heat in the abdomen, and great thirst ; after Cupr. ac. accidentally 
taken in a large (homoeopathic) dose,^^ — [520.] General cramps (fifth 
day),". — A girl about ten years old was not attacked till next day,^"*. — 
An old person was not affected till the third day,'^^ — Aggravation from 
lying down ; almost 9,8 soon as he assumed the horizontal position, the symp- 
toms, which had subsided, returned (excepting retention of urine), (third 
day),*'. — After diarrhoea, relief of the pains and of the hardness of the 
abdomen, followed usually by the nervous symptoms,^^ 

Skin. — Objective. Skin, pale, earthy, yellowish, without a real 
jaundice,*^ — Skin of a light-yellow color, especially on the face and con- 
junctiva (third day),*^ — Skin flabby and relaxed, especially with a sunken 
face,^l — Contractiron of the skin of all the limbs,*. — JEruj)tions. Erup- 
tions on the skin,''. — [530.] Eruption seemingly of a leprous kind, consisting 
of spots of different sizes, the largest of which were white and scaly, with 
moist base,'^appearing as if something acrimonous had been secreted under 
the cuticle, which thickened, rose and separated from the cutis. It was 
more or less all over the body, and very much amongst the hair of the 
head. There was no itching and no particular pain. The quantity of 
eruption was in exact proportion to the amount of soup eaten (after two 
days),^^ — Rash on the chest and hands,^ — Petechial spots on neck and 
arms (third day),". — Subjective. Sensation like pin-pricks from within 
outwards in the skin of the face, and on the cheeks, forehead, head, and 
various other parts of the body (third day),*'. — Formication in the hands, 
especially the finger-tips (third day),*'. 

Sleep and Dreams.— Sleejiiness. Yawns and is sleepy, yet can- 
not get to sleep, on account of a crowd of ideas which he cannot drive off 
(third day),*'. — Great sleepiness (second day),*\' — Great inclination to 
slumber, which, however, was frequently interrupted by dreams,®. — Leth- 
argic sleep after vomiting,*. — Soporous condition, especially in children,^^ 
— [540.] Inclination to coma (third day),*\ — Great disposition to coma, 
which existed in three cases,^^ — Comatose state,''*. — Sleeplessness. 
Complete sleeplessness, frequently lasting three or four days,'^ — Sleep 
uneasy, not refreshing,*"- — Sleep restless, interrupted by dreams,''^. — ■ 
Dreams. Anxious dreams, frightening her in sleep so that she awoke 
(second day),^'. 

Fever. — Chilliness. Coldness (after forty-two hours), (after twelve 
hours),*". — Coldness of surface (fifth day),*\ — Surface cold, and bathed in 
perspiration,". — [550.] Coldness of the skin,**. — Skin became cold,*^ — Icy 
coldness of the whole body,^'. — Repeated shaking chill, so that the patient 
seemed to be affected with an intermittent (in one case),**. — Shivering,*'. 
— Shivering in body (after twenty-five hours),**. — Sensation of coldness 
along sternum,^'. — ■* Coldness of the extremities,^^. — * Coldness and severe 
cramp in extremities (soon after),*'. — *Gold extremities^^, — [560.] Extremi- 
ties ioy eold,''". — Upper and lower extremities of icy coldness, and covered 
with a cold sweat,^*. — * Coldness and cramps of limbs (soon),**. — * Coldness 
of legs, hands, and feet (after twelve hours),**. — Hands and feet coldj'^. — The 
legs continue cold for four days,*'. — Heat. Skin warm, frequently covered 
with profuse sweat,**. — Skin warm and dry,**. — Pungent heat of skin,*''.— 


Fever (second day)/'^*^\ — [570,] Some fever, with a full, hard, frequent 
pulse, which was very variable without sufficient cause, even in the same 
case, in only four individuals out of thirty-one,''^ — Symptoms of acute 
fever set in immediately after the vomiting, etCj^l — Violent fever,'. — 
Stveat. Sweat (fourth day),'l — Profuse sweat,". — Profuse night-sweats,^*. 
— Cold sweat,^^ — During the collapse, the patients were covered with a 
cold clammy sweat, especially on the forehead, but would He quietly, only 
moaning, the cheeks and eyes sunken, a bluish hue to the face, and the 
lower jaw hanging down,*". — Skin dry and burning (third day),*'. — Skin at 
first dry, afterwards moist and frequently (especially in great prostration) 
covered with profuse sweat,^^ — [580.] Profuse sweat on the forehead,^". — 
Collection of light-green perspiration (in which copper was found on analy- 
sis) between the toes, and underneath the nails,*l 

Conditions. — Aggravation. — (Morning), Pains in bones. — (Evening), 
Headache. — (Night), Sweat. — (After drinking), Vomiting. — (Lying down), 
General symptoms, except retention of urine. — (Pressure), Headache ; pains 
in intestines. — (Sitting), Anxiety, etc., in chest. — (Diarrhoeie stools), The 
sufferings. — ( Vomiting), Distress in stomach, etc. 

A.meliovcitioil, — (Rubbing), Cramps in calves. — (Diarrhoeie stools), 
Vertigo ; general symptoms ; pains, etc., of abdomen. 


Ammonio-sulphate of copper, CuSO^-f H3N,H20 (Berzelius). Dark-blue 

Preparation, Triturations. 

Authorities. l,.Heysham, Edin. Med. Comra., VII, from Hahnemann's 
Cuprum ; 2, Hundel, Hufel. Journ., II, 274, from Cup. ammon. in epi- 
lepsy, from Hahnemann, 

jyiind. — Exalted, ecstatic condition of mind,^ 

Head.— Yertigo,'^. — Swelling of head, with very red face,l 

JEye. — Obscuration of vision, I 

Stonmch. — ]Srausea,\ — Qualmishness, with spasmodic pains in abdo- 
men,'.— Frequent vomiting of only bile (after a quarter of an hour),'. — 
Pain in stomach,'. 

Urinary Organs.— Copious flow of urine,'.— Frequent discharge of 
offensive tenacious urine, without sediment,'. 

JPit^se.— Rapid pulse,'.— Soft, slow pulse,'.— Pulse full, of a normal 

^ewer.— Flushes^ of heat,\t— Moist skin,'.— Sweat for nearly an 
hom;\l •' 


Arsenite of copper; CuHAsO, (Scheele's Green). (Some of the cases 
ot poisonmg may be due to Schweinfurt Green, a double salt of arsenite 
and acetate of copper.) 

Preparation, Triturations. 

Authorities. 1, Dr. James Blakely, Hahn. Month., 3, 571 (Blakely's 
provings, potency given in brackets after each symptom) ;§ 2, Dr. R. C. 

t Not found— Hughes. _ j Original corrected by Hughes. 

i bymptoms witliout authority are so given in the original. 


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coloring; 19, Bully, Lond. Med. Times, 1849, "p. 507, a girl and a boy 
poisoned by eating candies colored by Oupr. arsen. 

JilinCL. — Emotional. Child began to cry,'°. — Uttered piercing 
screams, and ran about the room (after half an hour),*. — ^Great anxiety,''*. 
Irritable and feverish {2),^.— Intellectual, — Confusion of ideas (12), 
(after thirty-five minutes),^ 

Head. — Vertigo. Vertigo, confusion of ideas, and *headache between 
the temples (after thirty-five minutes), (12),\ — Dizziness,^; (2),*. — Sensation 
as of gentle rotary motion in the brain, after studying (3),l — Slight reeling 
sensation in the brain after studying (6),^ — General Mead. [10.] 
Dulness^ and confusion of the head,^ — Dulness of the head, with pain, 
worse in the left temple (11), (after three-quarters of an hour),\ — Dulness 
and soreness of the head in the morning, after waAtn^,'.— ^General feeling of 
dulness in the head (2),*. — Dull heavy pain in head the entire evening 
(12),'. — Headache,'"; C30),^ — Headache is very severe all the evening, and 
the bones of the face verysore (12),'. — He could not sleep until 2 a.m., the 
headache continuing very severe (12), (after two hours and three-quarters),'. 
— Dull headache all the forenoon (12),'. — On awaking he had the same 
dull headache as on the previous night (11),'. — [20.] General dull head- 
ache (11),'. — Fulness of the head (2),*. — Immmediately after taking the 
fourth dose, experienced a fulness in the head ; the brain seemed to expand 
and press against the frontal bone (10),'. — After reading an hour, experi- 
enced a distinct and rolling sensation in the brain; felt as if I might fall 
forward ; the sensation passed off while walking in the open air aud talk- 
ing (12), ^ — Headache, particularly in the forehead, but the entire head feels 
as if bruised. — ^The headache, which had disappeared during rest (sitting), 
reappeared very severely while walking up and down the room, and again 
subsided during rest ; several repetitions produced the same aggravation 
and amelioration (12),'. — The aggravation of the headache by motion and 
the amelioration by rest were frequently verified,'. — The headache, which 
had again subsided, reappeared in consequence of walking upstairs (12),'. 
— The headache disappeared while sitting, but returned very severely while 
walking up and down the room,'. — Forehead, The headache finally set- 
tles in the right side of forehead. — [30,] Very severe headache all over the 
forehead, but especially in both temples (12), (after twenty-eight hours),' — 
Headache very severe, with dull pain in the forehead, with soreness of the 
orbital bones, after retiring to rest (12), (after five hours),'. — Headache 
becomes very severe, spreads over the entire forehead, and finally settles in 
right side of the forehead and over the temporal bone, and becomes dull 


and throbbing (after forty -five minutes), (12),\ — Dull pain in forehead (11), 
(after three hours and a half)/. — Dull pain over the entire forehead, but 
most severe in the right temple (10),'. — ^Headache between the temples. 
The pain seems to meet in the centre of the forehead, and thence to pass 
down the nose (12),^ — Temples. Severe, dull pain in both temples (12), 
(after twenty-seven hours and a half ),^ — Severe pain in the left temple. — 
Sharp pain in the temples, hut worse in the left (3),". — Slight, darting pains 
in the temples,*. — [40,] Throbbing pain in the right temple (11), (after two 
hours), \ — Soreness of the right temple, when pressed against the pillow 
(12), (after twenty-nine hours),'. — Parietals. Soreness of the bones of 
the left side of the head and face (11), (after two hours and forty minutes),'. 
— Occiput, Dull, heavy aching in the back part of the head (2),*. — 
Dull soreness in the right occipital bone, aggravated by pressure (12),'. — 
Mxtemal Head. Itching in the head (8),l — Itching of scalp at 
night (2),*. — Itching of the scalp in the evening and at night,*. 

JEye. — Eyes dim,'*. — Eyescomatose,'^ — [50,] Eyes swollen in the morn- 
ing,". — Orbit, Persistent boring pain in a small spot above the left su- 
perior orbital arch, with soreness of arch when touched (12), (after thirty- 
one hours),'. — Soreness of the left orbital bones, and of the left side of the 
nose (12), (after fifty -five minutes),'. — Severe sharp pain in the superior arch 
of the right orbital bone (12),'. — ^Soreness of the left superior orbital arch 
when touched,' — Vision. Black specks before the eyes (2),*. 

Mar. — Frequently there is a dull, rather severe pain in the right internal 
meatus (12),'. — Boring pain in the right ear ; sharp pain in the temple.s, in the left; pain in the lumbar region, and in the anterior portion of 
the right thigh ; chilly feeling over the entire body; skin is sensitive to con- 
tact with the clothing, which produces a chilly sensation (12),l — Dull sore- 
ness in the right internal ear (12), (after one hour),'. 

Nose, — Soreness of the left side of the nose (11), (after fifty-five min- 
utes),'. — [60,] Nose sore inside, and discharging freely,". — The bones of 
the nose are very sore, especially when pressure is made upon them (12), 
(after twenty-five hours and three quarters),'. — Irritability of, with discharge 
of fiuid from, the mucous membrane of the nose, with abundant salivation,*. 

Face.— Objective. Paleness of the face, with hot forehead,'^— Pale 
and anxious,'l — Face pale, sunken,'*. — Countenance became pale and ema- 
ciated,'l — Pale, disfigured countenance (after half an hour),". — Face 
deathly pale,".— Face livid,'l— [70,] Distorted features,".— Twitching and 
jerking of the facial muscles of the left side, between the eyes and the 
corner of the mouth, which was very violent (2),*.— Soreness of the bones 
of the face (12),'.— Soreness of the bones of the right side of the face (12),'. 
—Lips. Lips of a bluish tinge,'l— C/tiJl. Intermittent and throbbing 
pain in the right half of the inferior maxillary bone (12), (after one hour),'. 

Month, — Teeth. Pain in the right upper and left lower molars,^— 
Shooting pain in the upper molars of the left side, extending upward into 
the superior maxillary bone (12),*.— Twitches of pain in the right upper 
posterior and left lower posterior molars, more protracted in the former, 
but more acute in the latter i.3),''.—Guins, Tenderness of the gums,'"". 
—Tongtie, [80.] Tongue white,".— Tongue much coated (2),*.— The back 
part of the tongue is very thickly coated (2),*.— White coating on the 
tongue (2) .—Tongue coated white (2),*.— Tongue heavily coated brownish- 
white (2), .— longue tremulous, covered with mucus,'*.— Peculiar tremu- 
lousness and coolness of the tongue (2), \— Taste. Taste bitter,'*.— Jfe- 
tallic tefe(2),*; il2),\-Speech. [90,] Difiiculty of speech (after over 
an hour),'. ./ i- v 


Thvoat. — Burning, extending from the stomach along the 03Sophagus 
to the mouth,". — Rolling about the floor in intense pain, which she de- 
scribed as burning her throat and bowels (over an hour),^°. — Soreness of 
the throat,'". — Child refused to take anything, probably from the inability 
of deglutition,'^ 

Stomach. — Appetite, Did not taste food with usual relish for a few 
days,". — Loss of appetite,'" ".—No appetite (2),*. — No desire for warm 
food, cold is better relished {B),' \— Thirst. Thirst,'".— [100.] Much 
thirst,". — Great thirst,'^ — Urgent and distressing thirst,". — Intense thirst,". 
— Violent thirst (after half an hour),". — Thirst, which is unusual for me; 
have a desire now for water cold several times a day ; a wineglassful suffices 
each time (3),^ — The thirst continued for several weeks after taking the 
last medieine,^ — Eructation. Much eructation of wind (2),*. — Nau- 
sea and Vomiting. Nausea in the evening, with lameness of the 
back (3),^ — Nausea on awaking, with bitter taste (3),^ — [110.] *Nausea, 
with headache between the temples. — Nausea and vomiting,". — Nausea, with 
burning pain in the stomach and bowels ; palpitation of the heart, with 
trembling of the limbs ; headache, particularly in the forehead, but the 
entire head feels bruised ; jerking in the limbs (cured by 6th and 12th). — 
Slight nausea and a little unsteadiness of the head, particularly after study- 
ing (6),^ — Constant nausea,'". — Violent nausea,'^ — Suddenly seized with 
violent sickness, and vomiting of a light-green substance like bile diluted 
with water. They both continued vomiting the same green fluid every ten 
or fifteen minutes during the day, until what they brought up appeared to 
be clear bile, mixed with the water they had constantly been taking in co- 
pious draughts,". — Vomiting (soon),' '*. — Vomited several times,'''. — Re- 
peated attacks of vomiting,'*. — [120f] Suddenly vomiting supervened, and 
the mother could detect some small pieces of the ink in the rejected matters, 
which were of a whitish color and of a slightly viscid consistence ; repeated 
every five minutes,'". — Vomiting, returning at intervals with much severity ,'^ 
— Violent vomiting," ; (after half an hour),". — Stotnach. Empty, vacant 
feeling in the stomach (12), (after thirty-five minutes),'. — Distress about 
the stomach, soon,'. — Severe pains in stomach and bowels,". — *Burning in 
the stomach (12), (after one hour and a half),'. — Burning sensation in the 
stomach,". — Cramps in the stomach and bowels, followed by tonsillitis. — 
Cutting pain in the stomach while eating (12),^ — [130.] The stomach is 
sore, as if it had been bruised (12),'. — Great sensitiveness of the epigastric 
region to the slightest touch,"". — Epigastric region exceedingly sensitive,'*. 

Abdomen. — Objective. Squeezed his abdomen with both hands 
(after half an hour),". — Distension of abdomen (after over an hour),'".-— 
The whole abdomen meteoric, very painful to touch, but especially over the 
region of the liver,'*. — Abdomen hard,'". — Rumbling in the bowels ; sharp 
quick pains in the lower bowels (2),*. — Abdomen flatulent, without being 
painful,''. — Subjective. Pain in bowels, followed by copious but natural 
stools, after which the pains abated,". — [140.] Violent pains in abdomen,'". 
— There has been a constant unpleasant warmth in the abdomen since 
taking the medicine, and which sometimes becomes a severe burning (12), 
(after twenty-five hours and a half),'. — Very severe cramps of muscles of 
abdomen and lower extremities (after over an hour),'". — Natural stools, 
after which he had severe dull pains of a griping character, with a slight 
burning in the abdomen (12), (after nineteen hours and a quarter),'. — Pains 
in the abdomen, sharp and cutting, which afterwards subside into- a dull 
soreness, followed by an unpleasant warmth in the abdomen, and a severe 


burning in the stomach (12), (after one hour and a half ),\— Pains in the 
abdomen simulating those of flatulent colic (12),*.— Pains in the hypogas- 
trium (after half an hour)/. 

Stool.— Diarrhcea. Diarrhoea (after half an hour)/.— Diarrhoea 
occasionally,".— Copious diarrhoea, at the end of which the child recov- 
ej.ed,^\ — [150.] Violent purging,'. — Bowels very much relaxed for eight or 
ten days, sometimes acting six times daily,".— Two diarrhceic stools in half 
an hour, ^\— Constipation. Constipation (2),*. 

Urinary Orqans.— Urethra. A gonorrhoea, of which he sup- 
posed himself cured (and from which he had been entirely free for six 
months), returned with the following symptoms : Dark-red urine ; burn- 
ing pain at the orifice of the urethra during and after urinating ; white 
purulent discharge from the urethra ; soreness of the penis, with pain in 
the prostate gland ; redness of the lips of the urethra, with tingling and 
burning; agglutination of the lips of the urethra; perspiration of the 
scrotum, which is constantly moist and damp ; soreness of the under sur- 
face of the penis when pressed {\'2,),\— Micturition. Urine scanty, 
orange-colored,".— Urwie. The urine had a slight odor of garlic (3),'.— 
In the afternoon the urine had a strong odor like that of garlic (6),^_ 

Mespiratory Organic. — Voice. Voice &\te^red,^\— Respira- 
tion. Bad breath (2),\— [160.J Respiration short and oppressed,"- 

Chest. — Oppressed feeling about the chest during the past few days; 
it feels as if it were constricted (2),*. — Sense of weight on the chest and 
difficulty of breathing,". — Dull soreness in the right side of the chest, with 
dull pains in the back (11), (after two hours and a quarter),^ — Pains in chest 
and hack aggravated by deep inspirations. 

Heart and Pulse. — Heart's Action. Pulsation of the heart 
moving the wall of the chest up and down,". — JPnlse. Pulse more fre- 
quent,''. — Pulse small, rapid, very irritable,'\ — Pulse small, weak, rapid, 
110,".— Pulse extremely feeble and rapid,". — [170,] Pulse feeble,'l — Pulse 
faltering at wrist,". 

Heck and Bade. — WecJe. Moving the head aggravates the pain in 
the neck. — ^Lameness of the back (3),l — Stiff lame feeling in the back, 
which was better until after moving about, and returned after sitting 
awhile (3),l — Moving about aggravates the stiffness and lameness of the 
back, which had been better during rest; it returned after sitting awhile,^ 
-^JJorsal. Severe pain under the lower angle of the left scapula, worse 
when moving or breathing; cannot take a full breath without aggra- 
vating the pain (2),*. — Soreness of a small spot in the left scapula, extend- 
ing into the left lung, followed by a dull sticking pain in the left chest, 
between the sixth and seventh ribs, somewhat aggravated by deep inspira- 
tions, with a weak numb feeling in the left chest, left side of the back, left 
shoulder, and arm (12), (after fifteen minutes),^ — Lumbar. Lameness 
of the lumbar region,^ — Pain in the right lumbar region, and in the ante- 
rior portion of the right thigh,''. 

Extremities in General. — [180.] Spasms in the extreraities,"- 
Siiperior JEoctreniities. — Constantly moving the arms up and 
down and from side to side, with trembling of the fingers,". — Shoulder. 
Numb, weak feeling in the left shoulder and arm (12), (after fifteen miu- 
utes),\ — Forearm. The left arm feels numb and powerless, and a similar 
sensation soon afterwards appeared in the left leg (12),\ — Peculiar numb 
feeling in the left arm and hand, with pain in the internal surface of the 
arm, and tingling of the palm of the hand and of the fingers, increased by 


motion, and continuing one hour (2), (after twenty-five minutes),'. — 
Hands. The hands, especially the palms and the roots of the nails, were 
stained of a greenish-yellow color,". 

Inferior JExtreinities.— While walking, the limbs ache ; his gait 
is unsteady, and the debility is increased (12), (after two hours),'. — Pain 
in the anterior portion of the right thigh,l 

General Symptoms. — Objeetive, Weakness,". — Debilifij (2),*. 
— [190,] General debility, want of energy, and indisposition to do any- 
thing (12),'. — Considerable debility ,^ — Sudden debility, with dull pain in 
the heart, and sensation of oppression around that organ ; the left chest 
feels too small ; he takes long involuntary inspirations ; there is an empty 
feeling in the stomach, with vertigo, confusion of ideas, and headache 
between the temples (12), (after thirty-five minutes),'. — Complete prostra- 
tion,'°. — Extreme prostration,'^ — Restless, with anxiety iibout his life,'*. — 
Very restless; nervous (or rather nerveless), (2),*. — Much more nervous than 
formerly,'". — Highly nervous,". — Subjective. Feeling of weakness (12), ^ 
— [200,] Began almost immediately to feel ill,'". — Felt better after awak- 

Skin. — Objective. The skin of the palms of the hands is of a yel- 
lowish-green color, being stained with the green dye,'". — Eruption S^ 
Dry. An eruption appeared four or five days after beginning to use the 
pigment. It began in the form of greenish pimples over the hands and 
face ; these bursting, left holes having eroded edges. Has also eruptions 
on the scrotum and groins. The eruption entirely disappeared in two or 
three months after leaving off the use of the emerald green,'". — JErup- 
tions, Moist, Vesicular and pustulous eruptions, sometimes followed by 
very painful ulcers, and finally by erythematous swellings,'. — Uruxttions, 
JPllStular. Pustular tumors on the ivrisU and ankles, and excessive sensi- 
tiveness and irritability of the skin,''. — Sores broke out in various parts of the 
body ; on the hands, forehead, behind the ears, at the roots of the nails, and 
on the scrotum, the sores presenting a dark and very unhealthy appearance 
(after fourteen days),". — Subjective. Skin is sensitive to contact with 
clothing, which produces a chilly creeping sensation (3), I — A chronic itch- 
ing, which' has been a little annoying at times, is materially aggravated; 
it is felt only in the arms and legs (9),'^ — The itching of the arms and legs 
very much increased ; small thickly studded elevations, which bleed after 
scratching ; scratching aggravates to such a degree as to be almost unbear- 
able (3),^ — The itching of the arms and legs has been so persistent during 
the day, but more particularly when undressing at night, and often when 
in bed, that nothing but severe rubbing with a hard, coarse, prickly instru- 
ment, tearing off the cuticle, and converting the itching into a soreness, 
would give the slightest relief,". — [210.] This chronic itching of the skin, 
but only in a slight degree, I have, at times, experienced as long as I can 
remember, but never was such raking necessary to allay the itching, which 
was intolerable without it,". — The itching is very severe in the evening, and 
often when in bed,". — The itching remained unabated for several weeks 
after the last medicine was taken,". 

Sleep. — Sleep disturbed and unrefreshing,". — Felt better after awak- 
ing (3),". 

Fever. — Chilliness. Skin cold,'". — Chilliness all overthe body (11),'. 
— Chilly feeling over the entire body (3),". — Chilly, creeping sensation, pro- 
duced by the contact of the clothing (3),". — Remained cold and drowsy 
for eight hours, vomiting at intervals,'". — [220,] Extremities cold,". — Ex- 
tol. IV. — 3 


tremities very cold". — Feet and legs gradually becoming eold/l — Heat. 
Generally increased temperature of the skin, . — Sweat. Covered witli a 
cold clammy perspiratiom (after an hour)/". 

Conditions. — Aggravation, — {MomiiKj), After waking, dulness, etc, 
of head. — (jE'tienwig'), After retiring to rest, headache, etc.; itching of scalp; 
itching of limbs. — (Night), Itching of scalp ; when undressing, and often 
in bed, itching of limbs. — (Motion), The symptoms ; headache; stiffness, etc., 
in back; pain under scapula ; feeling on arm, etc. — (Scratchinff), Itching 
of limbs. — (After stools), Pains in abdomen. — (Studying), Nausea, etc. 

Amelioration. — (Forenoon), All symptoms. — (Rest), The symptoms; 
headache. — ( Walking and talking in open air), Distensive sensation in brain. 


Oxychloride of Copper, CuClj, 3CuO, iHfl. (Brunswick green.) 
Preparation, Triturations. 

Authority. Henke's Zeitschr, d. S. Arz., 1, 1844, from Berridge's com- 
pilation, B. J. of Horn., 33; poisoning of a boy aged 3, by the paint. 
Vomiting (very soon). 
Coldness of extremities (very soon). 


Nitrate of Copper, Cu^NOj, GH^O. Blue, very deliquescent crystals, 
very soluble in alcohol. 

Authority. Chevallier and Bris de Loury, poisoning of workman by 
cleaning copper in dilute nitric acid, Ann. d'Hyg., 1843, etc., from Bull, 
de. 1. Soc. Med. Horn, de France, 2, 20. 

Head. — Headache (soon). 

Eye. — Protruding eyes. 

JtVice. — Face expressive of fearful distress. — Bluish lips. 

Mouth. — Tongue enlarged and moist. — Short and broken speech. 

Stomach. — Loss of appetite. 

Hespiratory Ovf/nns. — Cough (soon). — Cough frequent, loose, 
easy, with expectoration of a stringy yellow fluid, coming by gulps, and 
so abundant that the patient had a vessel on either side of him. — Respira- 
tory sound feeble and dull, with a general moist, coarsely bubbling rale. — 
Breathing short, hurried, difficult. 

Pulse. — Pulse 98, small and regular. 

General Symj)toms.—Gradu&\\j increasing sense of oppression, 
obliging him to lie down. 

Ifever.— Skin moist, almost cold, especially of the extremities, with 
subjective chilliness. 

Condition. — Symptoms aggravated at night. 


Sulphate of Copper, CuS0,5H,0 ; Blue vitriol ; Cuprum vitriolatum. 
Preparation, Solution in water. 

Authorities. A. Hahnemann, from Fragmenta de viribus; 1, Greding 
Ludov. Adv., I, 535, effects of grain doses in epileptics, from Hahnemann's 


Cuprum in Chr. Kn. ; 2, Kinglake, Lond. Med. Phys. Journ., V, 438, from 
Cup. sulf., given for epilepsy, from Hahnemann ; 3, Simmons, jMed. and 
Phil. Comm., IV, 33, from touching wound in hand with cup. sulf., from 
Hahnemann ; 4, Journ. de Chim. Med., 3, 639, a man took 10 grains in 
water, from Wibmer ; 5, Rust's Mag., 1824, a workman swallowed some 
by mistake (Frank's Mag., 1, 465) ; 6, Willich, Baldinger neues Mag., 1785, 
a woman was poisoned by blue vitriol becoming mixed with pepper in a 
mortar; 7, Moschka, translated in Hahn. Month., 7, 66, F. H., aged 16, 
swallowed some ; 8, Med. Times, 1847, a woman, aged 36, swallowed about 
H scruplevS ; 9, Todd, Lancet, 1841, a woman, aged 18, took some in a solu- 
tion ; 10, Andral, Brit. Ann. of Med., 1837, from Bull. Gen. de Therap., 
a man took an ounce (Berridge's coll.); 11, Simon, effects of inhaling vapor 
and dipping hands into a solution, The Chemist, 1840 (Berridge's coll.). 

Miitll. — Emotiowtl. Anxiety, A.,". — Greatest apathy (seventh 
day),'. — Intellectual. Remarkable disturbance of mind ; all the utter- 
ances of the patient were distorted,". — [He lost his senses and thoughts for 
a short time, immediately],'. — All his senses vanish, A. 

Head. — Vertigo. Vertigo, A. — Vertigo, with prostration of strength, 
and dim sight,". — General JEEead. — Headache,". — Complained in the 
morning of severe headache,^. — [10.] Throbbing and roaring in the head,". 
— Vertex. Crawling, dull sensation in vertex, as if going to sleep, to- 
gether with a pressing-down sensation, and some stupefaction (after one 
hour), A. — Pressing-down sensation in the vertex, A. 

Myes. — Eyes stiff and dim,". — Lids. Twitching of the closed lids (im- 
mediately), A. — The ability to open the eyes and to speak returns later 
than the consciousness, A. — Conjunctiva. Conjunctiva of icteric color 
(second day),'. — Hall. Eyes moving to and fro, A. — ^u])il. Pupils 
equal (after two days),'. 

Face. — Became pale,". — [20,] Face puffy, red, covered with great 
drops of sweat,". — JLips. Lips pale, bluish, at the corners and internal 
edges (after half an hour),'. 

Mouth. — Tongue. Tongue white and furred (after six days),". — 
Tongue coated, bluish, cold (after half an hour),'. — Tongue swollen, stiff, 
and as if paralyzed,". — The nervous papillse of tongue became tumefied 
and horribly annoying ; at first thought he had scalded tongue with hot 
broth, but the symptoms increased, tongue became ulcerated in centre, and 
considerably swollen on each side, and was furred as if a thin layer of 
spermaceti ointment had been nicely spread over it," — Hotlth. Burn- 
ing in the mouth, and oesophagus in the morning,'. — Taste. Sweetish 
taste in the mouth, A. — Bitterness in the mouth,\ — Coppery taste in 
mouth,'. — [30.] Unpleasant coppery taste in mouth (after six days),'. — 
Often felt a copperish cold subacid taste, particularly in opening mouth to 
inhale fresh air,". 

Tliroat. — Pains in throat, stomach, and nose (immediately),*. — Throat 
became very painful and felt burnt,'. — Uvula. Soft palate coated with 
petechiae, resembling measles, with tumefied gums, and slight pytalLsm,". — 
Fauces and Pharynx. Fauces tumefied and inflamed,". — A chok- 
ing and contracting sensation in pharynx,'. 

Stomach. — Appetite. Loss of appetite for two days,\ — Thirst. 
Complained of being thirsty,'. — Hiccough. Hiccough, A. — Nausea 
and Vomiting, [40.] Nausea without vomiting (after six days),''. — 
Nausea and qualmishness, lasting a quarter of an hour (immediately), A. 
— Occasional nausea,^. — Excessive nausea,^. — * Qualmish nausea, A. — Sick- 


ness at stomach (soon) ; followed by incessant vomiting,^ — Vomiting/ ^ — 
Vomiting (after five minutes) ; vomited everything, solid and liquid (second 
day),". — * Vomiting forcible, returning from time to time, A. — Vomiting of 
mucus,^ — [50.] Vomiting of greeoish-brown mucus,*. — Frequent and pain- 
ful vomiting of a bluish matter,'". — Copious vomiting. The vomited matter 
was of a bluish color, afterwards copiously mixed with mucus and magnesia.' 
— Stomach. Pain in the epigastrium, in the morning,'. — Pain in epi- 
gastrium, which is sensitive to pressure,'. — Occasional pain in epigastric 
region,". — Constant pain in region of stomach (second day),'. — -Violent 
pain in the stomach followed by faintness,*. — Sense of burning in the 
stomach,'. — Pressure in the pit of the stomach, A. 

Abdomeii. — Hypochondria. [60.] Liver evidently enlarged (after 
two days),'. — Tearing pain in the hypochondria, on inspiration, which are 
painful on touch as if bruised, A. — General Abdomen. Abdomen 
swollen, tender, and painful,". — ^Abdomen drawn in (after two days),'. — 
Constant burning and cutting in the abdomen,". — Violent cutting in the 
abdomen,^ — Constant burning, cutting pain in the bowels,^ — Colic,". — ■ 
Violent colic,'". 

Mectuin and Anus. — [Bleeding of the haemorrhoids for four 

Stool. — Diarrhoea. [70.] Diarrhosa,'. — Four pultaeeous, greenish- 
yellow stools, without the least trace of blood (after half an hour),'. — Copious 
abdominal evacuations (after fifteen minutes),**. — Stool pultaeeous, brown- 
red, with streaks of blood, and tenesmus during stool (after two days),'. — 
Constipation. Constipation,\ — Constipation for several days,'. 

Urinary Organs. — Micturition. Urine scanty and containing 
much blood (after two days),'. — Diuresis scanty, containing blood, albumen, 
and some bilious pigment,'. — No urine secreted for twelve hours,'. — Urine. 
The scanty urine, passed per catheter, contained neither albumen nor blood,'. 

Hespiratonj Organs. — Cough and Mxpectoration. [80.] 
Cough, A. — Cough interrupting, and almost suppressing the respiration, A. 
— Cough uninterrupted for half or a whole hour, or even lasting two hours, 
very early in the morning, A. — Hacking cough that impedes respiration (on 
returning to consciousness), A. — Hfemoptysis, A. — Respiration. Rapid, 
sobbing respiration, A. — Breathing short and labored,". 

C/j-es*.— Anxiety in the chest,".— Painful contraction of the chest, 
especially after drinking, A.J — A pressive pain in the chest, A.— [90.] 
Complains of oppression in the chest (after two days),'. 

Heart and Pulse.— Heart's Action. Sounds of heart weak and 
limited ; on the base of the heart a slight friction-so.und (after two days),'. 
—Violent palpitation, K.— Pulse. Pulse frequent (after two days) ; small, 
filiform (seventh day),'.— Pulse quick and small,'.— Pulse small, accelerated 
(after half an hour),'.— Pulse, 150 (after six days),".— Pulse full and hard,". 

NecU and J5ac/c.— Uneasiness between shoulders,". 

Superior Extremities.— [ln&.3,mm3X\ou of the lymphatics from the 
hand to the shoulder, with great swelling of the hand],l— [100.] [Pain in 
the axillary glands],^ 

Inferior JExtremities.— Lower extremities flexed over abdomen 

(after two days),'. 

t Repudiated by the reporter as caused by Cuprum.— Huqhbs 
-Diiel'srs*— t'^f' a''*'' '^""'""*'' " '^ ""^ ^""""^ "^ ^^'^ Pragmenta, but in the Chronic 


General Symptoms, — Objective. Visible mucons membranes 
remarkably pale (after two days)/. — After haviug washed hands three or 
four times, water became blue from sulphate of copper absorbed into the 
system". — Frequent subsultus tendinum,*. — Lassitude, A. — Debility in- 
creases (fifth and sixth days),'. — Patient feels very weak (after two days),'. 
— Was unable to hold the head erect, or stand upon the feet, for several 
days,^ — Exhaustion (after six days),". — [HO.] Patient dies, with all the 
symptoms of total collapse (seventh day),'. — Restlessly throws himself about 
in bed (after two days),'. — During the night the patient was very restless, 
groaned, moaned,'. — Jactitation, A. — Subjective. Sudden feeling as if 
going to faint,". 

Shin. — Objective, Skin pale (after half an hour),'. — General ex- 
sanguined state of the surface (after six days),". — Skin of icteric color 
(after two days),'. — MruptioHS. A kind of dry itch,\t — Subjective. 
Considerable itchiness,". 

Fever. — Chilliness. [120.] Temperature of skin diminished (after 
two days),'. — Skin cold,^ — [Chilliness, with gnashing of the teeth],^.| — 
Shivering,". — Extremities cold, with cyanotic. nails (after half an hour),'. 
— Cold hands,". — Coldness of the feet, A. — Sweat. Cold sweat on fore- 
head and extremities (seventh day),'. 


A South American (Guayana) arrow-poison, of variable strength and com- 
position, supposed to be made from different species of Strychnos (toxifera, 
Sehovib., cogens, etc.), or of Cocculus ; by some it is asserted that animal 
poisons are added. (Serpents' fangs have been found in the imported arti- 
cle.) One authority asserts that a certain kind of toad secretes a poison 
identical in action with Curare, and that the venom of these toads is ob- 
tained by some Indians who manufacture Curare. 

Native names. Curare, Urari, Ourari, Wourari, Wourali, Wurali, etc. 

Authorities. 1, Preyer, Berl. Kl. W., 1865, effects of triturating some ; 
2, Same, effects caused by getting a few drops of a solution into a cut in 
the finger ; 3, Same, effects of fumes while evaporating a solution of Curare. 

Appendix. Houat's proving, Nouv. Donn. de Mat. Med. et de Tox., p. 71. 

Head. — Headache,^ 

Mye. — Tears roll down the cheeks,^ — Eush of blood to head, with tran- 
sient but very violent headache,\ 

Nose. — Increased secretion of niucus,^ — Constant flowing of mucus,^ 

lUouth. — ^Increased secretion of saliva,^ — Mouth was unable to hold 
the saliva,^ — Bitter taste,'. 

Urinary Organs. — A very unusual secretion of urine,l 

General Sytnptonis. — ^Eemarkable weariness,'. 

Fever. — "Whole body covered with sweat,l 

t Occurred in the course of treatment, but no reason to suppose it caused by 
Cuprum. — HuGHBS. 

{ In association with slight manifestations of the malady. 



Mind.— Emotional. Paroxysm of insanity impelling him to at- 
tack himself; he strikes, scratches, and tears himself with a sort ot relish 
and without feeling any pain.— Foolish merriment, interrupted by tright 
and weeping.— Fits of ecstasy at night, as if caused by hearing music— 
Everything he sees appears foul and nasty.— Fondness for luxury and 
grandeur.— He would like to go travelling in great style.— Aversion to so- 
ciety.— Gayety mingled with sadness and sighing.— Melancholy, egotistical, 
envious, obstinate, intractable disposition.— [10.] Brooding sadness, fre- 
quent weeping, with desire for solitude.— Great despondency ; becomes reck- 
less about himself —Regrets for the past.— Disposition to suicide.— Anxiety, 
apprehension, excessive anguish. —Very easily frightened and made ta 
weep.— Excessive fear of death.— Irascibility, wicked disposition ; desires 
to lie in wait in order to assault others, and even to kill and rob them.— 
Constant ennui.— Will wavers and intellect is dull ; he has to be guided 
and driven into action.— [20.] Indifference to everything going on about 
him.— Intelfectual.— The thoughts are disconnected and unfixed.— 
Confusion of ideas, with sensation as if in a constant delirium. 

Head.— Vertif/O. Sensation of dizziness in the head, with pressure on 
the temples and constriction of the throat.— Frequent attacks of dizziness. 
—General Head. Cerebral tuberculosis.— Congestion of blood to the 
head, with pulsating, vibrating pains, and loss of consciousness.— Congestion 
of blood to the head, with hsetnorrhage from mouth, nose, and ears; con- 
traction of the throat, suffocation.- Rush of blood to the head, with tran- 
sient but very violent headache,^ — The head is bent backwards, with stiff- 
ness of the neck. — [30.] Swaying and trembling of the head. — Violent 
movements of blood in the head and in the heart. — Cerebral h£emorrhage, 
followed by paralysis, especially on the left side. — Weakness and numb- 
ness of the head. — Burning pain, crampy and lancinating pains in the head, 
with muco-purulent discharge from the nose. — Contractive movements in 
the brain, with difficulty in collecting his ideas. — Heavy headache, with 
inability to hold up the head. — Sensation of great pressure on the skull. — 
Lancinations, digging, and contractions in the brain, with spells of faiut- 
ness. — Lancinating, boring, cramplike pains in the whole head, with inclina- 
tion to lie down and stretch himself — [40.] Sensation as if the head were 
bruised by repeated blows. — Feeling of a strong pulsation passing from the 
head to the heart. — Painful oscillations within the brain, as from a serous 
effusion. — Sensation of simmering and boiling in the head, when moved ever 
so slightly. — Forehead. Neuralgic pains, starting from the forehead and 
extending to the neck and face. — Pai'ietals. Semilateral headache, 
with pulsating pains sometimes on the right side, sometimes on the left. — 
Great pressure on the parietals, as if the head were bound with iron. — 
Occijnit. Violent blows in the region of the cerebellum. — JExternal 
Head. The hair loses its gloss, and finally turns white. — The hair be- 
comes matted and frizzled like wool. — [50.] The hair falls off — Large 
greasy ulcers on the head. — Scaly herpes, scabs, and fissures on the scalp. — ■ 
Itching and burning pimples, like tubercles, on the hairy scalp. — Great 
sensitiveness of the scalp. — Enervating tickling all over the head. — In- 
tolerable itching on the scalp, with constant desire to scratch it. 

JEye, — Objective. Greenish color and dimness of the eyes. — Redness 


and swelling of the eyes, as if from a blow, especially in the morning on 
waking, and in the afternoon. — Eyes red and inflamed. — [60.] The eyes 
are weak and sensitive; they cannot be used without causing vertigo. — 
Neuralgic pains which pass from the eyes to the base of the brain and cause 
f' — Burning, lancinating, digging pains in the eyes. — Distensive 
and drawing pains in the eyes, as if something was trying to tear them. — 
Contractive pains in the eyes, especially in the evening. — Smarting pain in 
the eyes, with frequent winking. — Lids, Eyelids red and swollen. — Cor- 
rosion and contraction of the borders of the lids, with inability to close them. 
■ — Gum on the lids, especially on waking in the morning. — Ulcers and scabs 
on the borders of the lids. — [70.] Many small burning pimples on the eye- 
lashes and beard. — Sensation as if the eyelids were on the stretch and tear- 
ing. Pulsations and spasmodic fluttering of the eyelids. — TjOClirj/ninl 
Appavatus. Lachrymation with great photophobia. — JBdll. Eleva- 
tions, like water-blisters, on the sclerotica, at the eanthi. — Pupil. Pupil 
strongly dilated. — Great contraction of the pupil. — Vision. Amaurotic 
weakness of sight. —Attacks of blindness towards evening. — Constant mist 
before the eyes. — [80.] Myopia. — All objects appear trembling and con- 
fused. — Fierj"^ circle before the eyes, together with many small black spots. 

JHflV, — Objective. Erysipelatous swelling of the internal ear, as also 
of the head. — Internal otitis, with pains which drive one to insanity and 
suicide. — Exces.sive secretion of cerumen. — Purulent otorrhoea. — Hasmor- 
rhage from the ears. — Subjective, Sensation as if soup-bubbles were 
bursting in the ear, with burning and lancinating pains. — Pains in the ear, 
which cause fainting. — [90.] Severe digging, together with drumming, 
cracking, and detonations in the ears. — Nervous, lancinating pains which 
extend from the ears into the legs, with desire to lie down. — Sensation as 
from a corrosive acid deep in the ear. — Hearing. Hardness of hear- 
ing, with great sensitiveness to noise. — Total deafness. — All sorts of noises 
in the ears, even whistling and cries of animals. — ^Humming and roaring 
in the ears, with attacks of deafness. 

Nose, — Objective, Nose inflamed, with sensation as if some one was 
trying to pull it ofi". — Enormous swelling of the nose. — Tumors in the nasal 
fossae, interfering with respiration, and bleeding very readily. — -[100.] 
Ulcers in the nose, with swelling of the nasal bones and cartilages. — Abun- 
dant discharge from the nose of greenish, bloody, and very offensive mucus. 
— Coryza, with frequent sneezing ; constant discharge of nasal mucus, 
heaviness and weakness of the head and eyes. — Epistaxis, especially in the 
evening and at night. — Stoppage of the nose, with very painful dry coryza. 
— Frequent inefiectual inclination to sneeze. — Very disagreeable dryness of 
the nose. — Sensation as if an instrument was being passed up the nostrils. — 
Sensation as if a sharp instrument was passed into the brain through the root 
of the nose. — Scratching pains in the nostrils. — [110.] Pulsating, digging, 
and pungent pains in the nose, which are reflected throughout the whole 
head. — Intolerable tickling and burning in the nostrils, with sensation as 
if they were all rav/.-^Stnell. Anosmia. 

Face. — Objective. Pale, greenish, cadaverous face. — Face pale, in- 
crusted with small, red, hard tumors, which remain so without ripening. — 
Face puffy, with senssation of coldness all over it. — Congestion, redness, and 
puffiness of the face, with a dark circle around the eyes.— Erysipelatous 
swelling, shifting quickly about on the face. — Skin of face relaxed and 
pendent. — Sensation as if the fiicial bones became enlarged. — [120.] Facial 
neuralgia, mostly starting from the left temple. — Neuralgic pains, with 


drawings of the muscles and distortion of the face. — Beating pains in the 
bones of the face. — Cheeks. Swelling of the cheeks and gums. — Lips. 
Inflamed lips covered with phlyctense.— Lips thick and full of scirrhous 
tubercles. — Swelling of the lips, with inability to close the mouth. — An in- 
durated tumor of a syphilitic nature on the lips. — Ulcers and fissures on 
the labial commissures. — Dryness, chapping, and frequent bleeding of the 
lips. — Chin . [130.] Trismus. — Sensation as if the jaw, the lips, the tongue, 
and the whole mouth were paralyzed. — Neuralgic pains going from the jaws 
to the teeth.^Crampy pains in the jaws, with clenching and grinding of the 

Motith. — Teeth. The teeth decay and fall out easily. — Sensation as 
if the teeth, when meeting each other, yielded to the pressure and receded 
into the gums. — Boring, lancinating toothache, aggravated in the morning, 
afternoon, and at night, also by cold air, eating, and strong liquors. — 
Gums. Gums gray, black, and bleeding. — Swelling of the gums, espe- 
cially in the evening, with inability to eat. — ^Abscesses on the gums. — 
Tongue. [140.] Tongue deep red, ulcerated, cracked, and bleeding. — 
Tongue inflamed, thick, heavy, and covered with small pimples, especially 
on the edges. — Sensation of very disagreeable dryness and roughness of 
the tongue. — General Blouth, Inflammation of the palate. — Ulcera- 
tion and bleeding of the palate. — Inflamed varices on the roof of the 
mouth and in the throat. — Hard and very painful pimples on the palate. — 
A great many small pimples on the palate, with itching and burning. — • 
ISaliva. Copious salivation. — Bloody foam at the mouth ; emission of 
urine and much flatulence. — Taste. [150.] Bitter taste. — Bitter, sour, 
metallic, and bloody taste in mouth. — ^Bitter, sour taste in back of throat. 
Speech. Confused speech, nasal voice; cannot talk any more, but cries. 

Throat. — Objectire. Congestion of blood and haemorrhage from 
the throat. — Throat as if paralyzed, and sometimes burning, sometimes icy 
cold. — Subjective. Constant inclination to swallow and hawk, in order to 
clear the throat. — Sensation as if something hard stuck in the throat. — Great 
heat and burning in the throat. — Constriction of the throat, with fits of 
suffocation. — [160,] Roughness of the throat, with great accumulation ot 
thick mucus. — Pulsation and raw pains in the throat. — Tonsils. Soften- 
ing and destruction of the tonsils. — Very painful inflammation and swell- 
ing of the tonsils. — Abscess of the tonsils, with noisy and difiicult respira- 
tion. — Pharynx and (Esojihayus. Spasmodic movements of ten- 
sion and relaxation in the pharynx and oesophagus. — Excoriation and 
shrinking of the oesophagus. — Swallowing. Very diflicult deglutition ; 
fluids return frequently through the nostrils. — He has to drink at every 
mouthful, in order to wash down the food, which sticks in the oesophagus. 

Stomach.— Hunger. Hunger, even after eating heartily. — [170.] 
Morbid hunger, with fever and fainting fits. — He is very fond of meat. — 
Anorexia, but the appetite returns on eating. — Avereion to bread and vege- 
tables. — Thirst. Wants to drink a great deal. — Desire for water and 
sweetened drinks. — Desire for wine and milk, which, however, do not agree 
with him.— Disgust for brandy and all strong liquors.— Eructation. 
Eructations, which relieve the pain for a moment. — Frequent bitter and 
burning eructations. — [180.] Regurgitations, sometimes bloody and puru- 
lent.— JTear<6«r«,. Pyrosis, and vomiting of acrid and burning matters. 
—Wausea and Vomiting. Nausea and salivation, with vertigo and 
roaring in the head. — Vomiting of everything taken. — Vomiting, accom- 
panied by cough and involuntary stools.— Vomiting of food after eating, 


with hiccough and inability to remain seated. — Vomiting of decomposed 
food, mixed with bile and blood. — Bilious or bitter, green or gray, vomiting. 
— Discharge of phlegm and vomiting of bloody matter. — Stomach. 
Strange movements and agitation in the stomach. — [190,] Dryness and 
spasms of the whole digestive canal, with thirst and inability" to drink, 
fever, delirium, and paroxysms of hydrophobia. — Constant sensation of 
emptiness and hunger in the stomach.' — Sensation of a large ball in the 
stomach, with nausea and very fatiguing hiccough. — However little he eats, 
severe pains in stomach, so that he has to double himself up. — ^Pinching, 
goiug from the stomach to the back, and followed by horrible cramps. — 
Pinching, burning, pulsating pains in the stomach, as if he had a tumor 
there. — Contraction and paralysis of the stomach. — Cramps and colics in 
the stomach, with vomiting, and coldness of the extremities, especially in 
the evening and at night. — Sensation as if the stomach were forcibly drawn 
towards* the abdomen. — After eating, pressure, burning, lancinations, and 
rumbling in the stomach, eructations, and frequent vertigo, desire to vomit 
and vomiting, with pains in the loins and diarrhoeic stools. — [200.] Great 
sensitiveness of the epigastric region. 

Abdomen. — Hypochondria. Enormous swelling of the liver, 
with general dropsy. — Engorgement of the liver, with sensation as if pricked 
with pins. — Abscesses and concretions in the liver, with lancinating and 
pricking pains on movement. — Sensation of uneasiness and torpor in the 
liver. — Sensation as if the liver were raised and pushed towards the heart. 
— Sensation of swelling and of paralysis of the spleen. — Pressing and pul- 
sating pains in the hepatic region. — Pressive and lancinating pains in the 
spleen. — Lancinating, digging, and tearing pains in the liver, especially 
during motion. — [210,] Painful stitches and cramps in the hepatic region, 
especially in the afternoon. — General Abdomen. Swelling and infla- 
tion of the abdonien. — Dropsical swelling of the abdomen. — Movements 
and shocks in the abdomen, as if from something alive. — Borborygmi and 
rumbling in the abdomen, with a great deal of incarcerated flatus, and con- 
stipation. — Burning of the abdomen, as if from nettlerash. — Burnings in the 
bowels, and horrible colic, forcing him to bend over and press the abdomen. 
— Burning and lancinating pains in the abdomen. — Burning colic, as if a 
red-hot iron were thrust into the bowels, with severe bilious and offensive 
diarrhoea. — Sensation as if the whole abdomen had been beaten. — [220.] 
When coughing, shocks in the abdomen, burning and tearing in the chest. 
— Hypogastrium and Iliac Region. Inflammation and swelling 
of the inguinal glands. — Inflammatory inguinal swellings. 

Mectum and Anus. — Prolapsus ani. — Pimples and abscesses on 
the anus. — Very painful hsemorrhoidal tumors, with agitation, ill-humor, 
and weakness. — Blind haemorrhoids, with burning, lancinating pains at the 
anus, and diarrhoea. — Flowing haemorrhoids, with constipation, itching, and 
lancinations in the rectum and anus.- — Very profuse bleeding at the anus, 
even when not defecating. — Frequently, during stool, sensation of closure 
of the anus, with throbbing in the rectum and temples. — [230.] Pains of 
excoriation in the anus, as if it were flayed to the quick. — Indurated and 
fistulous tumor on the perineum. — Excessive urging to stool, with very little 
result, in spite of much effort. 

Stool. — Diarrhoea. Diarrhoea, with inflammation of the bowels, 
colic, nausea, and vomiting. — Stools semi-liquid, brown, very offensive, and 
followed by much smarting at the anus. — Stools whitish, liquid, choleraic, 
with cramps in the stomach. — Stools yellow, or bloody, or of undigested 


food, with burning heat in the hovieh.— Constipation. Stools hard, 
large, and very difficult. 

Urinartj Oi'f/cuis.—Kiduei/s and Bladder. Great heat, ac- 
companied by digging, in the kidneys. — Sensation of congestion and en- 
gorgement of the kidneys. — [240.] Craraplike pains in the kidneys, with 
vesical tenesmus and bloody uriue. — Pulsating, pressive, lancinating, and 
boring pains in the kidneys. — Has to twist himself, or constantly to move 
his legs about, during the pains in the bladder. — Aggravation of all the 
pains in the kidneys by movement. — Sensation of fulness of the bladder, 
with distensive and lancinating, or burning, tearing, or crampy pains._ — 
Very great smarting at the neck of the bladder and in the urethra, with 
discharge of a few drops of yellow mucus, which stains the linen. — Ure- 
thra. Bleunorrhagic discharge, copious, yellow, green, and even bloody. — 
Intense blennorrhagia, witli chordee. — Prostatic discharge after urinating. — 
Burning and tearing pains in the urethra, while urinating. — [250, J Burn- 
ing, lancinating, cutting, and bruised pains in the urethra. — Urging to 
urinate ; he cannot hold his urine without feeling sick. — Urging to urinate, 
accompanied by dysuria and nausea. — Urging to urinate, with strangury 
and fainting fits. — 3IictU}'ition. Urine nearly always difficult to pass, 
thick, and scanty. — Obstinate retention of urine, with lancinations and 
pulsations in the bladder, as if it would break to pieces. — Urination, with 
tenesmus, colic, cramps in the jaw and legs, and trembling all over. — 
Urine. Urine clear and frequent, with digging and cramps in the kidneys, 
drawings in the stomach, dry mouth, and great thirst, especially in the 
evening and at night. — Urine dark, or white and viscid. — Urine turbid, 
thick, and oily, often blood-streaked. — [260.] Diabetic urine, with great 

Sexual Organs. — Male. Very strong smell of the genitals. — Penis 
red and swollen. — Pimples change into chaucrous sores, especially on the 
prepuce.— Abundant secretion of smegma behind the glans. — Descent of 
the testicles, with sensation as if an inguinal hernia would escape. — Orchitis 
often accompanies the blennorrhagia. — Sexual desire, but no erections. — • 
Complete absence of sexual desire, in spite of violent erections. — Frequent 
and debilitating nocturnal emissions, with great indolence, and desire to 
sleep a long time. — [270.] During an embrace, the ejaculation is slow and 
without enjoyment. — Female. Distensive pains in the ovaries and utei-us. 
— Drawing in the ovarian region, with desire to press on it. — Inflammation 
and swelling of the womb, with pinching, burning pains, and as if pricked 
with pins. — Ulcers on the os uteri. — Sterility. — Abortion. — Lancinations 
and digging iu the womb. — Vaginitis, with great smarting of the vulva 
and thighs. — Leucorrhoea, scanty, thick, purulent, clotted, and very offen- 
sive. — [280,] Menses generally too soon. — Menses too soon, weak, and 
short-lasting. — Menses retarded and too profuse. — --Menses very capricious, 
either retarded or too soon.^Before menses, burning and contractions in 
the uterus. — During the menses, colic, headache, pains in the loins, general 
prostration, and hypochondria. — Metrorrhagia.— Sexual desire, with furor 
uterinus, heat, itching, and burning of the vulva. 

Respirator >j Organs.— Larynx, Trachea, and Bronchi. 
Sensation of dryness and rigidity in the respiratory mucous membrane, as 
if it was parchment. — Swelling and hypertrophy of the cartilages of the 
larynx.— [290,] Granulations in the larynx, with burning, lancinating 
pains, purulent expectoration, and very ofiensive breath. — Large quantities 
of mucus and false membranes in the larynx. — Fits of occlusion of the 


larynx, with suffocation. — Burning, lanciuations, and contractions in the 
larynx. — Sensation as if the windpipe were torn low down. — Sensation of 
heat and scraping in the bronchi. — Voire. Voice thick, weak, wheezing. 
^Frequent hoarseness. — The voice gives out sometimes after speaking a 
few words.— Cough and Exywctordtion. Violent cough, shaking 
the whole body, provoking vomiting, and often causing syncope. — [300.] 
Catarrhal cough, with coryza. — Deep wheezing cough, as if coming from 
the bowels. — Fatiguing spasmodic cough, as in hooping-cough.— Hard, dry 
cough. — Hollow cough, with rattling, and expectoration of mucus seeming 
to come from the base of the chest. — Cough aggravated by fresh air, laugh- 
ing, motion, change of temperature, after eating, when hungry, in the morn- 
ing, in the evening, and at night on going to bed. — Yellow, gray, green, or 
black expectoration. — Spitting and vomiting of bright blood, often without 
cough. — MesjHration. Great difficulty of respiration. — Great dyspnoea. 

Chest. — [310.] Burning heat in chest; with sensation as if the bronchi 
were swollen and torn. — Painful stitches, especially in the right side of the 
thorax, with sensation of swelling and of pleuritic effusion. — Inflammation 
and tuberculization of the lungs. — JKamince. Inflammatory swelling of 
the mammse. — Hard tumors, like scirrhus, in the breasts. — Large abscess 
on the breast. — Ulcers and fissures on the nipples. — Drawing, boring, pinch- 
ing, lancinating pains, extending from the breasts into the axillae. 

JFIetD't and Pulse. — Heaviness of the heart, with severe palpitation. 
— Lancinating and distensive pains in the region of the heart. — [320.] 
Irregular pulse, sometimes intermittent, and nearly always hard. 

JVeck and Bach-. — JVeck. Wry neck ; the head is turned backwards, 
and he falls down, with loss of consciousness and stiffness of the body. — ■ 
Large and painful tumors on the neck, mostly on the right side. — Swelling 
and deviation of the cervical muscles and bones. — Scrofulous swelling of the 
cervical glands. — Sensation as if he had always a tight iron collar round the 
neck, with congestion and great heaviness of the head. — Sensation as if the 
bones of the neck were twisted, forming a hump in the throat. — Lancina- 
tions in the lateral portions of the neck, as if iron blades were run through 
them. — Jiacls. Convulsive movements in the spine and limbs. — Contrac- 
tions and drawings in the spine, with sensation of retraction and twisting 
of this part. — [330.] Painful contractions in the spinal column. — Inclina- 
tion to twist the back and extremities. — Painful digging and cramps in the 
back, causing him to change position every moment. — Contractions and 
twisting sensation in the scapulffi and shoulders. 

Extremities in General. — Shocks and disordered movements of 
the limbs. — Rheumatic and gouty swelling of the joints. — Sensation as if 
the joints were soldered together. 

Superior Extremities. — Painful, red, inflammatory swelling of 
the whole arm. — Contractions and spasms in the arms, which crack and 
writhe about. — Complete paralysis of the arms, 'beginning with insensibility 
of the skin. — [340.] Heaviness and paralytic weakness of the arms, he is 
unable to hold them up, or even to change their position. — Sensation as if 
the arm were squeezed in different places. — Shoulder, Inflammatory 
swelling of the axillary and inguinal glands. — Wrist. Swelling of the 
wrists and hands. — Hand. Excessive trembling of the hands. — Great 
weakness of the arms and hands. — He can hold nothing in his hands. — 
Sensation as if a weight were fastened to each hand, and were pulling the 
arms out of their sockets. — Fingers. Panaritium. — Fingers swollen and 
stiff; he can open the hands only with great difficulty, and by jerking effort^s. 


—[350.] Softening and great fragility of the nails. — Excessive pain in the 
nails, with sensation as if they were twisted and torn out. 

Inferior^ Extremities. — Lameness and stumbling gait. — Lanci- 
nating and digging pains in the joints of the legs, especially the knees and 
hips. — Thiffh. Sciatica, with stiffness of the limb, and great difficulty in 
walking. — Leff. Very painful swelling of the legs and feet, every even- 
ing. — Frequent retraction of the legs, with great difficulty in extending 
them. — The legs have a tendency to become bowed outward, like those of 
rickety children. — Varices of the legs, with burning heat, and sensation as 
if the feet were dragging cannon-balls. — Gouty and rheumatic pains in the 
legs. — AnMle. [360.] Sensation as if the ankle were forcibly compressed, 
and all its nerves knotted or cut. — Foot. Swelling of the feet, with abscess 
and tendency to gangrene. — Swelling of the feet, with burning, throbbing, 
and inability to protect them from the heat. — Cannot bear any covering on 
the feet, which are inflamed and -burning. — Toes. Tendency to corns. 

General Symptoms. — Objective. Excessive emaciation. — Dry- 
ness of the muscles and extreme emaciation of the face. — Deficient circula- 
tion, with concretions in the nerves. — Periostitis. — Agitation and tremor of 
the whole body. — [370.] Certain movements are made unconsciously, and 
on becoming aware of them, he starts with surprise. — Grotesque movements 
of the head, arms, and legs, as in St. Vitus's dance. — Convulsions resembling 
eclampsia. — Sudden and transient attacks of convulsive movements and 
shuddering. — Very violent spasms, especially of the arms. — Epileptic fits. 
— Epileptic fits very often occurring at night. — Attacks of tetanic stiffness 
of the entire body. — Laziness and great indifference. — On waking, weakness 
and prostration, nausea and vomiting, great difficulty in collecting his ideas, 
in speaking and understanding ; delirium, inclination to stretch ; appetite and 
great thirst. — [380.] After an embrace, weakness, languor, and desire to lie 
down. — Weakness succeeded by sleep, with nightmare, and frightful dreams. 
— Great weakness of mind and body. — Strong tendency to paralysis, 
especially of the motor apparatus. — Subjective. Skin excessively sensi- 
tive to heat, cold, and the contact of air. — Bone-pains, especially at night. — 
Crampy and tearing pains on every movement. — Lanciuations and burn- 
ing, tearing, rheumatic pains, especially in the elbows and hands. — Severe 
lancinating and cutting pains, especially in the joints of the arms. — Tear- 
ing pains in the muscles, often caused by the slightest exertion. — [390.] 
Bruised pain all over, especially in the arms and scapulae. — All the bones feel 
broken ; he has not strength to move about. — Pulsating and burning pains. 
— Pains affecting one side or the other of the body, and often felt crosswise. 

Skin. — Objective. The skin frequently inflames, turns red, breaks 
easily, and bleeds. — Skin sickly, and very easily injured ; wherever it is 
pressed upon, however lightly, it itches, turns red, and burns. — Yellow, 
gray, always dirty-looking skin. — Skin coppery-red or blue around the 
ulcers. — Brown skin. — The skin is checkered by variously colored spots. — 
[400.] Ecchymoses, phlyctense, pemphigus.— Livid blue spots, as from 
bruises.— Swelling_ of the skin, almost every evening. — Sometimes, after 
the slightest exertion, the skin puffs up, and streams with perspiration. — 
Desquamation of the skin, especially on the legs. — Oozing of blood through 
the skin, with great restlessness and fear of death. — Stiffness and insensi- 
bility of the skin. — Paralysis of the epidermis. — Eruptions — Drt/. 
Red patches, which turn yellow and terminate in desquamation. — Many 
very painful subcutaneous pimples.— [410.] Small, hard pimples, itching 
and burning, on difierent parts of the body.— Herpes, with scabs, which after 


falling oif leave an inflamed sore, or with thick, long-lasting scabs, especially 
on the forehead and cheeks. — Herpetic eruptions, the scabs being constantly 
renewed. — Scaly herpes. — Urticaria. — Urticaria and miliaria, with fever ; 
chills and heat in alternation. — Itching and burning miliary eruption, with 
thick, rough skin. — Scarlatina. — Burning miliary eruption on the penis. — 
Itching miliary eruption on the concha, and in the internal ear. — [420.] 
Burning herpes on the eyelids. — Pimples, like tubercles, on the tip of the 
nose. — Acne rosacea, with varices, and bleeding of the cheeks. — JIli'tix>- 
tions — Moist. Erratic and phlegmonous erysipelas, followed by con- 
tinual boils and abscesses. — Erysipelas on the legs, extending to the ab- 
domen. — Eruptions — I'tistular. Red and hard tumefactions, which 
crack and suppurate. — Very painful pimples, secreting a thick, greenish 
matter. — Subcutaneous pimples, like tubercles, and very long in suppura- 
ting. — Frequent boils. — Pustular eruption, especially on the abdomen, with 
headache and fever. — [430.] Pustulous herpes. — Scabies. — Boils and pus- 
tulous eruptions on the neck. — Furuncles on the back, constantly renewing 
themselves, and suppurating freely. — JJlcevs. Sores healing very slowly, 
and passing easily into gangrene. — Malignant ulcers in difierent parts of 
the body. — Abscesses on the legs, with bloody suppuration. — Varicose ulcers 
on the ears. — Corrosive ulcers on the auricles, with scabs and fissures, espe- 
cially after getting chilled. — Corroding ulcers of a cancerous nature on 
the cheeks. — Subjective, [440.] Formication and attacks of numbness 
of the legs, felt from time to time, and ending in complete paralysis. — Sensa- 
tion of formication, and as of a morbid process (travail morbid), about the 
bones. — Tickling of the skin, so that he wants to rub it all the time. — In- 
tolerable itching, and burning all over, as if he had been attacked by 
thousands of insects. — The skin-symptoms are aggravated by cold or great 

Sleep and Dreams. — Sleepiness. Invincible drowsiness, and 
heavy sleep, in the daytime, especially afternoons. — After the spasms, heavy 
sleep with snoring. — Comatose sleep, or he sleeps with his eyes open, and 
hears the noise made about him. — Coma vigil ; somnambulism. — Sleep- 
lessness. Tardy slumbers, and too early waking. — [450.] Sleeplessness, 
especially after midnight. — Sleeplessness at night, or very restless sleep, 
with fright, crying, talking, sighing, and starting. — Dreams. Dreams of 
the day's business. — Strange visions, somnambulism; he talks and gets out 
of bed in his sleep. — Dreams about fire and conflagrations. — Frightful 
dreams ; he imagines he is pursued and threatened ; he is agitated, screams, 
tries to defend himself, or to hide. 

Fever. — Chilliness. The skin feels cold. — Coldness, commencing on 
the abdomen and extending all over; cold sweat, spasmodic movements of 
the extremities, and faintness. — Shiverings after a meal, and in the after- 
noon. — Sensation of shivering, starting from the stomach, and spreading 
over the whole body, especially in the afternoon. — Heat. [460.] Fever ; 
heat, especially in the head, on the back and legs; agitated pulse; great 
thirst and weakness. — Fever, with thirst and great hunger, yawning and 
stretching, hot head and hands, convulsive paroxysms and fainting. — Fever, 
with general heat, restless tossing about, delirium, clenching and grinding 
of teeth, horrible cramps, desire to bite, fear of everything which shines or 
stirs. — Fever, with excessive heaviness of the head, burning and drawing 
in the articulations, general painful prostration, almost constant delirium, 
black mouth, foaming and convulsed. — Quotidian fever, commencing at 2 
or 3 o'clock p.m., and continuing well into the night ; burning heat, ac- 


comioanied by partial aud transient chills, incoherent speech, great prostra- 
tion, and often paralysis of the limbs. — Pernicious fever, with constant chilli- 
ness! — Increase of fever at night, or in open air. — Decrease of fever in the 
morning. — Heat aud burning in the hips, with lancinating and crampy 
pains, on the least movement. — Sweat. Cold and bloody sweat, especially 
at night. 

Condltimis. — Aggravation. — [470.] The pains are aggravated in 
the morning and evening, by change of weather, dampness, or heat, and in 
the wind. — The pains are aggravated by movement, damp weather, cold, 
by wind, and strong liquors, as also in the evening, and sometimes in the 
morning on waking. — Aggravation of the pains by the lightest pressure on 
the neck, also by swallowing saliva or drinking. — Aggravation from riding 
in a carriage, or walking, and also after wine, brandy or milk. 

Amelioration. — The pains are relieved after the first mouthfuls of 


Cyclamen Europseum, Linn. 

Natural order, Primulacese. Common names, Sow-bread ; (Germ.), Erd- 

Preparation, Tincture of the root gathered in spring. 

Authorities. 1, Hahnemann, M. M. Pura, 5; 2, Franz, ibid.; 3, Har- 
tuug, ibid.; 4, Hermann, ibid. ; 5, Langhammer, ibid.; 6, Pet. de Abbano, 
De venen. c. 24, statement from observation, ibid.; 7, Lembke, proving 
with 10 to 60 drops of tincture, N. Z. f. H. KL, 3, p. 65 ; 8, Hencke, prov- 
ing with the 3d dil. in water, A. H. Z., 58, p. 94 ;t 9, omitted ; (10 to 37, 
jjrovings collected by Dr. Hampe, Zeit. f. ver. Oest., 1857, 2, 445) ; 10, D., a 
medical student, aged 22, took tincture and 1st dil. as follows : first day, 
4 drops; .second day, 6 drops at 6 a.m. and 8 drops at 8.40 p.m.; third day, 
10 drops at 5 a.m. ; fifth day, 2 drs. of 1st dil. at 4.50 p.m. ; sixth day, applied 
1st dil. to eyelids and ball, repeated after forty-five minutes, and took half 
an ounce at 2 p.m. ; seventh day, took 1 ounce of 1st dil. at 12.50 p.m. ; ninth 
day, took 1 dr. of 4th dil. at 4 p.m. ; tenth day, 2 drs. of 4th dil. at 11.40 
A.M. ; thirteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first days, inhaled fumes of tincture; 

11, Dr. Eidherr took tincture, 5 to 20-drop doses, for seven successive days ; 

12, same, jjroving on a girl, aged 17, with 1st dil., 5 drops first day, 6 drops 
second day; 13, same, proving on another girl, aged 17, with 1st dil., 6 to 
25-drop doses, for five successive days ; 14, same prover as last took tinc- 
ture, 5-drop doses, increasing daily from 2 to 15 drops ; 15, a girl, aged 16, 
took 1st dil., 5 to 12-drop doses for four days ;J 16, Dr. Kaczkowski took 
tincture twelve days, 1 to 11-drop doses ; 17, Dr. Loew took 4 drops of 
tincture daily for four days, 8 drops on sixth day, 12 drops on seventh and 
tenth days ; 18, Dr. Mayrhofer took tincture during a period of three 
weeks, doses from 2 to 56 drops ; 19, Dr. Schwarz, aged 25, took tincture 

t The prover was, at the time, suflering from a bruised pain in the right elbow, 
which felt as though it had been sprained ; only noticed on moving the arm ; espe- 
cially troublesome when touched, without swelling or redness. 

J Three months previous to this she took a cold bafh just before menstruation 
appeared (her fourteenth period) ; it stopped the .-amu night, and has not returned ; 
lately she has been depressed and ill-humored. 


twice daily, 6 to 60-drop doses, afterward took 3d dil., 10 to 100-dro]i doses, 
the latter proving resulted in a renewal of former symptoms;! 20, Dr. 
Szontagh, aged 26, took tincture for sixteen days, 3 to 90-drop doses; 21, 
Dr. Vivenot, aged 23, took tincture for sixteen days, 5 to 100-drop doses; 
22, Dr. Walter gave a girl, aged 85, 6 to 8 drops of tincture in half a glass 
of water, teaspoonful every two hours; (23 to 36, Dr. N.'s experiments in 
hospital for syphilitics, on girls who were mostly convali.-cing from blen- 
norrhcea, condylomata, or abrasions); 23, F., aged 20, took 5 to 30-drop 
doses of tincture for seven days ; 24, M. R., aged 17, took 5 to 20-drop 
doses of tincture for five days ; 25, J. B., aged 17, took 5 drops first day, 
10 drops second day, 3 drops third day, 6 drops fourth day, when proving 
was interrupted by violent fever with erysipelas of face ; I'psunied after six- 
teen days with 32 drops of tincture at one dose ; 26, W. F., aged 19, took 
5 to 30-drop doses for six days; 266, same, second proving, 1 to 30-drop 
doses for eight days ; 27, D. F., aged 16, took 5 to 26-drop doses for six 
days; 276, same, second proving, took 1 to 20-drop doses for eight days; 
28, Sch. F., aged 21, took 5 to 26-drop doses for seven days; 29, L. (per- 
fectly well), took 3 to 25-drop doses for seven days; 30, H. F., aged 26, 
took 5 to 35-drop doses for seven days ; 31, H. E. took 5 to 35-drop doses 
for seven days; 32, R. A. (frequently has cramps in bowels; menstruation 
often delayed, now three months absent), took 5 to 24-drop doses for seven 
days ; 33, St. M. (had menstruated regularly eight days previously) took 
5 to 12-drop doses for seven days; 34, K. P., aged 25, took 5 to 25-drop 
doses for six days ; 35, E. R. took 1 to 25-drop doses for eight days ; 36, 
E. F. took 2 to 30-drop doses for eight days; 37, N. N.J took 5 drops of 
1st dil. first day, 10 drops second day. 

JKind. — JEmutioiial. Disinclination to talk; reading was irksome; 
in paroxysms, lasting two to several hours,*. — He is constantly absorbed in 
himself and disinclined to talk,*. — Tranquil mind,'. — Gentle disposition, 
contented with himself (after three hours),°.§ — Towards evening he sud- 
denly feels a strange joyous sensation, with vivid fancies full of pleasant 
imagery,^ — Profound reflection concerning the present and future, almost 
to weeping (after twelve hours),". — He is absorbed in deep thought ; he 
desires to be alone, and thinks especially about his future state (after one 
hour),^ — More melancholy than ever; she complained of her weeping 
mood (third day),". — Extreme sadness, as if he had committed some evil, 
and had not done his duty (after ten hours),^ — [10.] Internal grief and 
anxiety of conscience, as though he had not done his duty, or had com- 
mitted a crime (after one hour),^ — Anxiety (second day),'''. — Ill-humor 
(fourth day),'"; (sixth day),". — * Ill-humored, morose mood; he eoidd easily 
take offence at every trifle and get very much exercised about it,'*. — Out of 
humor (third day),™. — Out of humor without cause (second day),'". — Fret- 
ful and sad ; has no desire to work ; she feels a great anxiety, as if some 
great misfortune were impending (second day),^l — Very fretful the whole 
day; disinclined. to speak and insensible, having very little feeling in his 
body,'. — At times extreme fretfulness ^nd sleepiness of mind, with weak- 

f This prover suffered habitually from a sticking and throbbing pain in the fore- 
part-of the head, especially aggravated by heat or stooping, and accompanied by 
violent pulsation of the temporal arteries. 

X A man usually suffering from weak vision, so that he is able to use his ej'es 
only for an hour during the day with the help of glasses, only possible at evening 
in a very strong light and for a short time. 

^ Secondary and curative action. 


ness of body ; the latter soon disappears when he commences to move 
about/. — Sometimes he is very ill-humored and fretful, but suddenly he 
feels again a strange joyous sensation, to which he even gives expression 
by a slight quivering of the joints,l — [20.] Although previously lively, 
he now became suddenly very earnest and somewhat fretful (after two 
hours) ; after some time he became again lively, soon again ill-humored,*. — 
Intellectual. Dulness of mind ; is neither inclined nor able to do any 
■work (third day),^ — Disinclination to work, followed by remarkable desire 
therefor, in pafroxysms, lasting two to several hours,*. — * Disinclination for 
every work, lasting till towards evening ; he could not make up his mind to 
undertake even the slightest thing,^ — Impaired power of thought,'. — Weak- 
ness of memory (sixth day),'". — Memory is very much blunted ; he can 
scarcely remember occurrences that have just happened, but it is soon, 
again very active; in rapid alternations,''. — Great forgetfulness ; he easily 
misplaces his words (seventh day),^°. — The mind is in a constant state of 
stupefaction ; he at times seems to be slumbering; is unable to either rejoice 
or to be sad, although he constantly feels as though he had just suffered 
from an overwhelming affliction ; only when he becomes excited is his mind 
somewhat clearer, and then he acts like one who has just awakened from 
slumber, and only half understands what is going on about him (second 

Head. — Confusion and Vertigo. Confusion of the head,''^; 
(sixth and seventh days),". — [30,] Confusion of the head, which, with the 
other symptoms of the head, was relieved after cold applications to the 
forehead, so that she began to read ; after about forty-five minutes sudden 
faintness; all objects seemed to turn in a circle; it became black before her 
eyes, followed at last by violent vomiting (second day),". — Confusion of 
the head, with pressive sensation in the temporal region (seventh day),". — 
* Confusion of the head, with obscuration of vision,^*. — Confusion of the head, 
with transient roaring in the ears (after four hours),'^ — Confusion of the 
head, with watery mouth, eructations, with pressure in the stomach, after 
breakfast (sixth day),'". — Confusion of the head, with increased warmth 
(second day),'". — Confusion of the head, without increased heat (eighth 
day),'". — Slight confusion of the head, which, however, soon disappears 
(after two hours),". — ^Slight confusion of the head, with obscuration of vision, 
so that she could not continue her work (she was unable to distinguish 
outlines of figures), (fifth day),'". — * Great confusion of the head in the 
evening, with vertigo, as if objects were wavering, and feeling of stupidity 
in the head, so that she was unable to think, and did not comprehend 
what she was thinking or doing, with heat of the head, redness of cheeks, 
and glistening eyes, alternations of chilliness and heat, full, hard pulse, 
over 100, and finally nausea and watery diarrhosa, pi-eceded by rumbling 
and colic (first day),^l— -[40.] Intoxicated confusion and heaviness of the 
head, not continuing a long time, but associated with general sick feel- 
ing and little appetite (seventh day),".— Confusion of the forehead (fifth 
day),'".— Confusion and heat of the forehead,'.— Confusion of the forehead 
and itching of the scalp (second and fifth days),'".- Confusion in the frontal 
region (sixth day),'".- Slight confusion of the left frontal region, which 
gradually extended over the whole head, with prickliug in the scalp (first 
day),'".— *Vertigo (immediately), (first day),'''*; (second day),^ etc.— Ver- 
tigo, as if she were going down a mountain (first day),'".— Vertigo the 
whole afternoon (fourth day),'^l— Vertigo, towards evening (first, second, 
and third days),".— [50.] Vertigo ; if on standing still he leans against 
anything, it seems as though the brain were moving in the head, or as 


though he were riding in a wagon with his eyes closed/. — * Vertigo, with 
pain in the forehead, towards evening (fifth day),"'. — Vertigo and dim vision 
(after one hour), (second day),'''^ — Vertigo and weakness accompanied all 
the symptoms (fourth day),^l — Slight vertigo (fifth day),'^^ — Great vertigo 
(first day),'"''. — Violent vertigo (sixth day),"\— Attacks of vertigo and dim 
vision (seventh day),'". — Periodic attacks of vertigo, with general sick feel- 
ing, disordered appetite, and fulness in stomach, the whole day (eighth 
day),". — Dizziness in the head,*. — [60.] Dizzy ; all objects seemed to turn 
in a circle ; she immediately lay down on the bed, followed by frequent 
eructations ; she then slept quietly until morning, and awoke feeling well 
(after two hours), (first day),'". — A frequent sensation as though objects 
were turning in a circle ; these attacks were frequently repeated on the next 
.day (sixth day) : aggravated on moving in the open air, and relieved in 
the room and while sitting (fifth day),". — Objects did not seem to turn in 
a circle (as after the preceding dose), but they had a waving motiou, last- 
ing fifteen minutes (second day),". — General Head. Great congestion 
to the head (fourth day),'^. — * Cheat rush of blood to the head, with violent 
headache, anxiety, and dim vision (third day),^. — While lying in the even- 
ing in bed, perceptible pulsation in the brain, with late falling asleep,'. — 
Feeling of heaviness in the head (in addition to his usual headache), (fifth 
day),". — Peeling of emptiness in the head, which changes to a prickling 
in the scalp and skin of the face (second day),'". — Some heaviness in the 
head (second day),*^ — Dizzy fulness and heat of the head (third day),'". — 
[70,] Head feels as if bound up (second day),". — Headache (sixth day),^l 
— Headache for two hours (third day),™;— Headache in the morning and 
evening (second day),^^ — Headache towards evening (fourth day),^*. — 
Headache in the evening (first day),''' ^^. — Headache, in the evening on 
going to sleep (first and second days),^". — Headache and vertigo (after 
half an hour), (first day),'". — Headache and vertigo (sixth day),'*. — Head- 
ache and vertigo, the whole afternoon (fi-rst day),^'. — [80.] Headache, 
with great weakness and nauseous taste (third day),'". — Headache, with 
yawning, but without sleepiness (after five bours),^ — Slight headache, last- 
ing several hours,". — Violent headache, lasting the whole night (eighth 
day),'"^ — Violent headache and transient nausea (second day),'*. — *Violenfc 
headache, with flickering before the eyes,, on rising in the morning ; this 
headache lasted all this day and the next, diminished on the third, and 
disappeared on the fourth (third day),''. — -Painful drawing in the brain, 
extending from the left side of the occiput through the left temple as far 
as the forehead in a direct line (after one hour),*. — Pressive, stupefying 
headache (thirteenth day),'". — Tearing pressive pain in the head externally,'. 
— * Oppressive stupefaction of the whole head, with obscuration of vision ; it 
seems as though a fog were before the sight, and as though the eyes were about 
to close (after one hour),^ — [90-] Menstruation reappeared after ten days, 
with relief of the sticking headaches and weakness (third day),". — Stitches 
in the brain, on stooping (second da,y),^'^.-!-ForeJiea(l. Contraction of 
the frontal muscles, as in anger (sixth day),'". — Pain in the frontal region 
(fourth day),'*. — Violent pain in the frontal region (eighth day),""". — Vio- 
lent pain in the forehead (fourth and sixth days),"''. — Violent pain in the 
forehead and temples (fourth day),""'. — Uneasy at night on account of vio- 
lent pain in the forehead (fourth day),". — Very violent pain in the forehead 
(sixth day),'°. — Headache in the frontal region (fifth day),'l — [100.]' Pres- 
sive-drawing pain, extending from the right side of the forehead to the left 
and then back again into the right side ; afterwards in the left temple ; 

VOL. IT. — 4 


disappearing after touch (after nine hours),*. — *Presswe pain in the forehead 
(sixth day),". — Pressive stupefying headache in the forehead, followed by 
nausea and eructations (fifteenth day),". — Sticking in the frontal region 
(second day),^". — Sticking pain in the frontal region (first day),". — Sticking 
pain in the forehead (seventh day),'". — Sticking pains in the right frontal 
and temporal regions, lasting half an hour, after every dose (second day),''^ 
— Sticking headache over the right eye and in the temporal region,^ — Con- 
tinued sticking in the forepart of the brain, on stooping,^ — Jerking-stick- 
ing pains in the right frontal region, which extend to the face, worse on 
moving (second day),". — [HO.] Sudden violent tearing in the right side 
of the frontal bone,'. — Temple. Violent headache in the temporal region 
(immediately), (fifth day),""". — Contractive pain and feeling of emptiness 
in the temporal region (second day),". — (His usual headache was to-day 
confined to the left temple, with increase of the confusion and heaviness of 
the head), (sixth day),". — Pressive pain in the left temporal region, with 
heat of the head, followed by confusion of the right side of the head (sev- 
enth day),". — Sticking in both temporal bones, as if the point of a knife 
were sticking from within outward (second day),^'.: — Stitches in the left 
temple, then in the whole of the forehead, with vertigo, followed by pres- 
sure in the forehead (tenth day),". — Dull stitches in the right temporal re- 
gion, in all positions (after three hours),". — Some drawing stitches in the 
left temporal region, disappearing after touch (after sixteen hours),*. — Jerk- 
ing stitches, first in the left, then in the right temporal region,'. — [120.] 
Jerking and drawing pain in the left temple towards the vertex, with con- 
fusion of the head, especially in the frontal region, and stiffness of the neck 
(first day),". — Vertex. Slight pressure in the vertex, as if the brain were 
bound about with a cloth, and he were thereby deprived of his senses (sec- 
ond day),^ — Pressive headache in the middle of the vertex, which at times 
causes dizziness,''. — Pressure, afterwards sticking, in the region of the right 
coronal suture, with general confusion of the head (twenty-first day),". — 
Stitches in the coronal suture and pulsations in the temporal arteries (sev- 
enth day),". — Sharp stitches in the coronal suture (sixth day),". — Parie- 
tuls. Heat and sensation of fulness in the right side of the head (second 
day),". — Sudden violent boring in the left parietal bone,'. — Stitches on the 
right and left side of the head, worse along the coronal suture (second even- 
ing),". — Occiput. Dull headache in the occiput,". — Eoctemal Mead. 
[130.] Some pimples appear on the scalp of the occiputj without sensation, 
and painless when touched (after half an hour),'. — Fine sharp itching-stich- 
ing in the scalp ; on scratching it always commences anew in another place,'. — 
Itching in the scalp (seventh day),". — Itching on the scalp, neck, and 
shoulders, and below the-axillse (second day),". 

Eye.— Objective. Eyes glittering (first day),'l— The eyes lie deep 
in the orbits and have a weak look (after one hour and a half),*. — 
Eyes are sunken, surrounded by blue rings (second day),^l — Subjec- 
tive. Burning in the right eye (seventh day),".— Burning in the eyes, 
lasting through the whole proving, especially aggravated on reading; 
with considerable injection of the conjunctiva (the latter not unusual to 
the prover), (seventh A&j),''^.—* Burning in the eyes and flickering of the 
light on attempting to read in the evening in bed (as he was accustomed to 
do), so that he was obliged to put out the light, after which he fell asleep 
and slept uninterruptedly the whole night (very unusual), (sixth day),".— 
[140.] Violent, sticking, piercing itching in the eyes and lids,\—Zids. 
^Swelling of the upper lids (without, dilatation of the pupil), (after one 


hour)/. — Vibrating of the right upper eyelid for four or five minutes, 
always noticed when one rubs the eye or forehead ; this symptom was also 
noticed on the three succeeding days, and after six days it entirely dis- 
appeared (twenty-first day),'". — Blinicing of the lids (seventh day),'".— 
Blinking of the right upper lid (sixth day),'". — Blinking of the eye- 
lids on the slightest pressure or rubbing (seventh day),'". — Contraction 
of the eyelids as from strong light (third day),'". — Lids seem to be 
contracted (fifth day),'". — Dryness and pressure in the lids, as if sw(jllen, 
with violent itching sticking in them and in the eyeballs (after seven 
hours),'"'. — Pressure in the eyelids, as if agglutinated (second day),'". — 
[150.] Pressure upon the eyelids on frequent waking at night (first day),'". 
— Pressure in the left canthus (first day),'". — Pressure in the left inner 
canthus (fifteenth day),'". — Itching in the right inner canthus (sixth 
day),'". — Conjunctiva. Visible vessels in the whites of the eyes, espe- 
cially of the left (sixth day),'". — Ball. Dull stitches in the right eyeball 
and upper lid (after four hours),*. — Pupil. Pupils dilated (after one hour 
and a half ),^ — Extreme dilatation of the pupils, especially of the right 
(after fifteen hours and a half ),^ — Pupils decidedly contracted (seventh 
day),'".— Great contraction of the pupils as before, followed, after three or 
four seconds, by dilatation, and so on, until at last great contraction per- 
sisted (from second local application), (sixth day),'". — [160.] Remarkable 
contraction of the pupil, followed by dilatation ; the prover seemed to be 
able to see the fibres of the iris as through a magnifying glass ; contrac- 
tion and dilatation alternated every second and seemed to be dependent 
on the respiration, occurring in the moment after inspiration or expiration ; 
this condition continued half an hour, but in a less degree (from applica- 
tion of' the 1st dil.), (sixth day),'". — Vision, Vision more acute than 
usual ; the prover could distinguish colors at a much farther distance (sixth 
day),'". — * Obscuration oj vision (after one hour and a half ),'*. — Dimness 
of vision (sixth day),^". — Dimness of vision at times (fourth day),^l — 
*Limness of vision and spots before the eyes, especially on waking (first 
day),^"^ — *Dim vision (fourth day),^*. — Dim vision in the morning (second 
day),''. — Dim vision, also double vision (sixth day),'l — *I)imness before 
the eyes (fourth day),^'. — [170.] *Fog before the eyes, so that she was obliged 
to stop knitting in the afternoon (second day),"'. — Double vision, so that it 
was impossible to continue working (third day),'l — Objects seem double 
the whole day (fourth day),""". — Objects seem double, as, for example, a 
needle (immediately after taking), (third day),'''. — All objects seem double, 
with heat in the head (fourth day),^^ — *Flickering before the eyes, as of 
various colors, glittering needles, vision as of smoke or fog (second day),*'. — 
Flickering betbre the eyes, commencing in the morning with a headache, 
continuing uninterruptedly in the right eye for six days, and disappearing 
entirely on the seventh day ; in the left it was less severe, but lasted three 
weeks ; the power of vision also diminished daily ; objects at first seemed 
quite obscured, but afterwards, on the seventh day (after the last dose), 
the contour of even large objects was very indistinct, and he was unable 
to read either day or night ; the light appeared like a luminous ball ; these 
symptoms disappeared from the right eye after eight days and the former 
visual power returned, but the symptoms continued nearly a month in the 
left; he also noticed that, with the eyes open as well as closed, he seemed 
to see at a distance of about two feet a dark disk as large as a two-groschen 
piece, which seemed frequently to be pierced by brilliant lightnings ; this 
disappeared after lasting eight days ; after this it seemed as though he 


constantly saw with the left eye through a dark blue glass,". — Slight flick- 
ering before the eyes (sixth day),". — ^Slight flickering before the .eyes and 
confusion of the head^*'. — * Vision of colors before the eyes (third day),''. — 
[180.] She complained that she saw yellow, at other times green, before 
the eyes (third day),^l — At times she saw black, at times yellow, *at other 
times double vision, so that she was obliged to stop knitting (fifth day),^". — 
Kings around the light, on which account she was several times obliged to 
stop her work (embroidering on white), (fourth day),^'. — (°The musccB voli- 
tantes, which the prover usually had in an intense light, disappeared during 
the whole of the proving),^". 

Eav. — Feeling in the right ear as though it were stopped with cotton, 
or as though one were holding something before it, so that sound could not 
enter it as usual (after thirty-six hours),*. — Drawing pain in the inner pas- 
sages of the right ear ; hearing was less distinct in this ear (after half an . 
hour),*. — Itching stitches in the right ear, which kept growing worse, then 
disappeared of themselves and left behind a burning in the same place,^ — 
Fine tearing in the inner passages of the left ear,*. — Searing. Roaring 
in the ears (second, third, and sixth days),''"'; (sixth day ),^°, etc. — Roaring in 
the ears, on walking a long time (after the larger doses),''". — [190.] Roar- 
ing and ringing in the ears (sixth day),'". — -Ringing and sticking in the 
ears, especially at night, with headaches (third day),'^ 

Nose. — Objective. *Sneezing (first and third days and second even- 
ing),". — Sneezing (from smelling the juice), (after half an hour),^ — Fre- 
quent sneezing (third day)". — Frequent sneezing and yawning (second 
day),". — Violent sneezing, with itching of the ear (second day),". — Fre- 
quent coryza, which seemed to be the cause of febrile excitement (second 
morning),^l^Fluent coryza, without sneezing,'. — Fluent coryza, with fre- 
quent sneezing (after seven hours),^ — [200,] Sudden profuse coryza (after 
half an hour),'. — Acute catarrh, with slight fever and great heat,'. — Sev- 
eral times in the night sudden discharge of a large quantity of clear 
watery mucus from the nose, without sneezing,'. — Frequent slight epistaxis 
(eleventh day),". — Subjective. Dryness of the nose (second day),". — 
Pressive pain across the nasal bones (second evening),". — Smell. *Dimin- 
ished smell,l — Strong odors do not afiect the smell (third day),". 

Face. — Cheeks. Cheeks red (first day),'"'. — Oppressive tearing pain 
in the right upper jaw and in the crown of the right eye-tooth (seventh 
day),".— iips. [210.] Dry lips, without thirst,'.— Numb sensation or a 
feeling as of an induration in the upper lip,l — Chin. Biting together 
of the jaws (fifth day),".— Tearing in the left submaxillary articulation 
(first day),"- ^ 

Mouth.— Teeth. Pain in the right lower row of teeth (seventh 
day),".— Pressive tearing pain in the left upper row of teeth (seventh 
day),".— Slight jerking through the upper teeth,'.— Sore pain in the right 
upper incisors, chiefly in the crowns, extending into the walls of the 
mouth_(fifth day),".— Violent stitches in the last hollow back teeth of the 
upper jaw (after fifteen hours and a half ),'.— Tearing pain in the three 
left back teeth, as if they would be torn out,'.— [220.] Tearing sticking 
jerking in the two first right upper back teeth (second day),".— (A pre-ex- 
isting dull drawing toothache, which had lasted the whole night, disappeared 
in one minute),l— ToM.j/ue. Tongue white,'.— Tongue coated very white 
for three days (after eight hours),'.— Tongue yellowish-white (seventh 
day,"-)— Tip of the tongue red, burning, covered with small yellow blis- 
ters,'.— Increased redness of the tip of the tongue, with several small blis- 


ters, with violent buTning iu it; speaking or chewing was painful, with in- 
creased saliva,'. — Tongue very much coated (fourth day),". — Burning in 
the tip of the tongue in the evening,'. — Burning and stitches in the left 
side of tongue,'. — [230.] Fine stitches in the tongue (after two hours),^ — 
General Mouth. Mouth and fauces redder than in the morning, when 
they were pale (sixth day),^". — Mouth pasty and watery (ninth day),'". — 
Eough, slimy sensation in the mouth, as if he had not washed it in the 
morning,^ — Sensation of swelling of the palate,™. — Great dryness of the 
palate in the evening, with thirst and hunger,^ — Saliva. Much water in 
the mouth (tenth day),'". — Much mucus in the mouth,'. — Collection of 
water in the mouth (after eighth day),^^ — Very frequent collection of 
water in the mouth, with incomplete eructations tasting of the food, in the 
evening and during the whole day,". — [240,] Accumulation of saliva in 
the mouth (second day),'". — Accumulation of saliva and mucus in the 
mouth (fifth day),'". — * Aceumulation of watery saliva in the mouth, with 
pasty taste (third day),'". — Accumulation of mucus and watery saliva in the 
mouth, with frequent hawking (soon), (seventh day),'". — Secretion of saliva 
diminished since yesterday ; when expectorated it is in the form of yellow- 
ish-white consistent lumps, as large as a pea or bean (this condition was 
noticed after every dose, and continued during five or six days), (second 
day),'". — *The saliva has a salty taste, which is communicated to all the 
food eaten,'. — Taste. Taste flat, though everything tastes natural (third 
day),'". — Bitter taste (fourth day),"". — Taste nauseous (first day),"". — Sud- 
den nauseous ofiensive taste in the mouth, ^ — [250.] *Food has a flat and 
almost no taste,^. — *Salty taste of all the food, for several days,'. 

Throat.— Objective. Much hawking (third day),'". — Subjec- 
tive. Burning in the throat (after two drops, second day),'". — Constant 
burning in the throat, with accumulation of saliva and mucus in the mouth 
and at times eructations, with an unpleasant sensation in the stomach 
(immediately after six drops), (sixth day),'". — Great contraction in the 
throat (soon), (fourth day),"l — Constriction in the throat (seventh day),'" 
— Constrictive pain in the throat, even from smelling the medicine (im- 
mediately), (second evening),'". — Sore pain in the throat (second day), "I — 
Scraping in the throat, with eructations tasting of the drug (immediate- 
ly),"'. — [260.] Burning scraping in the throat, lasting an hour,"". — Jerks 
and painfulness in the throat (second evening),'".— ?7mtte and Tonsils. 
Uvula and tonsils very much contracted and white (sixth day),'". — Fau- 
ces. Fauces red,'. — Fauces very red, painful on swallowing, with much 
tough mucus,'. — Much mucus in the fauces,'. — Scraping in the fauces 
nearly the whole day,'. — Scraping in the fauces, lasting the whole day 
(soon),'. — Frequent scraping in the fauces, with pain on swallowing,'. — 
External Throat. Pressive drawing pain in the submaxillary glands 
on bending the neck forward,". 

StOinach. — Appetite. [270.] Great appetite (second day),'". — 
Greatly increased appetite (third day),'". — Unnatural hunger, at times fol- 
lowed by complete loss of appetite (eighth day),"". — Alternations of rave- 
nous hunger and loss of appetite,". — * Diminished hunger and appetite,'^. — 
Loss of appetite (third day),'" ; (fifth day),"'. — Almost complete loss of ap- 
petite and thirst (seventh day),'". — * Complete loss of appetite; especially he 
does not relish his breakfast and supper ; as soon as he begins to eat at these 
times he becomes satiated,\~-No appetite (fourth day),"'^— ^/fer eating mily 
a little food, the rest becomes repugnant and nauseates him ; the nausea is felt 
in the throat and palate (after twenty-seven hours),*.— [280.] For eight days 


he could eat but veiy little, and had a constant feeling of satiety,*. — No 
appetite for breakfast (second day),". — No inclination for breakfast,*. — 
Breakfast was not relished and was followed by nausea and vomiting 
(eighth day),". — Soon satisfied at dinner, which, however, had the usual 
relish (ninth day),". — Very little appetite for dinner, followed by constant 
empty eructations, lasting two hours (fifth day),". — * Aversion to bread and 
butter ; warm food, however, goes down more easily,*. — Thi/fSt. Thirst 
(fifth day),'"''. — Thirst after eating, which had been absent nearly five days 
(seventh day),".— Great thirst (first night),^^ (third day),'l— [290.] 
Thirst so great that she drank eight glasses of water (sixth day),^"". — 
Very great thirst during dinner, usually none (third day),". — Unquench- 
able thirst (seventh day),". — * Absence of thirst, for four days, after which it 
returned and was at times greater than in health,*. — *No thirst the whole 
day, but it occurs in the evening as the face and hands become warm,^. — Re- 
markable aversion to his usually agreeable drink of beer (ninth day),". — 
Mructation and HiccougTl. Eructations (second evening and sixth 
day)," ; (fourth day),'^, etc. — Eructations ; pressure in the stomach, end- 
ing in eructations (fifth day),". — Eructations, in the evening after eating, 
which always end in hiccough, wherewith a rancid fluid rises up into the 
throat,'. — Eructations immediately after breakfast, which consisted simply 
of a cup of cofiee (fifth day),". — [300.] * Eructations, with oppressive sen- 
sation in the stomach (fifth day),". — Frequent eructations (fourth day),'^ — 
Frequent eructations smelling of the medicine, with corrosive taste in the 
pharynx, after a few minutes (first day),". — Frequent eructations, with 
unpleasant sensation in the stomach (fifth day),".— Frequent eructations, 
with pressive feeling in the stomach (fourth day),". — Profuse eructations 
(seventh day),". — Empty eructations, soon after eating (after seven hours 
and three-quarters), I — Eructations of a fatty smell (seventh day),". — Fre- 
quent sour eructations (after eighth day),'l — *Frequent, at times sourish, 
eructations,'^. — [310.] Acid eructations,'. — Burning and rancid eructations 
frequently, not affected by eating,'.— Hiccough (second day),". — Hiccough 
after eating (after fourteen hours and a half ),^ — *Food has a good taste, but 
while eating and for some time afterwards, he has hiccough, or hiccough-like 
eructations;'. — JSffmsea and Vomiting. Nausea (fifth day),'*.— 
Nausea the whole afternoon (fifth day),'".— Nausea the whole night (sixth 
day),'*.— Nausea, with headache (soon), (first day),'*.— Nausea, with a col- 
lection of water in the mouth like waterbrash (after one and five hours),'. 
— [320.] Nausea and inclination to vomit (after two last doses),". — 
Nausea and diarrhoea,^— Nausea and diarrhoea, preceded by rumbling 
and colic (first day),'l— Nausea and fulness of the chest, together with 
unusual hunger, in the morning after the accustomed smoke .(after three 
hours),'.—* Qualmish nausea after dinner and supper, and an uneasiness 
and qualmishness in the epigastric region, as after eating too mMcA /ai,\— In- 
clination to vomit (fourth day)," ; (sixth d'ay),'l— Inclination to vomit, 
with vertigo, weakness, and ill-humor, towards evening (third day),.'*. — In- 
clined to vomit, for nearly an hour (third day),'".— Great inclination to 
vomit (fourth day),".— Great inclination to vomit, towards morning (fourth 
day),'^*.— [330.] Great inclination to vomit, followed by vomiting (fourth 
day),'^.— Everything except lemonade causes inclination to vomit (fourth 
day),".— A cup of coffee taken in the evening without relish was followed 
by inclination to vomit, and sour eructations (ninth day),".—* Vomiting 
(immediately), (first day) ; (after six hours, second day)/*.— Vomiting, 
immediately after taking, and again in the night, also accompanied by 


quite severe diarrhoea ; she vomited again towards morning, then had re- 
freshing sleep (fourth day),'^ — Vomiting, followed by weakness, vertigo, 
dim vision and frontal headache (fifth day),". — Violent vomiting, followed 
by inclination to sleep, immediately (first day),^\ — Vomiting of food and 
mucus, with vertigo twice, immediately (third day),'l — Vomiting of mucus 
twice (second day),'*'. — Vomiting of mucus, followed by uneasy sleep, in- 
terrupted by starting up and unpleasant dreams (fourth day),*^. — [340.] 
Vomiting of watery mucus twice, followed by dizziness, so that she wa^ 
obliged to lie down on the bed (soon), (second day),''^ — Vomiting a green- 
ish liquid, followed by headache, vertigo, and dim vision (sixth day),'". — 
StOinacJl. Distension of the stomach, with rumbling in the hepatic re- 
gion,". — Constant distension of the stomach and abdomen, although wind 
was raised from the stomach ; especially distension like a ball in the intes- 
tines on the right side beneath the liver ; this distension could be distinctly 
felt, together with a sensation of creeping and crawling, as from something 
living in the abdomen, which she tried to alleviate by rubbing or pressing 
with the hand, then the crawling changed into the breast and she had a 
feeling as though air streamed out of the nipples (eighth day),^l — Great 
distension of the stomach (fourth day),'^ — Pain in the stomach and bowels 
(third day),". — Fulness of the stomach, as though overloaded, and six 
hours after a meal incomplete eructations tasting of the food,^. — Pressure 
in the stomach (eleventh day),'^. — Pressure and fulness in tlie pit of the 
stomach, as if overloaded, the whole day,''. — Constant pressure in the stom- 
ach, with distension and fulness,'. — [350.] Pressive pain in the pit of the 
stomach (sixth day),". — Stitches in the epigastric region (seventh day),". 
— Some stitches in the stomach (fifth day),". 

Abdomen. — Hypochondria. Dull sticking in the intestines be- 
neath the hepatic region,^ — Stitches in the hepatic region (second even- 
ing),". — Umbilical and Flanks. Frequent griping in the umbilical 
region awoke him at night, but was relieved by pressure upon the abdomen, 
and entirely disappeared after a normal stool (seventh night),'\ — Stitches 
in the umbilical region (sixth day),". — Tension of the flanks (seventh 
day),". — General Abdomen, Distension of the abdomen (fifth day),". 
— Distension of the abdomen by gas (sixth day),". — [360.] Bumbling and 
griping in the abdomen (first day),". — Kumblings and movings in the 
abdomen, followed by pains, after breakfast (second day),". — Frequent ac- 
cumulation of intestinal gases,'. — Much flatulence (first day),". — Frequent 
emission of flatulence (fifth day),". — Frequent passage of flatulence upward 
and downward (second day),". — Pains in the bowels (second and fourth 
days) ; (immediately, seventh day),'". — Pains in the bowels, especially at 
night (fifth day),^*. — Violent pains in the bowels kept her awake at night 
(fourth day),^*. — The pains in the abdomen did not cease for a moment 
(sixth day),". — [370.] Pains in the abdomen, the whole afternoon and at 
night (second day),^'. — Pain in the abdomen at night (sixth day),^l — Slight 
pains in the abdomen (first day),". — Feeling of fulness and slight disten- 
sion of the abdomen (seventh night),^\ — The right side of the abdomen 
beneath the navel seems swollen and 'distended, in the morning ; a deceptive 
sensation,^ — Dragging in the abdomen, with increased warmth (fourth 
(Jay),^^ — Cramplike pains in the bowels (fifth day),''^ — Cramplike pains in 
the bowels, lasting several minutes, suddenly ceasing and returning (fifth 
day),'^ — Cramplike pain in the bowels, in the evening (sixth day),"". — 
Cramplike pains in the bowels and headache, especially in the frontal re- 
gion, the whole day (sixth day),". — [380.] Violent cramps in the bowels 


(first day)/^ — Griping in the upper abdomen, as if diarrhoea would occur, 
soon followed by yellow soft stool, with returning and continuing griping 
in the bowels (after a quarter of an hour), followed by constipation for 
three days,^ — Some griping in the abdomen, at night (sixth day),". — A 
paralytic pressive sensation in the upper abdomen, as if part of the intes- 
tines were loose, with a tensive sensation in the neighboring parts,^. — Cut- 
ting pains in the abdomen, with pains in the small of the back (second 
•day),'".^ — Sticking pain in the abdomen (third day),^^ — Some stitches shoot 
through the abdomen on moving (fourth day),^ — Tearing, piercing, through- 
and-throvgh stitches in the upper abdomen beneath the stomach, on moving 
about,'. — Colic (after fourteen hours),^ — Intestines painful to touch ; some 
pain in the abdomen (sixth day),^". — [390.] Paihfulness of the abdomen 
on pressure (sixth day),'". — Gnawing in the bowels (as from a tapeworm), 
with sensation as if something living were in them,'. — Throbbing in the 
upper abdomen (immediately after 6 drops), (second day),"*. — Sypogas- 
trium and Iliac Region. Eumbling in the lower abdomen, after 
the emission of flatulence (after one hour),^. — Rumbling in the lower abdo- 
men, immediately after eating, returning daily (after twenty-four hours),*. — 
Discomfort in the lower abdomen, with some nausea in it,*. — Pinching pain in 
the lower abdomen (after half an hour),*. — Pinching pain and a pressure- 
from without inward in the lower abdomen,*. — Pinching-cutting pain in the 
lower abdomen, appearing and disappearing suddenly at various times 
(a,fter two hours),*. — The lower abdomen is painful to the slightest touch, 
with sometimes a pressive, sometimes a griping pain, at other times a mix- 
ture of the two,*. — [400.] Great tension in the inguinal region, after the 
midday nap (eighth day),". — Jerking-cutting pain along the inguinal canal 
(second day),". — Stitches in the left inguinal canal (second evening),". 

Mectutn and Anus.—lELea.t in the rectum, with swelling of the 
hasmorrhoidal vessels (eleventh day),".— Stitches in the rectum,'. — Drawing 
pressive pain in and about the anus and in the perineum, as if the places 
were suppurating, while walking and sitting,^— Stitches in the anus (sec- 
ond evening),".— Urging to stool (second day),".— Immediate ilrging to 
stool, in the morning ; it was thin, with burning and straining, followed by 
streaks of blood (third day),".— Great urging at stool (second day),".— 
[410.] Eenewed inefiectual urging after a normal stool (third day),". 

Stool.— Diarrhoea. Diarrhoea, lasting five days (after last dose of 
100 droY>s),''\—* Diarrhoea renewed after every cup of coffee (second day),''. 
—Sudden diarrhoea set in after taking the drug about two weeks, and 
lasted three days,".— Some looseness of the bowels (second and third 
days),''*.— Two diarrhoea-like stools before and after breakfast, preceded by 
gripmg pain in the abdomen (sixth day),".— Stools increased at first; dur- 
ing the first three days pasty,".— Frequent passage of a hard stool (after 
ten hours),'.---Stools increased in number to two a day, several times,'-". — 
Two thin fluid evacuations from the bowels, with frequent rumbling in the 
intestines, and passage of flatus (eighth day),'\— [420.] The stool seems 
to shoot out, at first crumbly, then soft, with palpitation of the heart (sec- 
ond day),".— Thin stools (fourth day-),'*.- Stools regular but thin (second 
stool), (seventh day),".— Stool at first normal, afterwards very thin, light 
yellow (tenth day),".— A sudden thin stool in the evening, without colic,'. 
—Pasty stool (atter fifteen hours),^— Stool once pasty (third day)"— A 
slimy stool, which afterwards is even passed unnoticed (sixteenth day) " — 
Stock are odorless, brownish-yellow, and mixed with some mucus (second 
day), .—Compact stool, with a burning sensation in the rectum (fourth 


day)/^— [430.] Stool consisting of hard masses (seventh day)/". — Stool, 
^with great urging and discharge of some drops of blood (eleventh day),". 
* — Constipation. The diarrhoea which had previously existed had 
stopped, and she had been constipated, since taking the medicine (third 
day),^l — Stool delayed for nine hours (seventh day),'". — Stool constipated 
(tenth day),".— No stool (second day) ,^— Stool absent (fifth day),".— Ab- 
sence of the usual morning stool,'. 

Urinary Organs.— Bladder. Pressure upon the bladder and 
rectum, without frequent micturition or stool (eleventh day),". — Great 
pressure on the bladder and rectum, with frequent urging to urinate, much 
urine and emission of much flatulence, after the midday nap (eighth day),"- 
— Urethra. [440.] Pain going from the bladder to the urethra, while 
urinating (second evening),". — Sticking in the urethra and urging to uri- 
nate (second day),". — Sticking pain in the forepart of the urethra, while 
urinating (after seven hours and a half ),^ — Stitches in the urethra (second 
day),". — Short stitches in the urethra (second day),". — Urging to urinate, 
with pressure in the anus (first day),". — Frequent urging to urinate without 
pains (after one hour),^ — Frequent urging to urinate, with scanty discharge 
(after fifteen hours),". — JKicturition. Increased secretion of urine (sev- 
enth day),'"". — Frequent micturition after dinner (first day),". — [450.] 
Frequent micturition, with urging in the bladder and rectum, and frequent 
passage of flatulence upward and downward (third day),". — Frequent mic- 
turition, with a dragging sensation (fourth day),". — Frequent micturition 
of much clear urine,'. — Large quantity of clear urine was frequently voided 
at night, though very little liquid had been taken during the previous 
afternoon and evening,'.^ — Frequent evacuation of watery urine (second 
day),". — Frequent copious discharge of whitish urine (after four hours),^. 
— Increase of urine for some days,''. — Urine very copious, passing in a 
large stream (second day),". — Diminished amount of urine (second day),^°. 
— Micturition seldom, urine scanty (tenth day),". — [460.] Micturition but 
twice (second day),^. — Dark reddish-yellow urine, discharged as if shot out 
all at once (second day),". — Urine. Urine light-colored, in which were 
found numerous epithelial cells (tenth day),". — Urine dark-colored, with 
many floating flakes (sixth day),". — Much sediment in the urine ; reaction 
acid, chlorides abundant (fifteenth day)," 

Seoctial Organs. — 3£ale. Prepuce retracted, only in the open air (sev- 
enth day),". — Frequent erections at night without dreams to cause them (first 
day),". — Sensation of soreness on the glans penis and prepuce-, after slight 
rubbing (second evening),". — Female. Menstruation came on four days 
too early, which somewhat relieved heic melancholy mood and the heaviness of 
the feet (fourth day),". — Menstruation appeared on the second night, with 
violent labor-pains, accompanied by great distension of the abdomen, so 
that she could scarcely stoop, *tlie flow was profuse, black, and clotted 
(previously menstruation was always painless, of a bright red color, and 
thin),'^ — [470.] Menstruation came on the fifth day, ran the natural course 
for six days, after which the girl was well,". — Menstruation ceased on its 
second day, but returned on its third 'day, and ran the regular course,". — 
Menstruation returned on the first day and lasted four days,''. — Menstru- 
ation returned, preceded by pain in the abdomen (first day),". — *Menstrual 
flow black, clotted, and memhranous^. 

Respiratory Organs. — Larynx and Trachea, Pain in the 
larynx,'. — Sudden scraping in the larynx,'. — Tickling in the larynx, with 
dry cough,'. — Frequent tickling and scraping in the larynx, with dry cough, 


lachrymation, and accumulation of watery saliva,'. — Frequent, suddenly 
appearing, violent tickling in the larynx, with severe paroxysm of cough-_^ 
ing,'. — [480.] Scraping and dry sensation in the trachea, in the open air, 
which causes a suffocative cough (second day),^°. — Voice. Voice weak 
while reading aloud, together with hiccough (second day),^°. — Voice rough,'. 
— Cough and ^Expectoration. * Violent cough, with ticMing in the 
larynx at night,''. — Hacking cough (after three-quarters of an hour),^. — 
Some hacking cough (fifth day),'". — * Violent cough at night, with much 
scraping in the larynx, pain in the fauces, and thick mucus,''. — * The cough, 
which tvas usually most violent during sleep, was never caused by talking or 
walking, even against a cold wind,\ — Much expectoration (seventh day),'". 
— Respiration. Suffocation,". 

Chest. — [490.] Tight sensation in the chest, in the morning (eleventh 
day),". — Paralytic pressure on the chest, in the upper arm, and tibia, while 
sitting still (after eight hours),\ — Oppression of the chest, with difficult 
respiration,". — Tearing stitches in the chest, during rest and motion, with 
dyspncBa and shortness of breath (second day),^ — Tearing stitches in the 
last true ribs, on bending the body forward,^ — Front, Pressure on the 
sternum (seventh day),'". — Pressure in the middle of the sternum (second 
evening),'". — Sharp superficial stitches in the upper part of the sternum, 
returning at irregular intervals (after thirty-two hours),*. — Sides. Wheez- 
ing in the left side of the chest (third day),'". — Burning in the left side of 
the chest (third day),^'. — [500.] Pressive pain in the left side of the chest, 
especially about the heart, as if too much blood had accumulated in that 
region, with perceptible palpitation,'. — Stitches in the left side (first day),'". 
— Stitches in the left side of the chest, aggravated by inspiration (fifth 
day),'". — Some stitches in the right side of the chest above the sixth rib 
(second evening),'". — MlammcB. Feeling as though the breasts were 
larger than usual, with sticking and tensive pains in them ; the breasts 
seemed to be distended, and the glands hard and painful ; she supposed 
that she was pregnant, especially as real milk flowed from her nipples ; 
upon examination this was found to be a watery milk, not unlike the 
mother's milk during the first few days ; it left a spot upon the linen, as 
from a weak solution of starch ; this fluid discharged itself, and could be 
forced out by drops on pressing upon the breast ; as this milky fluid ap- 
peared the other annoying symptoms of the breast disappeared ; this dis- 
charge gradually ceased within a fortnight,''^— Feeling as though air were 
streaming out of the breasts, with swelling and painfulness in them, with 
discharge of watery milky fluid,".— Violent sharp stitches about the left 
nipple, at 4 p.m., while walking,'. 

Heart and JPulse.—JPrcecordium. Stitches in the precordial 
region, on waking at night (first day),'". — Stitches in the region of the 
apex of the heart (first dsLj),^".— Heart's Action. Heart's action ex- 
cited ; whirring in the region of the heart (fifth day),'".— [510.] * Violent 
palpitations (second evening),'".— Beating of the heart and pulse scarcely 
perceptible (third day),'".— J>t*?se. Pulse rapid, with respiration some- 
what accelerated (second day),'".— Pulse very rapid, scarcely perceptible 
(second day),'".- Pulse of double rapidity, very rapid ; respiration, on the 
contrary, very quiet (third day),'".— Pulse hard and full, more than 100 
(first day),'l— The beats of the pulse are full and regular ; after a time 
the pulse became again quiet (second day),'".— Pulse scarcely perceptible 
(sixth day),'".— Pulse nearly imperceptible (fifth day),'". 

JVec/s and Bach.— Week. Drawing rheumatic pain in the left side 


of the neck on moving the head, together with a sensation of beating in 
the muscles of the neck and in the left ear; in the evening,^ — [520,] Rheu- 
matic drawing in the left side of the neck, only felt on bending the head 
backwards (after half an hour),^ — Pressive paralytic pain in the neck, 
disappearing on bending the head backward,^ — Smarting sore sensation 
internally and externally in the neck,". — Drawing bruised pain deep in the 
muscles of the neck, which extend internally down the oesophagus, and 
cause a sensation of tension in it (after ten hours),^ — Hack. Drawings 
down the spine, relieved by throwing the shoulders backwards, aggravated 
by throwing the shoulders forward (after seven hours),^ — Sticking pains 
in the left side of the back, in the region of the false ribs, while sitting, dis- 
appearing on touch (after fifteen hours),^ — Some deeply piercing, griping, 
dull stitches, returning at irregular intervals for a few seconds, on the right 
side near the spine, near the os innominatum and the last false ribs, in the 
region of the kidneys, worse during inspiration, which is impeded by the 
severity of the pain (after twenty-eight hours),*. — Dorsal. Tearing across 
the seapulse, ending with a sticking and paralytic pain in the arm,l — Pain, 
as if sprained, in the shoulder-joint (second day),'". — Sore pain in the re- 
gion of the left acromion, especially on taking off the overcoat (fourteenth 
day),^". — Z/Umbar. [530.] Drawing in the small of the back (second 
and sixth days),"*. — Drawing pain in the small of the back (fifth day),™. — 
Tension in the lumbar region (tenth day),^*. — Pressure in the region of the 
lumbar vertebrae, aggravated at times by stooping, at times by pressure,'. 

Extremities in General. — Objective. Stretching of the limbs 
as before paroxysms of fever (seventh day),^*. — Trembling of the hands 
and feet (fourth day),"". — All the limbs are affected, as if their motility 
were impaired,". — Subjective, Heaviness in the limbs, especially in the 
arms and hands, so that objects are easily allowed to drop,'. — Joints pain- 
ful on motion (fifth day),^°. 

Superior Extremities. — Heaviness in the upper limbs (first day),'°. 
— [540.] All the pain disappeared in the morning after rising, but returned 
during the forenoon, in the right elbow, and gradually extended over the 
whole arm from the shoulder to the fingers, but was especially worse in the 
forearm ; hitherto the pain had only been noticed during rest, and disap- 
peared on moving the arm or on change of position, and immediately re- 
turned on keeping the arm quiet; on going to bed the pain returned, and 
obliged him to move the arm hither and thither, at one time to extend, at 
another to flex it, until at last he fell asleep,^ — A hind of paralyzed, hard 
pressure on the right upper and forearm, feeling as though in the periosteum 
and deep internally in the muscles, extending thence to the fingers, and pre- 
venting writing (after thirty-seven hours),*. — Mlbow. Tearing pain in the 
elbow and wrist-joints (seventh day),". — Bruised pain in the left elbow- 
joint, lasting half an hour, soon followed by a similar pain in the leftknee,^ 
— Pain across the outer side of the elbow-joint, as if caused by a bruise or 
blow, on moving the arm, and more painful when touched, lasting three 
days (after twenty-five days),l — Forearm. Drawing in the left arm, 
extending into the fingers,'. — Painful drawings in the inner surface of the 
ulna and in the wrist (after thirty-eight hours),*. — A hind of paralytic hard 
pressure, which commences only slightly in the forearm, hut extends douni to the 
fingers, where it becomes so violent that he is able to write only with the greatest 
exertion,*. — Sticking pain in the muscles of the right forearm, during rest 
and motion (after two hours),^ — Tearing in the left forearm (first day),'". 
— [550.] Fine tearing in the left radius near to and in the wrist, feeling as 


thougt in the periosteum (after three-quarters of an hour),*.— Violent 
bruised pain in the right forearm, extending from the elbow to the fingers, 
painful on the slightest touch, waking him from sleep ; only towards morn- 
ing was he able to sleep quietly ,^ — Hand. Veins on the backs of the 
hands become swollen (second evening),".— She felt as though she would 
let everything fall from her hands (second day),''. — Sensation of numbness 
in the right hand (fifth day),".— Pressure on the back of the left hand,'.— 
Fingers. Cramplike slow flexion of the right thumb and index finger, 
the tips of which gradually approach each other, and have to be forcibly 
extended (after five hours and a half ),^— Tearing in the little, middle, and 
ring fingers, feeling as though in the periosteum (after three-quarters of an 

Inferior Uoctremities, — Weakness in the upper and lower legs ; 
on standing a long time they sway to and fro (after half an hour),*. — 
Thigh, Oramplike pain in the posterior portion of the thigh above the right 
popliteus (after eight hours),*. — [560,] Eheumatic drawings in the left glu- 
teus maximus, in the upper part, along its attachment to the ilium, towards 
the sacrum, while sitting, disappearing on standing (after seven hours),'. — 
Tearing pain on the outer side of the right thigh (second evening),". — 
Knee. Drawing pain in the bends of the knees, while standing (second 
day),". — Drawing pain, becoming a crawling, in the bend of the right knee 
(second day),". — Drawing pain in the right knee-joint, in the acromion 
and in the knee-cap (fifth day),". — Drawing pain in the left knee-cap (tenth 
day),". — Tensive-pressive drawing in the tendons of the knee-joint, while 
sitting and standing,'. — Pressure and painfuluess in the left knee, as after 
a bruise or great fatigue, noticed while walking,'. — Pain, as if sprained, in 
the left knee-cap (sixth day),". — Pressive bruised pain, now in one, now in 
the other knee, disappearing on motion (after eleven hours),'. — [570.]' In- 
ternal twitching beneath the left knee,'. — Leg. Drawing pain in the flexor 
muscles of the left leg on extending it, which seems to come from the bend 
of the knee and extend to the tips of the toes ; the same sensation on the 
right side, but in a less degree (first day),". — Tearing in the left leg (second 
day),". — Tearing-pressive paralytic pain in the tibiae, on motion, with loss 
of power and unsteadiness in the knees (second day),'. — Violent drawing 
in the left leg,'. — Drawing pressure in the tibiae, now while sitting, now 
while walking ; it disappears while walking and appears while sitting, or 
disappears while sitting and reappears while walking, though more fre- 
quently painful while sitting (after nine hours),'. — Sticking pain in the 
muscles of the right calf, during rest and motion (after two hours),^ — 
Ankle. A very acute pain, as after a sprain, in the right ankle, on walk- 
ing or stooping,*. — A pressive pain, as if sprained, in the ankle, while walk- 
ing and standing, disappearing on sitting down (after four hours and a 
half),'. — Severe cutting pain behind the left inner malleolus, while walk- 
iug,'.— ^OO*. [580,] Weakness of the feet. (first day),'*.— Heaviness of 
the feet (third day),". — Paralytic heaviness of the feet, which made walk- 
ing difficult (second day),". — Drawing pressure on the back of the foot, 
while sitting, disappearing on standing,'. — Pain, as if sprained, in the left 
foot (third day),".— Pain, as if sprained, in the sole of the foot, only when 
walking (after six hours),\ — Pain, as from a spraiyi, in the stole of the foot, 
especially near the heel and in the malleoli, while sitting and standing, 
though worse while walking (after three hours),l — Pain, as if sprained, 
in the sole of the right foot, which, however, disappears when touched and 
on walking (after four hours and a half),\— Sore pain in the heels, pre- 


ventiug walking (third _ day)/".— Burning sore pain in the heels, while 
walking in the open air; it begins to be noticed even while standing 
and sitting (after, twenty-four hours)/.— Toes. [590.] Offensive perspf- 
ration between the toes of the left foot, for some days in succession (after 
sixteen hours),^ — After walking, the feet at the toes feel dead, he, how- 
ever, finds that while walking there is a sore pain, which is still worse on 
jumping,^ — Drawing pain in the great toe,^ — Drawing in the left great 
toe,^ — Drawing from without inward at the place where the left great toe 
unites with the metatarsal bone (after thirty hours),*. — Severe pressure in 
the left great toe,*. — Hard drawing pressure in the left little toe from within 
outward, feeling as if in the periosteum,*. — Pulsating tearing on the lower 
surface of the right toes, lasting several minutes,'. 

General St/tnptoms.^Object ive. General depression, weariness 
of the feet, sleepiness, and frequent yawning (seventh day),^\ — *Belaxation 
of the whole body ; it is irksome to even move the limh,^. — [600.] Weakness 
(second day),^' ; (third day),^'', etc. — * Weakness of the whole bodij (first 
day),". — * Weakness, paleness of the face, eyes sunken, pulse 108 (third day ),^'''- 
— * Weakness and prostration (fourth day),''^. — Weakness, with profuse per- 
spiration (sixth day),'^ — Great weakness of body, especially of the knees, 
though mentally he feels strong and vigorous (after one hour and a half ),^ 
— * Weak and disinclined to work (fifth day),^°. — "Weak and prostrated on 
waking in tlie morning (ninth day),". — The child constantly desired to go 
to bed and to lie down,\ — * Great uneasiness at night (third day),'*. — [610.] 
^Extremely uneasy at night (seventh day),"". — "^Extremely restless at night 
(seventh daj),^'^.—StlbJective. * On waking, weariness, with clammy mouth 
and irritable mood (fifth day),'^ — After dinner, weariness, tension in the 
abdomen, passage of flatulence up and down, profuse micturition with 
dragging in the bladder and rectum, heat in the head and chilliness in 
the back, after the midday nap (sixth day),^". — On waking, weariness, ill- 
humor, with pasty taste (fifth day),"*. — In the evening, weariness and de- 
pression (sixth day),'*. — Great weariness (second day),^". — Great weariness 
and prostration of the whole body (second day),'l — Great weariness and 
ill-humor, on waking (ninth day),'^ — Great weariness and shortness of 
breath, in the evening ; it seems as though he had not power enough to 
take a full breath (after eight hours and a half),?. — [620.] Great weari- 
ness and sleepiness, with frequent yawning in the evening, so that he was 
obliged to give up his usual business and retire to bed as early as eight 
o'clock (sixth day),". — Great weariness after eating (second day),'". — Very 
great weariness, in the evening (third day),'". — Extraordinary weariness 
in the evening; he' was obliged to lie down and slumber; but on rising 
the limbs felt bruised and stiff, with drawing, pressive pains in the thighs 
and knees,\ — He awoke weary, fretful, with confusion of the head and 
pasty taste (fourth day),'". — Weary and depressed, in the morning (sec- 
ond day),'". — Very weary and prostrated, in the morning (sixth day),'^ 
— Several times a sensation as though the body were turning around, and 
it also became dark before the eyes. (sixth day),"'. — Unusual heaviness 
of the body and weariness in the knees,^ — Great heaviness of the whole 
body, on waking in the morning, with pasty mouth, hot head, pressure in the 
stomach, and passage of flatulence upward and downward (seventh day),'". 
— [630.] General discomfort (soon), (eighth day),". — Boring pain, first in 
the right metatarsal bones and in the right temporal region, then extend- 
ing into the right upper row of teeth, and after leaning upon the left 
temple, extending into this also (seventh day),'". — Pressive drawing or tear- 
ing pains, worse on motion than during rest, in various parts of the body 


where the bones are immediately covered by the skin, as, for example, on 
the tibise and clavicles,^ — Prickling and fine stitches, which cause scratch- 
ing, in the evening, in be■d,^ 

Skin. — Objective. Old scars of small-pox, which had become almost 
imperceptible, reappeared distinct and dark-red ; the forehead was thickly 
covered with similar spots, as large as peas (sixth day),^". — Small reddish 
spots in the face, especially in the forehead, also some pimples, rather 
large, which soon fill with pus (twenty-first day),'". — Spots half an inch in 
size, of a bright-red color, like burns, on both thighs (after ten hours and 
a half ),l — Mriiptions, Dry. Papulous eruption on the scalp, face, 
and rest of the skin (third day),". — Pimple as large as a pea, which itches 
painfully, upon the parotid gland (second day),". — After violent itching, 
which causes him to scratch, a red pimple appears at the first (metacarpal) 
joint of the ring finger, which soon afterward becomes white as from a 
water-blister, surrounded by a red areola (after one hour and a half ),^ — 
[640.] Papulous eruptions on the forehead (fifth and sixth days),^^ — 
lEfuptions, Moist. Many pimples on the face, which speedily fill with 
white lymph (seventh day),". — Many pimples on the face, which rapidly 
fill with a whitish-yellow lymph and then shrivel (sixth day),". — After fine 
itching, red vesicles appear on the middle of the left little finger (after 
fifteen hours and a half ),^ — Eczema on the right side of the chest, about 
an inch in length and four lines in breadth (after taking the drug two or 
three weeks),'*. — Subjective. Sensation as if a large animal were run- 
ning over her whole body (third day),^'. — Itching gnawing in various parts 
of the body ; it obliges him to scratch, after which it ceases for some time, 
but returns,*. — Itching in various parts of the body, consisting of sudden, 
sharp, bubbling, continuing stitches, after the disappearance of which 
there remained for some time a sensation of numbuess,l — Itching (some- 
times in the forenoon) in various parts of the body, consisting of large 
stitches, which change to drawing and tearing pain (second day),^ — So 
long as he is moving he feels nothing except weakness ; but on sitting 
there appear itching and numerous other symptoms, towards evening,l — 
[650.] In the evening, in bed, he can scarcely contain himself on account 
of sticking itching in all parts of the body,'.— Itching of the lids (second 
day),". — Itching of the. ear, with removal of much ear-wax (second day),". 
—Itching on the lower jaw (third day),".— Itching in the region of the 
left inguinal canal (third day),".— Sudden fine, sticking itching, as with 
needles, between the fingers, causing him to scratch, immediately, and dis- 
appearing without leaving any sensation behind,'. — Itching on the elbows 
(second day),".— Itching beneath the axillss (fifth day),".— Itching above, 
the malleoli and toes, which suddenly commences with a fine sticking, be- 
coming now worse, now better ; on ceasing there remains a sensation of 
warmth or of numbness of the skin (after three hours),'. — Itching of the 
calf (after six hours),^— [660.] Severe itching in the right calf, so that he 
IS obliged to scratch it until it bleeds, which causes a burning pain, in the 
evening (after six hours and a half),l— Violent itching not only in the 
skm, but also apparently in the bones of the toes of the left foot, in the 
evening (after sixteen hours and a half),^— Violent itching on the back 
of the right great toe, which obliges him to scratch, after which white pus- 
tules appear, which itch still more violently ; the itching only disappears 
after he has rubbed the toe sore (after five hours),*.— Violent itching of the 
right calf, in the morning, with swelling of the veins, extending to the 
sole of the foot ; he is obliged to scratch it until it bleeds, after which the 
place remains red and bleeding (after twenty-three hours),^ 


Sleep and Dreams. Yawning (third, fifth, sixth, and tenth days),'". 
— Frequent yawning (third day),". — Endless yawning, in the evening, so 
that he went to bed early and slept uninterruptedly through the whole 
night (which was unusual for him), (fifth day),". — Sleepiness after eating 
(after six hours and a half ),^ — Sleepiness while sitting (after three hours 
and a half ),^ — Great sleepiness and weariness at noon after eating,'. — 
[670.] Great sleepiness in the evening, with deep sleep and lascivious 
dreams, at night (after taking a cup of tea with four teaspoonfuls of rum), 
(fifth day),^^ — Sleepy and fretful, in the afternoon,'. — Great inclination to 
slumber, the whole forenoon,''. — Great inclination to sleep in the evening, 
cannot keep up,''. — In the evening, he is unable to keep awake, with con- 
stant chilliness,". — Early sleep (before ten), as after great fatigue ; dreams 
confused (first night),". — Sleep towards morning, with light dreams,^ — 
Sound sleep, with indistinct frightful dreams (third day),". — Deep sleep, 
with confused dreams, which he could not remember in the morning (second 
day),". — *8leeps longer than usualinthe morning (second day),". — Sleep- 
lessness. [680.] Sleeplessness (first day),". — Sleepless (fourth day),"". — 
Night sleepless (fourth day),^° ; (fifth day),""". — Sleepless at night with 
thirst, heat, and some headache (second day),"'. — *Night restless (second 
day)," "° ; (third and fourth days),''. — *Night restless, interrv.pted by dreams 
(second day),"". — Night restless, sleep 'disturbed by frequent attacks of 
anxiety and inclination to vomit (second day),'". — Night very uneasy 
(third day),"'. — Night very uneasy, so that she did not sleep a minute 
(second day),"*. — *Uneasy sleep (third day),". — [690.] Uneasy sleep, with 
frequent crying out (third day),"^ — Uneasy sleep, dreams of money (after 
twenty-two hours),^ — Sleep uneasy, with confused dreams, although he 
only went to bed after midnight (fourth day),". — *Sleep very restless (first 
day),"'. — Sleep disturbed by frequent waking,"". — Sleep at night interrupted, 
and only towards morning; many dreams, with an emission (third night),". 
— Late falling asleep and frequent waking at night,". — She fell asleep late, 
dreamed very much and frequently awoke suddenly from sleep ; was fully 
awake at 4 a.m., but fell asleep again at about 6.30, with no desire to rise 
(second day),"".^-Starfcing up from sleep (seventh day),".— Frequent wak- 
ing at night, as from wakefulness,^. — [700.] He awoke more weary than 
when he went to bed (second day),". — Very early waking in the morning; 
he is unable to fall asleep again, and when he wishes to rise he is unable 
to do so from weakness and sleepiness,". — Dreams. Unpleasant dreams, 
at night (fourth day),"*. — Frightful dreams (second evening),". — Night- 
mare in the evening as soon as he fell asleep ; he was unable to cry out, 
although he awakened,". 

Fever. — Chilliness. Chilliness in the open air (second day),". — ■ 
Some chilliness followed a feverish attack and paroxysms of heat and 
throbbing in the head (seventh day),". — Towards evening, first chilliness, 
without thirst, with great sensitiveness to the cold, which frequently causes 
sudden shivering and shaking, followed by heat of certain parts, with 
anxiety, as if some evil were impending,". — Towards evening, at first 
chilliness for. some minutes, with great sensitiveness to the cold, followed 
by heat in different parts of the body, on the backs of the hands, and on 
the nape of the neck, but not in the face,". — Constant chilliness the whole 
forenoon, renewed by every dose, with coldness of the whole body ; after 
the chilliness disappears and the usual warmth begins, at first the nose 
still remains cold, but as this becomes warm, the previously warm hands 
become again cold (after half an hotir),*. — [710.] Alternations of chills 


and heat (first day),''.— Sudden attack of violent shaking chill at 9 p.m. ; 
he soon went to bed, but passed a sleepless night in a feverish heat; 
on the next day he still felt unwell, continued to have some fever, with 
headache, which continued through the whole afternoon ; in the evening, 
violent fever again appeared, lasting till about two o'clock at night, 
when he first fell asleep (after taking the drug two or three weeks),^*. 
— Dinner is relished, but is followed by general coldness, with congestion 
of the head (fifth day),".— Coldness alternating with heat, followed by 
profuse sweat (second day),'l — After the midday nap, coldness over the 
whole body, heat in the head, tension about the flanks, pressure and heat 
in the rectum, with swelling of the hsemorrhoidal vessels, flatulence, pros- 
tration, and ill-humor (tenth day),'^— Feeling of coldness of the whole 
body (second and third days),"*. — Feeling of coldness over the whole body 
after eating (third and fourth days),". — Feeling of general coldness, with 
congestion to the brain, after dinner (fourth day),". — Shivering through 
the whole body, with yawning, but without coldness or goose-flesh, in the 
morning (after twenty-four hours),'^. — Sudden shiverings, at times, in the 
evening, with sensation of chilliness,'. — [720.] Coldness over the back, 
with great heat in the head and eyes; frequent urging to urinate, with ac- 
companying pressure in the rectum, after the midday nap (seventh day),". 
— Coldness of the back, tension of the abdomen, passage of much flatu- 
lence up and down, after the midday nap (ninth day),". — Coldness of the 
hands, while the face and forehead were hot, without thirst, in the morn- 
ing (after three-quarters of an hour),^ — Decided coldness over the back, 
and pressure upon the bladder, after eating (eleventh day),". — Rent. 
Heat (fifth day),"". — Heat of the whole body (fourth day),"'. — Heat over 
the whole body, so that she could not sleep at night (fifth day),'^ — Heat 
over the whole body, with perspiration during a restless sleep (third 
day),''. — In the morning, feeling of heat in the hands, face, and over the 
whole body, without remarkably increased warmth or thirst (after three- 
quarters of an hour),^. — After the feverish chilliness and the coldness, 
there gradually appeared heat of the whole body, especially of the face, 
with redness after eating, without thirst (after two hours),*. — [730.] Night 
uneasy, disturbed by great heat (sixth day),^'. — Great internal heat (second 
day),". — Heat in various parts, hands, nape of the neck and neck below 
the lower jaw, and after an hour dryness of the palate, with thirst,'. — 
Warmth in the head (fifth day),". — Increased warmth in the head (first 
day),". — ^Increased warmth of the head towards evening (fifth day),". — 
Increased sensation of warmth in the head (first day),"". — Heat in the 
head and abdomen (second day),". — Heat in the head, especially in the 
forehead, with pressure in the temporal region, in the morning (ninth 
day),".— Head hot, confused (third day),". — [740.] Heat in the head, and 
towards evening, cold shivering, followed by palpitation (fourth day),'\ — 
Heat rising up into the head and lasting till evening (fifth day),'^ — Heat 
rising up into the head, with sensation as if the head were turning about; 
in bed (fourth day),". — Heat rises up to the head, with some perspiration 
(sixth day),'^— Great heat in the head (seventh day),".— Head hot, with 
pressure in the forehead, in the morning on waking (eleventh day),". — 
Heat in the face, with coldness of the extremities, lasting till midnight 
and causing nausea ; after midnight, the whole condition changed to an 
agreeable sensation of comfort, followed by refreshing sleep (ninth day),". 
— Burning in the face, without redness,l — Sensation of heat and exter- 
nally perceptible heat of the hands, with swelling of the veins, while the 


forehead and the rest of the body were simply warm, the cheeks were cold 
(after fifteen hours and a half)/. — Heat in the whole left leg, in the even- 
ing, with drawing pain in it while sitting,''.— Sweat. [750.] Perspired 
easily ,^ — Sweat during the night (fourth deLj),''\ — Profuse sweat at night 
(sixth day),"'-'. — Every time on waking from sleep at night, slight per- 
spiration over the whole body (after ten hours),^ 

Coitditions.— Aggravation.— (Morning), On rising, headache, etc. ; 
on waking, dimness of vision ; sensation in mouth ; after accustomed smoke, 
nausea, etc.; feeling inside of abdomen purging to stool; sensation in chest; 
on waking, weak, etc. ; on waking, weariness, etc.; on waking, heaviness of 
body, etc. ; itching of calf ; deep sleep, etc.; shivering, etc.; coldness of 
hands, etc. ; feeling of heat ; heat in head ; on waking, head hot, etc. — 
(Forenoon), Pain in arm ; chilliness. — (Noon), After nap, tension in in- 
guinal region; after eating, sleepiness. — (Afternoon), Vertigo; towards 
evening, vertigo, etc. ; towards evening, headache; headache, etc.; fog be- 
fore the eyes; nausea; towards evening, inclination to vomit, etc.; towards 
evening, itching, etc. ; sleepy, etc. ; towards evening, chilliness, etc. ; after 
midday nap, coldness, etc. ; after midday nap, coldness over back, etc. ; 
towards evening, warmth of head. — (Evening), Confusion of head, etc. ; 
headache; on going to sleep, headache ; burning in tip of tongue; dry- 
ness of palate ; after eating, eructations ; pain in the bowels ; pain in side 
of neck ; weariness, etc. ; in bed, stitches ; in bed, itching ; in bed, itching 
on right calf; itching of toes ; at 9 o'clock, attack of chill ; shivering, etc. ; 
heat in leg, etc. — (Night), Ringing, etc., in ears ; nausea ; towards morning, 
inclination to vomit; griping in umbilical region ; pains in bowels; griping in 
abdomen ; cough, etc. ; on waking, stitches in prascordial i-egion ; uneasiness 
before midnight, heat in face, etc. ; sweat. — (In open air), Prepuce retracted. 
— (Moving in open air), Turning sensation in head. — (After breakfast). Con- 
fusion of head, etc. ; eructations ; rumbling, etc., in abdomen. — (After 
coffee). Diarrhoea. — (During diviner). Thirst. — (After dinner). Weariness, 
etc.; frequent micturition; feeling of coldness, etc. — (After eating). Hic- 
cough; immediately, rumbling in lower abdomen; weariness; sleepiness; 
feeling of coldness. — (Inspiration), Stitches in right side ; stitches in left 
chest. — (Leaning against anything). While standing still, feeling in head. 
— (Moving), Pain in frontal region ; stitches in upper abdomen. — (Pressure), 
Pressure in region of lumbar vertebrae. — (Reading), Burning in eyes, etc. 
— (Rest), Pain in arm. — (Sitting), Pain in side of back ; drawing in gluteus 
maximus ; pressure on back of foot. — ( Wliile standing), Pain in bend of knees. 
— (On stooping), Stitches in brain ; sticking in forepart of brain ; pressure 
in region of lumbar vertebrae. — (Taking off overcoat). Pain in acromial re- 
gion. — ( Walking), Stitches about nipple ; pressure, etc., in knee ; pain in 
ankle; pain behind malleolus ; j^am in sole of foot. — (On walking a long 
time). Roaring in ears. 

A.tnelioration. — (Morning), After rising, pain in arm. — (Motion), 
Pain in knee. — (In room), Turning sensation in head. — ( While sitting), 
Turning sensation in head ; sleepiness. — (Standing), Drawing in gluteus 
maximus; pain in ankle; pressure on back of foot. — (Touch), Pain in 
forehead ; stitches in temporal region ; pain in side of back. 

VOL. IV. — 5 



Daphne Indica, Linn. (Daphne odorata, W. (?).) 

Natural order, Thyraelacese. 

Preparation, Tincture of the bark of the branches. 

Authority. Symptoms from Dr. Bute, Corresp. Blatt., etc., 1837. 

Hind. — Despondency. — Fearfulness. — Very peevish and thoughtless ; 
he walked back and forth in the room, and could not make up his mind to 
do anything. 

Head,— -Vertigo, Vertigo. — General Head. The head feels too 
thick, with dull sticking in the left temple. — Feeling of fulness in the head, 
as if there were not enough room in it. — The head feels as if screwed to- 
gether from below upward, as if the chin and vertex were put into a vise, 
with great heat in the head. — Headache, extending from the nape of the 
neck to the forehead. — Feeling as if the external portion of the brain were 
inflamed and beat painfully against the skull.-^[10.] Every attempt to 
think caused pain in the brain. — A pain in the brain, as from a soreness 
long since past, is renewed by continued 'thinking, even after many weeks. 
— Temples. Violent pain in the left temple. — A sore pain, with painful 
pulsation of the bloodvessels, on pressing upon the temples. — Pulsation in 
the temples and in the gum. — Vertex. Pain in the vertex. — Pain in the 
vertex, extending towards the forehead. — Parietals. Sharp momentary 
pains in the left side of the head and beneath the left scapula. — OccijiUt. 
Pain in the posterior portion of the head. — External Jfead. Itching 
on the scalp. 

JSye. — [20'] Indescribable sensation about the eyes and lids ; the latter 
feel heavy the next morning; they have a dry look. — The eyes feel weak 
and are somewhat inflamed. — Feeling as if the eyes were forcibly pressed 
upon, with pain in them. — Itching of the left eye. — lirow. Pain above 
the right eye. — Lachrymal Apparatus. Watery, dim eyes, as if 
they had burst. — Jiall.. Violent pain in the eyeballs, in the evening, with 
great nervous excitement. — I^upil. Very contracted pupils. — Vision. 
Black points float before the eyes. 

JEar. — Koaring in the ears. 

Nose. — [30.] Nostrils scurfy, with some heat. 

JPace. — Crackling in the swollen jaw, on pressing on it, as from the 
accumulation of fluid or jius. — Feeling of stiffness in the articulation of 
the jaw on chewing. — Feeling of swelling and tension in the region of the 
articulation of the jaw, with violent burning in the skin. 

Mouth, — Teeth. Toothache, with and without salivation. — Toothache 
after coition. — Toothache, with erections. — Toothache, with attacks of chil- 
liness. — Toothache, with inclination to sweat. — Tearing-gnawing toothache 
in all the teeth. — [40.] Pulsation in the roots of the teeth, in the gum. — 

Tongue. Tongue coated on one side. — Saliva. Salivation with the 
toothache. — Saliva hot. 

Throat. — Sore pain, on pressing upon the left side of the throat. • 

Stomach.— Appetite. Great desire for tobacco.— Loss of appetite. 
Thirst. Moderate drinking. — Nausea and Vomiting. Nausea 
and vomiting after breakfast; vomiting with cough. — Qualmishness in 
the stomach.— Stomach. [50.] Pressure in the stomach, after drinking. 

Abdomen.— Hypochondria. Feeling as if something smooth 
slipped from the 'right across to the left hypochoudrium, while lying on the 


back. — Sudden stitch in the region of the spleen. — General Abdo- 
men,. Sudden occurrence of goutlike pains in the intestines. — Colic, with 

Urinary Organs.— Urethra. Discharge of prostatic fluid, after 
urinating. — Sore pain in the urethra, on beginning to urinate. — Frequent 
inclination to urinate, with forcible passage of a large clear stream. — 
Micturition. Nocturnal enuresis. — Urine. Reddish-yellow urine. — 
[60,] Offensive urine. — Urine becomes turbid. — Urine very thick, yellow, 
turbid, like bad eggs. — A red sediment accumulates on the sides of the 

Hespiratory Organs. — Voice. Weak voice. — Ex^icctora- 
tion. Expectoration, with some blood. — -Thin, slimy, copious expectora- 
tion. — Mespiration. Offensive breath. 

Chest. — Pain beneath the left short ribs. — Pain in the pectoral muscles. 

Heart and JPnlse. — [70.] Very slow pulse (in two attacks). 

Week and liach. — Pain in the nape of the neck, with headache. — 
Beating in the nape of the neck, where it is painful to touch. — Screwing 
pain from the ear to the shoulder. — Sensation as though the cervical glands 
were much swollen and the arteries excessively distended, with a feeling of 
suffocation, as if the head were separated from the body, at night.' — Pain 
and a drawing downward in the spinal cord, aggravated by stooping or 
bending. — Sharp pain beneath the left scapula. 

JExtreniities in General. — Sticking-shooting pains, first in one, 
then in the other arm, which seem to go into the hands and feet, where they 
end suddenly with a slight electric shock. When he thinks they have passed 
by, he suddenly feels the same pain in the left foot, which, however, remain 
in no one place ; in the great toe (in which he formerly had gouty pains) 
he feels as if there were an emptiness, then lightning-like, shooting pains 
in the left great toe, in the balls of the toes, and soles of the feet ; the same 
in the right foot, but less ; after the pains have been very violent, the left 
foot is quite insensible to touch, and feels as large as the whole body (after 
third dose). — Cold air caused violent pains in the Hmbs. 

Superior Extremities. — Shotilder. Lightning-like pain in the 
right shoulder. — Hand. [80.] Goutlike, pinching pain on' the back of 
the left hand, mostly on the side of the little finger ; after five minutes the 
pain jumped to the right hand, also to the outer half; the pain alternated 
every four or five minutes in the two hands, for several hours. Then the 
pain suddenly changed to the ball of the left great toe, soon passed to the 
back of the toe, extended along the back of the right great toe, and then 
to the left. After several minutes passing from one foot to the other, it 
changed to the muscles of the right upper arm, just above the elbow, then 
went to the inner side of the left thigh, just above the knee, thence to the 
abdomen, below the prsecordial region (second hour after the dose). — Fin- 
gers. Sudden, violent, painful boring in the bones of the fingers. — Stick- 
ing-tearing in the thumb and fingers of the right hand. 

Inferior Extremities. — Hip. Sharp pain above the right hip, 
extending towards the back, lasting about ten minutes. — Screwing pain in 
the right hip, and extending from the hip to the knee. — Thigh. Pain in 
the thighs and knees.- — Dull pain in the thighs. — Rheumatic pain in the 
muscles of the left thigh, just above the knee, as after taking cold, worse 
on walking. — Toes. Feeling of bruised pain in the left toes. 

General Symptoms. — Objective. Febrile stretching, with yawn- 
ing and chilliness. — [90.] Great weakness, a bruised feeling in the limbs (in 


all the provers). — Uneasiness. — Very uneasy, with nervous headache ; shai 
pains sweep over the whole body ; sometimes it seems as though they stoppe 
in the joints, then he felt them in the neighborhood of the heart, whic 
caused trembling, and fenrfnlness.— Subjective. Pains shoot suddenlj 
startings from the foot up to the shoulder, and thence along both sides 1 
the breast. — ^Sudden, lightning-like, dull jerkings in different parts of il 
body. — Most of the pains were on the left side. 

Skin. — Small vesicles on the hands and arms, itching violently. — Bun 
iug and itching externally down the back. — Itching on the limbs ever 
evening ; they are covered with spots of red rash. 

Sleep and Dreatns. — Sleepiness. Much slumbering, with con 
plaints that he is unable to sleep. — Sleeplessness. [100,] Complete loi 
of sleep. — Starting up in sleep from fright, with chilliness and clamm 
sweat. — Dreams. Dreams of fire. — Nightmare ; he dreamed that an ev 
blacli cat seized him by the hand. 

Fever. — Coldness. Violent shaking chill, lasting twelve hours, fo 
lowed by moderate heat, as in typhus, with clammy sweat over the who] 
body, then some thirst, together with complete loss of appetite. — Feelin 
of coldness in the knees. — Cold knees, cold feet. — Toes and forepart of tl 
foot extremely cold. — JTeat, Heat and sweat at short intervals. — Gastr: 
nervous fever. — [110,] Feeling of glowing heat of the cheeks, soon aft( 
taking, which after half au hour. changed into a burning sensation, bun 
ing about the ears and on the vertex, with constant inclination to yawi 
After the second dose this extended to the hands and tips of the fingers 
in the evening, chill. — Sweat. Inclination to sweat. — Offensive clamm 
sweat. — Clammy skin. — Sweat on the scrotum. 

Conditions. — AggTa,va,tion.^3forning), The symptoms. — (Evening 
Pain in eyeballs. — -(Night), Sensation in cervical glands. — (After breakfast 
Nausea, etc. — (After coition'). Toothache. — (Cold air). Pains in limbs.- 
(After walking in cold air). Return of symptoms that had long disappear© 
— (After drinking), Pressure in stomach. — (Stooping), Pain, etc., in spins 
cord. — (Thinking), Pain in brain. — (Walking), Pain in muscles of thigh, 


Datura arborea, Linn. 

Natural order, Solanacete. 

Preparation, Tincture of the flowers (?). 

Authority. 1. Dr. Poulson, Med. Invest., 9, 261, effects of the odor ( 
the flowers left in the room two days. 

A very strange effect upon the cerebrum, as if my forehead was e: 
panded and my ideas were floating outside of the brain (from the pe 

A very strange feeling of pleasant and easy comfort, and as if I scarce] 
touched the earth with my feet, and had to gather my ideas from afar, ! 
if they were floating in the clouds (from the perfume). 

Slight vertigo (from the perfume). 

Found myself involved in a most beautiful atmosphere, bright and cal; 
as the sunlight at noon (from the perfume). 

I felt a sensible confusion of ideas across the cerebrum, with drawir 
nervous irritation back to the cerebellum, and a spinal irritation or depl 


tion of nervous circulation in the medulla oblongata, during the process of 
handling and cutting them. 

Buchner's Toxicologic, 1827, states that the odor of the flowers readily 
causes spasms. 

In Froriep's Notiz., iii, it is said that the juice, put into the eye, causes 


Datura ferox, Linn. 

Natural order, Ranunculacese (Chinese Datura, probably the most 
poisonous species). 

Preparation, Trituration of the seeds. 

Authority. 1, Waitz Prakt. Beob. iib. Java. Arzum., 1829, a girl ate 
half an unripe fruit (as large as an acorn) mixed with her food. 

After a quarter of an hour she was completely out of her mind, was 
dizzy, sleepy ; at last fell into a sleep, in which the eyes remained more or 
less open, and if disturbed she sprang up raving, and uttered unintelligible 
words ; if one sang she began to dance in the Javanese fashion,^. — Pulse 
was slow and full,^ — Mouth very dry,\ 

Buchner's Toxicologic, 1827, states that if the lips are held for a short 
time to a glass rubbed with a leaf, one is made to rave. 

Gmelin, Reise, etc., state that beer poisoned with the seeds of this plant 
causes ravings. 


Datura metel, Linn. 

Natural order, Solanacese (Indian Datura, probably confounded with the 
present Datura alba, including D. fastuosa, L.). 

Preparation, Trituration of the seeds. 

Authorities. 1, Rhazes, Lib. ad Mans., 1544 (from Wibmer) ; 2, Kaemp- 
fer, Amoenit. Exot. Fax., iii, p. 650 (ibid.) ; 3, Knorre, A. H. Z., 6, 35, 
eifects of expressing the juice ; 4, Dr. Giraud, Trans, of Med. and Phys. 
Soc. of Bombay (N. A. J. of Horn., 2, 339), poisonous effects of powdered 
■ seeds mixed with food ; 5, Trans, of Calcutta, from Wibmer, effects of a 
decoction of the bark of the root of D. fastuosa on a woman. 

M-ind. — Delirium,^ — Intoxication, loss of sensibility, and spasms,^ — 
In many cases, three stages of symptoms are observed : Primary delirium, 
sopor, or even coma, and secondary delirium — a single stage, that of de- 
lirium only, occurring in mild cases. The primary delirium may be 
vociferous or merely garrulous, the patient usually manifesting excessive 
timidity. In both this and the soporific stage, he is constantly engaged 
in picking at real or imaginary objects, and sometimes in performing such 
antics as to render laughter on the part even of friends unavoidable. 
Several of the movements seem to depend upon perverted vision, which 
destroys the power of judging of the distance of objects, and which may be 
due to the widely dilated pupil, a persistent symptom. In the majority 
of cases, the soporose stage is absent, the delirium subsisting for from six 
to ten hours,''. — On recovery, the person usually recollects nothing since 
the meal at which he was poisoned, so rapid are its effects,*. 

Eye, — Dilated pupils for several days,°. — Extreme dilatation of the 


left pupil, so that the iris seems like a narrow rim, lastiug three days,'.- 
Flickering before the eyes, with sensitiveness to the light,l 

Pulse.— The pulse, usually natural, undergoes iu some cases extremi 
of exaltation and depression,*. 

Sleep.— Fossesses soporific properties,'.— [10.] She fell into a slumbe 
with intermitting pulse,^ 

Fever. — Temperature, usually natural, undergoes m some cases e: 
tremes of exaltation and depression,*. 


Alkaloid from Delphinium staphisagria, Linn. 

Formula, CjiHgjNOj. 

Preparation, Triturations. 

Authorities. 1, Schroff, Pharmacologie, effects of 0.006 to 0.01 of 
grm. ; 2, Turnbull, On the Medical Properties of the Ranunculat^ese, effec 
of 0.18 to 0.25 grm. a day (0.03 grm. at a dose) ; 3, Soubeiran, Journ. c 
Pharm., 1837, effects of inunction ; 4, Falck and Koerig, Archiv f. Phy 
Heilk., xi, effe'cts of 1 to 3 drops of alcoholic solution (1 drop equals 0.( 
grm.) ; 5, Albers, Allg. Zeit. Psych., 1858, effects of 0.015 grm. four tim 
a day for several days, in a case of " torpor of the brain and irritability 
the spine." 

Sensation of crawling and burning in the tongue, which, however, do 
not seem red or swollen, lasting an hour and a half; it produces the san 
sensation of burning when introduced into a wound iu the skin,*. — Salivatio 
redness, and inflammation of the whole of the fauces, with a gnawing bur 
ing sensation in the throat, nausea, efforts to vomit, diminished appetit 
urging to stool without relief, urging to urinate, accompanied by sensatic 
of burning, but without special increase of the secretion of urine; itchii 
and sticking of the whole skin, so that the patient could not lie in be 
and lastly, a small but normal pulse,'*. — Intensely bitter taste, with sens 
tion of burning in the tip of the tougue and lower lip, increased secretic 
of saliva, eructations, nausea, feeling of pressure in the stomach, ai 
diminished rapidity of the pulse,^ — Diuresis and a sensation of burnii 
and prickling in various parts of the body ; such as is caused by rubbii 
it upon the skin,^ — Warmth, prickling redness, and a kind of goose-flesl 
applied to the nose, it caused sneezing, to the conjunctiva pain and re 


Natural order of animals, Cetacese. The Dolphin from the mouth of tl 

Preparation, Trituration of the hide. 

Authority. Mure, Pathogeuesie Bresil. (Before taking the drug, t 
prover had paroxysms of cough, with suffocation, during which a hern 
protruded with much force.) 

Secid, — Headache (second day). 

Mjje. — A pain passing quickly along the right eyebrow (first day). 

Nose. — Bleeding from the left nostril (before taking the drug, he bl 
from the right nostril), (third day). 

Face. — Dry lips (second day). 


3Touth, — Clammy mouth (secood day). 

Stomach, — Eructations (first day). — Acidity of the stomach (fourth 
day). — Sensation of much air in the stomach, with rumbling in the bowels 
(first day). 

Abdomen. — Slight pain at the navel (after five minutes), (first day). 
— [10.] Hard abdomen, especially on the right side, where he feels as if 
there were a ball, painful when touched, in the evening (second day). — 
The hardness felt in the right side of the abdomen has passed to the left 
side' (third day). — Severe colic, with soft, sour-smelling stools (second day). 
— (The hernia protrudes less forcibly when he laughs), (first day). 

Anus. — Itching at the anus, as from worms (fourth day). 

Sexual Ot'fjans. — Very violent erections, with strong sexual desire 
(fourth day). 

Respiratory Organs, — (He has not been troubled with suffoca- 
tion, and the cough is less), (second day). — (Cough continues), (third day). 
— Paroxysms of cough, with suffocation (fourth day). 

Chest.- — ^AU the bones of the thorax are affected with rheumatic pains 
(fourth day). 

_Bac/c.— [20.] Pain in the loins (on rising in the morning), (first day) ; 
(second and third days). 

Mxtreniities in General. — Violent, smarting, and excoriating 
pains, passing from the right thigh to the heel, then to the right shoulder; 
these pains are aggravated by contact (first day). 

Inferior Extremities. — On moving the right toes, the bones 
crack, as if they "were notched (first day). 

Sleej). — Sleep restless and disturbed (third day). 


P. Conferva aurea. 

A fungus of the family of moulds. 

Preparation, Tincture. 

Authority. Hering, Archiv. £ Horn., 13, 2, p. 184. 

Slight cutting in the abdomen.— Stool soft, afterwards thick (after half 
an hour). — Tobacco had not its natural taste, although it destroyed the 
bitter taste of the medicine. — Strong sexual desire. 


Derris pinnata, Lour. (Flora Cochin-China.) 

Natural order, Leguminosse. 

Preparation, Tincture of the plant. 

Authority. Dr. X. Roussel, " symptoms clinically confirmed, obtained 
from over eighty subjects, with 20 to 30 drops of the tincture," L'Hahne- 
mannisnie, 4, 295. 

MJind, — JEmotional. He fancies he is seasick. — He desires death 
and will attempt suicide. — -He is discouraged and despairs of a cure, de- 
claring himself a hypochondriac. — He dreads pain, and is averse to soli- 
tude, with great anxiety. — He is afraid of killing some one with a knife. — 
He is disposed to strike, and inveighs against his dearest friends. — She 


■weeps and sings alternately, and has a tremendous flow of ideas. — Intel 
lectlial. Loss of memory. 

Mead. — Vertigo. Vertigo, with loss of consciousness. — [10.] Vertig( 
with inclination to vomit (after one hour). — He is afraid of falling if h 
turns his head to the right or Mt— General Head. Congestion of th 
brain, with nausea. — Sensation as if needles and nails were driven into th 
head. — These pains (of the head) are felt for three days in succession, s 
the evening meal (6 o'clock). — Forehead. Pain throughout the fronts 
region. — Parietals, Painful lancinations on the left side of the heac 
with vomiting of mucus, and burning sensation along the cesophagus.- 
JSxternal Head. The scalp is excessively painful ; the least toucl 
even with a pen-feather, aggravates the pain. 

JEjfe. — Objective. Red eyes, with lachrymation. — Eyes fixed an 
glittering. — Subjective. [20.] Very painful lancinations in both eyei 
extending to the bottom of the orbit. — Brow and Orbit. Cannot rais 
his eyebrows. — Pain below the left eye. — Violent pain below the right ey 
and in the right temple. — Lids. Blepharoptosis. — LacJirymal Ap 
paratus. Swelling of the left caruncula lachrymalis, with large ecch) 
mosis of the left eye (after six hours). — Conjunctiva, Conjunctivitii 
with photophobia. — Chemosis. — Sail. The sclerotic looks yellow. — Pu 
pil. Pupil immovable. — Vision. [30.] Dimness of vision. — -Black poinl 
before the eye. 

Mar. — Objective. Swelling, redness, and heat of the auricle. — Ozsena 
— Subjective, Intense pain in the bottom of the ear. — Acute pain i 
the ear, as if caused by lancinating formication, or pinching. — Hearinrj 
Hearing impaired, or excessively acute. — Humming in the ears; sound 
like distant bells. — Cracking in the ears, when swallowing. 

Nose. — The tip of the nose is red. — [40.] Fluent coryza. — Epistaxis 
— Nose very much stopped up. — Smell. — Exalted sense of smell ; sh 
perceives celestial odors. — Intolerable'smells, after frequent sneezing. 

Faee. — Objective. Face pale, red, shining, earthy-looking, or lead 
colored. — Face puffy and swollen. — Subjective. Tic douloureux, wit 
spasmodic movements of the facial muscles, especially of the orhiculan 
palpebrarum. — Cheeks. Painful determination of blood to the left cheet 
— Burning of the left cheek, with pain in the suborbitar canal. — Lips 
[50.] Lips dry, black, and cracked. — Chin. Acute pain in the tempore 
maxillary articulation, with pain before and in the ears ; more frequen 
and severe on the left side. — Pain in the whole lower jaw, as if the teet 
were being pulled out. 

JHouth. — Teeth. Sagging of the teeth ; some loose teeth, previousl 
painless, become excessively painful. — Severe toothache, compelling him t 
scream. — Toothache aggravated by cold. — The nightly toothache' is n 
lieved by heat. — Gums, Swelling and bleeding of the gums. — Tongue 
Tongue white, or lead-colored. — Formication and trembling of the tonguf 
— [60.] Painful, dry, cracked tongue. — General Mouth. Slight hseii 
orrhage from the walls of the mouth. — Dry mouth. — Saliva. Salivatior 
with engorgement of the submaxillary glands.— Copious salivation, wit 
aphthae, and thready viscid mucus. — Inclination to spit in the morning an^ 
after a meal. — Taste, Intolerable bitterness of the mouth, with burnin 
sensation along the oesophagus. 

T/iroa^.— Violent visible beating of the- carotids.— The throat feels s 
if completely raw, while swallowing.- I7^yM?« and Tonsils. Red swel 
ing of the tonsils, uvula, and velum palati. — [70.] Constant tickling of th 


uvula, as if by a foreign body. — Constriction of the pillars of the velum 
^a\a,tl—CEsophagtis. Sensation as of a ball in the oesophagus, with 
cramps there. 

Stomach.— Appetite. Bulimy.— Strong desire for acids.— Repug- 
nance to meat. — Thirst. Intense thirst, on waking in the morning. — 
JEructation and Hiccovgh. Badly smelling eructations.- Raising 
of phlegm; nausea. — Bilious regurgitations. — [80.] Hiccough, with deep 
anguish and burning in the stomach. — Vomiting. Vomiting; watery 
• diarrhoea, next morning. — Stomach. Compression" at the stomach, with 
sensitiveness to touch. 

AbdomcTl.— Hypochondria. Pain and sensatioti of swelling of 
the liver. — Sensation of swelling of the spleen. — JSavel. Pressure about 
the navel— General Abdomen. Inflation of the abdomen.- Tym- 
panitis ; the intestinal curves gather themselves into clusters, with a pinch- 
ing pain. — Borborygrai. — Fetid flatulence. — [90.] Cramplike pains ; diar- 
rhoea, with anguish. — Griping, ameliorated by lying on the abdomen. — 
Iliac Hegion. Pain in the groins ; he feels as if a hernia were about 
to protrude. 

Hectum and Anus. — Hemorrhoidal tumors appear. — Constriction 
of the rectum. — Tenesmus. — Sensation of formication in the rectdm. — Sen- 
sation of a foreign body in the anus. 

Stool. — Diarrhoea. Diarrhoea and weakness after vomiting. — Dys- 
enteric stools. — [100.] Involuntary stools at night ; white or yellowish stools. 
— Burning stools, with burning at the anus. — Undigested stools. — Bloody 
stools, with sharp pains. — Constipation. Constipation or diarrhoea; 
nightly diarrhoea. 

Urinary Organs. — Bladder. Pains in the bladder. — Frequent 
ineffectual urging to urinate. — Micturition. Frequent urination, with 
pains in the kidneys. — Sometimes incontinence of urine, or flow of dirty- 
white urine. — Gluey, fetid urine is discharged guttatim. — -[110.] Difiicult 
urination ; slight retention, with sensation of burning in the urethra. — 
Urine. Discharge of clear and limpid urine. 

Sexual Organs. — Male. Agreeable itching of the glans penis ; 
slight orchitis. — Ileo-scrotal pains. — Swelling of the epididymis. — Pungent 
pain in the left testicle. — Increased sexual desire. — Female. Swelling of 
the uterus. — Sensation of heaviness behind the uterus. — The uterus feels 
as if about to issue from the vagina. — [120.] Leucorrhoea, with menstru- 
ation twice a month. — Cramplike pains during the menses. 

Jlespiratory Orgatis. — Larynx. Sharp pungent pain in the 
larynx. — Voice. Transient hoarseness. — Feeble voice, with quavering 
speech. — Short-lasting aphonia. — Cough and Expectm^ation. Fre- 
quent spasmodic cough. — Hysteric cough. — Dry cough, with suffocation; 
difiiculty in raising mucus. — She expectorates blood and blows it from the 
nose. — Respiration. [130.] Slow, sighing respiration. — Respiration 
short and difficult; suffocation. — Feeling of suffocation, with fetid breath. 
— Obliged to sit up in bed at night to get air. — Asthmatic paroxysms. 

Chest. — Burning sensation in the chest. — Her whole chest feels swollen, 
and she unlaces herself immediately after eating but very little. — Front. 
Cramplike pains behind the sternum. — Lancinations in the intercostal 
muscles behind the sternum. — Sides. Constriction of the left side of the 
chest, in the evening. — [140.] 'Pleuritic stitch in the right side. 

Heart. — Violent palpitation of the heart ; it seems to be beating in 
water. — Ifech and Back. — Violent pains in the nape of the neck and 


neck, with slight swelling of these parts. — She feels as if a small stream 
of water was running from one ear to the other across the nape of the neck, 
which causes a terrible pain. — Violent tensive pains along the vertebral 
column. — Rheumatic pains between the shoulders. — Pains in the loins at 
night, with profuse perspiration. — Saero-lumbar pains. 

Superior Extremities. —Paralytic pains commencing in the entire 
left upper extremity (also felt in the right limb, but less frequently). — Rheu- 
matic paius from the shoulder to the finger-tips, with sensation as if an ice- 
cold liquid were flowing in the same direction. — [150.] Pain and swelling 
from the elbow to the axilla, along the course of the nerves and bloodvessels 
of the arms. — Cramplike pains at the insertion of the deltoid on the hu- 
merus, relieved by compression. — Cramplike pains in the right fingers, with 
paleness of the extremities. 

Inferior Extremities. — He staggers like a drunken man, his 
knees give way under him ; he walks as if stepping on down. — Transient 
numbness of the lower limbs. — Intense sciatic pains. — Pains and bruised 
feeling in the large muscles of the thigh. — Weakness and severe pains in 
the hip-joint. — Electric shocks in the muscles of the leg. — Pains from the 
tibia to the astragalus. 

General Syniptotns.— [160.1 He hears the beating of his arteries. 
— Debility, with perspiration. — Erratic pains in the entire trunk, which 
extort groans at night, but do not awaken the prover. 

SIcin. — The skin of the abdomen is painful. 

Sleej). — Sleep after a meal. 

Conditions. — Aggravation. — {Morning), Inclination to spit; on 
waking, thirst. — {Evening'), At 6 o'clock, when taking a meal, pains in 
head ; constriction of left chest. — {Night), Involuntary stools ; diarrhoea ; 
pain in loins, etc. 

Amelioration, — {Compression), Pains in the humerus. — {Heat), 
Nightly toothache. — {Lying on abdomen), Griping. 


Dictamnus Fraxinella, Linn. 

Natural order, Rutacese. Common name, Fraxinella. 

Preparation, Tincture of whole plant. 

Authority. Stoerck, in Die Flammula Jovis, etc., from Noaek and 
Trink's Mat. Med. 

Frequent emission of copious, offensive flatus. — Itching in the anus. — 
Increased stools. — Constipation.^ — Greatly increased secretion of urine. — 
Discharge of much tenacious mucus from the uterus, at first brown, after- 
wards white, at last streaked with blood. — Increase of the leucorrhoea, 
with profuse discharge of urine, with distressing tenesmus and painful 
erosion of the genitals. — Profuse metrorrhagia for nine days (recurring 
after ten days, upon the continued use of the drug, and lasting several 
days, with physical weakness).— Aggravation of the epileptic attack.— 
[10.] Profuse perspiration .f 

t From Zorn, Botanologia Mudica. Berlin, 1714, p. 205. 



An active principle (glucoside) of Digitalis purpurea.f 

Formula, C^Ufi^. 

Authorities. 1, Baehr, Monograph Digitalis (pulse before experiment 
averaged, in bed, mornings 51, on rising 60, after breakfast 63, evening 
65, evening after exercise 69, evening in b^d 59), took 2d trit. \ gr. at 
10.30 A.M. first day, at 10.25 a.m. second and third days, at 9.30 a.m. 
fourth day ; i gr. at 10.5 a.m. fifth day, at 9.40 a.m. sixth day ; 1 gr. at 
10.45 A.M. seventh day ; 1 b, same prover, second proving with 2d trit., 1^ 
gr. at 10 A.M. first day, at 11.45 a m. second day, 2 grs. at 9.55 a.m. fourth 
day, 2^ grs. at 10.45 a.m. seventh day, 2 grs. at 9.10 a.m. eighth day, 2^ 
grs. at 10.28 a.m. ninth day, 2 grs. at 10.40 a.m. fifteenth day, 2 grs. at 10 
A.M. sixteenth day, 2 grs. at 10 a.m. eighteenth day, 3 grs. at 9.59 A.M. 
nineteenth day, 3 grs. at 10.30 a.m. and 1 gr. at 10.30 p.m. twenty-first 
day, 3 grs. at 9.58 A.m. and 1 gr. at 11 p.m. twenty-third day, 3 grs. at 9.30 
A.M. twenty-fifth day, 3 grs. at 10.40 a.m. twenty-sixth day; 2, Baehr's 
■wife, aged 28, took 2d trit, one dose of 1 gr. (pulse 72 sitting, 92 stand- 
ing) ; 2 6, same prover took again 2d. trit. 2 grs. first day, 1 gr. evening 
second day, 2 grs. morning third day, 3 grs. morning fourth day, 8 grs. 
morning sixth day ; 3, Baehr's proving on a man with 2d trit., ^ gr. first 
day, 1 gr. third day, 1^ gr. fifth day ; 4, Lembke, provings Jq gr. (pure) 
doses (six provings) N. Z. f. H.Kl., 4, 177; 5, Homolle et Quevenne, Archiv 
f. Phys., Jan., 1854, first proving with doses of 4 mill, a day for 8 days, 6 
mill, on ninth day; 6, same, second proving, doses of 4 mill, a day for 
6 days ; 7, same, doses of 2 to 6 mill, a day for 8 days ; 8, Leroux, effects of 
overdose, 30 granules in two doses (30 milligrammes), on a patient aged 
62, with oedema of legs (L'Union Med., 1852), from Homolle et Que- 
venne; 9, eflfects of getting some into the eye, H. and Q., p. 202; 10, 
Treves, case of attempted suicide, from Husemann, Pflanzenstofie ; 11, 
poisoning of the widow De Pauw, from Husemann ; 12, poisoning of a 
woman, aged 34, by 46 granules (?), Union Med., 1854 (from Tardieu) ; 
13, Heer, poisoning of a woman by 16 and 40 granules (?), Union Med., 
1857 ; 14, Hardy, poisoning of a pregnant woman, Archiv Gen. de Med., 
1864 ; 15, Btadion, general results of experiments on self, Prag. Vjsch., 74, 
97, from Hom. Obs., 1864; 16, Dubue, poisoning of a man, aged 45, by 
45 to 50 granules, Gaz. d'Hop., 1865 ; 17, Nunneley, general results of 
experiments, B. and F. Med.-Chir. Eev., 1869 ; 18, Magnin, poisoning of 
a woman with an afiection of heart by j of a grain, Gaz. hebdom., 1874 ; 

f According to Schmiedeberg, Archiv fiir Experiment. Pathol, und Pliarmak., 
3, 16, Digitalis contains the following active principles, concerning which great 
confusion has hitherto existed : Diffiionine, forming most of the soluble part of the 
commercial Digitaline, a glucoside, C3JH53O,, (very closely allied to Saponine 
CjjHjjOia) ; Digitaline, not precipitated by ether from aqueous nor from alcoholic 
solutions (as is Digitonine), a glucoside, CjHgOj ; Digitnle'ine, easily soluble in 
water (like Digitonine), and also in alcohol (unlike Digitonine) ; and Digiloxine, 
the most-active principle, the so-called crystallized Digitaline (of Nativelle), in- 
soluble in water, not reducing Cuprum oxide, and therefore not a glucoside, but 
having the formula C^iHj^O,, and therefore not an alkaloid. 

It is probable that the provings and experiments here recorded are from sub- 
stances composed of more or less of all of the above active principles, excepting that 
the Digitaline prepared after Homolle and Quevenne contains little or no Digi- 
loxine.— T. F. A. 


19, Horaolle, London Chemist, 1845, from Journ. de Pharm., took five 
doses of 5 milligrammes each for three days, at intervals of four or five 
hours; 20, Winogradofi", effects on several persons of all a^s while taking 
y^5 to y of a grain in twenty-four hours for five days ; Virchow, Archiv, 
from Syd. Soc. Year-book, 1862, p. 452 ; 21, T. L. Brunton, effects on self 
(conclusions only taken, tables and sphygmographic tracings omitted, the 
latter not at all characteristic), Monograph, London, 1868, p. 23, et seq. 

IKhid. — Strange hallucinations (after two hours); repeated (second 
day),". — Agitated,". — Great agitation (after eleven hours),". — Irritable and 
excitable about trifles (nineteenth day),'^— Irritable mood and ill-humor, 
which I have noticed during the last few days, are decidedly increased to-day 
(ninth day),\ — Very irritable and sensitive during the past few days, easily 
vexed by trifles (ninth-day),'''. — Intellecttial. With the languor and pros- 
tration, the mental faculties seemed enfeebled, as, while reading for an 
examination, the eye glanced over the words, but the mind refused to re- 
ceive or retain their import (12 mill.), (after ninth day),^'. 

Head. — Confusioti and Vertigo, Confusion in the head, es- 
pecially in the forehead, with slight stitches through the frontal region, 
after fifteen minutes, in the evening (twenty-first day),"".- — Head confused, 
especially in the forehead, with pulsating pain in the occiput, relieved by 
walking in the open air, and nearly disappearing by evening (ninth day),'^ 
— [10.] Feeling of confusion in the occiput,*. — Tendency to vertigo while 
walking,*. — Vertigo,' (after two hours in earlier part of first night),", etc. 
— Vertigo, with unsteady vision, while sitting; it seems as though distant 
objects could only be fixed with difiiculty (twenty-first day),'^ — Vertigo and 
stupefaction commence after half an hour, with unsteadiness and tremblingof 
the hands (twenty-sixth day),"". — Very violent vertigo, all objects seem to 
turn horizontally from left to right ; on closing the lids the vertigo was some- 
what diminished, but returned on opening them ; I hoped that repeated 
opening and closing the lids would put an end to this unpleasant sensation, 
which was accompanied by nausea, but it was not so ; I stood up with some 
difficulty and dressed myself; even slight stooping or looking up increased 
the vertigo and also the nausea, together with coldness of the back, quite cold 
hands, yawning, and at intervals short dry cough, on waking at 7a.m. (sec- 
ond morning),*. — Sensation of vertigo while standing, with indistinct vision 
and some confusion in the head (ninth day),"". — Sensation of vertigo and van- 
ishing of the senses, on waking at night; continues to get worse while lying, 
and obliges him to involuntarily rise (this condition was frequently repeated 
during the provings),*. — Dizziness,'". — Sensation of dizziness, as though the 
head was compressed (twenty-fourth day),". — General Mead. [20.] 
Head thrown backwards (second day),'^ — Sensation of a rush of iDlood to 
the head, in the afternoon (fourth day),'. — Heaviness of head,'. — Heavi- 
ness of the head the whole day,*. — Sensation of heaviness in the head, with 
slight vertigo on rising and stooping, in the evening (twenty-third day),". 
— Intolerable pain in head,'*. — Head hot and confused towards evening 
(first day),'.— Headache in the afternoon (first day),'. — Slight headache,*. 
— Violent headache without disturbance of the intellect,'". — [30,] Intoler- 
able headache,". — Severe lancinating headache,^ — Forehead. Sensation 
in the forehead and upper part of the nose as though coryza would Occur 
(first day),".— Heaviness and pressure iu the forehead for several hours,*. 
— Forehead heavy, with feeling of pressure in it, the whole of the second 
day,*. — Forehead heavy, hot, with here and there pressive pain,*. — Pain in 
the forehead (twenty-fourth day),".— Frontal cephalalgia (second, third, 


and fifth days)/^ — Severe frontal headache (second day),". — Forehead 
heavy, full/. — [40.] Forehead feels full, hot, and heavy, worse while walk- 
ing,*. — Violent drawing headache in the right forehead and temple in the 
evening (twenty-sixth day),"". — Pressure in the forehead,*. — Pulsating 
pressure in the forehead above the right brow (sixteenth day),'\ — Pulsat- 
ing pressive pains in the forehead (ninth day),^ — Transient sticking head- 
ache in the forehead (forty-third day),'^ — Sudden, dull stitches in the left 
side of the forehead, with twitching of the lids in the evening while walk- 
ing (ninth day),'^ — Jerklike throbbing pain in the forehead (nineteenth 
day),'". — Temples. Pulsating pressive pain in the left temple and frontal 
region (eighth day),'". — Violent throbbing pain in the left temple twenty-five 
minutes after the dose (twenty-third day),'". — [50.] Violent throbbing pains 
in theleft temple and forehead (twenty-ninth day),'". — Vertex. A headache 
which in the morning had affected the vertex disappeared towards afternoon 
(sixth day),^". — Pressure in the vertex, a sensation of distension (after one 
hour),*. — Pavietals. Headache in the morning, worse in the afternoon, 
and increasing in the evening to a violent migraine (that it was not an 
ordinary attack of migraine was shown by the fact that the usual attack 
always occurred in the morning on rising, when it was much worse), (fifth 
day),'". — Occiput. Dull pain in the occiput (ninth day),'. — Violent bor- 
ing in the bone in the left side of the occiput,*. — A peculiar sensation of 
drawing, of raising up in the occiput and vertex ; afterwards a pressure in 
the occiput,*. 

JEye. — Objective. Eye glittering (after two hours and a quarter),'^ — 
Very considerable exophthalmia of both sides (after seventy-two hours),'^ — • 
Catarrhal aflfection of both eyes, with soreness of both external canthi 
with slight secretion ; the eyes pain on sewing or reading ; slight redness 
(such an attack had been experienced eight weeks previously, and there 
was doubt whether this was the result of Digitalinum ; the trouble was 
rather obstinate but did not last as long as the former attack),'". — [60.] 
Slight pain in the eye,'. — Eyes felt as if they had become larger and were 
starting from their orbits (second day),'\ — Violent stitches through the 
right eye, lasting several minutes, in the afternpon while lying down soon 
after eating (twenty-sixth day),'". — Ovbit. Tension above the orbits,'. — 
Pressure in the supraorbital region, extending to the frontal sinuses, last- 
ing one day (after all three doses),'. — Lids. Eyelids closed (second day),''^ 
— Violent burning itching in the eyelids; obliging him to rub them, with- 
out being relieved thereby, lasting about an hour (fourth day),'". — Con- 
junctiva. Conjunctiva of a lemon color (after seventy-two hours),'^ — 
Mall. The crystalline lens has an opalescent appearance,". — I*iipil. 
Pupil very slightly dilated and less contractile,". — [70.] Pupils much dilated 
(after seventy-two hours),'". — The right pupil somewhat larger than the 
left (nineteenth day),'". — Pupils contracted,*.— Pupils contracted, but sensi- 
tive to light (second day),'^ — Vision. Impaired vision (second and third 
days),". — Dimness of sight^ (after four to five hours),". — Sight very dim,'. 
— Illusions of vision (40 gram. ; after one hour),'l — Musc£e volitautes, at 
noon while walking for a short time ; in the evening, while walking, it 
seemedas though the upper part of the field of vision was covered by a dark 
cloud (twenty-fourth day),'". — Black rings and spots float before the eyes,. 
with some sensitiveness of the eyes to light,*.— [80.] Floating of many black 
spots and rings before the eyes, with general heat (after half an hour),*. — ■ 
Dazzling of the eyes (one to four days), resembling flashes of light (fourth 
day),'". — The flame of a candle appears surrounded by a rainbow-colored 
halo (after four to five hours),". — Derangement of sight was of two kinds : 


First, a general mistiness of objects, such as is seen before fainting ; and 
secondly, a large bright spot advancing before him, which sometimes re- 
sembled a ring showing prismatic colors faintly, and similar in character 
to, though less distinct than, that seen round a light when Digitaline. has 
been introduced into the eye,". — When Digitaline is introduced into_ the 
eye, it causes smarting and profuse lachrymation, which passes off in a 
short time and nothing more is felt, except perhaps an occasional rough 
feeling of the conjunctiva, till four or five hours after, when, on looking at 
a light, you see it surrounded by a halo, presenting the prismatic colors, 
and not quite close round the light, but with a dark space between. This 
halo increases in diameter the farther you move from the light, and becomes 
smaller and narrower as you approach ; exactly like the appearance when 
light cirrhi are crossing the moon,"- 

JEar. — Drawing pain in the left ear towards the forehead (fifteenth 

Nose. — Objective, Frequent sneezing in the afternoon, and in short, 
all the forebodings of a coryza (first day),\ — Frequent sneezing, with dry 
nose (sixth day),"". — Frequent sneezing, and occasional paroxysm of cough- 
ing, with expectoration of very hard tenacious mucus (eighth day),^''. — 
Frequently obliged to sneeze, with profuse secretion from the nose (first 
day),'''. — [90.] Found that for some days before vomiting came on, clear 
drops of water were always gathering at the nose,". — A peculiar afffection 
of the mucous lining oi'ihe nose, declaring itself under the form of a violent 
coryza, seems to constitute a characteristic symptom,'^ — Violent coryza 
occurred without known cause, with pressive-throbbing pains in the arms, 
and violent headache (this coryza has quite different symptoms from the 
attacks that I usually experienced, and is remarkably similar to the attack 
which I had in the beginning of the proving ; if this has not been caused 
by Digitaline, still its course seems to have been modified by it), (thirty- 
sixth day),"". — Ooryza broke out more violently than I had experienced 
since the proviug of Digitalis, although during the winter I had several 
times suffered from coryza ; particularly remarkable was the frequent 
sneezing, which I did not usually have in coryza (second day),'.f — The 
coryza continued to decrease, though not the painfulness of the left nostril ; 
the mucous discharge in the morning is streaked with blood (tenth day),\ — 
Symptoms of commencing coryza came on towards evening (third day), 
there was no trace of them the nexttnorning, but they came on more violent 
in the evening, with complete stoppage of the nose and great confusion in 
the head (fourth day),'"'. — ^Nasal mucus streaked vtith blood in the morning 
(I do not remember having lost blood from the nose for several years), (ninth 
day),"'. — Subjective. The coryza is much better, though the left nostril 
is very sensitive and painful on blowing the nose, as far up as the glabella 
(ninth day),\ — Pain in the left nostril returned as in the previous proving 
(second day),'". — Smell. [100.] The coryza continues unusually violent ; 
smell is lost (fourth day),'. 

Face. — Objective. Very sickly expression, so that several asked 
what was the matter, during the last few days (tenth day),'.- — Face red and 
hot (after one hour, fifth day),'.^Face red and hot, as though the blood 
forcibly pressed behind the eyes (fourth day),*''. — Face flushed (second 
day),'l — Face pale (after two hours and a quarter),'* '*. — Paleness of the 

f I cannot attribute the coryza to the action of the remedy, though its great 
severity and the violent sneezing may be dependent upon it. 


face,". — Extreme pallor of the face (after seventy-two hours),". — Sub- 
jective^ Hot face, as if feverish, towards evening, in the open air (second 
day),\—I/ip. Constant jerking of the upper lip of the left side (after 
one hour and a half),*.— C/mt. [HO.] Teeth firmly clenched,". — Tooth- 
ache in the left upper eye-tooth and first back teeth, together with pulsating 
pressure in the forehead, above the left brow (sixteenth day),"*. — Transient 
burrowing toothache in the right back lower teeth, in the afternoon (fourth 
day),'^ — Pulsating sticking pains in the left upper incisors, for a short 
time (eleventh day),"". — Throbbing toothache for a short time in the right 
upper incisors, in the evening iu bed (twenty-third day),"". — Transient 
throbbing toothache in the lower incisors (nineteenth day),'^ — Tongue. 
Tongue slightly coated, and yellow on sides; dry and light-red on middle 
and tip,^ — Tongue large and smooth ; with a saburral coating (second 
day),^l-^Dry, whitish tongue (40 gram.; second day),'l' — General 
Month. Mouth half open (second day),'l — [120.] Large doses occa- 
sionally cause a feeling of dryness iu the mouth, along with some saliva- 
tion, but it is not constantly observed,". — Saliva. I have occasionally 
noticed salivation from poisonous doses ; Bouley and Reynel observe that 
the saliva is rather thick, and flows slowly from the mouth,". — Bitter 
taste in mouth (after eleven hours), persistent for some time after general 

Throfit. — Sensation as though food remained iu the upper part of the 
oesophagus (nineteenth day),'"". 

Stomach. — A2>petite. Awakened with violent sensation of hunger 
(twenty-second dayj,^". — Appetite very little, though the tongue was quite 
clean, and the taste normal (seventh day),"'. — No hunger, though the usual 
time for breakfast had long since passed (twenty-fifth day),"". — A sensation 
of hunger which was very great when taking the dose, entirely disappeared 
after one hour ; it seemed as though the stomach were very much distended 
and its contents were standing up in the throat (twenty-fifth day),''. — 
Diminished appetite,'. — Appetite diminished, especially in the evening 
(tenth day),'. — -[130.] Very little appetite (sixth day),''. — Want of appetite 
(third day),''. — Thirst. Urgent thirst (40 gram. ; second day),". — Very 
urgent thirst,'^ — Thirst very great, especially for beer (ninth day),". — No 
thirst ; refuses to drink, as it renews the nausea, and brings on vomiting,^. 
— Eructation. Frequent, tasteless eructations (third day),■'^ — Nausea 
and Vomiting. Disposition to nausea,". — Nausea,^ '", etc. — Nausea the 
whole day (sixth day),'"". — [140.] Nausea, in the morning,'. — Nausea and 
vomiting (40 gram. ; after one hour),". — Nausea, and a sensation of fulness, 
after eating a little (fifth day),'\ — Almos,t continual nausea (third night),'^ 
— Slight sensation of nausea (nineteenth day),'"". — Inclination to vqniit,". — 
Vague disposition to vomit, in the morning, ceasing after a swallow of 
rum,'. — Efforts to vomit in the morning (first day),^ — Vomiting recom- 
menced as soon as any liquid was taken into the stomach (after eleven 
hours),'^ — Symptoms of abdominal irritation began to manifest themselves, 
which increased until vomiting occurred (12 mill.) (after one week),". — 
[150.] Repeated vomiting,'". — Repeated and extremely violent vomitings, 
coming on suddenly,'*. — -Violent vomiting,". — Violent vomiting of white 
sourish mucus, with much retching, followed by some relief of the head, 
which however lasted only a few minutes, when the vertigo and nausea 
returned, together with great sensitiveness of the eyes to bright light, and 
of the nose to odors ; this condition lasted an hour and a half, and was again 
followed by much retching and vomiting of white mucus ; the nausea cou- 


tinued to diminisli so that I was able to go out, although every moment 
the vomiting threatened to return, and the head was very heavy -and full ; 
the cool open air was very refreshing, while in the room if the air was hot 
and not very pure the whole sickness returned ; not until towards one 
o'clock, after four hours, had the heaviness, pressure, and confusion of the 
head, the nausea and coldness, so far disappeared that I could take some 
nourishment, and the head remained confused and heavy the whole day,^. 
— Abundant vomitings, increasing in the evening (second day),". — Vomited ' 
a small quantity of greenish, glairy matter (after six hours),'*. — Stomach. 
Disorders of the stomach (fourth and fifth day),''. — Faintness in the epi- 
gastric region (second day),". — Faintness at stomach, without nausea,'. — 
Pains iu stomach (third and fifth day),". — [160.] Pain and drawing in the 
stomach, in the morning,'. — Severe pain in region of stomach (after six 
hours),'^ — Quite- severe pain in epigastric region, increased by pressure 
(40 gram. ; second day),". — Feeling of fulness and nausea, as if the con- 
tents of the stomach rose up into the throat, the whole first day,^"". — Slight 
sensation of fulness and nausea, with clean tongue (twentieth day),''. — 
Pinching pain in the stomach and abdomen, frequently returning in short 
attacks (fifteenth day),''. — Pinching pain in the stomach, in the morning, 
after coffee, lasting a quarter of an hour (second day),'. — Pinching pain 
in the region of the stomach, impeding respiration, lasting nearly two 
hours, an hour and a half after dinner (fourth day),'. — The sensation ex- 
perienced while vomiting was as if the stomach were contracting with ex- 
treme violence as in cramp, much more so than in vomiting in general, 
and a feeling of soreuess continued for some time after ; next day, vomited 
some bilious matter, liquid, and resembling somewhat yolk of egg, and the 
crarapy contraction was less marked,^'. — Drawing in the stomach,". — [170.] 
Drawings in the stomach, as from fasting,'. — Drawings in the stomach ; 
tendency to nausea,". — While taking, drawings in the stomach ; imme- 
diately after the last dose, nausea, colic, and stools ; the whole effect lasting 
five or six days,''. — Slight drawings in the stomach,^ — Pressure in the 
stomach, in the afternoon (sixth day),''. — Pressure in the pit of the stomach, 
slight (second day) ; more severe (third day),'".— Stitches in the pit of the 
stomach, immediately after dinner, on account of which only veVy little 
could possibly be eaten (fifteenth day),". — The pain in the pit of the 
stomach and chest became more severe towards evening, and associated 
with oppression of breathing, both while sitting and moving (third day),". — 
The pains in the stomach were transiently relieved by infrequent "eructa- 
tions or emissions of offensive flatulence (fourth day),'. 

Abdomen.— Objective. Eetracted abdomen, without colic,^— [180.] 
Movings in the abdomen, with emission of much oflTensive flatus (twenty- 
fourth day),". — Gases developed in the intestines (third day); causing 
rumbling (fourth day),".— Much ofiensive flatus for several days,".— Emis- 
sion of much offensive flatus, in the morning, immediately after rising, 
followed by copious pasty stools, with violent griping in the abdomen 
(twenty-first day),". —Sensation as though diarrhoea would occur, with 
griping aud burrowing in the abdomen ; though followed by normal stool 
(nmeteenth day),''.— Slight abdominal pains (third day),'".— Burrowing 
pains in the abdomen, as if diarrhcea would follow, although a normal stool 
had v^ccurred an hour previously (after half an hour), (eighteenth day),".— 
Griping in the bowels, immediately after rising, in the morning, with fre- 
quent emissionof offensive flatus (twenty-second day),''.— Griping pain in 
the abdomen, several times in the evening (twenty-sixth day),".— Some 


griping pains in the abdomen, in the morniug (sixth day),''. — [190.] Dig- 
ging pain' in the abdomen as though diarrhoea would follow, in the evening 
(twenty-first day),". — Drawing-pressive pain low down in the abdomen 
(twenty-fifth day),". — Several dull stitching, lightning-like pains through 
the abdomen, in the afternoon (fourth day),^ — Colic without result (second 
day),". — Some colic,^— Colic-like pains, with sensation as though diarrhoBa 
would occur, between 10 and 11 a.m. (fourth day),'. — Colic-like pains in 
the abdomen, with a feeling of nausea as though the breakfast eaten a 
short time previously still remained in the throat, while walking (twenty- 
second day),". — Colic-like pains in the bowels, with urging to stool, which 
is normal, a quarter of an hour after the dose (sixteenth day),". — Slight 
colic-like pain below the umbilicus at 11 a.m. (seventh day),^ — Violent 
colic-pains attacked me at midnight while riding in a wagon, so that I was 
obliged to go into the house ; when the pains were felt, I was unable to 
walk, but was obliged to stand quite still and bent over; there followed 
copious diarrhoea-like stool, with much flatulence and persistent burning in 
the anus (eleventh day),". — Mi/poga.striitm, [200.] Violent labor-like 
pains extending from the small of the back into the abdomen, as though 
menstruation would reappear (eighth day),''^ 

Mectum and Aims. — The desire for stool, which existed before 
taking the dose, became urgent, with sensation as though diarrhoea would 
follow, yet the stool was normal (fifteenth day),". — Urgent desire for stool, 
with violent griping pains in the abdomen ; evacuation not copious, soft, 
though not diarrhoea-like ; towards evening, another pasty stool preceded 
by griping and offensive flatus (twenty-second day),". 

Stool. — Diarrhoea. Many stools (after three hours and a half),'l — 
Two stools in forenoon (first day); three stools in forenoon (third day); 
two stools (fourth day),^. — Two stools since morning, soft but not like diar- 
rhoea (fourth day),\ — Diarrhoeal stool (fourth day),''. — Shortly after vom- 
iting had a loose stool, but no persistent diarrhoea,". — Constijyation . 
Constipation,'^ — In small doses it seems to produce constipation,^'. — [210.] 
Bowels open once ; stool extremely scanty, consisting of about a dozen pellets 
like those of rabbits, and one about the size of a walnut ; the latter floated, 
the former sunk in water,''. — Stool hard and unsatisfactory, although dur- 
ing the last two days I had walked more than usual ; the first after two 
days and a half (twenty-ninth day),"". — No action of the bowels (second 
day),'^ (third day),'"- 

JJrinary Organs. — dlicturition. Urine increased (apparently 
in consequence of the much cooler temperature), (twentieth day),"". — ■ 
Amount of urine increased, although less than usual had been drunk the 
previous evening ; I was awakened between 4 and 5 am. by desire to uri- 
nate, with passage of a large quantity, followed by violent erections (twenty- 
eighth day),'^ — Abundant and limpid urine (third night),'". — Urine abun- 
dant, and causing heat in passing (fifth day),'^ — Urination rather more 
copious,^ — Awakened twice at night (first night) byui-ging to urinate, with 
copious emission of colorless urine ; (on the last evening, instead of beer as 
usual, I had drunk a cup of tea ; tea had never caused such an efiect, and 
it had been taken too early and in too small a quantity ; I was still more 
satisfied that the tea was not the cause, since on the next day I was awak- 
ened early in the morning without having drunk tea in the preceding 
evening ;) the desire to urinate was every time accompanied by persistent 
erections, which frequently occurred in the morning, also during the last 
three days (thirty-first to thirty-third day),'^ — Very copious urination, 

VOL. IT. — 6 


without pain in renal region (after eleven hours),'^— [220.] The amount 
of urine evacuated was large, although very little had been drunk the pre- 
vious evening ; urine clear, but of an unusually strong odor, somewhat like 
freshly baked bread, in the morning (twenty-first day ),"'.— With small doses 
the urine varied just as the pulse had done, being geuerally_ increased to a 
slight extent while I took the drug, but sometimes not, while, with large 
doses, the diuretic effect was marked ; with the larger doses, especiallyof 
the powder, there is a marked increase in the amount of urine before in- 
toxication appears, then a sudden fall during its continuance, and anothej; 
rise of still greater extent after it has passed off, and after the medicine 
had been discontinued ; the actual increase in the amount of urine may to 
some appear small, but when it is considered that the amount of fluid in- 
gested is the same, and that, in a normal condition, very rarely has a large 
amount of urine been passed on more than two consecutive days, the dis- 
tinct and persistent diuresis is remarkable,''^ — Digitaline produces in the 
physiological organism a diminution of the quantity of liquid secreted by 
the kidneys,".- — Urine diminished (eighth day),'". — The urine seems to be 
diminished in quantity ; that passed in the evening is unusually dark but 
clear (third day),"". — No marked increase in total quantity of urine, and 
in one case a diminution,^". — Urine was remarkably diminished on the 
eleventh day,'. — Urine seems to be decidedly diminished ; from 4 to 10.30 
P.M., passed only once at the latter hour, although much more than usual 
had been druuk ; even the urine passed in the morning was small in quan- 
tity, aud the discharge was associated with rather severe urging ; micturi- 
tion was difficult, and was followed by burning in the urethra and pressure 
in the region of the bladder ; also in the evening smarting in the urethra 
was noticed after urinating (tenth day),'. — The amount of urine was mark- 
edly diminished during the period of intoxication, when the gastro-intesti- 
nal canal was most affected ; aud in the case of Daniel G., when the pulse 
was most affected, it fell from an average of between 40 and 50 ounces to 
30 ounces, 25, and 26 ounces on the two next days, and 18 ounces on the 
two following days, again slowly rising for four days, till it rose from 25 to 
44 ounces, and then remained at its normal standard,^'. — Urine small in 
quantity (although a glass of beer had been drunk in the evening), almost 
as brown as beer, though not turbid (fifth day),'. — [230.] Urine scanty 
and red (after twelve hours),'^ — Urine scanty, reddish-brown, with much 
brickdust sediment,^ — Urine has been passed only three times to-day, and 
in a very small quantity (ninth day),"". — No action of the bladder (second 
day),'". — Urine entirely suppressed (after fourteen hours),''. — In very large 
doses it occasionally causes not only diminution, but total suppression of 
urine,". — No urine in the bladder (after seventy -two hours),'^ — Urine. 
In every case a falling off in the quantity of urea, and chlorides, and salts, 
which resist calcination, but invariably an increase of the phosphoric and 
sulphuric acids,^°. — It brings on a diminution of the main constituent parts 
of the urine, such as urea, chlorate of soda, phosphates, and sulphates; 
uric acid aloue is increased in quantity, but the degree of acidity of the 
urine remains the same ; the specific weight of the urine is decreased,''.— 
Like the pulse and the amount of urine, the urinary constituents varied 
considerably when small doses were taken ; but when the dose was large, 
the pulse fell, the urine increased, its specific gravity was diminished, the 
urea was increased, and the PO5 aud CI were diminished,"'. 

Sexual Organs.— Male. [240.] It exercises an energetic influence 
upon the sexual organs by depressing them, and it may momentarily arrest 


entirely the activity of the sexual system,'^ — An emission at night, without 
waking (fourth day),'. — Female. Menstruation two days too early, and 
Avithout th.e usual premonitory pains in the abdomen and bacli (first day),l 
— Menstruation seemed to be more profuse than usual (second day),^ 

Mespiratori/ Organs, — Voice. (During supper on the eleventh 
day I must have suddenly talvcn cold ; I became so hoarse that I could 
scarcely speak, with violent sticking pains in the larynx),^' — Voice extinct 
(40 gram., second day),"'. — Cough and Expectoration. Some cough 
the last two days, with expectoration of consistent mucus (tenth day),'. — 
The cough which had been previously noticed became more decided, short, 
with hard, whitish-yellow expectoration (ninth day),"". — Hacking cough, 
with easy expectoration, continues to be more and more troublesome (four- 
teenth day),'^ — Frequent hacking cough, with easy expectoration, in the 
evening (twenty-sixth day),'*". — Mespiratlon. [250.] Respiration slow 
and embarrassed (second day),". — -Shortness of breath, in the morning 
while walking, with hawking up of much mucus ; also afterwards while 
sitting, the breathing was very much impeded, though without pain (elev- 
enth day),'^ — The shortness of breath remained while walking at noon ; 
this was rather a necessity to take a very deep breath than real dyspnoja, 
without satisfying the sensation, which I would call a hunger for air (twelfth 
day),'^ — Attacks of shortness of breath, increasing in the afternoon while 
walking (precisely similar to those noticed during the proving of Digitalis), 
(sixth day),"". — Great shortness of breath, in the morning on waking, with 
a feeling of weakness and prostration in the chest (twenty-fourth day),'\ — ■ 
Sudden tightness of the breath, lasting several minutes, in the morning 
while rising, and also once on stooping (sixth day),\ — Several attacks of 
constriction of breathing, in the afternoon and evening while walking and 
sitting (eighteenth day),"". — Oppression of breathing, while sitting, with 
several times a sensation of congestion to the chest (sixteenth day),'"". — 
Dyspnoea after a cup of coffee and food "(after eleven hours); and in the 
night repeated (second day),'^ 

Chest. — Slight orgasm of blood in the chest, and some pressive throb- 
bing pains still continue (thirty-fourth and thirty-fifth days),''. — [260.] 
Renewed sensation of rush of blood to the chest (eighteenth day),"". — Feel- 
ing of rush of blood to the chest, with inclination to breathe rapidly, and 
a sensation as though I had done something wrong, or some evil were im- 
pending ; recurring now and then (twenty-fifth day),"". — Great rush of 
blood to the chest, with feeling of great prostration at times (twenty-eighth 
day),'^ — Rheumatic pains in the chest, with constriction of breathing, ac- 
companied by transient stitches in one or the other side of the chest (eighth 
day),'^ — Feeling of constriction of the chest, while walking slowly, with- 
out real dyspnoea, together with a sensation as though the heart were stand- 
ing still, with subsequent palpitation, at 6.30 p.m. (fourth day),'. — Pressing 
sensation generally over the chest, making respiration difficult,*. — Oppres- 
sion of the chest, with some palpitation, in the evening while walking (fifth 
day),'. — Slight dull stitches through the chest (forty-third day),"". — Pams 
in the chest returned in the evening, especially on the right side (twenty- 
sixth day),'^ — The pains in the chest and abdomen frequently appeared at 
noon while walking, although not very violent (twenty-fifth day),"". — 
[270.] The pains in the chest were worse in the middle of the day, and 
were associated with a pressive pain in the right side, which had hitherto 
been exempt ; these pains occurred in paroxysms and independently of 
them, and even not aggravated by them, occurred a desire to breathe, that 


is, a need to breathe very often and as deeply as possible (sixth day)/' 
The pain in the chest became very violent in the evening, and so mi 
aggravated by walking that breathing was difficult (fourth day),'^' 
ITront. Pain in the middle of the sternum united itself by some stitc 
with a similar pain in the scapulte (second day),'^^ — Dull stitches in 
middle of the sternum (thirteenth day),"". — Sides. Pain in the right s 
of the chest (eighth day),'^ — Pains in the right and left sides of the ch 
returned with increased violence, and were associated with confusion of i 
head, half an. hour after the dose (twenty -fifth day),". — Pains in the ri| 
and left sides of the chest reappeared very violently, together with gripi 
in the abdomen, ten minutes after the dose in the evening (twenty-th 
day),'"". — Pains in the left side of the chest continue very violent and p 
sistent without interruption, one hour after the dose in the evening (twen 
third day),"". — Rheumatic pain in the left portion of the chest just bel 
the axilla, only on motion, a quarter of an hour after the dose (twenty-fi 
day),"". — Frequent pains, as if rheumatic, in the right and left sides of t 
chest (seventh day),"". — [280.] Boring pain in the left side of the che 
extending from the shoulder-blade forward into the prsecordial regi( 
aggravated by deep breathing, iu the morning (second day),^'. — Pressi 
in the right side of the chest, in the evening, with drawing pains and i 
peded respiration (tenth day),'^ — Pressure iu the left side of the chest, wi 
some difficulty of respiration,*. — Sticking in the left side of the chest, i 
teen minutes after the dose (twenty-third day),"". — Sticking pains in t 
right side of the chest, after sitting quietly a long time (seventh day),". 
Sticking pain behind the upper cartilages of the ribs of the right side s« 
eral times, independently of respiration ; half an hour later the same pa 
on the left side but more severe,*. — Sticking pains in the left side, at tin: 
very severe, while riding in a wagon, accompanied by transient stitch 
through the abdomen and right side of the chest (eleventh day),'^ — V: 
lent, pressive, sticking pains in the left side of the chest, not as formerly 
the region of the heart, but higher up and towards the axilla (seven 
day),-". — Violent throbbing-sticking pains in the right side of the chei 
five minutes after the dose (twenty-third day),". — Several violent stitch 
in the chest, in the evening, in both sides, with palpitation (twelfth day), 
— [290.] Throbbing stitches in the right side of the chest, soon after t 
dose (nineteenth day),"'.— Slight throbbing stitches in the right side of tl 
chest, immediately followed by throbbing or pulsation in the left shoulde 
joint, in the evening (twenty-first day),".— Throbbing pain in the rig 
side of the chest, and increased pain in the left side of the chest (nineteen 
day),".— Throbbing pain deep in the right side of the chest (eighteen 
day),".— Violent sticking-throbbing pains in the left side of the chest b 
tween the nipple and axilla, in the evening in bed while lyiug on the le 
side (sixteenth day),".— The pulsating paiu in the left side became co 
stantly more severe, seated especially in the pectoralis major, and somewh 
aggravated by pressure (twenty-fifth day),". 

Heart and Pulse.—Pi'wcor'diani. Sensation as though tl 
heart stood still for a moment while playing the piano (first day),\ — Se 
sation as though the heart stood still, followed by transient sensation 
palpitation, in the afternoon (third day),\— Peculiar sensation in the heai 
with great anxiety; no palpitation, but a trembling of the heart, with Stan 
ing still, in the evening while sitting ; repeated after half an hour (thii 
day),*.— Extreme prieoordial anxiety (after a few moments),".— [300.] E: 
trenie precordial anxiety (seven hours after first dose, having taken secoi 


dose in the meantime),'. — Paius not very violent, in the prEecordial region, 
in the evening while walking (third day),'". — Pressive pain in the priecor- 
dial region, transient, but frequently returning (fourth day),'.^ — Dull stick- 
ing pain in the prsecordial region, corresponding to the beat of the heart, 
in the morning (tenth day),'". — Some stitches in the prsecordial region 
(eighth day),'". — Stitches in the praecordial region, for a long time towards 
evening, corresponding to the pulsations of the heart (fourth day),'". — 
Stitches in the region of the heart (sixth day),'". — Frequent stitches through 
the prsecordial region, with persistent pressive-throbbing pains, three-quar- 
ters of an hour after the dose (nineteenth day),'". — Persistent, violent, dull 
stitches in the prsecordial region at noon while walking (nineteenth day),'"- 
— Pain in the region of the apex of the heart, like a pressive dull stitch, 
not returning (after a quarter of an hour),'". — Transient pulsating pain in 
the region of the apex of the heart (after one hour, third day),'. — Heart's 
Action. — [310.] Digitalinum acts with greatenergyon the heart, throwing 
it into violent and disorderly contractions, which quickly end in a cessation 
of movement. The frequency of the contractions is not increased, but is 
progressively diminished, and the functions of the heart are abolished very 
early, voluntary power surviving the death of the organ,". — A feeling of 
palpitation, with dull sticking pain in the left side, towards evening while 
walking (fifth day),'". — Slight palpitation several times, while sitting, at 
noon (twenty-seventh day),'". — Violent palpitation in the evening while 
standing, more violent than at any other time during the proving (nine- 
teenth day),". — Violent palpitations three or four times in succession in 
the evening •while lying in bed on the left side; it immediately ceased on 
turning to the right side. During this palpitation the pulse was very slow 
and full, and I felt the beat of the arteries in the head like the blows of a 
hammer; afterwards the pulse was accelerated and smaller (first day),'". — 
Towards midnight I went to bed, but could not fall asleep for a long time, 
though I had walked much the previous day, and had slept a very short 
time the previous night. I lay as usual on the left side, but had such a 
violent palpitation of the heart, that I was obliged to turn to the right side. 
While usually I could scarcely feel the beating of my heart, now there was 
not only a strong undulating motion on the left side just below the nipple, 
but the whole wall of the chest seemed to be much shaken ; therewith the 
pulse was not much accelerated, but unusually full and strong. As soon 
as I lay upon the right side the palpitation ceased, and only with difficulty 
was I able to feel the beat of the heart, and on- the right side near the 
nipple (twenty-third day),'". — Action of heart tumultuous and irregular, 
ceasing at intervals, and soon suppressed,". — Heart's action tumultuous and 
irregular before death,". — Heart-sounds deep; strong impulse of heart,". — ■ 
— [320.] Beats of heart rhythmical, and strongly accentuated (after eleven 
hours),". — Heart-sounds scarcely audible (second day),'l — Beats of the 
heart scarcely audible (after twelve hours), '^ — Pulse. Pulse extremely 
accelerated five minutes after the dose (eighteenth day),'". — Pulse as usual, 
but more rapid when speaking and walking,*, — The pulse showed a great 
irritability in respect to motion ; if, while sitting, leaning against anything, 
I turned only the head slowly, the pulse immediately became more rapid 
for from four to ten seconds (seventh day),'. — Pulse 80, small, hard, com- 
pressed, regular,'". — Pulse 90, full, vibrating (after eleven hours) ; 104, 
full, regular, without intermissions (after fourteen hours),'l — Pulse pre- 
viously always 60 while sitting; 64 (after three minutes), the several 
beats did not seem to the finger to have equal power ; 62, where it re- 


mained for three hours (after five minutes) ; increased from three to f 
beats in a minute after the dose (fifth day)/.— Pulse previous to tak 
72 sitting, 90 to 92 standing, 90 standing (second daj^; 72 sitting, 
standing in the morning, 72 sitting in the evening (third day); 82 
ting in the afternoon, 78 sitting, 102 standing in the evening (fourth da 
92 sitting in the afternoon, 96 sitting, 108 standing in the evening (si: 
day),'". — [330.] Pulse decidedly slower (after two hours),*. — Well-mar] 
effect on the pulse, which continued regular, but became rather hard ; 1 
effect remained after leaving off" the medicine, when the pulse became 
cidedly slower,^ — Pulse sometimes quicker, sometimes slower, from sn 
doses, but under larger doses a marked lowering of the pulsations,^'. — V 
slow pulse (from 25 to 30),'°. — Pulse 72 (after two hours and a quart( 

60 (after six hours), 58 (after eight hours), 56 (after twelve hours), 
(second day),'l — Pulse regular, full, and vibrating ; fell from 68-70 
48-50,1 — Pulse before taking averaged for nine days 59.21, highest 
lowest 52; while taking averaged 52.61, highest 59, lowest 42; after tak 
averaged for ten days 57.45, highest 62, lowest 52, ^ — Pulse before tak 
averaged for twenty-two days 64.85, highest 73, lowest 57 ; while tak 
averaged 59.25, highest 68, lowest 53 ; after taking averaged for six di 
55.52, highest 63 (sixth day), lowest 50 (fifth day),".— Pulse before tak 
averaged 67.49, highest 73, lowest 61 ; while taking averaged 64, high 
74, lowest 54; after taking averaged one to ten days 59.88, eleven to twei 
days 67.76, highest first ten days 72, second ten days 76, lowest first 
days 50, second ten days 61,'. — Pulse irregular, intermittent, afterwa 
imperceptible," — [340.] Pulse rather irregular; some rapid, small be 
alternating with several full and slow ones without any regularity (eigl 
day),"". — Pulse somewhat irregular ; a few strong, full beats, seemingly 
tarded, are followed by some rapid pulsations, as if hurried (fourth day 
- — Pulse very irregular, sometimes jerking, at other times slow (sixteei 
day),"". — When given in small doses, it first reduces the number of be 
without rendering them irregular ; if its influence be pushed farther, 
pulse remains slow, but now and then a quick beat is interpolated ; th 
quick beats, as the influence increases, become more numerous, so that 
slow beats, which now occur only occasionally, become intermissions ; a 
in a still farther stage, the slow beats entirely disappear, and the pr 
becomes regular and extremely rapid,^'. — Pulse 64 to 72 before takii 
58 (after nine hours); 60 (after thirteen hours), (first day). 60 bef 
taking; 57 (after six hours); 58 equal, full, regular (after eight hour 
58 (after eleven hours), (second day). 56, normal pulsations, bef 
taking ; 54 (after four hours and a half) ; 53 (after eight hours) ; 
before dinner ; 52 afterwards (after eleven hours) ; 56 (after thirti 
hours), (third day). In the morning, exercise raised it to 66, but rest spe 
ily reduced it to 54 ; 60, intermitting pulsations, at 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. (fou 
day). 60, irregular pulsations, difficult to count, in the morning ; al 
rising increasing to 72; after 7 p.m. 54 (fifth day). 60, irregular pu] 
tions (sixth dayX varying from 64 to 68 on succeeding days,". — Pulse 
sitting, 66 standing, at 10.30 a.m. before the dose ; 57 sitting, 64 standi 
at 10.40 A.M. (after ten minutes); 57 sitting, 66 standing, at 10.50 A. 

61 sitting, 67 standing, at 11 a.m. ; 86, sitting at 6 p.m. ; 78, sitting at 6 
P.M. ; 71, sitting at 10 p.m. (first day). 63 sitting, 68 standing, at 111 
A.M. ; 63, sitting at 10.58 a.m. ; 63, sitting at 3 p.m. (second day). 63, 
ting at 9.45 ; 60 sitting, 68 standing, at 10.25 a.m. ; 60 sitting, 70 sta 
ing, at 10.55 A.M. ; 80 and 90 sitting, 96 standing, at 10 p.m., after sitt 


a long time ; 82, sitting at 11.30 p.m. (third day). 74 sitting, 84 standing, 
at 9.30 A.M. ; 72, sitting at 9.45 a.m. ; 69 sitting, 78 standing, at 10.30 a.m ; 
72, sitting at 11 a.m. ; 80, sitting at 5.30 p.m. ; 80, sitting at 11 p.m. (fourth 
day). 70, sitting at 10.5 a.m. ; 72 sitting, 87 standing, at 10.30 a.m. ; 66, 
sitting at 11.15 a.m. ; 72, sitting at 11.45 a.m. ; 68, sitting at 12.10 p.m. ; 
86, sitting at 3.20 p.m. (before eating) ; 84, sitting at 11 p.m. (fifth day). 
66, sitting at 8 a.m. ; 64, sitting at 9.40 a.m. ; 64, sitting at 10.30 a.m. ; 67, 
sitting at 10.50 a.m. (sixth day). 70 sitting, 78 standing, at 9.55 a.m. ; 64, 
sitting at 10.45 ; 66, sitting at 10.55 ; 64, sitting at 11.8 a.m. ; 78, sitting at 

9 P.M. ; 76, sitting at 10.30 p.m. (seventh day). 58, sitting in the morning 
in bed ; 66, sitting at 9.5 a.m. ; 82, sitting at 10 p.m. (eighth day). 60, 
in the morning in bed; 96, sitting in the afternoon after eating; 84, sitting 
at 9 P.M. ; 80, sitting at 11.50 p.m. (ninth day). 78, sitting at 10 a.m. 
(irregular) ; 88, sitting at 10.30 P.M. (tenth day),'.— Pulse 60 sitting, 68 
standing, at 10.25 a.m. ; 60, sitting at 10.30, 10.45, and 11 ; 64, sitting at 
11.15; 82, sitting at 6.30 p.m.; 74, sitting at 10 (first day). 70, sitting 
very unequal at 9.25 a.m. ; 84, sitting at 6.30 p.m. (second day). 60, sit- 
ting at 10 and 11.45 a.m.; 64, sitting at 12.30 p.m.; 66, sitting at 1.15; 
78, sitting at 6.30 ; 72, sitting at 7.35 ; 75, at 11.15 (third day). 68, sitting 
at 7.45 A.M. ; 78, sitting at 9.30 ; 74, sitting at 9.55 and 10.10 ; 65, sitting 
wholly reclining; 73, sitting free at 10.30; 97, standing at 10.81 ; 89, stand- 
ing at 10.32; 84, standing at 10.33; 62, lying at 10.34; 66, sitting reclin- 
ing; 72, sitting free ; 84, standing at 11 ; 74, sitting at 1.30 p.m. (fourth 
day). 80, sitting at 10 a.m. ; 66, sitting at 11.15 (fifth day). 92, standing 
at 12 noon ; 84, sitting at 10 p.m. (sixth day). 68 sitting reclining, 72 
sitting free, 88 standing, at 10.30 a.m. ; 70 sitting i-eclining, 72 sitting free, 
88 standing, at 10.50; 70, sitting at 11.5 ; 78, sitting at 5.30 p.m. (seventh 
day). 60 sitting reclining, 70 sitting free, 80 standing, at 9.10 ; 60 sitting, 
86 standing, at 9.35 ; 60 sitting, 82 standing, at 10.25 ; 62, sitting at 11.45 
(eighth day). 72 sitting, 90 standing, at 10.16 a.m. ; 70, sitting at 10.37 ; 

66, sitting at 12.15 p.m.; 70, at 12.30; 76, sitting at 5.45; 80 sitting, 90 
standing, at 8.15 ; 88, sitting (after moving) at 10.30 ; 68, sitting at 11.30 ; 
76, sitting at 12 midnight; 72, sitting at 1.30 at night (ninth day). 70 
sitting, 88 standing, at 10.15 a.m. (tenth day). 70, sitting at 10.15 and 
11.15 a.m. ; 88, standing at 11.15 (eleventh day). 70, sitting at 9.30 a.m. ; 

67, sitting at 6 p.m. ; 70 sitting, 90 standing, at 7.15 (twelfth day). 76, 
sitting at 10.30 a.m. ; 74, sitting at 11 (thirteenth day). 82, sitting at 

10 A.M. ; 76, sitting at 11 (fourteenth day). 74 sitting, 94 standing, at 
9.10 A.M. ; 72, sitting at 10.25 ; 68 sitting, 82 standing, at 10.40 ; 72 sit- 
ting, 84 standing, at 10.50; 70, sitting at 11.15; 64, sitting at 11.30; 72, 
sitting at 11.40 and 12 noon; 71, sitting at 5 p.m. (fifteenth day). 56, in 
the morning in bed ; 74, sitting at 10 a.m. ; 76, sitting at 10.45 ; 62, sit- 
ting at 10.15 ; 68_, at 10.16 ; 90, standing at 10.17 ; 73 sitting, 80 standing, 
at 5 P.M. ; 72, sitting at 8 (sixteenth day). 72, sitting at 11.30 a.m. (seven- 
teenth day). 66 sitting, 88 standing, at 10.28 a.m. ; 78, sitting at 10.35 ; 
66, at 10.55, 11.30, 11.45 (eighteenth day). 60 at 9.55 ; 62, sitting at 9.57 ; 
64 at 9.58 ; 66 at 10 ; 68, sitting at 10.2 ; 66 at 10.4 ; 67 at 10.5 ; 65 at 
10.15 ; 64 at 10.55 ; 60 at 11.45 ; 72 at 4 p.m. ; 63 at 6 p.m. ; 78 at 11 p.m. 
(nineteenth day). 58 sitting, 64 standing, at 11.30 a.m. ; 68 sitting, 74 
standing, at 12 noon ; 66, sitting at 4.45 p.m. (twentieth day). 60, sitting 
at 10.10 A.M.; 56 at 10.45; 58 sitting, 72 standing, at 10.46 a.m.; 64, 
sitting at 6.30 P.M.; 72 at 10.30, 10.45 ; 70 at 10.55 ; 74 at 11.5; 72 at 
11.20 P.M. (twenty-first day). 56, in bed at 6 a.m. ; 67 sitting, 80 standing, 


at 8.50 A.M. ; 68, sitting at 9.45 ; 64 at 10.25 ; 64 at 11.30 p.m. (twent 
second day). 60, sitting at 9.56 a.m. ; 58 at 9.56, 10.3, 10.10, 10.15 ; I 
at 10.45; 72 at 5.15 p.m; 78 sitting, 88 standing, at 11 p.m.; 68 sittin 
80 standing, at 11.20 ; 74, sitting at 12 p.m. (twenty-third day). 66 sittin 
88 standing, at 9.10 a.m. ; 60 sitting, 68 standing, at 11 ; 63 sitting, ' 
standing, at 6.30 p.m. ; 70 sitting, 80 standing, at 11.30 (twenty-fourth day 
56 sitting, 70 standing, at 9.30 a.m. ; 56 sitting, 82 standing, at 9.45 ; 6 
standing at 9.46 ; 54 sitting, 60 standing, at 10.5 ; 54, sitting at 10.10 ; ' 
sitting, 66 standing, at 10.20 ; 56 sitting, 66 standing, at 10.30 ; 56, sittir 
at 10.45 ; 72 sitting, 82 standing, at 6 p.m. ; 66 sitting, 88 standing, i 
10.40; 72, sitting at 11.15 p.m. (twenty-fifth day). 58, sitting at 10.2( 
54 sitting, 72 standing, at 10.40 ; 56, sitting at 10.45 ; 58 sitting, 66 stam 
ing, at 10.53 ; 57 sitting, 66 standing, at 11.5 ; 58, sitting at 11.15 ; 66 si 
ting, 78 standing, at 5 p.m ; 68, sitting at 11 (twenty-sixth day). 54, sittir 
at 10 a.m. ; 62, sitting at 5 p.m. (twenty-seventh day). 52 sitting, 70 stam 
ing, at 9.30 a.m. (twenty-eighth day). 58 at 10 a.m. (twenty-ninth day 
64, sitting at 6 p.m. (thirtieth day),'^ — Pulse, 46 to 48, small, feeble, inte 
mittent (40 gr., second day),^^ — [350.] Pulse small, intermitting, almo 
imperceptible,". — Pulse, 46 to 48, small, feeble, intermittent, at tim 
almost imperceptible (40 gr., second day),". — Digitaline at first increas 
the frequency of the pulse, then produces a diminution in the number 
the contractions of the heart,"*. — Pulse unequal, at times slow, soon afte 
wards more rapid, and thus frequently alternating,*. — Pulse rather hard 
— Pulse decidedly affected, rather hard, while taking the medicine, ar 
for some time afte^,^ — Pulse rather full,'. — Effect on pulse not merely pr 
longed, but increasing, after the period of taking the medicine. Pulse r 
mained regular and generally full all the time while taking; four da; 
later, it returned to its usual strength,'. — In poisoning by Digitalis the for( 
of the pulse bears no relation to that of the heart's impulse ; for while tl 
latter is strong and hammering, the former is small, thready, and near' 

Neck and HacJi. — Week. Stiffness of the neck in the mornin, 
motion was painful (twenty-eighth day),'''. — [360.] Very sudden rheumat 
pains in the left side of the nape of the neck ; towards evening, they exter 
to the upper arm and very much impede the motion of the head, as well i 
of the left arm ; they continue undiminished through the day, but are som 
what relieved in the evening, though inclining the head remains somewhi 
painful (ninth day),'. — Hdck. Very violent pain in the back (secor 
day),\ — The pains in the back increased, became worse while lying, ar 
extended into the anus and thighs ; the abdomen was painful, with, : 
places, a sensation as though it would be torn asunder; menstruation laste 
as long as usual, but was more profuse (second day),l — Dorsal. Violei 
pain between the scapulae, in the morning (fourth day),*. — Sudden, vei 
violent pain between the scapulae, with oppression of the chest, like a cran: 
in the chest, followed by eructations, which afforded relief, at noon whi 
walking (fifth day),'^ — Painful sensation, as though the shoulder-blad 
would be drawn together, in the afternoon (first day),''". 

Extremities in General.— Objective. The limbs are tremuloi 
and unsteady in the evening, while walking (eighth day),\ — Spasmod 
contractions of the limbs (after two hours and a quarter),".^-Weakne 
and unsteadiness of the limbs (fourth day),\ — Paralytic-like weakness 
the limbs, with constant pain in the thighs (eighteenth day),"". — Sill 
jective. [370.] Feeling of weakness, loss of power in the limbs (uin 


teenth day),"". — Sensation of weakness in the limbs and tremulousness of 
the hands .that could scarcely be controlled while writing, (twenty-first 
day),". — ^The limbs are heavy as if paralyzed (ninth day),"'. — Violent 
pains in the limbs, about 10 p.m.,*. — Pressure in various places in the 
limbs and feet,*.— Pressure in various places in the muscles of the liml)s 
rapidly changing,*. — Pains in the limbs, are worse during rest than during 

Superior Extremities. — Heaviness in the right arm,*. — Drawings 
and uneasiness, especially in the arms, so that she was unable to sleep at 
night in bed (first day),'^". — Shoulder. Pressure in the right shoulder,*. 
— [380.] Pressure in the left shoulder,*. — Sticking, pulsating pain in the 
left shoulder-joint, with feeling of lameness of the arm, while walking, four 
hours after the dose (fifteenth day),"'.^ — Arm. Drawing pain in the right 
upper arm, especially in the biceps, while sitting (thirteenth day),'^ — - 
Mibow. Pressure in the left elbow,*. — Sudden throbbing-tearing pain in 
the right elbow, extending from the external condyle upward, at 4 p.m., 
very violent for a short time, then gradually decreasing (ninth day),'^ — ■ 
Foreai'in. Bruised sensation in the left forearm (twenty-fifth day),'"- — • 
Wrist. Drawing in the left wrist and fingers rather severe, though lasting 
only a moment (after half an hour),*. — Pressure in the right wrist,*. — 
Pressure in the left wrist,*. — Hcilld. Tremulousness of the hands (eighth 
day),^*". — ^[390.] Hands tremulous, and writing very difficult (twenty-fifth 
day),"". — Fingers, Pressing asunder in the fingers,*. — Some throbbing, 
sticking pains in the middle joint of the right index-finger (fifteenth day),"". 

Inferior JEoctremities. — Cramplike drawing from the toes of the 
left foot through the whole limb, so violent that for a moment it was im- 
possible to bend the leg (twenty-sixth day),"". — T/J Igh. Terrible cramps 
in thighs, calves, and feet, returning every fifteen minutes (after fourteen 
hours),^^ — Drawing pain in the right thigh, as if extending from the sacrum 
(eighteenth day),"". — Violent throbbing-tearing pain, extending upward 
from the inner condyle of the right femur, while walking (thirtieth day),". 
— Violent throbbing pain in the left tensor fascise latse, while sitting quietly, 
increased by pressing upon the place, which is rather circumscribed, soon 
after the dose, lasting an hour (fifth day),\ — Knee. Pain in the knee,*. — ■ 
Some pain in the knees and feet (soon),*. — [400.] Violent pain above the 
right knee, (after one hour and a half),*. — Pressure in the knees,*. — Pres- 
sure in the right knee, also while walking,*. — Leff, Weakness of the legs 
(second day),". — Sudden pinching pain in the right calf, in the afternoon, 
on rapidly ascending steps, lasting several hours, gradually disappearing 
(ninth day),\ — Awakened at night by very painful cramp in the calves, 
the eflTects.of which I felt the next day (tenth day),". — Drawings in the 
legs, especially in the left, worse when sitting,*. — Drawing in the right 
leg,*. — Ankle, Pressing in the ankles,*. — Pain in the right ankle, as if 
sprained, in the morning immediately after rising, lasting about a quarter 
of an hour, impeding walking (tenth day),\ — Foot. [410.] On walking, 
a sensation as though the ground sank away under the feet,'. — Peculiar 
sensation in the left foot as if numb, especially during rest, obliges him to 
move the foot frequently,*. — The pains in the feet and toes are worse while 
sitting, less while walking,*. — Toes. Drawings in the toes of the right 
foot,*. — Feeling in the toes of the left foot as if they were drawn asunder, 
but especially while sitting, obliging him to walk about, when it is Jess 
noticed ; afterwards the same sensation in the fingers,*. — Frequent drawings 


in all the toes, at times painful in different toes, afterwards on the back 
the left foot,*. — Pressing asunder of the toes of the right foot,*. . 

General Symptoms.— Objective. Eapid wasting, and slacke 
ing of nutrition,'". — Lying on back, with arms extended, and motionk 
(second day),".— Trembling (after two hours),".— [420.] Motion becaii 
impossible (second day),". — Indolent and weary during the day (secoi 
day),\ — Debility and extreme prostration (second day),'^ — Debility (' 
gram., after one hour) ; gradually increasing, until she cannot move 
utter a sound," — General debility, with sopor,^ — Great weakness,". — E 
treme debility (after, fourteen hours), persistent for some time, after gener 
improvement,''. — Eapid debility," — Prostration,'^ ' '". — General prostr 
tion,l — [430.] Extreme prostration (after twelve hours),'l — Very gre 
uneasiness during the whole night (third night and fourth day),". — Sul 
jective. Sensation of faiigue, and muscular weakness (second day),''.- 
Felt great languor and prostration (12 mill.) (after nine days),^'. — La 
situde and inclination to sleep (fourth day),". — Great weariness the who 
day (third day),^*". — Great weariness in the morning (second day),^- 
Great weariness at noon, while walking; the limbs feel like lead (fir 
day),"'. — Great weariness and indispo.sition, in the afternoon (twenty-fir 
day),'''. — Very great weariness and disinclination to make calls, althou^ 
the day was fresh and cool (nineteenth day),'*". — [440.] Sudden wearine 
towards noon, followed by sound sleep in a reclining chair, so that I d 
not hear the frequent opening and shutting of the door of my room, b' 
awoke after two hours thoroughly unrefreshed (sixteenth day),"". — Feelii 
of weakness and tremulousness, especially in the limbs (sixteenth day),'*.- 
Sensation of weakness, with orgasm of blood, some vertigo, and feeling 
though vomiting would occur (ten minutes after the dose), (twenty-sixi 
day),'*!. — Sensation of faintlike weakness when sitting as well as wh( 
standing, its intensity passing over in a few minutes, but still remainii 
in a slight degree (soon after taking the dose), (fifteenth day),"'. — Slig' 
sensation of faintness (first and third days),'". — The effect on the circulatic 
reached its maximum while the medicine was being taken, but lasted mo 
than ten days after it was discontinued,". — Feeling of general orgasm 
blood, the whole evening (fourth day),^!". — Peeling of general plethora,V 
Slight feeling of general plethora,l — I was much more affected by drin 
ing a bottle of wine than usually (tenth day),"=. — [450.] General malaise 
(after eleven hours),'l — General drawing pains, with great impatien 
(fourth day),*. — General feeling of discomfort, tremulousness of the e 
tremities, with feeling of weakness in the lower limbs (fifteenth day),'\- 
General indefinite feeling of indisposition (twenty-fifth day),". — Ve 
violent stitches from before backward, while walking, obliging her to i 
still (tenth day),'!). — Symptoms continued with alternations of augment 
tion and diminution, for seventy-two hours,"*. 

Skin. — Constant sticking in the skin of the cheek, with a sensation 
if the place were drawn upward, conjoined with burning, lasting a quart 
of an hour,*. 

Sleep.— Sleepiness. Yawning (fourth and fifth days),".— Drowi 
ness (after three hours and a half),". — Remarkable sleepiness at nigl 
continuing for a week (12 mill.),^'.— [460.] Unusually sound sleep (fii 
night),'.— Extremely sound sleep during the night (second day),'.— yS^ee/ 
lessness. Sleep frequently interrupted during the night (fourth night) 
—Night restless, disturbed by many dreams and frequent waking; in tl 
evening it was with difiiculty that I could fall asleep, although very tir 


(t\?enty-seventh day)/'. — Night somewhat restless (twenty-first night),". — 
Sleep bad (first night)/. — Want of sleep (third night),".— Sleepless dur- 
ing the earlier part of the night (first night),".— Drea-JJ*,*. Many dreams 
throughout the night (fifth tight),^; (fifteenth night),'^— Sleep much dis- 
turbed by dreams (sixth uight),\ — [470.] Very anxious dream in the first 
sleep at night, like a nightmare, from ^Yhich I started up bathed in sweat, 
and with palpitation (twelfth day),"". — Violent attack of nightmare, with 
violent internal chilliness during the first partial slumber, so that she be- 
lieved she had not been asleep (first day),^"". 

Fever.— iJhilUness. Skin cold (after twelve hours),".— Skin cold 
and damp (after seventy-two hours),". — Chilliness (16 gram., after two 
hours), (40 gram., after one hour),". — Frequent attacks of chilliness and 
shivering in the afternoon (first day),'^ — Great chilliness, with increased 
pains in the chest before dinner (fourth day),'^ — Violent chilliness and 
shivering in the evening, in spite of a high temperature (first day),''. — 
Sensation of coldness, followed by shivering, with a feeling of goose-flesh, 
which, however, did not exist (after half an hour) ; this was frequently re- 
peated during the succeeding hours and seldom during the whole day, 
although the thermometer was 21° E. in the shade (first day),l — Shiver- 
ing (after two hours), repeated after a cup of coffee and food (after eleven 
hours) ; and again (second day),'l — [480.] Frequent shiverings and gen- 
eral chilliness throughout the whole day (sixth day),''.— Slight shivering, 
especially in the left leg and across the abdomen and back, lasting several 
minutes and frequently returning (thermometer 24° R. in the shade), (six- 
teenth day),''. — Several violent shiverings (fifth day),"". — Several attacks 
of chilliness over the back (twenty-fifth day),''. — Extremities eool,^ — Feet 
and hands cold,'". — Palms of hands cold and moist (second day),'l — Several 
attacks of shivering over the back, especially in the sacral region (twenty- 
sixth day),". — Frequent shivering over the back, extending from the 
sacrum, at 5 p.m. (twenty-third day),". — Chattering of the teeth, after a 
cup of coffee and food (after eleven hours), repeated (second day),". — 
— Seat. [490.] Heat (after eleven hours),". — Heat in the nape of the 
neck rising up into the head, extending through the whole body, very 
much distended veins and moist skin (after half an hour),'. — Feeling of 
warmth in the nape of the neck, afterwards in the whole of the body, with 
distended veins and warm skin, while previously the veins were contracted 
and the skin cool, in cool weather and while sitting still,*. — The whole 
body, especially the back, is very hot,*. — Great heat over the whole body 
while sitting, with rapid pulse,*. — Great heat, sweat in the back and face, 
though not caused by any motion of the body nor by warmth,*. — Violent 
burning heat over the "whole body, especially in the head and back, with 
general moist skin, rapid pulse, floating of many black spots and rings be- 
fore the eyes, and contracted pupils (after half an hour),*. — Painful heat 
(third night),". — Heat in the head, with rapid pulse,*. — Heat in the nape 
of the neck, then in the head, with hot skin, black rings and spots before 
the eyes, distended veins, sensitiveness to the light, pressure upon the ver- 
tex, lasting over an hour,*. — [500,] Flushes of heat rising to face,^ — 
Flashes of heat in the face (second day),'^ — Frequent flushes of heat in 
the back,*. — Forehead very hot, while rest of body remains cold (second 
day),'l — Febrile heat of the face in the afternoon (fourth day),'. — Stveat. 
Copious perspiration, especially in the palms of the hands (after twelve 
hours), 'I — Very profuse sweat at night (although the temperature was 
high, yet it had never happened to me to perspire in sleep), (fourth day),'b. 


— Cold sweat/" (after a few nioments),'^ — Colrl sweats after a cup of coffe 
and food (after eleven hours), repeated (second day),". — Bathed in coh 

Conditions. — Ag'gravation. — (Morning), On waking, at 7 o'cloci 
vertigo, etc. ; disposition to vomit; after coffee, pain in stomach; imme 
diately after rising, emission of flatus; immediately after rising, gripiuj 
in bowels ; pain in abdomen ; on waking, shortness of breath ; while rising 
tightness of breath ; worse on deep breathing ; pain in left chest ; stiffnes 
of neck;. pain between scapulae; immediately after rising, pain in ankle 
■ — (Forenoon), Between 10 and 11 o'clock, colic-like pains, etc. — (Noon] 
While walking, pains in chest, etc.; while walking, pain between scapulae 
while walking, weariness. — (Afternoon), Sensation in head ; towards even 
ing, head hot, etc. ; while lying down, soon after eating, stitches througl 
right eye; pains through abdomen ; while walking, attacks of short breath 
towards evening, while walking, feeling of palpitation, etc. ; on rapidh 
ascending steps, pain in calf; weariness, etc. ; attacks of chilliness, etc. 
at 5 o'clock, shivering over back ; heat of face. — (Evening), On rising anc 
stooping, heaviness in head, etc. ; headache in forehead, etc.; while walk 
ing, stitches in side of forehead ; headache ; vomiting ; pain in pit a 
stomach ; pain in abdomen ; while walking, oppression of chest, etc. ; pah 
in chest ; pressure in right chest ; stitches in chest ; palpitation ; whili 
walking, limbs tremulous, etc. ; chilliness, etc. — (Night), On waking, wors( 
while lying, sensation of vertigo, etc. — (Before dinner). Chilliness, etc.— 
(After dinner), Immediately, stitch in pit of stomach. — ( eating), Nau 
sea, etc. — ( While riding in ivagon), Pain in left side. — (Sitting), Drawingi 
in legs; pains in feet, etc. — (While siawrfmg'), sensation of vertigo, etc.— 
( Walking), Tendency to vertigo ; forehead feels full, etc. ; pains in abdo 
men; pains in chest; pain from condyle of femur. 

Amelioration. — (Evening), Pain in nape of neck. — (Walking ii 
open air). Confusion of head, etc. — (After dinner), Better. — ( Walking) 
Pain iu feet, etc. 


Digitalis purpurea, L. 

Natural order, Scrophulariacese. Common names. Foxglove ; (G.) Fin 

Preparation, Tincture prepared from the leaves of the second year of thi 

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days {from Baehr's monograph on Digitalis) ; 64, Baehr took tincture, 10 
drops at 11 a.m. ;f 646, same prover took, first day, 10 drops at noon, second 

f Before making his provings he kept records, showing normal micturition five 
times a day, seldom four times ; dailj' amount of urine averaged 1075 cubic centim. ; 
sp. gr. averaged 1025, high probablj' in consequence of small amount of liquids 
taken ; pulse averaged, mornings in bed, 56, during day, silting, 61, standing 66. 


day, 10 drops evening, fourth day, 15 drops at noon; 64e, first dav, 15 


64 d, 

fourth .,,„, „,„. . .-_ 

forenoon, 1 gr. evening, second day, 1^ grs. forenoon ; 64/, onedose of 1^ 
grs.; 64 y, first day, 32 drops tincture morning, 20 drops evening, second 
day, 20 drops morning, third day, 30 drops evening; 64 A, one dose, 2|grs., 
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36 drops daily for six days, in all 1 72 drops (only one symptom, headache) ; 
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tom, urine) ; 69, a friend of Dr. Black took one dose of 20 drops of tinc- 
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powder for five or six days, from Homolle and Quevenne, Memoire sur la 
Dig. ; 89, Vassal, efiects on a woman, aged 44, of doses of 2 centigr.. Diss. 
sur la Dig., p. 79, from Homolle and Quevenne; (90, 91, 92, omitted;) 93, 
Dr. Lewis Burwell, Inaug. Diss., Philadelphia, 1805, having fasted and 
taken moderate exercise till 10 a.m., took ^ gr. of powdered leaves, re- 

Case of Daniel G., poisoned by overdoses of infusion of Digitalis, administered for effusion in 
pleura, etc. (symptoms not admitted). From Srunlon on IHgiMis. 

Fig. 1.— Pulse normal after 2 wueks. 

6 r.M. — December 5. — Right radial ; patient lying. 
(After large doses for 2 weeks.^ 

Dpcerahnr 6. — Tiacing taken from right radial about 6 p.m. Palient lying. 

December 7. — Tracing taken from right radial at 1 p.m. Patient lyins. 

December 9.— Tracing from right radial, 8 P.M. Patient lying. Pulse 64. 

December 11.— 12.30 p.m. 

December 12.— Tracing taken at 1.50 p.m. 


peated after two hours and a lialf, and several times with similar results ; 
94, Dr. Barton (quoted by last authority), several persons took Dig. unin- 
tentionally ; 95, Lembke, proving with ^ gr. of powdered leaves, first, sixth, 
aud thirteenth days, | gr. twenty-second and twenty-eighth days, | gr. 
forty-seventh day, and 1 gr. seventy-ninth day, N. Z. f. Horn. KL, 2, p. 171. 
Mind. — Einotionnl. Secretive insanity, with obstinacy ; he tries to 
escape,^ — Delirium (third day),**.— Slight delirium at night, with some 
agitation (third day) ; rather violent delirium in the night (fourth day) ; 
so delirious during night that it was necessary to use restraint (fifth day),™. 
—Irrational talking, with uneasiness, at night,™.— I was in a state border- 
ing on drunkenness (second day),°l — Intoxicated feeling,'^ — Excessively 
intoxicated,"*.— Many lively fancies,^— Great desire to be alone,*". — [10.] 
Disinclination to ta"lk,\ — Continual sighs and groaning (fifth day),™. — 
Gayety bordering on intoxication, with debility,™. — Peaceful, quiet mood 
(curative action),l — Great depression,".— Dejection,*'. — Dejection of mind 
and apprehensiveness,".t — Sadness, with feeling as though he were very 
sick ; all objects appear to him as to one sick with a fever,*. — Great sadness 
and dejection throughout the whole proving,". — Weeping sadness about 
many things which have disappointed him,*. — [20.] Gloominess and ill- 
humor,^ — Anxiety, as though he had done wrong,*. — Anxiety, with great 
dread of the future, worse about 6 p.m., with sadness and weeping, which 
bring relief,". — *Grreat anxiety,™.— Internal anxiety, like pangs of con- 
science, as though he had committed a crime, or expected to be reproved, 
continuing nearly three months,". — [Loss of courage],*^^ — *Fear of death,*. 
— Apprehensiveness, as if rising from the upper abdomen,". — Apprehen- 
siveness, with much sighing, throughout the whole proving,". — ^Fearful ap- 
prehensiveness of a sad character, with great depression, extremely aggravated 
by music^". — [30.] Very irritable and out of humor (seventh day),"*"*. — 
Great irritability ; everything, especially sad things, affect him very much, 
and the merest trifle can make him hopelessly despondent ; lasting more 
than three mouths,". — Gloomy, morose mood ; he gets angry at everything,**. 
— Much agitated ; continually complaining (fourth day),'". — Indifference,^'. 
■ — Indifferent mood in general, as if he had not slept as much as usual, yet 
without sleepiness,*^ — Very indifferent to everything, for several days,*". — 
Intellectual. Increased energy of the intellectual faculties ; the imagi- 
nation in particular was unusually active (first day),"°. — Great desire to 
work (after one hour and a half),*. — Inclination for mental labor and all 
kinds of business (curative action),". — [40.] Mind incapable of study (ninth 
day),'". — Intellectual faculties obscured and dull (seventeenth day),""''. — 
Intellectual faculties greatly weakened (after seven days),'*. — Intellectual 
faculties seemed to be affected, as if I had taken more wine than usual 
(§fteenth day),""*". — Intellectual faculties were in a state bordering on de- 
lirium (third day),"'. — Impaired thought (fourth day),**. — * Thinking is 
difficult, and he forgets everything, immediately, with internal and external 
heat of the head,^ — Dulness of mind, with indifference, especially at even- 
ing,*". — Confusion of ideas for six days,'*. — Was unable to connect my ideas 
(sixteenth day),""''. — [50.] * Weakness of memory^'. — Patient stupefied (sev- 
enth day),'*. — Intellectual faculties were in a state approaching stupor and 
delirium (fourth day),"". — Stupor, and decided comatose condition ; an- 

f Not found. — Hughes. 

X On account of the apparent inefflcacy of the medicine. — Huqhbs. 


swered questions vaguely (after four days),'*.— Lost his consciousness, and 
at last fell down in a state of syncope (second mornmg), . 

Head.— Confusion and Vertigo. * Gov fusion of the head, ; (sec- 
ond and third days);l-Confusion of the head like an intoxications- 
Confusion of the head, with some confusion of the mind (titth day), , — 
Confusion of the head, which causes difficulty in thinking, and gradually 
changes into a pressive pain (seventh day),'l— Confusion of the head, 
which gradually became a pressive pain, extending from the vertex over 
the whole head, with the same sensation in the eyes as on the previous day, 
with small and slow pulse, somewhat increased secretion of urine, and lor 
half an hour very violent irritation of the genitals (fifth day, half an hour 
after 2 grains) ^ —[60.] Transient confusion of the head, not amounting 
to vertigo (third day),»°.-Slight confusion of the head (first day),^^— Slight 
confusion of the head, becoming a pressive headache (second day), .—blight 
confusion of the head, which after an hour changed into a pressure in the 
occipital region ; this continued with intermissions till towards noon ; while 
the brain was affected in this way I noticed that external objects frequently 
presented themselves in a false light ; I did not actually see double, but 
not in a right light (first day),''\— *Vertigo,''/' *^ ", etc.— Vertigo, so that 
she fell down while ascending steps,*'.—* Vertigo, with anxious sensation as 
though faintness would occur, while standing leaning against a chair (after 
two hours),^".—* Feri^o, on rising- from sitting, and noticeable weakness of 
the limbs (second day ),'=l— Vertigo, with dimness of vision, disabling her 
from going down stairs (after three hours),"'.— Vertigo, with trembling, .f 
—[70.] Slight vertigo, lasting twenty minutes (after ten minutes),^'.- 
Slight and transient vertigo, very soon,'" "'.—Feeling of slight vertigo, so 
that it was necessary to fix the eyes upon an object for some time (second 
day),''*'.— Violent vertigo (soon after),"".— Giddiness, continuing six days,'". 
— Dizziness,". — Dizziness in the head, with inability to think,'. — He felt 
dizzy and heavy (second morning),"'.— Felt quite dizzy and heavy (soon 
aher),'\— General Head. The head is affected ,"^'.1— [80.] *The head 
constantly falls backward white sitting and loalUng, as if the anterior cervical 
muscles were paralyzed and powerless,^''. — Almost constant noise in his hea,d,'*. 
— *^i sudden cracking noise in the head, during the midday nap, ivith fright- 
ened starting lys,".— Obscuration of the head, with dull headache (second 
day),"-'. — Duluess in the head, as if hypochondriac,'. — Frequent sensation 
on bending the head forward, as though something in it fell forward,". — 
Violent pain in the head (second movning),^'\ — Heat on and in the whole 
head,".- Flushes of heat in the head (fifth day),""'' "=■=.- Violent heat in the 
head,"\ — [90.] Sensation as of swelling in the head,*'. — *Head heavy, con- 
fused, as If full ^\—* Headache^'' *\ — Headache for several days,*'.— Head- 
ache, on "stooping, in the morning immediately after rising,'". — Headache 
worse on walking, stooping, overheating (for several hours),"*. — Headache, 
witii confusion of the head,". — Headache, with slight nausea,'*. — Slight 
headache (tenth day),'". — Slight headache, with cutting pains in the abdo- 
men, followed by warmth over the whole body and pressure towards the blad- 
der (fourth day),"'. — [100.] Violent headache,"'. — Drawing in the cranial 
boneSj'l — Dull pain in the head (sixteenth day),"'"'. — Pressure on several 
spots of the head,"°.^Headache, pressure, and heaviness, as from rush of 
blood to the head,'. — A tensive pressure affecting the head, especially in 
the forehead and left temple, in the evening (after three and twelve days),". 
— Pressive headache, especially on the vertex and in the forehead (fourth 

f After each dose. — Hughes. J Not found. — Hughes. 


day),^'. — Pressive headache, especially in the occiput and vertex (second 
day),*''. — Sense of weight in the head all day (sixth day),™. — Troublesome 
sense of weight in the head, relieved in the forenoon by an attack of 
epistaxis (eighth day),™. — [HO.] Acute headache, on waking in the 
morning, lasting through the day, worse in the afternoon, and becoming 
most severe in the evening, so that the prover was obliged to go to bed 
sooner than usual ; he felt unfitted for work the whole day (eighth day),^*. 
— Very acute headache, in the morning on waking (sixth day),*". — Undu- 
lating headache, like the beating of waves within the head, towards both 
sides, aggravated while standing or bending backward, relieved by lying 
or stooping,". — Forehead. Slight pain and heaviness in the frontal re- 
gion (second day),''^ — ^ Violent pain in head,''^ — Becomes conscious and 
complains of violent pains in the head,'*. — Tensive sensation in the forehead, 
on turning the eyes to one side,^ — Frontal headache (third day),™. — Slight 
headache in the frontal region,*^ — Suffered from severe frontal headache, 
with pressure on the temples, in the evening (after second dose, sixteenth 
day),*"*. — [120.] Pressure, as from a heavy weight, in the middle of the 
upper part of the forehead, on exerting the mind,^ — Tensive pressure in 
the forepart of the forehead,^ — Contractive pressure in tlie forepart of the 
forehead and in the temples, aggravated by thought,'. — Dull pain in the 
right side of the forehead, during the forenoon (first day),''^ — Dull frontal 
headache, much increased by movement (ninth day),''". — Dull frontal head- 
ache throughout the day, with frequent uneasiness in the region of the 
heart (seventh day),"". — Wakened with dull frontal headache and nausea 
(fifth morning),"". — A sharp pressive pain in the forehead, in a small spot 
over the eye,^^ — Some stitches in the left frontal region,'. — Pressive stitch 
externally in the left side of the forehead,'. — [130.] Sudden, very violent 
sticking tearing in the right frontal region, extending from the right eye- 
brow upward, lasting but a short time, though suddenly returning three 
times, at 1 p.m. (second day),"*''. — * Throbbing headache in the forehead or 
at the bottom of the orbits,'*. — Temples. Jerklike pressure, now in the 
temples, now in the whole head,". — Pressive sensation in the region of the 
right temporal bone,"'. — Sticking, now in the right, now in the left temporal 
region,'. — Some dull stitches in the left temple, which shoot through the 
whole brain, in the evening and at night in sleep,'. — Tearing stitches in 
the left temple,'. — Tearing in the right temporal region close to the ear,*. — 
Vertex. Heaviness in the head in the region of the vertex,''^ — Headache 
over the top of the head, with temporary giddiness (sixth and seventh 
days),"'. — [140.] Pressure in the region of the vertex, lasting a quarter of 
an hour,"'. — Pressure on the vertex and in the forehead,''^ — JParietcils. 
Stitchlike tension in a small spot in the parietal portion of the brain, every 
time on stooping ; it extended into the left upper teeth, and always disap- 
peared on rising,'^ — Drawing in the sides of the head, causing dizziness,*. 
— Pressure and tension in the sides of the head (soon),*. — Jerklike pressure 
in the right side of the head (seventh day),". — Tearing in the left side of 
the head,*. — Pulse-like sensation, as if the brain were beating like water 
against both sides of the skull and would burst it, with confusion,". — One- 
sided headache, like an internal itching,^ — Occiput. Violent pressure 
in the left half of the occiput,"^ — [150.] Sensation of pressure in the occi- 
put, which distinctly extended from the right to the left side ; from the 
occiput this pressure extended to the vertex ; with this some confusion of the 
head and indications of incipient vertigo,"*. — Pressive pain in the occipital 
protuberance, as from a blow or fall,". — A pressive pain in the occiput 

VOL. IV.— 7 


returned after each dose, but, after a grain and a half, increased to the 
most violent sticking pain, especially aft'eeting the occiput and vertex; the 
forehead also was not entirely free from pain (first day),". — JExternul 
Head. External heat of the head,°l 

JEt/e. — Objective, Violent inflammation of the eyes,'. — Eeddened 
eyes, with painfulness, especially in the evening, for five days,". — Eyes 
somewhat red, more sensitive than usual to the impression of light (second 
day),''^ — Eyes dim and weak (fourth to sixth day),''^- — Subjective. 
Burning in the eye followed by a small pustule, with a small areola of 
inflamed vessels in the periphery of the cornea towards the inner canthus 
of the right eye (fourth day),"''. — Jiroiv and Orbit, Intense fixed pain 
over right orbit (after six hours),'". — [160.] Burning pain in the right 
superciliary ridge, with dimness of sight, as from a veil,''. — Pressive pain 
in the right superciliary ridge, extending towards the external canthus,'. — 
Throbbing pain in the orbits,'*. — Lids, Inflammation of the meibomian 
glands,'. — Swelling of the lower lid, which makes looking down difficult,'. 
— Agglutination in the morning, followed by weakness of the eyes,'". — 
Heaviness in the lids, in the evening, with inability to hold them open,'". 
— Smarting, burning in the external canthus,". — Painful scratching in the 
inner canthus as from coarse dust,^. — Sore pain in the margins of the lids, 
on closing the eyes, in the evening, in bed,". — Lachrymal Ap- 
paratus. [170.] Lachrymation, more in the room than in the open 
air ; the eyes are dim, hot, full of red vessels, with pressive pain and hard- 
ened mucus in the canthi,'^ — Biting lachrymation,'. — Watery discharge 
from the eyes,^'. — Conjunctiva. Inflamed conjunctiva,'*. — Conjunctiva 
of the eye red, and lids red,'*. — Hall. Inclination of both eyes to turn to- 
wards the left, with pain on turning them towards the right, when everything 
seems to be doubled and tripled, with puffy face,"*. — Pain in the eyes; in- 
tolerable aching in the eyeball on touch,'. — Pressure in tlie right eyeball, 
coming and going suddenly ,'l — Pressive pain in the eyeballs,'. — I*upil. 
Pupils only slightly sensitive;-' '■^. — [180.] Fujnk dilated,'*; (intox.) (sixth 
day),'"; etc. — Pupils, especially the right, dilated (after three grains),"^— 
Pupils dilated and movable (second day),'". — *P'upih dilated and in- 
sensible,''*'''', etc. — Pupils slightly dilated,''.— Greatly dilated pupils (after 
one hour),'l— Pupils remarkably larger,''^— Pupils appear smaller,"^— 
Contracted pupils, continuing six days,'". — Pupils strongly contracted (after 
half an hour),'l— [190.] Frequent alternate contraction and dilatation of 
thepupil,^— FisiOJt. With contracted pupil, the power ofsight is stronger, 
clearer,'^ — Visual power diminished, sight dim (after every dose),"'. — Ob- 
scuration of vision,*'.— Slight obscuration of visiou,'^— Weak, indistinct 
vision,*'.— Indistinct vision, as though a cloud or fog passed before the 
eyes,"*.— Some considerable derangement of vision (after six hours),'".— Dim 
vision,'' ; (intox.) (sixth day),'^ etc.— Objects are only dimly visible,".!— 
[200.] Dim weak vision, for forty-eight hours,'*.— Sight impaired, so that 
she could not clearly distinguish objects before her (second day),'".— Con- 
fused vision, amounting to blindness,'*".— Blindness,"".J— Blindness, am- 
aurosis, for three days,*^— Peculiar sensation in the eyes ; at first they 
seemed to be suddenly blinded, as on going suddenly from the dark into a 
bright light ; then it seemed as though sparks were floating about in the 

f Not found. — Hughes. 

t For a month after omitting the medicine, with throbbing pain and sense of 
fulness in the evelids. — HuauKs. 


air ; this was associated with vertigo, and lasted a quarter of an hour (fourth 
day)/^ — Unpleasant distortion of vision, with anxiety and pressure in the 
eyes, as if a finger were pressing upon them, in the afternoon (second day),''^ 
— Flickering before the eyes (after half an hour),™. — Flicjjering before the 
eyes, with double vision (after half an hour),''^ — Flickering before the 
left eye first appeared (second morning); towards noon affected also the 
right, so that he was enabled to distinguish three varieties of figures in 
the field of vision ; closing the eye and rubbing it slowly caused clouds 
of phosphorescence; the eye was very sensitive to light, pupils however 
not dilated (second day). The figures which the flickering formed in 
these experiments were called flickering roses, because the forrri of the 
rose was the type ; in the first experiment there were round spots in the 
field of vision, the space circumscribed by four deep oval lines forming 
four large convex indentations, and the waves of light and shade sur- 
rounding this exhibited the same form only less indentated ; the flick- 
ering figures which appeared on the second day, and which reached their 
highest point on the third day, were surrounded by curved lines with 
five indentations, but more superficial, which were again surrounded by 
enlarging waves of light and shade with superficial indentations ; during 
the latter days when the flickering decreased, there were noticed only 
fragments with the rose formation on the side, like the small segment of 
the larger and more superficially indentated circle,"''. — [210.] Flickering 
before the left eye, very slight, but therewith he was unable to recognize 
a distinct conformation in the division between light and shade ; it seemed 
as though with every wink of the eye the crystalline lens trembled, and 
thereby altered refraction, producing rapid commingling of the lights 
and shadows of objects (second day) ; on the next day the flickering was 
more noticeable, and not only on winking, but as often as he looked from 
the light portion of the field of vision (as for example the fireplace) to a 
dark portion ; this caused the supposition that it was not a mechanical 
efiect, as he was at first inclined to think, but was due to a sudden change 
from light to shade ; he now directed the eye to the bright sky, and sud- 
denly covered the head without closing the eye or moving it in the slightest, 
when the flickering was noticed quite as distinctly as before ; on the suc- 
ceeding day this was more noticed in the right eye ; repeated observations 
sharpened the vision, and he was able to distinguish a definite conforma- 
tion ; there seemed to be in the middle of the visual field an alternately 
disappearing and reappearing roundish spot of a mild light, and about this 
several concentric waves of light and shade in similar motion ; this flicker- 
ing continued during the use of Digitalis, for some days (7) ; at last it 
intermitted and appeared for only a short time on going into a room from 
the open air, after moderate exercise, also on walking or going up stairs,". 
— All kinds of forms float before the eyes,". — Musca3 volitantes before his 
eyes on looking at distant objects,^". — White spots and black rings waving 
before the eyes (lasting over an hour),'=. — More numerous spots, stripes, 
white surfaces, wavering before the eyes,'l — Luminous objects seem to jump 
before his eyes, on covering them,".| — Fiery appearances before the eyes,"^^ 
— Fiery sparks like lightning before the riglit eye, about noon (second 
day),''l — The flame of the light seems larger and whiter,'^ — The flame of 

t The muscse volitantes of S. 212 become these when the eyes are covered and 
pressed upon. — Hughes. 
t With S. 92. 


a coal-fire appeared blue,''.— [220.] All objects seemed covered witb snow, 
in the morning, on waking,^^— The faces of people standing in the room 
seem as pale as corpses,'^— Appearances of colors before the eyes red, 
green yellow, like a shimmering light in the twilight,^— Objects, and even 
filver, seem yellow,*l— Objects seem green or yellow,^'.— Hallucinations of 

vision • 
jEar. ^Objective. The glands behind the ear are painfully swollen,". 

External. Drawing pain beneath the right mastoid process, relieved 

by pressure,^— Some stitches behind the ear,".— Jerking in the outer and 
inner esir,\— Internal. [230.] Feeling of great fulness in the ears, as 
if they were suddenly stopped, attended with a flush of heat over the face, 
lasting two or three minutes, recurring frequently, especially after excite- 
ment Cfourteenth day),'".— Pain in the ear as if it were constricted inter- 
nally ; he hears the pulse in it,'.— A tensive pressure in the left ear, ^— 
Mearing. Sudden. obstruction of the hearing, with ringing in the ear, .— 
Tinnitus aurium (alter six hours and second day),™.— Ringing in the 
ears," ; (soon),". — * Hissing as from boiling water, in both ears,".t 

J^ose.— Objective. Much sneezing, without coryza (first days),".— 
Awakened three times during the night from a quiet sleep, by violent 
sneezing, which seemed to start from the stomach and rise up as a slight 
nauseous sensation until it affected the nerves of sneezing (first night)"\— 
Coryza in the morning, with stoppage of the nose,'. — [240.] (Constant, 
very violent coryza, mostly with loss of smell, with catarrh of the larynx 
and trachea, and expectoration of greenish mucus, without cough, during 
the whole proving),"".— Stopped coryza in the evening and night, fluent 
during the day (twentieth day),". — Fluent coryza with much sneezing, fol- 
lowed bystoppage of the nose,'". — Epistaxis of bright blood from both nostrils 
(after one hour),'l — Subjective. Pain across the root of the n()se,".J_ 

Face. — Objective, Expression of extreme prostration. — ^Expression 
of the face remarkably sickly (second day),"*^.— *Face pale," ; (soon),""\ etc. 
— Paleness of the face,^'.§ — Face pale, with a greenish, livid tinge (second 
(Jay),™. — [250.] *jFace remarkably pale (after four days),'*. — Face livid 
(seventh day),™.— Convulsions of the left side of the i&ce,^^.— Subjec- 
tive. Remarkable heat and redness in the face, lasting half an hour,"". — 
CheeUs. Swelling of the cheek from the ear to the corner of the mouth, 
painful to touch, and with eruption upon it,'". — Cramp beneath the right 
zygoma, on moving the lower jaw, which, on biting, became spasmodically 
drawn upward,'. — Paralytic drawing beneath the left zygoma, in front of 
the ear,*. — Cramplike drawing pain in the zygoma, disappearing on pres- 
sure,'. — Lips. Swelling of the lips,'°. — Swelling on .the inside of the lower 
lip, without pain,'. — Chin, [260.] Stitches in the lower jaw,\ 

JKouth. — Teeth. The front teeth are painful,'^ — Pulsating toothache 
in the left lower eyetooth, in the evening, in bed, lasting half an hour ; this 
symptom was certainly caused by Digitalis, since I have never in my life 
suffered from toothache, and my teeth are quite sound- (third day),"*'. — 
Tongue. Tongue coated for several days,'. — Tongue slightly coated,". — 
Tongue pale (second day),™. — *Tongue white (after four days),'*. — Tongue 
coated white, in the morning,'. — Tongue covered with a white coat, and 

f Digitalis has not seldom cured dulness of hearing, with noises as of boiling water 
in the ears, in cases where it was in other respects homoeopathic. — Hahnemann. 
J With vertigo. — Hughes. 
i Not found. — Hughes. 


slightly swollen (second day),"'. — Tongue covered with a yellow coatinjj, 
and considerably swollen (third day),''l — [270.] Swelling of the tongue,^\ 
— He bites his tongue,'*. — General Mouth. Offensive odor from the 
mouth,\ — Mouth moist and thick (first day),''l — Dryness in the mouth,"". 
. — Dryness of the palate and pharynx with the nausea (second day),''^ — 
The mouth is very soft and rough, as if covered with velvet,'^ — Stitches ia 
the posterior portion of the palate, and in the beginning of the throat, not 
noticed on swallowing,". — Soreness of the mouth, fauces, and cesophagus,^'."j" 
— Scraping, raw feeling in the palate,". — [280.] Roughness of the palate, 
as after too much smoking,^ — Saliva. Quantity of saliva increased (fifth 
day),""". — Increase of the salivary and urinary secretions (after twelve 
hours),"^ — Accumulation of saliva,^ '^''^^. — Accumulation of saliva as after 
vinegar,^ — Accumulation of saliva, with soreness of the mouth, tougue, 
and gums, for three days,". — Accumulation of saliva in the mouth, with 
ecptysis and great nausea on swallowing it,^ — Accumulation of very 
sweetish saliva,*'. — Accumulation of watery saliva, which is at first sweetish, 
but afterwards salty, in frequent attacks,^l — Profuse collection of saliva 
of a viscid consistence,". — [290.] Considerable and constant fiow of 
saliva,*" '^ — Mouth full of mucus (third day),''^ — Taste. Flat slimy 
taste,^^. — Taste as of sweet almonds, after smoking,'. — Bread tastes bitter, 
with a good appetite,^'. 

Throat. — Tenacious mucus in the throat, which is loosened by cough- 
ing,". — Dryness of the throat,*'. — Spasmodic constriction of the throat,'lJ — ■ 
Sore pain in the throat, on swallowing,". — Sticking sore throat, even when 
not swallowing,^ — Fauces, Pharynx and (Esophagus. [300.] 
Dryness and scraping in the fauces,'".— A peculiar sensation in the fauces, 
as if the walls of the pharynx were swollen, or as if they were constricted 
by swelling of the tonsils (fourth day),"\ — Soreness of the fauces and 
posterior nares, especially painful in the morning and evening, for several 
days,".— Scraping in the pharynx (third day),*^ — Scraping and slight burn- 
ing in the pharynx, soon (second day),°^ — Scraping in the oesophagus, soon 
(second day),"l — Scraping in the cesophagus, with rawness in the air passages, 
the latter continuing the whole day (second day),"^ — Sharp irritation in the 
cesophagus, burning and scraping (fifth day),"'. — Sivallotving. Difiiculty 
of swallowing, continuing six days, 'I 

Stomach. — Appetite. Slight increase of the appetite (fifth day),"*. 
— [310.] Painful feelings of hunger (after twelve hours),"". — At short in- 
tervals, a painful feeling of hunger (eighth and ninth days),""*". — Longing 
for bitter food,^ — Appetite less than usual (seventh day),'^ — Appetite 
slight, is immediately satisfied,"'. — Appetite light,'*. — Appetite for dinner 
diminished (seventh day),"**. — No relish for food, and indigestion when it 
was taken (ninth day),""''. — *Loss of appetite,*". — Loss of appetite, with clean 
tongue,^'' — [320.] Loss of appetite, with great emptiness of the stomach,^'. — 
He ate his usual meal without appetite, thinking thereby the sensation of 
nausea would be relieved (after four hours),"^— jTMrs*. ^Thirst,*' '*.— 
* Much thirst (second day),"^ — * Urgent thirst,^^. — Excessive thirst, caused 
by great dryness of the mouth and pharynx ; this thirst tormented him 
the whole night ; was not quenched by copious draughts of beer and water 
(after 3 grs.),"'. — ^Extremely thirsty ; desire for cold drinks (third, fourth, 
and fifth days),'". — Violent thirst and dryness of the mouth,'*. — Thirst for 

f Ascribed by the author to the acrimony of the plant. — Hughes. 
X Not found. — Hughes. 


sour driuks,". — Ei'UCtation and Iliccouffh. Eructations, with vio- 
lent hunger, after dinner,^^ — [330.] Eructations, without either nausea or 
inclination to vomit (after I5 grain, pure),''l — Sour eructations after eat- 
ing,^l — Eructations of a tasteless liquid,'". — Eructations of an acid fluid," 
— Eructations of an acrid fluid, followed by acidity in the mouth like vine- 
gar,'". — Hiccough,'^ — Hiccough, which does not rise quite up to the throat, 
six or seven paroxysms,^ — Frequent hiccough,'". — Very frequent hiccough 
(after fourth day),^*. — Heartburn. Heartburn towards evening (fourth 
day),"\ — Nausea and Vomitinff. [340.] "'Nausea," *\ etc. — Nausea 
after eating,^ — Nausea in the epigastric region, with little appetite,^ — 
Nausea and slight pressure in the stomach (after ■§• grain),""'. — Momentary 
nausea on going to bed (first day),"". — Occasional nausea (fourteenth day),"". 
— Continual nausea (second day),'". — Incessant nausea for three daj's,^*. — 
Slight nausea, although there was a relish for food (fourteenth and fifteenth 
days),"'"". — A great deal of nausea, with uneasiness and weight at the 
stomach (nineteenth and twentieth days),"'''. — [350.] Much nausea, with a 
pain at the stomach (second day),"°. — Great nausea, so that he feared he 
should vorait (soon after 2 grains, second day),"'. — Violent nausea for 
some minutes in the middle of the night, commencing with a noise in the 
throat, followed by suffocative convulsions, in which he wakes in the 
greatest distress and suffering ; he then falls into fits of general convul- 
sions and afterwards becomes delirious and remains ungovernable for sev- 
eral minutes,". — '^'Deathly nausea,^. — Deathly, qualmish nausea in recur- 
rent attacks, with extreme dejection of mind and apprehensiveness,^\f — 
Sickness in the morning, in a female,". — Inclination to vomit,^^ *'. — Eetch- 
ing,™. — Almost convulsive efforts to vomit,^^ — * Vomiting,''' (after eight 
hours),^", etc. — [360.] Vomiting day and night,^^ — Vomiting in the morn- 
ing,"^ *'\ — Vomiting in the night,*l — Vomiting renewed by drinking,*'. — 
Vomiting, with nausea,*'. — Vomiting, with extreme nausea,'*. — Vomiting 
and purging, with severe pain in the abdomen,". — Vomiting, with retch- 
ing, excessive nausea, great anguish in the pit of the stomach, and exter- 
nal heat, mingled with shivering, followed by sweat, with chilliness, for 
several days in succession, in the afternoon about five or six,'", — Long- 
continued vomiting,". — The vomiting, which came on, it might be said, 
without precursory signs, lasted a day and a half; and solid food was not 
retained until the sixth day,'l— [370.] Vomiting for six days, not quieted 
by anything till death,''.— Frequent vomiting,*'.— Vomited severely (second 
morning),"'.— Vomiting severe and incessant," *' "I — Immoderate vomiting, 
with incessant nausea, coldness of the limbs, and cold sweat for two days,'". 
—Violent vomiting (after some hours),*'.— Violent vomiting, lasting four 
hours,".— Violent vomiting, followed by cold sweat,".— Violent, continued 
vomiting, like seasickness, with irregular, feehle pulse, for some weeks,".— 
Terrific vomiting.'^f— [380.] Vomiting at 5 a.m. of a large quantity of the 
infusion of Digitalis (second day),"^— Vomiting of food, enveloped in 
white, tasteless mucus, with increased nausea and relief of the colic.l- 
Vomited freely ; at first merely alimentary matter, then a greenish liquid 
(after six hours),'".— Copious vomiting, first of ingesta, then liquid, and 
finally greenish-yellow (after three hours),*'.— He tried several times to 
induce vomiting by mechanical irritation, and threw off" a large quantity 
of saliva, mucus, and acid food (evening of first day),"".— Greenish vomit- 
ing,**.— Vomiting of greenish fluid (second day),'".— Vomiting of green 

f Not found. — HuaeKs. 


fluid, like the infusion of plants, several times, with relief of the symp- 
toms,"'.— Vomiting of mucus, followed by bile, without food, on rising in 
themorning and several times in the course of the day (eighth day, while 
taking),".— Vomiting twice a large quantity of mucus (second day),"l — 
[390.] Bilious vomiting (soon),".— Bilious vomiting for several days,'". — 
Bilious vomiting and diarrhoea,'*. — Vomiting of green bile, with exces- 
sive nausea,^".— Some were so violently affected as to vomit blood,"'.— 
Stomach. Intense gastritis, with great sinking of the vital powers, and 
double vision,". — All the symptoms of violent inflammation of the gastro- 
intestinal mucous membrane, as well as of the brain (fourth day),"'.- 
Difficulty of digestion (fifteenth day),'''».— Digestion difficult, but no ac- 
tual nausea (eighth day, while taking),".— Weak digestion for a long 
time,".— [400.] Functions of the stomach considerably weakened (six- 
teenth day ),"■'>.- Symptoms of a disordered stomach (tenth day),™.— 
Symptoms of disordered stomach did not disappear until after about 
twenty-three days,"".— *Faintness or sinking at the stomach, as if life 
was becoming extinct, ==*.— Frequent sensation of emptiness in the stomach 
before going to sleep,". — An unpleasant sensation in the epigastric region,'"- 
— Uneasiness at the stomach (second day),''l— Some uneasiness in the 
stomach after a moderate quantity of food (eleventh day),*"^ — Great un- 
easiness in the stomach (third day),"".— **S'ense of extreme anxiety, referred to 
the epigastrium (after six hours),'". — [410.] Heaviness in the stomach,-".- 
Heaviness in the stomach, alternating with weakness,^". — Pains in the 
siojreac/i,^' ™ *_l— Pain in epigastrium, -extending to abdomen (fourth day),'". 
— Pain in pit of stomach, aggravated by pressure,'^ — Painful feeling at 
the stomach, analogous to hunger, although I had taken as much food as 
usual (first day),"l — Great pain in epigastric and umbilical regions,*" °l — 
Severe pain in the epigastrium soon set in, followed by evacuations, both 
by vomiting and stool, of a dark yellow color and offensive smell, for six 
days,'^ — Very violent pain during the vomiting, which recurred frequently 
and produced an evacuation of a large quantity of mucous matter (third 
day),"". — Burning in the stomach,'". — [420.] Burning in the stomach, ex- 
tending up the oesophagus, continuing through the day (first day),"l — 
Burning and pressure in the epigastric region,"". — Sharp burning, ex- 
tending from the stomach up the oesophagus, in the afternoon (second 
day),"". — Great heat of the stomach, with painfulness of it,*'.t — After 
eating, the stomach and upper abdomen are constantly full and dis- 
tended, with heaviness and disinclination to work,". — Feeling of ful- 
ness in the stomach, as though the breakfast would be eructated (second 
day),"'°. — Sensation of fulness in the stomach (three hours and a half after 
dinner), as if the food remained in the upper part of the oesophagus, with- 
out nausea (second day),"''*. — Constriction across the epigastric region, 
towards the liver,". — Spasmodic pain in the stomach (seventh day),". — 
Cramp in the stomach,**'.! — [430.] After dinner, dull pain and distension 
of the stomach ; felt as if I had eaten too much (fifteenth day),"". — Stomach- 
ache (eighth day, while taking),'". — Pressure in the stomach, as from a 
heavy weight, on straightening up the body,l — Pressure in the stomach and 
copious secretion of saliva two hours after disappearance of the vertigo (sec- 
ond day),"l — Frequent pressure in the stomach and upper part of the ab- 
domen,". — Constant pressure on the stomach,'". — Slight pressure in the epi- 
gastric region (after one hour, first day),"l — Some pinching pressure in the 
stomach, by paroxysms (after half an hour),"". — Cutting pressure in the 

f Not found. — HuGHKs. 


pit of the stomach, with nausea in it/. — After eating, the food presses in 
the pit of the stomach while sitting, not while standing,^ — [440.] Slight 
cutting pain in the stomach (second day),"''. — Pinching stitches in the pit 
of the stomach, unaltered by respiration and aggravated by touch only 
when standing, not when sitting,**. — Soreness at the epigastrium,". — Epi- 
gastrium rather painful on pressure (after sixth day),**. — *Extreme sensi^ 
tiveness in epigastric region, producing frequent deep sighs (second day),™. 
— Suffered much after dinner from severe bruised pain in the epigastrium 
and over the sternum, with feeling of languor and indigestion, going off 
on taking a little weak tea (fourteenth day),"" 

Abdomen. — Hypochondria. Anxiety, tension, and constriction 
in the hypochondria,^ — Pressure in the left hypochondriuni,". — Constant 
stitches in the left hypochondrium, with sensation as though the parts 
thereabout were asleep,^ — Pain, as if everything internally were torn, in 
one spot, beneath the third left false rib,l — Unihillcal. [450.] Tearing 
pains about the umbilicus in the morning,\ — Burrowing pressure and 
sticking in the abdomen, just above the umbilical region,*. — Dull, almost 
pinching stitches in the right side, above the navel, while eating,*. — Sharp 
stitches in the umbilicus,*. — Some sticking-tearing in the umbilical region 
while \^a\kmg,^.— General Abdomen. *Unusual fulness of the ab- 
domen (fourth day),*^ — Abdomen strongly contracted upon the intestines, 
and very hot, dry, and rough to the touch (third day),"\ — Abdomen felt 
hard (second day),™. — Noises in the abdomen, without sensation of flatu- 
lence or emission of flatulence,^ — Eumbling in the abdomen, without 
colic.^l — [460.] Movings in the intestinal canal, with slight colic (after 
two hours) ; these pains afterwards extended to the lowest portion of the 
abdomen, into the pubic region, changing into a pressure and dragging, 
extending down through the pelvic cavity and into the testicles ; after an 
hour these pains and dragging sensations had disappeared, but in their 
place occurred frequent urging to urinate, with itching irritation in the 
glaus penis, lasting until into the afternoon (first day),"\ — Audible mov- 
iugs of flatulence about the abdomen, with rumbling and gurgling and a 
feeling as if bubbles of air were moving along the colon,". — Flatulence 
and emission of flatus,".— Profuse emission of flatus the whole afternoon 
(fourth day),^— Intestinal pains (third day),"^— Pain in abdomen,".— 
Very severe abdominal pains,'l — Violent abdominal pains (very soon),*'.— 
Pain in the abdomen, most violent and continuous,'". — Extreme pain in 
abdomen,"'; (second morning),"'.— [470.] Acute pain in abdomen (fifth 
day),'".— Many troubles from flatulence,".— Tension of the skin of the ab- 
domen on becoming erect,l— Constriction of the abdomen (twenty-second 
day ),"*^— Slight contractive pain in the abdomen soon (first day),"'.— A 
pinching contraction in the abdomen, as from a violent cold, while sitting, 
not while walking (third and fourth days),".— Griping in the abdomen al- 
most immediately,'.— Griping in the abdomen, with some stitches, and at 
times attacks of nausea,".— Frequent griping pains in the bowels (fourth 
and fifth days),"".— Boring and dragging downward in the forepart of 
the left side of the abdomen,".— [480.] Dragging and pressure in the 
pelvis, extending into the testicles,"'.— A feeling in the left side of the 
abdomen as though something were forcing itself through " —Cuttings 
lu the whole upper and lower abdomen,*.— Cutting pain in the abdo- 
men, with urging to stool (fourth day),"'.— Slight cutting pains in the 
bowels, almost causing nausea (fifth day),"'.— Some fine stitches in the left 
side o± the abdomen during rest and motion, especially on expiration,'.— 


Transient stitches, as from needles, in the whole abdomen,''. — Fine stitches 
in the right side of the abdomen, during expiration, while standing and 
walking (after fifty hours),'. — Pains in the abdomen, more tearing than 
sticking, in the morning, in bed, followed by diarrhosa and tenesmus,'. — 
Some cutting-tearings in the abdomen in the evening, as after taking cold, 
especially on rising up from sitting, with pressive headache in the vertex,''. 
— [490,] Sensation of twisting in the bowels after each dose, and of much 
sinking at the pit of the stomach/".f — Colic,^. — Colic-pains in the abdo- 
men, with rumbling and gurgling, for half an hour,\ — Seized with very 
violent colicky pains, immediately followed by sudden evacuation of liquid 
stools towards evening (sixth day),"". — Pressive colic in the upper abdo- 
men, paroxysmal and cramplike,". — Colic more tearing than sticking pre- 
cedes the diarrhoea-like stool in the morning, in bed,'. — Harassed with 
tormina after going to bed, which did not abate before three o'clock a.m. 
(fifth night),™. — On moving, the abdomen is painful, as if ulcerating, 
though not on touch,^ — Hypogastrium and Iliac Itegion. 
Moviugs about, gurglings and pressure in the lower abdomen,*. — Gripings 
in the lower abdomen, as from a purge,'. — [500.] Very violent cutting in 
the lower abdomen by jerks,^°. — Jerklike tearing from the mons veneris 
towards the left groin while leaning the body backward,'. — Frequent 
gnawing, colicky pains in the lower part of the abdomen (from a half to 
one hour after taking Digitalis),"". — Sore pain in the left abdominal ring, 
as if a hernia would protrude,'. 

Rectum and Anus. — Urging to stool,^ 

Stool. — DlaVThc&a. Diarrhcea'^ ; (after fourth day),^. — Diarrhoea, 
consisting of fseces mixed with mucus, preceded by colic, at one time pres- 
sive, at another cutting, which always disappears on going to stool (after 
six and eight hours),^ — Diarrhoea, preceded and followed by colic,^ — 
Diarrhoea, followed by urging to stool in the rectum,'. — Slight diarrhoea 
(fourth day),'"". — [510.] Violent diarrhoea," ^^. — Almost incurable diar- 
rhoea,'^J — *Ash-colored diarrhcea (as in jaundice),". — Ash-colored, pasty 
diarrhoea, as in jaundice, follows four attacks of vomiting, with faintness 
thereafter,^". — Painful diarrhoea for three or four days,".§ — Bowels rather 
relaxed (fourteenth and fifteenth days),"'". — Several stools during the day,^". 
— Several fluid stools (second day),"l — Several bilious stools (third day),"^. 
— Two and three stools a day for several days,'. — [520.] Bowels moved 
naturally in the morning and again at nine in the evening (second day),"". 
— Thin stool two or three times a day, the next morning constipation 
(after twenty-four hours),'*. — Two thin discharges from the bowels at one 
and eleven p.m.,''". — Abundant stools (very soon),"\ — Copious stools,"". — 
Intestinal evacuations were copious, and seemed to contain a good deal of 
bilious matter (sixteenth day),"*"". — ^Gentle intestinal evacuations, which 
were bilious and mucous (nineteenth day),"^"". — -Involuntary stool,'. — Soft, 
liquid, profuse stool (after seventy-two hours),". — Thin stool,^ — [530.] 
Yellowish-white stool, without symptoms, follows retention for forty-eight 
hours,". — Slight fecal evacuation (second day),"°. — One scanty green 
evacuation from bowels (third day),'".^— Many threadworms with the stool 
in the evening,'^ — Constipation. * Constipation (for several days),'""'. 
— Constipation nearly the whole time,'". — Bowels confined,"" ^^ — Stool 
somewhat retained during all the provings, very unusual, since the stools 

t Original corrected by Hughes. J See note to S. 278. 

I Not found. — Hughes. 


have always been free and healthy,"*.— Fajces scanty,".— Very hard, diffi- 
cult, though rather copious stool at 11 p.m. (first day),^*''. 

Urinary Organs.— Kidnej/s and Bladder. [540,] Function 
of kidneys completely suspended,'" 'I— Contractive pain in the bladder 
while urinating, with difficult discharge of urine,^— Dragging sensation m 
the bladder, as though it were distended ; not relieved by frequent mictu- 
rition (second dny),'\— Urethra. Pressing-burning in the middle of the 
urethra, as if it were too narrow, while urinating ; it, however, disappears 
even while urinating,^— Urging to urinate,^— Urging to urinate, even to 
inflammation of the neck of the bladder,".— Urging to urinate, with much 
urine of a healthy color (after eight, nine, and ten hours),'.— Urging to 
urinate, with copious micturition, lasting from 10 A.M. (two hours after 
second dose) till 3 p.m. of the next da, j,^\—* Frequent urging to itrinate,^\-\ 
—Frequent urging to urinate, with only a dribbling discharge of reddish 
urine, with burning in the urethraand glans penis,'.— [550.] * Constant urging 
to urinate at night, and, on rising, in consequence, dizzine.«s and vertigo,' — 
* Incessant urging to urinate, and passage of only a few drops at a time; urine 
dark brown, hot, burning, while passing (ninth day),". — Incessant desire to 
urinate, without passing much at a time, though the aggregate amount was 
large (first and second days),^'.— The fits are often preceded by frequent 
ineffectual desire to urinate,".- Awakened about 3 o'clock at night by 
the necessity to pass urine, which, however, was passed in only a very small 
quantity (first night),"''.— Violent, fruitless efforts to urinate,^^ — Mictu- 
rition. Urine increased,". — Quantity of urine increased (eighth and 
ninth days),''■^— Quantity of urine increased (fifth day),"=°.— Increased 
secretion of urine (first and second days)/".— [560.] Increased secretion of 
watery urine, which did not collect in large quantities in the bladder, but 
provoked constant micturition,"^ — Secretion of urine was unchanged for 
the first three days; on the second day it was remarkably increased, so 
that he passed a large amount of watery urine every hour ; next day it 
returned to the normal (was not diminished in quantity) ; the next dose 
was followed by increased secretion of urine for the whole day (after three 
or four hours),". — Increased discharge of urine, with increased desire to 
urinate and inability to retain it,". — Increased discharge of urine ; pale, 
light-colored urine, not scanty, was passed every hour from 3 to 6 p.m. 
(after six hours),^*. — Excessively increased discharge of urine day and 
night, for forty-eight hours, with great exhaustion (after two hours),". — 
Profuse discharge of urine,\ — After profase discharge of urine there follows 
retention and nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea,".^ — Urine was more abun- 
dant and deeper in color (sixteenth day),""'. — Urine much more abundant 
(fourteenth and fifteenth days),""''. — Quantity of urine excreted much greater 
than the quantity of fluid drank (first day) ; very abundant (second day),"^. 
— [570.] Urine was secreted in such large quantities, that she passed more 
in two hours than usually in tweutj^-four ; therewith the thirst was not 
increased (two hours after dose, fourth day),"\ — Urine copious ; voided at 

t Part of S. 460. 

j A very unusual alternate action of Digitalis, and only from very large doses. 
Difficulty of micturition is usually the primary action of this drug, wherefore it is 
frequently used homoeopathioally and very beneficially for enlargements accom- 
panied by similar difficult micturition and by other symptoms, which are found to 
be like the pure primary action of Digitalis. Tiie copious and often involuntary 
micturition or profuse secretion of urine that follows its use, is only the reaction 
of the organism from the supposed primary action. — Hahxemann. 


least everj^ two hours during the afternoon (third day),"".— Urine copious ; 
passed six times between 3 and 10 p.m. (usually but twice in the same 
period) ; urine showed no especial change, but after several hours deposited 
a thin brownish sediment (fourth day)/'. — Urine copious, and depositing a 
mucous sediment (nineteenth and twentieth days),"'". — Urine more copious 
than usual during the afternoon (second day),™. — Urine profuse ; evacuated 
every hour during the afternoon (first day),*l — Urine more profuse than 
usual, lasting till noon of the third day (second day),". — Urine more pro- 
fuse than usual ; after 10 a.m., constant urging renewed immediately after 
micturition ; this urging, however, caused no real pain, and the urine, 
which was darker colored than usual, caused no burning during micturi- 
tion (fifth day),''\ — After seven hours (after 3 p.m.) it seemed as though 
the kidneys became very active, and secreted urine rapidly, followed by 
urging to urinate, and copious discharge of normal urine (third day),^°. — 
Frequent urinating, and more urine, also at night,''\ — [580.] Frequent 
passage of watery urine,'. — "^She in obliged to rise every night to winate,^. — 
Inability to retain the urine,". — Involuntary micturition.^ — Involuntary 
discharge of urine and fseces (after seven days),**. — Quantity of urine less- 
ened ; it was clear and of a pale color (twenty-second day),''°^ — Urine less 
abundant, and of a red color (third day),''^ — Urine during the first day de- 
cidedly diminished (too much so to be accounted for by the warmer weather), 
860 c.c, s]3. gr. 1025 (aggregate of four evacuations), (first day) ; passed in 
unusually small quantity, and of very high sp. gr. (1()33) (second evening) ; 
total amount during the day only 1050 c.c, though I drank 180 c.c. of 
beer and 210 c.c. of cofiee ; in the afternoon the reaction was neutral ; av- 
erage sp. gr. 1026.5 (second day),"*''. — *Scanty, dark urine,^^. — Very pain- 
ful discharge of scanty, red urine for six days,™. — [590.] Urine seemed to 
be scanty in the morning, remarkable, as, quite late on the evening previ- 
ous, tea had been taken, which could not have been evacuated the same 
evening, as usual when it was taken at 7.30 ; sp. gr. 1031 (third day),"""^. — ■ 
Urine seemed to be rather more scanty than during sixth proving,"'^. — 
Micturition seldom, only twice during the day, and scanty, though without 
difiiculty; but after forty-eight hours frequent, with cutting-drawing in the 
bladder,^ — Retention of urine; bladder distended, and could be felt above 
the pubis (second day),™. — Secretion of urine suspended," — Urine almost 
suppressed,'". — Suppression of the urine (for nearly three days),'l — Urine 
suppressed for fifty hours,*'\f — Passage of dark urine, amounting from noon 
till 10 P.M. to li Ibs.,'^'. — Quantity of urine, 1873.6 centimetres; sp. gr., 
1014.32; total solids, 63.74 grams. ; inorganic solids, 30.15 grams. ; organic 
solids, 33.49 grams, (second day),'l — [600,] Quantity of urine, 1624.9 c.c. ; 
sp. gr., 1020.04; total amount of solid matter, 67.29 grams., of which 33.19 
were inorganic, and 34.10 organic (third day),". — *Micturition difficult, as 
though there were almost no urine in the bladder, and yet there ivas great 
urgency to urinate; after micturition, pressure in the bladder and burning in 
the urethra for half an hour (third day),"**. — Urine. Urine of pale straw 
color and feeble acid reaction; quantity, 1950 c.c. (previous average, 1475.5 
c.c); sp. gr., 1013.25 (previous average, 1024.30 c.c); total solids, 69.98 
grams., of which 31.27 were inorganic, and 38.71 organic matter (previous 
average, 75.31 grams., of which 37.17 grams, inorganic, and 45.14 organic 

t Is it not remarkable that Digitalis, when taken in a poisonous dose, suppresses 
the very function which it excites to increased activity when administered as a 


3onstituents), (first day),".— Urine very red and burning (fourth day),"".— 
Urine dark, without urging to urinate; it becomes very red, and deposits 
% sediment (after fourteen hours),'.— He observed while taking the medi- 
cine that the urine was of a brownish color, and of a heavy, disagreeable 
smelP'— Acid urine ^^f— Urine thick, with dense white sediment (tilth 
day)>.— Urine, 1125 c.c, acid; sp. gr., 1025 (first day) 1040 c.c, acid; 
sp. gr., 1025 (second day). 1040 c.c, acid ; sp. gr., 1025, very soon be- 
coming turbid (third day). 940 c.c, acid, once in the afternoon neutral; 
sp. gr., 1024.6 (fourth day). 900 c.c; sp. gr., 1025.8; m the afternoon 
neutral, at other times acid; in the morning and afternoon after dinner it 
became very turbid after a few hours, and deposited a thick white sedi- 
ment (fifth day),''*^— Urine, 1150 c.c, acid; sp. gr., 1053 (first day). 870 
cc; sp. gr., 1023 (second day). 1145 c.c; sp. gr., 1017 2 (third day . 
975 CO.; sp. gr., 1025 (fourth day). 1100 cc; sp. gr., 1018.3 (fifth day). 
1200 c.c (once neutral) ; sp. gr., 1024.3 (in the forenoon 120 cc of weiss 
beer were taken), (sixth day). 825 cc ; sp. gr., 1026.9 ; in the afternoon 
becoming soon very turbid (seventh day). 1110 cc. ; sp. gr., 1026 (eighth 
day). 1105 cc; sp. gr., 1025.4 (ninth day),"".— [610.] Urine, 1430 c.c, 
acid ; sp. gr. (evening), 1030 (second day). 950 c.c; sp. gr., 1022, neutral 
in the morning and afternoon (third day),''*°.—Urine, 1460 c.c;, 
1018.5 (first day). 1360 c.c. ; sp. gr., 1024 (second day). Neutral m the 
evening, not after dinner, both days,"*'. 

Sexual Organs.— Male. Irritability of the genital organs after 
difierent doses,'".— Constant irritability of the genital organs, almost pain- 
ful erections, especially disturbing sleep (fourth day),"'.— Continued erec- 
tions in the morning on rising, which were remarkably unpleasant, and 
almost painful on account of the urinary troubles (third day),"*^.— Very 
noticeable and persistent erections in the morning, not only in bed, but 
also after rising (fourth and subsequent days) ,"*=.— Awakened at night by 
almost chordee-like erections, and, at same time, urging to urinate, with, 
however, very scanty urine, much out of proportion to the urging (third 
night),"*^. — When Digitalis (or Digitaline) is administered for some time to 
a man in full possession of sexual powers, these become gradually reduced, 
the propensities disappear, formation of liquor seminis diminishes, and may 
at last cease altogether,". — Genitals become so weak and flaccid, that they 
are hardly felt to exist; heat, tension, congestion, and erection of the parts, 
pleasurable feelings, and sexual desire, are no longer experienced,*^ — Great 
irritation of the genitals,^^'; (part of S. 59),^'.— [620.] Itching irritation in 
the glans penis; (part of S. 460),"\ — Frequent sensation at night as though 
an emission would occur without one; in the morning a glutinous moisture 
at the orifice of the urethra,'. — Pain, as from a bruise in the right testicle,'. 
— Very excited lascivious fancies, with voluptuous images day and night, 
and frequent erections,'". — Excited sexual desire, with frequent erections 
during the day,". — Emission, without dreams and without waking, during 
the night (an extraordinary symptom, which I had not experienced for 
more than a year), (second night),"*''. — Emissions almost every fourth night, 
always with voluptuous dreams,". — Three emissions within four nights, fol- 
lowed by great exhaustion on the following day, but with violent erections 
every morning on and after rising (after ten days),"*''. — Emissions, followed 
by pain in the penis,'". — * Copious emission at night (first night),"**. — [630.] 
Very profuse emission at night about 1 o'clock, and on waking a smarting 

f Not found. — HirGHKS. 


pain in the urethra (third mghi),^*".— Female, Considerabk uterine 
haemorrhage (after some hours)/*. — Discharge of menstrual blood,**. 

Mespiratovy Organs.— Larynx. In the morning, mucus in the 
larynx, easily loosened, but, by hawking, it usually comes up into the 
throat, so that he is obliged to swallow it,*. — Tenacious mucus in the 
larynx, loosened by a hacking cough,". — On every inspiration he feels as 
though he were electrized,*". — Irritation to cough, as far up as the arch of 
the palate,^ — Hoarseness in the morning,^ — Hoarseness in the morning on 
waking," — Great hoarseness, so that he is unable to speak, in the morning 
after a night-sweat,^ — [640.] ^Frequent painless hoarseness,^. — Coiujli 
and Expectoration. Cough and catarrh, so that he could scarcely 
speak,\ — Cough, with sweat, at midnight,^ — Slight cough, which appeared 
sympathetic with the affection of the stomach (eighteenth day),*""". — After 
eating, the cough is so violent that he vomits the food,\ — Dull cough, as 
from tickling in the trachea, without expectoration,'^ — Dry cough, with 
dyspnoea, in the morning after rising,^ — Dry cough, with pressive-tensive 
pain in the arm and shoulder,'^ — Cough, caused by itching irritation in 
the larynx, short and dry,". — Dry, spasmodic cough, after much talking,^ 
— [650.] Cough and expectoration, with a peculiar weak sensation in the 
chest, especially on sitting a long time (fourth day),"*'. — Expectoration of 
mucus in the morning by involuntary hawking,'. — Expectoration of gray- 
ish mucus, of a sweetish, offensive taste (second day),"**. — [Expectoration 
from the chest colored by blood],*-.f — *Bloody cough,\ — JRespiratioii. 
Eespiration more rapid (seventh day),™. — *Kespiration irregular, and 
performed by frequent deep sighs (second day),'". — Short, gasping respi- 
ration ; he is not able to hold it, and is soon obliged to gasp anew,". — Sigh- 
ing respiration for six days,'l — Respiration 16, difBcult (fourth day),*\ — 
[660.] Respiration 26 in a minute, but without any difficulty (second 
day),''^ — * Respiratory murmur feeble (second day),'". — *Respiration difficult, 
slow, and deep,". — When sitting, as well as when walking, worse towards 
evening and in the evening ; Hhere was a constant desire to take a very deep 
breath, 'but, on attempting to do so, it seemed as though the chest could be only 
half filled, or as though some impediment existed deep in the chest ; there was 
associated with this a dry cough, especially on deep inspiration, which only 
seldom expectorated a somewhat hard, lumpy mucus; in the morning, how- 
ever, the expectoration was freer and more copious than in the afternoon 
and evening ; everything seemed too tight about the body ; I was obliged 
to open my vest and waistband, because their pressure was extremely irk- 
some ; this, however, did not relieve the shortness of breath (fourth day). 
On the next day, the shortness of breath appeared in a slight degree imme- 
diately on rising (the previous evening it had soon disappeared in bed), 
but was now accompanied by a painful feeling of weariness and general 
affection of the chest, and a frequent dry cough ; in the afternoon the diffi- 
culty of respiration increased, and in the evening it was worse than yester- 
day, especially while writing (fifth day). On the next day this continued, 
a little less in the morning, but even more violent in the afternoon and 
evening than before, even accompanied with some palpitation (sixth day). 
The next day, the shortness of breath was noticed immediately after rising, 
though there was no cough and very little expectoration ; in the afternoon 
and evening it was noticed a little while walking (seventh day) ; in the 
evening walk after this, the shortness of breath continued to return in 

f A standing symptom with the patient. — Hughes. 


shorter and slighter attacks, until it gradually disappeared/"". — Extremely 
annoying shortness of breath during the whole day; this had been noticed 
during the preceding days, but in so slight a degree that I paid little atten- 
tion to it ; it was, however, to-day very severe (sixth day),**". — *Didresdng 
dyspnoea for several days; he must involuntarily take a deep breath, and 
still it seems as though he wanted air, especially while sittiug,'l 

Chest. — QEdema of the lungs," — Weary sensations across the chest to 
the left side (two hours and a half after first dose, second day),''^ — Cough 
is difficult on account of pain in the chest,*'. — Great heat of the chest ex- 
ternally, as if he stood uncovered by a warm stove, soon followed by cool- 
ness over the chest,^ — [670.] Tension in the chest and pressure in the pit 
of the stomach, which frequently obliged him to take a deep breath,". — 
^Suffocative, painful constriction of the chest, as if the internal parts were 
groxon together, especially in the morning on waking ; he is obliged to 
quickly sit upright,^. — Pressive drawing in the chest on coughing,^. — Pres- 
sure and boring in the pectoral muscles above on the left side,'". — Pain in 
the chest ; a pressure on the lower portion of the chest, while sitting bent 
over, with shortness of breath,'. — Dull, disagreeable pressure in the chest 
and epigastrium, relieved by beating on the chest, lasting three hours, 
towards evening (eighth day),*^. — Feeling of rawness in the chest, with 
stitches,'. — Front, Contractive pain in the sternum, aggravated by bend- 
ing forward the head and upper portion of the body,^ — Drawing pain in 
the middle of the sternum while walking,'. — On violent motion of the arm, 
he is immediately attacked by cutting pressure in the opposite side of the 
chest, externally, in front, in the region of the third rib,'. — [680.] In the 
evening, a bruised feeling over the sternum and epigastrium, so very dis- 
tressing as to prevent any mental employment (fifteenth day),*^ — Sides. 
Tension in the left side of the chest, on becoming erect, as if the parts were 
contracted,'. — Violent drawing-pressive pain in the lower portion of the 
right side of the chest, in the evening, preventing sleep (sixth day),'"". — 
Dull pinching stitches under the ribs beneath the right axilla,''. — Sharp 
stitches in the chest, on the right side, above the pit of the stomach,*.^ 
Fine stitches, corrosive, itching, sticking, rhythmical with the pulse, in the 
left side, on a line, with the pit of the stomach,*. — Very perceptible throb- 
bing, as of violent pulsations, in the right side of the chest,°. — Violent pul- 
sating pain in the right side of the chest, in the region of the nipple, lasting 
several minutes, while walking slowly; although not excessively severe, it 
cau.sed an anxious sensation of oppression of breathing (seventh day),"*"". — 
Unpleasaut pulsating pain in the lower portion of the left side of the chest, 
not in the heart itself, but more as if in the walls of the chest; unaffected 
by respiration, in the afternoon (half an hour after 30 drops, third day),"*. 
— Wanimce. Throughout the day experienced uneasiness in the mam- 
mary regions, especially the left, and extending to the left shoulder and 
upper part of the arm (fourth day),''". 

Heart and Pulse.— Prmcordtum. [690.J Uneasiness in the 
heart all day (sixth day),'".— Uneasiness at the heart in the afternoon (fifth 
day),"''.— Throughout the day frequent uneasiness amounting sometimes to 
pain, in the region of the heart (fourteenth day),"".— Slight uneasiness in 
the region of the heart (sixth day),"".— Continued to suffer much from un- 
easiness in the heart and disorder of the stomach (nineteenth day),"".— 
*DLdl uneasiness in various parts of the region of the heart, with a sensation 
of weakness in the forearm, all the evening (second day),"".— Feeling of slight 
confusion of the heart, especially on moving, with painful sensation of weak- 


ness in the wrists and forearms (half hour after second dose, second day),""- 
— Dull, disagreeable sensation in the region of the heart (after second dose, 
second day),"^ — *A sudden sensation as though the heart stood still, with 
great anxiety, attack lasting about half a minute, not returning ; pulse and 
heart not affected, at 9 p.m. (after 10 drops iu the morniug),"'. — ■*Siidden sensa- 
tion as though the heart stood still, ivith great anxiety and necessity for hold- 
ing the breath, after dinner (sixth day),"". — [700.] *reculiar sensation in 
the chest, as of the heart standing still; single, violent, slow heart-beats, with 
sudden violent heat in the occiput, and transient unconsciousness, the whole 
lasting only a moment,''^ — Pain in the heart, with which I had been troubled, 
was more severe than ever this morning, and from the eusiform cartilage 
upward my breast was sore to touch (fifth day),'". — Slight pain, apparently 
in the heart, and in half an hour the pulse was softer, smaller, but more 
rapid than natural (second day),"'. — Felt uncommonly well, except that I 
thought I sometimes felt shifting pains in the heart, for the first three days,™. 
— Oppression of the heart (second day),""". — Oppressive sensation in the 
heart, and need to inspire deeper,''^ — Attack of the so-called heart-worm 
("hf'-rzwurm"), with intermitting pulse and congestion of the head, espe- 
cially in the occiput, somewhat to the left side, and inclination to vomit 
(after twelve hours),'". — Heart's Action. Action of the heart stronger 
than usual (fourteenth and fifteenth days),"^*". — Beating of the heart stronger 
than usual (thirteenth day),"^"". — Movements of the heart a little more for- 
cible, and it appeared to act with difficulty (twenty-first day) ; less labored, 
and its contractions more brisk (twenty-second day),"°'. — [710.] Force of 
the action of the heart nearly natural, but its contractions were more brisk 
and rapid (eighteenth day),''"''. — The action of the heart was irregular, and 
appeared to have increased in force a short time after taking Digitalis, but 
soon after it approached nearer its natural state (sixteenth day),""'. — Action 
of the heart strong and energetic ; this increased action extended over entire 
left side ; first sound dull and prolonged, the second clear ; beats intermittent 
and irregular (second day),'". — Action of the heart was strong and more 
violent (second day),"'. — Contractions of the heart strong and violent, ac- 
companied with pulsations when I walked in my room (second day),"". — 
Action of the heart was more violent, and was more easily felt internally, 
and could be seen externally (first day),"^ — Action of the heart remark- 
ably violent (ninth day) ; action stronger than in a natural state (twelfth 
day) ; action very violent, the general strength was very inconsiderable, 
without however being much diminished,""*^. — The force of the heart's action 
and arteries gradually increased to such an extent and caused such great 
orgasm of blood, with palpitation, that he was obliged to rise from bed in 
the night, for three or four days, walk about the room and open the window ; 
pulse was strong, accelerated (100),"°"'. — Congestion of the head, and roar- 
ing and ringing in the ears, lasting several days,"'^ — Violent beating of 
the heart, almost audible, with anxiety and contractive pain beneath the 
sternum,^ — [720.] Single, violent, slow heart-beats, when sitting,''\ — * Action 
of the heart more feeble and constantly accompanied by palpitations (third 
day),"". — *The heart's action has lost its force; its beats are more fre- 
quent and intermittent, and sometimes irregular (fifth day),'". — Beating 
of the heart much weaker and softer than usual (second day),"'. — ^Scarcely 
perceptible beating of the heart,^^ *^. — Movements of the heart more rapid, 
especially the systole ; this organ appeared to dilate but slowly, and it ex- 
perienced palpitations at each movement of the body. I felt again at this 
organ slight uneasiness, and at times cold sweats (nineteenth and twentieth 


^a.ys),''*''.— Palpitation (soon),".— Palpitation of the heart returned with 
less severity several times the next night, and caused him to start up from 
commencing sleep,'''.— Palpitation and uneasy feeling at heart, readily ex- 
cited by even moderate exercise (after first dose, sixteenth day),''^ — Palpi- 
tation easily excited on going up even a slight ascent, which in health 
would produce no effect (fourth day),''^— [730.] Oppressive, pressing, con- 
tractive beat of the heart, with anxiety and spasmodic pain in the sternum 
and beneath the ribs,'.— *The heart-beats are accompanied by a gentle 
"bruit de souffle ",".—P«ise. Acceleration of the pulse (after half an 
hour) ; after the larger doses the pulse was at first more rapid, afterwards 
smaller and slower,"".— Small, rapid, hard pulse,^— Pulse rapid, soft and 
without vigor, the arteries also dilated, more or less irregular (sixth day),''- 
— Pulse small, weak, and more rapid than usual (fourth day),*l— Pulse 
decidedly small and weak, but not slower than usual, on the contrary, some- 
times more rapid (fourth and fifth day),'\— [740.] During the flow of urine 
and diarrhcea, the pulse is small and rapid, with cold hands and feet,^\t— 
Pulse 90, strong and full (after 120 drops) ; 100, strong and full (after 180 
drops), (first day). 120, strong and full (after 240 drops) ; 125, strong and 
wiry (after 300 drops), (second day). 150, strong, hard and wiry (after 420 
drops), (third day). Pulse never less frequent than in the natural state. 
60, small and feeble, but regular (fifth day),''l— Rapid pulse, 100 before 
death ,''j.— Pulse 68 before taking ; 68 (after five minutes) ; 72 (after ten 
minutes) ; 74 (after fifteen and twenty minutes) ; 70 (after twenty-five 
minutes) ; 68 (after thirty minutes) ; after which no farther change was 
observed, although attention was paid to it for some time longer. It was 
not only excited in frequency by the stimulating power of the pill, but also 
considerably in force,^'. — Pulse 80 after gentle exercise (fifth day) ; 80 when 
at rest, but rose to 85 or 90 when I had walked for a few minutes (eighth 
day) ; 85 whether lying or sitting, 90 to 95 when I had walked a little 
(thirteenth day) ; 100 full and strong (fourteenth day) ; 85 while I re- 
mained quiet, although it rose to 100 after gentle exercise (sixteenth day) ; 
80 (seventeenth day) ; 80 full and strong (eighteenth day) ; 85, rather weak 
and irregular, especially after having taken exercise (nineteenth day) ; 70, 
softer and fuller (twenty-first day) ; softer and fuller, 60 but rose to 75 upon 
slight exercise (twenty-second day) ; 50 to 65, when I remained quiet, but 
rose to nearly its natural number when I used much exertion ; still it was 
full, although soft and easily depressed (twenty-third day) ; it never fell 
below the degree just indicated, and nearly a week after it had resumed its 
natural rhythm,°*^ — Pulse before taking, 56 while sitting, at 10 a.m., ten 
minutes after dose no change ; after twenty-eight minutes, 55 or 56 ; but on 
standing, it immediately rose to 72 ; at 6 p.m. 54 to 56 sitting, 68 standing; 
at 11 P.M. 69 sitting, 88 standing (first day) ; at 10 A.M. 61 sitting, 69 
standing (second day) ; at 11 p.m. 82 sitting, 90 standing, small, weak, and 
somewhat irregular, the beat of the heart is stronger and more distinctly 
felt than usual (fourth day). In the morning, 67 sitting ; at 7 p.m. 74 sit- 
ting, 86 the first minute, 94 the second, on standing, without perceptible 
irregularity, it remains for a few minutes at this rate and then becomes 
slower (fifth day) ; at 9 A.M. 52 sitting, 60 standing ; at 11 A.m. 50 sitting, 
very full, strong, and regular (sixth day); at 9 am. 59 sitting, 72 standing 
(seventh day),"*''. — Pulse in the morning before exercise was uniformly 60, 

f Not found. — Hughes. J Subsequent to S. 763. — Hughes. 


feeble ; at night after sitting for about two hours 56, feeble, before taking. 
70 in the morning ; 66 in the evening (first three days). Pulse before 
breakfast 76, strong ; in the evening 70 (fifth and sixth days). 80 in the 
morning, 90 in the evening (seventh and eighth days), continuing nearly 70 
the same for three days, 78, pretty full (tenth day). Returned to its 
natural standard (seventeenth day)™. — Pulse averaged in the forenoon 68, 
and in the evening 75, before taking ; 68 after sitting quietly for an hour ; 
68 sitting quietly (after half an hour), (first day); 66 (twenty minutes after 
first dose) ; 76, of natural strength, after walking four or five times up and 
down the room ; 83 (two hours and a half after first dose), 75 (five hours 
and a half after first dose), 80 (half an hour after second dose), 76, counted 
several times it gave the first half minute 36, the second 40, and 3 beats 
failed to be felt (one hour after second dose), 80 (nine hours after second 
dose), 78, weak, beating strong from twelve to twenty times, and then very 
weak for four or five times (ten hours after second dose), (second day) ; 62, 
small and weak in the morning, 72 in the evening (third day) ; 80, full 
and regular before taking ; 90, weak, three or four pulsations in a minute 
hardly felt (after three-quarters of an hour) ; 82, nearly natural in strength, 
not steadily so (after twelve hours), (fourth day) ; 76 before taking, 84 
(after half an hour) ; 76, rather weak in the evening (fifth day) ; 72 before 
taking, 88 irregular (after one hour), 84 less irregular (after two hours), 
72 regular (after four hours and a half), (seventh day) ; 72 regular (eighth 
day); 73 in the morning (ninth day); 78 at 6.30 p.m. (tenth day); 73, 
natural, before taking, 80 (one hour and a half after first dose), 76 (three 
hours after first dose), 62 (five hours after first dose), (fourteenth day) ; 72 
in the morning (fifteenth day) ; 75, a little irregular after walking before 
taking, 84 (one hour after first dose), 86, slightly irregular (one hour and 
a half after first dose), 100, irregular, but full in the evening (after second 
dose), (sixteenth day) ; natural, but very readily excited (nineteenth day),*® 
— Pulse before taking 72 ; 84 (after half an hour) ; 74 (after one hour),^l — 
Pulse previous to taking 58, 59 while sitting, 61 standing ; in the afternoon 
three hours after dinner, 73 while sitting, 78 standing ; at 11 p.m., 82 sitting, 
94 standing (first day). In the morning in bed 59 ; at 9.30, 72 sitting, 79 
standing ; at 10.15, 66 sitting, 85 standing ; while sitting it was strong, full, 
and regular, while standing, small, weak, irregular, in both rate and strength ; 
at noon, 65 sitting, 81 standing; at 11 p.m., 68 sitting, 84 standing, irregular 
as before (second day); at 11 A.M., 60 sitting, 72 standing {the slightest 
motion made it immediately more rapid) ; noting the pulse ivhile leaning back- 
ward in a reclining chair and then raising myself to sloidy sitting upright, 
the pulse became in a moment jerky and very much smaller and weaker 
(third day). At 10 a.m., 61 sitting, 65 standing (fourth day),®'=. — [750.] 
Pulse previously 61 to 62, while sitting, 68 standing, not changed in first 
half hour after taking ; at 6 p.m., 68 sitting, 85 standing, rapid and 
weaker than usual (first day) ; 9 a.m., 69 sitting, 75 standing ; at 7 p.m., 
67 sitting, 74 standing (second day),''*^ Pulse 68 before taking ; 68 (after 
five, ten, and fifteen minutes) ; 74 (after twenty minutes) ; 70 (after thirty 
minutes) ; 64 (after thirty-five minutes) ; 66 (after forty minutes) ; 68 (after 
fifty and sixty minutes) ; pulse was increased in force,'''. — Pulse before 
taking 56 to 57 while sitting, 54 (after half an hour) ; 51 (after one 
hour) ; 66 in the evening (first day) ; 59 in the morning while sitting, 58 
in the evening while sitting (second day) ; 58 at 11 a.m. ; 68 while sitting, 
81 while standing, 62 while lying, at 10 a.m. (seventh day),''". — Slow 


pulse/lf — Pulse slow during the first forty-eight hours; but afterwards quicker 
and proportionately iveaker^'^.'l^ — Slow but strong pulse/. — Pulse slow, full 
and large, soon afterwards small and more frequeut,^^ — Pulse somewhat 
slower and fuller (second day),". ^ — *Thready, slow, and intermittent 
pulse,". — *Pulse very sloiv (after four days),". — [760.] Slowing of the pulse 
almost one half,'". — Slowingof the pulse about one half, lasting several days,^ 
— Pulse slow (falls 30 beats),". — Pulse slow, falling to 50 and then .35,^'. — 
Pulse slow, 40,'"'. — Pulse 41 or 42 (fourth day),'\ — Pulse one beat slower (in 
five to fifteen minutes after each dose of 15 drops of tinct., twice in one day),'^ 
-^Slowing of the pulse from 82 to 39, with weakness and lassitude of the 
body,^ — Slowing of the pulse from 100 to 40,'^ — Pulse averaged 68 for three 
weeks before taking, 65 while taking, 60 for ten days after taking, 63 from the 
tenth to the thirty-fifth day after taking ; the minimum pulse was 53, on the 
seventh day after the last dose,'°. — [770.] Pulse at 11.30 p.m. slower by one 
or two beats; in the evening, betweeu 10 and 11, 70 while sitting, 82 while 
standing (first day) ; at 10 a.m., 75 while sitting, 85 standing ; at 11 a.m., 62 
sitting, 71 standing; twenty minute.s after taking 30 drops of the tincture, 
64 sitting, 72 standing; in the evening, 72 sitting, 80 standing (second 
day) ; in the morning, in bed, 70, at 6 p.m., 68 sitting (while at 10 a.m. it 
was 64), in the evening, 74 while sitting (third day) ; at 10 a.m., 58 sitting 
(fourth day),"'*. — The slow pulse becomes accelerated on the slightest 
physical exertion," — The pulse is least slowed on standing and sitting, 
mostly while lying, when it falls to about 40, while on standing it is 100,''.|| — 
*Pulse irregular,". — Irregular pulse ; unequal distension of the arteries,^'. — 
^Irregular, small Tpnlse/' '".-—'■ Pulse small, slow, irregular,'"^'.— Umall 
irregular pulse, continuing six days,™. — *Ptdae sloiv and irregular,'^. — Slow 
irregular pulse from 48 to 56,'". ||— Pulse late in the evening 58, irregular, 
after a time slower and fuller, then again more rapid and smaller (second 
day) ; 61 in the evening (third day),'»"=.— Pulse 52, quite strong, irregular, 
and strikingly intermittent,''.— Pulse full and strong (fifth day).— Pulse 50 
(ninth and twelfth day) ; strong, full, 46 pulsations; their shock was rapid 
and separated by considerable intervals, when at rest, but on very slight 
exercise rose to 70, and even 80, became irregular and less full (fifteenth 
day),"''.— [780.] Pulse slow, 50; it was quite irregular ; always a full hard 
beat after every three or tour soft ones (first day); 75 (third day),".— 
*Pulse decidedly irregular, three to four rapid small beats ivere followed by 
several slow, strong, and full beats ; no regularity in this disturbance could be 
discovered (seventh day),"'''.— Pulse extremely low, three or four feeble 
pulsations being succeeded by a complete intermission occupying several 
seconds ; the whole number of beats not exceeding 38 or 40 in the minute; 
each stroke, though very weak, was given with a peculiar explosive 
shock; this condition of pulse lasted for several days,^\—* Pulse slow, 
thready, and intennittent,''\—Pu]se fell from 60-70 to "64, and frequently 
%ntermitted ; with every intermission an oppression as if the heart were 
slowly^grasped with the hand (after two hours),"'^— Slight intermission in 
pulse,*'.— Small, slow pulse, frequently making shorter or longer pauses,'.— 

t Not found.— Hughes. j Origi.nil revised by Hughes. 

i Ihis symptom (the most frequent and important of Digitiilis), that after tho 
primary slowness (primary action), the reaetion of tlie ori;aiii.-ni after some days 
makes the pulse lastingly more rapid and smaller, shows how much tlie physicians 
ol the old school err when they endeavor to make tho pulse permanently slow by 
Digitalis, and thus frequently kill their patients.— HAHNiiiiANN. 

II Original revised by Hughes. 


— Pulse suddenly quickened for a few beats, then slow again ; or it loses a 
whole beatj^.f — The pulse changes rapidly from 65 to 75, and 80 (also on 
times when no medicine is taken),"". — Pulse varies from one beat slower to 
two beats faster (during half an hour after taking 30 drops of tinct.),'"'. — 
[790.] Pulse undulating; the different beats are not all distinct aud clearly 
defined as usual, but shading off at the beginning and end, at noon (second 
day),^'°. — Pulse regular, and moderately strong (second to seventh day while 
taking),'^ — Pulse regular and moderately strong throughout the proving; 
including the period of " intoxication," the effect on the pulse lasted about 
a ilfionth,™. — Pulse hard and strong (second day),". — Pulse full,". — Irritable 
pulse,'". — Pulse small aud soft (two hours after two grains),*^ — Pulse smaller 
than usual, of the usual rapidity (first day),^*. — Pulse smaller than usual, 
but not slower (first day),'*". — *Beating of the pulse and heart seemed 
rather smaller and less energetic than usual (fourth day),^l — [800.] 
Almost pulseless (after twelve hours),'". 

Neck and Haclc. — Ifeck. Stiffness and pain in the muscles on the 
right side of the nape of the neck, especially when bending the head (lasts 
till going to sleep, aud does not disappear finally till the forenoon of the fol- 
lowing day),"". — Painful stiffness and tension of the neck and throat, espe- 
cially on motion,'^ — Pressive drawing in the nape of the neck, at the occi- 
put, at the point of insertion of the cervical muscles, on bending the head 
backward,^ — Painful pressure in the cervical muscles, as if pressed by a 
band,^ — Cutting pain, with a numb sensation in the nape of the neck, 
obliging him to draw the head backward, which seems to be hindered by 
a soft dead substance compressed between the joints,'. — Sticking in the 
cervical muscles, on moving the neek,^. — Tearing and shai'p sticking in the 
nape of the neck, on motion,''. — Sore pain in the articulation of the first 
dorsal and last cervical vertebra, on bending the neck forward, not when 
touched,'. — Bruised pain in the nape of the neck, between the shoulders 
and extending forward over the anterior part of the chest, where the flesh 
was painful when pressed, especially over the sternum. This was at- 
tended with dull frontal headache, bruised pain in the epigastrium, with 
feeling of distension of the stomach (in the early part of the evening of 
the fourth day, and felt more on the fifth day),''^ — Back. [810.] Stiffness 
of the back aud on the sides of the neck, with a thrustlike pressive pain,^ 
— Drawings in the back, upper and lower limbs, and the fingers, as after 
taking cold,". — Tearing and sharp sticking in the back, on moving,'. — JJoi'- 
Sal. Sensation as of a thrust in the first dorsal vertebra,". — Dull stitches 
between the scapulse,^ — Tearing beneath the right scapula,*. — Lumbar. 
Pain in the small of the back, on stooping,^ — -Slow drawings above the 
nates,'. — Pressure on both sides of the spine in the lumbar region, after the 
stool,'. — Pain in the left side of the back, in the region of the lumbar ver- 
tebrae, a drawing cutting, relieved by pressure of the hand,'. — -[820.] Stick- 
ing pain in the region of the kidneys (two hours after dose, fourth day),''^ — ■ 
Fine stitches in the region of the left kidney, while sitting,^ — Bruised pain 
in the small of the back, on blowing the nose,\ — Pain in the small of the 
back, as if beaten, on commencing to move after lying down,^ 

Extremities in General, — Objective. Tense painful swelling, 
first of the legs, then also of the hands and fingers, only slowly disappear- 
ing after several months ; pulse not at all slower, and the discharge of urine 
not increased,'^ — Great weakness of the arms and legs,'. — Subjective. 
Heaviness and sluggishness of the limbs,'*.— Heaviness and helplessness of 

f Original revised by Hughes. 


the limbs/".— Drawing in the elbows and knees,'^ — Pains in all the joints, 
as if sprained, after the midday nap,\ — [830.] Piercing pains in the 
joints,^ — Each complained that his fingers and the extremities of his toes 
were affected alike, a burning sensation, as if pierced by needles," 

Superior Extretnities. — Paralytic weakness of the left arm, he 
is scarcely able to raise it, and cannot clench the fingers without j^ain,^ — 
A sore-like burning of the right arm,\ — Painful tensive pressure in the 
muscles of the arm and shoulder, on moving the &rm,^''.— Shoulder, 
(Much muscular rheumatism in the right shoulder, allowing but little sleep 
in the night, only disappearing after seven days),''^^ — At night, violent pain 
in the left shoulder and elbow-joints, together with semiconscious sleep, 
lying upon the back with the left arm over the head,".- — Pressure in the 
right shoulder, several times, and in the left knee,'". — Arin. Heaviness 
of the left arm, even noticed during rest,\ — Burning sticking in the left 
upper arm,^ — [840.] Tearing stitches in the right upper arm, when walk- 
ing,'. — Needle-like stitches in the lower part of the upper arm, continuing 
even on moving it,". — Painful itching throbbing in the flesh of the upper 
arm,^ — Elbow. Pressing in the right elbow,''^ — Painful sensation in the 
elbow-joints, as if the nerve were pressed upon, or as though the arm would 
go to sleep, also noticed on touching the part,". — Forearm, A paralytic 
pain in the middle of the ulna, on stretching out the arm, or when it lies 
outstretched,''. — Pinching and sharp sticking pinching on the back of the 
ulna above the wrist,*. — Severe stitches in the muscles of the right fore- 
arm,'. — Violeni; tearing in the right forearm, during rest and motion,'. — 
Wrist. Violent boring in the right wrist towards the thumb (lasting),''. 
— [850.] Paralytic tearing in the bones of the wrist,*. — Sand, Swelling 
of the right hand and fingers, lasting three hours, at night,'. — Paralytic 
tearing in the right metacarpal bones,*. — Fingers. Involuntary jerking 
and drawing outward of the left index finger,l — Fingers frequently become 
suddenly stiflF,". — Numbness and insensibility of the three last fingers and 
one side of the ball of the right hand, after several weeks,*. — Frequent slight 
falling asleep of the fingers,*. — Slight drawing in the fingers,''. — Burning 
stitches in the left thumb just above the nail, aggravated by pressure upon 
it,l — Cramplike stitches in the ball of the left thumb, during rest and mo- 
tion,'.' — [860.] Paralytic tearings in the finger-joints, during rest and 
motion,*. — Jerking paralytic tearings in the right index finger,*. 

Inferior Extremities. — Objective. ^Infiltration of lower ex- 
tremities (after four days),^*. — Staggering^'*; (soon),^''^ — Subjective, 
Great stiffness of the joints of the lower extremities, after sitting (in a 
wagon) ; relieved by walking,^ — Weakness of the legs ; is constantly obliged 
to stretch them out,'. — Weakness and weariness of the legs, with trem- 
bling,". — Loss of power and paralytic weakness of the legs,^ — I experi- 
enced in my legs a feeling of great fatigue (third day),"'. — Painful drawing 
in the right leg, especially in the thigh, when sitting ; then in the right knee 
and right ankle,''. — Thigh, [870.] Spasmodic movements in the muscles 
of thighs (after ten hours),'*. — Nates fall asleep, in the evening while sit- 
ting, and feel dead,'. — In the bend of the thighs a pressive tension in the 
tendons of the lumbar muscles, which become prominent on motion, though 
almost only while walking ; on pressure upon them there is pain, as from 
the pressure of a hard body under the skin,\ — A drawing cramp in the 
forepart of the bend of the right thigh, aggravated after motion of the 
lumbar muscles, when it becomes a bubbling, and continues even while sit- 
ting,". — Aching in the thighs and legs, on beginning to move after lying 


down ; they feel bruised,'.— Drawing in the inner side of the thigh, while 
sitting,'. — Cramplike drawing in the muscles of the thigh above the popli- 
teus, while sitting, disappearing after walking awhile, I — Pressive draw- 
ing in the anterior muscles of the thigh,". — A pain, rather pressive than 
drawing, on the anterior portion of the thigh, gradually increased and 
again diminished,\- — Cutting in the thigh, on laying one leg over the other, 
disappearing on separating the legs,'. — [880.] Sticking in the bend of the 
thigh, while walking,'. — Sharp stitches in the thigh just above the left 
knee, towards the left side,*. — Painful itching throbbing in the flesh of the 
thigh,\ — Knee. Jerking of the muscles below the hollow of the left knee, 
rhythmical with the pulse, disappearing on touch,'. — Painless stiffness of 
the external condyles of the knee-joints, as from internal swelling, with 
sensation of coldness,'.— Sensation of great fatigue in the knees, on ascend-i 
ing steps,l — Tension in the hollow of the knees, so that she cannot straighten 
them,'. — Pressure in the left knee and bones of the foot,"'. — Leg. *Lassi- 
tude in the legs and hiees,^'". — Heaviness in the left leg, as if in the tibia, 
impeding walking,'. — -[890.] Pain in the calves (fourth day),"''. — Pain, as 
from weariness, in the tibise and knees, as after a long walk, vphile walk- 
ing,". — Burning in the right calf, on resting one leg over the other,'. — 
Drawing in the left tibia, as if a portion were torn out,'. — Sharp stitches 
on the outer side of the tibise below the knee, during rest and motion,*. — 
Smarting pain in the left leg, as if it were crushed, while standing,'. — 
AnJcle. The ankle is painful, as if sprained, on stretching it out,'. — Last- 
ing pressure in the left ankle,'^. — Foot. Sharp stitches in the sole of the 
right foot, so acute that the whole leg jerks, in the evening,'. — Toes. 
Drawing in the toes several times,'". — [900.] Violent drawing in the toes,'°. 
General Symptoms. — Objective. Tense white swelling of the 
whole body, with great painfulness to every touch, after several weeks sub- 
siding, becoming soft, and changing to anasarca,". — Bending forward of 
the body is attended with violent tearing pain in the abdomen, for six 
days,". — Wasting of the body in proportion to the recuperation of the 
mind,*". — Fatal apoplexy,**.f — Universal and partial trembling, for six 
days,™. — Convulsions,''-^^, etc. — Convulsions and great disquietude,". — Con- 
vulsions of the most violent kind,^'. — Epileptic attacks,*^ — [910.] Stiffen- 
ing of the body, for six days,". — The trunk and limbs, especially the thighs, 
are painfully stiff (tenth day),°. — Relaxation of all the muscles, with sen- 
sation as though he had not slept enough,'. — Sinking of vitality,'. — *Las- 
situde,^'. — General lassitude, exhaustion, and weariness of body and mind 
(fourth and fifth days),*'. — The listless state of the body and depression of 
the mind had increased ; the latter was a kind of stupidity (eighteenth 
day),'^''". — Extremely listless and weak (nineteenth and twentieth days),"*. 
— * Weakness, sinking of the strength,^'. — *General weakness," *'. — [920.] 
General weakness, as if all portions of the body were weary (after two 
hours),^ — Frequent weakness ; she was obliged to lie in bed because sitting 
up fatigued her,*l^*Great weakness,"*'. — *Extreme iveakness,'"'. — Sudden 
extreme weakness, as if he would lose his consciousness, with general heat 
and sweat, without thirst, after dinner,'. — Weakness, as if to death,'*. — 
Weak and tired (seventeenth day),®''. — -My strength was extremely weak- 

f The reporter writes he was suddenly and unexpectedly carried off with all the 
dreadful distress and jactitation which an overdose of Digitalis sometimes produces. 
His death was pretty generally ascribed to apoplexy, and was, indeed, truly apo- 
plectic. — Hughes. 


ened (fourth day) ,^^— Sudden sinking of strength, with general sweat, and 
after some hours cough,^— Could not for several days bear the upright_ po- 
sition,^' 'I— [930.] He lay supine, very cold, pale, and covered with copious 
perspiration (second morning),'".— Lay on back, and seemed completely 
prostrated, being scarcely able to move a limb (second day ),'\—*Exlums- 
tion (fourth day),'l— Exhaustion of vitality, with inclination to faint,™.— 
Great exhaustion (fourth day ),"^— Before they had proceeded one hundred 
yards the poison had taken such effect that one of the sufferers had fallen 
twice from exhaustion, and on entering their hotel another of them fell 
senseless,™.— £'a;ire?n6 prostration (after four days),^.— Two weeks elapsed 
before it was possible for me to leave my bed, and nearly two months before 
health was re-established,''^—*Faintness,'"='.—Faintness between the attacks 
of nausea,".— [940.] Occasional faintness, which on moving was attended 
with nausea (third day),"".— Excessively faint and weak (soon after),^.— 
*S2/)!COj9e (soon),"''; (after eight hours),'".- *-Res<fe«mess,".— At night, he 
leaves his bed every moment and cannot sleep, but converses with persons 
not present,".— Great uneasiness (soon),''.— StibjecHve. Nervous symp- 
toms of all sorts, and great weakness,*'. — Indolence and weariness, in the 
morning on rising from bed,'. — Awoke feeling great lassitude and depres- 
sion ; on getting up depression and languor increased (third morning),'*. — 
Somnolent weariness, slumber,'.— [950.] Feeling of weakness and trem- 
bling of the muscles ; he was not inclined to leave the bed (second day),™. 
— '^Feeling of great debility (after six hours),™. — Considerable degree of 
languor, with vertigo and intermitting pulse,™. — Much languor and sense 
of faintness; the patient thinks he cannot endure, but must die,™.— Ex- 
treme languor,'*. — Inclination to faint,". — Constant inclination to faint,'*. 
— Great inclination to faint,™.— Feeling of great lightness of the body,'.— 
Heaviness after first dose,". — [960.] General malaise (after five hours),™. 
— Tearing burning and some itching needle-like stitches in various parts 
of the body,'. — Cramps," — General soreness of the whole body,*^ — Bruised 

Skin. — Objective. General paleness of the skin,'-". — [Jaundice],^'.t 
— Desquamation of the skin of the whole body,'*. — ErupHouS, Dry. 
Eruption on the upper lip,'. — Itching eruption on the cheeks and chin, 
which desquamates and leaves behind red spots,'". — [970.] Papular erup- 
tion on the back,'. — liash on the back of the hands, without sensation,'. — 
A large pimple, with biting pain, beneath the left nostril,'. — A red pimple, 
with burning-biting pain, aggravated by touch, on the middle of the fore- 
head.l — Erufytions, Moist. A cluster of vesicles developed on the 
chin in the morning, such as I had formerly had only on the lips (fourth 
day),"*"". — Eruptions, PtistuJar. Black comedones in the skin of 
the face, which suppurate and ulcerate,'". — A small, very painful furuncle 
on the nape of the neck (seventh day),"*"*. — Stlbjective, Corrosive itch- 
ing, that becomes constantly worse when he does not scratch, and at last 
increases to an intolerable burning, needlelike stitching, which at one time 
disappears, at another returns worse than ever,*. — Biting and itching on 
the cheek and chin, worse at night,'. — Tickling of the affected parts of the 
body,**.— [980.] Itching of the back of the hand, mostly at night,'.— Itch- 
ing on the bacli of the right foot, mostly at night,'. — Voluptuous itching 
in the axillse,'. — Corrosive itching in various parts of the body, returning 

t This occurred in several of Witliering's patients, hut always in a natural 
sequence of their maladies, and never was traceable to Digitalis. — Hughes. 


snon after scratching/.— Corrosive itching in the left region of the loins, 
obliging him to scratch,*.— Corrosive itching in the upper and anterior 
portion of the thigh,'. — Corrosive itching on the leg, above the external 

Sleep m-ldJDreams.—SleejJiilPSS. Frequent yawmng and f^tretch- 
ing, with chilliness,'^ — Drowsy and incapable of study till evening (eiglith 
^^y )>'"'■ — Sleepiness early in the evening, with indolence and dulness of 
mind for several days,'". — [990.] Frequent sleepiness,™.- Great sleepiness 
after eating, with frequent yawning after dinner, for several days,'. — Fre- 
quent greatsleepiuess,'*.— Sleep,".— Deep sleep,'*. t— Fell into a deep sleep,"''. 
—Deep sleep frym noon till midnight,''. — A long, sound slumber (first cup- 
ful), (immediately),^".- Lethargic sleep, lasting several hours,*^— Coma,'*- 
—[1000.] Coma, followed by death (after twenty-two hours),"'.— Coma, 
interrupted by violent convulsive attacks of vomiting,''' *'. — Sleepless- 
ness. Difficult falling asleep (sixth and seventh days),". — It was with 
difficulty that I could sleep, although I was at times in a state of stupor 
(nineteenth and twentieth days),''=^— Sleep disturbed and uneasy (fifth 
day),*'. — Uneasy sleep; he lies only upon the back,*.— *;6'fcejo uneasy and 
unrefreshing (second day),*'. — Uneasy sleep at night on account of constant 
urging to urinate,'. — Uneasy sleep, with tossing about the bed and volup- 
tuous dream5,^ — Very uneasy sleep, with frequent waking, and burning 
heat of the face, subjective as well as objective (first night),"=. — [1010.] 
^Frequent waking, as from anxiety, and as if it were time to rise,'. — Fre- 
quent waking at night in fright, by dreams of falling from a height or into 
water,'. — But little sleep, disturbed by dreams (sixteenth night),"^''. — Slept 
but little during the night, and my mind had somewhat of that restless 
activity which I have experienced after taking too much wine, but par- 
ticularly after taking Tinct. Opii (sixth night). Very drowsy when I 
went to bed, but did not sleep soundly (seventh night),™. — Restless sleep, 
with tossing about and waking with semi-consciousness,".^ — Tossing about 
at night, M'ith frequent waking, always lying upon the back, with emis- 
sions,'". — At night, only slumbering instead of falling asleep; complete con- 
sciousness without being able to sleep,'. — Inability to sleep ; night very 
restless, violent palpitation, with an almost jerking pulse at one o'clock at 
night (seventh night),"*''. — Restless night, starting often in rey sleep (sec- 
ond night),"". — Very restless night, with frequent waking (second night),"*''. 
— [1020.] Night very restless. The gentle sleep which I had several times 
was troubled by dreams which were remarkable for excessive imagination 
(first night),"^ — Night generally very restless, sleep frequently interrupted 
by waking, and full of dreams (third night),"'^. — Sleepless night, which, 
however, had not produced any moral depression (fourteenth night),"''. — 
Night was sleepless, and I felt in no way disposed to sleep. This state re- 
sembled that into which I had been brought under the influenceof Mercury 
in other experiments (fifteenth night),"'"'. — Passed a wakeful night, suffer- 
ing from palpitation of the heart and uneasiness, especially when lying on 
the left side, together with pulsations in the ears, especially the left 
(fifteenth night),"". — No sleep for five nights,'". — Dreams. Many dreams, 
not unpleasant,^ — Many confused, vivid dreams,'". — Anxious confused 
dreams,". — Unpleasant dreams, full of unsuccessful projects, disturb the 

Fever. —Chilliness. [1030.] *Skin coM,".— Skin very cold, with 

f Curative effect. — Hughes. 


palpitation,'*.— Coldness of the body, with clammy sweat,*\t— *^^^?'* ""^d- 
ness of skin (soon),". — Cold, pale, covered with a copious perspiration,'*. — 
Excessive sensitiveness to the cold,'".— Chilliness,^' ; (after eight hours),™. 
—Chilliness before the stool,^ — Chilliness over the whole body, with heat 
and redness of the face,'^ — Constant chilliness, mostly in the back,". — 
[1040.] Internal chilliness of the whole body, with externally perceptible 
warmth, which is increased,*. — Internal chilliness during the day ; he was 
unable to get warm on walking in the open air,'. — Coldness and chillness, 
internally and externally, of the whole body,*. — Coldness of the whole 
body, perceptible externally, with warm face,^ — ^Internal coldness of the 
whole body,\ — Felt cold all over (after three hours),*'.— Very cold,^.— 
After the last vomiting, a chill, which was followed by considerable heat 
and dryness of the surface of the body, to which succeeded slight pain in 
the inferior extremities, especially in the calves and knees (second day),^. 
— I shivered at a temperature of 15° (Reaum.), (twenty-second day),'"'. — 
Shivering three or four times in the afternoon, followed by sweat at night, 
even of the head and in the hair,'. — [1050.] Frequent shiveriugs (fourth 
day),"'. — Slight shiverings, which were followed by increase of the heat of 
the skin (sixteenth day),"'"". — -Frequent shudderings,'^ — Slight rigor, fol- 
lowed by increased heat (after ten hours),'". — Chilliness in the back.l — 
Chilliness in the back, cold hands, lasting several minutes,'". — *Cold ex- 
tremities,'*. — *Coldness of the limbs,'' *". — Coldness, first of the arms and 
hands, then of the whole body,'. — Coldness, first of the fingers, then of the 
palms of the hands and soles of the feet, then of the whole body, especially 
of the limbs,'. — [1060.] Coldness of one hand, with warmth of the other,^ 
— Shivering over the back,". — Heat. Slight heat of the skin (after twelve 
hours),"^' — Skin was a little hot, dry, and rough (third day),"". — Slight in- 
crease of heat at the surface of the body (eighth and ninth days),"''. — 
Considerable degree of heat on the surface of the body, especially towards 
the head (first evening),"^ — The surface of the body was alternately hot 
and cold (nineteenth and twentieth days),""'. — Frequent warmth over the 
whole body, with cold sweat on the forehead, thirteen to fourteen hours 
after the coldnass,'. — Sudden warmth over the whole body, speedily disap- 
pearing, followed by weakness of all parts,'. — Restless night, being hot 
and feverish (fourth night),'". — [1070.] General violent heat, with swollen 
veins and rapid pulse,'^ — Febrile condition,".t — [Febrile paroxysm, first 
shivering, then heat, then profuse perspiration],''.^ — The disease did not differ 
essentially from what is usually called typhoid fever, with particular affec- 
tion of the gastric viscera,"". — Heat in the head and face,'". — In the begin- 
ning, heat in the back, then creeping coldness, with cold hands,- shudder- 
ing through the back, lasting several minutes,'". — Burning heat in the 
hands,'l — Burning of the head, face, and ears, with redness of the cheeks 
and slight chilliness in the back ; the left eye is also much smaller than 
the other (after eating in the room),". — Sweat. Skin inclined to be moist 
(eighth and ninth days) | moisture increased (fourteenth and fifteenth 
days),"*. — Nightsweat during sleep,'. — [1080.] General slight sweat in the 
morning on waking,'. — * Covered tvith a copious perspiration,^. — Cold sweat, 
continuing six days,'". — Body covered with cold sweat (seventh day),". — 
Warm perspiration in the palms of the hands,^ 

Conditions.— AggrsiVSition.— {Morning), On stooping, immediately 

t Not found. — Hughes. 

j Accompanying purulent expectoration.— Huqhes. 


after rising, headache ; on waking, headache ; on waking, all objects seem 
covered with snow ; coryza ; vomiting; pain about umbilicus ; in bed, pain 
in abdomen, etc. ; in bed, colic; hoarseness; after rising, dry cough; on 
rising from bed, indolence, etc. ; on waking, general sweat. — (Afternoon), 
About six o'clock, anxiety, etc. ; towards evening, heartburn ; about five or 
six o'clock, vomiting, etc. ; towards evening, colicky pains, etc. — (Evening), 
Dulness of mind, etc. ; pressure in head ; headache ; frontal headache ; 
heaviness of lids; in bed, on closing eyes, pain in margin of lids; in bed, 
toothache ; especially on rising from sitting, tearing in abdomen ; desire to 
take deep breath ; especially while writing, pain in chest. — (Night), De- 
lirium ; irrational talking, etc. ; sneezing ; nausea, etc. ; vomiting ; urging 
to urinate ; pain in left shoulder, etc. ; swelling of hand, etc. ; biting, etc., 
on cheeks, etc.; itching on hand; itching on foot; sweat. — (Midnight), 
Cough. — (Bending backwards). Headache. — (Bending forwards). Pain in 
sternum. — (After dinner). Pain, etc., of stomach ; bruised pain in epi- 
gastrium ; sensation in heart, etc. ; yawning. — (Drinking), Vomiting. — 
( While eating). Stitches in side. — (After eating). Nausea ; fulness of stom- 
ach, etc. ; while sitting, not while standing, food presses in stomach ; 
cough; sleepiness. — (-Ercifemeni), Feeling in ears, etc. — (Expiration), 
Stitches in side of abdomen. — (Heat), Headache. — (On laying one leg over 
the other). Cutting in thigh. — (Movement), Headache ; pain in abdomen ; 
tearing, etc., in back ; pain in small of back ; aching in thighs, etc. — 
(Music), Apprehensiveness, etc. — (Pressure), Stitches in thumb. — (Rising 
from sitting), Yert\go, etc.; difficult respiration. — ( Jn room), Lachrymation. 
— (Sitting), Contraction in abdomen ; dyspnoea ; drawing in side of thigh. 
— (Long sitting), Cough, etc. — (Standing), Headache. — (Before stool), 
Chilliness. — (After stool). Pressure on both sides of spine. — (Stooping), 
Headache ; tension on parietal portion of brain ; pain in small of back. — 
(On straightening up body), Pressure in stomach. — (Thought), Pressure in 
forehead. — (Touch), Only when standing, not when sitting, stitches in pit 
of stomach. — ( TFattinjr), Headache ; tearing in umbilical region; pain in 
middle of sternum ; stitches in upper arm ; sticking in bend of thigh ; pain 
in tibise. — ( Warm room), The symptoms. 

JLinelioration,— (Beating on chest), Pressure in chest, etc. — (Lying), 
Undulating headache. — (Pressure), Pain behind mastoid process; pressure 
in zygoma ; pain in pit of stomach ; pain in side of back. — (Stooping), 
Undulating headache. 


An active principle of Digitalis (see note-to Digitalinum). 

Formula, C^iHg^O,. 

Preparation, Triturations. 

Authority. Proving by Dr. Kopfe with one dose of 2 milligrammes at 
10 A.M., Archiv f. Exp. Path, und Pharm., 3, 275. 

After an hour it caused a sensation of faintness, nausea, discomfort, and 
slight vertigo. The pulse remained as usual, 80 to 84, and was regular. 
Notwithstanding the unpleasant sensations, I continued with my work in 
the laboratory till one o'clock, after which I took a walk instead of going 
to dinner, for I had an aversion to every kind of food. The nauseous 
sensation gradually increased to such a degree that I was forced to make 
an effort to reach the house, in order to avoid vomiting in the street, yet 
I was in no condition to walk rapidly and steadily, for a decided sensation 


of weakness and loss of power rapidly increased, and forced me to take a 
carriage in order to gain my residence, some distance away. Having 
reached the house, I immediately went to bed. My pulse at this time 
(two o'clock) was 58, and intermitted once after 30 to 50 beats ; in other 
respects it was regular. After an hour passed in bed, with constantly in- 
creasing discomfort, the tormenting nausea reached its highest point, and at 
half past three I vomited a large quantity of dark greenish masses of mucus. 
Immediately after, I experienced decided relief, which, however, lasted only 
a quarter of an hour, aud gave place to the most excessive nauseous sen- 
sation. This continued to increase, until after an hour the vomiting was 
repeated violently, with the evacuation of bilious-colored masses of mucus, 
accompanied, preceded, and followed by retchings. The pulse at this 
time was very intermittent and only 40 to the minute ; an intermission 
occurred after every two or rarely three beats. About quarter past five 
there were several very violent attacks of vomiting, with much distressing 
retching, great paleness aud collapsed appearance of the face. About six 
the pulse showed the following tracing (No. 2), with a frequency of 40 to 
42 in a minute. This tracing is in marked contrast to the normal ; con- 
cerning the latter (Fig. 1), which shows the usual tricrotic pulse, atten- 
tion is called to the fixct that the second elevation is unusually great, and 
exceeds more than double the height of the first. The Digitoxin curve 
shows an intermission after every two beats. Every second elevation of a 
couple is noticeably smaller than the first, and makes a gradation to the 
following intermission. The pulse continued of the same frequency and of 
the same character into the night. The beat was felt by me in the chest, 
so that I could readily count it. Every intermission was recognized by 
the sensation of oppression and anxiety in the chest which it caused. With 
these symptoms the prostration and loss of power had so far progressed 
towards evening that I was not able to leave the bed without the support 
of another person. On attempting to walk or stand, ray limbs refused 
their service. In spite of the greatest exertion of the will, the knees gave 
out aud I was obliged to catch hold of the wall and furniture to support 
myself. With these symptoms, remarkable weakness of sight developed, 
so that the features of my friends seemed to swim and become indistinct, 
and I could only recognize them by their voices. All the objects in the 
room seemed to run together without any outlines, so that I could only 
distinguish some very dark, or bright, or large, or small images in the 
field of vision. Therewith all objects, especially all bright ones, seemed 
in a slightly yellow light. Above all, the constant and excessive nausea 
made my condition exceedingly distressing. About eight o'clock in 
the evening I attempted to take a glass of champagne cooled in ice, 
for the nausea, but after a few minutes, during which the nausea 
rapidly increased, I vomited a large quantity of a watery, slimy sub- 
stance, slightly colored with bile, followed by much retching. On re- 
peating the experiment after half an hour, I was obliged to set the wine 
aside, on account of the great retching which it caused. This distressing 
condition continued the whole night with equal intensity, and allowed me 
not a moment's rest. In the morning there had been four attacks of vom- 
iting : about eleven, one, five, and eight, which were associated with per- 
sistent efforts to vomit and evacuation of mucus colored with bile. Im- 
mediately after an attack of vomiting, there was always relative relief for 
a short time. The same condition continued the whole of the next day 
with equal intensity, only actual vomiting did not take place, although 
the nauseous sensation did not leave me for a moment, and there were fre- 

Proving of Digitoxioe. — Normal pulse. 

Eight hours after 2 mgm. of Digiioxine. Pulse 40-42. 

.Second day, after Digitoxine. Pulse 54. 


queut attacks of ineffectual retching. Carbonated waters of all kinds and 
the usual drinking-water, from which I hoped for relief of this distressing 
symptom, had an opposite effect; they always aggravated it for some time. 
In other respects, as I have said, the symptoms remained the same. The 
pulse, whose every beat I was still able to feel and count in my thorax, 
and whose every intermission I was conscious of, from the sensation of un- 
easiness and a kind of slight prsecordial anxiety which it caused, was very 
easily excited by the slightest excitement or physical exertion. During 
complete physical and mental rest, the pulse was 54 in a minute, and in- 
termitted every few beats. The pulse-curve of this day (Fig. 3), showed 
at first sight great irregularity in every particular not only in the strength 
of the different contractions, as exhibited by the varying heights of the 
waves, but also in respect to the more or less hard character of the pulse, 
as shown in the more or less blunted waves, and also lastly, in the irreg- 
ular wave following the beat, which is seen in the varying size of the in- 
tervals between the beats. The second night was very restless, with partial 
sleep, which was interrupted four times in one hour by confused anxious 
dreams and frightful fantasies. The third day, which I still passed in 
bed, was much more tolerable than the preceding, since the distressing 
nausea had moderated and I was able to drink a little water. The weak- 
ness of vision, however, still continued ; and the yellow vision was in no 
wise diminished. The pulse continued through the whole day about 60, 
still very irregular, and intermitted every 40 to 50 beats. In the evening 
I attempted, though against my appetite, to eat some bits of bread, and 
did not vomit, as I feared. The following night was similar to the pre- 
ceding, though more quiet, and with longer and more sound sleep. A part 
of the fourth day I passed out of bed. Subjectively I experienced much 
relief. Though I had no longing for food, eating was not repugnant to 
me, and from time to time I took a small quantity of meat and drank as 
much water as I pleased. The pulse had regained its rhythm, was weak 
and soft, and very seldom intermitted. After a sound sleep that night I 
began, on the fiith day, to take short walks, leaning on the arm of another. 
My power of vision had not yet returned, and all objects seemed in a 
yellow light. The symptoms gradually disappeared during the three suc- 
ceeding days. With sound sleep and extraordinary appetite, my physical 
strength and normal vision returned, and objects appeared again in their 
natural light. 


Dioscorea villosa, Linn. 

Natural Order, Dioscoreacese. Common name, AVild yam. 

Preparation, Tincture of the root (or triturations of the resinoid, Dios- 

Authorities. 1. Dr. A. M. Gushing, Monograph on Dioscorea, provings 
with Dioscorea and "Dioscorein," taken as follows: for first five days re- 
peated doses of 1st dec. trit. of the resinoid, 5 to 20 grs. at a dose; sixth 
and seventh days, 2d trit.; eighth to eleventh day, 3d trit.; thirteenth and 
fourteenth days, 4th dec. in solution; fifteenth and sixteenth days, 5th dil.; 
seventeenth to nineteenth day, 6th dil., 50 to 100-drop doses; twentieth 
and twenty-first days, 6th dil.; thirty-first to thirty-fifth day, 8th dil., 500 
to 3000-drop doses ; forty-ninth to fifty-fifth day, tincture of Dioscorea, 5 to 
20-drop doses; sixty-first to sixty-fourth day, 1st dec. dil, 25 to 50-drop 


doses; sixty-fifth to sixty-ninth day, 10th dec. dil., 25 to 100-drop doses; 
seventy-third to seventy-eighth day, 20th dil. ; seventy-ninth to eighty-first 
day, 30th dec. dil. 2. Same, second proving (after six months); first day, 
50 drops of 10th dil.; fifth day, same; sixth day, same; eighth day, 30th 
dil.; nineteenth day, 10th dil.; twentieth day, same; twenty-sixth day, 
15th dil.; thirty-eighth day, same. 3. Dr. J. U.Woods, Hahnemannian 
Monthly, 4, 58, took 6th dil., one dose, 10 drops; 36, same, took 15th dil.; 
3c, same, took 6th dil.; 2d, same, took 15th dil. 4. Dr. W. H. Burt took 
fluid extract, repeated doses of 30 to 200 drops, for three days, Hale's New 
Eemedies, second edition, p. 307. 5, Dr. Thomas Nichol took 1st dec. dil. 
of Dioscorea first and second days ; 1st dec. trit. of Dioscorein sixth to 
eighth day, ibid. 6. Dr. Henry A. Summer took Dioscorein in doses of 
i to 2 grains, ibid. 7, Dr. J. C. Michener took Dioscorein in doses of J 
to 3 grains, ibid. 

Mind. — Emotional. Desire to be alone ; do not enjoy society ; am 
usually quite fond of the society of ladies, but they now seem repulsive, at 
8 P.M. (twentieth day),'. — Great feeling of irritability (after eight hours),'°- 
— Intellectual. Feel dull ; desire to be alone ; conversation is trouble- 
some, at 9 P.M. (twenty-seventh day),'. — Feel dull and stupid (after second 
dose, sixteenth day),'. — Feel dull and stupid in the afternoon, but feel well 
in the forenoon (twenty-first day),'. — Feel dull and cross at 8 p.m. (twentieth 
day),'. — Feel confused in the evening (after fourth dose, fourteenth day),'. 
■ — *Call things by lorong names; when I mean left leg or arm, I write it 
right arm or leg, and have to change it, in the evening (after fourth dose, 
fourteenth day),'. 

Head. — Vertigo. Gradually vertigo and giddiness come on, which 
lasted for an hour, and was accompanied by rumbling of bowels (7 A.m.) ; 
sudden reappearance of the vertigo, with heat of the head; this continued 
with great violence for half an hour, and then subsided, but continued more 
or less all the evening (1.55 p.m.), (second day),*"". — [10.] Vertigo so vio- 
lent that he was unable to walk, and reeled as if intoxicated, with aggra- 
vation of the frontal pains, at 5 p.m. (third day),^''. — Giddy, confused feel- 
ing of head (after three hours), (first day ),^^ — Dizziness (seventy-seventh 
day), (part of S. 245), (eightieth day),'. — Head dizzy, and inclined to go 
to the right (seventy-fourth day),'. — Dizzy, inclined to go to the right when 
walking, in the morning (forty-seventh and fifty-seventh days),'. — Dizzy 
while eating (five hours after first dose, eleventh day),' — ^Very dizzy, and 
dull pain in head, in the evening (ninety-fifth day),'. — General itead. 
Numb sensation of the head (twenty-ninth day); (part of S. 220),'. — Head 
feels dull and heavy; much inclined to remain quiet (after seven hours),'. — 
Dull, uncomfortable feeling in the head, as from cold (after one hour),'''. — 
Dull, dizzy feeling of head (after fourth dose, third day),". — [20.] Head 
dull and heavy, with an occasional quick pain through it, at 4.20 p.m. (first 
day),'^ — Head dull (after seven hours and a quarter),'". — Head dull, and 
am dizzy ; inclined to go to the right ; in walking to a table, went past it 
to the right, at 4 a.m. (forty-eighth day),'. — Head feels heavy ; resting my 
head on my hand, it seems as if it would crush the head, it seems so heavy, 
at 9 P.M. (eighty-second day),'.— Head feels heavy, with pain between the 
eyes and both sides of the head near the top of the ears, at 8 p.m. (eighty- 
second day),'.— Pain in head (forty-first day),l— Pain from nose and fore- 
head to occiput, at 9 p.m. (eighty-second day),'. — Pain in head in the 
morning (eighty-third day),'.— Occasional pjiin in head, mostly in left tem- 
ple (forty-eighth day),'.— Head felt hot at 7 a.m. (.second day),*.— [30.] 

DI08C0REA. 125 

Fulness in the head (night), (third day),', etc. — Head aches, and am dizzy, 
at 5 A.M. (forty-eighth day),^ — Frequent headache during the day, mostly 
in the temples; worse on the right side (forty-sixth day),'. — Dull, confused 
feeling in head during stool (six hours and a half after first dose, sixth 
day),\ — Dull, dizzy feeling of head (after fourth dose, third day),'. — Dull 
pain in head at 10 p.m. (thirty-first day),', etc. — Dull pain in head; seems 
to be deep in centre of head (five hours after second dose, tenth day),'. — 
Dull pain in head in the morning (seventy-seventh day),'. — Dull pain in 
head, both front and temporal region, in morning (twenty-eighth day),'. — 
[40,] Dull pain in head, worse on back side, after dinner (thirty-ninth 
day),l — Dull pain in head, and wringing pain in left hypochondriura, then 
in epigastrium (after 500 drops, 8th dil.; thirty-second day),'. — Dull pain 
from the occiput through to the front part of the head, at 2 p.m. (twenty- 
sixth day),'. — Hard, dull pain in head after going to bed (eightieth night),'. 
— Hard pain in head in the morning (eighty-fifth day),'. — Dull headache 
(in the morning), (fifty-sixth day); (evening), (twenty-sixth day),', etc. — 
Dull, dizzy headache in the morning (ninety-sixth day),'. — After breakfast, 
head feels tight, as if squeezed (after first dose, fourteenth day),'. — Hard, 
boring pain from forehead to occiput in the morning (eighty-second day),'. 
— Pressing pain from front to back of head, as if I should become uncon- 
scious ; very strange feeling ; head inclines to fall backwards, at 8 p.m. 
(eighty-second day),'. — Forehead. [50,] Pain in front part of head ; it 
all went over the right eye, then disappeared, in the morning (eighty-uiuth 
day),'. — Pain in front of head and temples, as if lifted_ up, in the morning 
(twentieth day),'.' — Severe pain in front and left side of head, over the eye, 
at 6.45 P.M. (seventeenth day),'. — Slight frontal headache (second day),*, 
etc. — Slight frontal headache, with occasional sharp pains in right temple 
(second day),*. — Severe frontal headache (second and third days),''.- — Dull 
frontal headache (first day),*, etc. — Dull pain in front of head in the morn- 
ing (fifteenth day) ; night (twenty-third day),'. — Dull pain in front and 
left side of head in the evening (forty-sixth day),^. — Dull pain in forehead 
at 9 P.M. (eighty-second day),'. — [60.] Dull ache through forehead, with 
some nausea, extending from throat to stomach, at 11 a.m. (second day). 
Nausea first passed ofi". The headache extended into the nose, accompanied 
with symptoms as from a bad cold, with fluent coryza, for two days,'''. — 
Headache over eyes (second day),^*". — Very sharp, cutting pains along the 
whole right side of forehead, shooting back as far as the ear ; the pain is 
not a steady pain, but remits, and is aggravated by pressure and cold air, 
at 9.30 A.M. (third day),^". — Temples. Pain in temple (seventy-fourth 
day),'. — Pain in temples during forenoon (thirty-ninth day),l — Pain in 
both temples (seventy-first day),'. — Pain in both temples in the morning 
(fifteenth and twentieth days) ; evening (nineteenth day), etc.'. — Pain in 
both temples at 6.30 a.m.; worse in right at 12 m. (seventh day),'. — Pain 
in both temples, left one worse, at 7 a.m. (twenty-sixth day),'. — Pain in 
right temple (fourteenth day), (part of S. 5&1); 3.30 p.m. (seventeenth 
day),', etc. — [70.] Pain in right temple, relieved by Veratrum album 2d, 
during forenoon (twelfth day),". — Hard pain in right temple, then left, at 
7 A.M.; pain in both temples, aggravated by stooping or walking, at 9 a.m. 
(sixty-eighth day),'. — Pain in left temple (tenth day),%- 3 p.m. (seventy- 
third day),'. — Hard pain in left temple at 9 p.m. (twenty-eighth day),'. — 
Hard pain in left temple and angle of jaw at 6 p.m. (twenty-seventh day),l — 
Hard pain in left temple and forearm in the morning (eighty-first day),'. — 
Hard pain in left temple, relieved by pressure, but it produces heat in 


left nostril; after the paio, a sensation of pressure (twelve hours after first 
dose, eighteenth day)/. — Severe pain in both temples and front part of head 
in the morning (twenty-third day)/. — Dull pain in both temples, worse in 
right, at 10 p.m. (thirty-first day),^ — Dull pain in both temples in the 
morning (thirty-eighth day) ; after dinner (twenty-third day, etc.),\ — [80.] 
Dull headache in both temples at 7 A.m. (thirty-ninth day),\ — Dull pain 
in right temple at 8 p.m. (twentieth day),', etc. ; 5 p.m. (thirty-sixth day). 
■ — Dull pain in the right temple; it seems to be over a large surface on 
the outside, but concentrated to a small point internally; dull pain in the 
left temple (thirty-fourth day),'. — Dull pain in right temple, with occa- 
sionally same in left, and slight pain in occiput, in the morning (forty- 
seventh day),'. — Dull pain in left temple in the morning (nineteenth day) ; 
after 300 drops (thirty-fifth day, etc.),'. — Hard, dull pain in right temple 
at 1 P.M. (eighty-ninth day),'. — Dull, stupefying pain in temporal region, 
both sides (two hours and a half after third dose, third day),'. — Dull, stu- 
pefying pain in both temples, as if from severe pressure, relieved by pres- 
sure, but when the pressure is removed the pain returns, and is severe and 
sharp, at 1 P.M. (fifty-eighth day),'. — Hard, aching pain in both temples 
(six hours and a half after first dose, thirteenth day),'. — Dull, aching paiu 
in both temples (after eighteen hours and thirty-five minutes),^ — [90.] 
Dull ache in left temple (sixteenth day) ; (part of S. 606),'. — Dull, squeez- 
ing paiu in both temples, with nausea and chills, and mouth dry, but no 
thirst, at 5 a.m. (thirty-ninth day),'. — Sharp, squeezing pain in right temple 
at 9 p.m. (twentieth day),^. — Feeling as if both temples were in a vice (fif- 
teenth day); (part of S. 448),'. — Dull, grinding pain in left temple (eight 
hours after second d-ose, fiftieth day),'. — Pressiug pain in both temples dur- 
ing the eveuiug (after third dose, fifteenth day),'. — Dull, pressing pain in 
both temples, relieved at once by pressure (after first dose, fourteenth day),'. 
— Frequent dull, pressing pains in temples at 8 p.m. (twenty-fourth day),'. 
— Twisting pain in right temple (thirteen hours and a quarter after first 
dose, sixty-sixth day),'. — Twisting pain in left temple (sixty-third day),'. — 
[100.] Sharp, twisting pain in right temple (three hours and a half after 
first dose, seventy-fourth day),' — Sharp, twisting pain in left temple, with 
dull paiu in right (after two hours and three-quarters, seventy-seventh 
day),'. — Sharp pain in both temples at 10 p.m. (sixty-ninth day),'. — Sharp 
pain in both temples, not aggravated nor relieved by riding, walking, or 
shaking the head (eight hours after first dose, seventh day),". — Sharp pain 
in right temple in the morning (nineteenth day),'; afternoon (thirty-eighth 
day),^, etc. — Sharp pain in right temple and front of the head in the morn- 
ing (twenty-seventh day),'. — Sharp pain in right temple and over right eye, 
occasionally darting through to left temple, in the morning (twenty-fourth 
day),'.— Pain in right temple, extending to the angle of jaw, at times sharp, 
at others a dull, squeezing pain, in the morning (twentieth day),'. — Sharp pain 
in left temple (one hour after fourth dose), (fourteenth and fifteenth days) ; 
8..30 A.M. (seventeenth day),'. — Sharp paiu in left temple, with nausea and 
chills, beginning ou back, worse over left scapula (half an hour after first 
dose, eighth day),'. — [110.] Hard, sharp pain in right temple (six hours after 
first dose, thirteenth day); 1 p.m. (eightieth day),'.— Hard, rather sharp 
paiu in the left temple at 6 a.m. (eleventh day),^— Sudden shocks of sharp 
pain in left temple in the evening (thirty-second day),'. — Digging cutting 
pain in left temple at 12 M. (forty-ninth day),'.— Sharp, digging pain in 
left temple at 10 a.m. (twelfth day),'. — Darting paiu in left temple at 5 
P.M. (thirty-second day),'.— Very sharp, darting pain in left temple (six 


hours and a half after first dose, thirteeuth dayl,'. — Vertex. Dull pain 
through top and front part of head, occasionally a sharp pain, at 11 p.m. 
(forty-sixth day),\ — A sharp pain went from the left thigh to the top of 
the head, like au electric shock; while lying down after dinner, the pain 
was so severe that it made me jump up, in the afternoon (seventeenth day),\ 
— Parietals. Pain in both sides of the head in the morning (sixty-uinth 
day),\ — [130.] Pain on both sides of the head ; feels as if a band was tied 
around the head; head feels cold, at 6 a.m. (eleventh day),^ — Pain in left 
side of the head, both in front and behind the ear, at 11 a.m. (twenty-third 
day),\ — Dull pain in both sides of head at 7 a.m. (thirty-second day),'. — 
Dull pain in both sides of the head, in front and behind the ears, at 3 a.m. 
(seventy-ninth day),\ — Hard, dull, aching pain in both sides of head, above 
and front of the ears, at 5 p.m. (ninth day),^ — Occiput. Severe pain in 
occipital region, worse on right side, during forenoon (thirty-ninth day), I — ■ 
Severe, deepseated pain in left occipital region (one hour and three-quar- 
ters after first dose, eleventh day),\ — Dull pain in left occipital region in 
the morning (twenty-seventh day),^ — Very severe, cramping pain in right 
occipital region at times in the evening (thirty-ninth day),l — Very sharp 
pain in left occipital region during the afternoon (thirty-eighth day),^ — 
[130.] Sudden, sharp pain in left occipital protuberance, relieved by pres- 
sure, at 5 P.M. (first day),''. — Sharp, twisting pain in left occipital region, 
relieved by rubbing, at 7 a.m. (twenty-sixth day),l — Pulling pain in occi- 
put at 7 A.M. (twenty-sixth day); four hours and a half after first dose 
(thirteenth day),\ — Pulling pain in left occiput in the morning (fourteenth 
day),^ — Pulling pain in left occiput, causing a stupid sensation (six hours 
after first dose, thirteenth day),\ — Pain in back of head at 6 p.m. (thirty- 
third day) ; (fifty-fifth day),\ — Pain in back of head (fifty-fifth day) ; (part 
of S. 1453),\ — Dull pain in back of head (fourteen hours after first dose, 
seventy-sixth day),^; (fortieth day),^. — Dull, heavy pain in back of head 
and shoulders in the afternoon (fifty-sixth day),^ 

Eye, — Eyes weak in the morning (forty-third day),\ — [140.] Both 
eyes weak and sore, and smart badly at 9 p.m. (twenty-third day),'. — Eyes 
weak at 10.30 p.m. (twenty-seventh day) ; morning (forty-third day),'. — 
Eyes very weak ; blur before them (forty-eighth day),'. — Eyes feel tired 
at 4.20 p.m. (first day),^^ — Both eyes feel as if some foreign substance was 
in them, worse at times, right one worse in the forenoon (sixty-fifth day),'. — 
Eyes feel as if some large, smooth substance was in them at 8 p M. 
(twentieth day),'; (twenty-fifth day),^ — Left eye aches in the evening 
(ninetieth day),'. — Sharp pain iu right eye at 8.30 A.M. (ninety-ninth 
day),'. — Sharp pain in left eye, am obliged to close it ; relieved by pressure 
at 2 P.M. (seventy-eighth day),'. — -Eyes sore at 10.30 p.m. (twentieth day),''; 
(forty-second day), etc.,'. — [150,] Eyes sore, left one worse, at 8.30 a.m. 
(seventeenth day),'. — Eyes sore in the afternoon (afterfirst dose, eighteenth 
day),'. — Eyes sore in the night (twenty-third night),'. — Eyes sore, lids stuck 
togetiier in the morning (sixty-second day),'. — Eyes sore and gummed up 
in the morning (sixty-third day),'. — Eyes sore and lashes stuck together iu 
the morning (eighteenth day),'. — Eyes sore, right one stuck together for 
the first time in my life or remembrance, in the morning (twenty-fifth 
day),'. — Eyes sore ; water runs from right one, and is troublesome at 1 p.m. 
(sixty-third day),'. — Both eyes sore ; feel as if there were sticks in them 
(fourteen hours after first dose, eighteenth day),'. — Eyes sore and smait ; 
water runs from right eye and smarts so bad I have to keep it closed most 
of the time in the evening (after first dose, sixty-second day),'. — [160.] 


Eyes are sore and smart, aud are gummed up in the morning (fifty-seventh 
day)/. — Eyes sore and smart badly ; eyelids feel stiff; eyes do not look sore 
in the morning (seventeenth day)/. — Both eyes sore and smart, right one 
-worse at 9 p.m. (sixty-ninth day),'. — Eyes quite sore at 10 p.m. (forty-first 
day),\ — Right eye sore all day (thirty-ninth and fortieth days),\ — Right 
eye sore in the evening (fifty-sixth day),'. — Right eye sore, mostly in the 
lower lid, in the morning (fortieth day),'. — Right eye sore ; a small sore in 
under lid like a stye, the first in my life, at 6 p.m. (forty-first day),'. — Sore- 
ness from left eye to left temple, at 8.30 a.m. (seventeenth day),'. — [170.] 
Eyes and inside of nostrils smart at 6 p.m. (thirty-third day),'. — Eyes 
smart (fifteenth, twentieth, etc., days),'. — Eyes smart and sore at 7 p.m. 
(thirty-seventh day), (fifty-third night),'. — Eyes smart and look red in 
the morning (twenty-eighth day),^ — Eyes smart all the evening, right one 
■worse (after fourth dose, fourteenth day),'. — Both eyes smart, right one 
worse, most on edge of upper lid, in the morning (fifty-seventh day),'. — 
Eyes smart, left one worse in the evening (ninety-fifth day),'. — Eyes smart 
and lids feel stiff (after second dose, sixteenth day),'. — Both eyes smart 
and quite sore ; left one feels as if there was dirt in it, 7 p.m. (seventeenth 
day),'. — Both eyes smart and feel as if dust or eyelashes were in them (third 
hour after third dose, sixteenth day),'. — Eyes smart and feel as if full of 
sticks at 10 p.m. (sixty-fifth day),'. — [180.] Eyes smart aud feel as if some 
large smooth substance was in them, for an hour (after fourteen hours and 
a half, sixty-fourth day),'. — Eyes smart and so weak could not read quite 
coarse print at 10 a.m. (second day),^. — Eyes smart slightly (ninety-second 
and ninety-third days),'. — Eyes smart badly, worse in evening (forty -first 
and sixty-first day),'. — After going to bed, eyessmart so badly that it feels as 
if hot air was coming out of them and passing over the face (nineteenth 
night),'. — Smarting eyes ; right eye worse, after making first trituration 
(first day),'. — Left eye smarts in the evening (thirty-ninth day),'. — Eyes 
itch in the morning (eighty-eighth day),'. — Both eyes itch and smart badly 
(seventy-fifth day),'. — Eyes itch and smart in the evening (ninety-eighth 
day),'. — [190.] Violent itching of both eyes after making first trituration 
(first day),'. — Itching of right eye at 2 p.m. (eightieth day),'. — BfOlV. 
Pain over the eyes, sometimes one, sometimes the other ; sharp pain over 
right eye at 2 p.m. (seventy-eighth day),'. — Pain over right eye at 2 and 
5 P.M. (eighty-second day),'. — Pain over right eye to occiput (seventy-fourth 
day),'. — Dull pain over left eye at 7 p.m. (thirty-seventh day),'. — Sharp 
pain directly over the eyes in the morning; dull heavy pain directly over 
the right eye, extending to the temporal region, at 1 p.m. (sixty-ninth 
*i.^y)''- — Sharp pain over right eye in the morning (fifteenth and twenty- 
eighth days, etc.),'. — Sharp pain over right eye, extending to the occipital 
region, at 1 p.m. (twenty-eighth day),'. — Sharp pain over left eye (half an 
hour after third dose, sixteenth day) ; 10.30 p.m. (seventeenth day),', etc.— 
[200.] Sharp darting pain over left eye, relieved by motion, at 10.30 p.m. 
(twenty-seventh day ),'.— Pain between the eyes and over right eye all day, 
so severe in the afternoon I could not endure it, and had to resort to medi- 
cine in order to attend to my patients. One dose of Glonoine 3d, relieved 
it in a few minutes (second day),l— ZjV7s. Eyes stuck up and sore in the 
morning (sixty-fourth day),'.— Want to keep the eyes closed at 9 p.m. 
(eighty-second day),'.— Right eyelid sore all day (sixtieth day),'.— Right 
eye sore on both lids, but does not look sore, at 7 a.m. (sixty-first day),'.— 
Hard, aching pain just below the outer angle of right eye at 11 p.m. 
(twenty-third day),'.— Hard pressing pain just over the internal angle of 


the right eye (seventy-fifth day)/. — Smarting of internal angle of both 
eyes, right one worse (after second dose, fourth day),'. — Violent itching of 
internal corner of left eye in the evening (twelfth day),'''. — Ladifijnhnl 
Apparatus. [210.] Eyes full of tears in the open air; cannot see 
plainly (seventy-first day),\ — Hall. Sharp pain in ball of right eye at 
7.30 P.M. (twenty-second day),'. 

Mar. — Objective. Balls of wax fall out of the right ear (twenty- 
ninth, thirty-sixth, and seventy-fourth days),'. — Uxternal. Sensation 
in front of both ears, as if I would vomit (seventy -fourth day),'. — Hard 
pain in front of right, then in both ears, as if the head would burst (eighty- 
second day), (part of S. 860),'. — Dull pain in front of right ear and sharp 
pain over left eye at the same time (half an hour after third dose, sixteenth 
day),'. — Dull, squeezing pain in front of both ears, extending to the angle 
of the jaws (after 3000 drops, thirty-fifth day),'. — After going to bed, 
severe aching pain in front of right ear, lasting some time (twenty-ninth 
night),'. — Dull, pressing pain in front of both ears (after first dose, four- 
teenth day),'. — Pulling pain in front of both ears, as precedes vomiting 
(seven hours after first dose, fourth day),'. — [220.] Twisting pain in front 
of left ear, causing a numb sensation of the head at 11 p.m. (twenty-ninth 
day),'. — Sharp pain in front and behind both ears in the morning (sixteenth 
day),'. — Sharp pain over right ear at 9 p.m. (eighty-second day),'. — Sharp 
pain behind right ear in the morning (fifteenth day),'. — Sharp, deepseated 
pain behind right ear (five hours after first dose, thirteenth day),'. — Hard, 
sharp pain behind the left ear at 7 p.m. (seventeenth day),'. — Fine, sharp 
pains were felt behind the left ear several times (third day),'°. — Darting 
pain behind left ear in the evening (after first dose, eighteenth day),'. — 
Sharp, darting pain behind left ear, extending in front of ear and to angle 
of jaw, in the morning (twenty-third day),''. — Eight ear quite painful at 
11 A.M. (sixtieth day), (part of S- 396),'. — Internal. [230.] Ears feel 
stopped up (after second dose, fourth day),'. — Both ears suddenly stopped 
at 8 P.M. (forty-fourth day),'. — Pain in right ear in the evening (forty-third 
day),'. — Pain in left ear (seven hours and a half after first dose, seventy- 
fifth day),'. — Blowing nose causes severe pain in left ear in the afternoon 
(forty-third day),'.^ — Sharp pain in left ear at 9 p.m. (eighty-second day),'. 
— Both internal ears sore to touch at 8 p.m. (forty-fourth day),'. — Soreness 
of left internal ear in the afternoon (forty-third day),'. — Itching in both 
ears in the evening (eighty-sixth day),'. — Itching of internal ears (after 
second dose, fourth day),'. — [240.] Itching of right internal ear at 10.30 
P.M.,'. — Itching of left internal ear at 10.30. p.m. (seventeenth day) ; 1 p.m. 
(fifty-eighth day), etc.,'. — Searing. Buzzing in ears in the morning 
(fifty-seventh day),'. — Loud ringing in ears, .worse in right, at 4 p.m. 
(twenty-sixth day),'. 

Wose.: — Objective. Much sneezing every day (sixty-third day),'. — 
Violent sneezing, with dizziness, soon after taking the medicine (seventy- 
seventh day),'. — Constant watery discharge from left nostril at 9 p.m. 
(eighty-second day),'. — Discharge of water from left nostril and smarting 
of fauces (after second dose, fourth day),'.— Discharge of bright blood 
from left nostril at 11 a.m. (fifty-ninth day),'. — Discharge of bright blood 
from left nostril, with spitting of blood for a half hour, in the morning 
(fortieth day),'.— [250.] Discharge of bright-red blood from left nostril, 
followed by one dark clot and spitting of blood (one hour after first dose, 
thirteenth day),'. — Fluent coryza for two days (part of S. 60),^''. — Sub- 
jective. The inside of both nostrils dry and sore at 7 p.m. (seventeenth 

VOL. IV.— 9 


day)/.— Nose dry and bad smell in it at 11 p.m. (thirty-fourth da.j),\— 
Nose inclined to be stopped up at 7 a.m. (thirty-ninth day)/. — Nose stopped 
up (seventy-first day)/. — Heat in left nostril (eighteenth day), (part of S. 
76),'. — The soreness of the nose is all on the right side, with a small swell- 
ing, at 7 P.M. (seventeenth day),'. — Soreness on left side of nose better, but 
sore on top and right side (six hours after first dose, thirteenth day),\ — 
Sore place on left side of nose quite painful, but no redness nor swelling 
(five hours after first dose, eleventh day),'.— [260.] Inside of nostrils sore 
at 9 P.M. (twenty-third day),'. — Inside of nostrils smart (thirty-third day), 
(part of S. 170),'.-- Irritation of the nasal passages and sneezing (while 
making first trituration) (first day),'. — Itching of right nostril at 3 p.m. 
(seventy- third day),'. — Smell. Bad smell in nose (thirty-first day) ; morn- 
ing (thirty-third day), etc.,'. — Bad smell in nose all day, as if something in 
nose (thirty-fourth day),'. — Bad smell in nose; any oiFensive smell remains 
a long time in the nose in the morning (thirty-seventh day),'. — Bad smell 
in nose, as from a bilious dysentery patient, every day (twenty-fifth day),'. — 
Frequent bad smell in nose, as of bilious fsfcces, at 5 p.m. (thirty-sixth day),\ 
— Constant bad smell in nose, like bilious-fever patients, at 10 p.m. (thirty- 
first day),'. — [270.] Constant smell in nose, as from bilious-fever patients, 
in the morning (twenty-eighth day),'. — Very bad smell in nose, like bilious 
fseces, in the morning (thirty-eighth day),'. — Very oflfensive smell in nose 
at 7 p.m. (thirty-ninth day),'. 

Face. — Cheeks. Sharp, severe pain in left cheek or lower portion of 
temporal region, followed by dry cough (six hours and three-quarters after 
second dose, tenth day),'. — Lips. Lips burn at 9 p.m. (thirtieth day),'. — 
Lips sore at 9 p.m. (twenty-third day),'. — Chin. Spasmodic action of lower 
jaw during the evening (after third dose, fifteenth day),'. — Spasmodic clos- 
ing of the jaws and biting the tongue (after 1000 drops eighth dilution, 
thirty-third day),'. — Pain in the jaw near the teeth in the afternoon (seven- 
teenth day),'. — Hard pain at angle of lower jaw, right side (sixty-third 
day),'. — [280.] Digging pain at the angle of left jaw, at 5 p.m. (thirty- 
sixth day),'. — Drawing pain at aqgle of jaw (half an hour after third dose, 
sixteenth day),'. — Grinding pain at angle of lower jaw, left side, at 6.30 
A.M. (seventh day),l — Dull, grinding pain in left lower jaw, between teeth 
and angle of jaw, at 7 p.m. (twenty-fifth day),'. — Sharp pain in angle of 
lower jaw, left side, at 10 a.m. (second day),^ — Sore pain -at angle of 
jaw, left side, in the morning (twenty-second day),'. — Jumping, darting 
pain at angle of jaw, right side at 7 p.m. (twenty-fifth day),'. 

Month Teeth. Pain in front teeth (after first dose, sixth day),'.— 

Pain in upper front teeth, at 6 p.m. (twenty-sixth day),'. — Pain in front 
lower teeth, at 3 p.m. (twenty-sixth day),'. — [290.] Sharp pain in the upper 
front teeth, in the morning (sixty-sixth day),'. — Front under teeth sore and 
painful (seventy-fifth day),'. — Pain in lower back teeth left side, extending 
to angle of jaw and parotid gland, at 6 p.m. (twenty-sixth day),'. — Very 
sharp pain in right upper molar tooth, in the afternoon (seventeenth day),'. 
— A sharp darting pain in a right upper molar tooth (which had been filled 
several years), as if I had touched a bare nerve, in the afternoon (seventeenth 
day),'. — Left side teeth feel sore (half an hour after third dose, sixteenth 
day),'. — Jumping pain in left upper teeth, in the morning (twenty-third 
day),'.— 6rtt«lS. Gums on inside of front upper teeth swollen (five hours 
and a half after first dose, sixteenth day),'. — Soreness of the gum, extend- 
ing to the roof of the mouth, in the afternoon (seventeenth day),'. — Gums 
and roof of mouth sore, at 9 p.m. (eighty-fourth day),'.— ToH^lte. [300.] 


Tongue coated, in the morning (fifty-seventh day),'. — Tongue slightly 
coated, in the morning (twenty-first day),'. — Tongue coated white (third 
day),*. — Tongue coated yellowish-white (second and fourth days),*. — Tongue 
coated yellow (second day),^ — Tongue coated brown, and is sore at the tip, 
in morning (twenty-eighth day),'. — Tongue coated slightly brown (in the 
morning), (twenty-ninth day) ; (7 A.M.), (thirty-ninth day),'. — Tongue coated 
heavily brown, in the morning (fifty-seventh day),'. — Heavy brown coat- 
ing on tongue, in the morning (fifty-sixth day),'. — Tongue sticks to thereof 
of my mouth, in the morning (seventy-fourth day),'. — £310.] Bit my tongue 
several times during the evening, when I was nei ther talking nor chewing ( after 
■ third dose, fifteenth day).*. — Tongue dry and stiff, in the morning (thirty- 
fifth day),'. — Tongue dry and stiff at sides, in the morning (eleventh day),'. 
— Tongue dry, bitter, and sore, in the morning (thirty-seventh day),'. — ■ 
Tongue sore, in the evening (nineteenth day); 9 p.m. (thirtieth day),'. — 
Tongue feels as if burnt, in the morning (twenty-eighth day); 2.30 p.m. 
(seventy-fifth day),'. — Both sides of tongue sore iear back molar teeth, at 
7.30 P.M. (twenty-second day),*. — Tongue sore on side near last molar tooth, 
making talking difficult (eleven hours after first dose, fourth day),*. — • 
Tongue sore on right side, in the evening (after first dose, eighteenth day),*. 
— Left side of tongue sore, at 7 a.m. (twenty-sixth day) ; 6 p.m. (thirty- 
third day),*.— [320.] Tongue feels as if burnt on the sides, in the morn- 
ing (sixty-second day;),*. — Tip of tongue sore, at 9 p.m. (twenty -seventh 
day); 1 p.m. (thirty-sixth day), etc.,'*. — Tip of tongue sore, while eating 
(ten hours after first dose, eleventh day),*. — Biting stinging of the tip of 
the tongue, at 4 p.m. (tenth day),^ — General Mouth, The mouth feels 
smooth, and is very bitter, even to cause shuddering, after taking the medi- 
cine (first dose), (seventy-fourth day),*. — -Mouth slimy and sore, after eat- 
ing in the morning (eighty -fourth day),*. — Mouth dry (fifty-fifth day), (part 
of S. 1453), (thirty-ninth day), etc.,'. — Mouth dry, in the morning (fifty- 
ninth and sixtieth days), etc.,'. — Mouth dry, yet full of slimy, sticky mucus, 
in the morning (sixty-sixth day),*. — Mouth dry and bitter, in the morning, 
worse after eating (twentieth day),". — [330.] Mouth dry and bitter, tongue 
sticks to the roof of my mouth, in the morning (sixty-seventh day),*. — 
Mouth dry and bitter, at 8 p.M.(twenty-first day),*. — Mouth dry, and bitter 
and sore, in the morning. (sixty-third day),*. — Mouth and tongue dry, bitter, 
and sore, at 3.30 a.m. (forty-second day),*. — Mouth very dry and bitter, in 
the morning (sixty-fifth day),*. — Mouth dry and bitter, and sore on the 
roof, at 5 a.m. (forty-seventh day),*. — Mouth and tongue dry and bitter 
(thirty-first day),'. — Mouth and tongue dry and slightly bitter, iu the morn- 
ing (forty-third day),*. — Mouth very dry and bitter, in the morning (thirty- 
fifth day),*. — Mouth and tongue very dry and bitter, in the morning (thirty- 
sixth day),*. — [340.] Mouth dry and sore, in the morning (sixty-ninth and 
eighty-sixth days),*. — Mouth dry and sore, during the forenoon (one hun- 
dredth day),'. — Mouth dry and slightly sore, in the morning (eighty-eighth 
day),'. — Mouth dry and sticky, roof of mouth quite sore, in the morning (sev- 
enteenth day),*. — Mouth sticky and bitter, in the morning (eighteenth day),'. 
— Mouth clammy, in the morning (sixty-first day),*. — Mouth clammy and 
bitter, in the morning (twenty-ninth day),*. — Burning in mouth and fauces 
(after first dose, sixth day),*. — Mouth sore (an hour and a half after first dose, 
sixteenth day); (morning), (nineteenth day),*. — Mouth sore and bitter, 
in the evening (forty -seventh day),'. — [350.] Roof of mouth sore (five hours 
and a half after first dose, sixteenth day), (1 p.m.), (sixty-ninth day), etc.,*. 
—Roof of mouth sore and troublesome, at 7 p.m. (seventeenth day),*. — Roof 


of mouth and tip of tongue sore, at 7.30 p.m. (twenty-second day)/.— Roof of 
mouth and gums quite sore (three hours after first dose, eighteenth day),'.— 
Left corner of mouth sore, 7 p.m. (seventeenth day),\ — Saliva. Increase 
of saliva (tirst day),'. — Saliva runs out of mouth when asleep (twenty-third 
night),'. — Saliva runs from the mouth when asleep, in the morning (never 
had this symptom before to my knowledge), (sixty-fourth day),'. — Taste. 
Awoke with sweetish taste in mouth (third morning),'. — Agreeable, sweet- 
ish taste (first day),'.— [360.] Nasty, sticky mouth, in the morning (four- 
teenth day),'. — Rough flat taste in mouth (second and fourth days),*. — Flat 
pappy taste (third day),*. — Mouth tastes nasty and bitter, in the morning 
(fifteenth day),'. — Bitter mouth (ninety-third day),'.— Mouth bitter, in the 
morning (twelfth and seventy-first days),'. — Mouth bitter, in morning on 
waking (thirteenth day),'. — Bitter mouth, the bitter seems to be worse on 
the sides of the tongue and back part of it (twenty-first day), (part of S. 
446),'. — Mouth bitter and dry, in the morning (seventy-fourth day),'. — 
Mouth bitter and dry, in the morning, but better than the past few morn- 
ings (forty-first day),'. —[370.] Mouth bitter and very dry, in the morning 
(seventy-seventh day),'. — Mouth bitter, tongue dry, in the morning (fortieth 
day),'. — Mouth bitter, dry, and rough, in the morning (thirtieth day),'.— 
Mouth bitter, dry, and sore, in the morning (twenty-fifth and forty-ninth 
days),'. — Mouth bitter, dry, and sore, at 1 a.m. (twenty-third night),'.^ 
Mouth bitter and sticky, in the morning (eleventh day),'. — Awoke with 
bitter sticky mouth, in the morning (sixteenth day),'. — Mouth bitter, sticky, 
and clammy, in the morning (twenty-first day),'. — Mouth hitter and clammy 
(in the morning), (twenty-eighth and sixty-second days), etc.,'; (second 
day),^'', etc. — Mouth bitter, feels as if burnt, in the morning (seventy-sixth 
day),'.' — [380,] Mouth slightly bitter, in the morning (forty-fifth day),'. 
— Mouth slightly bitter and dry, in the morning (forty-sixth day),'. — 
Awoke with a very bitter mouth, in the afternoon (twenty-first day),'. — 
Very bitter mouth (twenty-first night), (part of S. 1539),'. — Mouth veiy 
bitter and dry, at 8 a.m. (ninth day),l — After a short sleep in the morn- 
ing, mouth very bitter and dry (forty-seventh day),'. — Awoke in the morn- 
ing with mouth very bitter and sticky (twenty-second day),'. — Mouth bitter 
and sore (twenty-fourth day),'. — Mouth bitter, sore, and clammy, in the 
mgrning (twenty-third day),'. — Bitter taste in mouth (thirty-fourth day), 
(part of S. 445),'. — [390.] Bitter taste in mouth, in the morning (nine- 
teenth and twentieth days),'. — Every day bloody taste in mouth (twenty- 
eighth day),'. — Could taste food for ten hours after eating (forty-second 

Throat. — Throat dry (six hours and a quarter after first dose, sixty- 
sixth day),'. — Belching of wind, but the throat is so dry that it stops the 
wind (thirteen hours and a quarter after first dose, sixty-sixth day),'. — Pain 
in back and right side of throat, causing a choking sensation (six hours 
after first dose, thirteenth day),'. — Throat and right ear quite painful, at 
11 A.M. (sixtieth day),'. — Throat seems sore, but is not, in the morning 
(twenty-second day),'. — Throat feels sore, but is not, on swallowing (fifty- 
fifth day), (part of S. 1453),'. — Throat sore and am hoarse, in the morning 
(eleventh day),'. — [400.] Throat slightly sore, in the morning (fifty-sixth 
day),'. — Throat quite sore, during afternoon and evening (fifty-ninth day),'. 
— Smarting at throat (thirty-second day), (part of S. 514),'.— Irritation of 
throat, with inclination to cough, at 10 p.m. (thirtieth day),'. — Irritation 
of throat left side, extending to the ear and down the pharynx, causing 
cough, in the morning (twenty-seventh day),'. — Occasional irritation of 


throat during the day, much worse in the evening (forty-fifth day)/. — 
Throat irritated, in the morning (fifty-ninth day),^ — Tickling low down in 
the throat, causing a deep cough, at 6.30 a.m. (seventh day),^ — Tonsils. 
Tonsils slightly congested (third day),'. — Pain below the right tonsil, ex- 
tending to the right ear, quite severe, at 11 a.m. (fifty-ninth day),'.— [410.] 
Burning of left tonsil and left side of throat (after first dose, third day),'. 
— Burning, then itching, of left tonsil (three hours and a half after first 
dose, third day),\ — Pulling pain in left tonsil, in the evening (twenty-sixth 
day),'.— Sudden stinging pain in right tonsil, at 2.30 p.m. (eighty-second 
day),'. — Fauces. Dryness of fauces (second day),*. — Posterior fauces 
dry, and smart (after first dose, sixty-third day),'. — Posterior fauces very 
dry, at 8.30 p.m. (sixty-fifth day),'. — Dry rough feeling in fauces, with fre- 
quent inclination to swallow (second day),''. — Burning of fauces (after 
third dose, third day),'. — Burning and smarting of fauces (after eleven 
hours and a half, sixty-fourth day),\ — [420,] Fauces feel sore, as from a 
cold, in the morning (fifty-fifth day),\ — Posterior fauces sore (twelve hours 
and three-quarters after first dose); dry and sore, swallowing difficult (thir- 
teen hours and a quarter after first dose), (sixty-sixth day),'. — Posterior 
fauces sore and smart, and look as if the skin had peeled off (after first 
dose, sixty-second day),\ — Smarting of fauces (after fourth dose, third day), 
(fourth day), (part of S. 247),'.-— Smarting and stinging of fauces, for 
half an hour (two hours after first dose, sixty-first day),'. — Irritation of 
fauces, in the evening (fifty-sixth day),'. — Irritation of the fauces, with in- 
clination to cough, in the evening (fifth and forty-first days),'. — Irritation 
of fauces and hacking cough, while making first trituration (first day),'. — 
Stinging in fauces (after first dose, sixty-second day),'. — Stinging pain in 
fauces, at 9 p.m. (sixty-fifth day),'. — Swnllowing. [430.] Constant de- 
sire to swallow, but it causes nausea, in the morning (sixteenth day),'. — 
Swallowing caused nausea and shuddering, in the morning (sixteenth day),'. 
— External Throat, Pain in both parotids, in the afternoon (after 
first dose, eighteenth day),'. — Hard aching pain in left parotid gland (two 
hours after first dose, eighteenth day),'. — Sharp wringing pain in left paro- 
tid gland, at 10 p.m. (twenty-seventh day),'. — Both parotid glands sore, 
with pain extending to the throat, in the evening (after first dose, eight- 
eenth day),'. 

Stoinacll. — Appetite. Appetite very much increased,". — Great de- 
sire for food, at 7 a.m. (thirty -second day),'. — Eructation and Hic- 
cough, Eructations of wind, at 7 p.m. (thirty-seventh day),'. — -Eructations 
tasting of rotten eggs (second day),". — [449.] Raising of bitter wind (four- 
teenth day), (part of S. 495),'. — Raising sour, bitter wind (fourteenth day), 
(part of S 511),'. — Raising sour, bitter wind, with shuddering (one hour 
after fourth dose, fourteenth day),'. — Raising, belching, and gulping 
enormous quantities of tasteless wind (sixty-first day), (part of S. 537),'. — 
Belching of wind (first and twenty-fifth days),'; (after one hour and a half, 
first day),^ — Belching of wind, with shuddering and bitter taste in mouth, 
immediately (thirty-fourth day),'. — Belching of wind, and bitter mouth, 
the bitter seems to be worse on the sides of the tongue, and back part of it 
during evening (twenty-first day),'. — Belching of large quantities of wind 
(thirty-second day), (part of S. 494),'. — Belching of large quantities of wind, 
with a feeling as if both temples were in a vice (six hours after third dose, 
fifteenth day),'. — •*Belching of large quantities of tasteless wind, relieviug 
the distress at the stomach for a minute (six hours and three-quarters 
after second dose, tenth day),'. — [450.] Belching of bitter-tasting wind 


(twelve hours after first dose, eleventh day)/.— Belchiug of wind, slightly 
bitter, causing or accompanied by shuddering (six hours and a half after first 
dose, thirteenth day),\ — *Belc]iing of sour wind (one hour and a half after 
second dose, fifteenth day),\— Belching of bitter sour wind, during the even- 
ing (after dose, twelfth day),\— Continued belching of wind,_ tasting bitter 
and sour, with pain in epigastrium and left hypochondrium, in the evening 
(after fourth dose, fourteenth day),\— Belching of sour water (fifteen min- 
utes after first dose, fifteenth day),\ — Belching of acrid wind (fourteenth 
day), (part of S. 591),\ — ^Belching of quite acrid wind, at' 5 p.m. (thirty- 
second-day),^ — ^Acid stomach -(one hour and a half after second dose, 
fifteenth day),\— Acid stomach, with burning (thirty-fourth day),\ — f460,] 
Stomach slightly sour, with burning, in the evening (eighty-sixth day),^— 
Sourness of stomach (seventy-eighth day) ; (fifteen minutes after first dose, 
fifteenth day), etc.,\^^ourness and burning in the stomach, in the evening 
(fifty-first day), (first dose, sixty-second day),^ — ^Sournesa and burning in 
the stomach, all the evening, at tiroes extending to the throat and roof of 
the mouth, in the evening (thirty-third day),\ — Hiccough (sixty-first day), 
(part of S. 537),\ — Hiccough, with simultaneous, involuntary discharge of 
flatulence from the bowels, with shuddering, after a light supper (sixty- 
first day),\ — Nausea. Nausea (sixteenth day), (part of S. 431) ; (eight- 
eenth day), (part of S. 109),' ; (second day),^", etc. — Nausea, extending from 
throat to stomach (part of S. 60),'". — Nausea and qualmishness (after half 
an hour, first day),*. — Nausea ai^ter eating, in the morning (seventeenth 
day),'. — [470.] Nausea and disgust for food (after half an hour, first day),^^ 
. — Nausea, with chills, in the morning (eleventh and thirty-ninth days),'. — 
Mild but persistent nausea, accompanied by sharp pains in umbilical and 
right iliac regions. Pain was spasmodic and very sharp, and was neither 
aggravated nor ameliorated by pressure, though pressure caused a rumbling ; 
early in morning (third day),""; — Felt sick at the stomach, for half an hour 
(after 50 drops, 15th dil., thirty-eighth day),^ — Bad sick feeling at epi- 
gastrium, as of undigested food (six hours and a half after first dose, 
thirteenth day),'. — Feeling of weakness in the epigastrium, with desire to 
sit down ; sinking in the abdomen ; abdomen feels stirred up ; at G p.m.; all 
relieved after supper (after four hours),*. — Stomnch. Stomach feels faint 
and bad, in 'the night (twenty-third night),'. — Faint feeling at stomach 
(thirteenth day), (part of S. 1430) ; (fourteenth day), (part of S. 591),'.— 
Faint feeling at stomach (fourteenth day), (part of S. 591),'. — Faint feel- 
ing at epigastrium, partially relieved by raising wind (fourteenth day),'. — 
[480.] Faint pain from epigastrium to umbilicus, relieved by standing 
erect, aggravated by stooping, in the morning (forty-sixth day),'. — Very 
faint at stomach and weak (fifth day),*. — Bad, faint feeling at epigastrium, 
in the evening (twenty-sixth day),'. — Inclined to raise wind, but cannot, 
in the evening (after first dose, eighteenth day),'. — Uneasy feeling in 
stomach (after half an hour),*'. — Awoke with uneasy feeling in epigastrium 
(third morning),'. — Stomach feels badly (thirty-first day); (morning), (fifty- 
seventh and sixty-sixth days),'. — Stomach feels bad and faint, in the morn- 
ing (twenty-eighth day),'. — Distress at stomach (during the evening), (after 
third dose, fifteenth day) ; (twenty-third day), etc.,^.-^-* Distress at stomach;- 
had to unfasten clothes, at 11 p.m. (after dose, fifty-firet day), (evening after 
third dose, fifteenth day), etc.,'. — [490.] Distress at stomach, as of undigested 
food, with occasional sharp pains and heat in stomach, at 7 A.M. (thirty- 
second day),'. — For several days, feeling in the stomach as if distressed by 
food, much worse to-day ; bad distressed feeling at stomach after eating 


only a little ; stomach bloated, have to unfasten my clothes ; distressed all 
the evening (twenty-fourth day)/. — Distress in stomach and liver, in the 
morning (thirty-third day),\ — Distress at stomach, belching wind, at 3 
P.M. (seventy-third day),^ — Distress at stomach, and belching of large 
quantities of wind, at 7 a.m. (thirty-second day),^ — Distress in stomach 
and bowels, with raising of bitter wind (from two hours and a half to three 
hours after fourth dose, fourteenth day),'. — ^Distress and faint feeling at 
stomach, at 4 p.m. (twenty-ninth day),'. — *Distress and burning at the 
stomach, in the morning (sixty-second day),'. — * Continued distress at stomach, 
with frequent very sharp pains, at 7 a.m. (thirtieth day),'. — * Constant distress 
at stomach; have to unfasten my clothing, at 5 p.m. (thirty-second day),'. — 
[500.] Great distress at stomach, with frequent sharp, prickly pains in it 
(third day),*. — Bad, distressed feeling in stomach all day, at times sharp 
and cutting, worse by stooping, at times had to walk around the room to 
get my breath ; very bad after riding or walking, when sitting down (forty- 
first day), I — Dreadful distress in stomach and bowels; had to resort to 
medicines to attend to any business (forty-second day),^ — Pain in stomach 
(twenty-fourth day),'. — Pain in the stomach and bowels, in the morning 
(fifty-third day),'. — Pain at epigastrium (evening, fourteenth day), (part 
of S. 454) ; (two hours and a half after third dose, sixteenth day), etc.,'. — 
Pain at epigastrium and left hypochoudrium, in the morning (eighteenth 
day),'. — Pain and soreness of the epigastrium, in the morning (fifteenth 
day),'. — *Hard pain in region of stomach (seventy-fourth day),'. — Hard 
pain at epigastrium (fifth hour_ after second dose, tenth day),'. — [510.]. 
Distressing pain in epigastrium, extending into the bowels, lasting a half 
hour, on going to bed (fifty-third day),'. — * Distressing pain, at epigastrium, 
relieved by raising sour, bitter wind (one hour after fourth dose, fourteenth 
day),'. — -After fasting nearly twenty-four hours, severe pain in the stomach 
after eating only light food, but passed off while eating, in the evening 
(fifty-sixth day),'. — Burning at stomach (in the evening), (after first dose, 
eighteenth day); (morning), (twentieth day), etc.,'^°. — Burning in stomach 
and smarting at throat, all the evening (thirty-second day),'. — Burning in 
stomach and hypochoudrium, in the morning (seventy-seventh day),'. — 
Burning in stomach, extending all over the chest, in the evening (thirty- 
second day),'. — Stomach burns and is sour after eating ; also, during the 
evening (forty-fifth day),'. — Burning and smarting at the stomach all the 
evening (sixty-first day),'. — Stomach burns and smarts and is quite sore, 
at 5 P.M. (thirty-second day),'. — [520.] Burning at epigastrium (one hour 
after fourth dose, fourteenth day),'. — Burning in epigastrium and left 
hypochoudrium, and across the dorsal region, early in the morning (second 
day),l — Sour burning at stomach, at 3 p.m. (seventy-third day) ; 8 A.m. 
(eighty-second day),'. — Great deal of heat in stomach, at 7 a.m. (second 
day),^. — Awoke at 2 a.m. with great burning distress in stomach (third 
day),*. — Great burning distress came on again in stomach, at 2 p.m. (fourth 
day),*. — Constant and very severe burning distress in the whole of the epi- 
gastrium (third day),*. — Fulness at the stomach, in the evening (sixty-first 
day),'. — Fulness at epigastrium, clothes feel tight (after second dose, six- 
teenth day),'. — Stomach feels full and distressed, at 7 p.m. (twenty-seventh 
day),'. — [530.] Stomach and bowels feel full, with dull pain during the 
evening (nineteenth day),'. — Stomach seems swollen ; have to unfasten my 
clothes (twenty-ninth day),'. — Stomach seems bloated; have to unfasten my 
clothes, at 10 p.m. (thirtieth day),'. — Stomach bloated ; had to unfasten 
my clothes at 6 p.m. (twenty-second day),'. — Cramplike pain at the epi- 


gastrium, relieved by motion, at 10.30 p.m. (twenty-seventh clay),^— Crarap- 
iug pain in stomach, bowels, and legs (after dose, seventy-ninth day),\— 
Cramping pain in the stomach, bowels, arms, and legs, after going to bed 
(eightieth night),\ — *Sharp cramping pain in pit of stomach, followed by 
raising, belching and gulping enormous quantities of tasteless wind, for fifteen 
minutes, followed by' hiccough and discharge of flatulence from the bowels 
(ten hours and a half after first dose, sixty-first day),\— Sharp, cramping 
pain across epigastrium, holding me still for a minute, at 12 _m. (forty- 
ninth day),\ — Severe, cutting, cramping pain in epigastrium, with a faint 
feeling as if diarrhoea would come on, very distressing, extending to near 
the umbilicus, occasionally in the forenoon, and quite frequent in the after- 
noon (fortieth day),l — [540.] Constantaching distressiu stomach and bowels 
(third day),*. — Aching pain at epigastrium and left hypochondrium, in the 
morning (twelfth day),\ — Hard aching pain in epigastrium, before break- 
fast (seventy-second day),\ — Dull, aching pain at epigastrium, at 7 p.m. 
(twenty-fifth day),\ — Dull pain in epigastrium (six hours after first dose, 
thirteenth day); 9 a.m. (thirty-ninth day),'. — Dull pain in the epigastrium, 
with fulness, in the afternoon (seventeenth day),'. — Dull pain in epigastrium 
and both hypochondria, in the night (twenty-third night),\ — Dull pain in 
the epigastrium and right hypochondrium, at 9 p.m; (twenty-third day),\ 
— Dull pain in epigastrium and left hypochondrium, at 6 p.m. (twenty- 
eighth day),\ — Dull pain at epigastrium and both lungs, aggravated by a 
deep inspiration, and woree behind sternum, at 10 p.m. (thirtieth day),\ — 
[550.] Dull, heavy pain at epigastrium j(after 500 drops 8th dil., thirty- 
second day),^ — Constant dull pain at the epigastrium, at 9 p.m. (thirtieth 
day),\ — Pulling pain in the stomach, at 3 p.m. (forty-second day),\ — Dull 
grinding pain in stomach, and bad smell in nose, at 7 p.m. (thirty -seventh 
day),'. — Heavy feeling at stomach as of undigested food, in the morning 
(twenty-second day),\ — Twisting pain at epigastrium (four hours and a 
half after first dose, sixth day),'. — Sharp pain in stomach, at 3 p.m. 
(seventy-third day),'. — Sharp pain in epigastrium (forty-five minutes after 
second dose, seventh day); (eighth day); (six hours and three-quarters 
after second dose, tenth day), etc.,'. — Sharp paiu at the epigastrium (half 
an hour after fourth dose, eighth day) ; extending to left hypochondrium, 
lasting one hour, at 2.30 a.m. (ninth day),'. — Sharp pain in epigastrium 
and left hypochondrium, during the evening (after third dose, fifteenth 
day),'. — [560.] Sharp pain in epigastrium and left hypochondrium; belch- 
ing large quantities of wind relieves the pain, but leaves a soreness, at 
7 A.M. (thirty-ninth day),'. — ^Sharp pain at epigastrium, aggravated by 
stooping, relieved by standing erect, at 7 A.M. (thirty -seventh day),'. — 
Sharp pain in epigastrium, relieved by eating (eight hours after first dose, 
seventh day),'. — Sharp paiu in epigastrium, relieved by sitting erect, at 
6 P.M. (twenty-seventh day),l — Very sharp pain in epigastrium, causing 
me to bend over, at 9 A.m. (twenty-ninth day),'. — Sharp pain in right side 
of epigastrium, at 10 A.M. (twenty-ninth day),'. — Pain in whole epigastrium 
and region of gall-bladder, quite severe, of a cutting, tearing character, at 
times_ spasmodic (first day),*. — Sharp, cutting pain in the stomach, in the 
morning (thirty-fifth day),'. — Frequent, hard, cutting pains in epigastrium, 
sometimes very severe, for one week (after thirtieth day),l — Frequent, sharp, 
cutting pains in stomach and region of gall-bladder (first day),*.— [570.] 
Dreadful sinking, cramping, cutting sensation at the epigastrium and 
upper portion of the bowels, relieved by standing erect, or by pressure, 
almost arresting walking or breathing, very frequently during the day 


(forty-second day)/. — Soreness and pain at epigastrium, in the morning 
(eleventh day)/. — Sore feeling at stomach, in the morning (seventy-fourth 
day),'. — Stomach feels badly, sore and faint, in the morning (twenty- 
seventh day),'. — Sharp, sore pain in epigastrium (thirteenth hour after 
second dose, tenth day),'. — Stomach feels raw and bad, at 1 r.M. (twenty- 
fifth day),'. — Stomach very tender, cannot bear to have it pressed on 
(fourth day),*. 

Abdomen. — Hypochondria. Pain in both hypochondria (8 p.m.), 
(twenty-first day),^ — Frequent cramping pains in both hypochondriac re- 
gions, during day (twentieth day),l — Dull pain in both hypochondria, in the 
night (twenty-third night),'.— [580.] Sharp pain in hypochondrium, with 
urgent desire for stool, driving me out of bed, in the morning (seventieth 
day),'. — Cutting pain in hypochondrium, at 8 a.m. (seventy-first day),'. — 
Pain below right hypochondrium and at the left of umbilicus, in the morning 
(eleventh day),'. — Dull pain in right hypochondrium (twenty-third day),'. — 
Distress at left hypochondrium, at 6 a.m. (seventh day),^ — Pain in left 
hypochondrium (in the evening), (fourteenth day), (6 a.m.), (seventh day),^, 
etc.,'. — Immediately after lying down in bed, a hard but not very sharp 
pain in left hypochondrium, aggravated by lying on right side, but not 
changed by turning to left (twenty-second day),'. — A lame pain in left hypo- 
chondrium for half an hour, aggravated by motion, in the morning (ninety- 
eighth day),'. — Cramping pain inleft hypochondrium, in the evening (fiftieth 
and ninetieth days),'. — Cramping distressed pain in left hypochondrium, at 
3 P.M. (sixth day),^ — [590.] For one week had a sharp cramping pain very 
often in left portion of left hypochondriac region and right side of right hypo- 
chondriac region (twelfth day),^ — Aching pain in left hypochondrium, and 
faint feeling at stomach, with chills in back, pain in right temple, sharp 
pain in middle of left tibia, belching of acrid wind, with shuddering (one 
hour and a half after third dose, fourteenth day),'. — Hard aching pain in 
left hypochondrium, relieved by motion, at 10.30 p.m. (twenty -seventh 
day),'.— JDigging pain in left hypochondrium (after 5 p.m., twelfth day),'. — 
Dull pain in left hypochondrium (in the morning), (twenty-eighth and 
twenty-rynth days) ; (1 p.m.), (fifty-eighth day),'. — Dull pain in left hypo- 
chondrium, when lying upon the left side, at 9 p.m. (twenty-third day),'. — 
Hard dull pain in left hypochondrium, at 8 p.m. (eighty-second day),'. — 
Pressing pain in left hypochondrium (three hours after first dose, ninth 
day),'. — Dull twisting pain in left hypochondrium, at 8 a.m. (thirty -seventh 
day),'. — Sharp twisting pain in the left hypochondrium, in the evening 
(fifty-sixth day),'. — [600.] Wringing-twisting pain in the left hypochon- 
drium (after 3000 drops, thirty-fifth day),'. — Wringing pain in left hypo- 
chondrium, then in epigastrium (thirty-second day), (part of S. 41),'. — 
Sharp pain in left, /i«/poc/ionrf)-m?)i (fifteen minutes after first dose, fifth day); 
(evening, fourteenth day), etc.,'. — Sharp pain in left hypochondrium at 
angle of ribs (fifteen minutes after second dose, seventh day),'. — Sharp pain 
in left hypochondrium and right elbow, at 7 p.m. (sixty-fifth day),'. — Sharp 
pain in left hypochondrium, arresting walking, and could not take a deep in- 
spiration, in the morning (forty-ninth day),'. — Sharp pain in left hypochon- 
drium, with a frequent stabbing pain, then a dull ache in left temple (five 
hours and a half after first dose, sixteenth day),'. — Sharp darting pain in left 
hypochondrium, at 11 p.m. (twenty-ninth day),'. — Soreness of left hypochon- 
drium, in the morning (twenty-second day),'. — Pricking pain at left hypo- 
chondrium, at 7 P.M. (twenty-fifth day),'. — [610.] Pain in region of liver 
(morning), (sixty-fifth day) ; (seventy-fifth day), etc.,'. — Pain in region of 


liver, and am chilly (on taking second dose, thirteenth day),\ — Dull pain in 
region of liver, aggravated by inhalation, relieved by exhalation, in the morn- 
ing (twenty-eighth day),'. — *Dull heavy grinding pain in the region of the 
liver, quite severe, in the evening (fifty-sixth day),'. — Sharp twisting pain in re- 
gion of liver, at 2.30 p.m. (ninetieth day),'. — Sharp pain in region of liver 
through to back (six hours after first dose, thirteenth day),'. — Sharp pain, 
extending from the painful hsemorrhoidal tumor to the region of the liver, 
at 5 P.M. (thirty -second day),'. — * Cutting pain in region of liver (ninety- 
first day),'. — Pain in liver (at 9 A.M.), (thirty-second day) ; (morning, 6 p.m., 
and evening thirty-third day), etc.,'. — Pain in liver, when in bed (thirty- 
third and sixty-ninth night),'. — [620.] Pain in liver, worse when lying on 
right side (twenty-third day),'. — Hard pain in liver, in the morning (fifty- 
seventh day),'. — Sharp squeezing pain in liver, at 8.30 a.m. (seventeenth 
day),'. — Dull aching pain in liver, worse on lying on right side (twenty- 
ninth night),'. — Dull pain in liver, at 5 p.m. (thirty-second day); (after 
second dose, sixty-third day),'. — Dull pain in liver, qnite steady during the 
forenoon (after first dose, fourteenth day),'. — Dull, heavy, distressed feeling 
in liver, in region of gall-bladder, when lying on the right side (after 500 
drops 8th dil., thirty-second day),'. — A twisting sensation, but no pain in 
liver, at 10 p.m. (forty-second day),^. — Sharp pain in the liver, in the morn- 
ing (twenty-second day); (12 m.), (thirty-second day),'. — Sharp pain in the 
liver, extending to the nipple, in the morning (fifty-seventh day),'. — [630.] 
Frequent sharp pain in the liver, in the afternoon (seventeenth day),'. — 
Sharp cutting pain in liver (after seven hours and a half, sixty-fourth day),'. 
— Stabbing pain in liver, in the evening (after first dose, eighteenth day),'. 
• — Sharp pain of short duration darting through the liver (fourteen hours 
and a half after first dose, sixth day),'. — *IIard dull pain in region of gall- 
bladder, at 7 A.M. (twenty-sixth day),'. — Twisting sensation in region of 
gall-bladder, at 2 p.m. (eightieth day),'. — Dull, twisting-sinking pain in re- 
gion of gall-bladder, in the morning (twenty-eighth day),'. — ^Sharp pain in 
region of gall-bladder, in the evening (^thirty-seventh day),'. — Hard sharp 
pain in region of gall-bladder, at 11 A.M. (thirteenth day),'. — Umbili- 
cal. Bloating of umbilical region, with soreness on pressure (after three 
hours), (first day),^^ — [640.] Uneasy feeling in umbilical region (after 
half an hour), (first day),°. — Distress at the umbilicus, in the morning 
(fortieth day), (part of S. 794),'. — Distress in umbilicus and desire for 
stool (third day),*. — Constant distress in umbilicus (third day),*. — *Coii- 
stant distress in the umbilical and hypogastric regions, with severe cut- 
ting, colic-like pains every few minutes in stomach and small intestines 
(second day),*. — *Fain at the umbilicus, in the morning (thirty-fifth day),'. — 
Faint pain at the umbilicus, extending to epigastrium, at 8.30 A.M. 
(twelfth day),'. — Hard pain about the navel, worse from doubling up, better 
from pressure and motion (after eight hours and a half),'. — Woke with 
severe pain in umbilical and hypogastric regions, and great distress for 
stool, at 5 A.M. (fifth day),*. — Constant aching distress in the umbilicus 
(second day),*. — * Constant, dull, aching pains in the whole umbilical region, 
with frequent sharp cutting pains all through small intestines (second day),*. — 
[650.] ^Griping in the umbilical region (after third dose, fiftieth day),'.— 
* Griping pain at navel, at 9 a.m. (eighty-first day),'.—* Griping pain 
below the umbilicus, after supper (eleventh day),'. — * Quite severe cramping 
pain just above the umbilicus, lasting some time, at 3 p.m. (forty-second 
day),'.— Sharp pain at umbilicus (after 500 drops 8th dil., thirty-second 
day); (5 a.m.), (thirty-ninth day),'.— Constant sharp pain in umbilicus and 


all the lower portion of the bowels, with inclination to stoop or bend for- 
ward ; standing ereet relieves the pain, but produces a faiut, chilly feeling, 
at 7 A.M. (thirty-ninth day),'. — Frequent sharp cutting pains in the um- 
bilical region, aggravated by walking (first and third days),'. — Awoke three 
times in the night, with severe cutting pains in the umbilicus (first night),\ 
— General Abdomen. Rumbling of bowels (after four hours),^ — 
Rumbling of bowels and inclination for stool (after half an hour),*'. — 
[660.] ^Rumbling of bowels and passing large quantities of flatulence, 
in the evening (after first dose, fifty-second day),'. — Much rumbling in 
bowels (eighty-eighth day),\ — Loud rumbling in the bowels, for several 
days (seventy-fourth day),\ — * Discharge of flatulence from the bowels (sixty- 
first day), (part of S. 537),'. — * Discharge of large quantities of flatulence 
from the bowels, at 5 A.M. (thirty-second day); (twelve hours after first dose), 
(seventy-sixth day),'. — Discharge of offensive flatulence from the bowels 
(thirty-fourth day),'. — Discharge of very offensive flatulence from the boivels 
(in the afternoon), (after first dose, eighteenth day); (1 p.m.), (thirtieth 
day), etc.,'. — ^Discharge of very offensive flatulence from the bowels ; on 
coming into the room thought the gas was escaping ; it had a coppery odor, 
at 8 A.M. (fourteenth day),'. — Discharge of dreadfully offensive flatulence 
from the bowels, with urgent de.sire for stool, in the morning (twentieth 
day),'. — Frequent discharge of flatulence from the bowels, with pain in 
bowels, and almost constant desire for stool ; the pain is mostly in the hypo- 
gastric region, at 1 p.m. (eighty-ninth day),'. — [670.] Almost constant 
passing of flatulence from the bowels, with loud rumbling in bowels left 
side, at 5 p.m. (thirty-second day),'. — Involuntary discharge of flatulence 
from the bowels (sixty-first day), (part of S. 465),'. — Constant desire to 
pass flatulence from the bowels, at 7 p.m. (thirty-seventh day),'. — Abdomen 
feels heavy (after three hours),^ — Sensation as if a diarrhosa would come 
on (thirty-fourth day); (forty-second day),l — Unpleasant feeling in abdo- 
men, at 4 P.M. (flrst day),'"". — No hunger, but faint, hollow feeling in the 
abdomen, with pain around the navel, at noon ; all passes off after dinner 
(fourth Anj),"". — Stirred-up feeling in the abdomen (after two hours and 
fifty minutes),'''. — Distress in bowels (fourteenth day), (part of S. 495),'. — 
Distress in bowels, with desire for stool (all the evening), (after first dose, 
fifty-second day); (6.30 a.m.), (thirty-ninth day),'. — [680.] Slight distress in 
bowels, with deep yellow diarrhoeic stool (sixth day),*. — Bowels feel dis- 
tressed all day, with frequent discharges of flatulence (seventy-ninth day),'. 
— Heavy distressed feeling in bowels, in the morning (fifty-fourth day),'. — 
Awoke in morning quite early, with pain in bowels; immediately after re- 
tiring to bed a pain in the bowels, with desire for stool, relieved by rubbing 
my bowels with my hand, in the morning (seventieth day),'. — Painin boivels 
(at 4 P.M.), (forty-fii-st day) ; (12 M.), (forty-second day), etc.,'. — Pain in 
the bowels during stool, in the morning (thirty-fifth day), (part of S. 791),'. 
— Pain in bowels and rectum, in the afternoon (twenty-first day),'. — Occa- 
sional pains in bowels, at 6 p.m. (forty -first day),'. — Slight continued pain 
in abdomen, as if the point of a finger was placed upon the umbilicus, and 
pressed upward and backward (third day),'. — ^Frequent pains in bowels, at 
9 A.M. (fortieth day),'. — [690.] Considerable pain in abdomen (soon),". — 
*Severe pain in the bowels, with discharge of large quantities of flatulence, 
during the evening (thirty-eighth day),l — Awoke in a horrible dream, feel- 
ing much pain in abdomen, but it soon subsided, and I again fell asleep ; 
awoke soon, and found myself sore upon pressure (evening), (third day),'. — 
Burning in the intestines and some in the stomach (after eight hours and 


a half ),^''. — Heat, burning, and a stirred up feeling in the abdomen (after 
eight hours and a half },"^ — Bowels feel hot, stirred-up, and heavy, at 4.20 
P.M.; better after supper (first day),"'. — Bowels feel full and distressed, in 
the morning (thirty-eighth day),^. — * Condant aching distress in the whole 
of the bowels, with frequent sharp cutting pains in stomach and small intestines 
(second day),\ — *Griping pain in bowels, worse at umbilicus, at 8.30 a.m. 
(thirty-ninth day),^ — *Griping pain in bowels, worse in lower portion, in 
the morning (thirty-sixth day),\ — [700.] Bowels natural, but occasional 
slight griping pains in them, in the morning (forty-ninth day),'. — Seized 
with such a severe griping pain in the abdomen that he was obliged to 
abandon the experiment,". — Dull griping pain in bowels, in the morning 
(thirty-seventh day),'. -Severe pain in abdomen, more spasmodic than 
heretofore. During the intermissions there was a burning sensation which 
lasted three hours. The soreness lasted two days (third day),'. — Dread- 
fully troubled with incarcerated flatulence (fortieth day),^ — Dull pain 
in the bowels, during forenoon (thirty-ninth day),^ — Constant dull grind- 
ing pain in bowels, and desire for stool, at 7 a.m. (thirty-ninth day),'. — 
Pressure in the abdomen from front and sides (after three hours),''. — * Twist- 
ing pain in all parts of the bowels, loorse in loiver part, constantly changing, 
relieved by passing soft yellow stool, at 3.30 a.m. (forty-second day),'. — 
Sharp pain in the bowels, during the afternoon (thirty-eighth day),l— 
£710,] Sharp but not very severe pain between epigastric and umbilical 
regions, relieved by standing erect (two hours after third dose, third day),'. 
— * Cutting pain all through the bowels (seventy-first day),'. — * Cutting pain 
in bowels, in the morning (seventy-eighth day),'. — *Sharp cutting pain in 
bowels, aggravated by walking, in the evening (thirty-ninth day),^ — * Tender- 
ness of bowels on pressure; the tenderness was more a soreness, and there was 
considerable belching (after four hours), (first day),". — Colic appeared as 
soon as he went to bed, increasing in severity for some minutes, and finally 
disappearing (after fifteen hours),''^ — Colic came on, on lying down, relieved 
by rising and walking (after four hours and a half); renewed on lying 
down, with pain in right leg and urging to stool (third day),'. — Colic came 
on in regular paroxysms, each lasting only a few moments (from thirty- 
third to thirty-fourth hour). Colic pains appeared like those of yesterday, 
at 11.30 a.m. (third day),'°. — Slight attack of colic (after thirty-two hours 
and a half),•'^— Light attack of colic, after retiring (after eight hours and 
a half ),''<!. — [720,] Violent colic; a griping-drawing pain, appearing as 
soon as prover sits down, with pain in legs ; colic relieved some by lying 
down (after twelve hours and a half ),'=. — Bowels feel sore and weak, in the 
morning (fortieth day),'.— Bowels feel sore, aggravated by walking (fortieth 
day),'.— A gurgling sensation in the abdomen (after three hours),'.— 
Hypofjaslriiim and Iliac Mef/lon. Bad faint feeling in lower por- 
tion of bowels, at 12 m. (thirty-ninth day),'.— Pain in hypogastric region, 
relieved by urinating, at 3 a.m. (forty-second day),'.— Severe pain in lower 
part of bowels, in the morning (twenty-first day),'.— Griping in lower part 
of bowels, at 7 a.m. (thirty-second day),'. — Griping pain at hypogastrium, 
as if diarrhoea would come on, entirely relieved bypassing small quantities 
of flatulence, in the morning (thirty-fifth day),'.— Griping pain in lower 
part of bowels, which goes off entirely by the same kind of pain appearing 
at epigastrium, which remains some time, at 7 a.m. (thirty-seventh day),'.— 
[730.] Wringiug-twisting pain in hypogastrium, in the morning (seventy- 
seventh day),'.— Sharp pain in hypogastrium, relieved by discharge of 
flatulence, followed by urgent desire for stool, driving me out of bed, at 4 


A.M. (thirty-ninth day),'. — Cutting pain across hypogastric region, in the 
evening (ninety-first day),'. — Sharp cutting pain in lower portion of bowels, 
early in the morning (twelfth day)_,l — Soreness of lower portion of bowels, 
at 7 A.M. (thirty-ninth day),'. — Pain shot at intervals down to iliac region, 
especially the right (first day),^ — Swelling, soreness, and pain of left in- 
guinal glands, at 9.30 a.m. (thirteenth day),'. — *Pain in both inguinal re- 
gions, extending to the testicles (thirty-fourth day),'. — Pain in left, then right, 
inguinal region (seven hours and a half after first dose, seventy-fifth day),'. — 
*Pain in left inguinal region (thirty-fourtli day) ; (in evening); (fifty- 
sixth day),'. — ^[740.] Pain and soreness of left inguinal region and inguinal 
glands, in the evening (after dose, twelfth day),'. — Pain in left inguinal 
region, with occasional chills,- most of the evening (fifty-first day),'. — Slight 
pain in left inguinal region, in the evening (ninety-first day),'. — Dull 
heavy pain and soreness in left inguinal region (five hours and a half after 
first dose, sixteenth day),'. — Pulling pain in left inguinal region, in the 
morning (eighty-fourth day),'. — Frequent wringing pain in left inguinal 
region, at 1 p.m. (thirty-sixth day),'. — Sharp pain in left inguinal region, 
extending down inside of leg (one hour and a half after second dose, fiftieth 
day),'. — Sharp pain in left inguinal region, in the evening (after third dose, 
fiftieth day),'. — Hard cutting pain in left inguinal region, in the evening 
(fifty-first day),'. — Hard drawing-darting pain in left inguinal region, at 9 
P.M. (eighty -second day),'. — [750.] Sore darting pain in left inguinal region, 
at 9 P.M. (eighty-second day),'. — Soreness in left inguinal region, extending 
down the spermatic cord, producing or accompanied by nausea, in the morn- 
ing (fifty-seventh day),'. — Left inguinal region sore and painful (twenty- 
fifth day); (7 a.m.), (twenty-sixth day), etc.,'. — Left inguinal region sore 
and painful, at 7 a.m. (twenty-sixth day),'. — Left inguinal region sore and 
painful, after retiring (twenty-third night),'. — Left inguinal region quite 
sore (six hours and a half after first dose, thirteenth day),'. — Dull aching 
pain in right groin, for several days, much worse to-day; extends down on 
inside of leg and makes me quite lame, in the morning (twenty-third day),' ; 
nearly all gone in the morning, but worse on moving (twenty-fourth day),'. — 
Severe neuralgic pain in left groin, all the evening (fifth day),*. — Left 
groin sore- and painful, in the night (twenty-third night),'. 

Hectuni and Anus. — Pain in rectum (twenty-first day); (part of 
S. 685),'. — [760.] Hard pain in rectum in the morning (seventy-eighth 
day),'. — Hard, aching pain in rectum in the evening (alter third dose, 
fifteenth day),'. — Dull pain in the rectum in the morning (fortieth day) ; 
(part of S. 794),'. — Occasional pulling, twisting pain in rectum (six hours 
after third dose, fifteenth day),'. — Darting pain in the rectum in the even- 
ing (forty-first day),'. — Sharp, darting pain in rectum (six hours and a half 
after first dose, thirteenth day),'. — Irritation of rectum during the evening 
(forty-fourth day),'. — Sudden pricking pain in rectum at 5 p.m. (thirty- 
second day),'. — Itching of rectum (at 12 M.), (seventh day),^; (7 p.m.), 
(seventeenth day),'. — Itching of left side of rectum ; the tumor is on the 
right, in the evening (thirty-ninth day),'. — [770.] Violent itching of the 
rectum, cannot sit nor stand still, at 1 p.m. (thirty-sixth day),'. — Mois- 
ture around the anus (forty-sixth day),'. — Involuntary discharge of mucus 
from the anus (eighty-seventh day),'. — Oozing of mucus from the anus, 
quite troublesome, in the evening (forty-third day),'. — The old hsemorrhoi- 
dal tumor had nearly all disappeared, but to-day it returned, and is quite 
sore (thirty-first day),'. — Htemorrhoidal tumor sore at 8.30 A.M. (thirty- 
ninth day),'. — Hsemorrhoidal tumor quite sore all day (thirty-fourth day),'. 


— Hsemorrhoidal tumor quite sore in the morning ; very sore at 12 m. ; have 
to move with care (thirty-second day)/. — Three hsemorrhoidal tumors have 
made their appearance, and one partially prolapsed (second day),*. — *Stool, 
in the morning, followed by protrusion of four hmmorrhoidal tumors, the size 
of large red cherries, with great pain and distress in anus. The hmmorrhoidal 
tumors are constantly prolapsed, which is very distressing and painful (10 
A.M.). Three of the hsemorrhoidal tumors are of the color of the mucous 
membrane of the anus, and are the size of very large red cherries ; the 
other one is not so large, and is of a very dark, livid, blue color (12 M.), 
(third day),*. — [780.] Hsemorrhoidal tumor quite sore, cannot sit still, in 
the evening (thirty-ninth day),^. — Hsemorrhoidal tumor itches, and is sore, 
at 2 P.M. (fortieth day),'. — Bearing-down, prolapsed feeling in anus (second 
day),*. — Constant dull pain and distress in anus (second day),*. — Desire 
for stool (in the afternoon), (twenty-first day),'; (8.45 A.M.), (twenty-eighth 
day),\ — Desire for stool, but not very urgent, at 6 a.m. (forty-first day),'. — 
Desire for stool, with faint burning pain in rectum, at 2 p.m. -(twenty-first 
day),'. — Frequent desire for stool all day (ninetieth day),'. — Constant de- 
sire for stool at 7 A.M. (thirty-second day),'. — Great desire for stool, driving 
me out of bed, in the morning (twenty-first, thirty-ninth, and fortieth days),'. 
— [790.] Urgent desire for stool, driving me out of bed, early in the morn- 
ing (twentieth day) ; (thirty-ninth day),", etc. — Urgent desire for stool, with 
small, bilious stools, and pain in the bowels during stool, in the morning 
(thirty-fifth day),'. — Urgent desire for stool, with sharp cutting pain in 
umbilical region, extending to the rectum, with shuddering during stool, 
and chilly after stool, thirty-two hours after taking the medicine, at 8 a.m. 
(twenty-eighth day). (The discharges from the bowels occurred usually 
about thirty-two hours after taking large doses of the dilutions higher than 
the 7th or 10th),l — Frequent urgent desire for stool, commencing with pain 
in upper portion of sacrum, extending to rectum, then to region of blad- 
der, causing a sick, faint sensation, followed by dull pain in the rectum 
and distress at the umbilicus, in the morning "(fortieth day),'. — Constant 
desire for stool in the morning (fifty-second day),'. — While urinating, sud- 
den desire for stool, with loose stool, at 12 midnight (eighty-eighth night),'. — 
Hurried, almost irresistible desire for stool (six hours after first dose, 
fiftieth day),'.— Hurried desire for stool, driving me out of bed;" loose, 
mushy stool ; in twenty minutes desire for stool, with straining, but no 
stool; half an hour later soft, dark stool; relieved by Veratrum album 2d, 
in the morning (twelfth day),'.— Almost irresistible" desire for stool while 
eating breakfast and dinner ; during the day several small, dark, ofiensive 
stools; sudden desire for stool, at 8 p.m., two evenings in succession, with 
small stools and much flatulence (eighty-seventh day),'. — [800.] Excessive 
desire for stool during the forenoon ; it seemed impossible to avoid it, but, 
under the circumstances, was obliged to (thirty-ninth day),'.— Inefiectual 
desire for stool at 5 P.M.,'^— Inclination to stool, and itching of rectum, 
durmg the forenoon, but better than yesterday forenoon (fortieth day),'.— 
Urging to stool (part of S. 716),'". 

Stool.— Diurr-hwa. Diarrhoea (seventh day),^— Diarrhoea in after- 
noon, each stool smaller than the preceding one; stools loose, slimy, with 
strammg and pain in rectum (seventy-sixth day),'.— Slight diarrhoea (soon),". 
—Frequent stools; some diarrhoea (.eighty-eighth day),'.— During the morn- 
ing four offensive stools, each one more slimy than the preceding one, and 
more straniuig, perhaps aggravated by drinking part of a glass of (slightly 
fermented) new cider the previous evening, though I am confident that the 


cider alone could not have caused it (twentieth day)/. — Have had four 
stools at 9 A.M., each one smaller than the preceding one, but more slimy 
and more straining, with less pain before stool, but more pain after stool ; 
white, slimy stool, like the white of au egg, but lumpy, with great, una- 
voidable straining and burning in rectum, with a sensation as if the fajces 
were hot, at 12 m. (thirty-ninth day),\ — -[810.] Three loose stools (seventy- 
third day),'. — Three light-colored, loose, slimy stools; continued desire for 
stool (twenty-ninth day),'. — Three very offensive, bilious stools in the after- 
noon (seventy-fourth day),'. — Stool more natural a,t 7 a.m., followed in a 
half hour by desire for stool ; another stool at 8 A.M. (thirty-seventh day),'. — 
Defecation, uncommon at that period (noon), (third day),'. — Stool di-iv- 
ing me out of bed in a hurry at 2 a.m. (fifty-fifth night),'. — * Very prof iise, 
thin, yelloiv stool, in morning, that did not relieve the pain in boivels. An- 
other very thin, deep-yellow stool, which relieved the pain a good deal, fol- 
lowed by great faintness at stomach ; eating would not relieve it (7 a.m.), 
(fifth day),*. — Loose stool, with straining and slight protrusion of the old 
hsemorrhoidal tumor, followed by pain in both knees ; worse on going up- 
stairs; the right one worse (six hours after first dose, fiftieth day),'. — Loose, 
watery stool, with shuddering, but no pain, in the morning (^fifty-second 
day),'. — Loose, offensive stool in the morning (sixty-sixth day),'. — [820,] 
Quite loose stool in the morning ; one and one-half hour later another 
small, light-colored stool, with much straining (twenty-first day),'. — Stool 
passed with a great deal of force, followed by straining, at 4 a.m. (thirty- 
ninth day),'. — Stool, with forcing, followed by straining and pain in hjem- 
orrhoidal tumor, at 6.30 a.m. (thirty-ninth day),'. — Severe stool, with a 
great deal of straining and burning in the rectum, in the morning; an hour 
and a half later a hurried desire for stool, with a small, loose stool, with 
much straining and burning in rectum, and shuddering; an hour and a half 
later another stool, with less pain and less straining (seventieth day),'. — 
Stool, with much pain and straining, at 9 a.m. ; with less pain and strain- 
ing, white, slimy stool, followed by a dragging pain below left axilla, at 
2 P.M. (fortieth day),'. — Small, soft stool; constant sensation in rectum as 
though must go to stool at once, disappearing for a few minutes after stool, 
but soon returning (after nineteen hours),^. — Small stool, with little pain 
or straining, at 2 p.m. (forty-second day),'. — Slimy stool in the afternoon 
(twenty-first day),'. — Soft, slimy, light-colored stool at 9 A.M. fifty-second 
day),'. — Soft, mushy stool, very yellow, at 8 a.m., followed by a very weak, 
faint feeling (fourth day),*. — [830.] Had an operation of the bowels (usual 
time), first part natural, last part thin (no pain or urging), (after eighteen 
hours),'. — Bilious, very offensive stool in the morning (thirty-sixth day j,'. — 
Very offensive stool in the morning (eightieth day),'. — Faint, offensive 
stool, almost impossible to endure it a minute, in the morning (seventy- 
eighth day),'. — Dreadfully offensive stool ; it caused a faint sensation ; I 
had to go into the open air ; relieved by open air, at 9 a.m. (sixty-eighth 
day),'.' — Stools almost white (forty-first clay),l — Stool light-colored, almost 
white, and slimy (one hour and a half after first dose, sixteenth day),'. — 
Stool darker than usual (second day),'. — Dark stool in the morning (fourth 
day),'. — Dark, offensive stool at 7 a.m.; another at 9 a.m.; another stool 
at 3 P.M. (thirty-second day),'.^ — [840.] Dark, slimy, oflTensive stool at 2.30 
p.m. (twenty-second day),'. — Black, dry, lumpy stool (second day),*.— 
Stool, first part black, very dry and hard ; last part mushy and white 
(third day),*. — Constipation. Large and difficult stool, with straining, 
at 7 A.M. (second day),'". — Very hard, dry, lumpy stool, followed by pro- 


lapsus of the anus, with great pain and distress in the haemorrhoids (third 
day),*. — Small stool, with much straining and shuddering, in the morning 
(fortieth day),^— Dark, bilious, slightly costive stool (thirty-fourth day),'.— 
No stool till afternoon, very uncommon (thirtieth day),'. 

Sexual Oi'ganft. — * Constant excitement of genital organs, with fre- 
quent erections night and day (fifty-second day),'. — ^ Genitals relaxed and 
cold in the evening (after first dose, sixty-second day),'. — [850.] Genitals 
cold in the evening (sixty-first day),'. — Genitals cold and almost insensible 
(forty-second day),^ — Continued inaction of the genital organs at 10.15 
P.M. (eightieth day),'. — No erections for many days (forty-second day),'. — 
Pain in penis and left testicle during afternoon (twelfth day),'. — Scrotum 
cold and raoist; penis cold, and no erections for many days (twenty-seventh 
day),'''. — "*" Strong-smelling j^erspiration on scrotum and pubes, quite uncom- 
mon (six hours and a half after first dose, thirteenth day),'. — Very sudden 
pain in both spermatic cords, extending to the testicles, in the morning 
(thirty-fifth day),'. — Cramping, aching pain in left spermatic cord, extend- 
ing to the testicles, at 6.30 a.m. (seventh day),l — ^Diminished sexual desire 
in the evening (sixty-first day),'. — [880.] *Sexual desire greatly diminished 
(fifty-seventh day),'. — *Sexual desire sadly diminished (twentieth day),'. — 
Sexual desire all gone : genitals cold and relaxed ; no erections for many 
days (seventy-fourth day),'.^*Einlssioii of semen during sleep (fiftieth 

Itespii'atory Orr/ans. — Lnri/nx, Ti'achea,an(l Bronchi. 
Inclination to cough (twentieth day) ; (part of S. 884),'. — Inclination to 
cough, from irritation deep in the throat, at 2 p.m. (eightieth day),'. — In- 
clination to cough in the morning ; violent attack of coughing from tick- 
ling low down in the throat; can but just get my breath ; cannot walk; 
frothy expectoration, it seems to come from the head; when coughing, the 
cough gives such a pain at lower end of sternum that I can hardly move, 
followed by a hard pain in front of right, then in both ears, as if the head 
would burst, at 8 a.m. (eighty-second day),'. — Feel inclined to cough, from 
tickling in throat, at 9 p.m. (eighty-second day),'. — Irritation of larynx 
and inclination to cough (five hours after second dose, tenth day),'. — Con- 
striction of glottis, as if I was choking, or something swollen or tied around 
my throat (two hours and a quarter after first dose, sixty-sixth day),'. — 
Cough (Did UJxpectoratioii. [870.] Cough (twenty-seventh day); 
(part of S. 404),'. — Cough caused by irritation of right side of throat (after 
thirteen hours and a quarter, seventy-seventh day),'. — Deep cough, (five 
hours after second dose, tenth day),'; (seventh day), (part of S. 407),l — 
Deep and dry cough in the morning (twelfth day),'. — *Hacking cough 
from tickling low down in throat (thirteen hours and a quarter after first 
dose, sixty-.-ixth day),'.— Dry cough (tenth day) ; (part of S. 273),'.— Pro- 
fuse, frothy expectoration that seems to come from the head (eighty-second 
day) ; (part of S. 860),'.— Spitting blood for a half hour (fortieth day); 
(part of S. 249),'. 

Chest. — Distress across and in upper portion of chest, producing difii- 
oult breathing, relieved by a deep inspiration (after twenty minutes, eighth 
day)/-— Flying pains all through chest and back (cervical portion), (second 
day),*.— [880.] Distress in left lung, near the heart, at 12 M. (twenty-ninth 
di^y)/-— Pain in both lungs (after third dose, fiftieth day),'. — Pain in centre 
of right lung, in the evening (fifty-fourth day),'.— -Pain in right lung, just 
above the nipple, at 8 p.m. (twentieth day),'.— Pain in right lung, cne inch 
below the nipple; it feels as though it would arrest breathing, but is not 


aggravated by deep inspiration, but gives an inclination to cough, at 8 
P.M. (twentieth day),\ — Pain in centre of right lung, in the morning (thirty- 
fourth day),\ — Pain in right lung then the left, in the morning (twenty- 
second day),^ — Pain in left lung, in the morning (eighty-fourth day),\ — 
Pain in upper portion of left lung, at 2 p.m. ; of right lung, at 4 p.m. (thirty? 
first day),\ — Pain in left lung, above the nipple, in the morning (fifty-third 
day),'; — [890.] Pain in left lung, parallel with and at the side of the 
nipple (five hours and a half after first dose, sixteenth day),'. — Frequent 
pains through left lung, at 9 p.m. (twenty-seventh day),'. — Hard pain 
through the right lung, just below the nipple, as if it would arrest breath- 
ing, but relieved by deep inspiration, at 9 p.m. (eighty-second day),'. — 
Hard pain in centre of left lung, baok side, at 9.30 p.m. (eighty-first day),'. 
— Hard pain through top of left lung, at 4 p.m. ; through top of right lung, 
at 9 P.M. (thirtieth day),'. — Hard pain in upper posterior part of left lung, 
at 12 M. (thirty-third dayj,'. — Hard pain in back portion of left lung, in 
the morning (seventy-fourth day),'. — Burning sensation in left lung, in 

region of nipple, at 2 p.m. (fifty-fourth day),' Tightness across the upper 

part of the chest, at 11 p.m. (after dose, fifty-first day),'.— Sudden sharp 
cramping pain in right lung, just below the nipple, arresting motion and 
breathing for a few seconds, at 6 p.m. (twenty-eighth day),'. — [900.] Aching 
pain in right lung, at 3 a.m. (ninth day),'. — Hard, aching pain in right 
lung, and in right knee, at 5 p.m. (twelfth day),'. — Hard, aching pain in 
the back central portion of right lung, at 10 p.m. (seventy-second day),'. — 
Dull pain in both lungs (thirtieth day), (part of S. 449),'. — Dull pain in 
lower portion of left lung, back side, in the morning (twenty-eighth day),'. 
— Dull pain in back portion of left lung, at 5 p.m. ; through right lung, at 
6 P.M. (twenty-eighth day),'.^ — Drawing pain in right lung, at 7 a.m. 
(twenty-sixth day),'. — Sharp pain in right lung, at 10 A.m. (twelfth day) ; 
9 A.M. (twenty-ninth day),'-— Sharp pain in right lung, at 5 p.m. (thirty- 
eighth day), in the evening (thirty-ninth day),'. — Sharp pain in right lung 
and left knee, in the night (twenty-third night),'. — [910.] Sharp pain in 
centre of right lung (five hours and a half after first dose, sixteenth day), 
at 9 P.M. (twenty-third day), etc.,'. — Sharp pain through centre of right 
lung (twenty-third day), (part of S. 998) ; at 4 p.m. (thirty-ninth day),'.— 
Sharp pain through the centre of right lung, in the morning; through the 
left lung near the nipple at 7 a.m. (nineteenth day),'. — Sharp pain through 
right lung at the side of the nipple (four hours and a half after first dose, 
eighth day),'. — "Sharp pain in right lung, just below the nipple, in left lung 
just below the axilla, at 7 a.m. (twenty-fifth day),'. — Sharp pain in right 
lung, below and to the right of the nipple, at 4 p.m. (thirty-eighth day),'. 
— Sharp pain in lower portion of right lung, at 9 a.m. (twenty-seventh 
day),'. — Sharp pain in posterior portion of right lung, in the morning 
(seventeenth day),'. — Sharp pain in the lower portion of right lung, com- 
mencing in the back and darting through to the front (five hours after 
second dose, eighth day),'. — Sharp pain in centre of left lung, in the 
morning (sixteenth day) ; at 8 A.M. (seventy-first day),'. — [920.] Sharp 
pain in left lung, below and to the left of the nipple ; in lower portion of 
right lung (twenty-fifth day),'. — Sharp pain in left lung outside and 
parallel with the nipple (four hours after first dose) ; in region of nipple 
(one hour after second dose, tenth day),'. — Sharp pain in lower portion of 
left lung, at 7 a.m. (twenty-sixth day) ; at 9 p.m. (twenty-seventh day),'. — 
Sharp pain in back of left lung and in scapula, extending down inside of 
left arm (two hours and three-quarters after first dose, sixteenth day),'. — 

VOL. IV. — 10 


Sharp pain in region of right nipple, hindering breathing (one hour and 
three-quarters after first dose, eleventh day ),\— Frequent sharp pains in 
centre of right kng, at 10 A.M. (twenty-fifth day),\— Frequent sharp pains 
in right lung, one inch below the nipple, in the morning (twentieth day),'. 
— Pain in right lung, opposite or at the side of the nipple very sharp, 
relieved by pressure (one hour after first dose, seventh day),'. — Sudden 
sharp pain at back of left lung, near the centre, at 7 p.m. (thirty -second 
day),'. — Cutting pain in left lung (two hours after first dose, thirteenth 
•day),'. — [930,] Sharp, darting pain in lower portion of left lung, at 7 p.m. 
(twenty-seventh day),'. — Sore pain in centre of right lung (eight hours 
■after second dose, fiftieth day),". — Sore pain in upper portion of both 
lungs, also in back part of left lung, in the evening (thirty-third day),'. — 
JFront, Severe pain at lower end of sternum (eighty-second day), (part 
of S. 860),'. — Burning pain behiud top of sternum, at 7 a.m. (twenty-sixth 
day),'. — Dull pain behind top of sternum, at 8 p.m. (thirtieth day),'. — Dull 
pain at middle of sternum, at 9 p.m. (twenty-seventh day),'. — Sharp, 
pulsating pain just at top of sternum, lasting an hour (second day),*. — 
Sides, Twisting, cramping pain in left side, below the axilla, at 9 p.m. 
(eighty-second day),'. — Sharp pain in left side of chest and left temple, 
during the evening (after third dose, fifteenth day),'. — [940,] Very sharp 
pain through the left side of cl\est, a little above the nipple, and towards 
the sternum, arresting breathing, at 9 p.m. (eighty-fourth day),'. — Sharp, 
severe, twisting, darting pain in left side, commencing just between the 
axilla and extending to the nipple, and about the ninth rib, and deep into 
the lung, almost arresting breathing, several times, at 8 p.m. (sixty-fifth 
day),'. — Wainmce. Dull pain just below the left nipple, at 10 p..m 
(eightieth day),'. — Sharp pain extending from epigastrium to left nipple, 
in the evening (after first dose, sixty-second day),'. — Very sharp pain just 
above the heart, below the nipple, at 6 p.m. (eightieth day),'. — Hard, sharp 
pain above the left nipple, through the lung, lasting several minutes (after 
second dose, fifty-second day),'. — Sharp darting pain just below the left 
nipple, arresting motion, but relieved by motion, at 10.30 a.m. (fifty-first 

Seart. — A faint distressing sensation as if it comes from the heart, 
for two or three days (ninety-fourth day),'. — Pain in region of heart, in the 
morning (sixty-fourth day) ; (twelve hours and a half after first dose, 
seventy-sixth day),'. — Pain in region of heart, with faint feeling, in the 
morning (sixty-third day),'. — [950.] Sharp pain in region of heart, in 
night (fifty-fifth day), (part of S. 1453) ; (seventy-fourth day),'. — Sharp 
pain in region of heart, arresting motion, early in the morning (ninety- 
eighth day),'. — Sharp pain in region of heart ; had to stop when walking, 
in the forenoon (nineteenth day),'. — Sharp pain in region of heart, and 
to the left of it (one hour and a half after first dose, sixteenth day),'. — 
Sharp pain and faint feeling at region of heart, at 7 p.m. (thirty-seventh 
day),'. — Occasional sharp pain in region of heart (two hours and a quarter 
after first dose, sixty-sixth day),'. — Frequent sharp pains in region of heart, 
in the morning (thirty-eighth day),'. — Frequent sharp pain in regionof 
heart, for a few seconds at a time, in the morning (sixteenth day),' — 
Catching pain in region of heart, in the evening (forty-first day),' — 
Stitching pain in region of heart (after half an hour, first day),l — [960.] 
Sharp, darting pain in region of heart, arresting breathing, at 4 P.M. 
(twenty-ninth day),'. — Sharp, pricking pain in region of heart, in the 
evening (twenty-sixth Aaj),^.— Heart's Action. Can hear heart beat 


after walking a little (secoud day),*. — A.woke suddenly from sleep with 
hard, but slow, beating of the heart, shaking the chest (thirty-seventh 
nighfc),^ — Pulse. Pulse 80 (second day),*. — Pulse 62, while lying down 
(fourth day),*. 

Neck <tnd Back. — Neck, Pain in back of neck, in the evening 
(after first dose, eighteenth day),'. — Dull pain in back of neck, in the 
morning (twentieth day) ; at 7 a.m. (twenty-fifth day),\ — Severe dull pain 
■ in the back of neck, extending to back of head and both shoulders, worse 
in left (eight hours after second dose, tenth day),'. — Hard, pulling pain 
in back of neck, worse on left side, in the morning (sixteenth day),'. — 
[970.] Drawing, pulling pain in cervical vertebrae, at 1 p.m. (twenty- 
seventh day),'. — Sharp, twisting pain in back of neck, left side, then right 
side, at 3.30 a.m. (forty-second day),'. — Back. Back lame, in the morning 
(thirty-third, sixty-eighth, seventy-fifth, and seventy-ninth days), etc.,'. — 
Very lame back (fourth day),*. — Back very lame, in the morning (eighty- 
second day),'. — Back, in region of liver, so lame that it is almost impossible 
to turn in bed ; relieved by moving around the room, in the morning (sixty- 
second day),'. — Pain in back (two hours and a half after third dose, six- 
teenth day) ; (twenty-first day),'''. — Pain across the back, in the region of 
the liver, in the morning (fifty-seventh and fifty-eighth days),'. — Back 
painful and lame (fortieth day),^. — Hard pain in back and central portion 
of right lung, at 12 M. (twenty-ninth day),'. — ^[980,] Hard pain through 
the back, central portion of right lung (twelve hours and a half after first 
dose, seventy-sixth day),'. — Very severe backache (third day),*. — Dull 
aching pains ia back (second day),*. — Dull pain in back, in the morn- 
ing (thirty-third day) ; (fifty-fifth day), (part of S. 1453),'. — Very sharp 
pain in left side of back, at tenth rib, very sudden ; made me jump; in the 
afternoon (after first dose, eighteenth day),'. — Dof'SUl. Lameness of dorsal 
region, at 6 a.m. (seventh day),^.- — Dorsal region quite lame; goes off" by 
motion, in the morning (sixty -ninth day),'. — -Drawing pain between shoulders 
(second day),*. — Pain in the left scapula, through the lung, at 5 p.m. 
(twelfth day),'. — Pain through left scapula and lung (at 7 a.m.), (eleventh 
day),'. — [990.] Hard, but not very sharp pain in the back portion of left 
lung near the lower portion of the scapula, at 2 p.m. (twenty-ninth day),'. 
— Aching pain in left scapula, through the lung (six hours and a half 
after first dose, thirteenth day),'. — Dull pain in right lumbar region (six 
hours and a half after first dose, thirteenth day),'. — Dull pain through 
■right scapula and. lung, at 8.80 a.m. (twelfth day),'. — Tearing pain through 
the scapula and lung (five hours after second dose, tenth day),'. — Sharp 
pain in dorsal region (two hours and a quarter after first dose). Pain in 
dorsal region (six hours and a quarter and eleven hours and a quarter after 
first dose, sixty-sixth day),'. — Sharp pain in back, at lower portion of left 
scapula, at 1 p.m. (twenty-fifth day),'. — Sharp pain at lower portion of left 
scapula, through the lung, at 3 p.m. (nineteenth day),'. — Sharp deep pain 
at lower portion of left scapula, followed by a sharp pain through centre of 
right lung, in the morning (twenty-third day),'. — Cutting pain in left 
scapula (six hours after first dose, thirteenth day),'. — [1000.] Outside 
soreness over right scapula, at 9 p.m. (twenty-eighth day),'. — Lumbar. 
Lameness of lumbar region, at 6 p.m. (twenty-seventh day), I — Lumbar 
region lame all day, worse on stooping or pulling (holding my horse), 
(eighty-first day),'. — Lameness of lumbar and sacral regions (one hour 
and a half after second dose, fifteenth day) ; 1 p.m. (thirty-sixth day),'. — 
Lumbar region lame and stiff", at 9 p.m. (twenty-seventh day),'. — Lumbar 


region lame and painful, at 2 p.m. (fortieth day)/.— Lumbar region quite 
lame, at 9.30 (seventh day),l — Back quite lame in lumbar region, 
also sacral region, in the morning (fifty-seventh day),\ — Lumbar region 
quite lame, with paiu in left inguinal region, at 11 p.m. (thirty-ninth 
day),l — Back in lumbar region quite lame and painful ; worse on right 
side, in the morning (seventy-eighth dayj,\ — [1010.] Lumbar and sacral 
regions very lame, worse on stooping, at 10 p.m. (thirty-first day),'. — Pain 
in lumbar and sacral region, in the evening (fifty-fourth day),\ — Very 
severe pain in upper portion of lumbar region, when bending spine (fourth 
day),*. — Pain in right lumbar region, at 9.30 a.m. (thirteenth day),\ — 
Dull hard pain in left lumbar region, at 5 p.m. (twelfth day),'. — During 
afternoon dull lame pain in lumbar region, extending down the hips to 
the legs (after second dose, tenth day),'. — Constant dull pain in lumbar 
region, aggravated by stooping or walking (first day),*. — Hard burning at 
left lumbar region, at 5 p.m. (thirty-sixth day),'. — Sharp drawing paiu in 
left lumbar region, at 7 p.m. (thirty-ninth day),'. — Sharp drawing pain in 
left lumbar region, at 7 a.m. (twenty-sixth day),'. — [1020.] Pulling pain 
in left lumbar region relieved by motion, at 10.30 p.m. (twenty-seventh 
day),'. — Sharp pain in right lumbar region ; pulling me over backwards, 
and to the right, in left lumbar region, pulling me over back and to the 
left, in the afternoon (twenty -seventh day),'. — Dull pain in lumbar region, 
at 6 A.M. (seventh day),^ — Sharp pain in lumbar region, during evening 
(after third dose, fifteenth day),'. — Sharp pain in lumbar region, extend- 
ing to the testicles, in the morning (seventeenth day),'. — Sharp pain in 
muscles of lumbar region, in the morning (sixteenth day),'. — Sharp pain 
in right lumbar region, in the morning (twenty-third day),'; at 3 p.m. 
(seventy-seventh day),'. — Sharp pain in left lumbar region, aggravated by 
stooping, hindering motion, at 9 a.m. (eighty-first day),'. — Darting pain in 
right lumbar region (five hours and a half after first dose, sixteenth day),'. 
— Soreness and pain in right lumbar region, in the morning (twenty- 
second day),"'. — [1030.] Decided weakness in the small of the back, re- 
lieved by standing and walking (after two hours and fifty minutes, third 
day). Cramping pain in small of back, at 5 p.m. (thirty-sixth day),'. — 
Constant dull pain in small of back and hips; cannot bear to stoop down 
(second day),*. — SdCral. Pain and lameness of sacral region, in the 
evening (after fourth dose, fourteenth day),'. — Lame pain in sacral region, 
hindering movement ; have felt slightly lame for several days (half an hour 
after second dose, fourteenth day),'. — Dull, heavy pain in lumbo-sacral 
region, very much worse by stooping (second day),*. — Cramping pain in right 
sacral region (after first dose, sixty-second day),'. — Constant dull aching 
pain in lumbo-sacral region, very much worse by bending the spine (second 
day),*. — Dull pain in sacral region (fourteen hours after first dose, eighteenth 
day),'. — Soreness of the sacral region, in the morning (sixty-second day),'. 
Extremities in General,— Objective. [1040.] Nails on fingers 
and toes seem unusually brittle, at 3 p.m. (forty-second day),'. — Hands and 
feet feel quite stifi' (sixth day),*. — Pain in left arm, left leg, and left foot, in the 
morning (twentieth day),'.— Pains in joints and bones (twenty-first night), 
(part of S. 1526),'. — Pain in elbows and knees, during the day (forty-eighth 
day),'. — Pain in right knee, right ankle, and right elbow, in the morning 
(seventeenth day),'.— Pain .in left hand and right knee, at 1 p.m. (fifty- 
eighth day),'. — Occasional pains in bones, during forenoon (twenty-first 
day),'.— Occasional pain in joints, in the morning (ninety-fourth day),'.— 
Occasional pains in elbows and knees, in the evening (forty-seventh day),'. 


— [1050.] Frequent pains iu joints (twenty-fourth day)/. — Cramping pain 
in the arms and legs (eightieth night), (part of S. 536),'. — Bones ache 
(fifty-fifth day), (part of S. 1453),'. — Hands and fingers ache, and are very 
stiff; closing the hands is very painful ; ankles, feet, and toes are also very 
stiff, and ache constantly. After exercising two hours hands and feet felt 
quite free from pain (third day),*. — Frequent aching pains in knees and 
elbows, at 6 p.m. (twenty-eighth day),'. — Constant aching distress iu hands 
and feet (third day),*.— Dull aching distress in wrists, hands, fingers, ankles, 
feet, and toes (third day),*. — Dull aching pains in wrists, hands and fingers, 
ankles, feet, and toes ; they are feeling quite stiff (third day),*. 

Superior Extremities. — Shoulder. Left shoulder is lame and 
painful ; it seems as if I cannot move it, but it is relieved by movement, 
at 7 P.M. (twenty-fifth day),'. — Pain in both shoulders, left one worse, in 
the morning (twenty-second day),'. — [1060.] Pain in right shoulder (twenty- 
second day),\ — Pain in left shoulder (an hour and a half after first dose, 
sixteenth day); at 8.30 a.m. (seventeenth day), etc.,'. — Pain and soreness 
in right axilla, extending down the arm, aggravated by walking (three 
hours after third dose, sixteenth day),'. — Pain in left axilla (thirty-fourth 
day),'. — Pain and soreness in left axilla, at 1 p.m. (thirteenth day) ; at 8 
P.M. (twentieth day), etc.,'. — Occasional pains in shoulder-joints, in the 
forenoon (thirty-ninth day),'. — Frequent pains iu left shoulder, during 
forenoon (after first dose, fifteenth day),'. — Frequent pains on top of left 
shoulder (an hour and a half after second dose, fifteenth day),'. — Hard pain 
on top of left shoulder, in the afternoon (after first dose, eighteenth day), 
(after one hour and three-quarters, seventy-seventh day"),'. — Pain in top of 
left shoulder, so severe that I cannot sit still ; chloroform applied ; gave 
relief, but it soon returned ; the pain extends up into the neck, at 7 p.m. 
(twenty-fifth day),'. — [1070.] Burning on'top of left shoulder, in the even- 
ing (forty-first day),'. — Aching pain at top of left shoulder, at 1 p.m. 
(twenty-fifth day),'. — Hard aching pain in left axilla (two hours and a half 
after second dose, fiftieth day),'. — Dull heavy pain in shoulders (fifty-sixth 
day), (part of S. 138),'. — Dull pain in left shoulder (half an hour after 
second dose, eighth day); at 11 p.m. (twenty-third day),'. — Dull pain in 
top of left shoulder (seventieth day),'. — Drawing pain through both shoul- 
ders, in the morning (twenty-third day),'. — Frequent drawing pain in the 
left shoulder and neck (two hours after second dose, first day),*. — Sharp 
drawing pain in right shoulder, extending to the back portion of the lung, 
at 7 a.m. (twenty-sixth day),'. — Dragging pain below left axilla, at 2 p.m. 
(fortieth day), (part of S. 824),'.— [1080.] Pulling pain in right shoulder 
(fourteenth day),'. — Hard pulling pain all day on top of left shoulder, ex- 
tending to neck and head, worse at attachment of the sterno-cleido-mastoi- 
deus muscle (five hours and a half after first dose, sixteenth day),'. — ^Sharp 
pulling pain below the left axilla, at 4 p.m. (forty-first day),'. — Sensation 
as of a heavy load on top of right shoulder, at 4 p.m. (forty-third day),'. — 
Hard, sharp, twisting pain just below the left axilla, relieved by motion, 
at 10.30 P.M. (twenty-seventh day),'. — Sharp pain in right shoulder (three 
hours after third dose, sixteenth day),'. — Sharp pain on top of left shoulder, 
iu the morning (sixteenth day),'. — Sharp pain in left shoulder-joint (fifteen 
minutes after first dose, fifteenth day),'. — Frequent sharp pains in right 
shoulder (fifteen minutes after first dose, fifteenth day),'. — Sharp deep pain 
below the left axilla, arresting breathing, in the morning (sixty-sixth day),'. 
— [1090.] Sharp stitching pain in left axilla, at 9 p.m. (sixty-fifth day),'. 
— Sharp sore pain iu right axilla (seven hours and a half after first dose, 


seventy-fifth day),'. — Repeated sharp jerking pains in left shoulder (an 
hour and a half after third dose, fourteenth day),'. — Arm. Arms feel 
■weak, especially the elbow-joints (after twelve hours and a half ),^". — Pain 
in left arm, at 3 a.m. (seventy-ninth day),'. — Pain in middle of left hu- 
merus, quite sharp (six hours and a half after first dose, thirteenth day),'. 
— Hard pain at middle of left humerus, in the evening (twenty-sixth day),'. 
— Dull pain in the left arm and elbow, passing into the forearm (after four 
hours and a half),'''. — Hard pain in right arm between elbows and shoulder, 
at 3 P.M. (twelfth day),'. — JElhow. Elbows painful, at 6 a.m. (eleventh 
day),^ — -[llOO.] Left elbow lame and stiff, in the morning (twenty-eighth 
day),'. — Pain in right elbow, after retiring (twenty-third night) ; (after six 
hours and three-quarters, sixty-fourth day),'. — Pain in right elbow, then right 
knee (six hours after first dose, thirteenth day),'. — Pain in right elbow and 
right hand ; pain in both elbows, in the morning (sixty-eighth day),'. — 
Pain in left elbow, at 10.15 A.m. (seventh day),^; in the morning (twenty- 
second day), etc.,'. — Hard pain in right elbow (six hours and a half after 
first dose, thirteenth day),'. — Hard pain in left elbow, at 9.30 p.m. (thirtieth 
day),'. — Frequent hard pains in left elbow ; pain in right elbow, at 4 p.m. 
(twenty-fifth day),'. — Lame pain in left elbow, alternating with pains in 
the knees, at 1 p.m. (twenty-eighth day),'. — Sharp cramping pain in right 
elbow, at 7 a.m. (twenty-seventh day),^ — [1110.] Aching pain in right 
elbow, at 1 p.m. (twenty-eighth day),'. — Dull pain in right elbow, at 8 p.m. 
(twentieth day),'. — Drawing pain in left elbow, at 9 p.m. (twenty-eighth 
day),'. — Severe drawing pain in elbows, wrists, and fingers ; at times the 
pain in fingers is very sharp (second day),*. — Constant dull drawing pain 
in elbows, wrists, hands, and fingers ; the pain in fingers is very severe, of 
a cutting-tearing nature (second day),*. — Severe, sharp, pulling pain on 
inside of right elbow, at 7 p.m. (twenty-fifth day),'. — Grinding pains in 
elbow-joint, in the morning (twenty-eighth day),'. — Grinding pain in right 
elbow, in the evening (forty-first day),'. — Grinding pain in left elbow, at 9 
p.m. (twenty-seventh day),'. — Hard grinding pain in left elbow, at 8 a.m. 
(twelfth day),'. — [1120.] Dull grinding pain in left elbow, at 7 p.m. (thirty- 
seventh day),'. — Dull grinding pain in left elbow, as if out of joint (twenty- 
ninth day),'. — Sharp pain in right elbow (sixteenth day), (part of S. 1329), 
(seventy-second day),'. — Sharp pain in left elbow, in the morning (twenty- 
seventh day),'. — Cutting pain just above left elbow, at 5 p.m. (sixth day),'. 
—Forearm. Arms and hands numb (eleven hours and three-quarters 
after first dose, eleventh day),'. — Pain in bones of both forearms (four hours 
and a half after first dose, thirteenth day),'. — Pain in right forearm (twenty- 
ninth day),'. — Pain in left forearm, at 2.30 p.m. (thirteenth day),'. — Pain 
in bones of left forearm, at 10 a.m. (twelfth day) ; in the evening (forty- 
third day),'.— [1130.] Pain in the left arm below the elbow (after 5 p.m., 
twelfth day),'. — Pain in middle of left forearm between ulna and radius 
(three hours after first dose, sixth day),'. — Pain in middle of left ulna (six 
hours after first dose, thirteenth day),'. — Pain in underside of left forearm, 
at 2.30 and 5 a.m. (fourth day),". — Hard pain in forearm (eighty-first day), 
(part of S. 75),'. — Hard pain in right forearm, at 3 p.m. (forty-second day),'. 
—Severe pain in middle of right forearm, at 10 a.m. (eightieth day),"'.— 
Dull but hard pain in middle of left ulna, at 10 p.m. (forty-second day),'. 
— Dull numb pain extends down from left elbow towards the wrist, along 
the ulna, at 7 p.m. (twenty-fifth day),'.— Hard aching pain iu middle of 
forearm (ten hours and a half after first dose, eleventh day),'. — [1140.] 
Hard aching pain in lower third of left forearm, ulnar side, extending to 


little finger (one hour after first dose, eleventh day)/. — Dull drawing pains 
in forearms and wrists (second day),*. — Dull pain in middle of forearm 
(thirty-fourth day),\ — Dull pain in middle of bones of forearm, in the 
morning (nineteenth day),'. — Dull pain in left forearm, at 10 p.m. (eightieth 
day),^ — Hard dull pain in middle of right forearm, returned at intervals 
during the evening (eleven hours and a half after first dose, eleventh day),'. 
— Dull grinding pain in middle of left forearm, quite severe (an hour and 
three-quarters after first dose, eleventh day),'. — Drawing pain in upper 
portion of left fibula, at 7 p.m. (twenty-fifth day),'. — Sharp pain in middle 
of left radius (nine hours and a half after first dose, sixty-seventh day),'.. 
— Wrist. Left wrist lame and painful, at 9 a.m. (twenty-ninth day),'. — 
[1150.] Hard pain in right wrist, at 9 p.m. (eighty-third day),'. — Momen- 
tary, dull, aching pain in left wrist-joint (after eight hours),". — Sharp pain 
in right wrist, in the evening (after first dose, eighteenth day),'. — Pain in 
left wrist, as if sprained (after seven hours and a half, sixty-fourth day),'. 
— Hand. Hands feel weak, at 1 p.m. (thirteenth day); in the morning 
(fifty-seventh day),'.- — Weakness of right hand (one hour after fourth dose, 
fourteenth day); in the evening (forty-sixth day),'. — Hands feel numb, left 
one worse, at 7 p.m. (twenty-fifth day),'. — Numbness of left hand and arm 
to the elbow, as if asleep, continuing several minutes, worse at the little 
finger (four hours after second dose, tenth day),'. — Numbness of left hand 
and pricking pain in forefinger, at 7 a.m. (eleventh day),'. — Pains in bones 
of the hands, left one worse, in the morning (twentieth day),'. — [1160.] 
Pain in right hand (five hours and a half after first dose, sixteenth day) ; 
at 7 A.M. (thirty-second day), etc.,'. — Pain in left hand (two hours and a 
half after third dose, sixteenth day); in the morning (thirtieth day), etc.,'. 
— Hard pain in right hand, at 9 p.m. (twenty-seventh day),'. — Hard pain 
in left hand, at 6 p.m. (eightieth day),'. — Frequent severe but not very 
sharp pains between the third and fourth metacarpal bones of the left hand, 
during the afternoon (thirtieth day),'. — Cramping pain in right hand, at 3 
P.M. (seventy-third day),'. — Hands and fingers ache all the time (fourth 
day),*. — Aching pain in left hand, in the morning (fifty-seventh day),'. — 
Hard aching pain in right hand (after 3000 drops, thirty-fifth day),'. — 
Dull pain in both hands, in the night (twenty-third night),'. — [1170,] Dull 
pain in left hand, at 9 p.m. (twenty-seventh day),'. — Drawing pain in left 
hand, in the morning (twenty-ninth day),'. — Sharp pulling pain in left 
hand, in the morning (twenty-second day),'. — Hard grinding pain in right 
hand, at 9 p.m. (eighty-first day),'. — Sharp pain in right hand (six hours 
and a half after first dose, thirteenth day),'. — Severe sharp pain in left 
hand and fingers (fifty-fifth day), (part of S. 1453),'. — Darting pain in 
right hand, feels as if sprained, in the evening (after first dose, eighteenth 
day),'. — Fingers. Finger nails very brittle, in the morning (twenty-third 
day),'. — Fingers are very stiff' (fourth day),*. — Numbness and tingling 
of thie fingers of the right hand, in the morning (fifty-second day),'. — 
[1180.] Pain in the right thumb, at 6 p.m. (twelfth day),'. — Pain in first 
joint of right thumb, at 8 a.m., continuing an hour (twelfth day) ; (four 
hours and a half after first dose, thirteenth day),'. — Pains in left thumb, 
in the evening (forty-sixth day),'. — Pain in first joint of left thumb (four 
hours after first dose, thirteenth day),'. — A small place on back of left 
thumb, midway between first and second joint, very painful, but no redness, 
swelling, nor soreness to the touch (after four hours and a quarter, seventy- 
seventh day). The place on the thumb has been quite troublesome and is 
this morning, and hurts me badly, still is not sore to the touch, nor swollen 


(seventy-eighth day)/. — Severe pain in first joint of right thumb, in the 
morning (twelfth day),'. — Pain in first joint of right thumb, at first dull, 
gradually growing sharper, at 8 p.m. (twentieth day),\ — Hard grinding 
pain in first joint of right thumb, at 10 A.M. (twelfth day); (ten hours after 
first dose, fifty-second day),\ — Hard twisting pain at first joint of right 
thumb, in the morning (twenty-eighth day),\— Fingers ache and are quite 
stifi" (second day),*. — [1190.] Aching pain in left little finger, at 6 p.m. 
(twenty-eighth day),'. — Hard aching pain in left forefinger, in the evening 
(thirty-second day),'. — Dull pain in left thumb, at 9 p.m. (twenty-seventh 
and eighty-third days),'.— Sharp pain in right thumb (after first dose, four- 
teenth day) ; at 7 p'm. (fifty-fourth day),'.— Sharp pain in left thumb (half 
an hour after third dose, sixteenth day),'. — Sharp pain in left little finger 
(half an hour after third dose, sixteenth day),'. — Frequent sharp pain in 
bones of fingers, one finger at a time, sometimes one, then another,in the after- 
noon (fifty -sixth day),'. — Sensation as of a brier in the middle finger of each 
hand, with throbbing pain ; darting stinging next to the bone ; tenderness 
on pressure ; pain began in the left hand (after thirty hours),^°. — Cutting 
pain in forefinger of right hand (ten hours after first dose, fifty-second day),'. 
Inferior Extremities. — Objective. Getting out of a chair or 
walking is difiicult at 2 p.m. (fortieth day),'. — [1200.] Eight leg lame 
whole length at 3 a.m. (seventy-ninth day),'. — Occasional cramping pains 
in back side of legs, worse above the knees, at 1 p.m. (fifty-eighth day),'. 
— Dull pain in right leg, whole length, on back side, worse at buttock and 
heel (six hours and three-quarters after second dose, tenth day),'. — Right 
hip lame every day, as if the gluteus muscles were too short, aggravated 
by walking, relieved by rest, at 2 p.m. (seventy-eighth day),'. — Pain in 
right hip in the morning (twenty-second day) ; (nine hours and a half after 
first dose, sixty-seventh day),'. — Pain in right hip, extending down front 
side of leg, near to the knee; have to limp when walking, in the evening 
(after first dose, eighteenth day),'. — Dull pain in hip and legs (fifty-fifth 
day) ; (part of S. 453),'. — Dull pain in left hip in the evening (after first 
dose, eighteenth day),'. — ^Dull pain in left hip, also in heel and sole of foot, 
in the morning (twentieth day),'. — Dull, hard pain in right hip at 8.80 a.m. 
(seventeenth day),'. — [1210.] Dull, tearing pain in right hip, hindering 
walking (after sixteen hours and a half, sixty-fourth day),'. — Sharp pain 
in right hip-joint (five hours and a half after first dose, sixteenth day),'. — 
Thigh. Pain in right thigh (after first dose, fourteenth day),'. — Pain in 
left thigh in the morning (twenty-second day),'. — Pain extending up left 
leg, from the knee, at 9 a.m. (twenty-ninth day),'. — Pain in right leg, above 
the knee, in the evening (after first dose, eighteenth day),'. — Cramping 
pain all day in right thigh, back side; the muscles seem too short; it is 
painful when walking (eighty-sixth day),'. — Cramping pain in back side 
of left leg, midway from hip to knee ; same kind of pain in same place, 
right leg, at 9 p.m. (sixty-ninth day),'. — Hard, aching pain in right leg, just 
above the popliteal space, at 4 p.m. (twenty-fifth day),'. — Drawing pain in 
right leg, above the popliteal space, at 10 p.m. (twenty-seventh day),'. — 
Knee. [1220.] Right knee lame and weak (five hours and a half after 
first dose, sixteenth day),'. — Right knee lame aud painful at 7 p.m. (twenty- 
seventh day),'; at 6 p.m. (twenty-seventh day),l — Left knee lame and 
painful; had to limp when walking, at 5 p.m. (thirty-eighth day),'. — Right 
knee lame and sore at 8.30 a.m. (seventeenth day),'. — The right knee, which 
was bruised three days ago, is quite lame and painful, but no more painful 
than the left (seventy-first day),'. — Left knee quite lame for some time, 


then the pain left, and the left ankle was painful, in the evening (sixty- 
first day),'. — Right knee very lame and stiff (one hour after fourth dose, 
fourteenth day),'. — Knees weak (seventy-third day) ; at 10.15 p.m. (eightieth 
day),'. — Knees weak in the morning (fifty-seventh and fifty-ninth days),', 
etc. — Knees weak, left one worse, at 9 p.m. (eighty-second day),'. — [1230.] 
Knees weak; difl[icult walking, at 1 p.m. (sixty-third day),'.— Knees weak 
when walking in the evening (after first dose, eighteenth day),'. — Both 
knees so weak, it is difficult walking (fourteen hours after first dose, seventy- 
sixth day),'. — Knees so weak, I have to place my hands upon them to rise 
from a seat at 2 p.m. (eightieth day),'. — Knees so weak going downstairs 
is quite troublesome, worse than going upstairs ; the pain is at the head of 
the tibia (seventy-fourth day),'.— Knees weak and trembling (from two 
hours and a half to three hours after fourth dose, fourteenth day),' — Knees 
weak and trembling when walking (six hours and a half after first dose, 
fifty-second day),'. — Knees weak and lame at 1 p.m. (thirty-sixth day) ; 
at 8 A.M. (twenty-sixth day,'. — Both knees weak, lame, and painful, in 
the evening (thirty-ninth day),'. — Knees weak and pahijul at 6.30 a.m. 
(seventh day),^; in the evening (after fourth dose, fourteenth day),'. — • 
[1240.] Knees weak and painful ; most pain in inner and posterior side of 
right one (after one hour and three-quarters, seventy-seventh day),'. — 
Knees weak; frequent pains in right knee at head of tibia, in the morning 
(sixty-second day),'. — Both knees weak, right knee painful, in the morning 
(twenty-third day),'. — Weakness of right knee (four, nine, and eleven hours 
after first dose, fourth day) ; (after three hours and three-quarters, twelfth 
day),'. — Weakness of right knee aggravated by walking ; continued walk- 
ing cured it (eight hours after first dose, seventy-eighth day),'. — Right 
knee weak and lame in the morning (twenty-eighth day) ; (after six hours 
and a half, sixty-fourth day),'. — Right knee weak, lame, and painful, all 
the morning (forty-second day),'. — Right knee weak and painful (six hours 
after first dose, thirteenth day),' ; in the morning (twenty-second day),'. 
— Left knee weak and painful in the morning (thirteenth day) ; (two 
hours after first dose, fourteenth day),'. — Both knees quite weak at 10 
p.m. (thirty-first day),'. — [1250.] Knees very weak (twelve hours and a 
quarter after first dose, sixty-sixth day) ; (seventieth day),'. — Knees very 
weak ; can just walk (third day),^ — Knees very weak and painful ; pain 
in right thigh (eighty-first day),'. — Knees felt weak (fifth day) ; left knee 
weak at 6 a.m. (sixth day),'. — Standing a short time the knees feel very 
weak during the evening (forty-fifth day),'. — A peculiar weak feeling in 
the joints of the knees, also in the legs (after seven hours),^. — Pain in knees 
(twenty-first and twenty-second days),' I — Pain in both knees after re- 
tiring (twenty-third night),'. — Pain in both knees on going upstairs in the 
morning (second day),^ — Pain in both knees, worse on going upstairs ; the 
right one worse (fiftieth day) ; (part of S. 817),'.— [1260.] Pain in knees 
and ankles in the afternoon (fifty-sixth day),'. — Both knees painful, right 
one worse, at 4.30 p.m. (seventy-seventh day),'. — Pain in right knee (thir- 
teenth day), (part of S. 1102) ; (fourteenth day), (part of S. 1283),'.— 
Right knee painful ; both knees weak, in the morning (seventeenth day),'. 
— Pain in right knee ; pain in both knees, in the evening (twenty-sixth 
day),'. — Pain in the right knee at head of tibia (five hours after- second 
dose, tenth day),'. — Pain in right knee, at the head of the tibia, relieved by 
motion (eight hours after first dose, seventh day),'. — Pain in left knee (fif- 
teen hours and three-quarters after first dose, eleventh day),'' ; (one hour 
and a half after third dose, fourteenth day),'. — Pain in left knee, as if 


out of joint, and could not move it, but is relieved by motion (six hours 
after first dose, thirteenth day),'.— Pain in left knee, pain in right knee, at 
4 P.M. (twenty-ninth day),'. — [1270.] Pain on inside of left knee at 7 a.m. 
(nineteenth day),'.— Left knee painful on inside at 1 p.m. ; have felt it for 
two or three days (thirteenth day),'.— Pain in left popliteal space, hinder- 
ing walking (after first dose, fourteenth day),'.— Pain in left popliteal space, 
then in right kne'e, then right popliteal space (three hours after first dose, 
fourteenth day),'. — Occasional pains in knees (after first dose, sixty-second 
day),'. — Frequent pains in right knee during forenoon (after first dose, fif- 
teenth day),'. — Slight pain in knees (ninety-second and ninety-third days),'. 
—Right knee quite painful when walking at 6 p.m. (fourth day),'.— Hard 
pain in right knee (after half an hour, sixty-fourth day),'. — Hard pains in 
right knee and ankle at 3 p.m. (twenty-fourth day),'. — [1280.] Hard pain 
in left knee (two hours and a half after third dose, fifteenth day); at 12 M. 
(forty-second day),'.— Hard pain in left knee, at head of fibula, at 9 A.M. 
(twenty-seventh day),'. — Dull, hard pain in right knee in the morning 
(twenty-seventh day),'. — Severe pain in right knee in the evening (forty- 
sixth day),'. — Hard, lame pain in right knee at 7 p.m. (thirty-seventh 
day),'. — Cramping pain in knees (forty-first day),'; in the morning (eighty- 
fifth day),', etc. — Cramping pain in both knees, on back side, in the morn- 
ing (eighty-sixth day),'. — Cramping pain in right knee at 3 p.m. (sixth 
day),'. — Cramping pain in right knee, so severe I could not go upstairs 
without pulling myself along with my hands, at 11 a.m. (ninety-seventh 
day),'. — Cramping pain in left knee, posterior side, at 11 p.m. (thirty-ninth 
day),'. — [1290.] Sharp, cramping pain in back side of right knee, extend- 
ing down back side of leg, in the morning (twenty-third day),'. — Sharp, 
cramping pain in left knee at 10 A.M. (twenty-fourth day),'. — Hard, aching 
pain in right knee (part of 8. 901),'. — Hard, aching pain in inside of right 
knee several times during the day (ninety-first day),'.— Hard, aching pain 
in right knee, relieved entirely by one dose of Iris versicolor 3d, at 12 m. 
(twenty-eighth day),'. — Hard, aching pain in left knee, commencing in 
back side and extending through to the front ; seems as if I could not 
move the joint, at 7 a.m.; then pain in right knee, then in left again; pain 
in both knees (thirty-second day),'.- — Dull, aching pain in the knee-joints, 
extending into the legs, vanishing on rubbing, but appearing in the feet. 
On ceasing the rubbing, the pain reappears in the knees. Moving the 
knee-joints relieves the pain, but the movement is difiicult on account of a 
dry, grating sensation, as if the synovia were wanting in the joints. Left 
leg is most painful (after seven hours). Pain in knees less, but all passes 
into the right knee (after eighteen hours) ; pain in the knees, which soon 
passed away (third day),^ — Dull, aching pain in left knee, running down 
into the foot (after two hours and a half),^^. — Drawing pains in knees and 
ankles ; knees very weak when walking (first day),*. — Drawing pain in 
right knee at 9 p.m. (twenty-seventh day) ; in the morning (twenty-ninth 
day),'.— [1300.] Dull, drawing pains in knees and ankles (second day),*. 
— Pulling pain in right knee (five hours and a half after first dose, six- 
teenth day),'.— Pulling pain in right popliteal space at 6 p.m. (twenty- 
eighth day),'. — Dull pain in the knees, coming on gradually (after three 
hours),^°. — Much dull pain in both knees (after seventeen hours and a 
half ),''''. — Dull pain in right knee in the afternoon (after first dose, eigh- 
teenth day),'. — Grinding pain in both knees and right elbow at 9 p.m. 
(sixty-fifth day),'. — Grinding pain in right knee, at lower portion of the 
patella, at 10 p.m. (thirtieth day),'. — Hard, grinding pain in right knee 


(four hours after first dose, fifty-second day)/. — Severe grinding pain oa 
inside of left knee at 8 p.m. (twentieth day)/. — [1310.] Tearing pain in 
right knee at 1 p.m. (fifty-eighth day)/. — Sharp, tearing pain in left knee 
(one hour after fourth dose, fourteenth day),^ — Hard, twisting pain in left 
knee at 10 p.m. (forty-first day)/. — Sharp pain in right knee (at 8.30 a.m.), 
(fifty-seventh day) ; (six hours and a quarter after first dose, sixty-sixth 
day)/. — Sharp pain in right knee for one week (after thirtieth day),^ — 
Sharp pain in right knee, both knees painful, at 6 a.m. (eleventh day),l — 
Sharp pain in right knee in the evening (after first dose) ; pain in knees 
(after second dose), (sixty-first day),\ — Sharp pain in right knee at 10 a.m. 
(twenty-fifth day)/. — Sharp pain in right knee ; the knee is weak and lame, 
at 11 A.M. (twenty-third day),'. — Sharp pain in right knee and right elbow 
(three hours after third dose, sixteenth day) ; (in forenoon), (twenty-seventh 
day),'. — [1320.] Sharp pain in right knee at 8 a.m. ; in front part of left 
knee at 5 p.m. ; left knee painful at 9.30 p.m. (ninth day),^ — Sharp pain 
on inside of right knee during evening (fifty-fourth day),'. — Sharp pain in 
left knee (fifteen minutes after first dose, fifteenth day) ; (part of S. 909), 
(twenty-third night),', etc. — Sharp pain in left knee, felt as though I could 
not move it, in the morning (sixteenth day),'. — Sharp pain in left knee, 
outside, in the afternoon (twenty-seventh day)/. — Sharp pain on inside of 
left knee at 9 a.m. (twenty-ninth daj'),'. — Sharp pain in right popliteal 
space, which hinders walking (fourteen hours after first dose, eighteenth 
day),'. — Occasional sharp pain in knees (two hours and a quarter after first 
dose, sixty-sixth day)/. — Severe, sharp pain in right knee after going to 
bed (eightieth night),'. — When walking a sharp, severe pain on inside of 
left knee ; after walking a little way, the pain all went to the inside of 
right knee, at the head of the tibia, at 4 a.m. (third day)/. — [1330.] Hard, 
sharp pain in left popliteal region at 1 p.m. (seventeenth day)/. — Knee 
seems sore, and is aggravated by walking, at 1 p.m. (fifty-eighth day),'. — 
Sore pain in right popliteal space (one hour after fourth dose, fourteenth 
day),'. — Hard, sore pain on inside of left knee in the afternoon (after first 
dose, eighteenth day),'. — A little bruise on right knee caused so much pain 
that I did not notice other symptoms or pains at 10.30 a.m. (sixty-seventh 
day),'. — Leg. Weakness in the legs (second day),'". — On first rising, felt 
very weak in the legs ; this soon passed off while moving about (second 
day)/. — Legs feel tired and heavy (after three hours),'". — Eight leg numb 
aud heavy, as if asleep (twelve hours and a quarter after first dose, sixty- 
sixth day),'. — Eight leg, from knee and foot, feels numb and weak in the 
morning (fifty-seventh day),'. — [1340.] Left leg feels numb and heavy, as 
if asleep, at 9 p.m. (sixty-fifth day)/. — Left leg goes to sleep easily at 9 
P.M. (sixty-ninth day),'. — Pain in legs (twenty-second day)/. — Pain in legs. 
Pain is constant; aching; legs feel heavy, and as if they would drop off". 
Pain relieved by motion (after seven hours and a quarter)/". — Pain in right 
leg(part of S. 716),'*''. — Pain in right leg below the knee, worse on the back 
side (five hours and a half after first dose, sixteenth day),'. — Pain in right 
leg, below the knee ; sharp pain in the left knee, at 5 p.m. (thirty -sixth 
day),'. — Pain in left leg, below the knee, at 8 A.m. (seventy-ninth day),'. — 
Pain in middle of right tibia, when walking on the street, which made me 
limp, and the bone seemed sore ; then the pain extended to the left side of 
the knee-joint, at edge of patella, lasting some time, and made me quite 
lame; then the pain moved to the lower portion of the fibula, same leg, 
but not so severe, but a hard, aching pain, at 4.45 p.m. (seventeenth day),'. 
—Pain in calf of right leg at 7 a.m. (fourth day)/; at 9 p.m. (twenty -third 


day),\— [1350.] Pain in bones of left leg, below the knee, in the morning 
(eighty-first day "),\— Pain at head of left fibula into the knee (twelve hours 
and a half after first dose, seventy-sixth day),'.— Pain in right tendo Achillis 
in the morning (twenty-second day),'. — Hard pains in bones of legs at 1.30 
A.M. (twenty-first night),'.— Hard pain in right leg, near the knee, back 
side, at 11 a.m. (twenty-second day),'.— Hard pain in the bones of right 
leg, below the knee, at 8.30 a.m. (twelfth day),'.— Hard pain at head of 
right tibia, extending into the kuee-joint (twelve hours after first dose, 
eleventh day),'.— Hard pain in middle of right tibia (six hours after first 
dose, thirteenth day),'.— Severe pain at middle of left fibula (six hours and 
three-quarters after second dose, tenth day),'.— Lame pain in upper portion 
of left tibia at 2 p.m. (twenty-sixth day),'.— [1360.] Lame pain at head of 
right fibula in the night (twenty-third night),'.— Cramp in right leg, back 
side, in the morning (eighty-fourth day),'.— Seve'-e, cramping pain at head 
of left fibula; was very painful when walking, hindering me from walking, 
at 9 A.M. (fortieth day),'. — Dull, cramping pain at head of left fibula all 
the evening (ninety-sixth day),'. — Sharp, cramping pain in right tendo 
Achillis at 10.15 a.m. (seventh day),l — For one week had occasional sharp, 
cramping pains in legs, mostly near the right knee (twelfth _day),l — Very 
sharp, cramping pain in right tendo Achillis at 11 a.m. (sixth day),l — 
Hard, aching pain at head of right tibia in the morning (eleventh day),'. 
— Hard, aching pain at the middle of left fibula in the evening (twenty- 
fourth day),'. — Frequent hard, aching pains at the upper portion of left 
fibula at 1 P.M. (twenty-fifth day),'. — [1370.] Drawing pains in calves of 
legs and ankles (second day),*. — Dull, drawing pain in right leg, from hip 
to knee, on inner and back side (after first dose, ninth day),'. — Awoke with 
dull pain on both sides of right leg, below the knee (third morning),'.-— 
Dull pain in the left leg above the knee, in right leg below the knee, in 
the morning (thirty-fifth day),'. — Dull pain in bone of right leg, above the 
knee, at 7 a.m. (thirty-ninth day),'. — Dull pain in bones of left leg, below 
the knee, at 7 p.m. (thirty-seventh day),'. — Dull pain in left fibula in the 
evening (forty-first day),'. — Frequent hard, dull pain in left tendo Achillis 
(twentieth day),'. — Hard, grinding pain in upper portion of right tibia at 
9 p.m. (eighty-second day),'. — Sharp pain in left leg, hindering walking, 
at 9 A.M. (eighty-first day),'. — [1380.] Sharp pain ia left tibia, near the 
ankle, which made me limp; then pain in right tibia, then in right hand 
(half an hour after third dose, sixteenth day),'. — Sharp pain in middle of 
left tibia (fourteenth day) ; (part of S. 591),'. — Sharp pain in middle of 
right fibula in the night (twenty-third night),'. — Sharp pain in left tendo 
Achillis, that made me hold my breath, at 3 p.m. (seventy-third day),'. — 
Sharp pain in left heel in the morning (twenty-fourth day),'. — Quite 
sharp pains in right leg (one hour and a half after second dose, fifteenth 
day),'. — Sore, lame feeling of right leg below the knee and in front at 6.45 
P.M. (seventeenth day),'. — Right tibia quite sore and painful when walk- 
ing, but not painful to the touch ; it is relieved by pressure or contact, at 
10.30 P.M. (seventeenth day),'. — Pain in legs relieved by elevating the feet 
(after eight hours),'''. — Ankle. Left ankle weak (seventy-fourth day),'. 
— [1390.] Both ankles lame and painful in the morning (twenty-ninth 
day),'. — Right ankle is lame and painful at 2 p.m. (fortieth day),'. — Left 
ankle lame and painful (thirteen hours and a quarter after first dose, sixty- 
sixth day),'. — Pain in right ankle in the evening (after third day, first 
dose; fifteenth day); in the morning (nineteenth day),'. — Left ankle 
very painful ; could not sit still (three hours and a half after first dose. 


seventy-fourth day)/. — Severe pain in right ankle in the morning (forty- 
sixth day),^ — ^Severe pain in left ankle, while sitting, in the evening (forty- 
sixth day),\ — Drawing pain in ankles and feet (second day),*. — Constant 
dull aching pain in ankles, feet, and toes; the pain in toes is of a cutting, 
tearing nature (second day),*. — Sharp pain on inside of left ankle (three 
hours after first dose, eighteenth day),'. — [1400.] Hard, sharp pain in left 
ankle (one hour after first dose, fourteenth day),\ — Right ankle and foot 
has the most pain in it (second day),*. — Foot, Feet and legs to knees 
feel numb and strange at 7 pm. (thirty-second day),^ — Sharp pain came 
suddenly in outside of right foot, then in leg up to the knee, at 10 p.m. 
(eleventh day),^ — Sharp, darting pain in right heel, darting to the body, 
soon passing off, leaving a hard pain in right knee, at 2 a.m. (twenty-eighth 
day),^ — Pain runs into the soles of the feet, and is occasionally violent 
(after eight hours),'"^, — Toes. Pain in left great toe (six hours after first 
dose, thirteenth day),'. — Boring, aching pain in right little toe (six hours 
after first dose, thirteenth day),' — Very sharp, severe pain in right little 
toe, relieved by pressure (six hours after first dose, thirteenth day),'. — 
Sharp, grinding pain in right metatarso-phalangeal joint, which soon dis- 
appeared, and soon appeared on top of foot and leg, half way to the knee, 
lasting some time, at 4 p.m. (tenth day),^ — [1410.] Very sharp, cutting 
pains in bottom of feet and toes (second day),*. — Pain on under side of 
right great toe, as if a pin was driven into it; it made me jump and shake 
the foot, at 10 p.m. (ninety-sixth day),'. — Corn on second toe of left foot 
quite painful during the evening (after third dose, fifteenth day),'. — Corn 
on second toe of left foot very painful, and is sore (six hours after first dose, 
thirteenth day),'. — Sharp pain in corn on second toe of left foot in the 
evening (sixty-first day),'. — Corns on second toe of both feet sore and pain- 
ful (fifty-first day),'. — Jumping, darting pains in corns on second toes of 
both feet in the night (twenty-third night),'. — Sharp, stinging pain in corn 
on second toe of left foot in the evening (forty-first day),'. — Biting, sting- 
ing pain in corn on the second toe of left foot all the evening (fiftieth day),'. 
General Symptoms. — Objective. For two or three days past 
my nerves have been uncommonly steady (fifty-third day),'. — [1420.] 
Trembling, with faint feeling at stomach (six hours after first dose, thir- 
teenth day),'. — Laid in bed till noon (fifty-sixth day),'. — Restless, cannot 
go to sleep (nineteenth night),'. — After retiring, restless and uneasy (twenty- 
third night),'. — Restless, relieved by walking at 4.20 p.m. (fifth day),'^". 
— Felt uneasy at 4 p'.m. (first day),■''^ — Great uneasiness (after eight 
hours),'". — Subjective. Feel nervous, easily troubled (two hours and 
three-quarters after first dose, sixteenth day),'. — Feel languid in the even- 
ing (after first dose, eighteenth day),'. — Feel languid and bad (ninety-fifth 
day),'. — [1430.] Unusual languor on awaking, with disinclination for men- 
tal exertion (first day),*^ — Feel tired and languid, still keep moving around 
the room, restless (half an hour after third dose, sixteenth day),'. — Feel 
weak and a lack of ambition (after seven hours and a quarter),'°.r-Feel- 
ing very weak, hands and legs tremble constantly (second day),*. — Disin- 
clination to move by reason of weakness (after eight hours),^'^. — Faint feel- 
ing, came near syncope at 3 a.m. (ninth day),'. — At stool, faint sensation, 
near syncope; feared I should faint, at 12 m. (thirty-ninth day),'. — Faint, 
chilly feeling at 7 a.m. (thirty-ninth day), (part of S. 655),'.— Sick, faint 
sensation (part of S. 794),'. — Bad, faint feeling after going to bed (seventy- 
ninth day),'. — [1440.] Awoke in the night with a faint, numb feeling ; sit- 
ting up in bed increased the faint feeling ; lying down increased the numb 


feeling, lying upon the back and pulling the hair in front of both ears for 
some time relieved it (twenty-sixth night),'. — Feeling very faint and weak; 
have to lie down to keep from fainting ; seems to all centre at the stomach. 
Fearing spasms, took three doses of camphor without relief. Then inhaled 
chloroform every few minutes for two hours. The chloroform gave great 
relief, but only for a short time, after which the great faintnesss would 
come on again ; after three hours the faintness left (third day),*. — Feel de- 
cidedly sick in the afternoon (fifty-sixth day),'. — Felt all the forenoon as 
if I had a bad cold ; bones ache, paiu in right temple and right lung, am 
chilly and back aches, but have not been exposed to cold in any way ; all 
the afternoon and evening pain in back of head ; throat feels sore, but is not 
on swallowing; pain in right lung; dull pain in back, hips, and legs, right 
side worse ; severe, sharp pain in left hand and fingers ; am chilly, yet sweat 
easily; mouth dry; several severe chills during the evening; restless all 
night ; chilly, then perspire, but no fever, no thirst ; in night sharp pain in 
region of heart (fifty -fifth day),'. — Occasional pains in head, knees, etc., for 
several days later (one hundred and first day),'. — Various slight pains dur- 
ing the day (ninety-sixth day),'. — Frequent sharp pains in various parts of 
the body at 4 p.m. (twenty-fifth day),'. — Darting, cramping pains in vari- 
ous parts of the body and limbs in the morning (twenty-fourth day),''. — 
Frequent sharp pains darting from one part of the body to another in the 
evening (twenty-fourth day),'. — Desire to lie down and keep still (after 
seven hours and a quarter),'". — [1450.] Great desire for open air, at 5 P.M.,■''^ 
— Right side worse (fifty-fifth day), (part of S. 1452),'. — Ten drops of Cam- 
phor 3d seemed to increase rather than diminish the effect (thirty-eighth 
day),^ — All the pains, except headache, are relieved on motion, but not as 
readily as at the commencement of the proving ; in the morning (sixteenth 

S/ein. Burning and itching over both scapulae most of the evening 
(fifty-first day),'. — Burning and itching over left scapulae at 9 p.m. (twenty- 
seventh day),'. — Sudden stinging in various parts of the body, like bee- 
stings, in the evening (forty-second day),'. — Sensation as of a bee-sting on 
outside of left ankle at 5 p.m. (eighty-second day),'. — Creeping, tingling 
sensation all through the thighs and legs, relieved by rubbing (after seven 
hours),'. — Itching of various parts of the body and limbs (six hours and a 
half after first dose, thirteenth day) ; at six p.m. (eightieth day),'. — [1460,] 
Itching over right shoulder (twenty-second day),^— Itching between the 
shoulder blades at 5 p.m. (thirty-second day),'. — Itching between and over 
both scapulae in the evening (ninetieth day),'. — Itching over both scapulae 
in the evening (after first dose, sixty-second day), (seventy-sixth day, twelve 
hours and a half after first dose),'. — Itching over both scapulae, worse 
on right (twenty-third day) ; at 9 p.m. (sixty-ninth day),'. — Itching over 
both scapulas and left side of chest in evening (forty-second day),'. — Itch- 
ing over both scapulae (six hours and a quarter after firet dose) ; worse 
over right (twelve hours and a half after first dose) ; over right (eleven 
hours and a quarter after first dose, sixty-sixth day),'. — Itching over both 
scapulae in the evening, worse on the right (eighty-fifth day),'. — Itching 
over right scapulas at 10 p.m. (eleventh day),'; at 8 p.m. (twentieth day), 
etc.,'. — Itching over right scapula every evening (twenty-second day),'.— 
[1470.] Itching every evening over the lower portion of right scapula 
(eighteenth day),'.— Itch. ng over left scapula at 3 p.m. (seventy-third 
day),'.— Itching over left scapula, then over right, at 11 A.M. (sixtieth 
day),'. — Itching over lower portion of left scapula (seventieth day),'.— 


Itching of wrists (ten hours and a half after first dose, eleventh day),\ — 
Itching everyday on thighs and legs, worse on undressing or getting chilly 
(thirty-third day),\ — Slight itching over both scapulte (ninety-second and 
ninety-third days),'. — Much itching over the right scapula at 7 p.m. 
(twenty fifth day),'. — Strong itching of left ankle, then right, on front 
side (seven hours and a half after first dose, seventy-fifth day),'. — Severe 
itching between the scapulae at 5 p.m. (thirty-sixth day),'. — [1480.] Severe 
itching over right scapula at 4 p.m. (thirty-ninth day),'. — Severe itching 
over right scapula, slight over left; also on right hip and left thigh and 
■ left hand (after one hour and three-quarters, seventy-seventh day),'. — 
Severe itching over right scapula ; itching between the scapulse ; severe 
itching, commencing over the right scapula and extending over the whole 
body, worse on the arms; sudden itching over right scapula (seven hours 
and a half after first dose, seventy-fifth day),'. — Severe, almost unbear- 
able itching over right scapula, without any interruption, in the evening 
(thirty-third day),'. — Violent itching on back, shoulders, and various parts 
of the body (thirty-fourth day),'. — Violent itching between shoulder-blades 
in evening (eighty-fourth day),'. — Violent itching between the right scapula 
and spine in the evening (thirty-ninth day),'. — Violent itching over right 
scapula at 6 and 10.15 p.m. (eightieth day),'. — Violent itching over right 
scapula, slight over left, at 9 p.m. (twenty -seventh day),'.- — ^ Violent itching 
over the right and between the scapulse during the day and evening (thirty- 
fifth day),'. — [1490.] Violent itching over left scapula and left side at 10 
P.M. (seventy-second day),'. — Violent itching of palm of right hand for a 
minute ; this symptom occurred several times, which I did not note, at 9 
P.M. (eighty-first day),'. — Violent itching over both hips, extending down 
the legs, aggravated by getting cool, in the morning (thirty-third day),'. — 
Violent itching over both hips and the right thigh at 5 P.M. (thirty-sixth 
day),'. — Violent itching of right ankle on front side, extending over the 
joint, while walking (three hours after first dose, ninth day),'. — Violent 
itching of front side of right ankle while walking on the street (ten hours 
after first dose, eleventh day),'. — Violent itching of the left ankle when 
walking (eight hours after first dose, seventh day) ; (two hours after first 
dose, thirteenth day),'. — Violent itching of left ankle on front side while 
walking (after second dose, fourth day),'.— Violent itching of left foot at 
6.45 P.M. (seventeenth day),'. — Continued violent itching over right scapula 
at 10.30 P.M. ; occasional itching over left scapula (twenty-ninth day),'. — 
[1500.] Excessive itching over right scapula in the evening (thirty-ninth 
day),'. — Intense itching of palm of right hand (seventy-third day),'. — 
Troublesome itching all the evening over the right scapula, even to sore- 
ness (twenty-sixth day),'. — Very uncomfortable itching over right scapula; 
itching over left scapula (seventy-eighth day),'. — Exceedingly aggravating 
itching over right scapula, less over the left one, in the evening (forty-first 
day),'. — Burning itching over both scapulae, worse on right, in the even- 
ing (eighty-sixth day),'. — Burning itching of left leg, outside near the 
ankle (six hours and a quarter after first dose, sixty-sixth day),'. — Severe 
burning itching over right scapula at 12 M. (twenty-sixth day),'. — Biting 
itching over right scapula at 9.30 p.m. ; itching over both scapulae (eighty- 
first day),'. — Stinging itching over and between the scapulae at 9 p.m. 
(eighty-fourth day),'. — [1510.] Stinging itching over right hip, it came so 
sudden it made me jump, in the evening (forty-second day),'- — Stinging 
itching of left leg below the knee ; itShing of various parts of the body 
and limbs (seventy-eighth day),'. 


Sleep and Dreams. — Sleepiness. Unusually drowsy ; fell asleep 
with a book in my hand at 5 p.m./''. — All through the sleep there was a 
confused consciousness of the conversation going on around (first day),^^ — 
Went to sleep in my room, a very uncommon occurrence, in the afternoon 
(twenty-first day),'. — Sleeplessness. Impossible to sleep for some time 
after going to bed (eightieth night),\ — On going to bed, could not sleep 
as usual ; had pains in joints and bones. At 1.30 a.m. was called up. On 
going to bed at 3 a.m., could not go to sleep ; was quite restless (twenty- 
first night),\ — Eestless, cannot sleep ; multitude of dreams (twentieth 
night),'.— Eestless all night (fifty-fifth day), (part of S. 1453),'-— Restless, v 
cannot sleep (fifty-third night),'. — [1520.] Restless, dreamy night (twenty- 
second and twenty-fourth night),'. — Very restless night, and got up feel- 
ing languid and unrefreshed (first nigh t),^*". — Slept well until midnight, after 
that was very restless until morning (third night),*. — Confused sleep, with 
anxious dreams (first day),'. — Dreams. Dreamy sleep (seventy-second 
night),'. — Sleep full of lascivious dreams (fiftieth and fifty-first nights),". 

Fever. — CJiilliness. Chilly (during forenoon), (twelfth day),^; (thir- 
teenth day), (part of S. 611), etc.,'. — Chilly in a warm room (six hours and a 
half after first dose, thirteenth day),'. — Chilly, as though I had taken cold, 
when sitting by a hot stove (six hours after first dose, sixty-first day),'. — 
Chilly, with very bitter mouth, at 1.80 A.M. (twenty-first night),'. — [1530,] 
Chilly, yet sweat easily (fifty-fifth day), (part of S. 1453),'. — Feel chilly and 
bad (after four hours and a quarter, seventy-seventh day),". — Several times 
during the day, chilly, as if taken cold (after first dose, sixty-second day),'. 
— Verv chilly after going to bed (twenty-second day),^ — Chills (part of 8. 
471); "(thirty-ninth day), (part of S. 191),'.— Occasional chills (fifty-first 
day), (part of S. 741),'.' — Several severe chills, during the evening; chilly, 
then perspire (fifty-fifth day), (part of S. 1453),'. — Shuddering (thirteenth 
day), (part of S. 451); (fourteenth day), (part of S. 442), etc.,' I — A cold 
sensation, extending from the end of the sternum to the navel, and about 
an inch in width, while around the navel there was an almost burning sen- 
sation (after thirty-three hours),''=. — Chills in back (fourteenth day), (part 
of S. 591),'. — [1540.] Chills on back, commencing over left scapula (one 
hour after first dose, fifth day),'. — Chills, beginning on back, worse over 
left scapula (eighth day), (part of S. 109),'. — Chilly over left scapula (after 
second dose, fourth day),'. — Sweat. Slept soundly, but perspired a good 
deal (second night),*. — Skin dry and hot (fourth day),*. — Warm sweat 
broke out on forehead, about 8 A.M. (second day),'*'. 

Conditions.—,tion. — {Mor7iing), Early, rheumatic symp- 
toms; early, diarrhoea. — (Afternoon), Dull, etc. — {Evening), Smarting of 
eyes; on lying down, all symptoms. — {Night), Rheumatic symptoms.— 
{After midnight), Restlessness. — {Ascending stairs),7Am in knees. — {Getting 
cool), Itching over hips. — {Doubling tip). Pain about navel. — ( While eating), 
Dizzy. — {Inhalation), Pain in region of liver. — {Lying doivn). Colic ; numb 
feeling ; all symptoms.— (iyin^r on right side), In bed, pain in left hypo- 
chondrium.— (jlfoiion). Fatigue ; pain in left hypochondriura ; during first 
hour, the pains.— {Pressure), Pains along side of forehead.- {Sitting dovm), 
After riding or walking, feeling in stomach ; colic. — {Sittitig still), All pains. 
—{Sitting up in bed), Faint feeling.— (Z>Mri)i^ stool), Feeling in head.— 
{Stooping), Pains in temples ; pains at epigastrium ; lameness of lumbar, 
etc., regions; pain in lumbar region ; pain in lumbo-sacral region. — {Walk- 
ing), Pain in temples ; soreness of bowels ; pain in bowels ; lameness of 


hip ; weakness of knee ; soreness of knee ; pain at head of fibula ■, pains 
in umbilical region; pain in lurabar region. 

Amelioration. — ( Open air), Especially when moving, all symptoms. 
— (Contact), Soreness, etc., of tibia. — {Eating), Pain in epigastrium ; weak- 
ness in small of back. — (Elevating feet), Pain in legs. — (Exerciae), Rheu- 
matic symptoms. — (Exhalation), Pain in region of liver. — (Deep hujAration), 
Distress across chest; pain through lung. — (Lying down), CoWc. — (Lying 
upon hack and pulling hair in front of ears). Faint, numb feeling. — (Mo- 
tion), All pains ; pain over eye ; pain at epigastrium ; pain in left hypo- 
chondrium ; pain about navel ; pain below navel ; lameness of back ; pain 
in lumbar region; lameness of shoulder; pain below axilla; pain in knee;, 
pain in little toe ; weakness in legs ; pain in legs ; after first hour, the pains ; 
all pains. — (Pressure), Pain in temples; pain in occipital protuberance;: 
pain in eye ; sensation at epigastrium ; pain about navel ; pain in lung ;, 
soreness, etc., of tibia. — (iZe-sf), Lameness of hip. — (Riding or walking), All 
symptoms, except those of abdomen. — (Rubbing), Fnin in occipital region;,, 
pain in bowels, etc.; sensation through thighs, etc. — (Sitting ej-eei). Pain in 
epigastrium. — (Standing erect). Pain at epigastrium; sensation at epigas- 
trium ; pain in umbilicus, etc. — (After supper). Bowels feel hot, etc. — ( Uri- 
nation), Pain in hypogastric region. — ( Walking), Colic ; weakness in small 
of back ; restlessness. 


Dirca palustris, Linn. 

Natural order, Thymeleacece. Common names, Leatherwood, Hoosewood',, 

Preparation, Tincture from the inner bark of the branches. 

Authorities. 1, Dr. E. H. Spooner took 25 drops of tincture at 10 A.M.;, 
60 at 5 P.M., first day; 80 drops at 9 a.m., 105 at noon, second day ; 25 drops 
at 11 A.M. third day : N. Y. Journ. of Horn., 2, 424 ; 2, Y. L., Y., man aged, 
42, took 10 pellets saturated with tincture, every half hour for three days: 
from Thesis, by E. B. Squier, N. Y. Hom. Med. Coll., 1876 ; 3, T. G. L.„ 
male, aged 14, took same as last for two days, ibid. ; 4, E. H. B., female,' 
aged 25 (four months pregnant and of late suffering from " wind pains " 
in upper part of rectum, causing distress when sitting), took 3d dec. dil. 
every half hour one day, ibid. ; 5, Y. H. C, male, aged 28, took pellets of 
tincture every half hour for five days, ibid. ; 6, E. B. 8., male, aged 26,, 
took tincture in water, then on pellets every half hour for four days, ibid. ; 
6 a, same prover, six months afterward took the 30th dil. every half hour 
for four days, ibid. ; 7, A. Z., female, aged 41, took 30th dil. every night 
for a month, ibid. ; 8, Mrs. A. M. M., aged 45, took 2d dec. dil. every hour 
for two days, ibid. ; 8 h, same, second proving ; 9, R. R. T., male, aged 26, 
took 3 drops of tiuct, every half hour, first evening, every hour, second 

Mind. — Emotional. Uneasy and sensation as if something un- 
pleasant -were to happen (second day),''^ — In daytime was constantly ex- 
pecting some bad news ; everything seemed to worry and annoy,'. — Sense 
of apprehension, throughout the proving, as of some trouble, which may 
have depended upon the morbid state of the mind at the time of the 
proving,"*. — Intellectual. Time seemed to pass slowly,'. — Can hardly 
control the actions of the mind, can neither think nor study ; dull and 

VOL. IT.— 11 


bewildered (third day)/''.— Felt dull all day (sixth day),*'. — Dulness of 
mental powers, and great inertia all day (fourth day),^ — Dull feeling, and 
indisposition to talk (seventh day),^.— Absent-minded about everything, in 
writing spoiled several letters by writing the wrong words often,*''. — [10.] 
Difficulty in thinking what word to use while writing,'. 

Head. — Vertigo. Vertigo on walking; seems as if would fall to left 
side (second day),''. — Head feels light and dizzy; seemed to incline to left 
side (not marked), (third day),'. — General Head. Congestion of the 
head ; sense of fulness in the head, neck, and chest (second day),'^ — Head 
felt dull for two or three days (after fourth day),^ — Pains all through the 
head, vertex, and occiput, extending down into the spine (third day),*''. — 
Sensation of fulness in head, especially between the temples and in front 
(first day),^. — Sensation of fulness in head, with pain in temporal region 
and in front, in the morning (second day),^. — Head feels full and heavy, 
in the morning (third day),*^ — Head felt full and heavy, but did not 
really ache (third night),". — [20.] Slight headache ; not marked (first 
day),"'. — Forehead. Great congestion and pressure in the forehead, in 
the morning (fourth day),". — Languid, dull feeling in the forehead, at 
9.30 A.M. (second day),\ — Continued headache in the frontal and temporal 
region, in the afternoon (first day),^. — Intense congestive headache in 
frontal region, with darting pains inward from each temple (seventh 
day),". — Sensation as if the lobes of the cerebrum were drawn forward 
toward the frontal sinuses (eighth and ninth days),". — Temples. Pains 
in temples (fifth day),". — Headache in temporal region (fourth day),^; 
(sixth day),". — Headache in both temples, extending inwards ; lasted half 
an hour ; relieved by hard pressure, at 3 p.m. (first day),". — Slight headache 
in temporal region (second day),"''. — [30.] Severe headache in temporal 
region, extending towards the centre, at 7 p.m. (second, third, and fourth 
days),"''. — Headache in left temporal region, extending towards the centre, 
dull, oppressive pain, towards evening (second and third days),^ — Sharp 
pain in both temples, extending inwards, more severe in left (fifth day),"°. 
— Sharp sticking pains in right temple, worse from motion, but did not 
stop when sitting still (fourth day),"'. — Just before noon, felt sharp darting 
_ pain in right temporal region, and also neuralgic pain in arm (first day),*. 
— Headache, with dull sore pain in the temporal region, with dizziness 
(first day),=. — Vertex. Immediately after dinner headache in vertex; 
space as large as hand seemed to ache, lasted only a few minutes ; relieved 
by pressure (first d&y),^.— Sides. Headache seemed to be in left half of 
head and to throb and beat, aggravated by coughing or moving (during 
all the proving had a headache of this character, not always so severe); 
could not bear to have anything touch the back of the head, and felt better 
with the hair down or up high on head (fourth day),'. — Occijnit, Several 
times during the afternoon pain high up in the occiput, extending inwards 
(second day),*.— Awoke with a pain in the head, low down in the occiput; 
much worse on raising up or accidentally moving the head, in the morning ; 
toward noon the pain increased, and went up over the top of the head to 
forehead, and there had a strong congestive headache, with throbbing of 
carotids, lasting till evening and then gradually disappearing (second morn- 
ing),'.— ^aj^ez-na? Head. [40.] Scalp felt dry and tight (second day),', 
^/ye.— Slight haziness of retina (on ophthalmoscopicexamination), (third 
day)/"-— Eyes felt sore (second day),"".- Eyes sore and painful to touch 
(third d ay ),"^— Sensation as if the brows were corrugated, and as if the 
brain were also drawn down (eighth day),".— Lids heavy (third day),"".— 


Photophobia (seventh day),". — Photophobia on awaking, which continued 
through the day (second day),l — Much photophobia (sixth day},". — Great 
photophobia, especially from gaslight (second day),""- 

JEa/f, — [50,] Some time during each day, a roaring in one ear for a 
time and then in the other, then stopping entirely,'. 

Face. — Face red, full, and bloated, in the morning (fourth day),l — 
Face pale (second day),^; (fifth day),". — Face pale and sunken (third 
day),"*. — Face very pale (first and second days),^ 

Month. — Tongue, Tongue light, and smooth (first day),^ — During 
all the time the tongue was covered with a thin white coating, thicker at 
the base,'. — Tongue coated smoothly, and evenly white (second day),^ — 
Tongue white ; thinly and smoothly coated (seventh day),". — Tongue coated 
smoothly and thlc^sly dirty-whiie ; apparently thicker towards centre and 
far back (fourth and fifth days),"\ — Taste, [60,] Sour taste in mouth 
(fourth and fifth days),"'. 

Throat. — Acidity in throat, at 9.30 p.m. (first day),\ — Fauces red 
and raw (seventh day),^. — Fauces rose-red and dry towards evening; hurts 
to swallow food or liquids (second day),l — Hurts to swallow (seventh 
day),". — Throbbing of the carotids (second day),*". 

Stomach, — Appetite. Appetite less than usual,'. — Thirst. No 
thirst, at 1.30 p.m. (third day),'. — JEructation. Eructations, at 11.35 
A.M.; 12.15 P.M. ; 8.30 p.m. (third day),^ — Empty eructations (for an hour), 
(thirty minutes after second dose, and at 9.30 p.m.), (first day), etc.,\ — [70.] 
Eructations of sour-tasting gas (second and third days), I — Nausea. 
Nausea on taking the drug, and for some time after; more marked in 
afternoon (second day),^. — Stomach, Uneasy feeling as of a lump or 
weight in the stomach, continuing several days (after third day),^'}" 

Abdomen. — Hypochondria. Severe lancinating pains in left 
hypochoudrium, with tympanites; the pain increasing and spreading over 
the whole intestinal region (third day),*. — Uinbilictll. Constant pain 
in the abdomen just above the umbilicus, constantly biting, with exacerba- 
tions, at 10 P.M. (first day),". — Warm or slightly burning sensation about 
the umbilicus, at 7.30 p.m. (first day),\ — Burning in abdomen below the 
umbilicus, at 12.30 p.m. (second day),'. — Griping about the umbilicus con- 
tinues, at 8.40 A.M. (fourth day),'.— Griping and aching in abdomen below 
the umbilicus, not relieved by change of position, at 1 p.m. (second day),'. 
— Sore pain in and below the umbilical region ; continued pain, but wi.tii 
aggravations (third day),"^ — General Abdomen. [80.] Abdomen 
swollen and tender to pressure (first day),^ — Abdomen swollen slightly 
(second day),". — Tympanites (third day),"^ — Abdomen tympanitic, with 
some pain, at 9 p.m. (third day),'. — Rumbling in the bowels (second day), 
at 10.20 A.M. (fourth day), etc.,'. — Slight rumbling in bowels, with passage 
of flatus, at 7.30 p.m. (first day),'. — Flatus, at 12.15 p.m. (third day),'. — 
Flatus and eructations, at 3.15, 8.30 p.m. (second day),'. — Flatus and 
severe colicky pains in abdomen, followed by stool, which was somewhat 
consistent, with great soreness and smarting of the anus; the colic seemed 
to be somewhat relieved by bending forward. Colic pain relieved by 
stool, but smarting of the anus remains, at 1.30 p.m. (third day),'. — Fre- 
quent passage of fetid flatus for an hour (fifteen minutes after second 

t This prover had formerly been a chronic dyspeptic, and described these sensa- 
tions as being the same as he experienced when afflicted with that trouble, and for 
this cause could not be persuaded to talse any more of the drug. 


dose, first day)/. — [90,] Feels as if there would be a inovemeDt of the 
bowels, but have no paiu, at 9 a.m. (third day),^ — Some discomfort in 
the abdomen, which is still tympanitic, at 2 p.m. (third day),^— A con- 
tinued discomfort in abdomen all the evening, like " stomachache," with 
passage of flatus (first day),'. — Dull and uncomfortable feeling in the 
abdomen, at 9 p.m. (second day),'. — Pain in the bowels all the after- 
noon (first day) ; pain with desire for stool (second day) ; same uneasy 
feeling in the bowels, as if would have an evacuation, but none satisfac- 
tory (second day),l — Pain in bowels on wallcing, also painful on pres- 
sure, at 9 P.M. (third day),'. — Pain in bowels, partly relieved by diar- 
rhoeic stool (second day),". — Pain in the bowels and violent purging, which 
partially relieved the paiu (second day),*'. — Slight pain in bowels (fifth 
day),^ — Pain in bowels, very severe (second day),'. — [100.] Awoke about 
6 A.M. with very severe pain in bowels and urgent desire for stool. Stool 
dark, thin, and soft, coming but little at a time, each passage relieving 
for a short time the paiu, which soon returned, to be followed by another 
passage ; after passing all that was possible, had every few minutes the 
cramping pains, but not so hard ; went to bed and fell asleep ; when 
awoke again, felt better (fourth day),*. — Burning and uncomfortable sensa- 
tions in the bowels, all the evening (first day),'. — Occasional gripings, at 
9.20 A.M. (fourth day),'. — Before going to bed and after, had spells of 
sharp pain in bowels, lasting about fifteen minutes, and repeating about 
every fifteen minutes (third day),^ — Colicky pain in abdomen, at 10 p.m. 
(third day),'. — Colicky pains, with flatus, pain just above the umbilicus, at 
9 P.M. (first day),'. — Muscles of the abdomen were sore, continuing through- 
out the entire proving, more or less (after first day),'. — Abdomen rather 
sensitive to pressure and tympanitic (after twenty minutes, third day),'. — 
JJ ypogcistv iuin. Dull ache low down in pelvis all day (second day),*. — 
Bearing down sensation in the lower part of the abdomen as if muscles were 
relaxed ; sitting or lying did not relieve, but the sense of pressure was less 
when the head ached less,'. 

Mectum and Anus. — [110.] Throbbing stitching pain in the anus, 
and colicky pain in the abdomen, at 10 p.m. (third day),'. — Soreness of 
anus, at 3.15 and 4.30 p.m. (second day),'. — Great soreness and smarting 
of anus (part of S. 88), smarting still continues, 2 and 2.45 p.m. (third 
day),'. — Smarting of anus after stool, at 3.15 p.m., still continues at 5 p.m. 
(second day),'. — Slight desire for stool twice during the day (fourth day),'^". 
— Tenesmus and straining at stool. (Remained fifteen minutes at stool 
(third day) ; yesterday as long as half an hour),'. . 

Stool. — JbiarrJlCdU. Diarrhoea, towards evening ; watery mucous 
stool, with pain in bowels, not entirely relieved by stool (ninth day),^ — 
Slight diarrhoea,^. — Profuse diarrhoea ; four copious stools during the day 
(second day),". — Watery diarrhoea, in the evening, with much tenesmus, 
only partially relieved by stool (fifth day),". — [120.] Violent purging, with 
tenesmus (third day),^t — Soft diarrhoeic stool, with flatus at 8 a.m. (second 
day),'. — Loose, watery stools, partially relieving the pain in bowels (second 
day),". — Stool, at first consistent, afterwards, thin, fecal, slimy, with flatus. 
Stool does not relieve the griping and contracting paiu in the bowels, at 
1.45 P.M.; watery, thin, yellowish, fecal, no relief to the abdomen, at 2.30 
P.M.; sudden, gushing, watery, followed by thin fecal discharge, at 3.15 
P.M. ; watery, preceded by some rumbling of bowels, watery, bubbling, 

f This prover had been the subject of arsenical poisoning, and described this con- 
dition as being similar to the proving of that drug. 


yeasty stool, with flatus, at 4.30 p.m. (second day); somewhat consistent at 
1.30 P.M. (third day), (part of S. 88); with colic and griping at 8 a.m. 
(fourth day); thin, fecal, at 8.50 a.m. (fourth day),'. — Passage of fecal 
mucus with the flatus, before rising (second day),\ — Coiistipntlon. 
Constipation; small pasty stool, very insufficient (eighth day),". — Consti- 
pation followed the catamenia, for several days,". — Constipated, no desire 
for stool (third day),'. — Constipated, and no desire for stool (fourth day), ''■\ 
— Constipated during the entire proving, stool small, sticky, and unsatis- 
factory,'. — [130."| Constipated ; passage of a little soft fecal matter, not 
watery, but thick {third day),^'. — Constipated ; desire for stool, but passed 
only a small quantity of frothy mucus (fifth day),°. — Constipated; could 
pass only small insufficient stool (second day),"*. — Bowels regular, moving 
after each meal {before proving) ; at noon felt desire for stool, but could 
pass only a small quantity of mucus (first day); desire for stool, with pas- 
sage of only a small quantity of mucus (second day); passage of small, 
unsatisfactory, pasty-like stool, in morning (third and subsequent days),^ 
— Bowels were loose before taking the drug, now constipated ; had one 
email unsatisfactory stool during the day, very dry and sticky ; seems as if 
had no power to expel it (first day) ; tympanites and passage of few small 
soft stools, which seem quite insufficient (second and third days),^ — Much 
constipated for some time, small stool and insufficient (after proving),". — 
Small and insufficient stool three times during day (fifth day),"'. — Three 
small unsatisfactory stools (sixth day),^ — Passed a very small quantity of 
dry sticky faeces ; unsatisfactory (fourth day),^^ — Did not have usual stool; 
felt desire, but could not pass it (first day),\ 

JJrinary Organs. — [140.] For some days had pain and soreness in 
region of bladder (after four days),*. — Urine diminished and high-colored 
(third day),"''. — Urine less than normal, and with white, sometimes reddish, 

Sexudl Orf/ans. — Seemed as if the uterus were too low, and would 
come out at stool (second day),*. — Menses two days sooner than usual, not 
so profuse or long-lasting as usual,'. — The catamenia were followed by an 
astringent action (third day),"*'. 

Respiratory Organs. — Stinging pain in larynx, from without in- 
wards ; very sharp pricking pain and sensation of suffocation (tenth day),^ — 
Cough worse in the morning, and appearances as of a slight cold (third 
day),^°. — Raising sweetish-tading mucus, quite offensive (first to fifth days),*. 
— Dyspnoea (second day),^; (eighth day),^ — [150.] Dyspnoea from slightest 
exertion (second day),l — Noticed dyspnosa on going upstairs (after two 
days),". — Exertion of going upstairs even slowly caused much dyspnoea 
(second day),^^ — Great dyspnoea from exertion (seventh day),". — From 
walking up a slight elevation entirely out of breath, with palpitation of 
heart, vertigo, and pale face (second day),^ 

Chest. — Oppressive feeling in the chest, with dyspnoea and desire to 
clear the throat, with much spitting (first day),*. — Felt sore through the 
chest ; seemed as if I had a slight cold (second day),*. — Sharp pain in right 
thorax, running down into abdomen and up into the left shoulder (first 
day),'. — Went to bed as usual and slept until the latter part of the night, 
when awoke with sharp pain low down in right side; this lasted for a few 
minutes, then stopped for a moment, and then began again as before ; when 
this stopped fell asleep again ; don't know how long I slept, but was awak- 
ened by pain as before, and had three of these spells before morning ; had 
slight pain in small of back before going to bed, and in my side, that seemed 


to run around to where. the severe paius were afterwards felt; the abdomen 
had been soft before, but since the pain had become hard ; during the pain 
could feel hard lump where the pain was in the right side (first night)/. 

Heart and Pulse. — Excitability'of heart's action from least mo- 
tion (ninth day),". — [160.] Pulse slow and weak (eighth day),^ — Pulse 
very weak and slow, but excited by the least exertion (seventh day),^ — 
Pulse 75, normal ; 90 at 7 p.m. ; 60 and very weak at 9 p.m. (third day),l 
— Pulse 70 at 6 p.m., normal ; 85, full and strong, then suddenly became 
weak and irregular; could feel it change under the finger, at 8 p.m.; 65, 
later (second day),'\ —Pulse 84 (11 p.m.), (first day),"'.— Pulse 80 at 8 a.m. ; 
84 at 11 p.m. (fifth day),"'. — Pulse normal at 80; slow and soft (second 
day),^— Pulse 80 at 7 p.m.; 76 at 9 p.m.; 72 at 10 p.m.; 68 at 12 m. (first 
day) ; 80 until noon ; 72 at 4 p.m. ; 76 at 7 p.m. ; 68 at 9 p.m. (second day),'. 
— Pulse normal, 76 ; 80 (first day),^— Pulse 72 and weak (second day),^'.— 
[170.] Pulse 60 and very weak (fifth day),''. 

SacJc. — Great pain across the back and through the loins (second 
day),*i'. — Dull heavy pain across the back in the region of the kidneys, 
accompanied by a crawling sensation and occasional darting pains (third 

Stiperioi'' Extremities. — Dull neuralgic pain in both shoulders 
and arms, rendering it almost impossible to keep them still (tenth day),^ 

Inferior JExtretnities. — Felt weak and trembling in limbs when 
standing ; on going to bed at 10 p.m. felt feverish, and in short time perspired 
freely (first day),''. — Muscles of both thighs were sore and stiff; this lame- 
ness extended down to the knees, making it difficult to get out of bed. or 
to rise from a chair (first day), and continuing throughout the proving, 
more or less,'. — Noticed neuralgic pain in left leg, extending down,'. — Neu- 
ralgic pains in foot and leg from foot to knee (second day),*. 

General Symptoms. — Weak and languid ; desire to lie down, at 
1.45 P.M. (second day),\ — Great prostration, at 9 p.m. (third day),^ — [180.] 
Very marked prostration, so weak could hardly walk (second day),"". — 
Cannot sit quietly in one position (second day),'''. — Felt very tired, toward 
evening, although had done nothing to cause it (tenth day),^ — Felt weak 
(first day),'; (second day),*^. — Felt weak all day and as if I could not be 
on my feet much (second day),^. — Was obliged to lie down, feeling as if 
my senses were leaving me, at 12 M. (third day),°^ — Sense of fulness and 
sluggishness throughout the entire body (third day),^'. — During the first of 
the proving the symptoms seemed to be aggravated every four days, but 
later on every two days,'. 

Sleep and Dreams. — Sleepiness. Felt sleepy and dull (second 
day),l — Sleeplessness. Sleep long in coming, restless, and disturbed 
(first night),\— [190.] Slept but little through night (fourth day),^— Slept 
but little through the night, felt sleepy but could not sleep (second night),l 
— Sleep full of dreams (second night),\ — Dreams. Dreamed at night 
of dead bodies,'. 

Fever. — Felt hot and restless at night ; could not sleep (seventh day),*. 
— When head ached less or stopped, feet were warm, at other times were 
cold and could not get warm,'.— Perspiration on hands (first day),^ 

Conditions.— kggv2iVKtion. — {Morning), Fulness in head, etc.; 
cough. — {Afternoon), Nausea. — {Evening), Diarrhoja. — {Coughing), Pain 
in half of head. — ( Gaslight), Photophobia. — {Motion), Pain in temple ; pain 
in half of bead; pain in occiput; — {Walking), Vertigo; pain in bowels. 


Amelioration. — (Bending forward), Colic. — (Pressure), Headache. — 
(Stool), Pains in bowels. 


Mucuna pruriens, D. C. (Doliehos pruriens, L.) 

Natural order, Leguminosse. Common names, Cowhage, Cow-itch ; (Fr.) 
Pois a gratter or pouillieux ; (G.) Jucli-borsteu. 

Preparation, Trituration (or tincture) of the whole pod. 

Atithority. Dr. Jacob Jeanes, N. Am. J. of Horn., " I took a portion of 
the 2d cent, dilution." 

*A painful sensation in the throat below the angle of the lower jaw on the 
right side ; it was as if a splinter of three-quarters of an inch in length luas 
imbedded vertically in that spot ; the pain was increased by swallowing. — *A 
pain in the gum, so that she could not sleep half the night (observed in a pa- 
tient after .taking Doliehos). — Twitching of the muscles (observed in two 
children after taking Doliehos). 


Doryphora decem-lineata, Say ; a beetle of the Natural order of Coleop- 

Common name, Colorado potato-bug. 

Preparation, tiacture of the living beetles. 

Authorities. 1, Dr. C. Rudeu, proving with the tincture, 10 drops 
morning and 5 drops in evening, first day; 10 drops morning and evening, 
second day ; 15 drops morning and at 3 p.m., third day ; 20 drops morning 
and evening, sixth,seventh, eleventh, and twelfth days, from Hale's article, 
Trans, of Horn. Med. Soc. of State of N. Y., 7, 159 ; 2, effects of picking 
bugs, having an abrasion on the wrist, Prof. Welsh, from ibid. ; 3, effects 
of vapor from a kettle of hot water into which bugs had been thrown, 
ibid. ; 4, effects of neglecting to wash hands after picking bugs, ibid. ; 5, 
odor from burning bugs, ibid. ; 6, effects from scalding the bugs in hot 
water, ibid. ; 7, 01 in L. Jenkins gave a colored girl, set. 19 years, 10 drops 
of tincture, Thesis, N. Y. Horn. Med. Coll., 1876; 8, the same, proving on 
self with tincture, 3 drops first day, 3 drops eighth day ; a, second prov- 
ing with three drops ; b, third proving with 5 drops, ibid. 

Wind, — Mmotional. Delirium (after a few hours),*. — Delirium 
was among the symptoms most prominent,^. — Talkative and at times mut- 
tering delirium ; was constantly inclined to refer to business transactions,^ 
— Irritable temper (after first dose, first day),^ — Intellectual. Stupor 
(after about half an hour)," *. — Irresistible stupor came on with loud rum- 
bling in the abdomen,*. 

Head. — Vertigo. Dizziness in the head, with nausea and vomit- 
ing,"". — General Mead, Congestion of the head (after about half an 
hour),'. — Head feels dull and heavy,'\^[10.] Headache, with pain in 
the temples,^'.— Dull, heavy headache for three Aa.ys,^''.— Te7nples, 
Headache in the temples and a hot, feverish head (after first dose),*. — ^She 
complained of a severe headache in the temples,'. — Headache in the right 
temple, dull Tjiain,'".— Vertex. Pain in top of head, aggravated by mo- 
tion (after second dose),l 


Mtje. — Objective. Eyes red,^ — Red and staring eyes (after about 
half an hour),l — Eyes red and congested, very much protruded, pupils 
'enlarged to twice their normal size,^ — Eyes inflamed and protruding 
(after first dose, third day),^ — [20.] Eyes protruding (after a few hours),*. 
— Subjective. Eyes feel sore, as from overwork/^ — JPupil. Pupils 
tdilated,''\ — Vision. Sight much impaired,^ 

Face. — Face red and feverish (after second dose),^ — Face became red, 
«,nd in a few minutes turned pale,'. — Face presented a mottled, puifed 
appearance,^ — Great swelling of the face (after half an hour),^. — Bloated 
face (after a few hours),*. — Face is bloated and looks red,*^ — [30.] Bloat- 
edness of the face and whole body,^ — Face considerably bloated, giving 
me the appearance of a confirmed drunkard (after first dose, third day),\ 

JHoutJl. — ^Tongue much coated with a dark brown substance,^ — Offen- 
sive taste in mouth (after first dose),". 

Throat. — Constant raising of mucus (after first dose),*. — Dry feeling 
in the throat, with desire to swallow,'*. — Burning of the throat down the 
'Oesophagus, with stomachache, accompanied with cough, immediately (after 
"first dose, first day),\ — Throat feels sore (after first dose),*. — Throat feels 
raw and constricted,*". 

Stomach. — Appetite. Craving for something sour (eleventh and 
twelfth days),'. — [40.] No appetite (fourth day),'. — Loss of appetite at 
iDreakfast (after second dose),'. — Thirst. Great thirst. — Nausea and 
Vomiting. *Nausea and vomiting^. — Vomiting (after half an hour),^ 
— Vomiting of dark-brown substance,". — At two in the morning he awoke 
and vomited a brown, dirty matter for a quarter of an hour, after which 
lie fell backward and expired,*. — Vomiting of a dark grumous semi-acrid 
matter,^. — Stomach. Stomachache (first day),'. — The gastric symptoms 
■were of the most obstinate character,^ 

Abdomen.— Umbilical. [50.] Burning pain in the abdomen about 
the umbilicus,*. — A very severe pain burning about the umbilicus (after 
"first dose),'. — General Abdomen. Loud rumbling in the abdomen 
(part of S. 6),*. — Abdomen feels heavy, as if it were full ; severe burning 
pain,'!'. — Pain in the bowels increased by eating or drinking (fourth day),'. 
— Sleep disturbed from pain in the abdomen,"'. — Pain in the abdomen, 
aggravated by taking a long breath,"'. — Have had severe pain in the ab- 
domen, which feels very sore and tender (third day),'". — Violent pain in 
the bowels in the right side, passing downward to the rectum. The pain 
ceased after au hour (after second dose, second day),'. — Burning in the ab- 
domen,'\ — [60.] The pain in her bowels was severe, causing her to put 
her hands upon the abdomen and press it, although this did not relieve 
the pain ; the pain was a burning one,'. — After a short nap, woke up with 
a burning pain in the abdomen (after second dose),'.— Abdomen feels sore 
and tender (after second dos&)'.—JIi/pogastriuni. Pain in the bowels, 
in the hypogastric region,^ 

Sectum.-—A feeling of heaviness in the rectum (after first dose),'.— 
Intense pain in the rectum,^ 

Stool.— Some diarrhoea,l — Diarrhoea in the morning, with intense 
pain in the abdomen and burning in the rectum,''^. — Diarrhoea, with pain 
in the abdomen and rectum (after second dose),'.— Diarrhoea, with pain in 
the rectum,'^— [70.] Profuse diarrhosa for three days,"'.- Profuse diarrhoea, 
which lasted a week, with a continuous burning pain,'.— Violent diarrhoea 
of a bloody, slimy nature (after first dose, third day) ; continued diarrhoea 


(fourth day) ; slight abatement (fifth day)/. — Stools are profuse/"". — Fre- 
quent stools of a bloody, slimy nature/. 

Urinary Organs.— Yo'ided a large quantity of urine of a dark- 
red color, with a dirty sediment, voided with considerable pain (imme- 
diately after second dose, fifth day),^ — *Difficult urination' (sit'ter first dose, 
fifth day),\ — Retention of urine,"'". — She complained of retention of urine,'. 
— Retention of urine from morning till night (fourtli day),\ — -[80.] Re- 
tention of urine for eighteen hours, which, when passed, flowed freely 
(after second dose),*. — Desire to urinate, but could not pass anything since 
taking the drug until the next morning, when I passed a large quantity,'"'. 

Respiratory Organs. — Cough (first day),'. 

Pulse, Pulse 123 (after a few hours),*.— Pulse 120, then 150 (?) (after 
second dose, first day) ; 120 (second evening) ; 130 (after first dose) ; 120 
(after second dose), (third day) ; 75 (sixth day),'. — The pulse ran up to 
100-110,'.— Pulse full, and between 90 and 100,«^— Pulse ran up to 98 
(after first dose),^ — Pulse became weak,'. 

JS'eck and Back. — *Pain in bach, hi lumbar region,'^. — [90.] Pain 
in lumbar region, extending up the back,"'". 

Extremities in General. * Great trembling in the extremities; 
could not guide the pen while endeavoring to write (after second dose, 
second day),'. — Trembling in right arm and leg, as if a galvanic battery 
was attached to the extremity (after second dose, third day),'. 

Inferior M)ctremities.—Sv/e\Vmg of the feet, with burning and 
stinging ; a sensation as if full of pins (seventh and eighth days),'. 

General Symptoms, — Objective. Whole body began to swell,*. 
— The whole body swelled enormously, resembling an attack of general 
dropsy, though the impression of the fingers, when used to press the sur- 
face, was not like the impression in dropsical cases ; the swelling was a 
sort of pufiiness, and felt like pressing on a rubber sack filled with air,^ — 
Fatigued by the slightest exercise in the open air (after first dose, first 
day),'. — Great weakness and heaviness, with inclination to lie down, weak- 
ness increased by talking (after first dose, first day),'. — Great prostration 
and the general indications of fatal collapse,^ — Death in case of one of the 
children ; the others recovered after a serious illness, resembling typhoid 
fever,^ — [100.] Restlessness without weariness (after second dose, second 
day),'. — Subjective. She felt weak and languid (second day),'. — Feel 
weak and languid from sleeping (after second dose),". — Fainting sensation 
when walking, with dimness of sight ; a sensation of blackness before the 
eyes ; a sensation as if I should fall at every step (after second dose, first 
day),'. — Pain over the whole body, especially in the region of the spleen, 
which was apparently much congested,". — Smoking seemed to increase the 
severity of the symptoms (eleventh and twelfth days),'. 

Skin. — Soon the abraded surface began to be painful ; swelling en- 
sued ; the whole arm became involved ; a deep ulcer developed on the 
wrist, of the character of cancer, red and angry, with stickiug-stinging 
pains through the whole arm ; it afterwards assumed the form of a slough- 
ing ulcer, the bones of the wrist being exposed,^. 

Sleep and Dreams. — Sleeplessness until twelve o'clock in the 
evening ; after that, restless sleep, with terrifying dreams (first day),'. — 
Restless during sleep (after first dose),". — Could not sleep good, kept toss- 
ing about all night (after second dose),". — [110.] While sleeping, dreams 
wild, and screams as if in great distress,^. 

Fever. — Chilliness. Skin alternately cold, clammy, and hot, with 


fever,^— Coldness of the hands and feet (fourth day)/ K—Heat. Skin 
was hot,'.— Had fever during the night,^— She had considerable fever 
through the night and did not sleep good ; was restless, and could not sleep 
until after twelve o'clock,''.— Violent fever (after about half an hour),' ; 
(after a few hours),*.— Violent fever from 8 A.m. till 2 p.m. (fifth day),\— 
Head hot in the forehead,'. 

ConditioiiS.——(iEatinff and drinking), Pain in bowels. 
—{Smoking), The symptoms.— (I?i warm room). The symptoms. 

Amelioration.— {Open air) The symptoms. 


Drosera rotundifolia, Linn. 

Natural order, Droseracese. Common names, Round-leaved Sundew; 
(Germ.), Sonnenthau ; (Fr.), Rosde au Soleil ; (Span.), Rociada. 

Preparation, Tincture of entire plant. 

Authorities. 1, Hahnemann, Mat. Med. Pura ; 2, Gutmann, ibid. ; 3, 
Fr. H-n., ibid. ; 4, Langhamraer, ibid. ; 5, Wislicenus, ibid. ; 6, Bonfigli, 
in Vicat's Mat. Med., statement, ibid. ; 7, Haller, in Vicat, statement, 
ibid. ; 8, Nicolaus, in Vicat, statement, ibid. ; 9, Dr. E. B Shuldham put 
2 or 3 drops of the tincture into a jug of hot water and inhaled the vapor, 
M. Hom. Rev., 15, 299. 

Mind. — JEmotional. Joyful, good courage; he had no fear of evil, 
because he was conscious of having done right,*.! — Quiet mood,*.t — Inter- 
nal quiet and good humor (after twelve hours),'.t — He is depressed by the 
persecutions of others on all sides, and also discouraged and solicitous about 
the future (after four hours),^ — He is dull and despondent about the 
troubles of life, which men cause each other and him, about which he is 
anxious and solicitous, together with loss of appetite (after five hours),'. — 
Joyless, stupid, and disinclined for physical or mental labor (after thirty- 
three hours),l — Anxiety, especially in the evening about 7 or 8 o'clock, as 
if he were impelled to jump into the water in order to take his life_ by 
drowning ; he was not impelled to any other kind of suicide,*. — Anxiety 
when alone ; he constantly desired to have some one with him, and would 
not be without men, and was more quiet if he could speak to some one; but 
if he were again left alone, he became all the more anxious, until falling 
asleep ; on waking, the anxiety' returned (six evenings in succession),*. — 
Anxiety, with sudden flushes of heat over the whole body, especially over 
the whole face, as if he should hear unpleasant news (after three hours and 
a half), and again (after twenty-seven hours) shivers over the whole body, 
without heat or sweat,*. — [10.] The anxiety seems to rise up again from the 
region beneath the ribs,*. — Anxiety, as if his enemies allowed him no rest, 
but persecuted and pursued him,*. — -Restless mood and anxiety the whole 
day ; full of distrust, as if he were dealing with none but false men (after 
thirty-eight hours),*. — Extremely uneasy, sad mood the whole day ; he 
imagines that he would be deceived by tricky, designing men,*. — Taciturn, 
quiet, and anxious ; he was constantly in dread of hearing something un- 
pleasant,*. — -He is very much affected by offences, with some vexation,^ — 
Very ill-humored ; a trifle puts him out,\ — An insignificant circumstance 
so aroused him, that he was beside himself with rage (after four days and 

f Eeaction, curative action. — Hahnemann. 


a half),l — Obstinate in the execution of his matured plans/. — Intellect- 
ual. Uneasiness; while reading, he is unable to keep his mind upon any 
subject, but is constantly obliged to change to another (after thirty-six hours),^ 

Head. — Confusion and Vertigo. [20.] Head is confused and 
heavy/. — Vertigo on walking in the open air (after fourth day)/. — Attack 
of vertigo on walking in the open air; is constantly inclined to fall to the 
left side (after nine hours)/. — Dizzy and whirling, with disinclination to 
work (after thirty-three hours)/. — General Mead. Heaviness of the 
head on holding it upright, but not on stooping (after thirty-seveu hours)/. 
— Painfulness of the whole brain ; he feels every step in it (after eight 
hours),". — Heat of the head,\ — *Pressive headache,^. — Tearing pain in the 
brain, more towards the forehead ; more violent on moving the eyes ; re- 
lieved by resting the head upon the hand (after ten hours)/. — Forehead. 
Tearing, tensive headache in the forehead, more violent on stooping (after 
eleven hours), I — [30.] Headache in the forehead, like the confusion of the 
head which arises from violent talking, after violent motion and while 
walking/. — Headache above the orbits, on stooping, disappearing on walk- 
ing/. — Boring pain from within outward in the forehead, only on stooping 
while writing (after seven hours),". — Pressive pain, extending from within 
outward to the forehead and to both zygomata (after seven hours and a half)/. 
— Sharp, cutting, needle-like stitches in the right side of the forehead (after 
thirty-three hours),^. — Sore pain in the left frontal eminence,". — Pressive, 
gnawing headache externally above the right brow, together with drawing 
thence into the cerebellum, in the morning (after twenty-eight hours),^ — 
Teinxjle. Headache, pressing from within outward at the right temple,". 
— Pressive headache above the right temple (after three hours and a half),". 
— Parietals, Drawing pain in the right half of the brain, extending 
towards the occiput (after nine hours),".- — [40,] Dull, drawing pain in the 
left side of the brain, extending towards the temple (after twenty-eight 
hours),". — External Head. Biting, burning pain in the scalp of the 
vertex (after ten hours),". — Dull, boring pain externally on the crown 
(after ten hours),^ — Pressure, at times conjoined with gnawing, externally 
on the upper part of the head (after two hours),'^. — Sore sensation in the 
shin of the right temple^. — A sore pain in the scalp above the right side of 
the forehead (after thirty-two hours),". — Burning, sore pain in the scalp of 
the right side, always disappearing on touch (after six hours and a half)/. 
— Itching-gnawing on the forepart of the scalp, disappearing on rubbing,^. 
— Excessive itching on the whole of the scalp, especially on the sides, 
obliging him to scratch (after twelve hours),*. 

JEye. — Tensive burning transversely across the left eye and lids (after 
thirteen hours),". — [50.] A cutting pain transversely across the whole of 
the left eye,". — On exerting the vision, he experiences a pain in the eyes, 
which is more biting than pressing,^ — Severe stitches from within outward 
to the eyes, especially on stooping,^ — Hroiv. Drawing, burning pain in 
the superciliary ridge, more towards the temples (after twenty-five hours),". 
— Pain, as if suppurating, upon pressing on the left eye, brow, and lid 
(after three days),". — Lids. Agglutination of the lids, as with matter/.— 
Sore pain in the right lower lid, worse on touch (after eleven hours),". — 
Itching of .the lids (after twenty-four hours),^ — Hall. Burning pain in 
the right eyeball, and fine stitches in the left inner ear (after nine hours),". 
—A sharp stitch in the left eyeball during rest,". — [60.] Dull tearing 
across the left eyeball (after thirty-two hours),". — Pupil. Dilated pupils 
(after twenty-five hours),*. — Pupils contracted,'^ ; (after one to two hours),*. 


— Vision. Obscuration of vision, without vertigo, with vibrations before 
the eyes, at 7 p.m., on entering the room from the open air after a walk,\ — It 
seems as though a veil were before the eyes ; the letters run together while 
reading,^ — Far-sightedness (presbyopia) and weakness of the eyes ; on at- 
tempting to i-ecognize small objects, there is a vibration before the eyes,^ 
^Glistening flickerings play before the eye, more about the upper part 
and on one side ; when he looks at the flickering, it moves more out of the 
field of vision ; it disturbs him while reading (after forty-eight hours),^ 

^ar. — External. Drawing pain in the right lobule and part of the 
cartilage of the right ear (after thirty-one hours),^— Picking and burning 
pain externally in the whole of the right ear ; soon afterwards, dull draw- 
ing from without inward (after fifty-one hours),l — Tearing and twitching 
pain in the front of the left meatus auditorius (after thirty-five hours),^ — 
[70.] Sharp gnawing beneath both cartilages of the ears (after half an 
hour),''. — Internnl. A pain internally in the right ear, as if everything 
would be pressed together, almost cramplike (after seven hours and a 
half ),l — Tensive sticking in the left ear, more external than internal (after 
twelve hours),'. — Dull stitch in the right ear, not wholly external (after 
three hours),^ — A broad, slow stitch through the left ear, extending in- 
Vfard (after two hours),^ — A tickling stitch in the innermost portion of the 
right ear,l — Twinging and sticking in the left middle ear (after thirty 
hours),'. — Hearing , Difficult hearing, with increased humming before 
the ears,^ — Humming and roaring before the ears, or like the sound of a 
distant drum, continuing during both motion and rest,^. 

Nose. — Objective. Frequent sneezing, wvth or without fluent coryza 
(after thirteen and twenty-four hours),*. — [80.] Painful sneezing and a 
cough, which obliges him to lay the hand upon the chest and hold it,\ — 
Violent fluent coryza, especially in the morning,*. — Blowing of blood from 
the nose in the morning while washing the face (fourth day),'. — Epistaxis 
in the morning and evening,^ — Epistaxis on stooping,^. — Prickling in the 
left side of the nose, and crawling in the left ear,'. — Crawling sensation in 
the right nostril, provoking sneezing (after twenty-six hours),'. — Smell. 
Great sensitiveness to sour smells (third day),'. 

Face. — CheeliS. Biting pain on the inner side of the left cheek, as 
after pepper (after two hours),'. — Sudden fine jerking in the left cheek, 
which gives him a start (after eight hours),^ — [90.] Drawing pressure on 
the superior maxillary bones (after two hours),\ — Lips. Cracking in the 
middle of the lower lip,'. — Constant dry lips, with little taste,'. — Chin. 
Burrowing pressure in tiie right articulation of the jaw and in the adjacent 
bones, continuing during rest and motion, always worse on opening the 
mouth (after fifty-two hours),'. — Violent pressive pain in the right articu- 
lation of the jaw during rest and motion (after twenty-six hours),'. — ' 
Sticking-tearing in the left lower jaw, as if in the periosteum (after eight 

Mouth. — Teeth. It causes affections of the teeth,'. f — (Looseness of 
the teeth),'. — Cold sensation in the crown of an incisor (after fifty-six 
houi-s),'. — Sticking toothache in the morning after warm drinks,'. — 
Tongue. [100.] A small, round, painless swelling in the middle of the 
tongue (after forty-eight hours),'. — A whitish ulcer on the tip of the 
tongue,'. — Sticking, biting pain in the right side and tip of the tongue,'.— 
Fine picking stitches on the dorsum of the tongue (after twenty-five 

f Add "from its acridity." — Hughes. 


hours),''. — Saliva. Profuse discharge of watery saliva (waterbrash),^. — 
Taste. Bitter taste in the throat iu the moruing till dinner/. — Bread 
tastes bitter/.— Food has no taste/. 

Throat. — Burning, raw sensation deep in the throat immediately after 
dinner (after twenty-nine hours),'. — Rough, scraping, dry sensation in the 
soft palate and low down in the fauces, causing hacking cough,\ — [110,] 
Crawling, biting sensation in the right side of the fauces when not swal- 
lowing (after thirty-five hours),^ 

Stomach. — Appetite. Ravenous hunger, without appetite, fre- 
quently during the day ; when he thinks he has been satisfied it returns 
after one and a half or two hours/. — Thirst, Thirst/. — JEructatioiis 
and Hiccough. Bitter eructations from the stomach into the mouth,\ 
— Bitter and acid eructations from the stomach into the mouth,'. — Frequent 
hiccough (after twenty-eight hours),''. — Nausea aiid Vomiting. 
(Nausea on thinking of it),'. — Nausea, with pressive stupefying headache, 
especially iu the forehead (after four hours)/. — Qualmish nausea after 
eating,'. — When coughing he comes near vomiting,'. — [120.] Vomiting at 
night,'. — Vomiting before dinner,'. — *Duriug the febrile chill, vomiting, 
at last of bile/. — On coughing he vomits water, mucus, and food,'. — Vomit- 
ing, in the morning, mostly bile,'. — Vomiting of blood,'. — Stomach. 
Pinching tension in the pit of the stomach as if everything would be 
drawn inward, especially on deep inspiration (after ten hours),^ — Fine, 
transient clawing together in the pit of the stomach (after four hours)/. — 
Stitching and throbbing in the pit of the stomach,'. 

Abdomen. — Hijpochondria. * Constrictive pain in both hijpo- 
ehondria, which impedes the coughing ; he is unable to cough, on account of the 
pain, unless he presses the hand upon the pit of the stomach,^. — [130.] Pain 
in the hypochondria, on coughing, as if they would be forcibly constricted,'. 
— Hypochondria are painful to touch and on coughing, and he is obliged 
to press upon them with the hand while coughing in order to mitigate the 
pain/. — General Abdoinen. Tensive pain in the upper part of the 
abdomen before and after a stool, if he holds the breath ; not felt during 
inspiration or expiration; very violent while sitting and stooping; stool 
softer than usual (after fifty hours),^ — When he does not expectorate easily, 
the cough affects the abdomen like a constriction and an effort to vomit,'. — 
Pinching and scraping in the abdomen, with diarrhosa,'. — Twitching, cut- 
ting-pinching iu the abdomen, as if caused by incarcerated flatus (after 
thirteen hours),*. — Twisting pain in the abdomen,'. — Boring stitches in the 
right side of the parietes of the abdomen (after thirteen hours),l — Dull 
drawing stitch extending transversely from the right side of the abdomen 
to the left, almost taking away the breath, while walking (fifth day),^ — 
Cutting in the abdomen (after three hourS)/. — [140,] Cutting shoots in the 
muscles of the abdomen and chest, worse while sitting than while moving 
(after eight hours),^ — Sticking in the right side of the abdomen, while 
sitting,'. — Colic, without subsequent stool (after five hours),^ — Hypo- 
gastriwm and Iliac Hegion. A sudden contraction of the lower ab- 
domen as though he were about to vomit, causing cough, on expiration iu 
the evening, while lying in bed,'.— Dull stitches in the right groin (after 
fifty-one hours),''. — Drawing stitch from the left loin into the penis (after 
six hours),^ — Sticking-tearing from the spine to the anterior spine of the 
left ilium, while sitting (after eight hours),'. 

Rectum. — A pressing-out pain in the rectum when not at stool (after 
six hours)/. 


Stool, — DiarrJlcea. Frequent stools, with colic/. — Stools become 
continually softer (after one hour)/. — [150.] Stool, consisting of much pasty 
fseces (after fourteen hours),*. — Thin stools during the first days, after- 
wards harder stools; after the discharge there remains an ineffectual 
urging,\ — Passage of bloody mucus with the stools, followed by pains in 
the abdomen, and in the small of the back,^ — Constipation. Stool, 
consisting of scanty hard fseces, with pressing (after thirty-eight hours),*. 

Urinary Organs. — Urethra. Frequent urging to urinate, viiih 
very scanty urine, often passing only by a few drops (after two hours),*. — 
Micturition. Profuse secretion of urine,*. — Frequent, copious micturi- 
tion the whole day (after forty-eight hours),*. — Urine. Urine watery, 
odorless, with white slimy offensive stools (after twenty-four hours),\ 

Sexual Organs. — Itching, dull stitch in the glans penis, lasting 
several minutes (after thirty-three hours),l 

Respiratory Organs. — Larynx. Crawling in the larynx, which 
provokes hacking cough, with sensation as if a soft substance were in it, with 
fine stitches extending thence to the right side of the pharynx (after four 
days),l — [160.] *J. bruised feeling in the larynx whilst inhaling, lasting 
one and a half hours,l — Cough and Expectoration. Cough com- 
ing from very deep in the chest/. — *Cougli ; the paroxysms follow each 
other so violently that he is scarcely able to get his breath,^ — * Cough, 
in the evening, immediately after lying down^. — * Cough at nighty. — *H6 
aivakes at night about two o'clock, coughs for a short time and then falls asleep 
again,^. — Cough in the morning, with expectoration,^ — *Roiigh scraping 
dry sensation deep in the fauces (and in the soft palate), causing a hack- 
ing cough, with a yellow mucous expectoration and hoarseness, so that 
he speaks only with exertion in a deep bass voice, together with oppres- 
sion of the chest, as if the air was withheld on talking and coughing, so 
that the breath could not be expired, lasting several days,^.^ — * Cough, with 
bloody expectoration,'^. — The morning expectoration has a nauseous taste (not 
during the day),'. — [170.] The morning expectoration tastes bitter,^ — (Salty 
taste of the matter expectorated by coughing or hawking),'. — Jtespira- 
tion. When coughing the breath from the lungs has a burnt odor,'. — 
Deep respiration,'. — Difficult respiration/. — *Dyspncea, especially on talking, 
even with every word, thethroat becomes constricted; there is no dyspnoea while' 

Chest. — Pain across the lower portion of the chest and hypochondria,'. 
— Burning sensation in the middle of the chest, without thirst (after four 
hours), I — Tensive pain in the pectoral muscles, continuing several houre, 
duringiuspiration and expiration (after eight hours)/. — A constrictive feeling 
in both lungs, whilst inhaling, lasting one and a half hours,'. — [180.] Severe 
aching pains in and below both clavicles, over a small space in both liings, 
whilst inhaling ; the infra-clavicular pain afterwards extended round to the 
scapuljB ; lasting one and a half hours,^ — Violent pain transversely across 

f This condition must be very similm- to some forms of the so-called laryngeal 
phthisis, for which Drosera is the only remedy (provided there is no specific basis, 
syphilis, psora, etc.). This herb is said to cause very violent cough, even in sheep j 
(see Borrichius in Act Hafn., vol. 4, S. 16-2). Several older physicians have in- 
deed cured some malignant coughs with this remedy, and found it curative in sup- 
purative consumption, and so have confirmed its (homo3opathic) curative power in 
these diseases ; later modern physicians (for example, 5[urray, Apparat. Med., Tom. 
Ill, p. 501), on account of their antipathic theories, advise against it, because of its 
alleged acridity. — Haunemann. 


the chest, even when not coughing, while sitting ; the pain is more pressive 
than sticking, and disappears on moving about ; there is also a pressive 
pain when touched,'. — Sticking in the chest while coughing,'.— Stitches in 
the pectoral muscles, on coughing and breathing,'. — Intolerable stitches 
while coughing or breathing deeply, in the upper part of the chest near 
the axilla, only somewhat relieved by pressing the hand upon the painful 
spot, with purulent expectoration, intimately mixed with blood and colored 
red ; the spot was not painful to external touch ; lasting from the morning 
through the day (after twenty-four hours),'. — Dull stitches in the left inter- 
costal muscles, so violent that they almost take away the breath, continuing 
during inspiration and expiration (third day),l — A hot dull stitch in the 
muscles of the right trueribs,continuingduriuginspiration and expiiation,^ — 
Crawling sensation in the left intercostal muscles, with pressing headache 
in both temples, especially in the right (after eight hours and a half ),^ 

Neck and 3ack. — Week. Nape of the neck is stiff and painful 
on motion,'. — Sack, Painful cramp in the muscles of the back and ab- 
domen, on turning the head and body to look around, continuing a long 
time,'. — [190.] Drawing pain in the back and shoulders, during rest and 
motion (after six hours),^ — Dull stitch in the muscles of tlie left side of 
the back (after twelve hours),^ — Pain here and there in the back as if 
bruised,'. — The back pains as if bruised (strained) in the morning (after 
twelve hours),'. — Dorsal. Rheumatism felt between the scapulae, on 
moving, extending down to the small of the back,'. — Lumbat'. Grasp- 
ing pinching in the left lumbar region, on walking rapidly ; it impedes 
respiration, is relieved by pressure with the hand (after one hour),^ — 
Sacral. Itching stitching in the coccyx, while sitting (after twenty-nine 
hours),'''.- — Violent sharp stitch in the ischia, on rising from sitting (after 
fifty-five hours),^ 

Extremities in General. — All his limbs seem affected; he seems 
lame all over,^. — All the limbs feel paralyzed,'. — [200.] Aching of all the 
limbs upon which he lies, as if the bed were too hard, and he had not 
enough to lie upon,'. — Cramplike pressure, now in the upper, now in the 
lower limbs, during rest and motion (after thirteen hours),*. — Painful stick- 
ing pressure in the muscles of the upper and lower limbs at the same time, in 
every position (after four hours and a half and thirty hours),*. — All the 
limbs feel bruised and are also painful externally, '^. — A pain composed of 
gnawing and sticking in the long bones, especially violent in the joints, with 
violent stitches in the joints, less noticed during motion than rest,'. — (A jerk- 
ing or jerking sensation in the limbs),'. 

Superior JExtreniities. — Sticking in the right arm, and a pain 
extending from the' shoulder to the elbow, even during rest ; the elbow- 
joint is painful to touch as if it were suppurating,'. — The arm is painful 
on motion, as if the muscles would be torn loose from the bones,'. — 
Shoulder. Twitching in the right shoulder only during rest (after fifty- 
two hours),'^. — Pain in the shoulder-joint as if the arm would go to sleep, 
and was weak and tired, disappearing on continued motion,'. — [210,] Pain 
in the shoulder-joint as if bruised, on bending the arm backward, raising 
■or resting it upon anything, or even on touching the joint,'. — Violent pres- 
sure in the axilla from within outward during rest (after seven houi-s),'*. — 
Pain as if sprained in the left axilla, while walking or standing, relieved by 
touch (after eleven hours),*. — Elhotv. Pinching tension in the bend of 
the elbow, on flexing the arm up, only slightly noticed on stretching it out 
(after twenty-four hours),". — Pain as if bruised, first in the region of the 

176 • DROSERA. 

elbow-joint, then in the shoulder/. — Forearm. Sudden cutting above 
the wrist between the bones, together with a paralytic weakness of the arm 
(after forty-eight hours),". — Violent, very acutely painful stitches through 
the middle of the left forearm (after twelve hours),^ — Wrist. Pain in 
the wrist-joint, at the articulation of the ulna and radius with each other, 
on bending or turning the baud, and on touch,\- — Hand. Pulsation in 
an artery on the back of the left hand, together with a pressing-out head- 
ache in the forehead (after seven hours),^ — Pain in the hands as if bruised 
and beaten, extending to the elbow-joints,\ — Fingers. [220.] The fingers 
are inclined to be spasmodically contracted, and, on closing them, the joints 
of the middle finger to be stiff, as if the tendons would uot yield, now in the 
right, now in the left hand,'. — Spasmodic contraction of the flexors of the 
fingers, so that it is with difficulty that he stretches them out, as if he had 
something in his hand (after eiglit hours),^ — Sticking extending into the 
fingers and out at their tips, even during rest,^ — Tearing pain in the ball 
of the left thumb, during rest and motion (after twenty-eight hours),l 

Inferior Fxtremities. — He is unable to stretch out the leg with- 
out great pain, and ig obliged to limp,\ — Hij). Paralytic pain in the right 
hip-joint, thigh, and ankle, though the latter feels rather as if sprained ; while 
walking, he is obliged to limp on account of the pain (after eleven hours),^ — 
Thigll. A sensitive pain in the bones of the right thigh and leg, coming 
on at night during sleep, so that on waking he was obliged to stretch out 
the leg in order to relieve the pain, lasting eighteen hours,^. — Cutting 
pinching in the posterior portion of the left thigh (after two hours),^ — 
Pain in the left thigh and knee-joint, as if broken, only while walking 
(after one hour and a half ),^ — Pressive pain in the posterior muscles of 
the left thigh at night, aggravated by pressure and stooping ; he cannot lie 
upon them at night ; the pain disappears after rising,^. — [230.] A single 
cutting stitch in the middle of the anterior portion of the left thigh, recurring 
from time to time (after twenty-four hours),^. — (Tearing pain in the thigh 
with heaviness of the legs, after eating),\ — Knee. Trembling of the knees 
while walking, even in the room, especially on ascending steps,\ — Painful 
stiffiiess of the bends of the knees; he can scarcely bend them,^. — Leg. 
Stitches along the fibula, extending to the calf during rest ; the pain wakes 
him from sleep at night,\ — Fine cutting stitch in the right calf, appearing 
while sitting and disappearing lohile walking,'. — Anhle. Stiffness in the 
ankles; they are very stiff, ^. — (Sticking and throbbing about the right ankle, 
mostly while lying, at night),\ — Tearing pain in the right ankle, as if dis- 
located, only while walking (after thirty-four hours),". — Paralytic tearing in 
both ankles, most violent while the feet are lying quiet (after eight hours),^ 
— Foot. [240.] Tottering unsteady gait from weakness of the feet, on 
beginning to walk, which disappears on continuing to walk,^ — Pain draw- 
ing up and down in the feet, extending to the calves,\ — Itching stitch in 
the sole of the left foot and in the balls of the toes, while sitting (after one 
hour and a half ),l — Tearing pain in the heels on motion (while walking),^ 
— Toes. Pine sticking pains in the three middle toes, so violent that he 
was obliged to limp, only noticed while walking (after four days and a 
half),^ — Tearing pain in the ball of the right great toe, in one point, 
during rest (after twenty-six hours),l 

General Symptoms.— Bo weak in the morning on waking that 
he is scarcely able to open the eyes,'. — Excessive weariness in the morning; 
he does not wish to rise from bed,'.— -ifis whole body feels weak, with sunken 
eyes and cheeks (after eight hours),'. 


Skin. — Objective. The herb, applied externally, corrodee the skin,'. 
— Eruptions, Dry. [250.] Two red elevated spots as large as peas on 
the back of the hand and above the wrist, at first painful, afterwards itch- 
ing stitches in one spot, which become worse on rubbiug,^ — (A pimple, 
painful to touch, behind and beneath the left ear),'. — Red pimple in the mid- 
dle of the chin, just below the lower lip, covered with a white, scaly skin, 
without sensation, even when touched (after twenty-seven hours),*. — 
Eruptions, JPustular. Small pimples here and there in the face, 
with a fine sticking sensation only when touched, with pustules in the cen- 
tre, which dry after some days,'. — Ulcer. A deep, corroding ulcer on the 
back of the right hand, with an itching sensation, which, after rubbing, 
changes to a burning, after which a bloody moisture exudes (after twenty- 
four hours),*. — Subjective. Burning pain in the skin in front of the 
right corner of the mouth,^. — Prichling burning pain in the shin of the cheek, 
beneath the left lid (after half an hour),^ 

SleejJ and Dreams. — Sleepiness. Frequent yawning and 
stretching, as though he had not slept enough (after thirty hours),*. — Snor- 
ing in sleep while lying on the back,*. — Sleeplessness. Sleeplessness,'. 
— [260.] Frequent waking from sleep, as if he had already slept enough 
and it were time to rise,*. — Frequent waking at night, always on the break- 
ing out of sweat (first night),*. — Frequent starting at night from sleep, as if 
from fright or fear, but without anxiety on waking,'. — Frequent violent 
starting from sleep in the evening,^.— Dreams. Vivid dreams, partly 
joyous, partly anxious,*. — Anxious dreams at night,'. — ^ Vivid frightful 
dreams about being maltreated,*. — He dreams of thirst and drinking; 
wakes very thirsty and is obliged to drink (second night),''. 

Fever. — Chilliness. Chilliness throughout the day ; heat through- 
out the night (after thirty-six hours),'. — In the afternoon, frequent attacks, 
now of chilliness, now of heat, with nausea,'. — [270.] He always feels too 
cold ; he cannot get warm,'. — He feels cold at night in bed, though with- 
out shivering,'.— Shivering during rest; no shivering on motion,'. — Shiver- 
ing during rest, though the body seems warm to the touch ; even in bed he 
is unable to keep from shivering and feeling cold,'. — Shivering over the 
whole body, with warm forehead, hot cheeks, and cold hands, without thirst 
(second time in the day), (after thirty-four hours),*. — Febrile shivers over 
the whole body, without heat or thirst (after twelve hours and a half),*. — 
Febrile shivers over the whole body, with heat of the face and icy coldness of 
the hands, without thirst (after third and twenty -seventh hours),*. — Fever ; 
qualmish nausea, which seems to rise from the stomach, with feeling of 
heat in the face, creeping chilliness of the whole body, and icy coldness of 
the hands (after twenty-seven hours and a half),*. — Quotidian fever ; in 
the forenoon, before nine, chilliness, with ice-cold hands and blue nails 
(he was obliged to lie down), lasting till noon ; after the chilliness, thirst, 
followed by heaviness of the head, throbbing pain in the occiput, and heat 
of the face, with usual warmth of the rest of the body, lasting till 3 p.m. ; 
ill the evening, feels well ; at night, profuse sweat, especially on the abdo- 
men; after the heat, nausea,'. — Febrile paroxysms; confused heavy head; 
constant chilliness, he cannot get warm ; food has no taste, with thirst, 
heat of the head, and accumulation of watery saliva,'. — [280,] Face, nose, 
and hands cold,'. — (Coldness of the left half of the face, with sticking 
pains in it, while the right half was hot and dry, after midnight),'. — (Cold 
cheeks, with hot hands in the evening),'. — Seat. *Warmth of the upper 

VOL. lY.— 12 


portion of the body towards evening,'. — *Heat and redness of the face 
(after five hours)/. — (Heat and sweat on the chest, thighs, and hollows of 
the knees, with thirst day and night),'. — Sweat. Sweat,^ — Nightsweat,'. — 
Sweat just after midnight,'. — Sweat only on the face, three nights in suc- 

Conditions. — Aggravation. — {Morning), Headache above brow; 
fluent coryza ; while washing face, blowing blood from nose ; after warm 
drinks, toothache; till dinner, bitter taste; cough; nauseous expectora- 
tion; on waking, weakness ; weariness. — {Forenoon'), Before 9 o'clock, 
quotidian fever. — {Afternoon), Febrile attacks ; towards evening, warmth 
of upper portion of body. — {Evening), About 7 or 8 o'clock, anxiety ; on 
expiration, while lying in bed, contraction of lower abdomen ; immediately 
after lying down, cough ; cold cheeks, etc. — {Night), Vomiting ; cough ; 
worse on pressure and stepping; pain in muscles of thigh ; at night, stick- 
ing, etc., about ankles; heat; in bed, feels cold; sweat on face. — {After 
midnight). About 2 o'clock, wakes and coughs ; coldness of half of face, 
etc. ; sweat. — ■{ When alone). Anxiety. — ( On coughing). Pain in hypochon- 
An&.— {After dinner), Raw feeling in throat. — {After eating). Nausea. — 
( On holding head upright). Heaviness of head. — {Deep inspiration). Ten- 
sion in pit of stomach. — {Motion), While walking, pain in heels. — {Moving 
eyes), Pain in brain. — {Red), Stitch in eyeball ; twitching in shoulder ; 
pressure in axilla ; tearing in ankles ; pain in great toe. — {Rising from sit- 
ting), Stitch in ischia. — {On entering room from open air), Obscuration of 
vision. — {Sitting), Shoots in muscles of abdomen, etc. ; sticking in side of 
abdomen ; tearing from spine to ilium ; pain across chest ; stitch in coccyx ; 
stitch in calf; stitch in left sole, etc. — {Standing), Pain in axilla. — {Stoop- 
ing), Headache in forehead ; headache above eyes ; while writing, boring 
in forehead; stitches to eyes; epistaxis. — {Talking), Dyspnoea. — {Walk- 
ing), Stitch in abdomen ; pinching in lumbar region ; pain in axilla; pain 
in thigh, especially on ascending steps; trembling of knees ; pain in ankle; 
pains in toes. — {On ivalking in open Vertigo. 

Atnelioration. — {Motion), Pain in long bones; pain in shoulder- 
joint. — {Pressure), Pinching in lumbar region. — {Resting head on hands), 
Pain in brain. — {Rising), Pain in muscles of thigh. — {Touch), Paiu in 
scalp ; pain in axilla. — ( Walking), Headache above orbits ; stitch in calf. 
— {Continuing to walk). Tottering gait. 


Solanum Dulcamara, Linn. 

Natural order, Solanaceae. Common names, "Woody Nightshade (not 
De dly Nightshade, Belladonna), Bittersweet (not Climbing Bittersweet, 
Celastrus). German, Bittersuss. French, Douce-am^re, Morelle. 

Preparoiioji, Tincture of plant above woody portion, gathered just be- 
fore flowering. 

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schrift (Am. J. of M. Sc, 1851), a man took one forenoon, for a cough, 
three to four quarts of an infusion of a peck of the stalks; 31, Journ. de 
China. Med., 6, 143 (from Orfila, Toxicologic), poisoning of three children 
by the berries ; 32, Heintz (from Orfila), poisoning of two children by the 

3Iind. — JEinotional. Delirium,'^ — Delirium at night, with in- 
creased pains,'^J — Delirious fantasies and delirium,"*. — She awakes early, 
as if called, and sees the form of a ghost, which keeps enlarging until it 
disappears,'. — Constant picking in the air and at his clothes,^**. — Restless- 
ness of mind,". — Screaming, as in hydrocephalus,^^ — Anxiety and fear of 
the future after midnight,'. — Very ill-humored, discontented with every- 
thing, for several days,". — [10.] * Quarrelsome mood in the afternoon, with- 
out, however, being vexed |,hereby,^ — * Impatient in the morning; he stamps 
the feet, throws everything away from him, begins to rave, and at last to 
cry,'*. — Intellectual. Patients did not seem to know what was going 
on about them,'". — Took no notice of his surroundings, and heard nothing 
when spoken to,'^^ 

Head. — Confusion and Vertigo. Stupefaction of the head,". — 
Violent stupefaction,'^. — Vertigo,^'^ '', etc. — * Vertigo in the morning on ris- 
ing from bed, so that he almost fell, with trembling of the whole body and gen- 
eral weakness,^. — Vertigo while walking at noon, before eating; it seems as 
though all objects in front of him stood still, and it became black before 
his eyes,'. — ^Momentary vertigo,". — [20.] Slight, very transient vertigo,". — 
Dizziness of the head, with rising warmth in the whole of the face,". — She 
staggers and reels,". — General Mead. Dulness in the head, as after 
intoxication, disappearing in the open air,'°. — Dulness in the head, with 
drawings in the frontal eminences,". — Dull and confused in the head in the 
evening,". — * Dulness and painful stupefaction of the head,^'\ — *Heaviness of 
the head,^^. — Heaviness of the head, with a boring-out pain in the temples 

■ says that he has, after seventeen years' experience with the drug, 
enience result from full doses, save those described in S. 83, 112, and 

t The author i 
seen no inconven 

847; S. 256, 403, 451 (sometimes the precursors of a new eruption, and then asso- 
ciated with S. 413 and 414, S. 27 and 88, and S. 141.)— Hughks. 

X Not found. — HuQHKS. 


and forehead, as after a debauch,*". — Heaviness of the whole head through- 
out the day, as if the scalp were tense, especially in the nape of the neck, 
where the sensation became a crawling,". — [30.] Heat in the head,". — 
Head hot, dizzy, with obscuration of vision, which changed to flickering 
of black spots before the eyes on waking in the morning,'". — Pressive ten- 
sive pain in the head, above the right eye (after three hours),'". — Head- 
ache,''. — Headache in the morning in bed, aggravated on rising,'. — Head- 
ache, making hini stupid, lasting ten days,''. — Headache, with indolence, 
icy coldness of the whole body, and inclination to vomit,^ — ^Dull headache, 
especially in the left frontal eminence,". — Boring headache from within 
outward, before midnight,". — Drawings in the head, extending from both 
temples inward,". — [40.] Slow drawing pain through the whole brain, 
especially in the evening (after quarter of an hour),'. — Pressure, as with 
a dull instrument internally, only upon very small places of the head,*. — 
Pressing-out headache on walking in the open air towards evening,". — 
Dull pressive headache, becomes worse in the evening, with increasing 
coryza,". — Stitches in the head, so that she became angry about them, 
mostly in the evening, relieved by lying down,'. — Forehead, Heaviness 
in the forehead (after twelve hours),".-»-Heaviness in the forehead for sev- 
eral days, with stitches in the temporal region from within outward,".^ 
Burstihg pains extending from the forehead to the bridge of the nose (after 
third day),""". — Dull headache in the forehead and root of the nose, as if 
he had a board in front of the head,*. — Boring pain from within outward, 
now in the forehead, now in the temples,'". — [50.] Boring pain from within 
outward in the right half of the forehead, above the superciliary ridge,". — 
Burrowing and pressure over the whole of the forehead,*. — Burrowing 
headache deep in the forehead, with gloominess and feeling of distension 
in the brain, in the morning, in bed, worse after rising,^ — Rapid, jerking 
drawings in the frontal eminences down to the tip of the nose,*. — Drawing 
in the left frontal eminence, especially on stooping,^ — Pressive drawing in 
the left frontal eminence,'*. — Pressing-out pain in the left frontal eminence 
very late in the evening,''. — Jerk-like pressing outward in the forehead, 
worse on motion,". — Violent stitches in the forehead, deep in the brain, with 
nausea,*. — Painful, pressive throbbing in the left side of the forehead, with 
dizziness,". — Tenixtle. [60.] Boring in the right temple,". — Pressure as 
with a dull iostrument, now in the right, now in the left side, in the tem- 
ples,*. — Tearing in the left temple at intervals,*. — Pressive drawing in the 
left temporal region in the afternoon,". — Pressive tearing in the temples at 
intervals,*. — Vet'tex. Drawing pain on the vertex, extending to the 
nasal bones, where it became a constriction, in the evening while eating,". — 
Pressure as with a dull instrument, by paroxysms, on the left side of the 
vertex, from without inward,*. — Pressive stupefying pain in the left side 
of the top of the head,". — Tearing pressing together in the top of the 
head,*. — Parietals. Stupefying headache just above the left ear, as 
if something blunt were pressed into the head,*. — Occiput. [tO.] 
Heaviness in the occiput, lasting three days,". — Sensation as though the 
occiput was enlarged,". — Headache in the occiput in the evening, in bed,". 
— Pressive pain in the left occipital bone,". — Pressive stupefying pain in 
the occiput, rising up from tiie nape of the neckjl — Slow sticking in the 
occiput, as with a needle constantly drawn in and out,". 

Bye.— Objective. Eyes wide open, moist, and glittering,''.— J)i- 
ficanmation of the eyes,'"". — Sllbjectice. Feeling of dryness and tension 
in the eyes,'".— Feeling as though fire darted from the eyes, while walking 
in the sun, and in the room,'. — [80.] Pressure in the eyes, very much ag- 


gravated by reading,'. — Sensation as though his eyes would be pressed out 
and be protruded from the orbits/". — Ofhit, Contractive pain in the 
border of the orbit,*. — Lids. Twitching of the lids in the cold air,". — 
A kind of paralysis of the upper lid, as if it would fall down,". — Pupil. 
Pupils very much dilated,^" '^. — Pupils extremely dilated,^'- "''. — Pupils alter- 
nately contracted and dilated,''^ — Vi.slon. Dimness of vision,".t — 
Scarcely able to see,". — [90.] Commencing amaurosis, and so much dim- 
ness of vision that he seemed to see only through a veil,^ — Sparks before 
the eyes,"- 

Ear. — Earache the whole night, so that he was unable to sleep ; in the 
morning the pain suddenly disappeared, except some continued rushing 
noise,'. — A transient drawing in the external meatus auditorius,*. — *Stitche8 
in the meatus auditorius and parotid gland,^. — A pinching stitch in the left 
ear, extending towards the drum,". — Twinging in the right ear, with small 
stitches,". — Twinging pain in the left ear, with great nausea,'. — Tearing in 
the left ear, with stitches from within outward, with drumming and bub- 
bling, so that he could not hear distinctly, and with crackling on opening 
the mouth, as if something snapped asunder,'. — Prickling in the ears, as if 
cold air were in them,". — Hearing. [100.] Ringing in the ears,^l — 
Clear ringing in the ears (after four and eight days),". 

Nose. — Sneezing,". — Stopped coryza, with confusion of the head, and 
sneezing,'. — Bleeding of the nose,^'. — Bleeding of the nose, with profuse dis- 
charge of bright red very warm blood, and pressure in the region of the 
longitudioal sinus, which continued even after the bleeding,''. — Very dry 
nose, in the evening,^ 

Face. — Face puffy, anxious, distorted,^^ — *Face puffy, burning hot,". — 
Cramplike contraction in the face beneath the left ear, extending to the 
ramus of the lower jaw (J. R., from Hahnemann). — Cheeks. [110,] 
Drawing and tearing in the whole cheek,'. — Painless pressure upon the 
left malar bone (immediately),*. — Lips. Twitching movements of the 
lips, in the cold air,'". — Chin. Trismus,"'^. — Pinching in a small spot on 
the lower portion of the chin,'. 

Mouth. — Teeth. The teeth are dull and seem insensible,^ — Gums. 
The gums are loose and spongy,'. — Tongue. Tongue very white,''"*. — 
Tongue is swollen stiff, and seems paralyzed ; was unable to articulate a 
word, and has to make his desire known by writing,'^". — Paralysis of the 
tongue,'* ".—[120.] Paralysis of the tongue, after long use,'^I — Paralysis of 
the tongue, in the evening; this symptom increased so much in the course of 
three or four hours that he could scarcely move his tongue,^". — Paralysis of 
the tongue, hindering speech (in cold damp weather),'". — Tongue could not 
be protruded,"^ — *Dry tongue,^^. — [Dry, rough tongue],".§ — Itching crawl- 
ing on the tip of the tongue,". — Generul 31outh. Pimples and ulcers 
m the mouth, on the inside of the upper lip, on the anterior portion of the 
palate, with tearing pain on moving the parts,'. — Mouth dry,''^ — Saliva. 
* Accumulation of saliva,'^^.\\ — [130. J Accumulation of saliva, with loose, 
spongy gums,'^ — Constant grasping at the mouth, as though he would take 
something out of it; constantly spitting about,'^^ — Saliva tenacious and 
soaplike,". — Tenacious, soapy saliva is discharged in large quantities,'". — 
Taste. Flat, soapy taste iii the mouth, with loss of appetite,'*. — Speech. 

t With S. 27.— HuGHKS. 

t Only a citation from Gowan (S. 119), according to Murray. — Hughes. 

j See S. 489. || Not found.— Huuhes. 


Stammering from time to time, as if delirious or intoxicated, 'I — Indistinct 
articulation, although he constantly endeavored to speak,^*. — Loss of 
speech,-'. — Speech impossible, followed by rattling respiration, cramps, 
tetanic stiffness, and death,''^ 

Thrortt. — ^Constant hawking of very tough mucus, with much scrap- 
ing in the pharynx,". — [140,] Dryness of the throat, in the evening,"". — 
Pains in the throat,'^ — Pressure in the throat, as if the uvula were too 
long,\ — Phnri/HX. Feeling of increased warmth in the pharynx,'. — 
Swalloiving. Inability to swallow,^^ 

Stomach. — Appetite, Good appetite and natural taste to the food, 
though soon satiated and full, with much rumbling and roaring in the 
abdomen,*. — Hunger, with aversion to every kind of food,'. — "^Aversion io 
food, with shivering as though he would vomit,". — T/iirst. Very great 
thirst, but drink was immediately vomited,*'. — * Unquenchable thirst,^': — 
JSrurtntion nnd Hiccough. [150.] Eructations, accompanied by 
hiccough,*. — *Many eructations,'. — Repeated eructations, while eating, so 
that the soup just swallowed rose again into the throat,*. — Frequent eruc- 
tations, with scraping in the oesophagus and heartburn,". — Empty eructa- 
tions, with shuddering as from nausea,". — Frequent empty eructations,*. — 
Waterbrash,'. — Wdusea and Vomitiiif/. * Nausea," '^^, etc. — Nausea 
and qualmishness,'^ — Nausea, with inability to bring up anything,'*. — 
[160.] Great qualmish nausea, with chilliness,'. — Retching,"'. — Frequent 
but ineffectual efforts to vomit,^'. — * Vomiting,^^. — Vomiting, with nausea, 
heat, and anxiety,". — Vomiting of only tenacious mucus,". — ^Vomiting of 
mucus, in the morning, preceded by warm uprisings in the pharynx,'. — 
Vomiting, fii-st of mucus, afterwards of a thick blackish-green liquid,". — 
Stomach. Feeling of distension in the pit of the stomach, with an un- 
pleasant sensation of emptiness in the bowels,". — Tensive pain in the region 
of the pit of the stomach to the right side, as if he had strained himself, or 
received an injury,". — [170.] Griping in the stomach, even to taking away 
the breath,'. — Constant griping in the epigastric region, in the evening after 
lying down, lasting till falling asleep,". — Pressure in the stomach, extending 
up into the chest,'. — Sensitive pressive pain in the pit of the stomach, as 
from a thrust, worse from pressure,^ — Sticking pain in the pit of the stoin- 
ach,l — Dull sticking in the region of the pit of the stomach to the left,l 

Abdom,en.—tfm'bilical, Pinching pain about the umbilical region, 
as if he should go to stool, though without desire,^ — Pinching pain in the 
umbilical region and above the left hip, which obliges him to go to stool, 
although only a little hard faeces is passed with difficulty, after the passage 
of some flatus, with relief of the pains,l — Twisting, burrowing, and grip- 
ing about the umbilical region (after ten hours),l — Forcing-out pain be- 
neath the umbilicus on the left side, as if a hernia would occur,'.— [180.] 
*S_ticking pain in the umbilical region (after one hour),l — Griping-stickiug 
pain on the right side near the umbilicus (after four days),*. — Dull short 
stitches on the left side near the umbilicus, in the evening,".— Gnawing 
throbbing just above the \imh\YKm,\— General Abdomen. Abdomen 
large and moderately hard,'l— Distension of the abdomen, immediately 
after a moderate meal,'.— Distension of the abdomen, as if he would burst, 
after a moderate meal,*. — Rumbling in the bowels, immediately,'. — While 
eating, distension of the abdomen, with repeated griping,*. — Rumbling in 
the bowels, pain in left inguinal region, with a sensation of coldness in the 
back,". — [190.] Rumbling in the bowels, with urging to stool,'. — Rumbling 
in the bowels, as if stool should follow, with some pain in the small of the 


back/. — Much emission of flatus,". — Flatulence of the odor of asgafa3tida,^ 
— Sensation of emptiness in the abdomen/. — Almost directly, coldness in 
the abdomen (internally), which went oif on walking in open air,'^'. — Feel- 
ing of distension and uneasiness in the bowels, with frequent eructations of 
gas,". — A sudden cutting contraction in the left side of the abdomen,*. — • 
Dull pinching in the bowels, as if diarrhoea would occur,". — Griping pain in 
the abdomen just below the navel, on sitting bent, relieved and disappearing 
on becoming erect,^ — [200.] Transient griping and jerking cutting here 
and there in the bowels,*. — Transient griping and cutting in the bowels and 
chest, as from incarcerated flatus,*. — Transient griping and cutting in the 
bowels, with distension of the abdomen, even in the morning, fasting,*. — 
Violent griping in the bowels, as if a long worm were crawling up and 
down in them, gnawing and piuching,l — Fine griping in a small spot in 
the bowels, to the left above the umbilicus,*. — Burrowing, griping cutting, 
and moving in the bowels, as if diarrhcea^would follow,*. — Pressive pain in 
the abdomen, with rumbling before and after the stool,l — Dull stitches in 
the right side of the abdomen beueaththe ribs, arresting the breathing,*. — • 
Dull stitches in the left side of the abdomen at intervals, aggravated by 
pressing the finger upon the painful spot,*. — Dull stitches in a small spot 
in the left side of the abdomen, in rapid succession from within outward, 
arresting the breathing, and with a sensation as if something would force 
itself out; the spot was painful on pressure,*. — [210.] Colic, immediately,^ 
— *Colic, as from taking cold,' ". — *Colic, such as is usually caused by- 
wet and cold weather," ". — Colic and urging to stool,^\ — *Colic, as if 
diarrhoea would occur,\ — '* Colic, as if stool should follow, with rumhling in 
the bowels and pain in the small of the ha.ek,^. — Colic, like an inclination to 
diarrhoea, disappearing on emitting flatus,". — Colic, as after a purge, mov- 
ing about in the intestines, always on stooping,". — Violent colic,^^ — Violent 
pricking in the abdomen, as if worms were crawling up and down in it, 
and were gnawing and pinching the parts," — Hijpogastrium and 
Iliac Region. [220.] Griping in the whole lower abdomen, with desire 
for stool, in the evening,*. — Burrowing pain above the left crest of the 
ilium, disappearing on pressure,'. — Tension in the groin, in the region of 
the pubis, on rising from sitting,^ — [Swelling of the inguinal g]ands],".f — 
Swelling of the left inguinal gland as large as a walnut,^ — Inguinal glands 
hard and swollen as large as a white bean, though without pain,". — Pres- 
sive pain in the inguinal glands, now in the left, now in the right side,'. — 
Severe burning (and some sticking) in the bubo, on the slightest motion 
and touch,'. 

Hectuni and Anns. — Some pressing, with the usual stool (after 
three-quarters of an hour),". — Sudden excessive pressure upon the rectum, 
so that he could scarcely retain the stool, yet only after some time very 
hard faeces were slowly passed, with great pressure and transient griping 
and cutting here and there in the bowels,*. — ^[230.] * Desire for stool, in the 
evening, with griping in the whole loiver abdomen, followed by a large, moist, 
at last very thin, sour-smelling stool, after ivhich he tvas relieved, but felt iveak ; 
in the afternoon he had already had his usual stool, though very hard and 
difRcult,*. — Urgent desire for stool that could hardly be retained, though 
only small hard faeces passed (after half an hour),^ — Urging to stool, with 

t During treatment of scrofula by Dulcamara there supervened S. 465, going on 
to 479, and followed by swelling of the inguinal glands, and also those of the neck 
and axillss. The continued use of Dulcamara rernoved all. — Huqhks. 


griping in the abdomen, yet he is very constipated and evacuates but little 
with great pressure (after eight hours),^— Ineffectual urging to stool, the 
whole day, with nausea (after half an hour),l 

Stool.— Diarrhmn. * Yellow watery diarrhoea twice m a day, with 
tearing-cutting colic before every evacuation, as after taking cold (from 
1 drop of the iuice),''.— [Slimy diarrhoea, with weakness],"-!— [White 
slimy diarrhoea],".t— *»S';M)i?/,afte)"ftafe;2/ yellow and greenish diarrh(Ba,^\-f— 
*Thin stool, several afternoons in succession, with flatulence (after three days),'. 
—Soft stool, immediately,'.— [240.] Soft stool, in small pieces,".— Cort-- 
Stipatum. Difficult, dry, infrequent stool,".— Stool infrequent, sluggish, 
bard ; even when the stool is necessary the urging in the rectum is wanting, 
and very thick hard faices are only passed slowly, with great exertion,*.— 
Suppression of the stool,^^. 

Urinary Organs.— Bladder. * Catarrh of the bladder, ^\—*- Burn- 
ing in the meatus urinarius, while, urinating,^. — Pulsating (stitches?) in the 
urethra, from within outward,".— JficfttJ'i^io/i. Copious discharge of 
urine, at first clear and limpid, then thick, milky white,".!— Involuntary 
passage of urine,'".— Strangury, painful micturition,'^— Z7rine. [250.] 
Urine reddish, buruiug,'l§ — * Urine turbid,^'.\\ — * Urine turbid and whit- 
is/i,'l|| — Urine turbid, offensive, with offensive perspiration,'l||--Sliiny, at 
one time red, at another white sediment in the urihe,'^|| — Urine at first 
clear and limpid, then white, then turbid, then clear, with white, glutinous 

Sexual Organs. — Heat and itching of the genitals, with desire for 
coition,". — -Menstruation hastened and increased,".^ — Menstruation de- 
layed even twenty-five days,".** — Increased menstruation,". — [260.] Di- 
minished menstruation,".** 

Hespiratory Organs. — Short, hacking cough, as if caused by deep 
inspiration,''. — Cough, with expectoration of tenacious mucus, and sticking 
in the sides of the chest,". — Haemoptysis,".!! — Respiration rapid,''^ 

Chest. Tension of the chest on deep inspiration,". — Pinching pain 
in "the whole chest, aggravated by inspiration,^^Digging pain in the 
chest, or a sensation as though he had strained himself,*. — Oppression of 
the chest,". — Oppression of the chest, as after sitting bent over,". — [270.] 
Transient cutting and pinching in the chest, as from incarcerated flatus,*. 
■ — Dull, benumbing stitch, extending into the chest, beneath the right 
clavicle,*. — Front. Intermitting squeezing in a small spot beneath the 
upper part of the sternum,*. — Drawing and tension externally over the 
forepart of the chest,*. — Pressure beneath the whole surface of the ster- 
num at intervals,*. — Great oppressive pain in the whole chest, especially 
on breathing,\ — Sticking pain on the sternum,^ — Dull stitch, similar to a 
thrust, on the sternum,^ — Sticking-tearing pain from the middle of the 
sternum through to the spine, while sitting, disappearing on rising,'. — Jerk- 
ing and drawing beneath the sternum,*. — Sides. [280.] Feeling as if 
something would be forced out of the left side of the chest,*. — Digging pain 
in the right side of the chest, disappearing on pressure,'. — Dull, painful 
pressure on the left side above the ensiform cartilage, on sitting bent over, 
afterwards when in an upright position, at intervals, like thrusts peuetrat- 

f Critical. — HuQHBS. J Critical. — Hughes. Original revised by Hughes. 

^ See S. 489. || Critical.— Hughes. 

f Curiitive eflfect. — Hughes. 

** Ascribed to abundant evacuations. — Hughes. 

If Not found. — Hughes. 


ing deep into the chest,*. — Surging, tearing-pressing pain drawing through 
the whole left side of the chest at intervals,*. — Deeply cutting pain in tlie 
left side of the chest, just beneath the clavicle, disappearing on pressure,^ — • 
Sticking pain in the left side of the chest, as from a dull kuife, in the 
region of the fifth and sixth ribs,^ — Dull, sticking pain in the right side of 
the chest, in the region of the third rib, ou pressing upon it ; thereupon it 
extended into the small of the back and to between the scapulce, where it 
became sticking on the margin of the left scapula, on inspiration,'. — Inter- 
mitting pain in both sides of the chest, beneath the axillse, as if a fist were 
forcibly thrust in,*. — A painful stitch in the right side of the chest, suddenly 
coming and going,^ — Dull, slow, intermitting stitches in the left side of 
the chest,*. — ^[290i] Some pulsating stitches beneath the left short ribs, 
■while sitting, disappearing on rising,^ 

Heart and Pulse, — Heart's Action. Great cardiac excite- 
ment,^\ — Palpitation, especially at night, violent and perceptible exter- 
nally,'. — Violent palpitation, as if he felt the heart beating outside of the 
thorax,'. — Pulse. Pulse accelerated, moderately full,™. — Pulse small, 
very rapid,'^ — Pulse slow, intermitting,^^. — Frequent irregular pulse,^\ — ■ 
Pulse quiet, but small and rather hard, in the evening,'". 

Neck and Back. — Neck, * Stiffness of the muscles of the nape of the 
neck,*'. — [300.] Pain, as from stiffness in the muscles of the nape of the 
neck, on turning the head to one side,*. — *Pain in the nape, as if the head 
had been lying in an uncomfortable position,^\ — Constrictive pain in the 
muscles of the nape of the neck, as if the neck would be twisted about,*. — 
Drawing pain in the right cervical muscles,^ — Pack. Dull, throbbing 
stitches in the left side, near the spine, at intervals,*. — Dorsal. Inter-' 
mitting pressure on the left side of the upper part of the spine, in the nape 
of the neck, while lying on the back in the morning in bed,*. — Tearing 
thrusts on the outer side of the right scapula at intervals,*. — Painful stitches 
in the middle of the spine on breathing,^ — Tickling stitch in the middle 
of the right scapula,^ — Drawing-tearing on the external margin of the 
right scapula (sixth day),^ — Lumbar. [310.] Burrowing sticking in 
the left loin, disappearing while walking, returning while sitting,^ — Dull 
stitch from within outward in the left loin, just above the hip, on every 
inspiration,*. — * Deeply cutting pain in the right loin, transiently disappearing 
upon pressure, afterwards disappearing of its own accord,^ — Dull sticking, 
like a forcing out in both loins, on every inspiration, while sitting bent 
(after a short walk),*. — *Pain in the small of the back, as after stooping 
a long time,". — Sacral. Burrowing sticking on the left side near the 

Pxtremities in General. — Objective, ^Trembling of all the 
limbs,'''. — Violent trembling of the limbs,|lt — Jerking of the liinbs.'lf — 
Slight jerking of the hands and feet,". — Subjective. [320.] Lassitude, 
heaviness, and weariness of all the limbs, compelling him to sit and lie,". — 
He was suddenly seized with numbness in his limbs, and pains in the 
knees and elbows, in the evening; these symptoms increased so much in 
the course of. three or four hours, that he could scarcely move his limbs,™. 
— Heaviness of the arms and thighs,^ — Pain, in the limbs,\ — Sensation of 
pain in all her limbs (after third day),""". — Cramplike pain here and there 
in the limbs, especially in the fingers,*. — Sharp, shooting pains in left toes 
and thumbj'*. — Very bruised sensation in all the limbs the whole day,^ 

■j- Not found. — Hughes. 


Superior Extremities. — ^Paralytic, bruised pain in the left arm, 
almost only during rest, less during motion, none when touched ; yet the 
arm had the usual strength, \— Dull, violent pain in the whole of the right 
arm, as after a blow, with leaden heaviness, immobility, stiffness of the 
muscles, aud coldness of the whole arm, as if paralyzed ; on attempting to 
bend it, and even on touch, pain in the elbow-joint, as if bruised ; the icy 
coldness of the arm returned the next morning after twenty-four hours 
(after half an hour),*. — [330.] She could bend the arm neither backward 
nor forward, because it caused jerkings in it,\— Shoulder. Drawing- 
tearing in the right shoulder, above the right hip-joint, and above and 
below the right knee-joint,'. — Pulsating pain in the left axilla, disappearing 
on motion,^ — Jerking pain in the right axilla,^ — Ami. Paralytic sensa- 
tion in the right upper arm, disappearing on violent motiou,l— Pain in the 
upper arm iu the evening in bed, and in the morning after rising,^ — Jerk- 
ing in the upper arm on bending it and drawing it backward ; on stretch- 
ing it out, tiiere was no jerking, but the fingers were stiff, so that she coqld 
not close them,\ — Elbow. Corrosive gnawing on the outer side of the 
elbow at short intervals,*. — Forearm. Loss of power of the left forearm, 
with lameness, espec'ally of the elbow-joint,". — Drawing pain in the right 
forearm (third day),l — ■[340.] Dull drawing from the left elbow to the 
wrist, especially noticed on bending it,l — Sensitive drawings in the left 
• ulna, frequently repeated,*. — Slow, twisting boring, drawing downward 
from the elbow-joint to the wrist, disappearing on moving the arm, and 
immediately returning during rest,l — Sudden, jerking, pinching-tearing in 
the middle of the left forearm (twelfth day),l — Wrist. Wakenod next 
■morning with a violent pain in the left wrist, developing what a number 
of physicians called an " inflammatory rheumatism." Anatomically, the 
centre of pain seemed to emanate from the pisiform bone, extending for- 
ward along the branchings of the ulnar nerve to the end of the little finger, 
and again upward along the mfiin tract of that nerve until it became lost 
near the inferior origin of the flexor carpi ulnaris muscle. The pain in- 
creased until 9 or 10 o'clock next evening. There was redness and swell- 
ing of the integuments; the little finger was flexed, and more or less in- 
volved iu the inflammatory process,". — A dull stitch on the right wrist, 
disappearing on motion,^ — Uaitds. Redness of the backs of the hands; 
burning pain if he becomes warm on walking, in the open air,'. — Trem- 
bling of the hands (in cold, moist weather),". — Frequent stretching of the 
hands, as if they would take hold of something; hands hastily carried to 
the mouth, with motions like chewing or swallowing,^^ — Violent cramps 
in the hands, so that he could not hold the least thing firmly,'^'. — Fingers. 
[350.] Craraplike drawing in the ball of the left thumb, so that he could 
scarcely move the thumb,*. — Cramplike jerking in the first phalanx of the 
right middle finger,*. 

Inferior Fxtremities. — Inability to walk or stand,'*.— Falling 
asleep and weakness of the legs,".' — Hip. Drawing-pinching iu the right 
hip (after six hours),'. — Drawing-sticking in the left hip-joint, extending 
into the groin, only while walking, with a sensation on every step as if the 
head of the thigh-bone would be dislocated ; violent stretching out of the 
leg relieved the pain, with a sensation as if the limb were reduced; still 
the bruised pain remained for some time, which obliged him to walk lame 
(for fourteen days),l — Jerklike, isolated, severe stitches, as with a fork, 
just above the right hip, near the lumbar vertebrte,'. — Drawing-tearing in 
the left hip,'. — Pain, as from a blow above the left hip, clos^ to the lumbar 


vertebrse (after half an hour),'. — Thigh. Pain in the thigh,'. — [360.] 
Drawing here and there in the muscles of the thigh, with sensitiveness to 
touch,". — Drawing pain on the anterior portion of the right thigh,'''. — Para- 
lytic drawing on the anterior portion of the right thigh,''. — Some small 
stitches on the right nates,''. — Drawing-tearing from the middle of the 
posterior portion of the thigh to the knee-joint,^ — * Drawing-tearing pain, 
or constant pain, at one time sticking, at another pinching, in both thighs, 
disappearing on walking, then changing to weariness, and immediately 
returning while siitingj'. — Sticking as with needles, on the posterior 
portion of the left thigh, close to the knee,". — Sticking-tearing in the 
whole of the thigh, not relieved by pressure,^ — Knee. Knees weary, 
as after a long walk,". — Rhythmical, undulating pressure on the inner 
side of the knee,*. — [370.] Tearing in the knee-joints while sitting,". — 
Sticking-tearing from the knee-joint up to the thigh while walking in 
the open air,". — Lef). PufEness and swelling of the leg and calf (not of 
the foot), with tensive pain and sensation of great weariness, towards even- 
ing,'. — Feeling of numbness in the calves in the afternoon and evening,'. — • 
Pain, as from weariness in the tibiae, as after a long walk,". — Violent 
cramps in the calves, so that the legs were drawn up against the thighs,"'. 
— Painful cramp in the left calf while walking,". — Cramplike, almost 
cutting drawing down through the left leg,*. — Sudden needle-like stitches 
in the left calf, followed by a sensation as if warm water or blood were 
flowing over that place,". — Tearing, extending up the right tibia, in the 
morning,". — [380.] Tearing on the posterior portion of the left calf, dis- 
appearing on moving the foot,". — Pain, as from ripping, extending down 
the left calf, posteriorly,". — AllJile. Severe cramp in the inner right mal- 
leolus, waking him at night ; he is obliged to walk about, when it disap- 
pears,'. — Tearing from the external malleolus towards the forepart of the 
foot,". — Drawing-tearing near the right inner malleolus,". — Foot. Burning 
of the feet,'. — Cutting pain in the sole of the right foot, not disappearing 
on stepping upon it,". — Toes. Intermitting sticking-burning in the toes,*. 
— Pulsating tearing in the first and second left toes,". 

General Si/mptoms, — Objective. *Sudden swelling of the body 
and puffiness of the limhs, at times painful or accompanied with a sensation as 
if going to sleep,^'*. — [390.] Emaciation,'. — Lassitude ; he avoids motion,'. — - 
* Weariness,'^. — Great, continued weakness,'^! — Trembling,^". — Twitchings 
of the tendons,"l — Sudden jerkings like electric shocks through the whole 
body, with piteous cries ; the jerkings seemed to be caused by violent pains 
in the abdomen; they did not last a long time, after which the boy began 
again to mutter,"". — Spasms,^". — Convulsions from time to time,''. — Convul- 
sions, first of the facial muscles, then of the whole body,"". — [400.] Almost 
immovable,"'. — Sudden attacks of weakness like faintness,'. — He is obliged 
to lie down,'. — Unrest,'^ — -Extremely restless, could scarcely be held; 
scratched his father,"". — Snhjectiire. She has to get up at night and 
walk about the room ; sinking sensation all over ; she fancies she would 
sink through the bed,"*. — Pain in various parts of thebody, as after taking 
cold,". — Pain as if the body would be cut off above the hip, obliging him 
to move back and forth, though without relief,*. — Dull stitches here and 
there in the limbs and other parts of the body, mostly from within out- 
ward,*. — Itching pinching stitches in various parts,". — [410.] Symptoms 
subsided forty-eight hours from first incursion of pain,"'. — The symptoms 

f After much sweat. — Hughes. 


seem inclined to occur especially towards evening,'. — No relief from 

Skin.— Eruptions, Dry. Eed spots on the body,^'. — Eed spots like 
flea-bites," — Eed spots like scarlet rash over the whole body,^l — Eed, 
elevated spots, as from burning nettles,".t — Eruption of red spots, with 
vesicles itching violently,".^ — Bright-red pointed pimples on the skin, 
which after a few days fill with pus,'*.— *Nettle-rasli over the whole body, 
without fever (from one drop of the 1st dil., in a child),'".— [420.] *Erup- 
tion liks nettle-rash over the whole body,''*. — [Tetter-like rash, especially 
on the hands],".§ — [Tetter-like crust over the whole body],''.|| — Eruption 
of white wheals with red areolae ; sticking, itching, and with burning after 
rubbing, on the arms and thighs,'. — Elevations, lines on the forehead, with 
sticking pain when touched,'. — Pimples in the angles of the nose,'. — Pimple 
in the inner side of the left wing of the nose, with an ulcerative pain,". — 
Pimples and ulcers about the mouth, with tearing pains on moving the 
parts,'. — Eed pimples in the bend of the elbow, noticeable morning and 
evening, in the warmth of the room, with fine sticking itching and burning 
after scratching, lasting twelve days,'. — Itching pimples on the chin,'. — 
[430.] Small, moderately itching pimples on the chest and abdomen,'. — 
Tetter-like rash on the labia majora,'lf — Warts cover the hands,' '". — 
JEriii/tlons, Moist. Moist eruption on the cheeks,".** — Subjec- 
tive. Agreeable tickling un the outer margin of the right scapula,^ — - 
General itching over the body, which gradually increased and soon became 
intolerable; the itching was worse on the nates, where the skin was red, 
partly of itself, and partly from rubbing, and showed a striped swelling 
like wheals ; this swelling was always renewed on going to bed, without re- 
gard to the time, when also sweat broke out over the whole skin; the rest 
at night was greatly disturbed; the patient was able to.sleep only towards 
two or three in the morning. After the sixth day the eruption began to 
break out over the whole body, reaching its greatest severity on the tenth 
day, when the patient was attacked with chilliness and heat, with inclina- 
tion to sweat, with which the eruption became very prominent ; it was 
especially marked on the back, less violent on the arms and legs. The 
character of the eruption and the annoying sensations were different in 
different parts of the body; on the back the skin was covered with red 
points as large as the head of a pin, and there the patient had a sensation 
as though a thousand fine needle-points were sticking in between the 
shoulder-blades ; on the arms the eruption was in different spots; where the 
epidermis desquamated in fine scales, the red points which existed at first 
disappeared, and the patient experienced a biting itching ; on the legs red 
spots formed, and there the patient had a sensation as though she were lying 
in burning nettles up to the hips; this remained for two days, with copious 
transpiration, on account of which she kept herself warm and in her room ; 
the eruption continued for several days. The cooler the patient kept the 
better she felt, and the less she went to bed the better the itching and erup- 
tion ; especially the warmth of the bed and sweat greatly aggravated the 
eruption ; it was also aggravated by coffee and every kind of food ; as soon 

t On the seat of vanished dartres. — Htjqhks. 
X On parts affected by dartres. — Hughjss. 
^ Critical. — Hughes. 
II Critical. See S. 489.— Hughes. 
f During dartrous vaj^ina and ulcers. — Hughes. 
** Not found. — Hughes. 


as the patient had taken only a frugal meal great heat of the body de- 
veloped, soon followed by itching in all parts,''". — [Violent itching of the 
whole body],".t — Burning, suddenly creeping itching here and there as 
from ants ; he is obliged to scratch violently, which at first aggravates, but 
afterwards relieves ; less during the day, generally at night, and mostly be- 
tween twelve and three o'clock ; he is awakened thereby after a sliort sleep 
(fourteenth day),'. — *Sticking itehinff in various parts of the body". — Itch- 
ing of the cheeks close to the wings of the nose,\ — [440.] Itching on the 
outer side of the left leg, soon returning after scratching,". — Itching, end- 
ing with an itching stitching on the outer side of the right leg,". — No sleep 
at night on account of itching, as from flea-bites, on the anterior portion 
of the body and thighs, together with heat and offensive transpirations, 
without moisture,^ — Unpleasant itching in the middle of the right forearm, 
soon returning after scratching, which he is obliged to do,^ — Burning itch- 
ing externally on the right upper arm, provoking scratching ; the place was 
red, with a burning pimple upon it,". — Burning itching on the thighs, so 
that he was obliged to scratch,". 

Sleep and Dreams. — Sleepiness. Frequent, violent yawning,*. 
— Sleepiness the whole day, with much yawning,''. — Great sleepiness, indo- 
lence, and yawning,".— Deep coma,". — [450.] Violent snoring in his sleep, 
with open mouth immediately ,\ — Sleeplessness. Sleeplessness, uneasi- 
ness, jerking,''^ — Sleeplessness, orgasm of blood, sticking and itching of the 
skin,'^- — * Uneasy sleep, tossed about in discomfort,'. — *Uneasy sleep after 
4 A.M., no matter how he lay,^ — Eestless, anxious, interrupted sleep, full of 
heavy dreams,'^ — Restless sleep, with profuse sweat, and interrupted by 
confused dreams,". — Tossing about in bed the whole night, with dulness of 
the head,". — In the evening while falling asleep he started as from fright,*. 
— A kind of waking, with closed eyes, towards morning,". — [460.] Awakened 
early, was unable to fall asleep again, stretched himself with great weari- 
ness, and turned from one side to the other, because the muscles of the' 
occiput seemed lame and he could not lie upon them,". — No sleep towards 
morning, and yet weary in all the limbs and lame, as after enduring great 
heat,". — Dreams. Fearfully confused dreams,''*. — Frightful dreams, 
which made him jump out of bed (first night),". 

Fever. — Chilliness. Skin cool, in the evening,'". — [Frequent chilli- 
ness, heaviness of the head and general exhaustion, after taking cold],^^.J — 
Shivering as from chilliness and nausea, with sensation of coldness, and 
coldness of the whole body, so that he could not get warm by a hot stove, 
with shuddering from time to time (immediately),^ — Chilliness and dis- 
comfort in all the limbs,". — Chilliness of the back, without thirst, in the 
open air, but especially in a draft,'. — Chilliness over the back, nape of the 
neck, and occiput, towards evening (with a feeling as if the hairs stood on 
end), lasting ten days,^. — Meat. [470.] Increased warmth of the skin,"®. — 
Hot, dry skin, with orgasm of blood, '\§ — Heat and uneasiness,".§ — Heat 
of tlie body, burning of the face, with constipation,^'.§ — Heat and sensa- 
tion of heat over the whole body, especially of the hands, with thirst, and 
even, slow, full pulse, followed by chilliness,^ — Dry heat at night,". — Dry 
burning heat of the whole body,'^ — Increased warmth of the body, with 
sweat and great redness of the skin, annoying sensation of heat, with itch- 
ing and burning, and an eruption, especially on the face, of numerous thick 

t See S. 489. % See note to S. 223.— Huqhbs. § Not found.— Hughes. 


pimples, so that the face seemed to be decidedly swollen,'*. — [Violent fever, 
•with violent heat, dryness of the skin and delirium, daily, returning every 
fifteen or sixteen hours],''. f — [Double tertian fever],".J — [480.] Burning 
in the skin of the whole back, as if he were sitting by a hot stove, with 
sweat in the face and moderate hea,t,^\— Sweat. [Sweat, lasting more than 
five d!ay«],".§ — Body covered with svveat,'\ — Sweat all over at night, during 
the day in the axilfse and palms of the hands,".|| — General sweat, especially 
on the back,'. — Profuse sweat in the morning over the whole body, but 
mostly over the whole head (after twenty hours),'. — Cold sweat covered 
the skin, ''^^Offemive sweat, together with copious discharge of transparent 
urine,".||— Dryness and heat of the skin, constipated stool and painful re- 
tention of the urine, with soft, full, slow, jerking pulse,".||— [Dryness, 
heat, and burning of the skin],''.t — [490.] Much sweat upon the palms of 
the hands,". 

Conditions. — Aggravation. — (Morning'), Impatient; on rising, ver- 
tigo ; on waking, head hot, etc. ; on rising, headache ; after rising, headache 
in forehead ; vomiting of mucus ; in bed, while lying on back, pressure on 
spine; tearing in tibia; sweat. — {Noon), While walking, before eating, 
vertigo. — (Aftenioon), Quarrelsome mood ; towards evening, on walking 
in open air, pressing-out headache ; drawing in temporal region ; thin stool, 
etc. ; towards evening, pufliness, etc., of leg, etc. ; towards evening, the 
symptoms ; towards evening, chilliness over back. — {Evening), Dulness, 
etc., in head; pain through brain; headache; stitches in head; pain in 
frontal eminence; while eating, pain in vertex ; in bed, heaviness in occiput; 
dry nose ; paralysis of tongue ; dryness of throat ; griping in abdomen, etc. ; 
desire for scool, etc. ; numbness in limbs, etc. ; skin cool. — {Night), Delirium, 
etc. ; palpitation ; dry heat. — ( Walking in open air). Tearing from knee to 
thigh. — {Bending elbow). Drawing from elbow to wrist. — {Coffee), Erup- 
tion. — ( While eating), 'Evwaia.iwns,. — {Food), Eruption. — {Inspiration), Pain 
in chest; stitches in spine; pains in loins. — {Motion), Pressing outward on 
forehead. — {Pressure), Pain in pit of stomach. — {Rest), Pain in arm ; draw- 
ing from elbow to wrist. — ( On rising from sitting). Tension in groin. — {Bead- 
ing), Pressure in eyes. — {Sitting), Pain from sternum to spine ; stitches be- 
neath ribs ; sticking in left loin ; pain in thighs ; tearing in knee-joints. — 
{Stooping), Drawing in frontal eminences ; colic. — ( Walking), Cramp in 
leg. — {Warmth of bed). Swelling of nates; eruption. 

Amelioration. — {Open air), Dulness in head. — {Becoming erect). 
Pain in abdomen ; pain from sternum to spine. — {Lying doimi). Stitch in 
head. — {Motion), Pain in axilla ; sensation in upper arm ; stitch in wrist. — 
{Moving foot). Tearing in calf — {Pressure), Pain above crest of ilium ; 
pain in chest. — {Bising). Stitches beneath ribs. — {Walking), Sticking in 
loin ; pain in thighs. 


Elaps corallinus, Merr. (E. venustissimus, Spix. ; Vipera corallina). 
Common names. Cobra-coral, Brazilian Coral snake. 

f CriticHl.— HuQHKS. J See note to S. 223.— Hughes. 

§ Critical in rheumatism. — Hughes. || Not found. — Hughes. 

T[ A youth hereditarily dartrous and in bad health, after taUins; D. had S. 403, 
436, 250, 125, with hard and tense pulse. Then came S. 422, with relief of all 
symptoms. D. was continued and he got well. — Hughes. 

ELAPS. 191 

Preparation, Trituration of the venom received on sugar of milk. 

Authorities. 1 and 2, Two provings with the 3d trit. of the venom, 
Mure, Pathogenesie Bresilienne; 3, Lippe, proving by a woman, aged 35, 
with a dose of the 4th dil, A. H. Z., 61, 28. 

Mind. — Emotional. Mental agitation (sixth day),l — Reveries in 
the daytime; he imagines he is being beaten (first to third day),'. — Im- 
agines he hears talking (first to third day),' ; (fifth day),''. — She fancies 
she is falling forward, though really quite still (fifth day),^ — Desire to go 
into the country, and play about in the grass (seventh day),''. — Desire to be 
alone ; she takes refuge for days together in a corner of the antecliarnber 
(seventh day),''. — She seeks a retired room to work in (seventh day),'. — 
Irresistible desire to scream at the top of her voice (seventh day),l — She 
wishes to leave the house just when she is going to bed (seventh day),''. — 
[10.] Aversion to work (eighth day),'. — Depression of spirits ; desires to 
be in a deep cavern, where he can see no one (ninth day),". — Profound 
ennui (ninth day),'. — Fearfulness, dread of being alone, as though some- 
thing would happen, or as though rowdies would break in (eighth day),'. 
— Excessive horror of rain (tenth day),^— Irritable, quarrelsome mood, 
with mental agitation (fifth day),\ — Inclination to strike and pick a quarrel 
(sixth day),". — Peevish in the afternoon, did not want to be spoken to, 
even fretful about herself (fourth day),'. — He hears what is said without 
understanding it (first to third day),'. — Absence of thought (ninth day),^ 
— [20.] Absenceof mind (first to third day),'. — Complete loss of conscious- 
ness, so that time passes by unperceived (ninth day),". 

Mead. — Vertigo. * Vertigo, with tendency to faU forward (fifth day),". 
— General Head. The head falls heavily forward (first to third day),'. 
— Fearful pains when inclining the head backwards, ameliorated by bend- 
ing it forwards (first to third day),'. — Headache the whole day (thirtieth 
day); headache (thirty-second day),'. — Headache, lasting from 1 to 11 
A.M. (twenty-fourth day),'. — Violent headache if the desire for food is not 
satisfied on the instant (third to sixth day),'. — Dull headache at 7 p.m. 
(eleventh day),'. — Dull headache in the morning, again at noon, sticking 
and extending to the right side ; in the evening, the headache was in- 
creased, with shaking chill (thirty-third day),'. — -[30,] Dull headache on 
waking in the morning (twenty-second day),'. — Dull headache after mid- 
night, lasting till daybreak (eighteenth day),'. — Boring pain from the ver- 
tex to the right eyebrow (first to third day),'. — Violent sticking headache 
at 1 A.M., preventing sleep (twenty-third day),'. — Forehead. *Pains in 
the forehead (second day),"; (third to sixth day),'. — Frontal headache 
(fourth day),". — Weight in the forehead and above the orbits (first to third 
day),'. — Temples. Sensation as of a foreign body in the right temple 
(first to third day),'. — Very painful constriction in the temples and eyes 
(first to third day),'. — Vertex. Frightful paiu in the vertex, as though 
the brain was loose ; at night, she was unable to hold the head still on ac- 
count of the nausea (eleventh day),'. — Parietals. [40,] Headache on 
the right side (forty-first day),'. — Dull headache on the left side at 9 p.m. 
(thirty-third day),'. — Weight in the right parietal region, with pain pene- 
trating to the nape of the neck (first to third day),'. — OccipUt. Pain, 
which seems to be seated in the right side of the cerebellum (first to third 
da.y),\— External Head. Falling out of the hair (after fiftieth day),'. 
— Pains at the roots of the hair of the occiput (fourth day),". — In the 
morning, the scalp over the occipital protuberance feels as if raw (second 
day),". — Great itching of the scalp (fifth day),". 

192 ELAPS. 

Eye. — Objective. Eyes red and inflamed (sixth day),'. — Glassy eyes 
(sixth day)/. — [50.] Swelling around the eyes, which appear sunken in the 
morning (tenth 'day),l — Blood oozes from the eyes (sixth day),'. — Sub- 
jective. The eye is extremely sensitive to cold water (third to sixth 
day),'. — Dry, hot burning in the eyes (twenty-second day),^ — Dry burn- 
ing in both eyes in the morning on waking (eighteenth day),^ — Feeling as 
from boring in the eyes from within outward (thirty-third day),'. — Feeling 
of sand in the eyes (second day),l — Violent itching in the left eye (fourth 
day),l — JBroiV and Orbit. The lefteyebro>v is painful and drawn down 
(third day),l — Fressive pains about the eyes, with dimness of vision (first 
to third day),'. — Lids. [60,] Red eyelids (third to sixth day),'. — Blear- 
eyedness (second and third day),^ — Stye on the left eye, with severe lan- 
cination (third day),^ — Difficulty in opening the eyes '(second day),^ — 
Desire to shut the eyes, as in fever (first to third day),'. — Burning of the 
eyelids (tenth day),^ — Lancination in the stye on the left eye (third day),^ 
— Pricking in the eyelids, especially the left (fourth day),\ — Very sharp 
pricking in the inner canthi of the eyes (first to third day),'. — Sail. 
Tickling and red streaks on the sclerotica -(third day),^ — [70.] Complete 
blindness for five minutes (fourth day),l^ — Gray veil before the eyes, like 
a gathering cloud ; at first the size of a penny, but finally spreading 
over the whole field of vision (third day),^ — Strong aversion to light ; 
likes to be in the dark (second day),^ — Unsteady vision in the morning 
(nineteenth day),'. — Towards noon, it seemed as though the crochet-work 
constantly moved to and fro ; letters ran together ; vision unsteady the 
whole afternoon and evening (eighteenth day),'. — Appearance of a bluish- 
white, or pearly gauze before the right eye (third day),^ — Appearance of 
long white threads moving before the eyes (second day),^. — Appearance, a 
few paces ofl^, before the left eye, while walking, of a black disk, four inches 
in diameter (third day),''. — A red transverse bar an inch wide is seen on 
opening the eyes, and a red disk on shutting them (ninth day),^ — When 
the eyes are shut, a red appearance, dotted with black (second day),l — [80.] 
Large red, fiery points, becoming violet and then black before the eyes on 
becoming erect, worse while reflecting on what had been read; on stooping, 
the blood rushes into the head (thirteenth day),'. 

JEar. — Objective. Small balls of black, hardened wax came from 
the ear when cleaning it (first day),l — Serous discharge from the left ear 
(first to third day),'. — * Discharge from the ear of a yellowish-green liquid in 
the mof-ning (sixth day),'. — Discharge of blood from the ear (sixth day),' ; 
(eleventh day),l — Subjective. Pinching sensation at the helix and lobe 
of the ear (sixth day),'. — Tearing in the left ear at 9 A.M., better at 11 A.M. 
(sixth day),'. — Itching in the right meatus auditorius (second day),^— 
Itching inside the ear in the evening (sixth day),'. — Itching in the meatus 
auditorius ; this itching spreads into the interior of the cheek, following the 
course of the duct of Steuo (third da,y),^.— Hearing. [90.] Diminished 
hearing from time to time in the afternoon (twenty-first day),'. — *Long- 
lasting deafness (first to third A&y),^.— Crackling in the ears on swallowing, 
lasting two hours (twenty-first Aa.Y),^.—* Buzzing in the ear (first day),'.— 
* Continued buzzing, as if a fly luas inclosed in the' meatus auditorius (first to 
third day),'.— Ringing in the ears (first to third day),'.— Roaring in the 
right ear at 3 p.m., lasting a quarter of an hour (fifth day),'.— Strange 
illusion of hearing ; she hears whistling and ringing, and rises to see where 
they are (fifth day),l— Hears distant whistling (seventh day),'''. 

ifose. — Objective. The nose continues to swell, and the pain extends 

ELAPS. 193 

to the ear (fourth day),^ — [100.] *JBad smell from the nose (third to sixth 
day),'. — ^Stoppage of both nostrils; he breathes through the mouth (fourth 
and fifth days),'. — Stoppage of the right nostril, relieved by lying on the 
same side (third to sixth day),'. — Discharge of white and watery mucus 
from the nose (second day),^ — Coryza brought on by the slightest draught; 
sneezing (second day),^ — Fluent coryza (thirty-sixth and thirty-seveuth 
days),^ — ^Arterial blood gushes from the nose and ears (tenth day), I — 
Subjective. Heat in the left nostril, with swelling of the septum nasi 
(third day),^ — Lancinations from the root of the nose to the ear (fourth 
clay),l — Terrible pricking in the upper part of the nasal fossa (first to 
third day),\ — [110,] Tickling at the root of the nose, as from a worm 
(tenth day),l 

Face.— Objective. Complexion high-colored, almost red (first day),l 
— Subjective. Boring pain from the lower jaw to the right eye, and then 
from the right brow to the ear (first to third day),'. — Cheehs. Swelling 
of the right cheek, with small red pimples beneath the skin, followed by 
large round tetter-like spots ; at 7 p.m. (nineteenth day). The redness of 
the face was better the next daytowards noon. Swelling of the face in the 
afternoon, especially of the right side of the nose (twentieth day). On the 
next day, the swelling of the face lasted till 10 o'clock, with increased 
redness and swelling under the eyes; the pimples in the face gradually 
disappeared, but could still be felt under the skin ; the redness was less at- 
8 P.M. (twenty-first day). The next morning, there were red spots in the 
face, which was puffy (twenty-second day),^■ — Right cheek hot, red, with 
formication, from 1 to 6 p.m. (nineteenth day),l — Pressure in the right 
cheek, with slight redness, followed by slight swelling of the right cheek, 
followed by shivering over the whole body, lasting several minutes (for one 
hour), (fifth day),^. 

Mouth. — Teeth. The teeth are loose ; inability to chew bread (third 
day),l — Gums. Swelling of the gums of the last three molars on the 
right side (first to third day),'. — The gums fall far away from the teeth 
(thirteenth day),l — Pricking in the left gums (first day),^ — Tongue. 
[120.] Black or deep red tongue (ninth day),''. — Tongue white and swollen 
in the morning (tenth day),l — Pricking at the tip of the tongue (first to 
third day),'. — Pricking as if from pimento (after triturating the drug), 
(first to third day),'. — Saliva. Watery saliva (third day),l — Viscid 
saliva more abundant (third day),l-i-The saliva is salt (sixth day),'. — 
Taste. Bitter, salt taste in the mouth (sixth day),'. — Taste of blood in 
the mouth before the paroxysm of cough, and inclination to vomit after 
it (first to third day),'. — Bread has an insipid taste, like that of the tritu- 
rated poison which is being proved (seventh day),^ 

Throat. — [130.] Congestion-of blood to the throat, caused by the pain 
in the lung (third to sixth day),'.- — Burning as from a mustard plaster 
within the pit of the throat on swallowing, aggravated by heat, ameliorated 
by cold, on waking in the morning, better toward nine o'clock (third day),'. 
— Burning from larynx to tongue, as from peppermint, with desire for 
fresh air (first to third day),'. — Pressive constriction in the throat (first to 
third day),'. — (Esophagus. The passage of liquids is arrested as by a 
spasmodic contraction of the oesophagus, after which they fall heavily into 
the stomach (second day),l — After eating, obstruction in the cesopliagus, 
as if a sponge had lodged there (second day),'. — Drawing in the cesoi)hai;us 
(third to .sixth day),'. — Swallowing. Food turns spirally when going 

VOL. IT.— 13 

194 ELAPS. 

down the oesopliagus, or, sometimes, each morsel falls heavily, as through 
a metallic tube, into the stomach, which, trembles violently (first to third 
day),^ — Liquids pass down the oesophagus with a gurgling noise (fourth 
da.j),\—JExternal Throat. Violent throbbing of the external carotid 
(first to third day),'.— [140.] Twitching in the parotid gland (sixth day),\ 
— Painfulness of the parotid gland (sixth day),'. 

atomach. — Appetite. Great appetite (fifth day),'.— Constant hun- 
ger, which cannot be appeased on account of the continual vomiting (tenth 
day),^— Violent hunger (tenth day),^ — Very violent hunger (third to 
sixth day),'. — She is hungry, yet unable to eat (tenth day),l — Desire for 
food, with aversion to eating (first day),^— Desire for oranges, acids, and 
especially for beef, with sour sauce (seventh day),^ — Decided relish .for 
oranges and salad (twelfth day),'. — [150,] Complete loss of appetite; she 
eats nothing but oranges (ninth day),'. — Loathing of food ; every mouth- 
ful causes acidity (first to third day),'. — Loathing of bread and other food 
(twelfth day},'. — Loathing of meat, banana.s, and particularly bread (sev- 
enth day),'." — Thirst. Thirst, with heat and sleepiness at night, sweat in 
the morning (thirty-eighth day),'. — Great thirst ; desire for milk (tenth 
day),'. — Unquenchable thirst (first day),'. — Burning thirst the whole fore- 
noon (twenty-second day),'. — Eructation, Eructations, smelling like 
bad eggs in the throat (third day),'. — Sour eructations with desire for cold 
water and for ice (first to third day),'. — [160.] Acidity, naiisea, and faint 
feeling (first day),'. — Nausea and Vomiting. Nausea, with vomit- 
ing (twenty-fourth day),'. — Vomitingof ingesta (thirteenth day),'. — Bread 
keeps returning by the nose (eleventh day),'. — For a whole month, bread 
does not mingle with other food ; it is returned through the nose all day, 
while other articles are either digested or thrown up by the mouth (eighth 
day),'. — After eating an orange with bread, the orange returns by the 
mouth, and the bread by the nose (tenth day),'. — Watery vomiting in the 
morning (twelfth day),'. — Vomiting of green bile, followed by bilious 
diarrhoea (first day),'. — Violent vomiting of mucus in the evening (forty- 
first day),'.— Swelling of the stomach (fourth day),'. — [170.] Bloating of 
the stomach after eating (third to sixth day),'. — Very slow digestion ; she 
has to drink after every mouthful (tenth day),'. — Breakfast agrees pretty 
well, but dinner distresses him (third day),'. — *Fruits and cold drinks lie 
on the stomach like ice (fourth day),'. — Burning in the stomach, extend- 
ing into the duodenum (tenth day),?. — Drawing in the pit of the stomach 
(third to sixth day),'. — Drawing at the cardiac orifice, with sensation of 
hunger and boring feeling, extending to the spinal column (third day),'. — 
* Weight in the stomach after eating (fii-st day),'. — Weight in the stomach 
after taking food ; it is disposed to reject what is eaten (third day),'. — 
Sensitiveness in the pit of the stomach (fourth day),'. 

Abdonieti. — Sypochondria. [180.] Pressure at the right hypo- 
choudrium (third to sixth day),'. — Swelling of the diaphragmatic region 
(fourth day),'. — Flanks. Pressive pain in the left flank (second day),'. 
— Pressure in the left flank, extending to the vertebral column (third to 
sixth day),'. — General Abdotnen. The peristaltic movement of the 
bowels is reversed, the blood appears to flow back in the abdomen, with 
great pain and frightful palpitation, followed by lancinations, which pre- 
vent walking (fourth day),'. — Borborygmi and noisy flatuleuce (fourth 
day),'.— Noisy and very violent borborygmi (sixth day),'. — She feels as if 
she had a tube inside her which closed suddenly by means of a valve, and 
through which a column of some liquid was poured into the abdomen. 

ELAPS. 195 

where a violent rumbling takes place (third day),". — Cramps in the whole 
of the right side (fourth day),^— Pressure from above downward (in the 
abdomen) for some minutes, on account of which she was unable to stand, 
worse from warm drinks, especially coffee or tea (fourth day),'. — [190.] 
The intestines are hurriedly rolled together, are twisted, for some moments, 
like a rope, and then suddenly seem tied up, as by a knot, which violently 
constricts the abdomen from side to side (thirteenth day),". — Very sharp 
pains in the descending colon (twelfth day),". — Cutting pain in the abdo- 
men towards 7 p.m., sudden, at one time disappearing, suddenly better 
about 10 P.M., worse after midnight, disappearing in the morning (third 
day),'. — Lancinations from the umbilicus downwards to the uterus (first 
day),". — Colic, gradually spreading all through the colon from the csecum 
to the rectum (finst day),". — Colic returns at 5 p.m., as if she would sink 
together, worse while sitting, better while walking about and resting the 
hands on the hips (fourth day),'. — Colic, with urging to stool (sixth day ),'. — 
Sudden colic, with diarrhoea (fourth day),'. — Violent colic, as though the 
bowels were twisted together (third day),". — Hypogastl'imn and 
Iliac Kegion. Very sharp pains in the right iliac bone, as though its 
crest were swollen and the periosteum inflamed (fourth day),". — [200.] 
Swelling of the inguinal glands (sixth day),'.^Lancinations starting 
simultaneously from the groins and crossing each other at the symphysis 
pubis (third day),". — The left groin is painful to contact (sixth day),'. 

Itectuni and Anus. — Falling of the rectum (sixth day),'. — Con- 
striction of the sphincter a quarter of an hour after the discharge (fourth 
day),". — Formication at the anus, as if a worm were gnawing there (tenth 

Stool, — Yellowish, watery diarrhoea, mixed with slime, accompanied 
by borborygmi (first to third day),\ — Diarrhoea of undigested food (third 
day),". — Black and frothy diarrhoaa (sixth day),'. — Violent diarrhoea of 
bloody mucus and yellow bile, instead of the previous green evacuations 
(third day),". — [210.] Continuance of a violent diarrhoea (eighth day),". — 
Bloody dysentery, followed by sleep (third day),".— Discharge from the 
bowtis of black liquid blood (fourth day),". — Discharge of black blood 
with the stool, with acute colic, as though the intestines were twisted to- 
gether (third day),". 

Urinary Organs, — Sladder, Constriction of the sphincter 
vesicae (first to third day),'. — Urethra, Slight discharge of clear mucus 
from the urethra (sixth day),". — Continued discharge of prostatic fluid 
(first to third day),'. — Pain in the urethra, when urinating (first day),". — 
Micturition, Urine abundant (first to third day),'. — Sujjpression of 
urine (tenth day),". — Urine, [220.] Urine red (first to third day),'. — 
Red urine, with cloudy sediment (sixth day),'. — Urine almost red (first to 
third day),'. — The urine is very thick, and deposits a red sediment (sixth 

■ Sexual Organs. — Male. Weakness of the genitals; impotence 
(first to third day),'. — Thickening of the skin of the prepuce, with inflam- 
mation (first to third day),'. — Excoriation on the dorsum of the penis, 
causing a prolonged itching (first to third day),'. — Lancinations and prick- 
ing in the penis (first to third day),'. — Weight and swelling of the testicles 
(first to third day),'. — Female. Weight at the uterus (first day),". — 
[230.] Weight at the left side of the uterus (first day),".— Great weight at 
the uterus, on rising, aggravated by walking (second day),". — Pricking in 
the uterus, vagina, and pubic region, extending to the epigastrium-, with 
very painful lancinations (first day),". — Weight on the vagina, following 

196 ELAPS. 

an attack of hysteric colic (first day),^ — Weight on the left side of the 
vagina, with sliarp pain, which prevents going upstairs (third day),^ — 
Lancinations iu the vagina (third day),l — Tickling and frightful formica- 
tion at the vulva (tenth day),''. — Violent itching in the vagina (second 
day),^ — White, albuminous leucorrhoea (second day),^ — The menses appear 
before their regular period (third day),^ — [240.] *DLScharge oj black blood 
between the menstrual periods (second day),^. — Metrorrhagia (eighth day),'. 
— Metrorrhagia of black blood (tenth day),''. 

liespiratory Organs. — TracJiea, Noise, as from the shutting 
of a valve in the trachea, causing a column of air to rush into the pharynx 
(tenth day),^ — Pullingsin the trachea, as after a violent cough (fourth 
day),l — • Voice. Hoarseness (sixth day),\ — Couf/h and JExpeciora- 
tlon. Almost constant cough (first to third day),'. — Violent paroxysm of 
dry cough, ending in expectoration of black blood, with frightful pains 
throughout the lungs, as if they were torn out, especially in the upper por- 
tion of the right chest (first to third day),'. — Loose cough (third day),^ — 
Expectoration of black clotted blood, with painful tearing, as if it came 
from the heart (first to third day),'. — Respiration. [250.] (A chronic 
loss of breath, when going upstairs, cured after the second day of the prov- 

Chest.- — Feeling of coldness in the chest, after drinking (first day),l — 
Compression of the chest, as by a corset (second day),^ — Dull pain in the 
right lung, worse when walking (third to sixth day),'. — Dull pain in the 
right lung, worse while walking, with distress in and congestion of blood 
to the throat (second day),^ — Oppression of the chest, iu the evening, last- 
ing three-quarters of an hour (eleventh day),'. — Sensation within the chest 
and at the sternum, as if the pleura3 were pulled off and the lungs violently 
drawn apart (first to third day),'. — Suffocative oppression, while eating 
(fourth day),^ — Suffijcative oppression, after eating (third to sixth day),'; 
(tenth day),l — Lancinations and pricking in the apex of each lung (fourth 
day),l — [260.] Pricking and drawing in the right lung (second day),l — 
Sides. Violent pain iu the left side of the chest, with stitches in the 
sides, better when walking, at 2 p.m. (twenty-fourth day),^ — Pressure 
under the right arm (second day),l — Sticking pain in the chest on the left 
side, at 6 p.m., lasting two hours, worse on breathing (tenth day),'. — Stitches 
in the side (sixth day),'. — A constant stitch in the side, all day long (fifth 
day),'.-— Pleuritic pain on the right side, felt in the axilla (tenth day),^— 
Inability to incline to the right side, on account of a very painful pulling 
in ihe right lung (first to third day),'. — Inability to get up in the morning, 
on account»of the pain in the right side (third to sixth day),'. — Sensitive- 
ness of the right side (third to sixth day),'. 

_ Heart.— 1270.'] Violent beating of the heart (sixth day),'.— Palpita- 
tion perceptible, with anxiety and unsteadiness of the hands (twenty-fourth 

J^feck and BaclK-.—WecJa. The neck remains twisted when turning 
it, with constriction in the thyroid gland (third day),'.— Stiffness, which 
prevents turning the head (first to third day),'.— Stiffness of the right side 
of the neck, about 5 p.m. (fifth day),'.— Tension in the nape of the neck 
(first to third day),'.— Tension in the nape of the neck, with inability to 
turn the head (first day),'.— Pressive pain in the nape of the neck, as if 
from sinking down of the cerebellum (sixth day),'.— Sticking pain in the 
left side of the nape of the neck, with stiffness of the left shoulder, extend- 
ing up to the head (thirty-second day),'.— When lifting the hand to the 
right side of the nape of the neck, a penetrating pain is felt, which extends 

EL APS. 197 

to the ear,^ — [280.] Raw sensation at the nape of the neck (first clay)/. — 
Bruised pain in the sides of the neclc (sixth day),'. — Rhytlimical beating 
in the nape of the neck, like the ticking of a clock (first to third day),'. — 
Back. Pain in the back, with chilliness, icy-coW/erf, witli tenesmus vesicte 
(sixth day),'. — Pain in the spinal marrow, from the nape of the neck to 
the sacro-lumbar articulation (third day),l — Violent sticking pain in the 
whole spine (fifth day),'. — Lancinations from above downwards in the pos- 
terior muscles of the trunk, from the occiput to the sacrum, with pains in 
the temples (second day),''. — Quick and transient lancinations in the back, 
sides, and arms (fourth day),l — Dorsal. Pressure between the shoulders 
(third and fourth days),^ — Lancination in the dorsal muscles, especially on 
raising the arms (third day),l — Lumbal'. [290,] Violent pains in the 
lumbar region, extending all around and down to the uterus (first day),^ — 
Sensation as if an iron bar were pressing on the loins (third day),^. 

lExtremities in General. — Objective. Cyanosis of the extremi- 
ties, with reddish spots on them (fourth day),^ — The arm and hand are 
swollen, bluish, and covered with red spots, as also the right leg and foot 
(fourth day),^ — Lassitude in the limbs (first day),^ — Lassitude in all the 
limbs (sixth day),^ — Subjective. Constrictive pain in the bend of the 
elbow and the popliteal space (third day),^ — Rheumatic drawing pain in 
the left arm and leg, in the afternoon (twenty-fourth day),'. 

Superior Extremities. — Great pain throughout the upper ex- 
tremities (fourth day),'. — Rheumatic pain in the left arm, afterwards in the 
left leg, which was also lame, lasting half an hour, at 6 p.m. (twenty-first 
day),'. — [300,] Painful drawing at the inner side of the arm, from the 
axilla to the wrist, especially felt at the bend of the elbow (sixth day),'. — 
Painful drawing at the inner part of the arm, from the axilla to the 
wrist, felt especially at the place where the prover had formerly been bled 
(fourth day),''. — Shoulder. ■ Cramplike contractive pain in the left shoul- 
der, extending to the hand, as though one had carried something heavy in 
the hand, at 6 p.m. (eighth day),'. — Bruised pain on the upper portion of 
the deltoid muscle, as if she had received a violent blow on the shoulder 
(ninth day),^ — Arm. Sticking in the upper arm, towards eveuing (eighth 
day),'. — JElbow. Pains in the elbows (first to third day),'. — Cramplike 
constriction at the bend of the elbow, especially when moving it (third 
day),l — Hand. The blood rushes to the right hand, which is blue and 
as if paralyzed (fourth day),^ — The blood becomes congested in the hand, 
which is blue and as if paralyzed ; it has to be kept held up to prevent this 
effect (first to third day),'. — Unsteadiness, want of firmness in the hands 
(eighth day),'. — [310.] The right hand feels as if paralyzed (sixth day),'. 
— The right hand is benumbed ; a prick through the thickness of the meta- 
carpus (fourth day),^ — Burning in the hands while preparing the medicine 
(first to third day),'. — Drawings in the right hand, extending to the ring 
finger (first to third day),'. — Lancinations and pricking on the back of the 
hand (first to third day),'. — dingers. Redness and pain under the nails, 
the parts are quite raw (fourth day),l — Black blood spirts from the finger 
at the slightest prick (first to third day),'. — Cramplike constriction in the 
phalanges of the fingers and under the nails (first to third day),'. — Sraart- 
iog under the nails (fourth day),''. 

Inferior Extremities. — Objective. After continued congestion 
of blood to the upper extremities it seems to rush to the lower (first day ),l — 
[320,] The legs give way (first day),l — Stibjective. Great pain all 
through the lower extremities (sixth day),'. — Rheumatic paiu in the left 

198 ELAPS. 

limb (seventh day),'. — Knee. Stiffness and sprained feeling in the knee- 
joint (third day),l — Pains in the knees (first to third day),'. — Sensation of 
dislocation and stiffness in the knee-joint (third to sixth day),'. — Lancina- 
tions in the inner side of the knee (fourth day),^ — Bruised pain in the 
knees, especially the left knee, which cannot bear a touch, and feels as if 
dislocated (first to third day),^ — Leg. Severe bruised pain on the inner 
side of the left leg, with sensation as if something were rising and falling 
in the tibia (second day),l — Cramps in the calf (fourth day),l — [330.] 
Cramps in the calves, worse in the afternoon (second* day),'. — -Foot. The 
left foot is blue and swollen, with red spots (sixth day),'. — The feet are 
drawn up (sixth day),'. — Pain in the right instep, as from overwalking 
(first day),^— Lanciuations in the soles of the feet, while sitting ; they cease 
on walking (second day),^ — Toes. Acute lancinations from time to time 
in the left fourth toe, as if caused by a needle (fourth day),^ — Pricking 
under the toe nails (first day),". 

General Symptoms. — Objective. At the 'slightest opposition, 
the body shivers and the blood boils, with prickling (sixth day),l — Com- 
plete paralysis of the right side, with inability to rise in the morning (fourth 
day),''.— Disposition to faint away (third day),^ — [340.] Faintness, on 
stooping (fourteenth day),'. — Faintness, on vomiting mucus ; she could 
scarcely remain in bed (eleventh day),'. — Faintness, with sweat (third 
day),^ — Suhjectwe, The right; side is numb and is if paralyzed, from 
the shoulder to the knee (third day),l — Sensation as though she was at- 
tacked by apoplexy; all the blood seemed to stand still and to be collected 
in the head, with cold hands ; afterwards it seemed as though the blood 
streamed from the head, or from the tips of the fingers into the body, better 
on being up (eleventh day),^ — Changing position is painful; he would like 
to be always sitting or lying (third day),^ — Rheumatic pain, on moving 
about (fifth day),'. — Rheumatic pain, sticking, intermittent, ceasing for 
several minutes, in the whole left side ; commencing in the limbs, at 4 p.m., 
the pain disappeared about 6 p.m. with mental exhaustion and great in- 
difference (sixth day),'. 

Sixin. — Red blotch on the knee-pan (third day),^ — Pretty large, irregu- 
lar, yellow spots over the hand and around the finger-tips (ninth day),l — 
[350.] Painful peeling off of the skin of the finger-tips (fourth day),'.— 
The skin of the heel begins to peel off the same as the fingers (fifth day),l— 
Eruptions, Dnj. Furfuraceous tetter, with itching of the scalp (tenth 
day),'.— Eruption of little pimples with an oval base, which desiccate, and 
are followed by desquamation (eighth day),^— Elliptical pimples full of 
serum (twelfth day),l— Slight phlyctense appear here and there, especially 
on the extremities ; frequently the epidermis surrounding them scales off 
(third to sixth day),'.— Scabby eruption covering the ear and a part of the 
cheek (sixth day),'.— Red, hot rash for a span's length above the right wrist 
(tenth day),'.— A small pimple, with great itching (sixth day),'.— Small 
red pimples on the finger-tips (twelfth day),'.— [360.] Innumerable white 
pimples on the inside of the thighs, which become inflamed in the daytime, 
and prevent walking in the evening (tenth day),'.— Itching pimple on the 
leg (sixth A&j),\—Brupttons, Moist. Vesicular eruption on the feet 
(first to third day),'.— Small red tetter at the corner of the right nostril, 
. spreading to the cheek, with itching (fourth day),'.— The tetter on the wing 
of the nose peels off (ninth day),'.— Small miliary pimples on a red base 
at the corner of the nose (tenth da.j):\—Erii2)tiotis, Pustular.— 
Small suppuratmg pimples on the hands, fingers, wrists, gums, and inside 

ELAPS. 199 

of the cheeks (tenth day),''. — Boils on the arm (ninth day),'. — Subjec- 
tive. Pricking, as with thousands of pins (second day),". — Pricking in the 
back of the right hand (first to third day),\ — [370.] Itching of the soles 
of the feet, which continue to peel off (sixth day),^ — Constant itching of 
the nose (second day),^ — Great itching under the axilla, with appearance 
of tetter (fourth day),^ — Violent itching, drawing, and pricking at the 
epigastrium, which prevents deep respiration (first to third day), '.7— Violent 
itching of the hypogastrium, especially when walking (tenth day), I 

Sleep and Dreams. — Sleepiness. Drowsiness all day, with 
sleeplessness at night (third to sixth day),'. — Drowsiness in the daytime, 
especially at 2 o'clock, with sleeplessness at night (tenth day),'. — Deep 
sleep; plans about travelling, etc. (seventh day),'. — Sleeplessness. 
Sleeplessness, with uneasiness (first day),'. — Sleeplessness, or else drowsi- 
ness, with troublesome dreams about the business of the day (third day),'. 
— [380.] Uneasy sleep, with frightful dreams (twenty-third day),'. — 
Dreajns. Dreams about the day's business (third to sixth day),^ — 
Anxious dreams (first to third day),\ — She dreams of fighting with a gal- 
ley-slave (sixth day),'. — Frightful dreams ; she puts a dead body in a 
shroud, and digs a knife into its wounds, afterwards she feels sorely re- 
morseful, and weeps copiously (sixth day),'. — Dreams about dead people; 
she embraces them ; falls into pits where her feet are entangled ; walks 
criss-cross (fifth day),'. — She bites her own forearm in a dream (fifth day),'. 
— He bites his hand in sleep, without waking up (fourth day),'. — Night- 
mare, with congestion to the head (first to third day),^ 

Fever. — chilliness. Chilliness, followed by dry heat (third day),^ 
— [390.] Chilliness, without thirst, followed by dry heat, in the afternoon 
(third day),''. — Chilliness, followed by burning redness of the face (third 
day),^— Chilliiiess and heat alternately at 8 p.m. ; chilliness fur a few 
minutes, then heat for a quarter of an hour, with moisture, without thirst ; 
on going to bed the chilliness continued, but more perspiration, followed 
by good sleep ; on waking, no fever (eighth day),^ — Shaking chill in the 
evening, followed after half an hour by burning heat ; the chilliness was 
felt internally, as if in the bones; the skin hot, with thirst; dull headache, 
on the left side, at 9 p.m., and a feeling as from boring in the eyes from 
within outward ; the fever lasted the whole night till 10 the next day 
(thirty-third day),l — Remarkable sensation of coldness after drinking, and 
as if ice-water were rising and falling through a cylindrical opening in the 
left lung (thirteenth day),'. — Shivering, at 10 p.m., lasting half an hour 
(twenty-eighth day),'. — After a cold drink, shivering from head to foot, 
with chattering of the teeth (fourth day),'. — Great sensitiveness to cold 
(third day),'.— Coldness in the back (third day),'. — Coldness at the back 
of the thighs (tenth day),'. — [400.] The right leg, up to the knee, is cold 
as ice (fourth day),'. — Shivering, up to the shoulder, on dipping the hand 
into cold water (fourth day),'.^ — ^Shuddering, extending to the shoulder, on 
dipping the hand into water (sixth day),\ — Seat, Dry heat from 7 to 9 
P.M., followed by chilliness till 10 p.m. (twentieth day),'. — Dry heat at 
midnight ; the slightest covering is unpleasant (third day),'. — Dry heat, 
after midnight (like the preceding night), lasting till 9 a.m. (twenty-fourth 
day),'. — Fever at 7 p.m.; less and more seldom chill; more heat, much 
thirst, but little sweat; good sleep at 10 p.m. (tenth day),'.— The fever 
returned at 7 p.m., with less chill, more violent heat, with sweat, interrupted 
by heavy dreams, with difficult breathing the whole night ; good sleep to- 
wards morning (ninth day),'. — Heat, with thirst and mental excitement, 


at 10 P.M.; the heat became much less about midnight (twenty-third day),'. 
— Flushes of heat, with redness of the face and ears, in the evening (sixth 
day),l— [410.] Heat in the hollow of the hand after dinner (third day)/.— 
Cold sweat all over (tenth day),'.— Profuse cold sweat all over (seventh 
dav),'^.— Sweat on the forehead and nape of the neck (first to third day),\ 

Conditions. — Aggravation. — {Afternoon), Diminished hearing ; 
cramps in calves; at 2 o'clock, drowsiness; at 7 o'clock, fever. — {After 
midnight), Pain in abdomen. — {Breathing), Pain in left chest. — {After 
dinner), Heat in hand. — {After drinking), ^ensaXion of coldness. — {Eating), 
Suffocative oppression. — {Heat), Burning in throat. — {Moving about), Eheu- 
matic pain. — {Raising arms), Lancinations in dorsal muscles. — {Sitting), 
Colic ; lancinations in soles. — ( Walking), Weight at uterus ; pain in lung, 
etc.; itching of hypogastrium. — ( l^TarTO drinks), Especially coffee and tea, 
pressure in abdomen. 

Amelioration, — {Cold), Burning in throat. — {Lying on right side)^ 
Stoppage of right nostril. — ( Walking), Colic ; pain in chest ; lancinations 
in soles. 


Ecballium elaterium, A. Kichard.. (Momordica elateriura, Linn.) 

Natural order, Cucurbitaceae. Common names. Squirting Cucumber; 
(Germ.), Spring gurke; (Fr.),'Concombre purgatif. 

Preparation, Tincture of the immature fruit ; triturations of Elaterinum 

Authorities. 1. Caleb B. Matthews, M.D. ; experiments on several indi- 
viduals, with 2d dec. dil. of the extract. Trans. Am. Inst, of Horn., 1, 124; 

2. Dr. Robert T. Cooper took 1st dec. dil. for seven days, then poured 
spirits upon the solid drug, and took 24 and 50 drops ; two weeks after, 3 
drops daily for six days, with 1 drop tinct., in addition, on the fifth day; 

3. Dr. Dickson; eflfects of carrying the plant in the hat, A. H. Z., 73, 206, 
from Fror. Nat., 21 ; 4. Morris; experiment with j'o of a grain of Elater- 
ine, Edinb. Med. and Surg. Journal, 35, 342 ; 5. Christisou ; effects of 
doses of -Jjj of a grain in four cases in Edinb. Royal Infirmary, ibid ; 6. 
Wolodzka ; Dissert, de I'Elaterium, 1857 ; effects of 5 milligr. of Elater- 
ine ; 7. Schroff 's experiments with Elaterine, Lehrb. d. Pharm. 

Mind. — Depression of spirits,'. — Pear of some approaching disaster,^ 

Head. — Confusion of the head, followed by headache,'. — Severe pain 
in the head in the evening, which was not perceptibly increased after a 
drop of the tincture ; dulness of head remained till late at night (fifth 
day),'. — Violent headache, with sensation of constriction of the temples and 
forehead (after half an hour),'. — Forehead. Slight aching in the fore- 
head (seventh day),'. — Dull pain in region of causality,^ — Temples. 
Pains in the temples,'. — Sides, Dull pain in region of combativeness, 
right and left sides,'. 

JEi/e. — [10.] Sticking, as of a splinter, in the inner canthus of left eye,'. 

Ear. — Sticking pain near the rim of the cartilage of left ear,'. 

Nose. — Epistaxis (after eleven hours),'. 

Jloit*^.— Tongue coated with a dirty-brown fur (sixth day),'. — Bitter 
taste in the mouth,'. — Bitter taste, with salivation,'. 

Throat, — Pain in the back of the throat, as if scalded (after half an 
hour, first day),'. — Scraping in the throat,'. — A feeling as if the choana 


and upper part of the oesophagus were enlarged,'. — Pains in the left sterno- 
cleido-mastoideus muscle, near its insertion into the sternum,'. 

Stomach, — Appetite. [20.] Loss of appetite,'. — Eructation. 
Eructations of flatus,'. — Eructations and nausea for two days,'. — Eructations 
and nausea, relieved by sneezing,'. — Nansea and Vomit hi(j. Nausea, 
which continued five hours, till after two liquid stools,". — Nausea, inclination 
to vomit and vomiting, repeated four times within two hours, at first slimy, 
afterwards colored with bile, with increase of salivation and eructations of 
air, flatulence, rumbling in the bowels,'. — Constant nausea and disposition to 
vomit,'. — Feeling of sickness (after half an hour, first day) ; very sick for 
two or three hours after ; had to lie down to prevent sickness from coming 
on (third day),\ — Vomiting (in two cases),^; (after two hours),*. — Vomit- 
ing lasted nearly the whole night, and was repeated several tiraes,^ — [30.] 
Vomiting a dark-brown fluid mixed with food, without pain, flatus, or 
nausea, but accompanied with much prostration and feeling of great weak- 
ness at the stomach, at 7 a.m. (two days after gtt. 50),^ — Vomiting of a 
small quantity of clear liquid ; the vomiting was frequently repeated at 
very short intervals ; three hours later, discharge of a very copious bilious 
greenish substance, and of all the contents of the stomach, with very diffi- 
cult vomiting,^ — Violent vomiting and eructations of the odor of bad 
eggs,'. — Stomach. Pain in the pit of the stomach, with violent colic 
(after half an hour),'. — Feeling of stricture or oppression at the epigas- 
trium,'. — Dull pain in the epigastrium,'. 

Ahdomen. — Dull pain in the right hypochondrium,'. — Abdomen re- 
tracted,'. — Rumbling of flatus in the course of the coecum and colon,'. — 
Discharge of flatus per anum,'. — [40,] Griping (in third case),**. — Pain in 
bowels, coming on in the warmth of the bed,'. — Dull pains in the bowels,'. 
— *Cutti7ig pains in the bowels, like the griping of medicine,^. — Iliac Jie- 
gion. Pain of a dull, aching, pressing kind over the crest of the right 
ilium, round to the back, extending deep into the pelvis,'. 

Anus. — Bleeding of hsemorrhoidal tumors,'. — Some soreness of the 
anus (two days after gtt. 50) ,\ 

Stool. — JDiarvhoea. Purging (in two cases),". — * Copious dejections 
(after two hours),*. — *Copious liquid stools (after six hours),'. — [50.] Dirty 
yellow stool two hours after breakfast ; evacuation at 8.30 p.m., without 
pain, first part of natural consistence, the second soi't (sixth day) ; awoke 
at 7 A.M. with desire for stool, but had none (seventh day) ; awoke at 2 a.m. 
with desire for stool ; had a very copious liquid motion, painless, followed 
by five others in the course of the morning, all painless and very liquid, 
dirty color, with irregular intervals between them ; seemed to continue until 
the bowels were fairly emptied (two days after gtt. 50),l — *Dull olive-green 
discharges^. — Discharges of dark masses of bilious mucus,'. — *Watery 
discharges from the bowels of a frothy character,'. — Constipation. 

Urinary Organs, — Increased flow of limpid urine,'. — Quantity of 
lirine seemed to increase (fifth and sixth days). Sp. gr. 1.015 ; no deposit 
with heat; quantity if anything diminished (seventh day). High-colored; 
sp. gr. 1.022 (after gtt. 50),'^ — Urine acid, reddened litmus; sp. gr. 1.020; 
scanty, pale, after dinner (fifth day). Sp. gr. 1.028, high-colored, and 
scanty ; no deposit with heat (sixth day),l 

Respiratory Organs. — Unpleasant smell to the breath (sixth 


Chest. — Sharp pains at the lower part of the sternum, passing through 
to the spine or lower angle of the right shoulder-blade,^ 

Week and IBach. — [60.] Pains under the right shoulder-blade,^ — 
Fugitive, sticking pains in the lumbar region, more on the right side,\— 
Very slight aching pain in the region of the left kidney (third and seventh 

SiiX)erio7^ Extremities. — Pains extending from the shoulder to 
the ends of the fingers, and shooting back up to the elbow,\ — Dull pains 
in right shoulder, forearm, and hand, extending to the fingers,^ — Sharp, 
shooting pains in the left axilla, near the insertion of the pectoralis major 
muscle,'. — Sharp, sticking pains in the fingers of the left hand out to their 
extremities.'. — Sharp, sticking pains in the muscular parts of thumb,'. 

Inferior Eoctremities. — Shooting, and also dull, aching pains in 
the left thigh, in the course of the sciatic nerve, extending down to the 
instep, and out to the extremities of the toes,'. — Pain in the right knee, 
extending into the instep and toes,'. — [70.] Pain in the great toe of an 
arthritic nature,'. 

General Symptoms. — Weakness for two days,'. — Great weakness 
followed the attack,^ — Felt very weak when going to bed at 10 o'clock 
(after gtt. 60),^ — Sharp, fugitive, or dull, aching pains, now here, now 
there,'. — Pains mostly affecting the' left side, but also the right,'. — The 
symptoms occurred very soon after the administration of the medicine,'. 

Sleej). — Incessant gaping, lasting nearly an hour,'. 

Fever. — Chilliness, with continued gaping, as if an attack of intermit- 
tent fever was approaching,'. — Fever came on after a few hours, accom- 
panied all the symptoms, and lasted till the following day,'. 


Elajis Guineensis, Linn. 

Natural order, Palmse. Common names, Aouara, Avoira, Coco de Dent^, 
Palm. Yields palm oil. 

Preparation, Triturations of the fruit. 

Authority. 1, Proving with the triturated fruit. Mure, Pathogen&ie 
Bresilienne, p. 142; 3, second proving, by inhalation, and taking 10 drops 
of the tincture, ibid., p. 145. 

Mind. — Emotional, Merry mood (first day),^ — Merry mood and 
laughter, even when alone (second day),'. — Ennui when alone (morning), 
(first day),'. — Melancholy (third day),'.^ — Vexed mood ; bad humor (third 
day),'. — Inclination to scold (third day),'. — Disobedience (third day),'. — 
Intellectual. He recalls the circumstances of a former shipwreck (second 

Head. — Hammering pain all through the head (afternoon), (first day),'. 
— [10.] Hammering in the temple (first day),l 

Eye. — Swelling of the right eye (second day),^ — Swelling of the left 
eye (second day),'. — Sight is weaker than formerly (third day),'.— He 
cannot look steadily (second day),l— Confused vision by candlelight ; he 
makes letters much too large (third day),'. 

Mouth. — Throbbing toothache (fourth day),'. — Burning in the tongue 
while taking dinner, so violent that he had to stop eating (fifth day),'.— 
Bad smell from the mouth (first day),'. — Bad smell in the mouth, after 
drinking water (fifth day),'. 


Throat, — [20.] Laneinations in the throat, when swallowing (fourth 
day)/. — Stinging paiu in the throat when swallowing saliva (fourth day)/. 

Stomach. — Appetite. Good appetite (third day),'. — Want of appe- 
tite (afternoon), (first Aa,y),^.—Mr'UCtation. Foul eructations (first 
day),l— Bitter eructations (morning), (first day),\ — Natisea and 
Vomiting. Nausea (morning), (first day),'. — Desire to vomit (third 
day),'. — Vomiting of a cake immediately after eating it (second day),^ 

Abdomen. — Pain, with bruisecL sensation, in the abdomen (fourth 
day),'. — [30.] Colic after a cold drink (third day),'. — Violent colic (third 

/SifOO?.— rFrequent diarrhoea (second day),^ — Black stools (third day),'. 

Tfrinary Organs. — White urine (third day),'. 

Respiratory Organs, — Pricking in the larynx, on respiration 
(fourth day),'.' — Cough, with lancination in the sides (fifth day),'. — The 
respiration is embarrassed (afternoon), (first day),'. — Breathing embar- 
rassed, with a sigh (third day),'. 

Chest. — Pain in middle of chest, as if pricked by needles (afternoon), 
(first day),'. — [40.] Laneinations in the right side of the chest every five 
minutes, less during rest (first day),^ — Bruised pain on the right side of 
the chest (second day),'. 

Ifecli, — Constrictive pain around the neck, as from a tight string (third 
day),'. — Throbbing pain in the nape of the neck (morning), (first day),'. 

Superior Extreinities. — Pains in the right shoulder, as from a 
blow (third day),'. — Tumor on the left arm (second day),^. — Beating on 
the left arm, as if it were drummed on with the finger (afternoon), (first 
day),'. — He approaches his hand to the fire without feeling burnt, though 
any one else would get burnt by doing so ; after the lapse of an hour, how- 
ever, he feels badly burnt (fourth day),'. 

InferiorJExtreniities. — Staggering gait (afternoon), (first day),'. — 
Knee, Pain in the right knee, as from a blow (second and third day),'. — 
[50,] Pain at the bend of the knee, as from a blow (third day),'. — Leg. 
Swelling of the right leg (second day),'. — Weakness of the legs (third day),'. 
— Acute paiu at the lower part of the left leg, as from the stroke of a pen- 
knife (second day),'. — Stinging pains in the right leg (second day),'. — Throb- 
bing pain in the calves (third day),'. — Hammering pain in the tibitt, nape 
of the neck, and right foot (third day),'. — Foot. The swelling of the foot 
gradually increases (fourth day),'. — Pain, on walking, whenever the foot 
touched the ground ; the same pain is felt on touching the soles of the feet 
with the hand (second day),'.— Constant hammering pain in the foot (fourth 

General Sgmptoms. — [60.] He feels strong and healthy (second 
*^^y)/- — Laneinations in diflferent parts of the body, especially when going 
downstairs (second day),^ 

Skin. — The skin seems thicker (second day),'. — On each side of the 
pit of the stomach the skin seems thickened, with pain in the last false 
ribs, as if a peg were stuck in there (first day),^ — Swelling, roughness, and 
itching of the skin of the left leg (second day),". — Eruptions. Appear- 
ance of small vesicles on the swollen leg ; they break under pressure, and 
a little fluid .spirts out (second day),'. — Similar vesicles appear on the left 
•leg, on the arm, and on various other parts, without swelling (second day),'. 
— The vesicles on the right leg and foot have dried up ; others appear on 
left leg and arm (sixth day),'. — Eruption of vesicles full of -water, and 
larger than the previous ones (first day),^ — Itching all over (second day),'. 


—[70.] Continual itching all over (second day),'.— Itching every five min- 
utes, especially on the legs (first day),'.— Sleeplessness at night on account 
of itching (second day),". 

Hleep. — Drowsiness in the daytime (morning), (first day), . 

2<^et>er.— Shivering (third day),'.— Heat in the face (morning), (first 

CoilfZifioJtS.- Aggravation. — {After cold drink), GoVic— (Descending 
stairs), Lancinations in diiferent p^rts.— (Oft respiration), Pricking in 

Anielioration, — (Rest), Lancinations in side of chest. 


Epilobium palustre, Linn., var. lineare, Gray; (Epilobium lineare, Muhl.; 
E. squamatum, Nutt.). 

Natural order, Onagracese. Common names, " Willow " herb (Dr. Wright), 
(name usually applied to Epilobium angustifolium). 

Preparation, Tinctin-e of the root. 

Authority. J. S. Wright, M.D., proving with tincture of root, \ ounce 
first day, 1 ounce second and third days, U. S. Med. Investigator, N. S., 1, 

Headache (part of S. 11).— Face red (ninth day).— Ptyalism (seventh 
and eighth, days). — In morning, throat commenced filling up; at noon, 
could not swallow water ; larynx sore to pressure, swollen on outside, with 
hard lumps on both sides of larynx (sixth day). — On an attempt to swal- 
low water it would fly out of my nose (ninth day). — Can swallow liquids 
(tenth day). — Three loose stools"(eighth day); none (ninth day). — Urine 
red (ninth day). — Hard chill commenced at 11 A.m., lasted an hour; high 
fever came on, with aching all over and severe headache ; this lasted all 
night; could not sleep (fourth day). — [10.] Fever and headache passed off, 
but returned in the afternoon and evening more severe, lasted all night (fifth 
day). — High fever and headache all the time (sixth day). — Dull and sleepy, 
but could not sleep ; the saliva would choke me (eighth day). 


Equisetum hyemale, Linn. 

Natural order, Equisetacese. Common name, Scouring Rush. 

Preparation, Tincture of whole plant. 

Authorities. Provings of Hugh M. Smith, M.D., Thesis, N. Y. Hom. 
Med. Coll., 1876. 1, H. M. S., took 30th dil., frequently repeated doses on 
first, third, and seventh days ; 1 h, same, took 3d dil., first and second days, 
took tincture, repeated doses of 5 drops third day, 10 drops fourth day, 
15, 20, 25, and 30 drops fifth day, 25, 30, 40, and 50 drops sixth day, 50, 
three times seventh day ; 2, F. L. De Korth, took repeated doses of tincture 
first and second days, doses of 10 to 150 drops ; 3, E. Chapin, took 30th dil., 
repeated doses first, second, and sixth days; 36, same, took (three weeks 
later) repeated doses of same; 3 c, same, took, four days later, 3d dil., first, 
second, third, and eighth days ; Zd, same, took tincture, two months later, 
15 to 55 drops at a dose, first day ; 4, C. C. P., female, took 30 dil., first 
and second days; 46, same, took, three months later, 3d dil. 


Mind. — Very irritable and easily fatigued (fourth day),''. 

Head. — Confusion and Tertiffo. Heavy and confused feeling 
in head at 11.20 a.m., continuing several hours after I ceased taking the 
nledicine,^ — Vertigo when moving head (after second dose, second day),'. — 
Some vertigo and at intervals head felt light, this was accompanied by wave- 
like pains in head ; when Avalking would feel like falling (after third dose, 
first day),l — Severe vertigo (fifth day),'". — General Mead. The whole 
brain had a dull and heavy sensation, at 9.10 a.m. (second day),*. — Dull 
heavy feeling of head, as if it would fall forward, at 10.25 a.m. (second 
day),l — A dull heavy feeling of head, with a sense of constriction through 
temples and feeling of weakness from the slightest exertion, at 10.15 a.m. 
(seventh day),'. — Dull heavy headache the whole afternoon, with inability 
to study (second day),"". — [10.] Head felt heavy, accompanied with pains 
directly above right temple (half an hour after first dose, first day),l— 
Heavy feeling in head all day, with sense of great prostration (third day),'^. 
— Very severe headache, with intense pain in upper part of eyes or roof of 
orbit, at 11.48 a.m. (second day),l — Dull headache all the morning (second 
day),*. — Some dull headache with incliuation to scowl, but no relief from it 
(after half an hour, second day),*. — Stupefying headache, about 4 o'clock 
(eighth day),*'. — Headache increased and accompanied by feeling of drowsi- 
ness, at 10.30 A.M. (second day),^ — Forehead. Constant heavy dull feel- 
ing in forehead and through temples, at 11.30 a.m. (seventh day),''. — Sense 
of fulness in forepart of head, as if all the contents of the cranium were 
packed in front, at 9.20 a.m. (seventh day),". — Full feeling in frontal 
region, with dull pain, and integument of forehead feels as if drawn tight, 
especially on looking up, with heat in the face, no redness (half an hour 
after first dose, first day),*'. — [20.] Skin of forehead feels tense (second 
day),*. — Some tense feeling in integument of forehead, aggravated by open- 
ing eyes, with very confused dreams where many people were present, not 
at all connected (first night),*'. — Constrictive feeling in forehead and vertex 
(first day),". — Feeling of constriction across the forehead, and through the 
temples, with severe shooting pains through the temples, worse in the rightj 
lasting all the afternoon ; the pain in temples increased by movement and 
in the open air, not relieved by keeping quiet, but relieved by eating (third 
day),'. — Frontal headache, with feeling of tightness of scalp and pain in 
roof of right orbit, at 9.35 a.m. (first day),^ — Severe frontal headache 
(eighth day),"".- — Dull frontal headache (after third dose, third day),*'. — 
Dull frontal headache; face quite hot and rather flushed (first day),*. — 
Dull, deepseated pain in forehead, with prickling of skin ou rubbing (soon 
after four drops, sixth day),"". — Teinjiles. Pain through temples and 
across forehead and upper part of eyes, at 10.25 a.m. (second day),^ — [30.] 
Pain in each temple, but more severe in left ; in a short time pain moved 
from one temple to the other in apparently straight lines (after second 
dose, first day),*. — Pain in right temple, at 9.25 a.m. (first day),l — Severe 
pain directly over right temple (after three-quarters of an hour, fifth 
day),*". — Severe' pain near and a little above right temple, then in a short 
time sharp pains in each temple, at 11.20 a.m., continuing several hours 
after I ceased taking the medicine,*. — Constrictive pain through temple?, 
at 12,45 P.M. (first day),". — Boring pain in left temple, at 11.45 a.m. (first 
day),". — Constrictive feeling in left temple and across forehead, as though 
scalp were drawn too tightly, at 10.10 A.m. (third day),'. — Slight boring 
pain in left temple ; this darts to same place on opposite side (after second 
dose, third day),*'. — Pressing pain in both temples, with heat in face and 


forehead, at 10.45 A.M. (seventh day),^"". — Dull pressive pain through both 
temples all the afternoon and evening (first day),\ — [40.] Sharp pain in 
left temple, extending to supraorbital region, with redness and burning of 
face, at 9.30 p.m. (first day),^ — Sharp pain in left temple, coming and going 
at short intervals, at 11.10 a.m. ; increased, extending to roof of left orbit, at 
11.20 A.M. (first day),\ — Very severe sharp pain in right temple, coming 
on suddenly and lasting only a few seconds, at 11.25 A.M. (first day),\ — 
Sticking pain near left temple, it proceeded in a straight line on the anterior 
of the frontal region to right temple, at 9 a.m. ; after which slight darting 
pains extended to top of head (second day),^ — An occasional sharp stitch 
in left temple, at 9.50 a.m. (third day),\ — Darting pain in each temple 
(eighth day),'\— Darting pain in left temple, increased by going out in 
open air, and extending over left eye, in roof of orbit, at 10.45 A.m. (third 
day),'. — Sharp and sticking pains darting from one temple to the other, 
after which a dull heavy and rather drowsy sensation (after second dose, 
sixth day),l — Vertex. Felt some pain in top of head (after third dose, 
first day),'. — Dull heavy feeling across top of head, with pain through 
temples, at 12.30 p.m. (fourth day),'''. — [50.] Heavy weight on top of head 
(eighth day),"''. — Occiput. Slight boring pains appear to change from 
side to side in occipital region (after second dose, third day),'''. — Dull 
drawing pain in back of head and neck, in the evening (fourth day),'!".: — 
Very sharp and quick pains near left superior curved lines of occipital 
bone (after third dose, second day),'. — Sticking pain near lambdoidal 
suture (eighth day),"". — Sharp sticking pain appeared on left side of oc- 
cipital bone, near superior curved line (after second and third, first 
day),'. — Pains change from frontal to occipital regions, after which they 
dart from left to right side of occiput (after third dose, sixth day),'. — 
Darting pain on right and left side of occipital bone, near superior curved 
line (after second dose, second day),'. — External Head. Sense of con- 
striction of whole scalp, as if drawn tightly over skull, with continual in- 
clination to raise and wrinkle the brow, which when w-rinkled requires 
quite an efibrt to smooth out again (first day),"". — Skin over frontal bone 
very tight, accompanied with a feeling of skin continuing to contract ; this 
sensation of tightness of scalp is very marked (fifth day),'°- 

JSye. — [60.] Some pain in left eye (after third dose, sixth day),'. — 
Slight pain over right eye (after third dose, second day),'. — Severe pain in 
roof_ of right orbit, at 11.20 a.m. (fifth day),"".— Sharp pain in outer angle 
of right eye, at 4.08 p.m. (second day),^ — Heavy sleepy feeling in eyelids, 
continuing an hour (half an hour after first dose, first day),^'.— Soreness of 
left eyeball in evening (first day),'. 

JEar. — Dull transient pain and stiff feeling just back of left mastoid 
process, at 12.40 p.m. (first day),'.— A marked confused feeling in each ear, 
or rather sounds seemed to intermingle in such a manner as could not be 
distinguishable (after first dose, first day),'.— Confusion of sounds in the ears, 
more marked in left ear (fifteen minutes after second dose, sixth day),'.— 
Confused noises in each ear again appear, rather more acute in left (after 
second dose, second day),'.— [70.] Kumbling in left ear, followed by con- 
fusion of noises in same ear (soon after second dose, third day),'^— Fearful 
rumbling sensation in ears, much more marked than at any other time, 
accompanied by dulness and heaviness in the head (soon after fourth dose, 
first day),'\ — The ear and head symptoms continued for three houre after 
taking third dose (sixth day),'. * ^ 

jPace.— Face flushed, with slight feeling of heat, at 1.25 p.m. (fourth 


day),'^ — Feeling as if blood pressed into face, especially forehead, worse 
(first day),*. — Heat in face, without redness, lasting about an hour, at 1.10 
P.M. (fifth day),"'. — Great burning in face, ueck and right ear, without much 
redness, at 1.40 p.m. (fourth day),'^ 

Throat. — Sharp sticking pain in throat, at 1.30 p.m. (second day),^ 

Stomach. — Appetite very much increased (first day),^ — Appetite very 
much increased all through the proving, and was excessive at times,"'. — 
[80.] Appetite very much increased ; hardly know when to stop eating '(third 
day),^; (fourth day),^ — Excessive hunger during the whole proving,'. 

Ahllomen. — Distended feeling of the whole abdomen, at 11.30 a.m. 
(sixth day),'^ — Dull heavy pain in either side of lower abdomen and blad- 
der, with frequent desire to urinate ; the desire to urinate, which is constant, 
is not relieved by passing urine (sixth day),"". — Slight pain in bowels, with 
desire for stool, not urgent, early in the morning; three stools during the 
morning, quite thin ; during the whole day frequent inclination for stool 
with slight pain in bowels ; no diarrhoea (second day),'"'. — Severe pain in 
lower abdomen, with passage of much fetid flatus, at 12.50 p.m. (second 
day),l — Hi/pogastrium and Iliac Rcf/ion. Intense pain in 
lower abdomen, with passage of flatus, at 11.5 a.m. (second day),l — 
Sharp pain in lower part of abdomen, with sticking-like pains in anus, at 
10..58 A.M. (second day),^ — Soreness in right side of lower abdomen, and 
region of bladder (fifth morning),"'. — Sharp pain in right side, just above 
crest of ilium, at 10.45 A.M. (seventh day),"*. — [90.] Pain in left side above 
crest of ilium, extending forward to median line of body, at 1.40 p.m. 
(second day),^ — Sharp pain in left side, just above crest of ilium, at 11.55 
A.M. ; lasting about five minutes, at 12.40 p.m. (second day),^. 

Anus. — Smarting of anus during and after stool, in the morning 
(seventh day),^'. 

Stool. — Stool, with great flatulence, at 12.25 p.m. (first day),l — Stool, 
with aching in anus and feeling as if rectum would protrude, followed by 
smarting in anus and a sensation as though some faeces still remained, at 
1.15 P.M. (sixth day),"". 

Urinary Organs. — Kidneys and Bladder. Slight pain in 
right kidney, then- in left, extending down left side of sacrum, at 9 p.m. 
(third day),^''. — *Dull pain in region of right kidney, ivith urgent desire to 
urinate, at 9.45 ; had urinated only a few minutes before, and now passed 
four ounces of clear light-colored urine (fourth day),"'. — *Pain in. bladder, 
as from distension, at 11.30 a.m. (sixth day),"'. — The feeling of distension 
of bladder continued for some days after I stopped taking the drug,"'. — 
*Severe and dull pain in bladder; this pain did not seem to abate 
after urinating^ (first day), continuing for some two days after taking 
drug ; it was to such an extent as to cause me to fear inflammation of the 
bladder,''"'. — [100.] *Tenderness in region of bladder, and right aide of 
lower abdomen, extending upward from the groin ; same in left, hut more on 
right, in the forenoon (sixth day),''. — *Pain and tenderness in region of 
bladder, with soreness of testicles, extending up spermatic cords (fourth 
day),l — * TAe pains in region of bladder, with tenderness on pressure and 
soreness of testicles and cords, are continuous (sixth day),"". — Urethra. 
^Excessive burniiig in urethra, while urinating, at 12.20 p.m. (sixth day),"*. — 
*Sharp cutting pain in urethra, at 12.35 p.m. (first day),^ — Pricking pain 
in urethra a short distance back from meatus, while urinating, at 11.10 
A.M. (second day),^ — Sharp pricking pain'in urethra, at 10.15 a.m. (second 
day),l — Considerable smarting and pricking in urethra on urinating, ex- 


tending back about an inch from meatus (eighth clay),\ — Biting-itching in 
meatus urinarius, increased by scratching, at 2.25 p.m. (fourth day),^^ — 
* Frequent desire to urinate, during the afternoon, with biting sensation in the 
urethra during and after urinating (first day),'\ — [110.] Constant desire to 
urinate, and pass large quantities of clear light-colored urine without re- 
lief (fourth day),"". — * Great desire to winate, but only a small amount passed 
each time (fifth day),^°. — Urgent desire to urinate, with prickling and sore- 
ness of meatus from contact or pressure, at 10.25 a.m. (fifth day),"!". — 
Iflctur itlon. * Was obliged to get up several times to urinate (first 
night),^ — Passed a large quantity of urine at 6.30 p.m. (first day),l — 
Passed a large quantity of pale urine, on waking (fourth morning),'^ — 
Passed a large quantity of urine, with burning in forepart of urethra, at 
10.35 A.M. (first day),l — Passed a large quantity of urine, with burning in 
urethra, and tenderness in region of bladder as from distension, at 2.45 p.m< 
(first day),l — Passed a large amount of urine, attended with burning in 
urethra and sharp pain in root of penis, at 3.17 p.m. (second day),^. — 
Passed profuse quantity of urine (fifth morning),"". — [120.] Urine very 
profuse and passed at short intervals, attended with biting and pricking 
sensation iu urethra (fifth day),"'. — Passed 2| oz. of urine, at 1.20 p.m. 
(fourth day),". — Passed 5 oz. urine with pricking in urethra during and 
after urinating, with feeling in bladder as after great distension, at 10.15 
a.m. (fourth day),". — Amount of urine 32 fluid oz., sp. gr. 23 (day before 
proving) ; 32 oz., sp. gr. 18, in the morning (second day) ; 30 oz., sp. gr. 
22 (third day) ; same amount, sp. gr. 16, in the morning (sixth day),'. — 
Passed less urine this morning than usual (sixth day),'^ — Passed a 
small quantity of urine, attended with burning and smarting in urethra, 
at 11.35 a.m. (seventh day),"". — *Desire to urinate continues, but pass 
smaller quantity and of darker color; passed 35 oz. in ten hours (fourth 
day),". — *Passed small amount of urine, but felt as though had not urinated 
for hours, at 11.10 a.m. (second day),l — Amount of urine passed 45 oz. 
during twenty-four hours after taking drug; sp. gr. 28. Felt a great desire 
to urinate about 11.30 a.m. ; passed quite a large amount; in a short time 
felt a great desire, but the amount passed grew less at each time of urinating, 
while the desire increased,^'. — *Urine high-colored and scanty (eighth 
day),'. — [130.] About the usual amount of urine passed; sp. gr. 20 
(third day),'*. — The urine had a very cloudy appearaace after standing in 
a vessel a short time (first day),"''. — *The urine ichen allowed to stand for 
a short time showed great excess of mucus, bid was normal in other respects 
(sixth day),". 

Sexual Oi'gans.—Y'whnt erection, at 5 p.m. (second day),'.— Vio- 
lent erections from 3 to 3.15 p.m., and from 6 to 6.15 p.m. (first day),^ — 
Some paiu in penis while urinating (fifth day),'=. — Severe burning and 
aching pain in penis while urinating (first day),". — Paiu in testicles and 
urethra at 10.50 a.m. (second day),l — Just before urinating, sharp pain in 
right testicle at 2.05 p.m. (fourth day),".— Soreness of testicles and cords, 
more in left, still continue (sixth day),'i=. — [140.] Soreness of both testicles 
and spermatic cords, worse in left ; cords seem gone the whole length (sec- 
ond_day),'^ — Have had, since commencing the proving, soreness of left 
testicle and spermatic cord, with pain from the least pressure (eighth day),'. 
— No sexual desire whatever; tried to have intercourse, but could not get 
up an erection (fourth day),^ 

Chest. — Pains iu centre of chest on any movement forward at 12.50 
p.m. (second day),'. — Pain under sternum on taking deep breath at 10.30 


A.M. (second day),l — Sharp stitch in left breast, about one inch to left and 
over the nipple, at 1.30 p.m. (fifth day),'^ 

Heart,— Sixarp pain in region of heart (second day),^ — Sharp pain 
in region of heart, increased from inspiration, at 1.50 p.m. (second day),^ 

Neck and Back. — Ifeck, Pain in neck, which extends to shoulders 
from motion, at 10.30 a.m. (second day),''. — Back, Pain in back, especially 
while sitting (sixth day),'^ — [150.] Pain and soreness of back and hip 
continue in the forenoon (sixth day),"". — Pain in back as before, relieved 
by lying on back and walking, and increased by sitting, in the morning 
(seventh day),^''. — Dull pain in back all the afternoon, with throbbing 
pain in temples, first left, then right, with sense of constriction of whole 
scalp (fourth day),^*". — Dorsal. Lame feeling in back, just below lower 
angle of scapulae, increased from least motion or deep breath (fifth day),"". 
— Lumbar. Heavy sensation, feeling like a lump in right lumbar region, 
directly over hip-joint (fifth day),''^ — Pains in lumbar region, more on right 
side (after third dose, second day),^ — Severe pain in right lumbar region 
(first day),'°. — Very severe pain in lumbar region, increased by sitting still, 
at 12.30 P.M. (fourth day),''. — Pains very marked in lumbar region, ex- 
tending alpng the coccyx (after fourth dose, first day),'. — Rather dull pain 
near two lower lumbar vertebrae (after second dose, first day),^ — [160.] 
Awoke with dull, heavy pain in lumbar region (fourth morning),"". — 
Sacral. Severe rheumatic pain in region of sacro-lumbar articulation 
and through left hip-joint, extending down outer side of left leg, terminat- 
ing in front about three inches above the knee, at 2.30 p.m. ; this pain was 
relieved by lying on back and keeping perfectly quiet, but increased when 
beginning to move, and relieved somewhat by continued motion ; the pains 
in the back and hip seemed deepseated and of a dull gnawing character, 
but not continuous ; they increased gradually to a very severe extent, and 
then gradually diminished again (eighth day),^ 

Superior Extremities. — Pain in upper part of shoulders and in 
region of vertebra prominens increased by least motion or contact from 10 
A.M. till 1 P.M. (first day),"". — Pain in right shoulder extending to middle 
of upper arm at 10.15 a.m. (second day),''. — Sharp pain in left shoulder, 
with shivering over whole body and great heat in head, at 11.15 a.m. (sec- 
ond day),^ 

Inferior Moctremities. — Hip. Pain in right hip-joint, also near 
knee-joint (eighth day),''. — Occasional sharp pain through left hip and in 
lumbar region at 12.45 p.m. (first day),"*. — Knee, Knees feel very weak 
on least exertion (third day),^. — Dull, heavy pain under left patella, lasting 
some minutes, at 12.15 p.m. (seventh day),\ — Awoke this morning with 
sharp pain in inner side of left knee, which passed oif after moving about 
for a short time (seventh day),"". 

General Symptoms. [170.] Feeling of great prostration all day 
(fourth day),l — Exceedingly restless the whole evening (first day),"". 

Skin. Prickling sensation in the forehead during the evening and while 
rubbing, very similar to feeling caused by electricity (first day),". 

Sleep anil Dream,s. — Sleepiness. Very sleepy, with headache 
and tensetiess of integument of forehead at 5 p.m. (second day) ; wearing 
ofi" during following day,*'. — Very sleepy, eyelids feel very heavy, almost 
impossible to keep them open at 2 p.m. (first day),*.— Very sleepy during 
morning till noon (second day),*. — Slept well, but awoke unrefreshed (fifth 
morning),". — Sleeplessness. Sleep very much disturbed and full of 
tiresome dreams of many persons, places, and things (first night),*. — Awoke 

VOL. IT.— 14 


unrefreshed, with a severe headache (third morning),^ — Dreams. Sleep 
during the night was crowded with confused dreams of many people (sec- 
ond night),l — [180.] Since taking the drug, have had many confused dreams 
of great crowds of people, who had no relation with each other, and awoke 
very much fatigued (second day),^ 

Fever. — Creeping chills beginning below and running up the back at 
12.35 p.m. (sixth day),". 

Conditions. — Aggravation. — {Open air), Pain in temples. — {Deep 
breathing), Feeling in back. — -{Contact), Pain in shoulders, etc. — {Move- 
ment), Pain in temples ; feeling in back ; pain in shoulders, etc. — {Begin- 
ning to move), Pain in region of sacro-lumbar articulation, etc. — {Moving 
head), Vertigo. — {Sitting), Pain in back ; pain in lumbar region. 

Amelioration. — {Eating), Pain in temples. — {Lying on back). Pain 
in back ; pain in region of sacro-lumbar articulation, etc. — {Continued mo- 
tion), Pain in region of sacro-lumbar articulation, etc. ; pain in left knee. — 
( Walking), Pain in back. 


Erechthites hieracifolia, Raf. (Senecio hieracifolius, Linn.). 

Natural order, Compositse. Common name, Pireweed. 

Preparation, Tincture of whole plant. 

Authorities. 1, E. M. Hale, provings by T. J. Merryman, with 2d dec. 
dil., 31 doses of from 10 to 100 drops each, in sixteen days; and (6), the 
tincture, 12 doses of 10 to 20 drops each in five days ; and (c), 200 drops 
of tincture. Trans. Hom. Med. Soc. of New York, 1868, p. 78 ; 2, J. M. 
Cunningham took 1st dec. dil. 1 oz., in doses of 10, 20, 80, and 350 drops ; 
and {b), tincture, 6 doses in five days, of 10 to 20 drops each, ibid. 

Head. — Decided giddiness, with nausea, which continued about five 
minutes (about one minute after last dose, ninth day),l — Didl frontal 
headache at 9.30 p.m. (ninth day) and 9 a.m., continuing all day with in- 
creasing severity (tenth day),\— Throbbing of the temporal arteries, with 
flashes _ of heat running across the back from one shoulder to the other. The 
sensation of heat suddenly gives way to that of coldness, which darts across 
the back and face in a similar manner, accompanied with nausea, at 10 
P.M. Chill gradually decreased until I fell asleep (ninth day),'. 

Stomach.— Appetite. Extravagant appetite (second and third day) ; 
strong appetite during the day (eleventh day) ; enormous appetite (thir- 
teenth day) ; appetite good (fifteenth A&y),^^.— Nausea. Nausea (part of 
S. 1 and 3),^^Slight uneasiness in the stomach, as if nausea was about to 
set in (after half an hour) ; but it soon passed away, and I felt no further 
inconvenience that day,'".— Stomach. Feeling in the stomach as if it 
would be dissolved, after drinking cold water (fourth day),'.— Slight pain 
in the stomach soon after retiring (third night),\ 

Abdomen.— Griping ^aias in the bowels,' followed by three copious 
discharges of yellow fecal matter, about the consistency of mush (fourth 
day). This was followed by two or three days' slight constipation,'"- 

Stool.— Diarrhoea. [10.] Slight looseness of the bowels (sixth day), 
which had been unusually constipated since the second day of the proving. 
(This might be considered as an efibrt of the powers of nature to overcome 
the accustomed effects of the drug; as occurs after the discontinuance of 
an habitual stimulant or n&vcoWa),'^.— Constipation. Bowels slightly 


constipated during these proviugs,*. — Bowels were somewhat constipated 
(second and third days),'" ; (eighteenth day),'. 

Urinary Organs. — Urethra. Slight burning pain at meatus 
urinarius during micturition (fourteenth and sixteenth days),'. — .Mictu- 
rition. Apparent increased flow of urine (second day),"'. — Increased flow 
of urine (second and third days) ; urine voided in twenty-four hours was 
fifty-six ounces, acid reaction, sp. gr. 1026 (fourth day),^"". — Urine collected 
in twenty-four hours was 47 oz., having a sp. gr. of 1020, before taking; 42 
oz., acid (fourth day) ; 53 oz., acid reaction, with a sp. gr. of 1025 (seven- 
teenth day) ; 33 oz., sp. gr. 1026 (eighteenth day) ; 37 oz., sp. gr. 1024 
(nineteenth day),'. — Urine. At noon, urine contained a large amount of 
mucus, which could be seen floating about in minute particles. It had a 
specific gravity of 1024 ; acid reaction. After standing a few hours, it had 
a milky appearance. The quantity voided during the day was 40 oz. 
(fourth day),'^ 

Sexual O^'g'CfWS.T-Slight stimulation of the genital organs (second 
day),'^ — Towards morning, had protracted erection, with dreams of nudity 
and shame (first night) ; erection and dreams occurred similar to those of 
the preceding night (second night) ; towards morning, had a protracted 
erection (tenth night) ; towards morning, had an erection, dreams, and an 
involuntary emission (eleventh night),'. 

Heart and False. — [20.1 Pulse somewhat accelerated (fourth 

General Symptoms. — Feeling of increased strength and desire for 
exercise (second and third day.=) ; desire for exercise (eleventh day),'. 

Sleep and Dreams. — Dreams of nudity and shame (part of S. 19),'. 

Fever. — Heat and coldness (part of S. 3),^ 


Erigeron Canadense, Linn, (includes E. pusillum, Nutt.). 

Natural order, Compositse. Common names, Horseweed, Butterweed. 

Preparation, Tincture of the whole plant. 

Authorities. 1, W. H. Burt, proving on self with. tincture, 5 drops first 
day, 20 drops twice second day. Am. Hom. Observer, 1866, p. 357 ; 2, 
proving by the same with 3d trit. of the oil, 30 grains first day, 40 grains 
twice second day, 75 grains third day ; 3, proving by the same with decoc- 
tion of the dried herb, 1 ounce, then 2 ounces twice first day, 3 ounces 
second day. 

Mind. — Great despondency (part of S. 48),l 

Head. — Awakened with a dull headache, with aching distress in all 
the large joints (fifth day),l — Awakened with dull pain in the forehead 
and right eye (third day),''. — Dull frontal headache, at 9 p.m. (first day),l 
— Dull frontal headache, with smarting in the eyes (after three hours, third 

Fye. — Smart of the eyes, all the afternoon and evening (after second 
dose, second day),l — Slight agglutination of the eyelids, in the morning 
(third day),^ 

JEar, — Loud singing in the right ear (part of S. 26), ^ 

Nose. — Increased secretion of mucus in the nostrils, all the forenoon, 
with a feeling of roughness of the pharynx and sensation as if something 


had lodged in the upper part of the oesophagus that caused frequent incli- 
nation to swallow (after first dose, second day),'. 

Mouth.— [10.] Bad taste in the mouth (fifth day),'. 

Throat. — Throat sore all night, with frequent inclination to swallow 
(second night); slightly sore (third day),\ — Dryness of the pharynx, at 9 
P.M. (first day),\ — Roughness of the pharynx (eighth day),l — Rough feel- 
ing of the pharynx, in the morning (third day),l — A feeling of roughness 
in the pharynx and sensation as if something had lodged in the upper part 
of the oesophagus that caused frequent inclination to swallow (part of S. 9),\ 
— Feeling as if something lodged in the upper part of the oesophagus (sec- 
ond night),\ 

Stomach. — Eructations of air (first day),^ — Slight nausea for two 
hours (after first dose, second day),^ — Sharp cutting pains in the epigastric 
region every few minutes, followed by dull pains, at 2 p.m. (second day),'. 

Abdomen. — Umhilical. [20.] Frequent distress in the umbilicus, 
with hard aching distress in the whole dorsal region (first day),'. — Slight 
distress in the umbilical region (four hours after first dose, first day),l — 
Dull pains in the umbilicus (after three hours, third day),^ — Frequent 
dull pain in the umbilical region, with a feeling in the anus as if it had 
been torn ; this was a prominent symptom and lasted all day (first day),'. — 
Frequent dull pains in the left umbilical region (second day),l — Have had 
a constant dull pain in the right umbilicus ; twice the pains were severe 
and of a cutting character (first day),^ — Sudden coliclike pains in the um- 
bilical region, while walking, with dull pains in the lower dorsal region, 
and loud singing in the right ear (two hours after first dose, second day),^ — 
General Abdomen. Slight rheumatic pains in the abdominal muscles 
and right thumb (after first dose, second day),^ — Frequent rumbling pains 
in the bowels, with dull aching distress in the lumbar region (first day),l — 
Hard drawing pains in the abdomen for three hours (after second dose, 
second day),\ — Hypogastrtum. [30.] Sudden pain in the hypogas- 
trium, at 8 p.m., followed by mushy stool (third day),\ — Sudden severe 
pains in the hypogastrium, at 7 p.m., followed by soft mushy stool (second 
day),'. — Dull pain in the hypogastrium, followed by a dark-colored, hard, 
lumpy stool (after half an hour, third day),'^. — Dull pains in the left hypo- 
gastrium and umbilicus (two houra after first dose, second day),^ 

Stool. — Natural stool, followed by severe neuralgia in the anus, with 
tenesmus (fourth day); natural stool at 8 A.M.; loose stool at 12 M. (fifth 
day); loose stool (sixth day); mushy stool at 6 p.m. (ninth day); natural 
stool (eleventh day),l — Hard lumpy stool at 7 A.M. (third day),'. — No stool 
(second day),^; (third day),'. 

Urinary Organs. — Urine increased and of a pale color (third 
day),'. — Urinated 28 ounces, dark-colored (second day); 40 ounces (third 
day),l — Urinated 49 ounces, pale-colored (first day); awakened with great 
desire to urinate at 4 a.m., voided 13 ounces; urinated 63 ounces, pale 
color, turns blue litmus-paper red, cannot detect albumen in it with heat- or 
nitric acid (second day) ; urine much less (third day),'. 

Bacli.—Dorsal. [40.] Dull distress in the whole dorsal region at 6 
P.M. (second day),'. — Aching distress in the whole dorsal region (after three 
hours, third day),'. — Great aching distress in the dorsal and lumbar regions, 
in the afternoon and evening (third day),l — Constant severe aching distress 
in the whole dorsal region, more on the right side (second day),^ — Lum- 
bar. Dull pain in the lumbar and sacral regions, on waking in the morn- 
ing (second day),'. — Severe drawing pains in the right lumbar region, pass- 


ing down to the right testicle, at 9 p.m., lasting half an hour, followed by 
dragging pains in the left, hypochondrium (first day),\ — Severe sticking 
pains in the region of the right kidney (after second dose, second day),l — 
Twice a number of sharp stabbing pains in the region of the left kidney, 
passing from left to right (first day),^ 

Extremities in General. — Aching in all the joints, with great 
despondency (fourth day),'. — Aching distress in all the large joints (part 
of S. 2),'. — [50.] Arms and legs ache severely, in the afternoon and even- 
ing (third day),^ 

Superior JExtremities. — Drawing pains in the elbow and meta- 
carpal bones of the right arm and hand, all the evening (first day), I — 
Slight rheumatic pains in right thumb (part of S. 27), ^ 

Inferior Extremities. — Pains in the hips, when walking, at 9 p.m. 
(ninth day),^ — Dull pains in the knees, in the evening (first day),^ — Severe 
drawing pains in the left ankle, greatly aggravated by walking, lasting 
three hours (after first dose, second day),\ 

General Symptoms. — Feeling languid, with aching distress in all 
the large joints (third day),\ — Very languid in the morning (third day),^ 
— Excessively languid all day, with great depression of the spirits (second 
day),l — Feeling greatly prostrated, no ambition to move, in the afternoon 
and evening (third day),l — [60.] Some symptoms every morning for three 
days (after fifth day),". 

Sleep. — Frequent disposition to yawn, in the afternoon and evening 
(third day),^ — Restless night, but no pain (second night),'. 


(Eryngium aquaticum, Linn., in part only, E. aquaticum, /?. Linn., be- 
longs to E. Virginianum, Lam.) E. yuccsefolium, Michx., comprises our 
true species.' 

Natural order, Umbelliferse. Common names, Button Snakeroot, etc. 

Preparation, Tincture of the root. 

Authorities. 1, C. H. McClelland, M.D., took tincture, 5 to 20 drops daily 
for about ten days (no symptoms appeared until the following week), Am. 
Horn. Observer, 1865, p. 180; 2, Dr. C. H. Coggswells took tincture, 10 
to 15 drops at a dose, for one week. Am. Hom. Observer, 1866, p. 361 ; 3, 
second proving by the same with the tincture, 150 drops daily for five days, 
then \ ounce three times in one day, ibid.; 4, Dr. W. G. Jones took mother 
tincture, 10- drops first day, 10 drops twice daily second and third days, 
Hale's New Remedies, p. 336. 

MJind. — Emotional. Very sober and depressed in spirits (seventh 
<Jay)A — Intellectual. Very dull at night and not so restless (seventh 
night),*.— Not able to think steadily on any subject (fifth day),'^ — Thoughts 
rather confused ; could not concentrate them upon any subject without much 
exertion, in the afternoon (fifth day),l 

Read. — Vertigo. Vertigo, soon after dinner (second day); in the 
evening (third day),'. — Felt dizzy and elated in a few minutes (first day),'. 
— General Head. Arose in the morning with a dull heavy pain in the 
head (eighth day),^*". — Pain in the head increased by lowering it or think- 
ing intently upon any subject ; pain mostly located in the frontal region, 
more particularly over the left eye, of a sharp, shooting character, and 
when sitting in stooping posture it would leave the eye and pass into the 


neck, and along the muscles of the shoulder, and beneath the scapula, 
where it would remain for some time (ninth day),''. — Pain in the head and 
neck increased in intensity, severe when stooping or when turning the head 
quickly (eleventh day),*. — [10.] Concentration of mind caused a heavy 
full pain if persisted in (seventh day),''. — Forehead. Severe pain in the 
frontal region, sufficient to cause dimness of sight (after second dose, fifth 
day),''. — Reading or writing caused a hard heavy pain in the forehead, 
which was increased by stooping (seventh day),'*. — Continual dull heavy 
pain in the frontal portion of the brain (seventh day),^'. — Frontal bead- 
ache, on rising (eighth day),'. — Expanding sensation in the frontal region 
above the eyes, increased by stooping (sixth day),'. — Dull aching pain in 
the frontal region, especially over the left eye (fourth day),". — Tem- 
ples, Heavy dull pain in the mastoid .portion of the temporal bone and 
passing through to the opposite side, while sitting in the lecture-room, at 
11 A.M. (fifth day),'. — Pain in the head still remained (after second dose, 
fifth day),'. — Vertex. Shooting pains in the coronary region and in the 
right side of the face from eyes to teeth, in the morning (third day),'. — 
Occi^fut. [20.] Dull dragging pain in the occiput, neck, and shoulders 
(sixth day),'. — Pain in the occiput disappeared about 11 a.m., but became 
more severe, extending downward forward into the eye, causing partial 
dimness of vision or a blur before the eyes ; exercise or the least excitement 
increased the pain (sixth day),'. — Pain in the head less severe, worse in the 
neck and between the shoulders (seventh day),'. — External Bead. 
Scalp sore to touch ; combing hair causes pain (sixth day),'. 

Eye, — Ohjectivet Purulent inflammation of the left eye ; congested, 
red, swollen slightly, tender to pressure ; constant dull aching pain, relieved 
by heat, followed by profuse discharge of purulent fluid, sticky like gum- 
arabic water, sticking the lids together, flowing on the cheek from all parts 
of the eyelid ; lasted forty-eight hours, leaving the conjunctiva granulated 
andrough,\ — Subjective. Burning pain in the eyes, they feel heavy and 
slightly congested, squinting on exposure to a strong light (elevfenth day),". 
— Eyes irritated by strong light, producing a smarting-burning sensation, 
with heavy aching pain, a dull expression of the eyes, and great inclina- 
tion to sleep much of the time (seventh day),''. — Eyes sensitive to a strong 
light and slightly congested at times, especially when looking at a strong 
light or walking in the bright sunlight (ninth day),". — Brotv and 
Orbit. Severe pain over the left eye of a tearing or boring nature (fifth 
day),". — Muscles of the eyes felt stiff, and caused pain on turning them 
quickly (ninth day),". 

Ear, — [30.] Inflammation of the Eustachian tube, also left ear swollen 
in and out, tender to pressure, constant aching pain, bleeding readily, with 
discharge of thick, white, and bloody pus, foul-smelling, lasting several 
days,\— Bruising-tearing pain about the ears, as if they were being torn 
from their location (sixth day),'. — Continued singing and ringing, with 
cracking sound in the left ear,'. 

HFose. — Profuse discharge of thick yellow mucus from the nose, lasting 
several days,'. 

.Fctce.— Shooting pains in right side of face from the eye to the teeth, 
in the forenoon (fourth day),'. 

Mouth. — Tongue grayish colored, with ragged appearance,'.— Tongue 
and fauces very dry, with insipid taste in the mouth (sixth day),'.— Thick, 
yellowish, tenacious mucus in the mouth, on rising (second day),'.— Thick, 
tenacious, disagreeable mucus in the mouth (eighth day),'. 


Throat. — Objective. Intense redness and congestion of the mucous 
membrane of the throat as far as could be seen, slight swelling without 
pain or bad feeling, with profuse secretion of thick whitish mucus, giving 
the throat an ulcerated appearance,'. — [40.] Constant hawking up of 
mucus,'. — Subjective, Choking in the throat, on slight pressure (sixth 
day),'*. — Smarting raw pain along left side of the throat, with dry tongue, 
and thick yellow mucus was ejected from the mouth, which increased the 
smarting in the throat (seventh day),^*". — Smarting-burning sensation in the 
fauces (eighth day),l 

Stomach. — Appetite. Partial anorexia (seventh day),l — Appetite 
partially wanting, though restored upon the sight of food (second day),^ — 
No desire for particular kinds of food (seventh da,j),''.—]!fau>iea. Nausea, 
followed by acrid eructations, about noon (seventh day),^ — Slight nausea, 
with drawing-cramping pains in the stomach, also a heavy compressing 
pkin between the shoulders, between 9 and 10 p.m. (fifth day),l — Stom- 
ach. Sensation of heaviness or weight in the stomach, early in the morn- 
ing (sixth day),^ — [50.] Hollowness or emptiness in the stomach, accom- 
panied by a heavy dragging pain (seventh day),'''. — Hot burning pain in 
the stomach or oesophagus, on taking the medicine (sixth day),^. — Heavy 
dragging pain in the stomach (eighth day),''. — Heavy dragging pain in the 
stomach, during the night (ninth night),'"'. 

Abdotnen, — Severe coliclike or cramping pain in the small intestines 
(sixth day),"; (tenth day),'''. — Awoke in the morning with coliclike pains 
in the bowels (seventh day),'"'.^Sharp piercing pain in the bowels ; feel 
bloated, but not visible on inspection, feel heavy while walking and are sore 
on pressure (eleventh day),"'. — Iliac Region. Heavy disagreeable sen- 
sation in the groin, in the afternoon, perhaps due to a walk (fourth day),". 
— Severe pain in the left groin and testicle, worse during exercise, at 2 p.m. 
(first day); continuing (second day),". 

Hectum and Anus, — Tenesmus at stool ; fseces seemed to cut as 
they passed through the anus (sixth day),". 

Stool. — [60.] Bowels constipated, dark-brown color, rather dry, and 
very hard,". — Bowels constipated, without an evacuation for two or three 
days ; felt no uneasiness on this account, and it was more an act of the 
will than necessity to evacuate the bowels then (third day),"^ 

Urinary Organs. — Urethra. Sensation of urine remaining in 
the urethra, of a burning-smarting character, of normal temperature, and 
notof a corrosive nature (sixth day),". — Frequent desire to urinate, which 
passes ofi" drop by drop every few minutes, with slight tingling near the 
meatus urinarius (eighth day),"'. — Frequent desire to urinate; stinging- 
burning pains in the urethra behind the glans penis during urination ; urine 
of a lightish-red color, rather deficient in quantity, at 11 a.m. ; rather darker 
previous to retiring, with the symptoms in the urethra more marked (first 
day),". — Urgent call to urinate, very soon after rising ; urine more scanty 
and high-colored than usual ; a slight burning sensation in urethra before 
urinating (second day),'. — Micturition. Decrease of the quantity of 
the urine (third day),"'. — ^Amount of urine passed in twenty-four hours 
was 26 ounces, slightly acid in reaction ; sp. gr. 1016, containing 382.11 
grains solid matter ; urine of a lightish-red or amber color when boiled ; a 
white flocculent sediment found in bottom of the vessel, after standing a 
few hours (sixth day),". — Urine, Urine clear at first, usual quantity, then 
deep yellow, profuse, no froth or sediment,'. 


Sexual OfffCttlS, — *Sexual desire suppressed, then excited, with lewd 
dreams, and pollutions ; discharge- of prostatic fluid from slight causes,\ 

Respiratory Organs. — [70.] The mucous membrane of the larynx 
seemed thickened, so that it provoked a short hacking cough and a small 
expectoration of mucus of a thick stringy consistency and light-yellow 
color ; it mostly came from the larynx (sixth day),^'. — Slight dyspnoea, as 
if the clothing was too tight (sixth day),'"'. 

Chest. — Oppression of the chest, feeling of fulness, inability to take a 
full breath, with desire to do so ; no cough, lungs seem to be solidified,'. 

ITeart and Pulse. — Pulse increased about ten beats, but soft and 
■weak,'. — Pulse about 90 (ninth day),^^ 

Week and Sack. — Neck, Cervical muscles slightly stiff and sore on 
motion ; head moved with difficulty, while sitting in the lecture-room at 11 
A.M. (fifth day),\ — Pain in the posterior portion of the neck of a rheumatic 
character, while sitting in the lecture-room, at 11 A.M. (fifth day),''. — Mus- 
cles of the neck were sore on turning the head quickly ; pressure caused a 
hard heavy pain (ninth day),^"". — Sack. Feeling of weakness and heavy 
dragging pain in the lumbar region (fourth day),^ — Slight dull pain in the 
lumbar region, at 2 p.m. (first day),''. 

Superior Extremities, — [80.] Transient rheumatic pa"ins in the 
left shoulder and arm, also right wrist and hand (third day),*. 

Inferior Extremities. — Lower extremities languid and heavy, 
with profuse perspiration on walking,'. — Left os calcis and patella tender, 
sore, and painful on motion,'. 

General Symptom,s. — Objective. Slight erethism of the nervous 
system (sixth day),". — Loss of energy (seventh day),l — Fainting fits ; dare 
not rise suddenly, step down, or turn my head quiclily, or I would fall into 
a swoon, and once my room-mate had trouble to get me brought to my 
senses,'. — Restless, uneasy, frequently changing position (sixth day),^ — 
Very nervous in the evening, unable to remain in one position (seventh 
day), I — Very nervous and uneasy, moving about continually (seventh 
dayX^l — Subjective. On returning from a long walk in the afternoon 
felt very tired, especially in the lumbar region (fourth day),^ — [90.] Feel- 
ing of great debility,'. — Erratic pains all over the body, in the muscular 
tissues, during the day (seventh day),l — Erratic pains in the trunk and 
upper extremities (eighth day),^ — Symptoms extended only over a few 

Sleep and Dreams.— Sleepiness. Great inclination to sleep 
much of the time, especially in the afternoon (tenth day),'^ — Sleepless- 
ness. Rather wakeful during the night (third day),l— Awoke earlier than 
usual (eighth da.j),\— Dreams. Disturbed dreams of a confused char- 
acter (first night),'. 

Jrever.—Fla.shes of heat passing through the system (sixth day),l— 
Slight perspiration of a disagreeable odor, resembling that of urine, in the 
evening (fifth day),''. 

Conditions.— AggTavation.— (Morning), On rising, mucus in mouth. 
— (Afternoon), Inclination to sleep. — (Exercise), Pain in groin. — (Looking 
at strong light), Congestion of eyes.— (Lowering head). Headache.— (-ReacZ- 
ing or ivriting). Pain in foreheeid.— (Stooping), Pain in head, etc. ; pain in 
forehead.— (Thinking intently), JIea.da.che.— (Turning head quickly), Pain 
in head. 

Amelioration. — (Heat), Pain in eyes. 



Eryngium maritimura, Linn. 

Natural order, UmbelUferss. Common name, Sea Holly; (Germ.), 

Preparation, Tincture of whole plant, including roots. 

Authority. Proving, by E. B. Ivatts (Dublin, Ireland), with 1st dec. 
dilution, 10 drops once or twice daily, for eleven days ; then with the ^ 
dilution, 10 drops once daily, for two days; Am. Horn. Observer, 1873, 
p. 564. 

Mind. — Felt very queer before completely dressed (thirteenth day). — 
Very light and unusually cheerful the first few days ; the second morning 
I awoke and became so merry, that I commenced to sing in bed ; as I am 
usually heavy and drowsy on waking, I attribute this symptom to the 
medicine probably exciting the liver. — Disinclination to speak (thirteenth 

Head. — Dulness in head, but no actual pain at first (thirteenth day). — 
Spasmodic.pain in head (part of S. 19). — Head ached, but not severely; 
the pain was in the centre, over brows, at 7 p.m. (thirteenth day). 

Eye. — Pain at back of the ball of right eye, the left eye feeling weak 
(thirteenth day). — Inclination to close the eyes to shut out moving objects 
(thirteenth day). 

Throat. — Great dryness of throat, larynx, and lips (thirteenth day). 

Stomach. — [10.] Could eat very little breakfast (thirteenth day). — 
.Tried to eat dinner ; took four mouthfuls of cold mutton, and one potato 
and a glass of bitter ale, but could take no more; no feeling of sickness all 
through; ate a few spoonfuls of water arrowroot with nutmeg for supper 
(thirteenth day). — Sinking feeling at pit of the stomach (thirteenth day). 

Abdomen. — All the viscera seemed prostrated and as heavy as lead 
(thirteenth day). — Slight dull continuous pain in bowels (thirteenth day). 
— Pain in one spot in right inguinal region (thirteenth day). 

TJrinary Organs. — Increased flow of urine, very red, thick on 
standing (thirteenth day) ; urine still red (fourteenth day). 

Sexual Orfjans.— Great insensibility of glandis corona ; absence of 
desire for coition (secondary action) for several days ; power of erection 
seemed gone; quite the reverse of condition ordinarily. 

Mespiratory Organs. — Voice lower in tone, larynx feeling weak 
(thirteenth day). — Occasional stomach cough during the day, sending spas- 
modic pain to head (fourteenth day). 

Chest. — [20.] Occasional darting pains through lungs to back (thir- 
teenth day). — Soreness, with and without pressure over chest, stomach, and 
bowels (thirteenth day). 

Neck and Hack, — Pain at nape of neck, compelling the support of 
head on hand or against something (thirteenth day). — Occasional shooting 
pains under both scapulse (thirteenth day). 

Superior Extremities, — Veins of hands at back appeared con- 
tracted and so depressed as to be hardly visible, though generally full and 
prominent (thirteenth day). 

Inferior Extremities, — Sore pain in muscle, inside right thigh, 
just above knee (thirteenth day). — Legs, in walking, felt weak at knees, 
and almost unable to bear the body; felt I should drop every minute 
(thirteenth day). 


General Sym/ptoms. — Circulation deadened, or as if it were stag- 
nated ; still great determination of blood to the surface of the body (thir- 
teenth day). — Lassitude towards evening, but in less degree (fourteenth 
day). — Walked after breakfast two miles ; rested at a friend's house three 
hours ; experienced general weakness, debility, and lassitude (thirteenth 
day). — [30.] On sofa all afternoon and evening (thirteenth day). — Took a 
cab home about 2 p.m. ; its shaking did not increase or diminish symptoms 
(thirteenth day). 

Skin. — A patch of eruption half the size of the palm of the hand came 
out in a cluster from inside thigh that was sore yesterday (fourteenth day), 
but it died away the next day (fifteenth day), leaving a red areola ; erup- 
tion like fine pin-heads (miliary), points feeling rough to fingers. 

Fever, — Chills, commencing at nape of neck, going down shoulders 
and back (thirteenth day). — Little fever heat, or heat of head during whole 
time, principally cold chills. 


Eriodyction Californicum, Benth. (Wigandia Californica, Hook and 

Natural order, Polemoniacese. Common name, Yerba Santa. 

Preparation, Tincture of whole plant. 

Authorities, MS. provings by Dr. G. M. Pease, of San Francisco, con- 
tributed to this work : 1, F. E. B. took tincture, frequently repeated doses, 
for seventeen days, of 10 to 600 drops ; 2, Mrs. A., aged 42, took 3 drops 
of tincture every two hours for one day ; 3, Dr. G. M. Pease took 2 to 3 
drops of tincture every three or four hours (for asthma of long standing, 
worse at night). 

Send, — Vertigo, Dizziness, like slight intoxication (immediately), 
(seventeenth day),\ — Sense of intoxication at 6 p.m. (fifteenth day),\ — 
General Head. Heaviness in bead at 10 p.m. (thirteenth day),\ — 
Head heavy and dull at 12 m. ; dizziness continuing until 3 p.m. (fifth 
day),\ — Headache (thirteenth day),\ — Aching in base of cranium at 8 
A.M. (fourteenth day),\ — Sense of pressure outward on all sides in head, 
greatest at cerebellum upwards, at 10 p.m. (thirteenth day),\ — Sense of 
pressure on head, especially back part, at 5 p.m. (twelfth day),\ — Occi- 
put, Intense pain, dull and heavy, in back of head and over eyes, at 6 
P.M. (sixth day),\— [10.] Burning pain in back of head at 4 p.m.,\— Heavy 
pain in back of head for half an hour, as if occiput was being; pressed out, 
at 10 P.M. (fifth day),\ 

JEar, — Sharp pain in right ear at intervals, or upon suddenly changing 
position of head to right or left (never before having had headache or ear- 
ache), at 8 A.M. Shooting pains, after changing to just below external 
ear, removed to just above and back of it, at intervals of one or two min- 
utes, shooting and quite painful, at 6 p.m.; not felt at night, and on morn- 
ing following no pain (fourteenth day),'. 

iVose,— Sneezing at 8 p.m. (fifth day),'.— Catarrhal discharge, yellow- 
ish-green color, at 8 a.m. (eighth day),'.— Coryza at 8J p.m. (fifth day)/.— 

t The plant has a strong terebinthine taste, and abounds in a resinous matter, 
■which sometimes exudes so copiously, that in drying the specimens stick firmly 
together and to the paper, hence a name " E. glutinosum," which, however, is not 


Coryza and sneezing at 10 a.m.; coryza, as permanent symptom, at 12 m. ; 
coryza increased at 4 and 6 p.m. (sixth day)/. — Coryza, with more or less 
dizziness continually, at 8 a.m. (sixth day),'. 

Face. — Face flushed at 4 p.m. (sixth day) ; lasting one hour (fifth 

Month. — Foul mouth in morning upon rising (sixth day),\ 

Throat. — [20.] Burning sensation in fauces and throat (three hours 
after first dose),^ 

Stomach. — Great appetite at 9 p.m. (ninth day),'. — Great nausea and 
heavy sickness at 6 p.m. (twelfth day),'. — Sick at stomach, immediately 
after running a few blocks to a fire, at 8^ p.m. (fifth day),'. — Deathly sick- 
ness at stomach, lasting one hour, at 9 p.m. (fifth day),'. 

Sexual Organs. — Sore and tender feeling of left testis principally ; 
could not bear any pressure upon it, and dreaded to move because of its 
tenderness ; relieved by gentle support. For several days the drug was 
discontinued, and then again taken as before, when the soreness and drag- 
ging tenderness of testis was again prominent, mostly felt in the after-part 
of the day,^ — Slight fluttering at intervals at bottom of testicles at 9 p.m. 
(ninth day),'. 

Resjnratory Organs. — Wheezing voice at 5 p.m. (seventeenth 
day),'. — Asthmatic symptoms, slight (fifteenth day) ; quite strong (seven- 
teenth day),'.— Seemed to relieve slightly the asthmatic breathing, and 
reduce the attendant coryza and mucous secretions,'. 

Chest. — [30.] Dull pain in right lung, front (immediately), (seven- 
teenth day),'. — Sharp pain in right lung in front, near nipple, occurring 
at short intervals or upon sudden changes of position, lasting three-quarters 
of an hour, at 8 a.m. (fourth day),'. 

Superior Extremities, — Quivering of little finger of left hand, 
also constant twitching of abductor muscle of wrist, when the arm was 
flexed and lying on the desk, as in the act of writing, at 6 p.m. (fourteenth 

Inferior Extremities. — Rheumatic pain in calf of right leg at 6 
P.M. (third day),'. 

General Sytn/ptoms. — Feel sick all over (seventh day),'. — Verbal 
reports of provings give the aggravations as in the afternoon,'^'. 

Skin. — In morning, covered with a scarlet rash, which lasted four or 
five days (second day),l 

Fever. — Slight fever ; for fifteen minutes cheeks flushed and burning, 
with slight dizziness at 10 A.m.; fever again, face more flushed, at 5 p.m. 
(twelfth day),'. 

Conditions. — Aggravation — (^Morning), On rising, foul mouth. — 
(Afternoon), Soreness of testis. — (Running), Sickness at stomach. 


Ethyl Oxide or Ethylic Ether (sometimes called Sulphuric Ether), 

Preparation for use, Inhalation of vapor, dilute with alcohol. 

Authorities. 1, L. Simon, Jr., pathogenetic effects from pure experi- 
ment or observed in patients previous to surgical operations, Journ. de la 
Med. Horn., 3, 31 ; 2, E. V. Atlee, efiects on a servant-girl, Boston Med. 
Intelligencer, April 6th, 1824; 3, effects, Brit, and For. Med.-Chir. Re- 

220 ETHER. 

view, April, 1847 ; 4, Buchanan, effects, Med. Gazette, April 23d, 1847; 
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on a woman, aged 60 years, when taken for amputation of leg, ibid. ; 39, 
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habitual use, New York Med. Journ., Feb., 1870 (from Practitioner) ; 40, 
Hutton, effects on a young man when taken for removing a splinter of iron, 
Amer. Observer, 10, 309 (from Phila. Med. Reporter) ; 41, C. A. Ewald, 
effects on a man, aged 32 years, of its habitual use, London Med. Record, 
April 7th, 1875 (from Med. Clinic of Med. Counsellor Frerichs). 

Mind.— Emotional. The effects may be described in the same 
terms as apply to the effects of alcoholic liquids, an exhilaration and ex- 
citement of the mind, which gradually passes into a state of narcotism, 
with stupefaction,*. — Violently excited,^'. — He became furiously excited, 
and it required several persons to control him ; he was forced upon a bed, 
but on being awakened he again became very much excited; indeed, so 
much so that cold water was dashed over him,'". — She became much ex- 

ETHER, 221 

cited and talked strangely ; afterwards was seized with delirium and car- 
ried home in that state; she remained so, except at short intervals, for 
three days ; friends afraid to leave her,". — Every indication of great cere- 
bral excitement,''. — There was altogether so much excitement that his at- 
tendant was alarmed,". — Became delirious about an hour after she got 
home ; this lasted all night,™. — In attempting to walk upstairs in the 
evening of the third day, she stopped suddenly, screamed so as to alarm 
the family, and complained of faintness and the pain in her head ; some 
aberration of mind was now manifest, and in the course of the night she 
became delirious, screaming and evincing alarm at imaginary dangers ; 
more comfortable next morning under remedies prescribed, but during all 
the day she gave decided proofs of mental incoherence, which continued 
to increase ; when any subject was introduced, she spoke rationally upon it 
for a moment, and then' referred to some other, frequently to the experi- 
ment with Ether ; her nights became sleepless, and were spent in scream- 
ing and loud talking upon all subjects, until she sank rapidly into a coma- 
tose condition,™., — She conversed incoherently at intervals, introducing 
strange topics, and had sometimes been observed to laugh immoderately 
without any assignable cause, for several days before I saw her ; when I 
visited her, she was capable of conversing upon any subject, introduced in 
so rational a manner that the hallucination might have been overlooked 
by an uninterested observer; I noticed, however, that she conversed with 
clearness only so long as the subject was kept before her mind with some 
care,". — [10.] He pretty soon fell into a state of intoxication, during which 
he talked extravagant nonsense, danced about the room, laughed, and ap- 
peared to be very much pleased ; but his condition was far removed from 
narcosis in its ordinary sense,". — The sensations induced are almost uni- 
versally described as pleasurable, and much resemble those resulting in the 
early stages of alcoholic intoxication,^. — By some, pleasant dreams, inde- 
scribable but delightful sensations, rapid flights through the air, gorgeous 
visions, and unearthly music,".— Most agreeable and even most sensual 
dreams ; women sometimes pass into a state of ecstasy ; some see God and 
angels ; others fancy themselves again with the companions of their child- 
hood,\ — He immediately lost consciousness, and had a host of lively illu- 
sions, principally consisting, it seems, of theologico-mystical conceptions, 
in which, however, as is the case in opium and hashish smoking, there 
was a complete disregard of matter, time, and space ; he believed he had 
travelled through whole worlds and had lived for an infinity of time, and 
yet, when he awoke, his candle showed that he could scarcely have been 
narcotized a quarter of an hour ; the Ether bottle was empty, although 
he did not remember taking it more than once in his hand. When he re- 
peated the experiment, the dream-world into which he lulled himself was 
not so splendid, not so rich in colors and images, as that of the first nar- 
cosis; and however often he endeavored to conjure it back, by larger 
and larger doses, it would not reappear,". — The character of his hallucina- 
tions was, from the first, and has always remained, exclusively mystic, 
free from any erotic or other admixture, and has thus remained dependent 
on his prevailing disposition,". — The little child dreams of his playthings ; 
the sportsman is following the hounds or catching imaginary salmon ; the 
gamekeeper we have known to dream of a conflict with poachers ; the 
laborer that he is getting drunk in a pothouse of which he is an habitu6 ; 
in females, especially of a warm temperament, emotions have been mani- 
fested which are ill adapted for general inspection ; in some it was evident 

222 ETHER. 

by their movements that they were under the influence of the highly 
developed sensations of the venereal organs,^'. — A Provengal talked about 
his native country/. — A horse-jockey dreamed that some one was trying 
to steal his horse,'. — A woman in labor fancied herself in the conjugal 
abode, and called to her side a student, whom she took for her husband,'. 
— [20.] Frightful dreams ; a man fancied he heard the ringing of his own 
funeral knell,'. — She said : I felt, when the tooth was coming out, as if I 
was having a horrid dream. [She gave a scream during the operation.],". 
— She had a dream, and thought she was at the bar of judgment pleading 
for mercy, and that God Almighty was punishing her for her sins,^''. — As 
with other narcotics, so even more with Ether, the disposition to hallucina- 
tive action appears to present individual differences; and a susceptibility of 
this kind, such as our patient has possessed, in a more or less distinct form, 
from the first day till now, may well be attributed in part to an alienated 
direction of his disposition or development — to a slight psychosis ; this he 
has himself acknowledged,*'. — Loquacity,'. — He muttered like a man in- 
toxicated, ''. — Greater inclination towards silence than formerly,". — When 
the numbness seizes thesubject, a great tendency to gayety is generally shown ; 
there is spasmodic, jerking laughter, which is followed by copious tears,'. — 
The greatest variety of the effects upon self-consciousness, and of the degree 
in which the recognition of surrounding objects is retained, are reported; 
with many, the hilarity induced quite equals that produced on the inspira- 
tion of Nitrous Oxide,^— Anxiety,". — [30.] Very low-spirited, and fearful 
of some disease ; and was still nervous and desponding after two months,'*. 
— Fright and delirium,". — Intellectual. The intellect is both tranquil- 
lized and fortified,''. — judgment was retained unimpaired to such a degree 
that he lost none of the sensations he wished to analyze ; moreover, when 
the anasthesia was most complete, so that he could prick himself without 
feeling it, he willed to walk, and did walk,'. — The intellect is often dis- 
ordered, but the subject does not always lose self-consciousness. In one 
case, the experimenter retained full possession of his faculties ; while giv- 
ing way to convulsive laughter, he himself compared it to the barking of 
a dog, and was quite aware that he was acting foolishly,'. — For some time, 
much confused,'^ — Answered questions with a weak voice, though remem- 
bering nothing which had passed,". — Semi-consciousness ; the patient raised 
himself to a sitting posture and looked about him with a vacant stare, the 
conjunctiva being very red and suffused,'". — Although he seemed to be 
aware that people were talking to him, he had no consciousness of what 
was really passing around him,'^ — She lost consciousness in three or four 
minutes after inhaling ; felt no pain,^". — [40.] She became stupid, with a 
weak pulse and heavy stertorous breathing ; her strength failed more and 
more, and she died fifteen hours after the operation.'^ — ^A state of almost 
profound stupor,^ — In many, as total a temporary suspension of all the 
mental faculties and cerebral functions as in the most profound sleep, 
nothing being remembered, after the few first inhalations, until the period 
of returning consciousness,". — At the first trial, after breathing fifteen 
or twenty minutes, she became comatose for two hours ; at the second trial, 
she became comatose in four minutes, recovering rapidly,". 

Head.— Confusion. In a great majority of cases, the only effects 
afterwards are, slight muzziness of the head, sometimes amounting to head- 
ache, odor and taste of Ether in the mouth and nasal passages,'. — Ver- 
tigo. Vertigo and conscious loss of muscular power preceding insensi- 
bility,". — Dizziness,'^ — Dizziness, just enough to amount to slight vertigo 

ETHER. 223 

when the standing posture has been attempted/'. — Giddiness and debility- 
made it difficult for her to walk (after three days),™. — Slight degree of gid- 
diness at times during the day/'. — General Head. [50,] Head drops 
on one side/^ — Head was thrown back, as if to relieve slight stiffness of 
the muscles of the neck,'\ — Determination of blood to the brain and eyes,". 
— Symptoms of meningitis, etc., persisted in spite of all treatment, and he 
died (fifth morning),'^ — Head hot,'" ". — Pain about the head,'l — She com- 
plained of some pain in the head,''. — The inhalation was attended with 
very painful sensations in the head and partial blindness, which lasted 
three days,'". — She complained of great pain in her head, which was re- 
lieved by free cupping,^ — Intense pain in the head,'". — [60.] Aching of 
head and dizziness for a few minutes, when senses returned,'^". — Headache 
more or less considerable for some hours, and even for a day or two,'. — 
Headache, more or less violent,'. — Forehead. Great pain in the fore- 
head (second day),". — Temples. Temporal arteries enlarged,". — Action 
of the temporal artery very strong,'". 

Mye. — Eyes full and somewhat suffused,". — Eyes injected (blood- 
shot),"'". — Lids. Eyes half open and turned upwards (after third 
day),'". — Eyelids closed,'^ — [70.] Eyes sometimes open, sometimes shut 
(during operations),'. — Eyelids begin to tremble in a manner very charac- 
teristic,". — Conjunctiva. Vessels of the conjunctiva injected,'". — 
Slight injection of the conjunctivae,*'. — Conjunctivae much injected,'^ — 
Conjunctiva of eye was sensible,''^". — Ball, Rolling of the eyeballs during 
the spasms,'. — 'She complained of difficulty in turning her eyes downward, 
but rolled them about in an unnatural manner (after third day),'". — 
Pupil. Pupils dilated,^" ^*'. — Pupils dilated and fixed, the eyes turned up- 
wards (after ten minutes),^". — [80.] Pupils dilated, fixed, and did not act 
during the whole time,'^. — The pupils became widely dilated, this state 
being apparently not preceded by contraction (in seven minutes, when 150 
cubic centimetres (about four ounces) of Ether had been used),'". — Pupil 
oscillates, with a tendency to turn upwards and inwards,".— Contracted 
pupil;". — The iris seems to be generally expanded, sometimes contracted,'. 
— Vision. Impaired vision (after third day),'". — Dimness of sight,'. — 
She complained of obscure vision, describing it as a mist or thin cloud be- 
fore her eyes,". 

Ear. — Hearing was obtuse,". — Sounds are indistinct and seem far off, 
yet they resound violently in the ears,'. — [90.] Deafness,'. 

Face. — Countenance was wild and a little vacant at intervals, some- 
times indicating slight surprise,". — At first, an expression of extraordinary 
pleasure on his face, and he inhaled the Ether-vapor with real eagerness ; 
he afterwards assured us that he had had a pleasant narcosis,". — Face 
flushed,^ ^^. — The expression is sometimes calm, but generally the face is 
flushed and animated,'. — Face injected,'^. — The countenance is livid,'*. — 
Face pallid,^l — The face often becomes either pale or morbidly flushed,'. 
— Distortion of the features,". — Cheeks. [100.] Cheeks flushed ; after 
half an hour they resembled two pieces of scarlet velvet,'". — Lips, The 
lips often swell and become blue,'.^ — Lips slightly congested,''". — Lip and 
tongue are blue,'*. — His lips became purple,*. 

Mouth. — Mouth often opened,". — Mouth was slightly dry, and she 
was observed to drink oftener than usual,". — Some heat in the mouth,". — 
Saliva, Profuse salivation (after a few days),*". — Slight frothing at the 
mouth,". — Taste, [110.] Bad taste in mouth,'. — Disagreeable taste of 
Ether in her mouth in the evening,''^ — Speech, Evident difficulty in 

224 ETHEE. 

using the organs of speech ; the pronunciation was indistinct, and performed 
with some apparent effort ; afterwards speechless/^ 

Throat. — Pricking in the throat/. 

Stomach. — Appetite. Los's of appetite/^ — The appetite for solids 
is visibly diminished when any considerable amount has been inhaled 
shortly before a meal,". — Loathing of ether,\ — Hiccough. Violent hic- 
cough set in after twenty-five minutes, but ceased, as did also the dilatation 
of pupils, as soon as the inhalation was discontinued," — Ufausea and 
Vomiting. Nausea,'. — Nausea and sickness,^ — [120.] Nausea and vom- 
iting in the eveni^g,^^ — Sickness,'. — She complained of sickness and dis- 
tress of the stomach,^'. — Vomiting,^ — Vomiting, soon after return of con- 
sciousness, although no food had been allowed for seven hours ; stimulants 
were immediately rejected by the stomach,^*. 

Respiratory Organs. Slight bronchial irritation,'. — Inhalation is 
accompanied by a sensation of stinging or heat in the bronchia, which ex- 
cites coughing,''^ — Cough,^''^ — Violent coughing," — Violent cough and 
spitting,'. — [130,] Spitting of blood,". — She raised blood from her lungs, 
it was supposed about a pint ; bleeding soon ceased (second morning),^". — 
Breathing rapid for a short time, when effect first produced, and then be- 
came natural,^". — Respiration is quickened, and the face becomes red; then 
the inspirations slacken, but are extremely deep ; finally, they become im- 
perceptible ; the face then regains its quiet expression and natural color,^ 
— Respiration was hurried (after five minutes) ; deep and slow, but free 
from stertor (after ten minutes),^'. — Full and frequent respirations,'\ — The 
respirations were deep, and increased from eighteen to twenty-five in a 
minute,". — Respirations short; the expirations prolonged and forcible,''. — 
Respiration becomes slow and labored,'. — ^Sonorous breathing,'l— [140.] 
Stertorous breathing,"". — Sighing, groaning,". — Each expiration was ac- 
companied by a loud hah !". — The air expired by the patient, at the end 
of eight days after the last experiment, still had a strong smell of Ether," 
— Laborious breathing,^' ". — Breathing laborious two or three times,^''. — 
The respiration, bearing a due relation to the frequency of the pulse, be- 
comes labored and stertorous,". — Difiiculty of breathing,". — Difficulty of 
breathing for several days (after two days),"*. — Breathing became very 
difficult, so exceedingly labored, that it would have been almost impossible 
to perform any operation,". — [150.] Dyspnoea,^^. 

Chest. — Pulmonary and cerebral congestion,'. — With some difficulty 
I led him to the outer door, when he exclaimed, "Cover my chest; cold, cold, 
■ cold,"". — Tightness across the chest,". — Irritation and pain in the chest 
(after twenty-five inhalations in two days),'. 

Heart and Pulse. — Prwcordium. Heart and lungs greatly 
oppressed,^ — Heart's Action. Excitement and invigoration of the 
action of the heart, which seems to continue throughout,*. — Protracted 
failure of the heart's action,'. — Ptilse. Rapid pulse,''. — The pulse is at 
first accelerated, and afterward falls, but rarely to the natural standard ; 
respiration seems to follow the same rule/. — [160.] The circulation at first 
became rapid, then slow and feeble,". — First effect upon the circulation is 
to accelerate it ; the pulse subsequently falls, and in the third period loses 
power as well as frequency/'. — Small, frequent pulse,". — Pulse full, hard, 
and bounding,". — The pulse, hitherto weak and low, became full and 
strong, and remained so as long as the narcosis continued, increasing in 
frequency at the same time from 72 to 80,". — Pulse commenced sinking 
rapidly,'*. — Pulse very feeble and weak in the evening/^ — When felt, the 

ETHER. 225 

pulse was found to be soft, full, and very slow; it suddenly ceased to beat, 
and the patient was dead,^'. — The pulse, as we ascertained by the sphyg- 
mograph, was not once changed, nor was there any alteration in the uriiie,''\ 
— Pulse rose to 160 while inhaling,". — [170.] Pulse 100, with much throb- 
bing of the carotids (third day) ; 140 (tenth day),'". — Pulse natural in 
the morning, 76 ; rose to 84 previous to inhalation (probably from the 
appearance of the surgeons and expectation of operation) ; during inhala- 
tion, rapidly increased to 140, but before inhalation ceased, it became small 
and feeble,^'. — Being much excited, her pulse rose to 130 (before inhala- 
tion) ; 70 (after inhalation),'^— Pulse 120,'^— Pulse 98, small and tense,". 
— Pulse 90 (before the operation) ; 75 (in the ethereal state),®. — Pulse 84 
(before the operation); varied from 60 to 70 (during the ethereal pro- 

Extremities in General. — Frequent trembling of the limbs,".^ 
Convulsive movements of the lirabs,'". — Spasmodic rigidity of the limbs,'. 

Superior Extremities.— [180.] His arms were stretched; his 
fingers extended,". — Arms fall relaxed,''. 

Inferior Extremities. — A slight imperfection in her gait termin- 
ated in paralysis of the lower extremities, after some time, and she became 
helpless,''. — Severe cramps in the legs,". 

General Symptotns.— His whole aspect was so indicative of misery, 
that he would have been put down as one of the wretchedly poor, were it 
not for the unusual contrast between his aspect and his distinctly formed 
speech, and tor the fact that (as was at first thought) there was a remark- 
ably strong smell of alcohol in his breath ; the patient, however, explained 
that he did not smell of alcohol but of ether, and the peculiar sweetness 
and mildness of Ether vapor was then easily recognized, notwithstanding 
its strength,". — His appearance altogether was so distressing, as to excite 
great alarm in the minds of the bystanders," — ^General appearance like 
one going into a state of epilepsy,"*. — To appearance, the energies of mind 
and body were nearly extinct,^ — The individual, to the common eye, seems 
to be sinking into the sleep of death,'. — Perfect quiet,". — [190.] Agitation 
of the system,". — An affection of the nervous system approaching apo- 
plexy ,'^ — Hysterical excitement in women for some hours, and even for a 
day or two,'. — In the evening (after several hours) he complained of some 
difficulty about his chest, when, all at once, he fell from his chair, exhib- 
ited great restlessness, tossing about of the arms and legs, with great diffi- 
culty of breathing, but no loss of consciousness, declaring all the time he 
could not get his breath for the Ether, and that he should die ; his hands 
and feet were said to be cold ; various restoratives were applied in vain ; 
it was evident that it was a case of violent hysterics, unusually well marked 
in a male ; he would laugh and joke, then express fears of impending suffo- 
cation, with jactitation, declaring that as vapor of Ether was heavier than 
air, he ought to be held up and allow it to run out of his lungs ; several 
doses of Morphine had no effect ; it was only after several hours that he 
could be quieted ; he had never previously exhibited any tendency to hys- 
teria,'^ — She was in a state of unconsciousness, and became quite unman- 
ageable ; she required two persons to hold her ; I lanced her gum, without 
any sign of pain, and she recovered her sensibility immediately ; she again 
inhaled, and, when under the influence of the Ether, some excitement re- 
turned, and on drawing the tooth with the claw, she cried "Oh !" but, on 
coming to herself, stated she had had no pain,*'. — He appeared to have 
much suffering, throwing his body almost out of the chair,''. — Muscular 

VOL. IT.— 15 

226 ETHER. 

tremors,". — Trembling of the whole frame when consciousness returned/". 
— Subsultus till twelve hours before death (after three days)/". — General 
shocks, involving all the muscles of the trunk,^ — [200.] Violent nervous 
attack,^^ — Convulsions,'. — Convulsions supervened, attended with slight 
stertorous breathing, and other symptoms of an alarming character ; he 
gradually recovered, but suffered from the effects for some time afterwards,^ 
— Limbs and trunk were strongly convulsed for five minutes ; limbs re- 
laxed (after ten minutes),^'. — Incipient convulsions,". — After the operation, 
she bent her body backwards and sank out of the chair ; she began to cry, 
and consciousness returned, but in a short time she again lapsed into a state 
of unconsciousness, with convulsive movements of the muscles ; she again 
got better and attempted to walk, but could not; the convulsions returned; 
there were convulsive movements of the muscles of the left side of the face; 
the angle of the mouth was drawn upward ; after half an hour the convul- 
sions became stronger, spasmodic twitchings of the muscles of the face more 
frequent and more violent,". — Slight spasm (tenth day),"". — Opisthotonos,'". 
— He was perfectly cataleptic ; after applications of cold, and administering 
brandy and water, these cataleptic symptoms were succeeded by severe 
hysteria, with about the same degree of consciousness as is usual in that 
disease,". — Muscles universally relaxed,". — [210.] General muscular re- 
laxation, affecting the limbs, also the eye, the ball moving about and evad- 
ing the needle or the cataract knife ; also the muscles of the perinseum dur- 
ing labor,'. — The voluntary muscles become relaxed ; the jaw falls down ; 
the arms hang down ; the eyes roll upward under the upper lid,". — The 
muscles lose their power of retraction (during amputation) ; they are also 
pale and discolored,'. — Temporary depression of the vital powers,". — Weak- 
ness,"" *'. — Weakness, and disposition to faint on the slightest attempt to 
walk, lasting several days (after two days),"". — General prostration,". — 
Felt nothing for several minutes, but on a sudden appeared to lose all 
muscular power,". — He attempted to rise, but tottered like a drunken mau, 
and suffered a degree of exhaustion and giddiness which lasted until he was 
taken to bed,'^ — Objective. Staggered about the room (soon),'^— [220.] 
Disposition to faint and fall down,"". — They exhibit all the marks of intoxi- 
cation ; they fall, without the power of raising themselves, become insensi- 
ble to all operations performed on them, and either recover soon when the 
experiment ceases, or sink if it be prolonged,'". — Syncope,'". — The state of 
the brain during this period was peculiarly distressing ; there were alter- 
nate manifestations of excitement and depression of the sensorial powers, 
at one time resembling syncope, and again like violent intoxication, until 
the boy died,^*. — M. Jobert and others have attempted to indicate three 
stages in its effects : first, that of incoherence, agitation or delirium, as the 
case may be ; second, acceleration of the pulse, with loss of sensibility and 
loss of voluntary power ; third, exhaustion and coldness of the surface,". — 
The average duration of the state of sleep or insensibility may be stated to 
be about the same as the period required to induce it, or a little less, say 
from two to four minutes ; the period, however, occasionally exceeds this, 
extending sometimes to half an hour or even an hour ; the awakening is 
sudden and complete,". — Several persons who were to be operated on next 
day, were subjected to preparatory inhalations, by which they were com- 
pletely narcotized; sensation, voluntary motion, and consciousness were 
abolished, yet, when repeated at the operating time, the experiment was a 
failure,'. — Great uneasiness,"". — Remarkable restlessness, in the period of 
reaction, ceasing in twenty-four or forty-eight hours,'. — Evident restless- 

ETHER. 227 

ness, mostly of the head and upper extremities,'^ — [230.] So much rest- 
lessness, that it was impossible to perform the intended operation,'. — Sub- 
jective. In some refractory subjects, sensibility was heightened instead 
of being depressed,^ — The next day she inhaled it ten minutes prior to the 
operation, which lasted half an hour, and during which she manifested 
great pain, declaring afterwards that she felt every cut made ; she was 
conscious from this time until her decease forty hours afterwards, but 
spoke in a low, faint voice,". — Perception of external objects fails.'l — Skin 
was not sensible on being sharply pinched.'l — Complete and instantaneous 
abolition of tactile sensibility; this effect is not constant, but is pretty 
general ; it is accompanied by a diminution of voluntary contractility ; it 
affects the most deeply seated parts of the nervous system,'. — The functions 
of the brain and nervous system are suspended, sensation is annihilated, 
and the patient, to all intents and purposes, for the time being, is a sense- 
less corpse,". — Loss of sensibility ; but drunkenness, attended by vomiting 
and other symptoms not consequent on inhalation, supervened in both 
cases,'^. — The instant the knife touched her, she cried out, put her hands 
down to the part, and betrayed other marks of uneasiness ; after half a 
minute to a minute, the operation was proceeded with, and signs of appar- 
ent suffering were not to be mistaken, so much so, that it induced some 
gentlemen present to imagine that the operation was felt, and the patient 
was aware of it ; after the operation was completed, and on awakening to a 
state of consciousness, and being asked if she suffered any pain, she expressed 
no knowledge of any,^^ — One person becomes as impassible as the subject 
on the dissecting-room table ; another talks incoherently or mirthfully, 
replies to questious or obeys instructions ; others utter exclamations of pain, 
which they afterwards retain no reminiscence of having felt ; and others, 
again, declare they have suffered pain, but felt themselves powerless for its 
expression ; finally, in not a few, ungovernable, violent convulsive actions, 
quite adverse to the performance of any delicate operation, take place ; 
with some, an utter oblivion is induced ; while others, whilst undergoing 
all the apparent tortures of a prolonged dissection, are revelling in the 
realms of memory and the fields of imagination,^ — [240.] Ill, and much 
dejected (third evening),™. — General malaise,". — After repeated experi- 
ments, a general malaise replaces the agreeable feeling experienced at first,'. 
— His sensations were so dreadful, that he would rather undergo any amount 
of pain than submit to the same again, which he could compare only to a 
state of utter helplessness and impending dissolution,". — He felt irresistibly 
disposed to lie down and get his head upon the ground,'^ — He seemed to 
take leave of the external world, but experienced a dreadful sensation of 
universal tremor, and yet a perfect fixedness of the limbs,'l — Sensation of 
numbness, beginning at the toes, and affecting, in succession, the legs, arms, 
loins, and genitals ; it extends to the head, and is then accompanied with 
a sense of heat, as from intoxication,'. — By a few, a sense of great oppres- 
sion, resembling nightmare,". — The distressing symptoms continued for 
more than an Aow,"- 

Skin. — The skin of the face, as well as that of the chest, of a violet-red 
color (after ten minutes), afterwards livid,''. 

Sleep. — [250.] After inhalation, all the usual phenomena of the deep- 
est sleep supervene almost suddenly, gliding often into the profoundness of 
sopor, and verging occasionally upon, if not actually lapsing into, coma,''. 

Fever, — Chilliness. Much distressed with a sensation of cold, 'I — 
Cold and chilly in the evening,*^ — Shivering ; chattering of the teeth,'. — 


Cold extremities/.— JTeaf. Skin hot (third day),'".— Agreeable feeling 
of heat, accompanied by formication and a kind of tremor similar to that 
felt on touching a large bell in a state of \[hra,tiQn,\—iiweat. Perspira- 
tion, followed by chill,\ 


Nitric ether, C^HjONOo (not to be confounded with Nitrous ether, 
C^H^ONO, which is the principal ingredient of Sweet spirits of nitre). 

'For use, Inhalations of vapor. 

Authorities. 1, Sir J. Y. Simpson, effects of 50 or 60 drops inhaled, 
Monthly Journ. of Med. Science, 1848, p. 741 ; 2, Benjamim W. Rich- 
ardson, general effects of inhalation, Brit, and For. Med.-Chirurg. Review, 
1867, pt. 2, p. 259. 

Head. — A tendency to pitch forward,^ — A sense of fulness of the 
vessels of the brain,l — Sensations of noise and fulness in the head are, in 
general, excessive,^ — Much headache and giddiness for some time have 
usually followed its employment,'. 

Face. — Extreme suffusion of the face,''. 

Respiratory Organs. — Rapid and painful respiration.^ 

Heart. — Excessive overaction of the heart,^ 

General Symptoms. — Insensibility (after a few inspirations),'. — 
The effects cease after the agent is withdrawn more quickly than when 
Nitrate of amyl is employed ; but for intensity of action, up to the period 
of full action, the Ethyl is as powerful as the Amyl,^ 


Eucalyptus globulus, Labil. 

Natural order, Myrtacese. Common names, Australian fever or gum tree. 

Preparation, Tincture of the leaves. (Eucalyptol is the essential oil.) 

1, Dr. A. Maurin, general effects of " large doses " (2 to 4 grammes and 
over), and of inhaling the vapors of the essence, "L'Akhbar," of Algiers, 
March 1st, 1872: Biblioth^que Homoeop., March, 1872; 2, E.M.Hale; 
Dr. D., took tincture ; 10 drops twice, first day ; 10 drops, four times, third 
day ; 10 drops twice, 20 drops, once, fourth day ; 30 drops, twice, sixth 
day ; 30 drops, four times, seventh day ; 30 drops three times, eighth day : 
Trans. Am. Inst, of Hom., 1873, p. 694; 3, Mrs. D., took same, in 5-drop 
doses, at two or three different times, for three or four days each time. 
Had the same symptoms each time, ibid. ; 4, Dr. Fawcett took decoction of 
20 leaves to a pint of water, a tablespoonful three or four times daily, for 
several days; (a) 2d proving with same; (6) 3d proving with same; 
Month. Hom. Review, 1874, p. 90 ; 5, Fawcett, effects on a lad, aged 13 
years, of eating largely of the gum, and chewing many leaves, ibid. ; 6, 
Theod. Siegen, effects of Eucalyptol, 4 doses of 20 drops, at intervals of an 
hour, and of 120 drops : London Med. Record, Feb. 4th, 1874, p. 523 ; 7, 
Ringer, general effects of Eucalyptol, 10 to 20 drops: Phil. Med. Times, 
1874, p. 253, from London Med. Record. 

Mind. — Intoxication is not constant; often it only stimulates. M. 
Gubler says this excitement may amount to fever,'. — Four doses of twenty 
drops taken at intervals of an hour did not impair the appetite, but produced 


a sort of drunkenness, which in an hour and a half passed into mental de- 
pression and exhaustion lasting for several hours/. 

Head. — Vertigo (part of S. 31),*'. — In one case it produced cerebral 
congestion with much excitement,'. — Dull feeling in head (after first dose, 
third day),^ — Congestive headache,'. — Sense of fulness in the head (part of 
S. 3),*'. — General full feeling of head (eighth day),^ — Dull frontal headache 
(eighth day),l 

Eye. — [10.] Eyes hot, burning, smarting (after first dose), still burning 
and hot (after fourth dose, third day), burning (sixth and eighth days),^ — 
Eyelids heavy (eighth day),^ — Dimness of vision (part of S. SI),*'. 

Wbse. — A cold in the head,'. — Considerable coryza (fourth and eighth 
days),^ — Some stiffness of the nose (after first dose, third day),^ 

jyioutJl. — Relaxed, aphthous condition (fourth day),^. — Increased secre- 
tion of buccal mucus and saliva,^ — A slightly burning taste, extending into 
the throat and oesophagus,^ 

Throat, — Constant sensation as of phlegm in throat, and expectoration 
of slightly thick white frothy mucus, not profuse, during the afternoon (after 
second dose, -fourth day),^. — [20.] A feeling of fulness and soreness in the 
throat on swallowing ; some burning in throat (after fourth dose, third 

Stomach. — Appetite. Increased appetite,'. — Thirst. Urgent 
thirst (in the fever),\ — Tormenting thirst (part of S. 31),^». — MniCta- 
tion. Eructations smelling of thedrug,\ — Eructations tasting of the drug 
during the entire evening (first day), Eucalyptus eructations continue (third 
day),''. — Burning eructations, and tasting of the Eucalyptus (after first 
dose, seventh day),l — Stotnach. Difiicult and painful digestion,^ — Lack 
of prompt digestion continued after the proving^. — -Twenty minutes after 
eating my dinner, while sitting at the desk, putting up medicines, a very 
peculiar sensation of faintness and goneness at stomach, accompanied by a 
distinct sensation of beating, which, on consultation with Dr. Hale, I con- 
cluded was a beating of the abdominal aorta, perfectly synchronous with the 
heart. This sensation continued at times all the afternoon and the next 
forenoon.l — [30.] Some burning in stomach, after dinner (seventh day),^ — 
Burning sensation in the epigastric and umbilical regions, together with a 
tormenting thirst, faintness, vertigo, dimness of vision, a sense of fulness in 
the head, with dull frontal headache, and a tightness across the bridge of 
the nose, as if profuse epistaxis would set in,^'. — Sensation of heat in 
stomach,\ — Fulness and pressure in stomach (after third dose, fourth 
day),l — Sensation in stomach as though it were too full, as though he had 
eaten too much ; not much pain ; lasting about an hour (three-quarters of 
an hour after first dose, first day),l — Full, uncomfortable sensation in 
stomach, as if I had eaten or drank too much (after first dose, sixth and 
seventh days),l — Weight in stomach,'. — Tenderness and burning sensation 
in the stomach and bowels, with great heat in the rectum, which was fol- 
lowed by tenesmus with discharge of mucus and great prostration. Violent 
purgation and hsemorrhage from the bowels ensued, and a suspension of the 
experiments became necessary (after the eruption),*. 

Abdomen. — Uncomfortable, uneasy feeling in umbilical region (after 
second dose, first day), extending through the bowels farther ; skirmishing, 
aching pains in the upper portions of the bowels. Feel as if I would have 
a diarrhoea (half an hour after first dose, third day),^ — Sharp, aching pains 
in lower part of bowels, accompanied with a thin, watery diarrhoea, yellow 
in color, on getting up in the morning (fourth day),l — [40.] Considerable 


pain of a sharp aching character, in hypogastric region, after dinner (seventh 

Stool, — Diarrhoea smelling of the drug,^ — Thin diarrhoea, accompanied 
by aching (rather sharp) pains running through the bowels, particularly in 
the morning,'. — Some irregularity of the bowels continued after the proving,^ 
— My bowels for a long time have been perfectly regular, excepting since 
taking this drug. This morning missed ; have some urging (seventh day),l 

Urinary Organs. — Urine smells of violets ; the powder and tincture, 
however, produce an herbaceous smell, or leave the smell unaffected,'. — 
Greatly increased the elimination of urea,'. — Gimbert usually passes 20 
grammes of urea in twenty-four hours, but under the influence of this 
medicine 40 grammes in the same time,'. 

Sexual Organs. — Increased sexual appetite,'^ 

Respiratory Organs. — Breathing quickened (in the fever),\ 

Heart and Pulse. — [50.] In one case, painful palpitation,'. — Ac- 
celeration of the pulse,'. 

JExtremities in General. — Many nodular swellings over the 
metacarpal and metatarsal joints,*. — In both upper and lower extrenjities 
pricking sensations were first noticed, followed by a painful aching in both 
arms and legs, together with a sense of fulness in the veins, and a stiff, weary 
sensation, as if too lazy to move,'*. 

General Symptoms. — Objective. General excitement and desire 
for exercise,^ — Pleasant general excitement, shown by irresistible desire for 
moving about and a feeling of buoyancy,'. — General calmness and soothing 
sleep,'. — Increased strength,'. — Great prostration (part of S. 37),*. — Faint- 
ness (part of S. SI) *\— Subjective. [60.] Malaise (in the fevery.— He 
could neither walk nor carry anything without great pain,°. — Pains of a 
rheumatic character; they were mostly of a jerking, tearing, stitchlike 
nature, and were worse at night (soon),''\ — Feel as though I had taken cold 
(after fourth dose, third day) ; still have the cold (fourth day) ; it has almost 
entirely disappeared (fifth day) ; returns (eighth day),^ — Effects removed 
by a cup of coffee,'. 

Skin. — Swellings in different parts of the body ; one below the nipple 
on the right side, about the size of a filbert-nut, was the seat of stabbing 
and darting pains ; it remained for upwards of two months, and at the 
time the letter we have received was written, it was disappearing under the 
influence of Phytolacca decandra*^. — Eruptions, sometimes,'. — Eruptions 
upon the skin of an herpetic character, glandular enlargement, and de- 
velopment of foul and indolent ulcers (after several days),*. — Eruptions of 
an herpetic character,'"'. 

Sleep.— FQel sleepy and dull (eighth day),l— [70.] Drowsiness (in 
anaemic subjects),\ — Sleeplessness (in the fever),'. 

Fever.— Chillitiess. Temperature falls considerably,'.— 120 drops; 
(4.2 gi'ammes) lowered the temperature of a healthy man 5° Cent. (9° F.), 
and that too in the evening, when it would normally have risen,^ — Heat. 
Attack of actual fever,'. — He appeared to be suffering from rheumatic 
fever,^ — ^The essential oil escapes through the skin, rendering the sweat 
odorous,'. — The sweat had a perceptible odor of trimethylamiue,". 

Conditions.— Aggravation. — (Morning), Pains in bowels, etc.— 
{Night), Rheumatic pains. — {After dinner), Burning in stomach; pain in 
hypogastric region. 

Amelioration.— {Coffee), Removed effects. 



Eugenia jambos, Willd. (E. vulgaris). 

Natural order, Myrtacese. 

Preparation, Tincture of the seeds. 

Authority. Dr. C. Hering, Archiv £ Horn. Heilk., 12, 1, 187 (vvith im- 
portant corrections and additions from Dr. Hering in MS., Jan. 1876). 

Mind, — Slight but long-continued drunkenness, which made him very 
talkative, but indolent (after one hour). — A sudden great change in him 
after micturition ; it seemed as though everything had become more beauti- 
ful and brighter before his eyes, and the sky and trees more joyous and 
clear ; but after a quarter of an hour everything became gloomy again 
(after five hours). — Constantly desirous of sitting alone and reflecting. 

Head. — Confustotv and Vertigo. Confusion of the head, and 
slight sticking in it (after one hour). — Vertigo after rising from lying 
down, caused by rush of blood to the head (first day). — In the evening, he 
is dizzy and nauseated. — Whirling in the head while sitting, the houses at 
a distance seem to turn bottom upwards (after six hours). — General 
Head. The whole night, headache, burning in the eyes, very much thirst, 
and much micturition (first day). — In the evening, headache, nausea, vomit- 
ing, with subsequent bitterness of the mouth, much thirst for cold water, and 
perspiration after drinking. — [10.] Headache, as from a sticking from all 
sides at once, or as if everything were drawn together from within, recurring 
like a slow pulsation (first day). — Headache, as if something was rolling in 
the head, with burning in it coming out at the eyes, with lachrymation ; no re- 
lief from cold water; at last he became nauseated, was obliged to vomit, but 
the headache was still worse thereby, in the evening, lasting into the night 
(first day). — Forehead. Pressive pinching pain in a small spot deep in 
the forehead (fourth day). — Vertex. Pressive pinching on the vertex 
(after one hour). — JParietals. Headache on the right side, deep in, as if 
a heavy board was lying there (after a quarter of an hour). 

Fye. — Objective. The eyes look sleepy and drunken (first day). — 
The right eye is inflamed the first day, with needle-like stitches in the inner 
canthus in the evening, night, and morning, the second day, then disappear- 
ing. — Red vessels from the inner canthus to the cornea (after four hours). 
— Subjective. He is unable to close the eyes in the evening on account 
of burning in them ; this also prevents his sleeping at night (first night). 
— Suddenly, biting in the eyes, so that he supposes there is pepper in them, 
and looks into the glass to see, in the evening (first day). — [20.] Violent 
internal itching in the eyes and nose in the evening (third day). — Lacll- 
ri/mal Apparatus. He is unable to look at the sun, the eyes become 
filled with water (first day). — Water ran from the eyes, with burning in 
them as from pepper ; he became sleepy and fell asleep ; after the sleep he • 
continued just the same (first day). — Hall. Contractive pinching pain 
in the eyeball in a small spot above the right inner canthus (after four 
■hours). — Vision. After micturition, it becomes suddenly bright before 
the eyes (first day). — It became dark before the eyes and everything 
seemed double ; on looking intently the double vision disappeared (after 
eight hours). — Whirling before the right eye, as if it would become dark, 
and the eye becomes inflamed (after fifteen minutes). — On looking intently 
at anything, everything is in order, but if he only looks ahead of him, 
everything wavers before his eyes and becomes confused (after eight hours). 


— It seems as though iire came out of the eyes, and the tears ran out of 
them in streams in the evening and night (first day). 

Mouth. — The gum about the hollow teeth is painful (fourth day). — 
[30.] He is constantly obliged to spit out a great deal (first day). — It 
seemed suddenly frothy in the mouth, especially before eating (second day). 
— The mouth is full of frothy tenacious saliva ; he spits and hawks the 
■whole day (second day). — When speaking, he is obliged to spit out a frothy 
saliva, even when he speaks only a little (third day). — Tenacious, yellow- 
ish bloody mucus in the mouth after the midday nap (first day). 

Throat, — Objective. Increased hawking; the mucus was yellowish 
and somewhat bloody (first day). — Mucus goes from the nose into the 
throat (second day). — Subjective. Dry and thirsty in the throat (third 
day). — Cough causes dryness of the throat. — At night, with the burning 
in the eyes, violent thirst from dryness low down in the throat, so that he 
did not at all feel the drink, which also did not relieve the dryness. — [40.] 
The cough is felt in the whole chest, but especially in the pit of the throat 
(second diij).—jj]xternal TJiroat. Pain in a very small place in the 
region of the left corner of the hyoid bone, also on swallowing (second 
day). — Pain deep in the right side of the neck near the oesophagus, a fine 
sticking, cramplike, constant pain (after three to five hours). 

Stomach. — Appetite. He eats and drinks with a very good appetite, 
so that he takes too much. — He has a much greater relish than usual when 
eating, drinking, and smoking (after some days). — Tobacco has a specially 
good taste; he smokes much more and with much more satisfaction than 
usual. — He wants to do nothing but smoke the whole day (first day).^ — • 
Thirst. Much thirst in the morning (second day). — Much thirst for cold 
water, with perspiration, in the morning (second day). — Thirst for cold 
water on waking (third day). — Hiccough, [50.] Hiccough when eating, 
more like eructations than loud hiccough (first day). — Heartburn. 
Heartburn at night (fourth day). — Nausea. Nausea threatens him and 
he must smoke tobacco, whereby it disappears (first day). — Nausea com- 
mences deep in the stomach and rises up from the end of the oesophagus. — ■ 
Stomach. Contractive pinching sensation deep in the stomach, imme- 
diately. — Sensation as of cramp in the orifice of the stomach, which be- 
comes nausea (after two hours). — Sticking in the pit of the stomach (after 
four hours). 

Abdomen, — Umbilical, Drawing about the navel as from a purge 
(second day). — General Abdomen. Only wind is passed instead of 
the stool (first day). — A confused feeling in the upper abdomen like a cold- 
ness in it (after a few hours). — [60.] Burning in the abdomen, as after 
drinking brandy, at first transversely across the abdomen, then becoming 
general, immediately. — After the stool, violent stitching in the abdnmen 
from above downward (fourth day). — Colic, immediately, with labor-like 
pressing downward, much urging to stool and to urinate, with scanty dis- 
charge. — HyitOfjastrium. Violent sticking, extending obliquely for- 
ward above the left crest of the ilium, worse when sitting erect, standing, 
and bending toward the left side ; relieved by bending towards the right. 
— A pain as if a band were drawn from the crest of one ilium to the 
other (after one hour) ; the hip-bones are painful to pressure even after 
four days. 

JRectvm. — Pinching pains within the rectum (fourth day). — It seems 
as though a ten-pound weight were hanging upon the rectum and as if 
everything below would fall out.— Urging to stool and colic, now and then 


a somewhat diarrhceic discharge is immediately forced out as with a syringe. 
— Pressure as in diarrhcsa, at first a hard, then a pasty stool (second day). 
—No desire for stool ; after much pressing, a few hard fseces, after which 
the anus violently closes itself (second day). 

Stool, — [70.] Diarrhoea (after two hours) ; with much pressure back- 
ward (after twenty-four hours), also (after third day). — Several small 
stools, with burning in the abdomen, immediately. — Two stools instead of 
one some days. — An offensive sputtering stool, without much urging (after 
fourth day). — Very scanty, pasty, gritty stool (third day). — The stool does 
not appear or it is very scanty. 

Urinary Organs. — Burning during micturition (first day). — The 
usual nocturnal micturition remains absent for a long time. — Urine very 
dark (second day). 

Sexual Organs, — Violent erections, with sexual desire, after the 
midday nap (second day). — [80.] Painful erections, with itching irritation, 
without sexual desire (fourth day). — No erections in the morning. — Im- 
potence (third night). — The glans penis remains a long time sensitive after 
coition (second day). — Much twisting and turning in the scrotum (third 
day). — The seminal discharge takes place too soon and almost without ex- 
citement in the morning (fourth day). — Seminal discharge retarded ; the 
orgasm subsides several times before it leads to an ejaculation (second day). 
^•Seminal discharge takes place very late (fifth day). — During coition he 
. reaches no seminal discharge ; the penis becomes relaxed (second day). 

Respiratory Organs. — Sensation as if the larynx were narrowed ; 
it prompts to a deep inspiration, whereby, however, the tightness is still 
more felt, it makes him hoarse (second day). — [90.] The much hawk- 
ing causes a short cough (second day). — After coughing, he is always 
obliged to swallow, when the irritation passes off; but as soon as he swal- 
lows again, he is obliged to cough. — Loose cough at night (fourth day). — 
Loose de^p cough, without expectoration and without pain, especially in 
the evening (third day). — He is constantly hawking, something is always 
loosening, but still something always remains adherent (second day). — 
*Cough raises something from the pit of the throat, but it always grad- 
ually falls down again (second day). 

Chest, — Pain in the right side near the pit of the stomach, under the 
ribs, as if it would be drawn inward. — A pressure and sticking in the left side 
under the ribs, near the pit of the stomach (after one hour). — Pain in the 
nape of the neck, which hinders turning (second day). — Pain in the back, 
which makes him bend the back inward, with heat in the evening, disap- 
pearing in the morning (second day). — [100.] Violent sticking in the back, 
as if something were sticking in the spine, worse when bending inward, in 
the morning (second day). 

Inferior Extremities. — Pain in the thighs and calves so that he 
could scarcely stand. — Paralytic pains in the left tibia and foot. — Cramps 
in the soles of the feet when moving at night (fourth and fifth days). 

General Symptoms. — Nothing seemed right; when sitting, he 
wanted to lie ; when lying, he wanted to rise again (first day).— ^Very 
much exhausted, but lively after drinking coffee (fourth day). — Internal 
pinching pains here and there (second day). 

Skin. — Objective, The skin cracks between and about the toes (fifth 
and subsequent days). — The skin recedes from the thumb-nail and contains 
pus (fourth day). — *Pimples on the face, which are painful for some dis- 
tance about them (fourth day). — Subjective, [110.] An old wound from 


a thrust becomes painful again (fourth day). — Sticking, burning itching in 
a small spot on the back, worse after scratching (second day). 

Sleep and Dreams. — Much exhaustive yawning when walking in 
the open air (second morning). — Sound sleep undisturbed by any diffi- 
culties.— Forgetting all his business he crept into a corner and said he 
must sleep ; he could not sleep, however, but still remained lying down 
(after four hours). — The midday sleep is longer and more sound than 
usual (first day). — Stupid midday sleep, with confused dream (first day). 
— After the sound midday sleep difiicult waking, much thirst, and bruised 
sensation (second day). — Very pleasant dreams (first day). 

Fever. — Chilliness. Coldness, as if he were naked, while sitting 
(after four hours). — [120.] Shiverings run over him after micturition (sec- 
ond day). — Meat. Fever ; heat before midnight, with little thirst and 
much perspiration, thereupon falling asleep ; during the fever and for sev- 
eral hours in the morning, pain in the back, which was relieved by bend- 
ing inward. — Hot hands during the whole proving. — Siveat, Perspiration 
and thirst after coition.^ — Perspiration when walking (after three hours). 

Conditions. — Aggravation. — {Morning), Thirst ; when bending in- 
ward, sticking in Iback. — {Evening), Dizzy, etc. ; cough. — {Night), Head- 
ache, etc. ; dryness of throat ; heartburn ; loose cough ; when moving, 
cramps in soles.— (before midnight), Heat, etc. — ( Walking 'in open air), 
Yawning. — {Bending to left), Sticking above crest of ilium. — {After coition), 
Perspiration, etc. — {After drinking). Perspiration. — {After rising from lying 
down). Vertigo. — {Scratching), Itching on back. — ( While sitting), Whirling 
in head. — {Sitting erect). Sticking above crest of ilium. — {Standing), Stick- 
ing above crest of ilium. — ( Vomiting), Headache. — ( While walking), Per- 

_ Amelioration. — {Bending inward), Pain in back. — {Bending to 
right), Sticking above crest of ilium. — ( Co/ee), Exhaustion. — {After mictu- 
rition), Everything more cheerful. , 


Euonymus Europseus, Linn. 

Natural order, Celestracese. Common names. Spindle tree (Burning 

Preparation, Trituration of the seeds. 

Authority. Dr. Graeser ; a man, aged 43, took eighteen seeds one even- 
ing, and as many more next morning, fasting, Med. Jahrb. f. das Herzog. 
Nassau, 15 and 16 Heft, 1859. 

He was seized with frightful abdominal pains, profuse diarrhoea, even- 
tually bloody (soon after last dose). He was not seen till evening, when 
he was in a state of profound collapse, with involuntary evacuations of 
blood and mucus. On lifting him up, tetanic convulsions were induced, 
which immediately preceded death. 


Eupatorium perfoliatum, Linn. 

Natural order. Composite. Common names. Thorough-wort, Boneset. 

Preparation, Tincture of the whole plant. 


Authorities.f 1, Dr. W. "Williamson ; 2, Dr. Neidhard ; both from the 
list of symptoms in the Trans, of the Am. Inst, of Horn., 1846 ; 3, Dr. 
Tuller, Vineland, New Jersey, from preface to Bering's R6sura6 of Eupat. 
perf , suffered from beating pain in occiput aggravated by motion, pain and 
soreness of eyeballs and habitually from palpitation; took two drops of the 

tincture ; 4, Berridge, N. Am. J. of Horn., N. S., 3, p. 501, Mr. , took 

one drop of the 12th dil. ; 5, C. Hering, effects of a tea taken for a cough. 
Hering's Resume of Eup. perf 

Secid. — ^Pain extending from the forehead to the occiput; greatest on 
the left side,^.— ^*fleadac/ie, xttith the sensation of soreness internally ; better in 
the house ; aggravated when first going into the open air ; relieved hy conversa- 
tion^. — Temples, Darting pains through the temples, with the sensation 
of blood rushing across the head,\ — Vertex. Heat on the top of the head, 
with pain, which is relieved by pressure,^. 

Mye.—IAds, Redness of the margins of the lids, with glutinous secre- 
tions from the Meiboniian glands,\ — Lachrymal Apftarat^is. In- 
creased laehrymatiou,'. — Ball. *Soreness of the eyeballs,\ — Vision. 
Dimness over the eyes when looking at small things ; she could not see for 
a whole week, all being dark,^ 

Wose. — Nose very dry and stopped up,^. 

Face. — ^[10.1 Flushed face,\ — Redness of the cheeks, with dry skin,^ 

Mouth. — Tongue. * Tongue coated with white fur, '^. — 3l0)fth. Pale- 
ness of the mucous membrane of the mouth,^. — Taste, Insipid taste in 
the mouth, \ 

Throat. — Dryness of the throat,\ 

Stom^ach. — Appetite. Desire for ice-cream,'. — Loss of appetite,^ — 
Distaste for food,'. — Thirst, *Thirst for cold water,'. — [20.] Nocturnal 
thirst for something cold,'. — JEructation. Belching of tasteless wind, 
with a feeling of obstruction -at the pit of the stomach,'. — Nausea ancl 
Vomiting. ^Nausea (part of S. 92 and 93),'. — Nausea and vomiting of 
. food,'.^ — Nausea and vomiting, with free perspiration, and copious expectora- 
tion,'. — Qualmishness from odors ; the smell of food cooking, etc.,'. — *E,etcli- 
ing and vomiting of bile,'. — Distressing disposition to vomit,'. — * Vomiting 
, after every draught,^. — ^Vomiting preceded by tlaxxst,^.— Stomach. [30.] 
Feeling of obstruction at the pit of the stomach (part of S. 21),'. — Sensa- 
tion of something in the stomach that ought to come up, without the ability 
to raise it,'. — Heat in the stomach,'. — ^Sensation of fulness in the stomach,'. — 
The stomach seemed contracted from side to side,*. — Beating in the epi- 
gastrium, in the night,'. 

Abdomen. — Tight clothing is oppressive,'. — Tightness in the left 
hypochondrium,'. — Soreness and fulness in the region of the liver,'. 

Rectum and Anus. — Tenesmus, with a small discharge of loose 

Stool. — Diarrhoea. [40.] Morning diarrhoea,'. — Purging stools, with 
smarting and heat in the anus,'. — Four or five watery stools in the day,'. 

Urinary Organs. — Copious evacuation of limpid urine,'. — Urine 

less in quantity,* Urine scanty and high-colored,'. — * Darh-colored clear 


Sespiratory Organs. — Cough. Cough aggravated in the even- 

t The numerous clinical symptoms, from cases cured with the drug, are not here 
included ; those wishing to learn its application to disease are referred to the original, 
and to textbooks on Materia Medica. 


ing,'. — * Cough, with soreness and heat in the bronchi^. — Cougli causing sore 
pain in chest ; the pain was so bad that he had to go down on his knees, as 
in that position the pain from coughing was less severe ; this lasted a month 
(after twenty-four hours) ; the cough lasted afterwards slightly for a long 
time, and was finally removed by one dose of Eupat. perfoliatum 200 
(Leipzig),*. — [50,] Hacking cough in the evening,^ — Copious expectora- 
tion (part of S. 24),\ 

Chest. — *Soreness in the chest, from taking a full inspiration^. — Grating 
sensation in the chest at every deep inspiration,'. — Front. Heavy weight 
behind the sternum,^ — ^Pain and soreness behind the sternum,'. — Cannot 
take a natural inspiration or twist the body either to the right or to the left, 
because of the soreness behind the sternum,^. — Sides. Inability to lie on the 
left side,'. — 3£mnince. Aching pain under the left breast,'. 

Heart. — Pressure as if the heart was in too small a place,'. 

Neck and Back. — Week. [60.] Beating pain in the nape,'. — 
*Beating pain in the nape and occiput ; better after rising,^. — Sack. 

* Trembling in the back during fever, ^. — Lumbar. *Pain in the back, as 
from a bruise,'. — Deepseated pain in the loins, with soreness from motion,'. — 

* Weakness in the small of the back,^. — * Aching pain and soreness, as if from 
having been beaten in the small of the back (part of S. 80),'. 

JSoctremities in General. — *Aching in the bones of the ex- 
tremities, with soreness of the flesh,'. — *Soreness in the bones,'. 

Sujterior Enctretnities, — Stiffness of the arms,'. — [70.] *Achijig 
pain and soreness, as if from having been beaten in the arms, above and 
below the elbows (part of S. 80),'.^ — *Soreness and aching in the arms 
and forearms,'. — *Painful soreness in both wrists, as if broken or dis- 
located,'. — Stiffness of the fingers, with obtuseness of the sense of touch,'. 

Inferior JExtretnities. — ^Stiffness and general soreness of the lower 
extremities when rising to walk,^. — *Soreness and aching of the lower 
limbs,'. — Hijy, Aching pain in the right hip, while sitting,'. — Thigh. 
Pain, with extreme sensitiveness in the left glutsei muscles, passing round in 
front of the trochanter major,'. — Leg, *Calves of the legs feel as if they 
had been beaten,'. — [80.] Aching pain and soreness, as from having been 
beaten in the calves of the legs, small of the back, and in the arms, above 
and below the elbows,'. — Foot. Pain and soreness of the upper part of the 
left foot, with increased sensibility of the left big toe. The pain in the foot 
is increased by standing upon it,'. — Heat in the soles of the feet in the 
morning,'. — Pricking in the soles of the feet,'. — Toes. Pain in the first 
joint of the left great toe, which suddenly moves to the corresponding joint 
of the right one,'. — For some time had shooting pain in the right great toe 
before rain or a thunderstorm, so that he always knew when it was coming 
on ; this ceased and did not return,''. 

General Symptoms,— Objective. Cannot twut the body either 
while standing, or sitting, or lying,\— Subjective. Could not lie in bed on 
account of a feeling as if every bone was bruised, which caused a feeling 
of despair, moaning, and crying out,*. — The symptoms reached their 
culminating point on the third night, and gradually abated, so that, on 
the seventh day, they were entirely gone, and with them disappeared the 
trouble with the heart, from which he has not since suflfered,'.— The patient 
feels worse in the morning on one day, and in the afternoon of the next,'.— 
[90.] He feels best while lying on his back with his arms down and legs 
straight, but cannot move either to the right or left,l 

Fever.— Chilliness. * Chilliness in the morning, heat throughout the 


red of the day, but no perspiration, ^ — * Chilliness through the night, and in 
the morning, with nausea fron^ the least motion,^. — Chilliness, with excessive 
trembling and nausea,^. — Alternate chilliness and flashes of heat,'. — General 
shuddering, proceeding from the stomach,'. — Heat, Pungent heat attend- 
ing the perspiration at night,'. — * The paroxysm {of fever) generally commences 
m the morning. Thirst several hours before the chill, which continues 
during the chill and heat,'. — Sweat. Nocturnal sweat, with chilliness 
from motion or removal of the covering,'. — Free perspiration (part of S. 


Conditions. — Aggravation. — {Morning'), Diarrhoea ; heat in soles ; 

paroxysm of fever. — {Forenoon), Fever. — {Afternoon), From 10 A.M. to 

4 P.M., inflammation of knee, etc. — {Evening), Cough. — {Night), Beating 

in epigastrium ; sweat. — ( On first going into open air). Headache, etc. — 

{While sitting). Pain in hip. 

Amelioration. — {Conversation), Headache. — {In house'), Headache. 

— {After rising). Pain in nape, etc. 


Eupatorium purpureura, Linn-* 

Natural order, Compositse. Common names, Joe Pye Weed, Trumpet 
Weed (Queen of the Meadow). 

Preparation, Tincture of the root. 

Authority. Mrs. Dresser's provings with the tincture taken every eight 
hours, increasing from 10 to 60 drops at a dose, Hale's New Remedies, 2d 

Mind. — The mind is acted upon in a very singular manner, being en- 
compassed by various delusions. — Delusions of sight and hearing. — Talka- 
tive, exclamations. — Extremely depressed. — Homesick, though occupying 
her own home and surrounded by her own family. — Has a great fear of 

SeOjd. — Vertigo. Dizziness of the head, with a sensation as if fall- 
ing to the left side. — Dizzy, with deep, dull, aching pain through the tem- 
poral region on the left side. — Light and dizzy, as though flying round 
and round. — [10.] Light, dizzy sensation, in which the whole body seems 
to participate. — Lightness of head ; worse in the morning, disappearing at 
12 o'clock. — Sensation as if her head was moving in all directions. — Gen- 
eral Head. Head feels as though she had a bad cold. — Dull heavy pain 
in the head, most severe in the forehead. — Vertex full, pressing as though 
lifting up from adjoining parts ; confused, heavy. — Occiput. Hard 
thumping pain in the left occipital bone. — External Head, Soreness 
of the scalp. — Tenderness of the scalp. — Itching of the scalp. 

Eye. — [20.] Staring, looking with fixed eyes, wide open ; eyes fastened 
with an earnest look upon some object. — Weeping ; copious flow of tears. — 
Weeping, filling the lids with tears, causing constant wiping of the eyes. — 
Cannot see as far as usual. 

Ear, — Ears feeling as though they were full, filled up.^Reports in the 
ears. — Squeaking sound in the ears. — Crackling in the ears like the burn- 
ing of birch bark, very much aggravated by swallowing anything. 

iVbse. — Nose discharges abundant, thin, watery fluid. — Constant dis- 
charge from a sore, from continued wiping of the nose. 

jPace.— [30.] Shining appearance of the face, as when having used a 


large quantity of soap in -washing. — Rush of blood to the face. — Conges- 
tion of the face. — Burning heat of the face. — Face burning, red, dry, hot 
to touch. 

Mouth, — Gums, Gums red and hot. — Tongue. Numb feeling of 
the tongue, as if caused by Aconite. — Pricking and stinging in the end of 
the tongue. — Fine prickly sensation of the posterior part of the tongue.— 
Saliva. — Abundance of saliva in the mouth ; increased action of all the 
glands in the mouth. 

Throat, — [40.] Sensation in the throat as if having swallowed to- 
bacco. — Burning smarting in the throat, as if it had been scalded by swal- 
lowing some hot substance. — Disagreeable fulness in the throat ; can hardly 
prevent crying. — Choking fulness of the throat, compelling her to swallow 
every few minutes. — Soreness of the throat. — Smarting in the posterior 
part of the throat. — Continued smarting and burning in the throat, most 
severe in the posterior part, during the entire proving. — Roughness and 
dryness in the throat. — Fluttering in the throat-pit. 

Stomach. — Eructations. Eructation was an almost constant 
symptom, particularly immediately after taking the medicine ; most violent 
twenty minutes after 40 drops. — Nausea. [50.] Great nausea. — Sickness 
of the stomach, came near vomiting.— Swelling and fulness of the stomach, 
mostly on the left side. — Stomach. Great quantity of wind in the stom- 
ach. — Crampy pain in stomach. — Griping crampy pain in pit of stomach 
(after 40 drops). — Gnawing at the stomach. 

Abdomen, — Bowels as hard as a rock. — Rolling, rumbling in the 
bowels. — Feeling as though the bowels must be moved immediately, without- 
being able to do so. — [60.] Pain and soreness of the whole abdomen, but 
much the worse on the left side. — Pain and suffering, as if from diarrhoea, 
although the passages were not much altered. — Fulness of the bowels. — 
Fulness and pain in the bowels. — Crampy, windy bowels. — Rumbling, roll- 
ing, twisting pain in the bowels. — Severe colic pain, occupying the whole 
extent of the abdomen. — -Deep dull pain in the ossa innominata. 

Jtectum. — Heavy pressure all day on the rectum. 

Urinary Organs. — Sladder and Kidneys. Deep dull pain 
in the left kidney. — [70.] A dull deep pain in the kidneys, also another 
cutting pain, very severe, in the kidneys ; the two pains seem to be sepa- 
rate and distinct, one from the other. — Fulness of the bladder. — Dull ach- 
ing pain in the bladder. — Hard aching pressure upon the bladder. — Cutting 
pain, pressure, fulness, in the bladder. — Smarting and burning very intense 
in the bladder and urethra, so much so that she could not stand. — Feeling 
as though a continual voiding of urine all the time. — Urethra. Feeling 
as though having retained the urine a long time. — Dull heavy pain in the 
urethra. — Smarting burning in the urethra on voiding urine. — [80.] Most 
severe cutting pain in the urethra, which comes and goes in from five to ten 
minutes, lasting many hours. — Smarting of the urethra upon voiding urine. 
• — Burning-smarting pain in the water passage. — Desire to void urine; 
cannot get rid of the sensation (one hour after 10 drops) ; strong desire to 
pass water, having ten minutes previously evacuated the bladder; constant 
urging to urinate all day ; has passed twice as much urine during the day 
as usual ; having evacuated the bladder every half hour during the day 
still the bladder is full and tense ; uncontrollable desire to void the urine 
(twenty minutes after 40 drops) ; obliged to evacuate the bladder four times 
within one hour, as much in quantity each time as when not under the 
influence of medicine ; constant desire to pass water, accompanied by a 


cutting-aching pain in bladder ; scalding upon passing urine, at 5 p.m. ; 
voiding urine as often as once an hour during the day ; the stream does not 
seem as large as usual ; feeling as though having retained the urine a long 
time without voiding it. — Symptoms of the urethra began the third day of 
the proving; after that time they were continuous. — XJvine, Evacuation 
of urine 14 ounces ; specific gravity 1015, measured by the gravimeter ; 
color not varying from that of healthy urine (after half an hour) ; 10 
ounces, which had a more aromatic smell than the former passage (after 
one hour) ; 10 ounces, having a pale color, specific gravity same as in the 
previous examination ; first observed a white, flaky, or flocculent substance, 
which I collected in a filter for examination ; this proved to be mucus, the 
result, undoubtedly, of inflammation, caused by the action of the medicine 
upon the urinary organs (after two hours and fifty minutes) ; 12 ounces 
(after four hours) ; 7 ounces (after six hours) ; 5 ounces (after six hours 
and three-quarters) ; the characteristic constituents are not changed ; we 
have an addition of mucus in amount, a considerable quantity, \ ounce in 
all during the day, or up to 7 o'clock, the whole amount of urine voided 
during the first twelve hours of the proving being 58 ounces ; it certainly 
has the appearance of diabetic urine ; specific gravity during the day has 
been 1015 ; upon applying the test, to see if there was any sugar or not, 
not the smallest trace could be discovered ; after the first twelve hours from 
the beginning of the proving there has beenmuch less in quantity than at first, 
though the frequency in voiding it, and the urgency by which it is impelled, 
has increased iu intensity (first day). Many of the symptoms of yesterday 
repeated ; the desire to-day to void urine has been almost uninterrupted, 
nevertheless the quantity has been small ; the prover has felt impelled to 
make frequent efforts to void urine without being able to void more than 
i ounce to 2 ounces at each evacuation ; the efibrt to empty the bladder 
was made as often as once in an hour, and sometimes much oftener ; the 
urine presents a higher color, and has a greater density, specific gravity aver- 
aging 1026, though it has during the day presented different densities ; the 
characteristic constituents have not been changed, except by the addition 
of mucus, which has been increased (second day). Condition of urine to- 
day has been almost exactly represented in the record of the preceding 
day, its specific gravity averaging 1028 ; upon examination it was found to 
be neutral (third day). During the three days the frequent and tormenting 
desire to pass urine, with occasional spasmodic action of the bladder, could 
not long be borne. 

Sexual Organs,- — ^Heavy pressure during the day directly above 
the left ovary. — Tense cutting pain two inches above the left ovary. — Smart, 
quick jerking motion in the left ovary, also immediately above it (half an 
hour after 10 drops).— The external generative organs feel as though wet ; 
this symptom was constant all through the proving, though a delusion.— 
[90,] Leucorrhoea quite abundant, which continued during the whole time 
that the proving lasted ; simple, leaving no stain upon the linen. 

Mespiratory Organs. — Sighing every few minutes. — Strong desire 
to inflate the lungs, which she continued to do from time to time, without 
noticing particularly that she was doing so. 

Heart and Pulse. — Fluttering of the heart and throat. — Violent 
palpitation of the heart, immediately after each dose. — Pulse ranged from 
80 to 100 ; it was full and bounding. 

^eck and Sack. — Stiff, wry neck. — Lame feeling in the nape of the 
neck, — Lame, weak feeling of the neck. — Cutting pain in the neck, run- 


ning from the left shoulder to the occiput. — [100.] Sore pain directly within 
the spine, its whole extent, from below upwards. — Dull aching pain in the 
sacrum, running upward into the kidneys. 

Extremities in General. — Tired, weak, uneasiness in the limbs. — 
Gnawing, disagreeable pain in the extremities. 

Inferior Extremities. — Gnawing in the hip-bone. — Left leg weak, 
worse than the right, in which she has a severe numbness. — Feet feel as 
though she had walked a long journey ; seems to her as though her heels 
were crowding through her boots, the delusion having been so marked that 
she felt compelled to look in order to see if it was really the case. 

General Symptoms, — Tired, weak feeling in every organ of the 
body. — Feels weak and tired. — The symptoms of the urinary organs were 
accompanied by a weak, tired, wearied, faint feeling, which was almost in- 
supportable. — [110.] Feels weak and sick ; cannot move without making 
a great effort (after 40 drops). — Faintness, languor, sickness ; cannot move 
about; thought she must go to bed, having immediately before got up. — 
Faint and weak, from which the whole body suffers. — Numbness worse in the 
groin. — Sensation as if falling towards the left side ; head feels light ; can- 
not get rid of the sensation as if falling to the left. — Pains, as of a neu- 
ralgia, from below upwards, mostly up the left side of the back and hip. — 
Eheumatic pain, changing from place to place, always from below upward. 
— Fine pricking sensation, rather pleasurable than otherwise. — ^All symp- 
toms worse on the left side of the body. 

Sleep. — Sleepiness. Yawning, gaping, and sighing, during the en- 
tire proving. — [120.] Sleepy. — Dull, sleepy ; great effort required in order 
to move about. — Sleeplessness, Suffers from an unusual wakefulness, 
with a staring look of the eyes. 

Conditions. — Aggravation. — {Morning), Lightness of heaA.— {Swal- 
lowing anything), Crackling in ears. 


Euphorbia amygdaloides, Linn. 

Natural order, Euphorbiacese. Common name. Spurge. 

Preparation, Tincture of the plant. 

Authorities. • 1. E. W. Berridge, proving with the tincture : Mr. Croker 
took 1 drop first day, 20 drops fourth day, 30 drops seventh day, 40 drops 
ninth day, 50 drops tenth day, 1 drachm eleventh day, 70 drops twelfth 
day : Monthly Horn. Review, 14, 294 ; 2. Same prover took 1 drop of the 
3d cent, dilution, ibid.; 3. A lady took 1 drop of the 3d dilution, ibid.; 
4. E. W. Berridge's proving with the tincture : 3 drops and 8 drops first 
day, 12 drops second day, 16 drops and 25 drops third day, 30 drops 
seventh day, 40 drops eighth day, 60 drops ninth day, 60 drops, then 80 
drops, twelfth day, 100 drops thirteenth day, 130 drops fourteenth day, 2 
drachms fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth days, ibid. 

Hind. — Out of humor with everything from 6 to 10 p.m. ;. after eating 
a few mouthfuls of supper (in which were onions), it suddenly passed off 
(twenty-sixth day),\ 

Mead, — Hard headache, seeming to affect both sides of the head inde- 
pendently ; not felt at the vertex, at 6 p.m.; gradually decreasing towards 
morning, at the same time seething sensation, backward and forward in the 
head, and extending down the back, lasting some time, and going off during 


sleep (twenty-fifth day) ; on rising the next morning a dull, stupid head- 
ache, chiefly in the forehead and sides of the head, as if from drinking 
spirits, going off soon after breakfast,^ 

Nose. — A strong odor of mice,l — On one occasion a strong odor of mice; 
not noticed by others (therefore subjective),^ — She awoke in the night, 
perceiving a strong odor of mice, the smell not being noticed by others,l 

Face. — Boring pain in the left antrum, extending up to the floor of the 
orbit, passing outward with the orbit as far round as the supraorbital canal, 
slightly felt in the eye, and extending straight up into the head, for a 
quarter of an hour, at 5 p.m. (seventeenth day),'. 

Mouth. — Increased saliva (part of S. 23),\ 

Throat. — Slight burning in the back of the throat (after ten minutes, 
first day); relieved by cold water (after ten minutes, seventh day); for 
some minutes (after three minutes, eighth day) ; lasting some time, in a few 
minutes, relieved by breakfast (ninth day); for a few minutes (twelfth 
day), followed by a sensation of heat in the chest, soon (thirteenth day) ; 
in a few minutes followed by feeling of heat all over the chest, and an 
oppression of the chest therefrom, afterwards the heat was chiefly on the 
right side of the chest (fourteenth day); burning in the back of the throat 
soon after the dose (fifteenth day), followed by a feeling of oppression in 
the right chest, causing an inclination to take a deep breath frequently,, 
which relieved the oppression (sixteenth day) ; burning in the throat in a 
few minutes (seventeenth day),\ — Stinging at the back of the pharynx, as 
before, very soon after the dose, followed by a very slight warmth of the 
chest (twelfth day),'. — [10,] Slight peppery, stinging pains were felt at the 
back of the pharynx in a few minutes (first and seventh days); less 
(eleventh day),'. — Warm, peppery feeling in the pharynx and anterior 
mediastinum, followed by warmth of the stomach radiating through the 
chest (after ten minutes) ; it passed off in about half an hour, ending with 
a feeling as if the liver were excited, which proceeded to a sensation as if 
the bowels were about to act, like that which is often felt after breakfast, 
a meal which he had not taken (ninth day),'. 

Stomach, — Poor appetite for breakfast (eighth day),*. — Qualmishness, 
in the evening, removed by supper (twenty-third day),'. — Qualmishness, 
when moving about indoors, relieved by sitting still ; afterwards, when 
writing, it recurred now and then, at 11 a.m., again at 8.15 p.m.; relieved 
by eating a plum (fourteenth day),*. — Feeling of qualmishness when walk- 
ing, lasting some time, about noon (seventh day),'. — Sick feeling at 3 p.m. 
(dinner being delayed), (ninth day),'. 

Abdomen. — Hypochondria. Severe stitches in the liver, for five 
minutes, at 9.30 a.m. (thirteenth day),'. — Violent stitch in the liver 
when walking uphill in the evening (tenth and seventeenth days) ; when 
walking in the room (twelfth day),'.— Tightness of the region of the spleen, 
about 9.15 A.M., for half an hour (twenty-third day),'. — -[20.] Slight stitch 
in the region of the spleen when rising from sitting, followed by some feel- 
ing of uneasiness, then; at 10 a.m. (ninth day),'. — General Abdomen. 
On one occasion he had a sensation as if a long worm were writhing in the 
region of the transverse colon or transverse duodenum. (he felt this before, 
when proving Caladium seguinum),'. — Iliac Segion. Throbbing in the 
left groin for two or three minutes, about 2 or 3 p.m. (fifth day) ; in the 
right for half a minute, at 6.30 p.m. (ninth day) ; in both, chiefly in the 
right, at various times, mostly in the afternoon and evening (ninth and 
tenth- days),'. 

VOL. IT.— 16 


Stool. — Difficult stool, arising from paiuful spasm of the anus, which 
was continued during aud after the evacuation; faeces small, lumpy, slimy 
at 7 P.M. (seventh day); (thinks he noticed the same three days before). 
Small, lumpy stool, with prolapsus, for ten minutes, though there had been 
no straining, at 11 p.m. (ninth day). Slight prolapsus after the stool in 
the morning ; offensive diarrhoea, preceded by considerable griping, first in 
the upper, then in the lower abdomen, followed by slight prolapsus, render- 
ing sitting uneasy, and going off gradually in a short time, between 9 and 
10 P.M. (sixteenth day). Feeling of action of the liver, followed in a short 
time by griping and a considerable amount of offensive flatus, then offen- 
sive diarrhoea, after which the feeling of the liver passes off, followed by 
slight prolapsus, rendering sitting uneasy, and going off gradually in a 
short time, between 11 and 12 p.m. (seventeenth day). Offensive diarrhoeic 
stool, followed by prolapsus as yesterday, at 10 a.m. (eighteenth day). Of- 
fensive diarrhoeic stool about 11 p.m., preceded by uneasiness of the abdo- 
men, followed by slight prolapsus as before; in half an hour the uneasiness 
returned, but was not followed by stool, as he expected it would be (twenty- 
second day). Offensive diarrhoeic stool, preceded by slight griping, and fol- 
lowed by prolapsus as before, at 10 and 11 A.m. (twenty-third day). Very 
offensive diarrhoeic stool, of dark liver color, preceded by some uneasiness in 
the abdomen, but no prolapsus, at 6 and 8.30 p.m. (twenty-fifth day). Feel- 
ing as if diarrhoea would come on, followed by a very small diarrhoeic stool, 
at 9 and 11 a.m. (twenty-sixth day). Very scanty, diarrhoeic stool, with slight 
prolapsus, at 8 a.m.; moderate diarrhoeic stool, no prolapsus, at 2.15 p.m.; 
scanty, diarrhoeic stool, followed by slight prolapsus, at 5 p.m.; occasional 
feeling as if diarrhoea would come on all the evening (twenty-seventh day). 
Peeling for some minutes as if diarrhoea would come on, but no stool oc- 
curred all day (twenty-eighth day). Slight diarrhoeic stool, no prolapsus, at, 
8 P.M. (twenty-ninth day). Ordinary stool, followed by prolapsus, for an 
hour in the evening (fortieth day). Daily diarrhoea, with prolapsus, weak- 
ening him very much (after two months). Diarrhoea returns at lengthened 
intervals (for five months). At uncertain periods he had an inclination to 
diarrhoea, as though it was coming on rather suddenly, with a sympathetic 
sick feeling and increased saliva; at times, also, a peculiar seething sensa- 
tion in the region of the spine, sometimes from the occiput to the loins, 
sometimes to a less extent ; sometimes this goes off without diarrhoea, but 
rarely; usually it is followed by dark-brown, watery, mucous discharges, 
sometimes mixed with solid fteces, sometimes offensive, sometimes with 
blood, mostly in the afternoon from 4 to 10 p.m., sometimes more or less 
griping before stool. If it lasts two or three days there is prolapsus, which 
goes back very gradually, returning with the next diarrhoea ; if replaced 
within half an hour, the bowel generally prolapses again. If diarrhoea lasts 
three or four days, aud sometimes even less, external piles appear, not 
returning with the prolapsus for the last two or three months (after ten 
months),'. — Slight tendency to constipation for the last three or four days 
(thirty-ninth day),^ 

Urinary Organs.— Unae hot during micturition (ninth and tenth 
days) ; slight heat of the urine in the evening (sixteenth day) ; heat of 
urine more in the forenoon (seventeenth day),'. — Considerable increase of 
urine from noon till midnight (seventeenth day),'. 

Mespiratory Organs.— Hoa.rse. voice (thirteenth day) ; (also no- 
ticed early in the proving),'. — Hoarse voice soon after the dose (thirteenth 


Chest. — Feeling of ■warmth, which seemed to radiate from the stomach 
through the chest, gradually subsiding in ten or fifteea minutes (seventh 
day),'. — [30,] Sensation of heat in the chest when riding in an open carriage 
in the evening (first day) ; also (part of S. 8),'. — Feeling in the chest as if 
the lungs remained partly inflated, causing a sensation of fulness ; worse 
in the evening (ninth and tenth days), (this occurred before, early in the 
proving) ; same fulness all day (twelfth and thirteenth days),'. — Feeling 
of constriction in the left side, about the upper part of the heart or arch of 
the aorta, as if the part were constricted imto a smaller bulk; worse on 
walking, about 3 or 4 a.m., and gradually going off in the course of the 
morning'; this symptom has been present for about six days (twenty-third 
day); worse at 3 or 4 a.m. (twenty-sixth and twenty-seventh days),'. — 
Slight constriction in the left chest on waking at 7 a.m. (twenty-ninth day). 
Same at 7 a.m. (thirtieth day). Extending across to the corresponding 
part of the right side; latterly, a feeling of tenderness on pressure has been 
added to the constriction, becoming more and more painful each day (thir- 
tieth daj'). It appeared again in the left ciiest ; worse in the early morn- 
ing before daylight ; after rising, it went off in the course of the morning, 
reappearing now and then in the evening (thirty-ninth day). Worse in 
the early morning, going off after rising ; the part felt tender to pressure ; 
in the evening it returned, but without the tenderness ; soon after lying 
down in bed it increased, almost amounting to a pain (fortieth day). It 
went off in the course of the morning (forty-first day),'. — While writing, a 
pressing pais occurred at irregular intervals in the right chest, just above 
the nipple ; worse on stooping or bending forward, lasting about an hour, 
at 3.15 P.M. ; in the evening a similar, very slight sensation in the left chest 
(N.B. Right-left), (twelfth day),*.— Oppression of the chest (part of S. 2),*. 

Heart. —Slight throbbings in the region of the heart for five minutes 
(after ten minutes, seventh day),'. 

Sack. — Peculiar seething sensation in the region of the spine, some- 
times from the occiput to the loins, sometimes to a less extent,'. — Prickings 
in the back during the act of stooping, and when rising from stooping 
(fifth day),*. — When kneeling, a sudden pain in the lumbar region, which 
seemed to stop the breath for a moment, at 8.20 a.m. (twenty-first day),*.— 
[40.] Sharp pain in the right lumbar region, when stooping or taking a 
deep inspiration, at 10.35 p.m. (twenty-ninth day),*. 

Superior Extremities. — On becoming warm and perspiring, rheu- 
matic pains came on in the right arm, just above the olecranon, in the 
tendons of the triceps, felt on bending the elbow (thirteenth day),'. — Rheu- 
matic pains in the right elbow-joint, just above the insertion of the triceps, 
worse on motion (eighth day); in both elbows, just above the insertion of 
the triceps, worse on motion (ninth day),'. — Rheumatic pains in the lower 
third of the right radius, worse towards evening (ninth and tenth days) ; 
similar pain in the lower two-thirds of the right radius at 11 p.m. (twelfth 
day),'. — Pain in the radius, heat of the urine, throbbing of the groins, and 
seething of the lymphatics gone (is this the effect of onions eaten the pre- 
vious evening, or of the repetition of the dose?) (eleventh day),'. 

Inferior Extremities. — Seething sensation in the lymphatics of 
the right leg, at times, from the foot to the groin, as if the circulation were 
felt; afterwards, to a less extent in the left leg, also; chiefly felt from the 
foot to the knee, only when sitting down, and worse in the evening (ninth 
and tenth days),'. — Sudden sharp pain about the middle of the right tibia, 
which was afterwards tender to touch, at 5.16 p.m. (twenty-seventh day),'. 


General Eoctremities. — Felt tired when walking, though I conid 
usually bear a great deal of exercise ; at noon (fifteenth day). Unusually 
tired after walking in the afternoon (eighteenth day). Tired when walk- 
ing, slightly so in the morning, more so in the afternoon ; it disappeared 
after a meal (nineteenth day). Tired when walking in the morning and 
first part of afternoon ; after sitting for a few minutes this feeling went off, 
but returned soon after I began to walk again ; towards the end of the 
walk, the fatigue was felt chiefly in the thighs (twentieth day). After 
dinner (2 P.M.) felt tired, and at first somewhat sleepy (twenty-first day),l 
— Great sense of fatigue, after walking a mile and a half, at 1 p.m. (seven- 
teenth day); slightly tired when walking in the afternoon (nineteenth 
day),'. — Great restlessness all night, tossing about half awake and half 
asleep (twenty-fifth night),\ — [50.] General feeling of malaise all day 
(seventeenth day),'. 

Skin. — Two hard, white, itching, vesicular pimples, with a clear spot 
at the centre, as if from fluid, one on the internal malleolus of the right 
foot, and the other between the former and the metatarsal joint of the 
great toe ; the itching was worse in the evening (ninth day). They are 
red ; one has a red areola (twelfth day). Dying away (thirteenth day). 
Dying slowly, only itching when rubbed (fifteenth day). Often hurt by 
the boot when walking (sixteenth day). Gone (twenty-third day),'. — A 
pimple just under the lobe of the right ear (thirteenth day); much smaller 
(twenty-third day),'. 

Fever. — Chilly and sensitive to cold at 10 p.m.; this feeling went oif 
after going to bed, having lasted three-quarters of an hour (twenty-third 
day). General feeling of chilliness at 11 p.m.; when undressing (half an 
hour later), it was increased to a general violent ague shivering, with chat- 
tering of the teeth ; it lasted more or less till the next morning, and was 
not followed by heat or sweat (twenty-fifth day),'. — When walking, per- 
spired much more than usual, in the evening (seventh day); in the morn- 
ing (thirteenth day),'. — On two occasions I did not perspire as much as 
usual when walking in the hot sun,*. 

Con(Ution.s. — Aggravation. — (Jtlorning), Early, constriction of chest. 
— {Forenoon), Heat of urine. — {Afternoon), Towards evening, pains in ra- 
dius. — {Evening), Fulness in chest ; after lying down in bed, constriction 
in chest, sensation in lymphatics of leg. — {Bending forward), Pain in right 
chest; pricking in back; pain in lumbar region. — {Deep inspiration) ^Y&m 
in lumbar region. — {Motion), Pain in elbow-joint. — {RiMng from sitting). 
Stitch in region of spleen. — ( If affiin*;). Qualmishness; stitch in liver; feel- 
ing in chest. 

Amelioration.— {Breakfast), Burning in back of throat.— (CoM 
water), Burning in back of throat. — {Eating a -plum). Qualmishness. — {Sit- 
ting still). Qualmishness. — {Supper), Qualmishness. 


E. Corollata, Linn. 

Natural order, Euphorbiacese. Common name. Flowering spurge. 
Preparation, Tincture and triturations of the root. 
Authorities. 1, Dr. E. M. Hale, N. Am. Journ. of Horn., 11, 49, Dr. 
Brown took 25 grains of the powdered root ; 2, same, eflTects of 2 or 3 grains 


every two or three hours ; 3, same, statement by King (Dispensatory) ; effects 
of 15 or 20 grains. 

MJind. — Great anxiety. 

Stomachs — Suddenly, with no premonitory symptoms of pain ; a dis- 
tressing sense of deathly nausea set in, accompanied in a few minutes by 
faintness (after one hour and a half) ; *then sudden and powerful vomiting 
of, first thefood^ etc., in the stomach, then large quantitie-i of water mixed with 
mucus, then clear fluid like ri/^-tvater. In less than a minute after the 
vomiting commenced, great commotion in the bowels, followed immediately 
by copious watery evacuations, set in ; this simultaneous vomiting and diar- 
rhoea continued for nearly an hour, at short intervals, or intermissions, all 
the while accompanied by great anxiety, a deathlike sense of faintness and 
exhaustion,^. — When given in large doses it is apt to induce inflammation 
of the mucous coat of the stomach and bowels, with hypercatharsis. It 
causes distressing nausea with prostration,*. 

Pulse, — During the height of its action the pulse" sank to 40,^ — Soft- 
ness of the pulse,^. 

General Symptoms. — 3Languor,^.— <jreat weakness,^ — Deathlike 
sense of faintness and exhaustion,^ — After 50 grains, the effects were much 
more intense, but lasted only a little longer. It resembled more nearly a 
severe attack of seasickness, or cholera morbus, than anything the doctor 
could imagine,'. — [10.] In about two or three hours all the symptoms passed 
away, leaving only weakness as from hunger and a peculiar languor,'. 

Fever, — Cool skin, covered with beaded sweat,^. — Cold hands, feet, 
and nose,'. — Perspii-atiou,'. — 4 grains given every three hours will act as a 


Euphorbia cyparissias, Linn. 

Natural order, Euphorbiacese. Common name, Cypress spurge. 

Preparation, Tincture of the whole plant. 

Auikority. Dr. E. H. Spooner, K E. Med. G-az., 4, 317, effects of pull- 
ing the plants, getting the juice on the hands or face. 

Eight cheek much inflamed, and covered sparsely with fiae vesicles filled 
with a thick white lymph; the erysipelatous inflammation was most marked 
in the malar region, being of a livid or dark-red hue, and extending along 
the outer and lower margin of the orbit (the second morning) ; on my next 
visit a slight roughness was felt on passing the hand over the cheek. — 
Eight wrist somewhat inflamed, and abundantly covered with a miliary 
eruption (on my second visit). — Frequent sensations of chilliness, which 
induced her to put a shawl about her shoulders, although in midsummer 
(second day). 


Euphorbia hypericifolia, Linn. 

Naiural order, Euphorbiaceas. Common name. Spurge. 

Preparation, Tincture of the whole plant. 

_ Authority. Dr. True, Eclectic Med. Journ., 1875, p. 260, effects of ^ 
pint of infusion of i oz. of dried herb in a pint of water. 

I experienced a sensation of fulness in the frontal part of the head, and 
also through the lateral portions, with headache similar to that produced 


by Cimicifuga, but not so severe ; the pain seemed to centre at the crown oi 
the head, but there was a feeling of heat above the eyes that was very char- 
acteristic ; there was no ringing in the ears or vertigo, but the head symp- 
toms were of that degree of positiveness, that it was with difiicultyl could 
fix my mind on anything else but the headache ; the maximum of the feel- 
ing was about two hours after taking the medicine, and it subsided in about 
three and a half hours, and was succeeded by a feeling of languor and 
drowsiness which lasted several hours, but no sleep was produced by it. — 
While the head symptoms existed there was a feeling of unpleasant fulness 
and oppression at the epigastrium, and I was compelled to take physic the 
second day for the constipation it had' caused. (EEe also got the same 
symptom of epigastric oppression from two drachms of the tincture.)' 


Euphorbia lathyris, Linn. 

Natural order, Scrophulariaeese. Common name, Caper-spurge 

Preparation, Tincture of whole plant. 

Authorities. 1, Bennewitz, A. H. Z., 7, 257, effects of the seeds on two 
children ; 2, M. Jacob, Am. J. Med. Sc, Jan. 184&, a man was poisoned by 
the bruised seeds. 

Eye, — Brilliant eyes (after five hours),?. — Staring look,\ — Pupils 
dilated, with wide-open eyes,'. 

Face. — Pace deadly pale,\ 

Stomach. — Retching and vomiting,'. — Suddenly seized with violent 
vomiting and bloody stools,^ 

Abdomen. — Abdomen drawn inward,*. 

Stool. — Stools copious, frequent,'. 

JPlllse. — Pulse small, irregular,'. 

General Symptoms. [10.] Whole body stiff, icy cold,'.— Uneasi- 
ness (after five hours),'. 

Fever. — Skin burning hot (after five hours),*-. — Glowing hot cheeks 
(after five hours),'. 


Gum Euphorbium. The resinous exudation or juice of Euphorbia resir 
nifera, Berg., exported from Morocco. 

Preparation, Tincture. 

Authorities. I.Hahnemann, Chr. K.; 2, Hartlaub and Trinks, ibid.; 
3, Langhammer, ibid. ; 4, Wislicenus, ibid. ; 5, Alston, Mat. M., II, 431, 
local effect of juice of E. cyparissias, ibid. ; 6, Alex. Benedictus, Pract., 12, 
117, poisonings, ibid.; 7, Erhardt, Pflanzenhist., vii, 293, general summary 
from authors, ibid.; 8, Mayerne, Syntagma Prax. Observations, ibid. ; 9, 
Rust's Mag., xix, 3, 498, from application of Euphorbium (from Euphor- 
bium peplus) for freckles, ibid. ; 10, Scopoli, from external application, 
ibid.; 11, Siegesbeck, in Bressl. Samral., 1792, II, p. 192 (not found), ibid.; 
12, Spielmaun, Instit. Mat. Med., p. 483, observations, ibid.; 13, Tragus, 
Hist, des Plantes (not accessible), ibid.; 14, Stapf, effects of application to 
freckles, ibid, (possibly the same case as No. 9) ; 15, Pyl. Aufsatze, etc., 
effects of external application to the abdomen, ibid. ; 16, Veitch, effects of 


repeated doses of from 3 to 10 grains, Edin. Med. and Surg. Journ., 49, p. 
487, 1838 ; 17, Tim., a Guldenklee, a woman took some of the powdered 
gum in order to kill herself. Opera Med. Libr., vii, cap. 7, p. 312 (1677), 
from Wibmer; 18, Claudi, a woman rubbed the juice of Euphorbium 
"vulgaris" (esula?) on a wart near the external canthus of the eye, Med. 
Jahrb. Oest., 1839, p. 480, Frank's Mag., 1, 743 ; 19, Kerner, effects of 
juice of E. "vulgaris" on the face, Wurt. Corres. BL, 1844, p. 188, Frank's 
Mag., 2, 80 ; 20, Dr. E. H. Spooner, a lady got juice of E. cyparissias on her 
hands, and transferred it to her face, N. Eug. Med. Gaz., 4, p. 317, 1869; 
21, Dr. S. A. Merrill, effects of juice externally, Am. Obs., 1866, p. 550. 

JKind. — Quiet, reflective ; seeks quiet, though with inclination to work,^ 
— Earnest and quiet mood, even while in company with others,*.- — Melan- 
choly,".t — Anxiety,'. — Anxiety, as if he had taken poison,*. — Apprehen- 
sive, solicitous mood, though not unfitted for work,'. 

Ilead. — Vertigo. Vertigo while standing ; everything turned about, 
therewith he threatened to fall to the right side,*. — Violent attack of ver- 
tigo, while walking in the open air, even to falling to the left,'. — GeneTdl 
Head. Screwed-in sensation in the whole of the brain and in the zygomata, 
with toothache,^ — [10.] Headache, as from disordered stomach,\| — Vio- 
lent headache,". — Headache, as though the head would be pressed asunder,*. 
— Tensive pressure in the head, especially in the forehead and cervical 
muscles, in every position,'. — Sticking headache, especially in the forehead,*. 
— FoTehead. Pressure in the right side of the forehead,'. — Dull pressure 
in the forehead above the left orbit,^. — Pressive pain in the forehead (after 
twenty-four hours),*. — Pressive pain externally in the forehead above the 
left eye, with lachrymation, and inability to open it on account of pain,'. — 
Dull, stupefying, pressive pain in the forehead,^ — [20.] Sticking pain in 
the left side of the forehead,'. — Vertiginous tearing in the left side of the 
forehead, on moving the head,'. — Temples. Pressive sticking pain ex- 
ternally in the temples,'. — Parietuls. Stupefying pain in the forepart 
of the right side of the head, which then extends into the forehead,^. — 
Pressure in the left half of the brain,^ — Pressive-sticking headache beneath 
the right parietal bone,*. — Occiput. Pressive pain in the occiput,*. — 
Bruised pain in the left side of the occiput ; he was unable to lie upon it,'. 

Eye, — Objective. The white of the eye covered with deep fine ves- 
sels, so that it looked a pale rosy-red, and slightly puffy ; the cornea was 
somewhat dim ; the pupils very small, somewhat drawn upward, insensible; 
the inner vascular zone of a dark brownish-red ; vision was prevented by 
photophobia and lachrymation,'^ — Glutinous sensation in the right eye, 
as though it were full of mutter,^.— Subjective, [30.] Pressure in the 
eyes, as from sand,''. — Sticking pains, extending into the inner portion of 
the eye,". — * Biting in the eyes, with lachrymation,^.^ — Srow and Orbit. 
Left eyebrow and temporal region were swollen, red and hot, not very sen- 
sitive to touch, the upper lid hanging down over the lo\¥er, oedematous, and 
immovable ; the eyes were watery, with sticking in them, and frequent 
vision of sparks,". — Tearing-sticking pain in the orbit, extending across 
the eyebrow and lids (after two hours); both lids much swollen, the upper 
hanging down immovable; both were hot,". — Lids. Pale-red inflamma- 
tion of the eyelids, with nightly secretion of matter which agglutinates 

t Prom Euphorbia lathyris, Archiv, 6, 3, 182. 

X Prom the dust of the powder, Archiv f. Hom., 6, 3, 164. 

I From the dust of the powder, Archiv f. Hom., 6, 3, 165. 


them, I — Swelling of the lids, with tearing above the eyebrows, on opening 
the eyes,'. — Agglutination of the right eye in the morning, on waking, so 
that it was difficult to open it,'. — Heaviness of the eyelids ; they close irre- 
sistibly, with reeling in the head,*. — Feeling of dryness of the lids ; they 
press upon the eye,*. — [40,] Hardened mucus in the right external canthus,'. 
— Pinching in the left external canthus,*. — Itching in the left external can- 
thus, disappearing on rubbing,*. — Lachrymal Appat^atus, On rais- 
ing the lid, which was very difficult, a gush of tears,''. — Pujiil. Dilated 
pupils (after six hours),'. — Vision. Short and dim vision, so that he only 
recognizes his acquaintances when very near, and even then only as through 
a veil,\t — Photophobia,^'. — Intolerance of light and noise,''^ — Double 
vision ; on looking at any one walking, it seems as though a second person 
■were walking just behind him,*. — Everything seems too large, so that he 
lifts his legs too high, as though he had to step over mountains,^ — [50.] 
All objects appear in variegated colors,^ 

Eav. — Earache, in the open air,*. — Roaring in the ears, at night,\ — 
Jlinging in the ear, also when sneezing,'. — Noises in the right ear, as from 

Nose. — Sneezing,'; (from smelling the powder),*. — Frequent sneezing 
without coryza,'. — Increased discharge of mucus from the nose, without 
trace of the coryza,*. — Profuse discharge of mucus from the nose, without 
sneezing, with suffocative biting therein, extending to the frontal sinuses, 
so that she could draw no air through the nose,'.| — Fluent coryza, without 
sneezing,*'. — [60.] Violent ineffectual irritation to sneeze in the left nostril,'. 

Face. — Paleness of the face ; sickly look,*. — Swelling even of portions 
of the face not touched by the juice,'. — * Erysipelatous inflammation of the 
face and external head,'l — Violent burning in the face (from the applica- 
tion of the juice),^ — Swelling of the left cheek, with tensive pain, and 
■when touched a bruised pain,*. — White swelling of the cheeks, feeling 
oedematous to the touch, lasting four days,*. — *Red inflamed sivelling of the 
cheek, with boring, gnawing, and digging from the gum into the ear, and with 
itching and crawling in the cheek when the pain is relieved,^. — * Excessive red 
swelling of the cheek, with many yellow vesicles upon it, which open and dis- 
charge a yellowish moisture {from the application of thejuice),^*. — *ErysipeIa- 
tous inflamed swelling of the cheek, with vesicles as large as peas filled 
with yellow liquid (from the application of the juice),".— [70.] Tensive 
pain in the cheek, as if it were swollen,'. — Jerking-like tearing in the muscles 
of the left cheek, almost as in toothache,'. — Sore pain in the vermilion 
border of the lower lip, as if he had bitten it,'. 

Mouth. — Teeth. Toothache, aggravated by touch and by chewing, 
in the next to the last left upper back tooth,'. — Pressive toothache in a left 
lower back tooth, disappearing on bitiug the teeth together,*. — A dull pres- 
sive pain in the two last back teeth of the left upper,':—* Toothache, as 
if screioed in, in a hollow tooth, with jerking in it, as if it would be torn 
out,'.— Sticking pain in the first back tooth of the left lower jaw,*.— Dull 
sticking pain in the last back tooth of the left upper jaw,*.— Toothache, on 
beginning to eat, with chilliness ; a gnawing-tearing, together with head- 
ache, as if shattered by the toothache, with a screwed-iu sensation in the 
brain and in the zygomata,'.^- [80.] Pain in the tooth like a boil, when 

t From applying the juice of Euphorbia dulois to the lids. Archiv f. Horn., 6, 
3, 165. 
J From the dust of the powder. 


touched/. — Tongue. Coated tongue and almost all the usual concomitants 
of high nervous erethism,". — General Motith. A membranous pellicle 
peels off theupperpart of the palate/. — Sensation of dryness in the mouth, 
without thirst,*. — Burning on the palate, as from glowing coals (after five 
minutes),*. — Saliva. Accumulation of saliva follows frequent shuddering 
in the skin,*. — Accumulation of saliva, with nausea and shivering,*. — Much 
accumulation of saliva in the mouth,'. — Excessive accumulation of saliva, 
with salty taste in the mouth on the left side of the tongue,'.— Much tena- 
cious mucus in the mouth, after the midday sleep,'-. — Taste. [90. "| Flat 
taste in the mouth, after breakfast, with a white-coated tongue,*. — Bitter, 
sharp taste,l — Very bitter taste,'. — Foul, bitter taste in the mouth, after 
drinking beer that he relished, especially on the back part of the tongue,*. 
— Taste in the mouth as if it were covered internally with rancid fat,''. 

TJiroat. — Profuse discharge of mucus from the posterior nares,^ — 
Burning in the th^oat,^ — Burning in the throat and stomach, as if a flame 
streamed out of it; was obliged to open the mouth,*. — Burning in the 
throat, extending to the stomach, as from Spanish pepper, with accumula- 
tion of mucus in the mouth,*. — Burning in the throat, extending to the 
stomach, with trembling anxiety and heat in the whole upper portion of 
the body ; nausea, flowing of water from the mouth, and dryness of the 
cheeks,*.- — [100.] Scraping and rawness in the throat, the whole day,*. — In- 
flammation of the oesophagus,'. 

Stomach. — Aiypetite. Great hunger, with a lax stomach hanging 
down and a sunken abdomen ; he ate much with the greatest appetite (after 
two hours),*. — Thirst. Thirst,". — Thirst for cold drinks,'. — JEructa- 
tions atld Hiccough. Incessant eructations,'. — Empty eructations,^ — ■ 
Frequent empty eructations,'. — Profuse empty eructations,'.f — -Hiccough,". 
— [110.] Frequent hiccough,'. — Naiisea and Vomiting. Nausea, in 
the morning (after twenty-four hours),*.— Nausea, with shuddering, soon,^.- — ■ 
Vomiting,*. — Vomiting, with diarrhoea,'. — Stomach. Kelaxation of the 
stomach; it hangs down loose,*. — Inflammation of the stomach,'. — It caused 
a very severe pain at the pit of the stomach,'". — Agreeable sensation of 
warmth in the stomach, as after spirituous drinks (after three-quarters of 
an hour),*. — Burning in the stomach,". — [120.] Burning in the stomach, 
as if he had swallowed pepper,*. — Burning in the stomach, as from glowing 
coals,*. — Burning sensation in the pit of the stomach, after eating, combined 
with pressure,'. — Contraction in the stomach from all sides towards the 
middle, as if constricted, with accumulation of saliva in the mouth and 
nausea,*. — Spasmodic contraction in the stomach, with eructations of air,*. 
— Spasmodic pain in the stomach,*. — Griping and clawing in the left side 
of the stomach, followed by constriction of the cardiac orifice, with increased 
secretion of salty saliva and shuddering in the skin,*. — Painful griping in 
the stomach, as if it would be compressed, followed by accumulation of 
saliva and nausea,*. — Pressure on the left side of the stomach,*. — His stom- 
ach is painful to touch, as if he had received a blow upon it,*. 

Abdomen. — Flank,. [130.] Sore painful pressing outward in the 
left flank, and after micturition also in the right,^ — General Abdo- 
men. The abdomen is sunken, as if he had none at all, with great hunger,*. 
— Eumbling and much moving in the abdomen,''. — Loud rumbling in the 
left side of the abdomen, as from incarcerated flatus, followed by emission 
of flatus,'. — Much emission of flatus, I — Uneasiness and heat in the abdo- 

-j- Trom the dust of the powder. 


men,^ — Sensation of emptiness in the abdomen, as after an emetic, in the 
morning,*. — Slight pains in the bowels, confined to one spot, but never with 
either purging or vomiting, and the pains when produced soon went off,'". — 
Most violent pain in the abdomen,'. — Agreeable sensation of warmth 
through the whole intestinal canal, as after spirituous drinks,*. — [140.] 
Griping through the whole intestinal canal, followed by thin stool, with 
burning itching about the rectum,*. — Excessive colic and tympanites,'. — 
Most violent colic,". — Spasmodic flatulent colic, in the morning, in bed ; 
the flatulence accumulates in the hypochondria and thorax, causing spas- 
modic pressing asunder and constriction, which is relieved by turning about, 
but immediately returns on lying quietly,*. — The flatulent colic was not re- 
lieved until he rested the head upon the elbows and knees, after whicl> some 
flatulence was passed,*. — Mypogastrium and Iliac Hegion. 
Anxious sore aching in the lower abdomen,^. — Pinching pain on the pos- 
terior portion of the ilium,'.— Pressive pain in the inguinal region,*. — Vio- 
lent sprained and lame pain in the left side of the pubis, extending to the 
thigh, on stretching the limb after sitting,\ — Tearing pain in the left groin, 
as from a sprain, while standing,'. 

Hectum. — [150.] Burning sore pain about the rectum,*. 

Stool. — Diarrhoea, Diarrhoea several times a day, with burning in 
anus, distension of the abdomen, and colic, as from internal soreness,'. — 
Profuse diarrhoea and vomiting,". — Fatal dysentery,". — Stool diarrhoea- 
like, profuse, preceded by itching in the rectum, with urging,*. — Stool at 
first natural, then as if fermented, and thin like water,*. — Thin stool after 
some pressure, at last three hard lumps without difficulty,*. — Pasty stool 
(after three, ten, and twenty-three hours),^ — Pasty yellowish stool,*. — 
Clayey stool, preceded by itching in the rectum, with urging,*. — Consti- 
jiation. [160.] Constipation of the bowels,". — Constipation for two 
days,'". — Constipation for two days (secondary action ?),'. — Hard stool, 
difficult to pass,'. — Stool scanty, soft, mixed with small lumps, about fifteen 
hours too late,*. 

Uriuary Or£/««,S.— Discharge of prostatic fluid from the relaxed 
penis,". — An itching stitch in the forepart of the urethra when not urinat- 
ing,*. — Urging to urinate ; the urine was passed by drops, with sticking in 
the glans penis, followed by a natural discharge,*. — Frequent desire to uri- 
nate, with scanty discharge,^ — Strangury,". — [170.] Much white sediment 
in the urine,*. 

Sexual Organs.— 'EKct\on% without cause while sitting (after half 
an hour),". — Erections at night, without emissions or lascivious dreams,". — 
Intermitting, sharp, cutting stitches in the glans penis when standing,".— 
Pinching, burning pain in the left side of the scrotum,'. — Tearing pain in 
the testicles,'.t 

Hespiratorp Organs. — Larynx. Violent irritation to a short 
cough in the upper part of the trachea,". — Coiigh. Cough, caused by 
burning tickling in the upper part of the trachea,*.— Hacking cough, ex- 
cited by slight crawling in the throat,*.— Almost uninterrupted dry cough,'. 
— [180.] Dry, hollow cough from tickling within the chest during rest,*.— 
Cough day and night, as from dyspnosa and shortness of breath, followed 
in the morning by much expectoration,'.— JJes2>i'>^«*io»*. Dyspnoea, as 
if the chest were not wide enough, with tensive pain in the right pectoral 

t Prom Euphorbia lathyris, Archiv f. Horn., 6, 3, 173. 


muscles, especially on turning the upper part of the body to the right, 
lasting ten hours,*. 

Chest, — Deep inspiration is hindered by a sensation as if the left lung 
was adherent,*. — Feeling of warmth in the middle of the chest, as if he 
had swallowed hot food,*. — Spasmodic pressing asunder in the lower por- 
tion of the chest,*. — Front, Stitchlike pressure upon the sternum while 
sitting and standing,'. — Sides. Tensive pain in the left side of the chest, 
especially on turning the upper part of the body to the right (second day),*. — 
Constant sticking in the left side of the chest while sitting, disappearing on 
walking,^ — Stitches in the left side of the chest while sitting and standing,". 
— [190.] Intermitting fine stitches in the left side of the chest while read- 
ingjl-'Stitching pain in the left side of the chest while walking in the 
open air, so that he is obliged to stop still,'. 

Pulse, — Pulse 78 in the morning (third day). 

Back, — Pain in the back, a pressure in the muscles,*. — Jerking stick- 
ing pain in the back,*. — Intermitting violent stitches, always in one place 
in the middle of the back, while sitting,^ — Pinching pain in the left 
scapula,*. — Spasmodic pain in the dorsal vertebrae, in the morning, in bed, 
while lying on the back,*. — Nightly pain in the ischia,'. 

JExtreniities in General. — Rheumatic pains in the limbs,^^ 

Superior Extremities. — [200.] An internal painful drawing in 
the arm, as if associated with weakness, especially in the radius, humerus, 
and wrist,^ — Shotllder. Stiff pain in the right shoulder, especially if he 
stretches toward the left side,*. — Tension in the shoulder-joint like a paraly- 
sis, in the morning after rising, aggravated by motion,*. — Tensive pains in 
the right shoulder did not allow him to raise the arm very high,*. — Ten- 
sive pains in the right shoulder, disappearing after walking, but imme- 
diately returning with greater violence during rest (third day),*. — Painful 
drawings in the right shoulder,^ — Artn. Pressive pain in the upper arm, 
on the outer side above the elbow, in the morning, in bed,*. — Pain as from 
a sprain in the right upper arm, near the elbow, on moving the arm,l — 
Forearm. An acute drawing pain in the ulna,\ — Wrist. Paralytic 
pain in the wrist on moving it,'. — Sand. [210.] Spasmodic drawings in 
the right hand when writing,*. — Pinching pain in the muscles of the right 
hand near the wrist, especially on moving it,'. — Intermitting tearing in 
the muscles of the left hand,'. — Fingers. Pressive pain in the ball of the 
right thumb, relieved by touch and motion,'. 

Inferior Extremities. — Weakness of the limbs on walking in the 
open air; walking is very irksome,'. — Feeling of deadness and coldness of 
the left limb, as if it would fall asleep, while sitting ; not relieved by mo- 
tion, and on walking about an acute, cold sensation internally in the limb 
remains, especially in the leg and foot,^ — Hip. Painful lameness in the 
right hip-joint on stepping,^ — Burning pain at night in the bones of the 
hip and thigh; he is frequently awakened thereby several nights in succes- 
sion,\ — Pain as if crushed in the forepart of the hip, only ou moving the 
body while sitting, not on sitting quietly, or while walking or when touched,'. 
— Pressive pain in the muscles about the left hip,'. — [220.] Pain as if 
sprained in both hip-joints,^ — Painful tearing in the muscles about the 
right hip-joint while sitting,'. — A pressive tearing in the muscles of the 
left hip,'. — Intermitting, stitchlike tearing in the muscles of the left hip 
while sitting,'. — Thigh. The limbs above the knees frequently go to 
sleep, with painful crawling in them and inability to continue moving 
them,l — Tensive pain in the thigh on stepping forward, extending from the 


left gluteal muscles to the hollow of the knee, as though the tendons were 
too short,*. — Pain as if sprained in the left thigh, high up near the bend 
of the thigh, while walking in the open air, disappearing while standing,'. 
— Tearing pain in the anterior muscles of the left thigh while sitting,'. — 
Painful tearing in the muscles of the right thigh while standing and sit- 
ting,'. — Intermitting tearing in the muscles on the outer side of the right 
thigh while sitting, not while standing, indeed relieved by walking,'. — 
[230.] Pain, as from a blow, in the left gluteal nauscles on motion,*. — 
Knee. Stitching pain in the inner knee while sitting,'. — Tearing in the 
knee from within outwards,'. — Leg. Great weakness of the leg as far as 
the knee, as if it would break down and could not support the body,'. — 
Sticking pressure in the right leg,'. — Acute, hot stitch, as from a knife, in 
the left calf,^ — Tearing in the upper part of the left tibia, just below the 
knee, while sitting,'. — Tearing in the muscles of the right leg while walk- 
ing in the open air,'. — Tearing in the forepart of the left leg while sitting; 
immediately disappearing on walking and standing,'. — Violent gnawing 
tearing in the right calf while sitting and standing,'. — [240,] Violent 
sticking tearing in the muscles of the leg near the ankle (while slit- 
ting),'. — Pain as from a blow on the outer side of the left calf,*. — 
JLnJele, Tearing, burning pain about the ankle, so that he was obliged 
to cry out, lasting two hours, with heat of the parts,'. — Foot. The feet 
frequently fall asleep while sitting, with inability to move them, and pain- 
ful crawling in thera,'. — Cramplike pain in the foot, more towards the 
external malleolus, while sitting and standing, disappearing on walking,'. 
— Violent pain, as if sprained, in the left heel, uninterruptedly for several 
days, and then appearing from time to time ; worse on walking,^ — Sore 
pain in the right heel, as though it was suppurated, while walking in the 
open air,'. — Cramp in the metatarsus, which draws the toes together, for 
half an hour,'. 

General Symptoms. — Objective. General swelling, inflamma- 
tion, cold gangrene, death,".t — Inflammation of the external parts,'". — 
[250.] Great tendency to faint,'^ — Faintness.'l — Subjective. The whole 
body seems relaxed and tired,*. — I gave it to others, but never more than 
six grains. Some said that it caused pains, others that it had no eflfect, 
and others that it purged; this was slight, and did not appear to be caused 
by the medicine,'^ — The action of Euphorbium seems to be late in appear- 
ing,l _ 

Skin. — Objective. Scarlet red stripes on the left- forearm, which 
itch when touched with the flngers, but disappear on rubbing with the 
fingers, with a sensation as if thin cord were under the skin, for several 
days (seventh day),*. — Eruptions, Dry. A reddish pimple on the 
chin, that, when touched, has a pressive pain, and is like a boil,'. — 
Right wrist somewhat inflamed and abundantly covered with miliary erup- 
tion on my next visit,™. — Eruptions, Moist. It is irritating to the 
skin, especially in irritable subjects, producing large vesicles filled with 
yellowish serum. This eruption is accompanied by more or less diffused 
redness of the skin of the afiected parts. It seems to have special affin- 
ity for the face and head, producing in many cases, where the poison has 
been carried to these parts, violent phlegmonous inflammation, simulating 
very closely an attack of erysipelas, with great tumefaction, violent throb- 
bing pains in the head, especially in the forehead and vertex,'".— Erysip- 

t Prom external application, Archiv, 6, 3, 179. 


elas bullosurn, with violent fever/'.— [260.] Right cheek much inflamed, 
and covered sparsely with fine vesicles filled with thick white lymph ; the 
erysipelatous inflammation was most marked in the malar region, being of 
a livid or dark-red hue, and extending along the outer and lower margin of 
the orbit at 10 a.m. (second day) ; felt slight roughness on my next visit,™. 
— Eruptions, Pusttilar. Pustules above the right eyebrow, itching, 
provoking scratching, and after scratching, exuding bloody water,". — One 
case that came to me after the poison had become fixed, had to be treated 
with Sulphur and Mercury. The skin broke out in ulcerating, boil-shaped 
elevations,". — Gangrene,".f — Violent itching, with urging to stool, fol- 
lowed by stool five hours too soon,*. — Violent itching of the left lower lid, 
obliging him to rub it,^ — Fine itching on the back of the left hand obliges 
him to rub it,l — Voluptuous itching on the prepuce that obliges rubbing, 
with discharge of prostatic fluid,'. — Corrosive itching, provoking scratch- 
ing, on the right thigh, close to the hip,^ — Corrosive itching on the left 
thigh,^ — [270.] Corrosive itching on the left leg near the knee, obliging 
rubbing ; in the morning,'. — Burning itching on the outer side of the left 
fofearm,*. — Burning itching, as from nettles, on the middle knuckle of 
the index finger, with desire to rub it,'. — Sticking itching on the arm, near 
the elbow,'. — Tickling itching on the sole of the right foot, provoking 

Sleep and Dreams. — Sleepiness. Frequent yawning, as from 
insufiicient sleep,'. — Great sleepiness after the midday meal,^ — Great in- 
chnation to sleep after the midday meal,^ — He cannot keep from sleeping 
during the day,\ — Stupid slumbering in the afternoon ; he is unable to 
rouse himself, and desires to continue slumbering,'. — [280.] He slept at 
night with the arms stretched far above his head,*. — Sleeplessness^ 
Sleeplessness, with tremulous tossing about the bed before midnight, and 
roaring in the ears ; he was unable to close the eyes,^ — Awoke frequently 
and easily from sleep,\ — He is frequently wide awake at night, but he falls 
asleep again,'. — Sudden starting up as from an electric shock at night while 
lying awake in bed,'. — Dreams. Dreams about the transactions of the 
two days previous ; after 3 a.m.,*. — Vivid lascivious dreams, without emis- 
sion,'. — Anxious vivid dreams at night, which cause him to cry out, where- 
upon he awakes,'. — Anxious, confused dream, without any end,\J 

Fever. — Chilliness. Chilliness of the whole body in the morning,*. — 
[290,] Chilliness while walking in the warm open air,'. — Frequent sensa- 
tions of chilliness, which induced her to put a shawl on her shoulders, 
although it was midsummer,™. — Constant chilliness, with constant sweat,'. 
— Sensation as though he was lacking in warmth and had not slept the 
whole night, and was completely washed out, wherewith all the veins on 
the hands had disappeared,*.— Shivering,'. — Shivering over the whole body*. 
— Shivering over the whole back, with glowing cheeks and cold hands,'. — 
Meat, Heat (secondary action ?),'. — Great heat the whole day ; all the 
clothes seem burdensome, as if even his whole body was too heavy for him, 
as if he had carried a great load,'.— Fever,l§— [300.] Fever, pulse 86,'^ — 
High fever,". — Feeling of heat over the whole face, with warm forehead 
and cold hands, without thirst,'. — Siveat. Sweat in the morning, extend- 
ing from the feet over the whole body, with great heat, without remarkable 
thirst,'. — Cold sweat,". — Sweat on the neck every morning in bed and 

t Original revised by Hughes. % Prom the dust of the powder. 

I Sympathetic of S. 66.— Hughes. 


on rising,'. — Sweat in the morning on the thighs and legs, but not on the 
feet,^ — Cold sweat on the legs in the morning/. 

Conditions. — Aggravation. — {Morning), Nausea; sensation in ab- 
domen ; on lying quietly, colic ; in bed, while lying on back, pain in dor- 
sal vertebrse ; in bed, pain in upper arm ; itching on leg ; chilliness ; sweat 
— {Night), Roaring in ears; ■pain in hip, etc. — {Open air), Earache. — 
( Walking in open air), Vertigo ; pain in left chest ; weakness of limbs ; pain 
in thigh ; tearing in muscles of leg ; chilliness. — {After breakfast), Flat 
taste. — {Chewing), Toothache. — {Motion), Tension in shoulder-joints; pain 
in gluteal muscles. — {Moving head), Tearing in side of forehead. — {Mov- 
ing body while sitting), Pain in hip. — {Reading), Stitches in left chest — 
{Rest), Pains in shoulder. — {Sitting), Sticking in left chest; stitches in 
back; tearing in hip-joint; tearing in thigh; pain in knee; tearing in 
tibia; tearing in leg. — {iSta7iding),Yertigo; pain in pubis. — {Touch), 
Toothache. — ( Turning upper part of body to right). Pain in left chest. — 
( Walking), Pain in heel. — ( Writing), Drawings in hand ; pain in heel. 

Amelioration. — {Biting teeth together). Toothache. — {Motion), Pain 
in thumb. — {Standing), Pain in thigh. — {Touch), Pain in thumb. — {Twrrv- 
ing about in bed), Flatulent colic. — ■( Walking), Sticking in left chest ; pains 
in shoulder ; tearing in thigh ; pain in foot. 


Euphrasia officinalis, Linn. 

Natural order, Scrophulariacese. Common names, Eyebright ; (Germ.), 

Preparation, Tincture of the whole plant. 

Authorities. 1, Hahnemann, Mat. Med., 5 ; 2, F. H — -n, ibid. ; 3, Lang- 
hammer, ibid. ; 4, Wislicenus, ibid. ; 5, Bonnet, Merc, compil., 13, ibid, (not 
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Paullus, quadripart bot.. Class 3, ibid, (only a citation of Lobelius) ; 8, 
Miiller, Zeit. d. Ver. Horn. Aerzte CEst., 1, 40, 1857, took 1st, 3d, and 6th 
dils. ; 9, same, took tincture, 20 drops first day, 40 second day, 60 third 
day, 80 fourth day, 100 fifth day ; 10, Adler, same journal, vol. 2, p. 504, 
took 3d dec. dil. daily for four days, 2d dil., fifth, sixth, and ninth days ; 
11, same prover, took 1st dil. four days, then 10 drops of tincture, fifth day, 
20 drops, sixth day ; 12, Dr. Roller, took 100 drop doses of 25th dil. five 
days, no effect, 20th dil., first to eighth day, 15th dil., ninth to thirteenth 
day, 12th dil., fifteenth to eighteenth day, 10th dil., nineteenth to twenty- 
fifth day, 8th dil., twenty-sixth to thirty-first day, 6th dil., thirty-third to 
thirty-seventh day, 4th dil., forty-third to forty-sixth day, 30th dil., forty- 
seventh to fifty-second day, 2d dil., fifty-third to fifty-eighth day, 1st dil., 
sixty-third day, ibid. ; 13, Hiibner, took 30th dil. without efiect, then 100 to 
200 drop doses of all the dilutions from the 10th down, during six weeks, 
ibid. ; 14, Roller's child took the dilution from the 30th down to the 3d, 
ibid. ; 15, RefTer (formerly had inflamed eyes, cured by Euphrasia) took 
tincture for twenty-one days, increasing doses from 3 to 10 drops, ibid. ; 16, 
Kleinert, A. H. Z., 66, 196, took (during a fluent catarrh, from which he 
often suffered) 12 drops of tincture, first day, 30 drops, fourth day ; 17, Moritz 
Klaunig, took 12 drops, and after a week 30 drops, first day, 60 drops, third 
and fourth days, 60 drops, eighth day, ibid. ; 18, C. Krahe, took 60 drops, 


one dose, ibid. ; 19, Kleinert's wife, aged twenty, took 10 drops of tiucture 
first day, smelled several times of tincture fourth day, ibid. ; 20, same 
prover, took 30 drops tincture and afterwards 1 drachm ; after a week she 
took 6th dil., and afterwards 30th dil., ibid. ; 21, Kleinert again took 
tincture, 1 drachm at one dose, ibid. 

Miind. — Reflective, with disinclination to speak, the whole day,'. — 
Very irritable mood (nineteenth day),'^ — Fretful mood (twenty-sixth 

Head. — Confusion, Confusion of the head (fourth day),". — Con- 
fusion and emptiness of the head, at 11 a.m. (third day),". — Confusion of 
the head and pressive pain in the forehead, on waking, relieved after a 
cold sponge bath of the whole body (seventh day),". — (Confusion and pres- 
sure externally on the top of the head),\ — On blowing the nose a sensation 
of painful confusion in the head and painfulness within the nose, so that 
he ventured to blow it only very softly (after fifteen hours),l — Confused and 
empty feeling in the head, at 10 A.M. (third day),". — [10.] General 
Sead, Emptiness of the head, in the morning, disappearing on riding 
(eighth day),". — Heaviness and confusion of the head after dinner ; it was 
with difiiculty that I could withstand the sleepiness after dinner (sixth 
day),". — Much heat in the head, with pressure,^. — Headache, on waking in 
the morning, which is especially pressive in the forehead (thirty-third day)," 
— Confused and bruised headache in the evening (with fluent catarrh), so vio- 
lent that he was obliged to lie down earlier than usual, although the headache 
was much increased by lying (after fourteen hours),^ — Some stitches in the 
head and lungs (seventh day),". — Some transient stitches in the head and 
arm (fourth day),". — Forehead. Heat in the forehead, with headache 
iu the temples,^ — Dull frontal headache, better in the open air, at 9 a.m. 
(fifth day),". — Pressure in the frontal and orbital regions, with photopho- 
bia and lachrymation ; I was obliged to have the room dark (after four 
hours, first day),". — [20.] Pressive frontal headache (twenty-sixth day),"- 
— Pressive pain in the forehead, extending into the eyes, better in the open 
air (sixth day),". — Pressive pain in the forehead, extending into the eyes, 
while walking in the open air, disappearing after five minutes ; this symp- 
tom returned after half an hour, and again disappeared after a few min- 
utes, at 9 A.M.(sixth day),". — Some sharp stitches in the right side of the 
forehead (after half an hour),^ — Temples. Fine needlelike stitches in 
the left temple externally (after half an hour),^. — Long-continued, pierc- 
ing, needlelike sticking in the right temple (after seven hours),'. — Parie- 
tals. Headache in the left side, at 9 a.m., beginning with a ringing in 
the ears, and continually increasing ; with loss of appetite for dinner ; not 
relieved by an ineflPectual attempt to sleep at noon ; on account of the burn- 
ing heat of the head, cold applications of water were made, when it disap- 
peared, and the ringing in the ears entirely ceased (sixth day),". — Violent 
sticking in the both sides of the head, as if violent headache would occur, 
so that he involuntarily put his hands to his temples, upon which the pain 
ceased, on account of the coolness of the hands (after five hours, first day),^". 
—Violent sitcking pain in the right side of the brain, in the parietal region, 
in stooping (second day),". — Stitches in the right side of the brain (after 
three hours, first day),". — [30.] Frequent stitches in the left side of the 
head, liver, and spleen (wherever there was a sticking she had a sensation as 
though warmth penetrated), (sixth day),". — Some transient stitches in the 
brain, more in the left than iu the right side, and worse in the room (fifth 
*l^y),'°-— Violent stitch in the brain, beneath the right parietal bone (after 


two hours) ; repeated (after three hours, first day)/'. — Violent stitches in 
the upper part of the left side of the brain (after three hours and three- 
quarters, first day),". — Occiput. Sharp tearing stitches in the left side 
of the occiput, during rest and motion, early in the afternoon (after six 
hours and a half),l — External Head. A pressive pain externally in 
the head, especially in the forehead (after two hours)/. 

Eye. — Objective. Vessels running through the white of the eye, 
nearly to the coruea,lt — Subjective. Dryness of the eyes (third day),'^ 
— Distressing dryness of the eyes, as though' he had lost his sleep,^ — The 
eyes are pained by the glare of light, as after insuflScient sleep,' I — [40.] 
While writing the eyes become very painful, is obliged to stop ; on fixing 
the eyes upon any object for a long time vision vanishes and the eyes begin to 
water profusely (twenty-sixth day),". — "^Burning in the eyes, with lachryma- 
tion, lasting till noon (half an hour after dose, fourth day},". — Burning in 
the right and then also in the left eye; on exertion by reading the letters 
run together ; the burning of the right eye continues for an hour, in the left 
it ceases sooner (sixth day),'^ — Slight itching tension, now in one, now in 
the other eye, mostly in the upper lid, which on scratching becomes a slight 
burning (sixth day),'^ — Contractive sensation in the eyes from both sides, 
especially in the upper lids, obliging him to wink frequently, in the evening 
(after ten hours),^ — Pressure in both eyes, as if he was sleepy,^ — Pressure 
in both eyes, compelling rae to blink frequently (ninth day),'°. — Pressure 
in the eyes, with frequent winking as from twinging in the eyes, better in 
the dark (fifth day),". — Pressure and violent lachrymation of the right 
eye, in the morning and evening (fifth day),'^ — ^Violent pressure in the 
right eye, in bed, about 11 p.m. (fourth day},". — [50.] * Violent pres-^iire in 
the left eye, with lachrymation ;' it again seemed weaker and smaller (after one 
drachm},™. — * Violent pressure in the right eye, extending from, the inner 
canthus, with m.uch lachrymation ; therewith the lids seem smaller, the pupil 
dimmer, and the eye seems cold ; this condition lasts an hour and then aifects 
the left eye, but in a slighter degree (first day),™. — Sleepy, dry pressure in 
both eyes, aggravated by neither bright daylight nor by looking at the 
fire,''. — Contractive pressure in the eye on walking in the open air,'. — 
Pressive sensation in both eyes, as when trying to keep awake (after two 
hours),'. — Feeling as though some one were pressing upon the eyes, dis- 
appearing after a nap, at 2 p.m. (first day),". — Stitches in the right eye 
(first day},™. — * Biting in the eyes at times ; biting water runs from them,'. — 
^Frequent burning biting in the eyes, obliging frequent winking, relieved by 
increased lachrymation, at noon (sixth day},". — -Itching in both eyes, last- 
ing several minutes (after four hours, first day),'". — [60.] Itching of the 
left eye (fifth day},'^ — *Itching of the eyes on going out, obliging frequent 
winking and wiping of the eyes, with increased lachrymation in the afternoon 
(third day),". — lirotv and Ofbit. Tearing above the right eye, ex- 
tending into the middle of the forehead and becoming a pressure (fourth 
day},". — Pressive pain in both upper orbital regions, with pain in the eyes ; 
lachrymation relieved the symptoms, at 6 p.m. (second day),". — Lids. 
*Redness and swelling of the margins of the lids, especially of the left, 
with at times itching-burning in them ; with increased watery secretion (tenth 
day),"*. — ^Margins of the lids somewhat red, with increased sensation of dry- 
ness in them (fourth day),'l — Slight swelling of the ciliary margin (third 

■]■ Therewith a pressure and a dark spot on the cornea, that had lasted for a long 
time, disappeared within two days,'. 


day),". — ^Slight, scarcely noticed swelling of the ciliary margin of the lids, 
with a feeliug of dryness, lasting a week after the proving,". — ^Dry mucus 
in the canthi (after thirteen hours),". — Dry matter in the inner canthi, 
even during the day,'. — [70.] Frequent blinking, like a kind of twitching 
in the eyes (fourth dayy. — Frequent blinking, as from twinging in the 
eyes, during the day (sixth day),'". — Frequently obliged to blink, with at 
times a kind of twinging pain in the eyes, lasting several minutes, then 
ceasing for three or four hours, in the morning (second day),'". — ^Frequent 
inclination to Wink (fifth day),'". — Jerking together of the upper and lower 
lids,'. — * Great dryness of the lids, as also of Uie nose, so that for the last four 
or flee days he has not been obliged to use a handkerchief (ninth day) ; in- 
creasing and becoming distressing (eighteenth day),'". — *Burning in the 
margins of tJie lids (third day),'l — *Burning of the margins of the lids, 
with a sensation as if they were swollen, especially in the forenoon (ninth 
day),'^ — ^The burning and swelling of the ciliary margin, with the dis- 
tressing sensation of dryness have increased (nineteenth day),'^ — *Burning 
and swelling of the margins of the lids, especially in the morning on 
waking, lasting till towards 11 a.m. ; it seems as though he saw through a 
mist (fifth day) ; with redness (sixth day),'l — [80.] Burning and tension 
in the margins of the lids, especially in the canthi, in the morning on 
waking (fourth day),'l — Slight burning in the margins of the lids, as from 
too little sleep (second day),'°. — Slight burning in the margins of the lids, 
alternating with some itching (first day),'^. — * Violent burning still continues 
in the ciliary margin, together with frequently noticed dryness; the eyes still 
continue very sensitive to the light and the margins somewhat swollen and red 
(sixty-third day),'^ — Distressing burning in the margins of the lids (twenty- 
sixth day),'^ — Tension in the margins of th'e lids as from too little sleep, 
with slight burning in them (seventh day),'°. — Distressing pressure in both 
lids, while looking at the reflection of the moon on the curtains, without 
weariness, while completely awake, at 11 p.m., in bed (third day),'^ — *The 
lids are constantly sensitive and swollen, also the eyes do not seem so wide 
open as usual (fifty-third day),'^. — Pain in the left canthus, which seems 
protruded and cold ; together with stitches in the eyeball and a feeling of 
pressure in it (second day),'^ — Sticking and burning in the external canthus, 
lasting several minutes, followed by increased watery secretion ; on looking 
into the glass the conjunctiva bulbi was not found injected, but the whole 
eyeball seemed swimming in water, and the conjunctiva of the lids was very 
red and much swollen ; the itching-burning in the left canthus and tension 
above both eyes (at noon with transient migraine) recurred several times 
during the day (ninth day),". — [90.] Feeling of tension in the external 
canthi of both eyes (third day),'l — Painful pressure in the left inner 
canthus; with lachrymation (after twenty-four hours),*. — JLachrymal 
Apparatus. Lachrymation, in the morning (eighth day),". — * Running 
from the eyes, so that he is almost hlind,^.-\ — Ball. *Feeling as though the 
cornea were covered with much mucus ; it obscures his vision and 
obliges him to frequently close and press the lids together, in the morn- 
ing (fourth day),". — Burning and tension, with pressive fulness and heat 
in the right eyeball, without increased lachrymation ; *the lids were 
swollen and red, in the forenoon (twentieth day),'". — Very violent stitches 
in the eyeball (after eleven hours),^ — Vision bad, in the evening (from 
6th dil.),".— -* Vision somewhat dim, as through a veil, in the evening (fourth 

f After three months' use of the drug. — Hahmjsmann. 

VOL. lY.— 17 


day) ; rontinues so (fifteenth day),". — Dimness of vision on looking at a 
distance, the whole day,'. — [100.] Dimness of vision by candlelight (seventh 
day),'^ — Obscuration of the eyes, so that for half an hour he was unable to 
clearly distinguish objects ; everything seemed enveloped in a mist and to 
move ; these disappeared after three-quarters of an hour, and gave place to 
the usual burning (one hour after rising), (forty-eighth day),". — Obscuration 
of vision for distant objects, while walking in the open air, for three days 
(after one hour and a half),l — The right eye became so weak and obscured 
that she feared she would not be able to sew ; after some minutes a stitch ex- 
tending from the forehead out of the same eye, followed by disappearance 
of the obscuration (first day),". — Diseased eyes; he was made almost 
blind,^'. — The light seems dim,^*. — The light seems to vary, sometimes 
burning brightly, sometimes, dimly,'. — *Eyes sendiive to the candlelight, in 
the evening (third day),'^. 

Ear. — Pain in the right ear, with a sensation as thongh hot vapor 
penetrated it (sixth day),". — Painful tension within the left ear (after six 
hours),^ — [110] Very violent boring pain within the right ear in the 
region of the drum, as if from within outward (after seven hours),*. — Sensa- 
tion of dragging from within outward in the ears (fourth day),'. — Sticking 
in the ear, feeling as though earache would set in (first day),*". — Violent 
stitch in the right mastoid process (three-quarters of an hour after dose, 
third day),'*. 

Nose, — Objective. Swelling of the mucous membrane of the left 
nostril, in the morning (nineteenth day),''^. — Inflammation of the left half 
of the nose again returns (thirty-fifth day),".^Sueeziug and yawning (first 
day),^". — *Sneezing, with profuse fluent coryza, whereby much mucus is dis- 
charged, not only through the nostrils, but also through the posterior nares 
(after nine houre),". — (Frequent sneezing, which she had not had on pre- 
ceding days, wherewith much watery mucus was discharged from the nose), 
(first day),". — Slight fluent coryza, with pressure in the forehead, near the 
root of the nose, on waking,